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USAA Dental Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: USAA Dental Insurance
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 57 %
I did not have dental insurance provided through my employer plan, so I called USAA since they are the providers of my car insurance as well. They were able to explain their insurance policies and which would be the best for my age and employment. It was simple and conducted on the phone. USAA has consistently excellent customer service, and the services you buy from them are customer-centered. I have called them multiple times about policy concerns or claims and consistently my question is resolved immediately. If I submit any claim with them, they pay in full within a week. I have also heard from my providers that USAA is such an excellent group to work with that they regularly see USAA members promptly and ahead of other companies.
I choose the policy from their online web site and seemed sort of simple but couldn’t read some of their small fine print from different segments around the policy descriptions. I keep on getting overcharged for each visit. The overall dental plans should have less fees associated around the visits and the copay needs to be much less than what other companies will charge. USAA Dental Insurance should add more customer service agents to help the customer get more information about appointments and how much the copay will be in advance so I don’t get surprised when I show up. Otherwise, they're fast and effective.
I found it by recommendations of friends, since my previous policy was very bad. I love their plans. They offer is super promising and they comply with everything they say. They have a super good attention and they cater well to my doubts. Everything is super good. Until the process, I thought it would be complicated, the truth is that not. Everything very well explained. They are also accessible and very committed to help. My process completed by phone since that was the best provision and it was too easy.
My parents chose it, but I have had no issues with it. I was able to afford all of my dental needs as a child through USAA, including jaw realignment and braces. I use USAA for most insurance and banking needs, including dental insurance. They are very reliable and have good prices. I have never had an issue with USAA, no matter what problems arose. I have had a completely positive experience using USAA in many different areas not limited to dental insurance. I plan to continue using USAA in the future.
It was very easy to sign up. I just went with whatever it is that was recommended to me with the lowest cost. I use the online method, and the website to help me choose and make payments. USAA treats me like an valued customer, if I have any question about my dental insurance I can always call them and ask questions. The representative are always pleasant to talk to as well. I have gum issues, my dental plan only covers twice a year cleaning, and I would like it if it has varied plans that would suit my need so I can have more value for my money.
Purchasing my USAA Dental Insurance was easily done online. I was able to just put in all my information online on the USAA website and then get a quote. I purchased it once I got the quote. I like that it covers two dental cleanings a year. I rarely have dental problems so I do not need insurance cover above and beyond this. This is the optimal amount of coverage for my personal situation. On the other hand, I wish there was more coverage for procedures. I had one tooth that needed a crown and I was disappointed that my insurance did not cover more of the cost of that procedure.
USAA Dental Insurance has new processes online most times. And I use to have them and use them lots of times then, but now I don't always have them. I like what they do most of the times and I need them to be there for me when I need them in bad situations that I get into. They are good to have and I like them quite a lot. Great new ideas there. They are the best.
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