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USAA Life Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: USAA Life
Year Founded: 1922
Address: 9800 Fredericksburg Rd.
City: San Antonio
State/Province: TX
Postal Code: 78288
Country: United States
Phone: (210) 531-8722
Overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 56 %
I have life insurance with them and State Farm. They seem to be good companies and have survived the test of time. I think they are the top of line in insurance.
It is a great company to be represented by. I didn't have to post much at all for car insurance. I do have over a 10 year good driving record so that could help but the customer service is excellent.
I have 2 different life insurance policies and both were really easy to obtain. I called up and spoke to someone about getting my policies. With one policy a short medical evaluation was needed. They sent a nurse to my home in order to do the medical portion of the policy. The cost of my policies are really low and paying them is easy since I have automatic deductions taken from my checking account.
I am satisfied with the company but have not had a lot of interaction since only being a customer for a little over two years and in this time frame have not had any accidents either home or auto. Customer service has been great.
I like the fact that I'm paying a bill until the day that I die. Also, I won't even be able to use it myself, I have to be dead AND I still can't use it. I love America.
This bank USAA housed my personal retirement that was teacher retirement plan. I cashed out and had personally invested in my home state which were security certificates in my maiden name. The financial institution at USAA allowed my husband to change the ownership to his name, when I went to address the bank they told me I could not see my investments and they refused to talk to me in person and also told me I had to go through my then husband.
They do not provide any information about what are the causes of fatality covered by the insurance. The policy is not clear. It is a pain to get straight the beneficiaries' information. They offer and charge for a service that they do not provide.
My husband got it and I guess it is ok.
My experience is very satisfactory and USAA is a great caring company. They keep you well informed of any changes, updates and concerns. They are very knowledgeable and well equipped to any questions that you may have. They are very supportive, courteous and friendly.
They have always been good to us and very reliable! Never done us wrong and are always respectful. Very great customer service and never had any issues. Always highly recommend them for their services.
USAA life insurance was decently affordable. The life insurance policy was the cheapest without having to make too many sacrifices to my policy coverage. The only downside to USAA's life insurance regulations is that you have to be a member of the U.S. armed forces or a direct relative or spouse of such a member. If the applicant does qualify for the USAA life insurance policy, the applicant will noticeably see a lower price point compared to other more popular insurance companies.
Great rates. Superior customer service. Never experienced a problem in the 17 years I have been with them. Easy to pay and website and mobile app are great tools.
USAA is a family thing with me. My parents introduced me to USAA. It was their company. I go to it first for any type of insurance. I trust this company, I have always been treated like a valued customer. Except for medical insurance provided by my employer, I have all of my other insurance with USAA.
Great experience and have had no issues with my insurance. I've always had great customer service and always notified of changes that were made on my account. I have recommended my insurance to quite a few people because I've never had a problem with it.
They pay quickly and customer service is great. They treat you like a person and not like a number and they make you feel like family. They have competitive rates and coverage in my opinion is better than most other insurance carriers I've dealt with in the past.
My life insurance through USAA is a term policy for $250,000. I am 47 years old, in good health and pay $25.00 a month for this policy. This policy was easy to apply for and is great coverage for the price. I am very satisfied with this policy right now and have no desire to change. I would recommend life insurance through USAA if you are a member because they have great customer service and will work to get you the best prices.
Very reliable. Customer service is very knowledgeable and caring. Their service is prompt and exceptional. We have had several claims and service has always been immediate and very efficient. At one point they contacted us several weeks later to make sure we were ok after the accident. They have helped us several times with roadside assistance. We have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. We trust and like USAA very much.
This company is supposed to be there to help vets but really they are there to line their pockets. They sell you stuff you Dont need and they mislead as to what you are purchasing. Total ripoff and they could care less about vets. They should be shut down.
Insurance here was half the cost of my previous company. Very pleased with the insurance. When I had a question the customer service was very helpful.
I tried to invest my money with this company. Send my money. The transaction did no go through and instead of calling me they send my money to this company VALIC. According to this company they don't have any record of this transaction. They blame goes back and forward. Last time I talked to USAA THEY TOLD ME I RECEIVED THE CHECK FROM VALIC AND I CASHED THE CHECK. I told that was no true. They refused to answer my calls. I do not know where my money is? I been trying. This been 2 years.
I just bought it last year and I am happy so far. I have experienced no problems with USAA. I would recommend this company to anyone. The cost benefits is great.
They are there for service members and they offer a lot of different products like life insurance, auto insurance, financial help and much more. I've been with them for years now and they offer great products at a reasonable price.
I gave it the rating because their customer service is awful. I have never needed to file a claim through USAA and dread when I have to. Every time I call I get transferred around, I can hear people laughing and talking in the background. Don't ask them to call you back. They will not.
My insurance company experience has been very good; the company is friendly, helpful and honest. I have used the same company for over 40 years and have found its products to be reliable and its personnel professional.
It has been nothing but spectacular. USAA and I have a long relationship on many different products and they all are top-notch. I have been able to call them and get whatever I need from them whether it be a claim, an adjustment of my policy and they are the best deal around and have the best service I have ever had in my life.
I've had an immediate annuity with USAA for 2 years. My 1099-R's were correct for both tax years, with a distribution code of "2". This tax season, 2018, my 1099-R had a distribution code "1" instead of "2". I spoke to two agents and they told me code 1 was correct. No, IT'S NOT! I fall under exception with code 2! The second agent told me that USAA is only using code 1 now despite the fact that I had the IRS site with the 2018 1099-R forms and instructions on the computer and read it to them! I was told that I cannot speak to anyone in the tax department or a supervisor. USAA just made their own rules and screwed me royally! This change subjects me to a 50% reduction in what would have been the meager tax refund for 2018! Because of the early withdrawal penalties, I can't even transfer the annuity to another company for at least 8 years. I do not recommend USAA for this product! Go elsewhere...
It is a great company with excellent customer service.
Signing up for this policy was very easy. At the time I signed up I was happy with the coverage. However when I contacted this company to see what my options are in the future I was not completely Satisfied with the aid that I was given. The agent was not very helpful and did not seem to know enough about the product.
It was simple to get, payments are automatically made out of my account. All of my financial dealings are made in one place, making it easier on my wife if anything was to happen to me or for me in the event of something happening to her. My lawyer and our children (who bank at USAA) are familiar with the bank and its management personnel, so they too will have help sorting things out if something happens to my wife and me.
I have been a customer of USAA for over 15 years and they have always provided great service. When filing claims, I have never had an issue and they offer extra services like free towing which I've used a few times and it's been a real life saver.
My life insurance policy was very easy to sign up for. My husband and both got adequate coverage with little hassle. Fortunately for us, we haven't had to use it yet. From what I understand this company is fast and efficient.
Great staff and caters to your needs. They have really gone out of their way to help me and my family. I have never had any issues and they even saved me a lot of money a couple of times. I am so blessed I found USAA.
I submitted my DD214 two months ago and was told it was illegible, I was discharged in 1975. I submitted the alternative Record of Discharge two weeks ago and was told someone would be in touch with me in a couple of days. I hadn't heard anything so I called four days ago and was told the document was received but had not been reviewed. I called again today and was about to be transferred for the fourth time to speak with a fifth person when I told them that it was way too difficult to work with them and I hung up. I was patience and reasonable, in my estimation. Not a good experience at all.
I applied for life insurance through USAA in March of 2015. They sent a person out to do a physical, and requested my medical records from the VA. Through them, they found out that I have an arachnoid cyst, which had not been checked since 2009, so they wanted me to get a CT scan to make sure it wasn't going to cause problems. Unfortunately, I had to move to another state, which took several months. When the process was complete, I renewed my application. They still had my records from before, but they did another physical, and then waited for me to get the CT scan done.Upon completing the scan and sending the results to them, I promptly heard nothing at all from them for three months. After growing impatient, I called them to see what the problem was. I was then informed that they had decided to deny me coverage almost a month prior, citing the health problems indicated in my medical records (PTSD and a few other service connected illnesses) as the reason, but NOT the arachnoid cyst.That's right. A company that says it caters to the military refused to cover a wounded veteran because of the injuries he sustained while becoming a veteran. What's more, they knew in March of last year that they wouldn't provide me coverage, but they strung me along anyway, and made me get a CT scan before they put me on ignore, until I called them to find out the bad news. This company is a pack of liars, and I do not recommend them to anybody.
Affordable insurance with a great online interface, thanks USAA for providing veterans and military families with awesome life insurance. You can do anything you need from the website which is very convenient and the one time I did have to call in the customer service was very nice and quickly resolved my issue.
I have had no interaction with my insurance company regarding my life insurance policy. I have made no claims. I simply pay my premiums on time and I receive periodic mail from the company regarding several additional insurance offers and articles regarding terms and suggestions regarding my life insurance policy.
No problems. I won't know until the time comes to use it... not too soon I hope. Only have a term policy. Ask my widow how the company treats her after I am gone.
I was involved in a car accident on 12/01/2014. I had a seizure while driving and had a 100,000$ PIP coverage. This is what USAA recommended in case of the situation since I am an epileptic. I was diagnosed as an epileptic in 2006. I have been a customer with them since 2002 and my family for much longer! My family is all military. So when I had the car wreck everything was going great at first! They were helping me with my medical bills and telling me what they needed etc. It was about 4 months into it when they quit paying me and my doctor visits. I lost my apartment and everything I had. I also had rental insurance with them. When I lost my apartment due to them not paying me my PIP I cancelled my rental insurance. They continue to say I owe them money for my rental insurance. Later in the year after I filed with the Better Business Bureau then USAA began paying me again for a few months with the tendency that I could find a doctor to say that the car wreck increased my seizures. Since it's impossible to state what exactly increased my seizures no doctor would say that in those exact words. I had a for most specialist on epilepsy state that a head injury during a car accident could and would increase seizures. USAA would not take his statement due to him being out of state, not looking at my medical records, and because he was not my specific Doctor.Ending result after 2 yrs of fighting with USAA -- they ask their doctor to look at my case and said their doctor said I was fine so they were closing my case. Out of 100,000$ policy they paid an estimated 26,000$. I am now on disability and USAA still claims I owe them money. They fight and argue when I try to close my account due to owing them money. (Just to be clear I cancelled the rental insurance and they kept charging me anyways.)
My mom passed away Feb 4th. It's now March 1st, and I'm STILL struggling to have her supplemental insurance terminated. I've spent HOURS on hold, been bounced between numerous departments, spoken with many agents. A bill came in 8 days after she died. Not good... USAA has NEVER been good, in my experience, in terms of customer service.
They are easy to work with and answered my questions to my satisfaction. Prices were reasonable. I can call and talk to a real person with very little effort. Their website is well organized and easily navigated. I can't comment on the claims department as I have not needed their services.
It was easy to obtain with no doctor's visits. As I am still alive we have no experience cashing it in, but hope it will be a long time before my husband does.
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