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USAA Homeowners Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: USAA
Overall average rating of 2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 22 %
I am currently deployed overseas and found out the other day that USAA will not be renewing our homeowners insurance. I have been a member with them for 15 years. Back in 2009, when I had to file a claim due to damage to our roof from a major windstorm, USAA sent one of their contractors to access the damage and make their recommendation back to USAA. The recommendation from the USAA contractor was the entire roof needs to be replaced. USAA denied the request and only paid for the roof to be patched. In September 2009, we had another major storm that came through with high winds and more damage was done to the roof along with a flood inside the house from the roof. Another claim was filed and again, USAA contracting company recommended the roof to be replaced. USAA would only pay for the roof to be patched and the damages inside house. December 2009, another major storm with high winds and the roof was damaged again by shingles being removed and lying throughout the yard. Another claim was filed and USAA contracting company again suggested that the entire roof needs to be replaced. This time after arguing with USAA for two months on this issue, they agreed to pay for the roof to be replaced. Now if they would of listen to their contracting company the first time, we would not have had to file three claims. Due to their neglect, we, the customer have to pay for it by being dropped and having to pay a higher premium with another company. I was paying $1,959 a year. The first quote I received was for $8,900.00 a year. I thought USAA was about taking care of service members and veterans. It doesn't appear to be the case.
On Aug. 13, we discovered water leaking from the ceiling in our dining room. The master bathroom is above that dining room so we called a plumber who discovered that the shower pan was leaking. We called USAA and were informed that everything but actual plumbing work (work on the lines etc.) was covered by our insurance as well as any finish work (repairing the ceiling) that had to be done. The leak was due to a cracked pan. A restoration company came and put blowers. dehumidifiers, etc. in the house. The plumber replaced the shower (an acrylic set = pan and walls) and we paid $2100. The bill was faxed to USAA. Ms.**, the USAA adjuster, then informed us that we submitted a claim from a plumber and plumbing work was not covered. The bill is very specific as to what work had been done, there's no mention of any work on the actual plumbing. When we asked who but a plumber could have done the work we did not get an answer. The claim for the dryout as well as the finish work will not be paid either! 2 1/2 years ago, we had the same problem and USAA paid the same plumber for the same work without a problem minus our $500 deductible of course. USAA at that time refunded to pay for a new shower door since that is considered a 'luxury' item. At this point we are getting ready to hire an attorney!
On December 10, 11 or 12 (I do not remember the exact date) there was a leaking problem in the condo number **. I am in unit ** the same building and the USAA, the insurance of unit **, has not still taken any action on it. I need some painting here and there in condo due to that leakage but nobody answers! What is the role of USAA, just making money???
Our home experienced a water loss due to plumbing in the upstairs kitchen. Paul Davis Restoration (a preferred network provider of USAA) was hired for the emergency water mitigation. During the water mitigation process, USAA continuously stated that coverage for temporary accommodations would be reviewed and despite our offer to reimburse our tenants for staying in a nearby hotel, they stayed on the premises during the water mitigation which was in the middle of winter. The temperatures in the home reached a sweltering heights of 100 degrees or higher with humidity. Our tenants were informed to keep the central air system turned off during the water mitigation. The water loss was so severe, the water could be seen draining into ducting vents in the floor in the kitchen. Our tenants informed the Paul Davis Restoration water mitigation crew of this, as we did as well after our tenants informed us. There was one fan blowing in the vicinity of the central air system equipment. We inquired as to whether or not the service panels were removed and the air handler inspected for standing water during this time. It was not. We were told their equipment would pull the water out of the air from the air handler. Our tenants also noticed that Paul Davis Restoration didn't remove the vinyl flooring from underneath the cabinetry. All they did was remove the kick panels from underneath the cabinetry and place fans in that direction. After Paul Davis Restoration removed all of their water mitigation equipment, we inquired as to when restoration would begin.Paul Davis Restoration was also hired to do the restoration of our home. We waited for restoration work to commence, but nothing happened. After about a month of waiting, of which during this time our tenants continuously informed us of the continued state of the property (that they were walking around on nothing but subflooring) and USAA continuously informing us the coverage for temporary accommodations was being reviewed, we started following-up on what our restoration contractor from Paul Davis Restoration (Peter **) was saying. He informed us he was waiting for the company who was going to fix the cabinets and was going to come in and do the work to detach them. However, we were informed by our USAA claims representative, Felicia ** that Paul Davis Restoration was supposed to detach the cabinetry. We found out that nothing had been done or ordered in the entire month after Paul Davis Restoration had pulled their water mitigation equipment from the home. We then caught Paul Davis Restoration lying to us about why the progress had been delayed. I had called up the companies they stated they were waiting on and found out the orders for their services had only been requested that day. So we fired Paul Davis Restoration and brought in another contractor, who immediately informed us that they hadn't cut enough of the damaged drywall out (which was also verified by a 3rd party mold remediation company that same week). Needless to say, once we got the kitchen cabinetry removed and the vinyl pulled up, we found mold.USAA denied accountability, even though their preferred network provider was supposed to be held to a 3-year guarantee on workmanship. Paul Davis Restoration also denied liability (at first). We also found mold in the venting and the air handler at a later time also failed due to an electrical short from standing water from the loss, as determined by a COL inspection. USAA wanted us to have the entire air handler unit and heat pump detached and shipped to their inspectors in Georgia to determine the cause. We contacted a couple of other insurance agencies, such as State Farm to see how they manage such situations, which led our formal request for USAA to pay for the COL inspector in the area that State Farm utilizes. They agreed, but never paid him. They stated he never furnished him with the appropriate paperwork. Due to the COL inspection stating the loss and compromise of the central air system was due to the water loss, we requested USAA cover the costs of repairing or replacing it. We had a previous estimate done by an HVAC company in the area, who estimated around $3,500 in repairs. USAA wouldn't agree to them, despite the COL inspection results, and only 50% of the cost at that. The units weren't even 10 years old, but the warranties weren't transferable. USAA only covered $260 of the repairs to the HVAC, of which in the end cost us $5,600 for a new air handler and heat pump due to catastrophic electrical failure caused by the shortage induced by the water that had entered the unit. Paul Davis Restoration also claims they aren't accountable for its loss or the increased mold spores in the ventilation resulting from the standing water and allowance for excess moisture build-up in the system. We hired a mold remediation specialist to take lab samples, which required their services. We weren't surprised to see the increase in the estimate from the new contractor than was received by Paul Davis Restoration. Paul Davis Restoration’s was only about $12,000 where as the new contractor's estimate was roughly $30,000. USAA then informed us a USAA adjuster would need to come out to determine the cost of the repairs. We requested a 3rd party insurance adjuster, so one was hired from IAS, whose estimate was very close to that of the $30,000 estimate. It makes you wonder what sort of relationship there is between USAA and Paul Davis Restoration. It doesn't stop there though. National Restoration was hired by USAA to repair the cabinetry. They came in and simply refurbished what was there without detaching it; trying their best to make it look as though it was fixed on the surface by applying veneer over the damaged pieces. However, when our new contractor went to install the new flooring, they found that the structural supports and foundation of the cabinetry had not been repaired at all and the water damage was quite visible. It took us several months arguing with USAA to get them to have it done properly, in which case we chose to replace the cabinets ourselves with stock cabinetry from Lowe’s. The cabinets in the condition they were in made the home uninhabitable by state standards. However, despite our various attempts at requesting USAA to allow us to get another contractor to replace the cabinets was futile. It went on for almost five months before they said they would cover the cost of the replacements; however, not after they brought in the same company who messed it up the first time to make a new estimate to cover the cost of the replacement or repair which was lower than their original cost of replacement. The thing about these types of cabinets is that they are glued together, which makes repairing them impossible. Coincidentally, the difference in cost in replacing them was right around how much National Restoration originally charged USAA to the shoddy repairs in the first place. The cabinets were old and the lowers couldn't be repaired or replaced, without replacing the upper cabinets as well. Despite the matching clause in our insurance coverage, which would require USAA to pay for the repair or replacement of the uppers as well to match the lowers, they denied us that coverage, which is why we did it ourselves. We traded our own labor for the replacement of the upper cabinets to match the lowers. Fair? Legal? I don't think so. When we finally got the go ahead to have the damaged cabinets removed, we gave Paul Davis Restoration right to cure. In which case, they came out the next day to remedy. However, they didn't put up any sort of barrier to prevent the spread of mold spores throughout the house (of which incidentally, our current tenants were allergic to the common mold spores found in such situations; diagnosed by a doctor due to symptoms at the time). Paul Davis Restoration didn't even treat the entire affected area, although they said they did. We had to call them back the next day, as our tenants informed us they had only removed and treated an area behind one section of the cabinets. They came back the next day, same thing; they didn't detach all of the cabinets and left a section remaining untreated. At that point, we were out of time and authorized our new contractor to remedy the mold behind the remaining section. Paul Davis Restoration is claiming they are not at all liable for the charges our new contractor imposed upon us for the mold remediation services provided. I felt that calling them back the second time was more than enough of an opportunity to comply with right to cure and we needed to get the new flooring installed that day. So now we are left with a bill from installing a new central air system because USAA wouldn't pony up the dough and they won't even enforce their 3-year guarantee to their preferred network provider which doesn't even come up on any list in our area as a network provider for that area. It's enough to make your head spin. What recourse does anyone have against such large companies as USAA or Paul Davis Restoration? Even with irrefutable proof and supporting documentation from tenants and professionals in the same field? How is it that an insurance company can bid lower than what it costs to repair or replace such things and get away with it? All I can say is stay away from these three companies. They have way too many deceptive and unfair trade practices to account for.
High rates and poor payout for a claim. Always knew that I was paying more than many but thought would have excellent claims experience (based on auto insurance experience). Had quick claim payout but insufficient for the damage incurred.
Easy to reach agents, respectful service. Have had one claim for stolen bike and got fast claim. Have had USAA insurance for over 45 years. Would recommend USAA for anyone eligible.
I switched from State Farm of 40 years because I relocated to Florida and thought this would be a good time to switch to USAA. This has been a horrible mistake. I have water leaking into my house around lights and speakers and it has been 15 days since I have made a claim. Now they are stating that they will only cover the interior drywall repair and will not cover the roof repair. I just bought this house in Dec. 16 and the leak just started after a huge rain storm a couple of weeks ago and the home is only 9 years old. This does not make a lot of sense since there has not been a leak since I purchased the house. My deductible is also $3870 with the repair on the interior costing a little under $5000.00 and it is funny I got an estimate from a roofing company and they could repair the roof but will not warranty because it has severe wind damage. They will repair the roof and interior for a fraction of "the company" USAA wanted me to use and charge me up to $5000.00. I will be filing a formal complaint with the Florida Insurance Commissioner. If anyone else needs the website it is **.
My Homeowners Insurance rate was increased from $1177.02 to $2302.35. We filed one claim, but we were advised that the insurance was not increased because of that and that the rate change for Georgia made the changes and that there had been claims in my area which may had a factor. However, USAA was charging us $263.00 per month for full coverage on 3 vehicles/lockout service/tow service/uninsured motorist. I did comparison and cancelled my auto and went to Geico where I have ALL of the same features and my monthly payments are only $176.00 a month. Dropping my auto insurance which dropped the multi-discount only increased the insurance by $114 a year. USAA is not affiliated with the U.S Armed Forces, but they make it seem as if they cater to the service members, but they do not. It doesn't matter if you are a War Vet or not, they want to make money off of the military and their families. Shop around and I promise you will be alarmed at the much competitive prices of other insurance companies.
USAA is customer friendly and reliable. I have USAA insurance since purchasing my first house way back to the 1970's. The insurance costs a little more but service is outstanding. If you have something happen and call them you can be assured that they will send an adjuster at no time. No waiting for days. On many occasions they will issue you a check at that time. I have always been treated with the upmost courtesy and kindness by USAA. It would be nice however if coverage would be a little cheaper. Nowadays everything is so very expensive sometimes causing families not to carry the required coverage. Still, overall USAA is very convenient and the adjusters are informative and explain everything. You are also provided a computer printout of what was discussed and what the company is paying you for.
We were out of state caring for a very ill parent who is a Veteran. While out of state our daughter checking on our home discovered our home was robbed. Immediately we phoned the police. After arranging for a caregiver for my Dad we left to travel to see what the damage and loss we had. We phoned USAA and spoke with Heather who recorded my statement. She said we would've contacted by Tosha **. We ended up calling Tosha ** and left a vm... Crickets.So a few days past and I called and got Sydney **. She because our new adjuster. We created a list of items and tools stolen and submitted the pages to through the USAA mobile app. Sydney said that we need to come up with pictures and receipts to help her but if we didn't she would have to give us a estimated value. We have the premium policy with full replacement. When the repair and personal property was estimated by Sydney and USAA they authorized a fraction of the cost and replacement. She wanted me to use the USAA contractor call "Teddy Bear Construction", I refused. We wanted a contractor we knew with his work. So when we asked for her itemized list on our personal property she had only paid us for page 1 of our 4 pages of stolen items. Some of the tools stolen she itemized weren't even the same tools we listed that were stolen and she undervalues them by hundreds of dollars.So now that we called her on the discrepancies and 3 pages of items not figured in. We have been advised that they stopped payment on the check they sent out and have now hired a private investigator from Veracity Research out of TX to investigate us and our claim. I would have that with the amount of complaints all over the internet from USAA customers and Veterans we need an Attorney to file all of a class action lawsuit. I'm contacting an attorney to investigate USAA. They're preying on Veterans.
Contacted them regarding damage due to huge natural gas leak affecting thousands of homes. Spoke with belligerent, hillbilly woman in Texas. They deny claim stating "gas damage isn't physical". First time I had to make a claim with this company. They are crap. Best homeowners can hope for is huge fire/explosion so these criminals at USAA can "see" the damage.
We've been USAA customers for 30+ years (home insurance, car insurance, banking, credit cards, the works). Had just one 'minor' claim and the most recent claim on a "personal-article-floater" (PAF) policy for my wife's wedding ring. In order to get this add-on insurance, we provided a copy of what I paid for the ring along with an independent appraisal on the ring ($5700 value and they've had this information on file for past 30+ years). I've paid premiums on this $5700 -value since buying the ring. My wife's ring was stolen a few months ago, she's extremely upset, and I file a claim against this PAF-policy. USAA comes back with telling me that they will only pay $3400.00 for this ring. Or, they will replace the diamond with a $3400.00 diamond (that it sounds like they picked up from Kmart). If I had been paying an added premium for a value of $3400, this would be fine. I've been paying a premium for a $5700-ring, I paid $5700 for the ring (30-years ago), and the insurance should be worth $5700 (or I've been over-charged premiums from inception). Getting the premiums to be higher than others seems to be a practice. USAA had a value of items inside the home at some $750K (and charged a premium based on this). We don't keep gold in the home and the contents of our home are nowhere near this high. It's apparently a percentage of the home value (which was also way too high). After quite a bit of back/forth, they reduced the home value - which reduced the value of the contents as well. It is still way too high (I can replace the contents of the home for 25% of what USAA has it valued at and is charging a premium on). When I step back and look at the practice being done on the contents and also on this PAF-policy for the ring - they are identical. Charge a higher premium for a value on the property...but have no intentions at all on actually ever paying for this actual value. Again, if ring was only worth $3400 in USAA's mind/world, the premium should be based on this value. I was paying a premium on a $5700 ring that I actually paid $5700 for (the original receipt on file shows this). It seems that they never had any intention of honoring their side of the deal and I am not sure how anyone can trust this type of bait/switch scheme. For the diamond that they offered to pick up from the local Kmart, 'no thank you'. I spent over a year of time looking for and finding my wife's wedding ring. I'm simply not able to buy into whatever belief that USAA seems to have that this $3400 diamond picked up off the corner store is anywhere close or near the same thing.In process of canceling/moving everything. Trust in USAA or the policies issued is no longer there - and moving before something truly major happens must be done. They never used to operate this way and a noticeable change is evident in the way business is done now. I never minded paying them more than any other company for insurance - I simply have to 'trust' the insurance company that I deal with. Best of luck to others and I hope you have a better experience with USAA than the one we've had.
We have a leak in our USAA insured roof, filed a claim on July 1st, and as of July 4th have yet to hear from our assigned adjuster. Attempts to contact adjuster Ria ** in Tampa have gone unanswered. We are receiving no satisfaction from USAA Homeowners Insurance and will be shopping for an insurer that is responsive to claims.
I switched from my previous insurer six months ago because despite being with them for fifteen years my insurance kept going up. After getting multiple quotes from various other insurance companies I decided to go with USAA because I found them to have the best price combined with the best coverage. Despite not filing a claim with them yet they have made a giant difference in my life, between the much lower rates and the better sense of security I am much better off than I was a year ago. I highly recommend looking into USAA.
USAA is great until you need them to pay a claim. USAA builds its business on the idea that they take care of military members and their families. As an active duty service member, currently deployed to the Middle East, I can tell you that this is not true in my case. USAA is currently refusing to pay a $10,000 home owner’s insurance claim for water damage caused by a leaking mater bathroom tub faucet. In the adjuster’s opinion, the damage was caused by a long term problem, longer than 14 days, and is therefore not covered by my insurance policy. Keep in mind that: a) this leak was in a place that is impossible to be seen by the observer, and b) it was fixed as soon as it was discovered. Even USAA’s contractor stated that he had seen a leak like ours that cause the amount of damage we experienced in as little as 5 days. It’s a shame when the company you trust lets you down by trying to use loopholes to avoid honoring their commitment to you.
The USAA agent quoted my house at being over $800k value, which my current Travelers homeowners quoted me $302k and Farmers at $360k replacement value which are both just a bit high themselves. Further, USAA would not send an inspector to affirm a more accurate dwelling replacement value until after I would purchase their insurance and not before. How can they ethically sell insurance over the phone without having actually inspected the property? Their quote would have raised my Traveler's annual premium from $1166 to over $2000. Farmers quoted me today at $950. USAA belongs at the bottom of the favorable homeowners insurance list by this Military retiree. Talk about taking advantage of the military. Shame on USAA.
This company will lead you on to believe they are paying your claim and will then find some excuse at the last minute not to pay. When you have an unfortunate experience in your life, you can expect that they will come to your house and interrogate you like a criminal. They will never get you a straight answer and they will pass you around from adjuster to adjuster until a supervisor is able to come up with a BS reason to screw you over. This is definitely not a company that will stand behind you when something bad happens-- they will kick you while you are down and not even think twice about it. If you have USAA insurance, you are wasting your money-- you are better off flushing it down the toilet. At least then you will save yourself the frustration of having to go to battle with the one entity that is supposed to protect you.
I had hail on a house I own in Texas. I come to find out on the modest house 1890 Sq feet, USAA has increased the insurance from 189,000 to 263,000 without consulting me or notifying me. USAA acknowledged that the amount was incorrect, and lowered the policy to 210,000. However they refused to lower the deductible to what was reasonable instead based it on this overinflated value and refused to refund the overinflated premiums. The company is out of touch and has gotten out of control. I plan to cancel all my policies with them as soon as I get another insurance company that is more in touch. I finding this kind of arrogance has become the USAA standard - they need to be brought to their knees.
My husband and I have our homeowner's with them and they have turned us down for ROT in our home. We pay our payment every month ON TIME! They said they don't cover rot! My husband has been loyal to them for over 25 years but I guess LOYALTY means nothing with them anymore. It's ok. We will move our insurance elsewhere even if it cost more. USAA is not for their members anymore. They are all about the mighty DOLLAR & NOT taking care of their members. I am so ashamed to have spent as long as we have with them! They are NOT the same as they were 5 years ago! We have had 1 claim between HOMEOWNER'S & AUTO in 25 YEARS & this is how you do your members! Going shopping for better companies!
USAA KNOWINGLY submitted a false claim on my property in California for a burglary that happened in Texas and I was never notified. I found out one year later that my credit was ruined when my homeowners insurance was denied. I called and they REFUSED to do anything about it. They told me I had to handle the matter with LexisNexis myself, but LN told me they would NOT remove the claim unless USAA notified them. Meanwhile I CANNOT GET INSURANCE ON MY HOUSE! The USAA staff is RUDE and told me they have no interest in correcting the error with LexisNexis, since they have changed their own internal records. NOW the fraudulent claim has been put on my NAME as well as my PROPERTY so I have credit issues with other accounts! This is AGAINST THE LAW for them to file a false claim against me, NEVER NOTIFY ME, and then refuse to fix the issue.
We have been with USAA since 1972. They have always been prompt in responding to our needs which have been few. There was a theft from our former home in 1984-85, hail and tornado damage at another home in late 1980's. They have been available for advice with our farm coverage.
Filing my auto claim was pretty easy and handled appropriately. It was the first time I'd filed a claim and it involved a phone call, and some follow ups. I've been a happy and loyal customer of USAA for 34 years and I would have never switched. While I was happy with USAA Auto and have no complaints about their resolution of the one auto claim I filed in my 34 years, I am beyond outraged at their deceitful practices, mismanagement and irresponsible mishandling of a property claim under a renters policy I filed for the first time. I never could have imagined the persistent runaround and horrible service USAA provided. It's said that you never really know the value of your insurance policy until you really need it. What caused me to switch was so outrageous that I feel compelled to share my experience with others. When there are problems of this magnitude in any company, it is of no use to compartmentalize sub-divisions in our psyches for purposes of resolving cognitive dissonance. USAA dropped the ball, big time. USAA promised me I would hear from someone 24-48 hours after filing my claim. I did not hear from anyone for a week, and when the so-called "adjusters" finally showed up, they told me they were dispatched to the wrong address. Moreover, they weren't even adjusters. They said they'd never done this kind of work before and weren't sure why USAA called them. They didn't know what to do. One of the fake adjusters told me to lie to USAA. I replied that when I file a claim, it will be accurate. I couldn't believe how unprofessional they were. After they left, I followed up with the state insurance commissioner. It turns out they are not even approved by the state. Over the next several weeks, when I'd talk to someone at USAA about my claim, I mentioned that they seem to have no interest or ability to collect and maintain ACCURATE information. Their quality has really tanked. It turns out the employees I was talking to aren't even employees of USAA. Despite my best efforts to let USAA know where they were dropping the ball, nothing changed. They seemed to have little or no interest in raising the bar on their nonperformance. They even referred me to someone in the CEO's office where, supposedly, they strive for excellence. I told them everything that happened. They apologized and said that never should have happened and they were going to make it right. But nothing changed. Dealing with them took up lots of time and I regret now sticking with them as long as I did. My claim was denied based upon fraudulent information compiled by a third-party unlicensed "adjuster" who is not even employed by USAA, but who USAA dispatched to my home anyway, one week too late. In short, USAA is not the company it once was. It is a different company, literally. Employees, vendors, and agents are not employees of USAA. I had no issues with their auto policy. But the whole company, overall, is just a joke now. I followed all their instructions, did exactly as they said, and gave them lots of opportunities to correct their errors. In the end, they never did and I paid the price. Get out before you actually need them to follow through. I totally do not trust them at all now. I will not wait for an accident to happen before relying on my insurance carrier. I know them now to be unreliable.
I had a small fire in my home. It was caused by a dryer. USAA was immediately responsive. They gave us the option of staying at home or a hotel. Within a day, they set up inspectors, cleaners and repair crews. The process was efficient and carried out quickly. We have not noticed a change in our policy premiums.
I was talked into renter's insurance by the automobile insurance sales representative. The representative showed me the advantages to having it and bundling with auto policy to receive discount on premium cost. She asked brief questions and suggested additional computer coverage with an additional fee. I explained I also had a storage unit where I stored my tools, computer parts and test equipment. She said this was covered as well. I bought both policies and paid 6 months premiums in advance. I work on computers to generate a little income to supplement my disability. I was getting auto insurance on a vehicle they just helped me find and finance so was easier so as could pick up vehicle that same day. I have been so impressed w/ USAA and wanted all my business with them so to have insurance with seem a no brainer. I got the car and for the first time in 2 years had a dependable car I could drive around, shop, visit friends, and etc. I stopped by my storage Easter morning. I had bought some used furniture from friends and they met me there delivering furniture but there was a strange lock on my unit. I called storage facility and they had a maintenance man on property who came over and said did not look like one of their locks. General Manager was notified and came out, verified it was not their lock so I ask if he could cut it for me and at that time I noticed dead bolt lock had been pried open. When padlock was cut, I entered noticing all my tools and test equipment, televisions, etc had been stolen, roughly $8,000-$10,000 in value or more. I immediately called the police who came and made a police report with photos taken. I was issued a case number and was to follow up that week with any details to add to it with a detective.I went to USAA online to file the claim and get a claim check list .I called back Monday morning and was advised that an investigator was going to notify me and he did so setting up a meeting at the storage unit. I also had the former manager of the storage facility to meet us there but was told he wanted to speak to me alone so I asked former manager to please wait. I thought investigator was to assist police in helping me reclaim my lost property. Instead he said before I turn on my recorder, no harm has been done to this point and we can walk away, no harm, no foul and pretend this never happened, or an amnesty if you will. I was totally shocked and angry at the implied and was hurt by the accusation that I told him to turn the recorder on and hear the facts of my theft that had taken place. He never spoke with the police or with the former storage manager and left. I spoke with Judy ** in the claims department who advised me to make a list of the items stolen and assign value to them with description.I told her I would and it would take a while because I had a lot of tools and had to do it by memory. I also suffer from PTSD and this was very distressing to me so I had to take my time. I explained all the owner's manuals and etc. were in the cabinet along with my drill bits, Dremel bits, router bits and etc. So I had no help in trying to remember all what was there. 10-15 years accumulation of all the items. Then was informed I needed proof of my loss. I asked if sworn affidavits from friends and family would work and was told no, they would be willing to lie and cheat for me. I produced my list to the best of my memory and got prices. I emailed those in and following day, I called to see what else I could do to assist claim. Ms. Judy informed me she had already forwarded it to claims and then to legal dept. for possible actions, but nothing was need anyway for claim was not going to be paid anyway. I held my anger. This was the 2nd time by this organization to accuse me or imply of some legal wrongdoing, not to mention all my friends and family were liars and cheats. I received the claims denied letter in roughly 4-5 days with the reason being I had failed to provide proof of loss in the form of receipts, etc. I have some receipts and affidavits of the existence and magnitude of the quantity of tools and etc. on the loss but was not given chance to provide them. If you want to get renter's insurance and are a disabled veteran, contact USAA, pay your premiums so they can accuse you of fraud, forgery and legal action if you ever try and file a claim with them. I guess best defense is good offense.I am consulting and proceeding with legal actions against them for I have called superiors and complained and explained what has happened and story validity was checked and I was told to follow up with a supervisor. I did so with 3 phone calls none of which were returned. I am not going to be treated in this fashion by this organization or anyone for that matter and will not beg and/or appeal for them to satisfy a legitimate claim.
I have been with USAA for 25 years and I am insured here in Florida. In 2004 hurricane IVAN blew half of my shingles off the roof and rain, flooded 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Two days after contacting them, they had an adjuster out and within 3 weeks it was all taking care of.
Claims personnel were not knowledge and didn't care about providing service or loss cost control. Stated this was a small claim and worth no further effort. Apparently did not care. Subsequently stated they did not have adjusters or any way to handle a claim in that area. Asked my property manager to get estimates/photos/etc. 1 month to get a checkout and it was wrong. I have sent a check for repairs to provided repairs for my tenant. Claim still not handled by USAA.
Don’t die if you have any accounts (investment, banking, credit card, insurance) with USAA because if you do your beneficiaries may be put through hell dealing with a myriad of inept customer service agents to be able to manage your assets, based on my recent experiences. In my case my family actually spent money and effort to prepare for the death of my father by creating a family trust and maintaining all the assets in the name of the trust. Most financially savvy people would think that the family trust would make the transition from having two trustees (my mother and father) to having one trustee greatly simplified, but my experience with USAA has not shown this to be a fact with them.I have 2 graduate degrees from UCLA, an MS in computer science and MBA. Most people would think that establishes my credibility to handle financial management matters with at least a modicum of sophistication and expertise. Not so at USAA. They talk to me like they know everything and I know little. They use policy and law to justify illogical and irrational behaviors, demands for documents and decisions. When I ask to see the source documents for the laws or policies which they have referenced, I never get them. I found myself reminding them that the employees at Wells Fargo bank followed the company’s rules and policies, and look at the havoc that resulted from those efforts (5,300 people fired, hundreds of millions in fines settlements and outstanding civil litigation that could easily reach into the billions of dollars).Banks should be very careful justifying actions by referring to policy in light of Wells Fargo’s debacle. Watch out for USAA customers services representatives responding to your direct and specific questions with obfuscation and distraction (i.e. instead of answering your question they answer one of their own choosing – THINK KELLYANNE CONWAY). My experience with USAA is that they directly equate effort with results. When they can’t get anything done, they insist on telling me that they made a diligent effort but something beyond their control has prevented them from achieving the desired result. No one has suggested that my expectations are unreasonable, as they are in fact not unreasonable.If you decide to use USAA for the variety of products and services they offer, expect to hear the phrase “I/we am/are sorry” because they love to apologize for their mistakes and failures. I still don’t understand the point of apologizing because it fixes nothing. Further, an apology from someone other than the actual source of the problem, and not a surrogate, is not remedial. “I am sorry’” is just USAA’s way of distracting their customer from ruminating on their still unresolved issue. When I hear “I’m sorry” I respond that they need to save their apologies for someone who actually finds it helpful or productive to hear an apology.Also, don’t mistake “nice” for “good” or “effort” for “results.” USAA has serious problems with these two issues. When they can’t get something done, they tell you how hard they are trying and when they make mistakes they apologize and tell you how valuable of a customer you are. When it comes to business I always choose “good” over “nice” and never confuse “effort” with “results.”I am a member of USAA’s wealth management group, which is supposed to get me to better trained and more senior representatives. On most of the issues having to do with my deceased father’s accounts I have been dealing with USAA’s “office of the president” team which is supposed to be their most capable customer service representatives that have the power and access associated with the “office of the president.” The “Office of the president” representatives tell me that my problems cannot be escalated to a higher level, they say they are at the highest level. However, they clearly know little about social media and the power of the internet or the media – I CAN ALWAYS ESCALATE TO THE INTERNET AND THE PRESS WITH OR WITHOUT USAA’s ASSISTANCE OR APPROVAL.Since USAA has several products and services you would think that they would have a central point of contact to deal with the necessary account changes associated with a death, but you would be wrong. I received calls from 1) investments, 2) Banking, 3) insurance & 4) life insurance/Medicare so far and they all want basically the same things: a death certificate and the section of the trust that deals with successor trustee. I have had to repeat the very same information 4 times. Further, the trust information should have already been in their possession had they provided the “Excellent member service” or “knew what it means to serve” and required or requested information needed for the survivors to continue on with their lives.In our case, since the credit card was in my father’s name but used primarily by my mother, USAA immediately terminated the credit card when I notified them that to stop the Medicare supplemental insurance payment. No mention was made to me of the other consequences of my notification like termination of the credit card so my mother was unable to pay for her groceries, freezing of access to bank accounts and investment accounts, and required changes to the dwelling umbrella insurance policies. Everything was frozen while we waited to receive the death certificate – it takes a couple for weeks for it to arrive from the State of California. I guess in the interim USAA thinks my mother does not need to pay her bills or buy groceries.Since USAA cancelled the credit card that my parents used for automatic payment of some of their regular household bills (utilities, phone, cable TV) we get to discover which companies need to be contacted and billing information updated over the next few weeks instead of helping us make a smooth transition like you would expect from the company that “knows what it means to serve.”Even though all of my father’s assets were held in trust accounts with my father and mother as joint trustees with each becoming the successor trustee when one of them dies, USAA still froze the assets. My father used the BILLPAY option available to USAA members to pay all his regular recurring bills, drawing the money from the trusts checking account. So he had all their vendors’ addresses and account numbers in the BILLPAY system. When he died USAA prevented me from accessing or using any of that information. We would have made backup had we knew that even though everything was paid by the trust we lose access to the vendors and the recurring payments.Further, the credit card which was in my father’s name (because you cannot set up a credit card in the name of the trust) was closed when USAA was notified of my father’s death so all the automatic payment drawn from the credit card were terminated and we have no record of the vendors who were linked to his credit card. This makes no sense because the credit card was always paid with Trust funds, so there was no need to terminate the account immediately.Had USAA provided “excellent member service” they would have assisted us in transitioning to a new credit card for my mother where we would have had the opportunity to reassign the vendor payments to the new credit card. When we finally got an account set up form my mother to log in and manage the trust’s assets it was not set up with the same security options that my father’s account had as you would expect a company that “knows what it means to serve” would do.
I have been with this company for nearly a year now and, recently got my homeowners policy renewal. It was nearly TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS more than last year. I've not filed any claims nor approved this increase. The customer service department claims that the increase is based on the anticipated claims to be filed in NORTH CAROLINA. They hope to recoup money that has not yet been issued. This is a complete rip-off and, I'm sure somebody is getting paid for allowing this rate increase to happen. This whole world has become nothing more than a cesspool of greedy corrupt criminals!
My original claim was opened back in May 2013. It is now June of 2015 and the claims adjustor that USAA appointed for claim, has done a very poor job addressing my claim. My residence has been vandalized, become a health hazard due to mold, and now looks like an abandoned property. Every time I call the claims adjustor, I always get his voice mail, which on several occasions has been full so I couldn't leave him anymore message. I've managed to meet him once, but only after I filed a complaint against USAA with the BBB and spoke with one of USAA's CEOs, who acted as if she was the only one I had attempted to contact to get my claim resolved. Once the adjuster found out I had contacted the BBB, his lack of action has increased even more than before. I have requested financial assistance with lodging until my claim is complete and have only received $1,200, which barely covers 10 days in a decent hotel, I'm referring to a 1-star hotel, not including meals. I've complained to over a dozen USAA representatives who could care and keep referring me back to the same adjustor. I've attempted to contact the adjustor's manager who every time call has always conveniently been out of the office for a week or more at a time. To date no one has held the claims adjustor over my claim accountable for anything and meanwhile, I have no home to live or place to cook, and have exhausted a lot of my savings, just to have a place to live while USAA sits back and does nothing. I have been with USAA for 16 years and based off the treatment I've received thus far, I'm seriously considering taking legal action against them for their lack of action.
USAA was once an excellent insurance company, but not anymore. They have increased my homeowners insurance by $400 in the last 2 years and when asked why, they gave no good reason, but coldly described that "More claims have been made in your area." After 15 years with USAA they continue to raise my rates although I have never made a claim. When I called to discuss the situation with them their representative was rude and hung up on me. A once friendly and customer oriented company is now overpriced and customer unfriendly.
USAA has great customer service. We also have our auto insurance and insurance on our valuable possessions with them and have never had any problems. They pay claims promptly and efficiently. They are helpful when you call with questions, etc. We have been members of USAA for 48 years and would not even consider changing.
I am not one to write reviews but today I am completely dissatisfied with USAA homeowners and this is not the first time. The first time was in 2012 when my tenants caught my condo on fire after 1 day of being in it. They were fast to fix and repair my condo but then the neighbors downstairs had water damage from my sprinkler system. I was contacted by a lawyer from the neighbors, I contacted USAA and informed them. It took them so long to fix the issue. Whereas, if they would have just addressed the issue as soon as they heard it would not have lasted 2 years and a lawsuit.Now, present in September my roof was leaking so I decided to call USAA and file a claim. It took a month for an adjuster to come out, in the meantime we got hit with a hurricane and made the damage worse. The adjuster filed it under my regular deductible of $1,000. It took another 3 weeks and I never heard from them, I called. They had approved the claim but decided to review it again and decided to file it under my hail and wind which is a joke. That deductible is 7,000+ dollars. I find it interesting they approved it under what the adjuster suggested but I suspect they didn't want to pay out so, they decided well let us file it under wind and hail. A second look after it was approved the first time!!! They never sent out a second adjuster for a second opinion just people sitting behind a desk. This is unacceptable. I guess they wanted to save that 3,000+.
USAA is a responsive insurance company that quickly resolves claims. And after Hurricane Matthew knocked out the power in my neighborhood for four days, although I keep a high deductible on my policy ($1000), because of the natural disaster, I merely had to pay a $50 deductible and estimate the value of the food that I subsequently lost. The money was deposited into my account within 24 hours.
I filed my first homeowner's insurance claim at the beginning of January 2018. I have had USAA homeowners, auto, rental and jewelry coverage for over 35 years (As has my entire family). I have never placed a rental nor homeowner nor jewelry claim. My plumber discovered a broken pipe in an exterior kitchen wall that did MAJOR damage to my home. My kitchen has been totally gutted since Jan (four months) and the only reason I have been able to proceed with ordering replacement floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets counter etc is because I forked over the money myself. The claim rep has been patronizing and rude to both me and my contractor. I might be able to complete this damage repair project in about another 30 days, but very little has been done except gaslighting by USAA. And to add insult to injury, my auto insurance bill arrived today... and for six months coverage, it jumped from about $600 the last six months to over a thousand now for the same six months! Ridiculous, unprofessional, and yes, as soon as this claims is complete I am taking ALL my business and my family’s accounts too, and going elsewhere.
I have a claim dating back to 18 Dec. 2013. It is now 8 Aug. 2015. When loss occurred, I repeatedly requested assistance from USAA in the form of an adjuster coming out. I was told repeatedly to just do this myself. I was told that they would find people to give estimates for refurbishing furniture and other items. Later, they said I would also have to do this. After doing this, part of one estimate has never been paid ($4000 +) on furniture estimate. There have been ongoing issues throughout this claim, and the latest is absolutely no communication at all. I have left messages on website, voicemails, messages with other agents, and cannot get the information I need. I feel, at a minimum, I should be kept apprised of what is happening regarding this claim. I cannot wait to complete this claim, and move on to another insurer.
We've had few claims, but several years ago, there was a violent storm go through our area. We needed a new roof. Our State Farm agent was very prompt in viewing our battered roof. And we were processed quickly and were able to get a new roof in short order.
We filed a claim with USAA in November of 2017. We were pressured (all within the confines of the law, of course) to use a company that USAA claimed to have vetted and pronounced of the highest quality. The implication was: use the company we have a contract with or expect delays and possibly non-payment if you pick your own. We trusted USAA. They contract with First General, which has to be scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel. We sent pictures to USAA showing the nails sticking up out of the floor, the deplorable quality of work, the inexcusable delays, etc. Nothing. We called USAA. We had a nice conversation with a representative obviously trained to handle "problem customers" without actually doing anything. We asked for someone from USAA to come see the condition of our home in person. We were finally put in touch with an adjustor, another contracted employee, who actually lectured us on wasting his time. He refused to come see our home. In fact, to date, USAA has never actually seen our home and refuse to do anything about First General even though they have seen the pictures and videos. We even had to look through the bill from First General and catch where they were charging us for services they never provided. We did the work to get the money back to USAA. USAA has spent more time haggling with First General than actually representing our interests. We certainly have not been indemnified. USAA claims to know the value of a home they have never seen. USAA did not protect us and doesn't really care that First General left our home in a worse condition than it was before we started. As a retired Army family, we believed USAA was comprised of honorable men and women who understood what it means to serve. In fact, that is their motto; however, I think they'd better change it to something more apropos like: "Screwing Those Who Serve." Please think twice before using USAA for your homeowner's insurance, especially if you are E6 and below!
Honestly, I thought USAA was the cat's meow. I THOUGHT I was getting a better rate because I'm a vet and their advertising campaign. WRONG. Example-My Homeowners through USAA was $3400 per year. Exactly the same coverage (better actually) from STATE FARM- $1488 per year. USAA seems to hook you when you’re a young veteran, then slowly bends you over until you feel a jab right up the rectum. They make it feel so natural you don’t even know you’re getting ** hard. Getting other quotes I’ve realized we’ve been overpaying for years. A company that’s supposed to look out for us vets... Hell! USAA is ran by veterans! Just shows corporate greed has no boundaries. USAA doesn’t care that you served. It's the baited hook to get us active duty and vets sucked into their scam. If you’re reading this you’ve been warned. I have the paperwork proving exactly what I've described. I'm a veteran, served 8 years in Air Force. Joined USAA in October of 2000... Haven’t heard a fart since. Lol. Now I know why. See! That sneaky about it. I sincerely hope this helps and saves other people/veterans from overpaying for insurance. Better companies out there. Guarantee It.
USAA is great for everything. Care about you and do it right. They provide great customer service and products, and they respond fast and efficiently. They have the best service for the cost than anyone, and never let you down. USAA is fabulous and dependable.
I was renting a house in Colorado going on three years. The illegal aliens that my landlord hired in November to roof the house in November turned into a fiasco. After the roofers destroyed the electrical lines by mistake and hiding it caused me to make a claim for coverage. I was told by USAA to allow the landlord in the house without me being there or a representative there at the house or they would not cover my losses. After I contacted a Kathy ** (a director) they assumed a limited; and be it known, a limited liability and issued a check for hotel expenses and it took an Act of Congress.They paid me for limited losses and demanded a receipt for a private chromatograph that blew up as well. They have refused to pay for that loss and demanded a receipt. I provided the receipt and the adjuster denied it because I didn't have enough details for them to pay on it. Really? This company has taken advantage of me and I am still waiting to get this loss processed. I cancelled them after that and found another renters insurance policy. USAA you suck!
Well it's not over but the first lie I was told was that Blackmon mooring was the only company that did fire restoration clean up which consisted a first of 3 little girls armed with nothing but rags and sponges and they told me they were not allowed to use water. So cleaning consisted of smearing soot into my wooden furniture, floors and sheet rock. The front and back porch were covered in soot which they neglected to clean so as all these different subcontractors continued to track and grind soot into porous surfaces in my home. I have an unusual form of COPD a disease that causes the hardening of the lower lungs which traps co2 in my lungs which further progresses the disease. In my case my oxygen levels stay in the 98% to 94% range when I am up and moving around however, at night when I am sleeping my oxygen level will drop into the low 80's and upper 70's which is considered heart attack and stroke levels. This has been the case since I was diagnosed and hospitalized for a very severe case of pneumonia. This requires that I use oxygen at night so that I am protected from these possibilities however it is a fatal disease. Life expectancy is reduced when one does not follow these precautions. After the initial cleaning was declared completed, my porches were still covered in soot and no rugs or upholstered furniture had been clean at all. I went immediately back to my oxygen machine to find it covered in soot on the outside and when I took out the filter and ran water through it, the water turns a grayish black. Stay tuned for more as I continue to deal with people who have minimalized my health and the effect of the smoke damage to my home.
The customer service representatives are always easy, nice and considerate when talking with them. Years ago, I placed a claim due to a hurricane. The company responded in a timely manner and sent a claims adjuster out within days of my claim resulting in a payout in less than a month. This claim also did not affect my premium. Extremely pleased with their overall service.
USAA is a bank that used to service the financial and insurance needs of the officers in all branches of the US military. When they opened their services to the enlisted and their families some time ago, that's when I joined. I saved over $700 dollars yearly when I insured the autos and home. I told everyone I knew about them. The reps are always ready to assist with a smile. They always THANK you for your service. Service on the autos is always courteous and correct. I have NOT had a problem with this company.
I formally had Home and Auto with USAA. When I purchased my house in 1998 I got an exemption from having to have Food Insurance as my property (approximately 3 foot of lower corner) not my house was in the AH flood zone. Shortly after hurricane Katrina this all changed, I received notice from my Mortgage company that FEMA had changed its regulations to require property not dwellings in flood zones are required by law to have flood insurance. I called and explained to mortgage company that in our area flood of 1997 (our 100 year flood) that the water level in my area had crested about 2 inches below the top of the curb. I went with USAA because I had my Home and Auto with them at the time, initial annual was about $600. It has increased slightly over the years but has now gotten totally out of control. 2013 premium was $1,571; 2014, $2,021. I have contacted several other insurance companies over the years and have been told by all that the premiums are regulated by FEMA. So last year I contacted FEMA and received a response that my mortgage company imposed the required flood insurance and does not set rates. FEMA does, however, require that you acquire a new policy at least 45 days prior to expiration of current policy and formally request a change in writing to FEMA to change insurance companies?????So the plot thickens, on March 24, 2014 our local paper posted "Nevada set to see higher flood-insurance costs," **. I think this is very amusing as from the USAA website they are proclaiming a net worth of $22.9 BILLION DOLLARS as of June 2013, **. So the way I see it is USAA had to pay out a substantial number of claims for victims of Katrina and Sandy, but not without a fight, as I am sure some policy holders will agree. Now they have FEMA backing their extortion operations, so hopefully they will see a net worth of $33 Billion at the end 2014.
I complained to USAA and received a direct call from the Claims Manager. I was treated very professionally on the call and had a re-inspection and the adjuster was very professional and after all of this I was treated as I had expected to be on the first report and got great follow-up service. this problem is resolved and I am quite happy with the response from USAA.
April of this year was a horrible month. We had a bad hailstorm in which I filed a hail damage claim to my house. The first time adjusters came out, there were three of them and the supervisor basically stated they were not going to cover this roof due to the expense of the roof. I have had to fight tooth and nail with about decking, radiate barrier. This has been the worst experience. Then to top it off I have been paying over 140 a month for the past 15 for my expensive jewelry. I had $70,000 worth of jewelry stolen. They had investigator come to my house and treat me like a criminal. Since then they still stammering to pay for items. What is the purpose of an appraisal when they don't follow it. Who know in the end how much I'll come up with. The company totally disgusts me. Over the last 15 years they have turned from great insurance company to just plain money grubbing corporation who cares nothing for the people they work with.
As an active duty military, we went with USAA for all of our insurance needs as they proclaim to be there for us. That has not been the case with our recent homeowner's insurance claim. Away from our main residence on PCS orders, we had to put renters in our condo. They reported that the downstairs neighbor was complaining of a leak. We immediately called a plumber and had the leak repaired; however, they found mold damage that required $12,000 worth of repairs. After sending an adjuster to the unit, he said in his opinion the leak had been going on for over two weeks so they were not required to pay the claim. He said the renters should have noticed it. The renters did not see the leak or the mold, which was well beneath their under the sink cleaning supplies. I called the adjuster to plead my case. I explained I was 8 months pregnant and unable to fly, and that my husband was currently deployed so it was impossible for us to attend to this in person. I explained that in fact there was a small leak that had been repaired previously that could have caused the warped cabinetry, that he claimed was the telltale sign of damage. While he admitted this was new information, he said he would not resubmit his findings to USAA because it would damage his credibility. I told him while that was all well and good, this bill was going to cause us to lose our home, file for bankruptcy and result in my husband's security clearance getting pulled and us being kicked out of the military. I am absolutely disgusted to think his credibility as an adjuster trumps the well-being of a family with a deployed spouse. How could a company that claims to be there for military families be so arbitrary and well, greedy? We did the right thing - paid our premiums, reported the damage immediately and followed through with claims procedures. Now we face complete financial ruin because this man doesn't want to jeopardize his so-called credibility, even though he admitted he could have been wrong. I am beyond disgusted. Don't buy into their patriotic commercials. They couldn't give a rap about us. Shameful.
I have been with USAA for years and love their service. Which is why I am so perplexed with this situation. Bottom line they sent a 17,000.00 three party check to a roofing company. It has been proven that it was made out to the wrong mortgage. The check was forged and they tell me it is my problem. The error is theirs and they won't fix it.
I realize that the bulk of these complaints relate to the terrible way USAA handle auto claims. However, my experience goes beyond that. I have been a member for 17 years. I have had auto, homeowners policies, as well as savings, checking and credit card accounts with them as well. I currently have homeowners insurance with them that keeps increasing astronomically. I'm in the process of obtaining my insurance elsewhere. It really upsets me to see how USAA have mistreated the military community under the guise that they care. To my military family, please wake up, stop being complacent and stop being used and disrespected by USAA! Take your business elsewhere! You are just being used for their bottom line... PROFIT!
Every year, USAA sends a renewal notice to my mortgage lender. They "offer" an increased coverage option that they say is required by FEMA. The increase was never approved by me. When I called about the rate increase, they instantly refunded me the difference. I thought, hey that was too easy. When I questioned this practice of letting a mortgage company chose to up my coverage from $143K to $179K without my consent, I was told FEMA required them to offer a higher rate of coverage. They couldn't show me where this was written, or put me in contact with someone within USAA who knew the source document of their claim - this was a federal mandate. I took it upon myself to contact FEMA, and after five email exchanges with a FEMA lawyer, no answer was ever given. I was told all kind of gee whiz information, but no Federal code, law, mandate policy or letter was cited as to the legality of this practice. I think this is a scam that has generated millions of dollars in revenue for USAA, and I intend to get to the bottom of it. I am filing a complaint with my State Attorney General's office and encourage any who has had their rate of coverage increased without their permission to do the same.
USAA more than satisfies both our homeowners and automobile owners requirements and needs. In addition, their payment plan also meets our financialsituation.
We have had this company for over five years. We have not had to make a claim but would recommend this company to others. We had Liberty Mutual before this company. Again we never make a claim but our insurance rates kept going up! USAA was cheaper and we now feel better about our homeowners coverage.
Absolutely wonderful. They are always there to help. They have amazing services with lots of discounts for different reasons. The rates are low and the service is excellent. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone I know. My husband and I were delighted when we filed a claim for our weather damaged home and garage. The claim was filed and processed, an inspector came out within that week and a check for us to begin the work was in the mail within a few days.
USAA made an error on the deductible on my homeowners policy having it at 10,000.00 instead of 1000.00 as I usually do. I have been a member for 27 years and when I had to file a claim for severe hail damage to my roof they came out quickly and did an assessment and said we qualified but no money would be sent out because we had a 10,000.00 deductible. I told them that was a typo because I always have a thousand dollar deductible. The person I talked to asked if I would like to change it to 1000.00 and I answered yes and changed it. I resubmitted the claim and they canceled my home and auto policy, this was so wrong. I called after receiving the notification and a really rude and nasty woman over talked me and would not allow me to speak about the wrongness of it all.What did my auto policy have to do with my homeowners policy?? I have been driving all my life and never had a ticket. I had written Jose Robles, CEO prior but I was totally ignored by him. All I want is to have my roof repaired. Is this what you have to look forward to after you stay with a company 27 years?? Think twice about USAA before buying a policy!! Wonder why they have to advertise so much now?? Why are they in a class action for not wanting to pay claims?? I hope they will do what's right about my policies and claim for my roof.
Recent USAA advertising is misleading: MOAA magazine has now teamed with USAA, making USAA a proud sponsor of MOAA. And TV ads have Josh Eilers (and others) saying they are members for life because USAA took care of their families or, in Josh's case, cattle damage to a fence. "He's been to Iraq 3 times and Afghanistan once." Well I've deployed 5 times, 6 months or longer, flying Navy helicopters from ships, starting with Vietnam. In 2005 we lived in Lake Ridge, VA, when a severe hailstorm hit our subdivision. Many military personnel with USAA homeowner insurance filed claims. Homeowners on our cul-de-sac to our left and right received full payment for roof and siding damage. An inspector (actually 3 eventually came out) said we did not have enough damage to have the roof replaced.Our siding, however was determined to be in need of repair and USAA paid to have it replaced. So the question is, "How can the siding need replacement but not the roofing?" Especially since houses on both sides were being funded to replace both. When we moved 2 years later it cost $5,820 to have the roofing replaced. Another family was similarly snubbed as a woman came around with a clipboard listing those of us military families that USAA did not pay for our hail damage. Her list was over 30 names long. I recently was contacted by MOAA to renew our membership, but I told them their association with USAA has caused me to not renew. USAA soon contacted me and said they would look into our 2005 claim. But then called back to say they only keep records for 7 years and could not help. So, no, USAA does not have the military's back if it involves more than one insurer at a time. I would recommend not doing any business with them.
I have had this insurance company for 10+ years, and I'm very pleased with it! They are always willing to work with you if you are having any issues, and their customer service is excellent. Every person I have ever talked to has been very polite and friendly.
I rent 1/2 a house in an upscale community. Crime is almost non-existent. I had my car insurance with USAA because my ex husband is a veteran, and I continued with them when I moved. They talked me into renters insurance, and I agreed, with fear of a fire in mind, never burglary. A year later, I came home to find my garage door open, and the door to my basement kicked in. Of course the police came, made a report, took pictures, etc. I called USAA the next day. The following day, after I thought I had a complete list of what was missing, I called them. The agent actually read ME the list, that I had given the police. We went over it, I estimated values, and I waited. And I waited. I finally contacted them, and they told me they were waiting on the police report. I said, "that's funny, the guy read me the list from the police report." But I called PD and they said they had emailed it a week before that. So I called USAA back. Long story short, after a month, they emailed me the estimate of what they would give me. Now, keep in mind, almost everything had been a gift from my husband or from my wedding. I had Christmas presents purchased that were stolen in the bags with receipts. I had a 2 karat diamond stolen. They gave me 1300 for the diamond (try to find one for that). They gave me 84.00 per pair of UGG boots, brand new (they were 150.00). They gave me 65.00 on a set of sterling silver that is 4800.00 to replace. So now I am fighting with them. They also informed me that I can only claim 1000.00 of jewelry. Wish they had told me that when I bought the policy. I had a camcorder that was 1500.00 2 yrs ago and they gave me 150.00. Camera, 600.00, they gave me 60. I called Progressive Insurance. They have a policy for the same premium that covers double what USAA covers for me, and if you have a claim, you get ALL replacement cost. I am switching to them today. USAA is a rip off. Not only was I violated by a stranger, I was violated by the insurance company.
I was canceled on my renters Insurance because I could not keep paying my husband's consumer loan. I was added to the loan without my knowledge and made USAA consumer loan department aware of this. They would do nothing and my husband did this on his own without my permission or knowledge. I did not find this out until after he committed suicide. I explained my financial situation to USAA because on their site they instruct you to call in if you have financial difficulty and they can help. They do not help. What they wanted to do was raise the interest 9 14% and my payment was only going to come down 50. That wasn't going to help me. It was up 300 payment a month. I needed it to be down at 150. They would not do that. Then my vehicle was broken into twice. All my CD music which was over a hundred was stolen and my smart phone which I didn't even include in the claim - I didn't think to and other items and they didn't even cover the music and I almost 2 years ago. I am five months late on the consumer loan. I did pay it for over a year and a half but I ran out of money because I've been with my husband, two children from a previous married. They do nothing to help that veteran. I am a veteran of the United States Army. I'm a disabled battery. My husband wasn't - I am but because I had an account with them he also get in his own name.
We have had USAA for about 10 years. We switched from GEICO even though the rates were higher particularly the homeowners because the coverage was better and met our needs a little bit better. That coverage is good for nothing if you can't utilize it when you need it. That is precisely what happened. I've never had a claim in my life and our basement was robbed while we were home and the police did a pretty thorough investigation but they didn't catch the criminal or anything. The biggest thing that was stolen were about 30 to 40 containers full of all of my winter clothes shoes and purses. Literally everything for winter that was mine was in those containers. Some of my clothes and I would say maybe one out of every five pieces were expensive designer and well taken care of or new with tags or near new condition. I also had about 10 expensive bags and all of my boots and shoes which were about 60 pairs. Some of it was easy to remember exactly what was in there but most of it I couldn't think of it and that was a demand that they had up front. They said I had to remember every single item and for every item find it on the internet with a price. Some of my bags were discontinued and it was extremely hard to not only recall all of it but to find prices to send to them. Well I got through probably a quarter of it and I couldn't remember any more of my items specifically. I asked them if I could just say $100 for five turtlenecks and they said, “No each one had to be printed.” I went through several ink cartridges and it took me weeks to get this done. They came up with a figure of something like $27,000 quarter of it that I turned in. They asked if I was comfortable with that and I said yes because I just wasn't going to be able to remember anymore. I was unhappy that they couldn't give me a $300 allotment for sweaters or something like that but at least it was enough to replace what I could think up specifically losing. She said they would get back with me and the next day she had a proposal of they will hold 15,000 and each item that I purchase they will give me 50% of everything over $50 until all that money was used. That would mean I would have to spend thousands and thousands and thousands out of pocket to be able to use this. There goes the possibility of finding some of it on eBay. And not to mention what about all the items that are under 50? It was just awful. She said if I don't like that I can take 5000. Well that's what I did because it was too confusing what she was proposing and I didn't know if I was going to be able to find the exact things that I had before. That is a strong unlikelihood so either way I was going to lose all that money. I took the 5 so I could replace some of it. I wish so badly that I had just denied the whole thing because 5000 isn't worth filing a homeowner’s claim. I just felt like after all that full-time work that I did on this claim I should be able to get some of my things replaced at least so I took the 5. But now since I know how they work I am scared to have them as my insurer. What if my house catches fire and they do this crap to me about every piece of clothing my child owns are every piece of everything in our house? I think what they did to me was ridiculous and unfair. So for $30,000 worth of items that were eligible to be replaced I got 5000. I have been dragging my feet about switching to another company but I need to do it in case something goes wrong. I cannot go through that again with those people. They're not going to replace the stuff in my house anyway if the house catches fire if they treat that claim like they did mine. I should have stayed with Geico.
My husband has been with USAA for over 20 yrs. We had a hail storm in mid July, 2018 that totaled our roof. As responsible homeowners we replaced it right away. Early Aug we got hit with a second hail storm and totaled our new roof! USAA was great in adjusting everything and paid them out... Then they discontinued us! I'm so mad, so much for looking out for us. Now to get another insurance company (if you can after 2 claims in 2 months) they are double to triple the cost. What a scam or as we call it... ORGANIZED CRIME! My husband is moving all his accounts to ENT.
USAA is competent and flexible. This is the company used by most armed forces personnel when they can get it. They understand what it means to serve, which is their slogan and their way of doing business. They provide the best coverage at a reasonable price. They have the best customer service and are the most helpful when filing a claim and taking care of damages. However, I would change their policy of not covering folks in certain areas because of the state doing stupid stuff.
We have USAA for banking, auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, and now renters insurance. We have tremendous faith in this company. We have had to file auto and homeowners claims in the past, and everything was seamless, and without any type of issue. Jason and I will be lifelong USAA members. Thank you USAA!
I've been a USAA member for 17 years and used to love the company but now I hate them. They used to be a company committed to serving the military community and veterans and now they exist solely to screw you. While I was in the hospital recuperating from a gunshot wound, someone vandalized and burglarized my house which has been insured with USAA for 17 years with no claims. USAA has jerked me around for two years, always requesting more information and never returning phone calls and finally told me they refused to pay anything. I have lost a lifetime of memorabilia and expensive items. Every time I see one of their commercials about a member for life it makes me want to vomit... Do not trust USAA!
I don't know what happened to this company. They used to be extremely helpful and had excellent customer service so I decided based on past experience to do a bundle deal on Homeowners, Windstorm and Auto Insurance. I also opened a checking account ready to change my direct deposit to go into the account. I was told before my insurance can start there are documents that I needed to sign. They told me to log in and sign. I have tried and tried. My account is locked. I called tech support and it was reset. As soon as I logged in it locked again. I have spent hours and hours talking to these people and each one tells me the problem is corrected but it's not. I call and call and they tell me they can't prove my identity. They ask for information of my driver's license. I look straight at it and answer all their questions which every time is a waste of my time because they say I am wrong. Then they hang up on me now.I am supposed to have insurance. I can't even send a payment for and a bank account I can't access. So strange how they verified me to open the accounts with the same information and now nothing. I am a disabled veteran. I can't handle stress. It makes me physically and mentally ill. I switched to USAA for good customer service and now I am completely frustrated. Plus there is not an office anywhere close that I could walk into. I guess I will call a different insurance agency and kiss the money I put into my account goodbye as no one will help me there. Beware please. They seem nice until they get your money and then they are a nightmare. Thanks for reading.
I have been a loyal customer of USAA for nearly 20 years. USAA claims to support the military family, but in actuality they are assisting in killing mine. I'm a hundred percent disabled veteran with two children. USAA has failed to take responsibility of their preferred contractor. USAA has a contract with contractor connections, and together they claim that they guarantee the work of their preferred contractors for 3 years. Which is not the case at all. I have taken this matter all the way to the office of the CEO of USAA, and they refused to assist in this matter. I paid my premium on time every month for the last 20 years. Now they refuse to assist me.On December 7, 2015 No Limits Construction was paid by USAA for the following service.They were hired to replace all of the drywall after water backup in my home. Mold removal from the water was done by Service Masters, and Eco Systems Industrial Hygienist was hired to ensure that there was no more mold growth, and the house was cleared of environmental hazards and mold prior to No Limits Construction started there work. No Limits Construction was paid a total of $11, 834. 40 for their work. They were hired by USAA as a Premier Contractor. On July 20, 2016, I noticed that there was mold growing in the sump area, and I informed USAA of the problem. On August 4, 2016 a representative from USAA came to my house about the mold growing, after my house had been repaired about 4 months ago. They determined that the door that was placed on the sump pump area when the house was repaired caused no ventilation in that area, and caused mold to grow rapidly in that area. This is not due to my fault, it is due to the contractor placing a door in that area, where there was previously none. Now this must be fixed. I am a 100 percent disabled veteran with severe health problems. It has been over a week and I have not had any communications about this problem, and plans on who is going to fix this problem. In the meantime mold is rapidly growing and this interferes with my health. It is unsafe for me to stay in my home with mold growing. I am requesting to be placed in a hotel until this problem is taken care of, as soon as possible.That space has been opened every since I bought this home in 2002, so air could flow from the sump area, therefore condensation could not build up, and no mold issue would occur. But When No Limits Construction did not follow proper procedures and closed up the sump area, condensation built up, and mold begin to grow in the work area. They were suppose to leave my property in the same condition prior to the water damage. So by not following the scope of work they caused more damage to my home, by blocking air circulation and black mold started growing. On August 11, 2016 I was informed by USAA that No Limits Construction agreed to remove the barrier, and also to remove the mold. To this date, I still have the barrier and Black Mold still growing in my home. No Limits Construction came to my home and set up professional size humidifiers in the sump area, and also placed black plastic over the closest doors leading to the sump area, and stated that they would be back to finish mold removal. But instead a week later they returned with an Industrial Hygienist which they hired and personal associate. No Limits Construction hired a Environmental Hygienist to state that the mold was not caused by the enclosure they installed. Which was insulting, because they were trying to take advantage of a 100 Percent Disabled Female Veteran, by causing serious health conditions and financial hardship for a reckless error that they caused. USAA stated that they would pay for a second opinion for the cause of the mold. Eco Systems. Eco Systems determined that the cause of the Mold was due to the enclosure that No Limits Construction installed, caused no ventilation and condensation and Mold to grow. Eco Systems informed USAA via phone On October 3, 2016 of their professional findings. Therefore that is two inspectors that stated the mold was caused by their improper installation. From October 3, 2016 until October 20, 2016, I constantly sent emails to USAA emails concerning the mold growth, and my emails were ignored. I called No Limits Construction and they also ignored my phone calls. I am a 100 Percent Disabled Veteran, and I fight on the behalf of Veterans for them to get the benefits they they deserve. I currently have nearly a half of million veterans that I support on a daily basis. I enlisted their support in getting USAA to respond to this environmental hazard caused by No Limits Construction LLC. Only after hundreds of emails from concerned veterans made complaints to USAA about the unprofessional treatment and service I was receiving did I finally get a response.On October 27, I emailed USAA and asked again for the report from Eco Systems to determine the cause of the mold. Months have passed and I still haven't received the report from Eco Systems yet, USAA disapproved the claim and stated that it was a matter between me and Eco Systems. They were in receipt of the report since October 27, 2016, and still failed to use the report in rendering a decision in the causation of the mold. It is clear to see by the Environmental Report by EcoSystems and the Claims Agent that inspected my home sent by USAA that the cause of the mold is caused by No Limits Construction. They stated they would take care of the situation, then backed out of it. USAA stated that they were responsible for lodging while mold removal and laboratory testing from the industrial hygienist came back. They were not willing to pay for appropriate lodging for my family. I am a 100 Percent Disabled Veteran, and I can not afford to pay for hotel lodging. No Limit Construction is aware of this, and knew that, would prevent them from removing the mold. They would have caused me and my family to be homeless while mold was removed. This is despicable unprofessional, and I pray that the board can rectify this complaint. This Black Mold is causing additional illness to me and my family, I survived 20 years of service to my country in the military, and I would hate to die at the hands of a contractor that does not take responsibility for their actions!
I am still waiting for a simple water damage claim to be paid over 4 months from the incident. My home is unsafe for my young children. USAA has poor communication and does not seem to care. They have left me without a functioning kitchen. It is hazardous to my family. I have done everything on my end. They don't want to pay for my damage or care that my family is unsafe. They do not treat veterans or their families respectfully. Don't waste your money, it is not worth it.
Sunday I woke up to a water leak in the basement bathroom. I called the plumber, he came out within the hour...great service and very honest guy. He told me that my leak is coming from the outside of the house and I should call a roofer/contractor to evaluate the situation. I called a few places Monday morning and was told that the valley in my roof was failing. The water was leaking into my attic and should call my insurance company. The salesman called his inspection guy, he came out and inspected my roof for damage, thoroughly. My husband call USAA filed a claim and was told someone would call us to come out and inspect the damage within 24 hours. The contractor called the next day and said he could not come until Thursday afternoon to inspect the house. He shows up takes a quick outside look at the roof and tells us the insurance company won't repair maintenance work on the roof. He continues to assess the damage on the inside of the house and tells us he will come back to inspect the roof when he gets a ladder. I ask him, "Why would you come to my home knowing the roof was leaking, without a ladder." My husband offered his ladder, the guy gave us some liability speech and said, "But if you want me to go on the roof, I will." He spent 10 minutes on the roof, got down and said he would write up his report. I was so hurt, confused and felt like this guy did not show up to protect my must valuable possession -- my house. How was he going to protect my property without inspecting the cause of the water getting in my house in the first place. How could he look 13 feet up in the air and decide this is a maintenance issue. I had an accurate inspection of my roof, the shingles are loose in the valley most likely because of wind. There is asphalt missing from shingles and damage to back of the roof, he never even looked at. Water was leaking in between the flashing and the loose shingles were causes wood rot, mold in the attic. I realize that USAA did not send this guy out to protect my property from lost and peril, but to save them money. The very sad part is he told us the roof is the original roof (18 years old) and has about 5 more years of life. He wished he could help -- like my insurance payments are some sort of charity, but there is nothing he can do. This guy has denied my claim and does not even work for USSA -- how unprofessional, and presumptuous! I am completely outraged!!!
USAA did it again! Every year my homeowner's insurance increases and this year was no exception with over a $400 increase - and that is with NO CLAIMS EVER! Apparently, the amount of Dwelling Protection is determined by their "Special Program" that figures replacement cost within 2% accuracy for my area. Yep, their "Special Program" figures it will cost $111,000 MORE than my home actually appraises for (and that cost does NOT include the lot or foundation). And my Other Structures Coverage is based off a percentage of the Dwelling Protection - so basically I have a cedar fence that cost $4,000 to build that's insured for over $28,000.00 since I have no Other Structures!Finally, after 4 years of ** every time my renewal comes due, they gave me their "FULL DISCLOSURE" (their words - not mine) that they basically low-ball homeowners and increase premiums every year to a specific cap and that I'm only at 77% of that cap and therefore should expect another increase next year! You've got to be kidding me! I call that bait and switch and I don't do business with companies who have such deceiving practices! If any of you are currently with USAA - check your Homeowner's Policy - you might be surprised!
Oct. 2016, found a broken drain under the dishwasher. It had been leaking for quite some time, subfloor damage, cabinet damage, wall damage and the wastewater had seeped into our dining room under the wood floors. USAA immediately stated that coverage for mildew and mold is not covered. I explained that it was actively leaking at the time of detection. They sent out an inspector, produced a 1500 dollar quote for the repairs, with the instruction to have a contractor come out and submit a quote for repair, $18,000+, as the countertop tile is not replaceable, the cabinets needed to be repaired, so now the entire kitchen is patchwork.I had to have the opposite countertops changed to match the new/different color, textured materials, The repairs to the damaged cabinets looked great, though, then I had to upgrade the other side of the kitchen cabinets to match the repaired/repainted damaged cabinets, flooring to match, etc. Did not get a check until Feb. 2017 for $6,200. Took pictures of the demolition, the floor, the walls, the damage to the dining room etc. Sent to the adjuster, informs me that all of that is covered by the payment received. I spent hours on the phone and she states that the price is dictated by a national database.For example, 12 square feet of plywood removal, replacement is $25, as the plywood is only 12 dollars for the 12 square feet (though we had to buy a complete 4' x 8' sheet of plywood to cut the 12 square feet out of) and the labor is $13 as it will only take 15 minutes to do the work (and the national database stated that it would only take 15 minutes to do this work at $52 per hour rate). I asked where these contractors are that work on that scale of perfection in time and material. NO answer.Here I am 15 months out. Total outlay by me is $21,000 for all of the repairs and work and I am still waiting for USAA to do something with the claim, online it states: "Your claim is unresolved because USAA needs additional time to further review and process the claim under your dwelling coverage." Letter dated October 27, 2017 at 9:32 a.m. CT.What more is to review. You took advantage of me and now are you looking for ways to recoup the payment that you have already made??? I have contacted USAA on numerous occasions with no callback, no emails, no cell phone calls or text messages. They have all of my contacts as I have been a member for the past 26 years. Insurance commission has no interest in this case. They won't even take a statement/complaint.
I had to have my entire house re-plumbed due to a leak under the foundation. I didn't even think about insurance until the job was nearly done, when the walls had been put back together. An adjuster came out IMMEDIATELY and verified everything with the contractors who repaired the plumbing. He said "Not to worry, USAA will pay for it". Within a week I had a check covering the entire bill, less my deductible.
I have had USAA renter/homeowner insurance since 1992 and would definitely recommend USAA. I've filed a handful of claims and they were always handled professionally. Each time they paid the claim in a timely matter.
Every single year this company sends me letters threatening to drop my insurance on only one single set of my properties. Every year. This year it was the electric and the same thing as last year we had an electrician check last year and nothing was wrong. I am an older woman with a husband in a nursing home and feel harassed. If I die early this will be a big part of the reason, I do not sleep worrying about this.
I received my homeowners insurance today and noticed it had increased by 400.00.. Upon reviewing the policy compared to last year, I noticed they suddenly added a B coverage after 10 years of having this policy.. As well as increases medical payments to others by 4,000.00.. I quickly called USAA for I do not own or have anything that would fall under a B coverage.. I asked them to remove this and was told it was standard in all policies now.. "But you're increasing my insurance for a coverage I do not need and for a structure I do not own".. She said, "Yes, it is in all policies".. They, typical layman, does not commonly read their policy and throughout the years, I have identified them adding things that were not only unnecessary but nonexistent.. They said that it is their policy and on top of that, they added 4k to medical.. This, too, is not necessary.. Please all, read your policies! It is my intention to contact the local news and an attorney in pursuit of a class action lawsuit against this illegal addition.. And remember, this insurance was to be for the military..
I just want other people to be aware before they do any type of business with USAA. Without going into a lot of details, my husband is in the military and chose to do business with USAA. We were in the process of selling our house and buying a new one. The person we dealt with was unbelievably incompetent. She kept losing the documents we were send her via EMAIL! How do you lose an email unless you delete it? We had to send documents numerous times. Our realtor had to send her documents numerous times. The lady was rude to our realtor. We finally got a hold of this lady's boss to explain the situation. It barely helped. We lost out on a very good mortgage rate because the lady never locked us in! Unfortunately, we did not find out until a month later, had to pay an extra fee, and had no record because it was a phone conversation. Fast forward to CLOSING DAY, and USAA STILL HAD NOT SUBMITTED OUR PAPERWORK TO THE ESCROW/TITLE COMPANY!! We were literally in the office, everyone on a phone, trying to figure out what the hell what going on!Next, we cancelled our homeowner's insurance and went with Geico because it was half the cost (in July). USAA, whom we had our mortgage and homeowner's insurance through, never sent the money to Geico. I received a letter stating that Geico was going to cancel our insurance if they didn't get paid (in September - days after giving birth to our child). Five phone transfers with USAA's customer service later, they sent the money. However! I later received a letter (in December 2016) from Geico stating that our homeowner's insurance ended in September because they never received their money!! Another call to USAA...Finally, we just received (March 2017) USAA was having difficulty renewing our homeowner's policy from our previous address. We called USAA, they NEVER CANCELLED OUR HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE POLICY BACK FROM JULY 2016 when we told them we were moving and asked to transfer the policy!!! Needless to say, we are now in the process of filing paperwork to backdate a refund. We are also working to completely move all of our business with another company.
Since my husband has passed away, there hasn't been one part of my military connection to him that has changed - still have a military ID, still get base privileges, tax breaks - except for USAA. I contacted them to let them know he had died (which, in retrospect I never should have done). They changed all of our insurance to my name and we decreased the coverage on the house. My bill went up 25%! They are claiming that I am "not military"! My husband was with USAA for 42 years and I was with them 18 years. I am the widow of a 100% disabled, 23-year veteran who died of his disability but USAA's increase stands. When you see or hear their ads about military service members and how the company stands by their military, here's the other side of the story.
Our premium was literally cut in half when we changed from GEICO to USAA. The customer service is outstanding. The coverage was also more complete for the price. You don't have to be the actual military veteran, either. You can be a child, husband, etc. of the veteran. We also got a discount because we combined it with our auto insurance which we have with them as well.
After paying insurance for years, homeowners, personal property, and car, I have a fire at my home and off the back problems with USAA. Rep comes out and gives me a folder saying it will explain the process yada yada yada. Now I just had a fire and everything that belongs to my deceased husband who had a service-connected death was inside of ruined. So to say my mind was not really there was enough but when I get around to reading what was inside, I was lost. All that was inside was two pages with my deductible info and a sheet for Auto Insurance. Nothing about the process for HO. So first, they say I don't have personal property because I changed for lower rates with my auto. They basically said I no longer had personal property because those were together. I know for a fact when I purchased my home, I'd requested for my PP to be added into my HO because I have a multi-family. In the end, I was told in order to get any info on my PP, I'd have to get a subpoena for them to release the information. Just goes to show that they didn't want me to have the information on what I was covered for or not.I'm waiting months (3) before I even see a check for the fire and on top of that, Bank of America kept sending them back saying they're not written correct or they needed more info from USAA. I'm calling USAA to find out what's going on and finally get the checks sent correctly, fire was in August, didn't get checks until end of March. Now I'm dealing with BOA and their inspectors. Several times they sent out inspectors but they had to send out another because the one they sent didn't do something or were no longer working with them. Add on top of that the five to ten business days and time is flying past with little funds to get work done. So here it is, the house USAA placed us in, the lease is up and we're homeless because the work is just now starting. It's like splitting hairs to get the disbursements from BOA to keep the work going. In the meantime, USAA drops my HO saying because the work's not finished. I can't get insured because the work's not complete and they still have my claim for my PP open but refuse to payout. I call USAA and they say my claim is still good and to continue the work. I get almost finished and BOA sells my loan, just great. New company says they don't have the funds so of course, I'm calling BOA and USAA. Can't reach USAA for months but I finally get new the company on the line with BOA and get the funds. But of course the funds are short - over $100,000 short.When I finally get in contact with my rep at USAA, he says he's no longer in that department but email him pictures of the work. I do and it takes him over a month just to tell me he can't open the pictures so I mail him a disk. I'm pissed because I feel like he's not working my claim and ask for info for the new Claims Manager but he never responds. Another month passes before he responds saying he needs to send out a USAA rep to view property. Then he takes vacation and I'm back in the dark about what's going on. I'm calling the number he's left on his VM but it's not in working order so I wait and continue to call him.When I finally reach him he says I need to send in receipts. Now this is my first claim, I've never even had an auto claim so I don't know the process and he only gave me info on Auto Claim in the packet he gave me. This is baffling because I was never told to keep all the receipts and the ones I had many of them were unreadable so I mail him everything I have. When USAA dropped my insurance, he never mentioned anything about the receipts then either. I'm emailing him to find out if he's received them and nothing, mailing letters, nothing. I've certified mailed my rep, Presidential Department, Claims Manager Supervisor, Claims Manager, any and everyone but still have not heard anything back. I've mailed them so many letters, it's beyond ridiculous. I finally contact the Missouri Department of Insurance and waiting again.I'm at the end of my ropes and still, I don't know what to do to get USAA to pay the claim besides wait. I think this is total bs when I've paid them, now they don't want to payout without me having to get a lawyer. Between USAA and BOA, I've learned a great deal about the fraud that goes on with insurance. The fact that they can just not respond or take forever and a day to tell you anything is sickening. Any ideas on how I can get this problem solved, I'd appreciate it.
The evening of June 16th we had a large thunderstorm go thru this area. It dropped 2.34" of water in just a couple of hours. Basement flooded and there is property damage. After 20+ years with USAA you are not covered. Homeowners insurance does not cover ground water damage. Had we had flood insurance we would have been covered. Why did we not have flood insurance you ask, USAA told us we didn't need it as we are well above the flood plain. I took them at their word, now I'm screwed. Will be changing insurance as fast as I can.
My company has to supply insurance certs. When I have a client with USAA, I get very anxious when I have to call USAA for any changes. I am on the phone with a rep for a minimum of 20 minutes. 99% of the time, I have to call back and get the request corrected. I find this totally unacceptable. I asked for a manager and was told no one other than the rep could assist. Today, I have called three (3) different times... First time I was on the phone for 22 minutes and received incorrect info (as requested)... 2nd phone call was 18 min and I was told the request could not be handled at this time. He would process within one (1) hour and send our corrected docs... Haven't received. Called and third time. Was on phone for over 15 min and was told they would send what was available. I would have to wait longer for the corrections.
USAA is very customer focused. You always get to speak to a representative without waiting. Representatives are always helpful and courteous. When filing a claim send an estimator out promptly to get a quote and the settlement is always fair and equitable. I've been with USAA for over 25 years and have been most satisfied. I would highly recommend them.
San Marcos flood- Saturday memorial weekend. No emergency response team- no help- no insurance people- all home enjoying holidays. Absolute misery and death 35 miles from headquarters- no assistance. Whining about how busy they are when finally in on Tues. What about those who trust in USAA? Homeless, no food or shelter- lucky to be alive. Ex military employees claiming to be experienced with misery sitting home with a beer for 2 days. If you want this 'service' then "thank you for trusting USAA." It was ok until all the TV ads.
I have been a customer of USAA for 31 years and I believe they are crooks and the service companies they use are all in collusion to deny claims. I bought a house in Phoenix area in March of 2015. House is 11 years old and had a full inspection on roof, major appliances etc. Clean bill of health. Had heavy rain the week we moved in and not leaks, all good. About three weeks ago we came home to a puddle on the tile in one room but it was near a door and we thought maybe wind blew it in the door - was not a large puddle. Cleaned it up. Last Friday we had lots of storms and really heavy rain around 4pm. I was sitting in the room and water began to pour out of a light fixture then came running through the ceiling. Called USAA immediately and they dispatched ATI - what a joke for water mitigation. The guys showed up and cut a hole in the ceiling, about 12" square -removed some insulation and put blowers in the room.Also, they took pictures on the roof and said there were broken tiles and shifted tiles - showed me the pictures. Hmmm sounds like wind damage right? 60 days ago roof was fine now broken and shifted tiles. It takes ATI three trips and three different people to get the place dried out by making the hold in the ceiling now 3 feet square and removing tons of insulation... really - couldn't figure this out the first time? was the water hiding? Now the fun starts - let's play the estimate your damage game and then deny the claim. ATI shows up to give an estimate of $2100+ to replace dry wall, insulation and paint - really, sounds really high but of course they know I have a $2,000 deductible so nicely matches and they will also be paid for the nearly $1,800 water mitigation - what an amazing estimate. Then the USAA roofing contractor shows up and never really looks under the tarp but comes up with the conclusion that "it's bad maintenance of valleys and vents" so no storm or wind damage and all out of my pocket. Amazingly no one can find the pictures from the original crew that shows broken and shifted tiles. Response from ATI is "oh every roof has broken tiles - lots of them". Of course no one can explain how a roof goes from good on inspection and not leaking to poorly maintained and leaking in 60 days. If this was an old house and roof I can get it - maybe. This is not the case. It's a giant racket - USAA will never pay a roof claim, contractors will never bite the hand that feeds them and their quotes always come close to the deductible. Recommendation - Never ever use USAA, ATI or Summit Roofing of AZ or prepare to be cheated and lied to.
So, let me begin with the fact I started with USAA 10 years ago. I loved them. They pioneered the using your phone to cash checks, the mobile app for banking, they were ahead of the game. Their rates for vehicle insurance, renters insurance were all phenomenal. About 3-4 years ago it started going downhill on the insurance side (be aware, banking wise I love it/checkings/savings). My vehicle insurance spiked, so I went to state farm this year and received immediate savings vs. usaa of over 300-400 bucks...for the identical coverage. I signed up for homeowners insurance when I bought my house last year at $1050.00 that was built into the mortgage payment. Suddenly, about 4 months ago it spiked. I was now paying a $100-$150 more per month because of the added insurance costs. That is unacceptable. So finally, I noticed today they added $40 bucks on top of the normal fee for 5,000 in valuable jewelry...AND then they tacked on another $100 to the $1,250 in homeowners! So, lo and behold I went to my guy at State Farm and he gave me a near identical quote for $1030.00 with actually better premiums than what USAA said they would do to reduce the costs. Needless to say, I'm sorry to go as I truly love what USAA has done for me. But money and coverage is the key, and I do not feel the feels anymore on the insurance side.
When I signed up, I was given a quote of $825 annually. After I paid the first installment of $400, 2 weeks later, I noticed a woman with a camera taking pictures of my home's foundation and garage! I came out and asked what she was doing. She told me that she was from USAA Home Insurance. I told her that it didn't seem right to stop by unannounced, credentials or not. A week or so later, I got a "revised" bill, for $976 annually, and asking for ANOTHER installment of $90 to make up "the difference"! When I called them, they advised me that since their rep took pictures, there was some stucco cracking on my home and that the GARAGE DOOR NEEDED PAINTING! This is why they jacked up my bill. I was also told that these repairs needed to be done within 2 years! I told them that I am a single homeowner with a lousy job and that I didn't have the time or capital to do these repairs in so short a time frame. I demanded my refund of $400 and canceled my policy.
USAA Used to be a great company! Until the former chairman opened USAA to all ranks. This destroyed the underwriting pool. Losses have skyrocketed. Accordingly, rates are skyrocketing. Suggest, return to Officer only underwriting rule.
This whole experience has made it very clear USAA Homeowners Insurance is useless. Our claim was denied because of a leak UNDERNEATH our home, covered entirely by subflooring and insulation, was not reported within 14 days. It most certainly WAS reported within 14 days of our discovering it; however, because there appears to be evidence that the leak itself was present for longer than 14 days, the claim was denied. Really?? If we didn't know about it, how could we have reported it? What a sham. What good is this insurance if there are catch 22s such as this that do nothing to protect your customers. They should be ashamed of themselves. We have been with this company for many, many years and have always had good experiences, until now. We don't want anything more than to have our repairs covered under a policy we thought was going to be there for us when we needed it. What a shame. This your company doesn't share that view. We WILL be looking for another insurance company and we WILL share our experience with our friends, co-workers and family members. Disgraceful.
I have been with them for 8 years now and they have been great to work with. My policy have not changed and they are always ready to answer questions. They cover your home, your car and your life, all combined to the the best banking any bank could ever offer.
Great service! Replaced my roof with no hassle. Not the cheapest, but when it comes to claims they don't nickel and dime you. Must be military or be related to military personnel. Best insurer I have ever been with!
10 years ago I had nothing but good things to say about USAA. Now after repeated problems with customer service ranging from homeowner's insurance claims, mortgage refinancing, and finally the app messing up and requesting duplicate wire transfers I have had enough and will be closing my accounts. With the last issue of the lack of customer service via chat not being able to cancel a duplicate wire transfer due to their crappy app when I contacted them just minutes after I received the duplicate wire transfer emails was just unbelievable to me. Other problems include a mortgage refinance that took 4 weeks to process with repeated requests for information that had already been provided and a roof leak claim in December 2017 that USAA delayed and partly paid giving some bs excuse of the shingles deteriorating just in one spot of the roof... and only have claim reps in certain cities and they only work on weekdays! So I had an open ceiling in December in Ohio for weeks until the claim rep could make it from Cincy to Columbus. And then when he arrived he needed the help of roofing contractors to help him on the roof! Just ridiculous how little they care about their customers. I could go on and on about my experiences in the last 6 months with USAA but needless to say, look elsewhere for banking and insurance.
4 years ago my home was robbed. Instead of actually trying to help me, as I had a ungodly amount of highly valuable antiques, USAA has looked for every possible way not to pay. Once they ran out of angles to try not paying, they simply went quiet. Even to my lawyer. They simply stopped answering and failed to meet a single deadline. It wasn't until so much time had passed that we actually filed a lawsuit that USAA sent me a letter of denial stating I didn't provide enough proof of ownership. I submitted every receipt and thousands of photos and video yet that still was not enough. This is still going to court, wish me luck.
Seems we're always shopping for homeowners and automobile insurance. A few years ago we opted to go with USAA for all of our insurance: home, auto's, boat, motorcycle, etc. The homeowners and autos were through USAA. The boat and motorcycle were through Progressive by USAA. We found the auto insurance to be at a lower rate than our previous carrier but the homeowners was at a considerably higher rate than our previous carrier! So, basically we didn't save any money by switching over.I will say that our other carriers had local agents while USAA had none, which made me wonder how complex it would be to file a claim! We never filed any claims but just received paperwork regarding our roof age and type, which inevitably would result in an even higher premium! As a result we are again researching other insurance companies and will most likely go back to our old carrier... State Farm, lower rates overall, same coverage, and if the past is any indication, no issues when filing a claim. All in all, USAA is not a bargain, just another insurance company that is playing off and getting rich off the veterans and their families. So typical!
USAA abandoned me and my 100% service connected disabled spouse when we moved into our temporary residence in Atlanta, Georgia after selling our beautiful home in VA. As we landed in GA and arrived at our new place... a flood occurred the day we landed in GA. We walked in the residence and there was a huge flood. All that we owned sitting on the floor waiting for us to arrive was saturated with sewage. Whole piece of feces, urine and a stench that was unbearable. We called USAA insurance company, left several messages and all of my belongings were sitting in the sewage and we initially had an adjuster who was on the phone and happened to see the news video of us being interviewed by Channel 2 news. He immediately put us in a hotel and gave us a few initial payments. Then we got a call from some other adjuster telling us to leave the hotel and we were abandoned ever since.It took 45 days and still no adjuster. Called USAA and no one would help us. They never sent an adjuster out for 2 years and three months after all of damaged belongings were put into a storage unit. Which we paid for with our social security money for 2 years so we could prove we had the sewage infected property and still 2 years and 4 months later the adjuster opened the storage door to assess the damages. Took a few pics of few pieces of property in front w/ spider webs all over the stinky property and he never looked in a box or at any of what I claimed. Just took pictures from the outside and left. 2 weeks later USAA denied the claim. This was a disgrace dirty. They took my insurance money, caused me to be robbed, hospitalized from the sewage, and homeless and then abandoned me. I have called claims over and over and over again. To no avail.My eyes and lungs got infected because I was doing the adjusters job and I was put on a breathing machine a "nebulizer". We were rendered homeless because as we waited for an adjuster our renters insurance told us we had to leave the hotel and they had not even sent anyone to assess the damages. Channel 2 news came out on the day it happened and documented the flood. While we were homeless and vulnerable a con artist minister told us to stay at their home and when we were showering they robbed us. We DID not find out until we went to the bank. Long after we called Cobb County detectives. The person was prosecuted and jailed. We DID not hear from USAA for several months until they decided not to pay us. Then when we called them upset they told us we were being investigated... me! A retired magistrate certified by the supreme court of Virginia with an impeccable character!And I was investigated... for what? They would not tell us. It was a stall tactic. My husband was sent to Massachusetts because he could not stand and was in pain and sick from exposure to the sewage. Relatives kept him while I tried to resolve the very reason why I bought insurance to cover me and my husband if a tragedy occurred! They abandoned us and left us to the elements after 2 years and 4 months and they had come nowhere near us. They denied the rest of the $20,000 claim and said the property that sat in sewage for 6 weeks and then in storage for 2 years and 4 months was not damaged and the claim is denied. 2 years and four months later I turn to God Almighty and asked him to deal withthe adjuster who caused all of this neglect to happen Norfolk, Virginia - field adjuster at USAA.USAA Jonathan **s' professional profile on LinkedIn... Jonathan **. Field adjuster at USAA. Location: Norfolk, Virginia who had me investigated for no reason! I gave it over to God. He (will) fight this battle for me. I had no other recourse. Stay tuned. He mistreated the wrong people. Now. Watch God almighty! Ed. Clemons and Jacqueline **... Atlanta, GA ** if anyone wants to file a class action. No one at USAA has done anything about this and the president's office. His name "Mr. Stuart **" cannot be reached. He has pit bulls protecting him unknowingly from what his customers are going through. So sad. Thank you Lord in advance.
On 1-13-14 our house burned due to an electrical issue with a power strip in the master bedroom. My wife and I came home for lunch and found our home had burned and everything was destroyed by fire or smoke damage. We filed the claim with our USAA insurance. It started well and went downhill fast. We had an agent that came out and helped us get into a hotel. Lots of talk and no actions. We were told to itemize everything in the house. We both took off work for two weeks and spent every day including weekends itemizing everything. We even researched using the internet to find comp prices. We sent the list in and was told now we are being transferred to a large claims adjuster to speed up the process. So USAA sent out another adjuster. He said we will get this paid out fast, probably next week. After that day the adjuster never called us back. We have left messages on voice mail, using the portal on USAA online, even to the point of calling his manager. No help anywhere. So over two months later still no help. Everyone we talk to at USAA says “Oh we are on it.” We get told the same thing every week. I have never been more disappointed in an insurance company and its customer service. We can only hope that someone will eventually get our personal property claim so we can finally start replacing some of our belongings. The claim should be around 120k.
USAA used to be outstanding a decade or more ago, but then their Customer Service became unresponsive and openly unfriendly. Their major focus nowadays is to waste customer's time with annual auto updates that are required in order for them to find ways to reduce the insurance coverage they provide. Whenever I call to get help or ask questions, I now have to go through a phone gauntlet of automated options to try to get to a real person, but usually I'm unsuccessful. USAA was established to support members of the US Armed Forces; it appears that they have changed their mission to serve their corporate officers and stockholders instead.
After filing a claim for storm ice and water damage to the roof of my insured home USAA denied the claim, sent an unqualified general contractor to inspect, and made excuses about how they are not responsible for water damage even though their inspector stated the damage was a result of water under the shingles. USAA informed me they would only pay for repainting of the wet interior ceiling drywall and that I should hire my own contractor to replace the roof. This is the second time USAA has refused to honor homeowner insurance for repair of water damages to my home. Their customer service is condescending, uninformed, cannot answer simple questions, and protects their contract inspector whose only role is to excuse USAA from paying a claim.
I filed a claim in October for leaks in my roof that stained the ceiling in three separate locations. USAA recommended a "preferred" provider in my area. I had the provider take a look at the interior and roof of my home. They told me I had hail damage and needed a full roof replacement. They took pictures, submitted evidence and waited... and waited... and waited... January came, still no response from USAA (I had called and left several messages at this point, the provider had as well). I called the main office and asked to speak to a supervisor, and they finally responded to the work request and asked for more photos. The provider sent the roofer back out to take more pictures and resubmitted them. Two more weeks go by, nothing. Mind you I have called every other day only to get a voicemail. I call the main office again, and they tell me they need to send out an engineer, fine, whatever, fix my freaking house already.The engineer came out, took two more weeks to submit his report. USAA got the report and told me they are not liable for anything except the interior. Meanwhile, the engineer got a check for $3,000, and I have to cover everything for my roof. Shady AF. A property claim, filed in OCTOBER, still has not been resolved and it is currently the middle of FEBRUARY. I have been a loyal USAA customer for nearly 12 years, and I will never purchase another product from them. It's sad how far USAA has fallen. It used to be about veterans and their families; now it's just another company with somewhat restrictive new client requirement.
I've been a member for 14 years and made a mistake in getting a home mortgage with them. They have paid the wrong property tax and now homeowner's insurance. Mismanagement of escrow funds and negligence. I'm fed up and looking to take legal action.
Terrible storm affected entire DFW area. Contacted USAA and they responded in timely manner. Roof replaced due to hail damage.
We had a great experience with it USAA Homeowners claim. Our water heater busted and flooded our whole bottom floor. The water mitigation (removal of water damage) was handled quickly and the build back was processed quickly as well. We had hardwood floors, carpet padding, kitchen cabinetry and more... All sorted in 3 weeks. Thank you so much!!!
USAA has been our insurer for many years. When we needed them, they were there. USAA has all of the insurance we could possibly need. Customer service, online policy changes and additions. Banking and investments. Trust them, we do!
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