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Unum Insurance Company Online Reviews

Company Name: UnumProvident Insurance Company
Year Founded: 1848
Address: 1 Fountain Sq
City: Chattanooga
State/Province: TN
Postal Code: 37402
Country: United States
Phone: (866) 679-3054
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 5 %
Every time you call you get a different answer from whomever answers the phone. I called to file complaints and had to talk to two or three different people. Nothing got taking care of and I can't wait until open enrollment to cancel. They will never get another dime from me.
Unum only paid 5 weeks of short term disability for pregnancy (coverage did not begin until 7 days after delivery). I had a cesarean section delivery and was expecting the 8 weeks of disability recommended in the state of Florida but Unum denied payment after 5 weeks and denied an appeal after providing additional documentation. I had an upper respiratory infection prior to delivery and while hospitalized for the delivery I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was discharged on time but required continued care under a pulmonologist. It complicated my recovery but it didn't matter to Unum. Given what I paid into the policy, it would have been wiser and more cost effective to put the money into a savings account.When I tried to cancel my policy upon my return to work I was told to call back because the system was down. I called back and was told my policy was canceled and that a letter was sent. I followed up a week later because I had not received a letter and found out that the policy was not canceled and canceled it again. I received an email confirmation when signing up and received an email when I filed an online claim, but they could not send me an email to confirm cancellation. I am disgusted with this company and will never purchase a policy through them again. It is a scam.
First and foremost, I initially filed this claim in 6/2013. After over fifty plus days, UNUM needs an extension. After my Dr. faxed over 33 plus pages of notes, evaluations etc. at their request, now they want to send me to a Independent Doctor regarding my "cognitive" deficit?? In addition, they spent $3 to tell me I could no longer speak with their representatives. Everything going forward would be in writing??? Too Funny After reading all their negative publicity, why would the average consumer pay every two weeks with an employer for long term disability, when everything is a game. Had the nerve to ask me, if I would like to file a "complaint". Ignorant people, including so called supervisor's Phillip ** and Craig **. I want my money and I will stop at nothing to get it. Enough said, I will even contact the Missouri State's Attorney General, and am seeking legal advice. Never deal with this company or its people, they wouldn't know customer service if it "slapped" them upside their stupid heads. In the meantime, with my illness, bills etc., my life is on hold.....
I was severely injured as a nurse at my job in 2013. I injured my neck lifting patients. I followed all the protocols that my company required and saw a doctor as soon as I needed to. I was diagnosed by several docs that my condition was going to be permanent. I would never be able to go back to my job, or any job that was similar. After many months of waiting for Unum to respond, they finally sent me to a doctor of their choosing. He was not a recognized pro, but someone who operated out of an office that was obviously a setup. He apparently found me without enough evidence to be permanently disabled. So, Unum set me up again. They found a psychiatrist to say "it was in my head". This was to Unum's advantage.. After 2 years, they can dump me due to a clause in the LTD policy that mental disorders can be terminated after 2 years.So in August I will be terminated because I am mentally ill and not physically injured.. This kind of film flan meet goes on all the time with Unum. I have contacted a LTD lawyer and the cost of an arty.. would be prohibitive. They want like 40% of the pay for the life of the policy. I am without the ability to work in my chosen profession. I have been beaten by a company who is completely dishonest. I am sharing on this board because of the incredible dishonesty of Unum.. They are the worst company I have ever had to deal with. There is little I can do but to share my experience with them. Buyer beware!
Going through UNUM's process has nearly taken my life. The intensity, lies and length of time of being led in circles with a false promise of rehabbing and getting back on track while living in a heightened state of worry and panic has been emotionally crippling. They avoid helping you and do the minimum until you have nothing left to give.
I have been out on FMLA/STD since September, due to a mental illness. Constant panic and anxiety attacks, depression, lots of crying, constant headaches, and nausea. Most of my condition was brought on by my work environment. It has elevated to a new level where I wake up in the middle of the night, heart pounding like crazy. Unum had me to return to work on 10/31; where as my doctor had me to return back on 11/16. When a traumatic experience happened, I called the office upset crying and informing my doctor I could not return. She agreed as she could say nothing to calm me down. She has since then recommended me to a psychiatrist to help with my panic attacks. Well, due to this information, Unum did not send any information over to my employer, who in turn did not send me a check in the month of November.
I've been an RN Case Manager at Hahnemann Hospital, part of Tenet Healthcare, since September 2003. I have had to use the Unum disability insurance (the only option we're provided with) for any medical leave since being hired, and have had many more negative interactions than positive ones. I have had chronic back pain since an MVA in 1991, which I was desperate enough to make go away that I agreed to a 2-level spinal fusion in 1/2003 (even though I knew there was a really good chance that it wouldn't help!). I was right, it didn't help, and when I tried to get my employer (Horizon Blue Cross of NJ) to set me up to work from home (which other nurses doing my same job were already doing! ), she instead fired me for being absent! I started working at Hahnemann a few months later.Since 2006, I've had to misfortune of having to use Unum multiple times for short-term disability, and I've had problems with my payments for more half of those periods of disability. Since I returned to work after all but present episode, I was eventually able to start bringing in money again by returning to my job. This time, however, I'm in a different position. I've been getting treated for osteoarthritis in my knees, hands, wrists & fingers for years. At this point, I'm no longer able to tolerate hours of computer, mouse, charting & writing anymore, and & meds I've been taking all these years make me a little drowsy, leaving me in danger of being fired for sleeping on the job!I didn't receive the check for the initial 6 weeks I was out (which included a 2-week elimination period that I was paying extra to reduce from 4 weeks) until AFTER I was initially scheduled to have returned to work! I was the one who put the paperwork into the fax machine at the doctor's office for the first 6-week extension of my leave. I gave them a few days to work on the records, and then discovered on the website that they had closed the claim! I called them, and went back to the doctor's office to resubmit everything to them through the end of July, and waited again for something to happen. Nothing did, so again I called, and uploaded the chart info myself to ensure they couldn't deny receiving them.The day after the records were uploaded, Unum generated another letter again asking my doctor for his records. When I called to tell them that both the office & I had submitted the requested information. I was then assured that the information was received & was being reviewed. Today, I dropped off my prescription for my pain meds and found out that my health insurance, which I sent almost $1,300 to Tenet to keep intact just after receiving the payment from Unum for June, 2016 (that I didn't receive until the last week of AUGUST!). I have to now deal with the Tenet benefits department to see if there is anything that I can do to get this mess fixed.My doctor wonders why my normally average blood pressure has gone into the stroke (200/100) range! The people at Unum have no conscience; they've received specific notes from my doctor noting that my blood pressure has been too high for him to give me steroid injections in the joints in my fingers, which has not happened to me before this summer.
I was rear ended on the highway in March. At the time I was working FT and I was getting ready to purchase a deli. I filed a claim at my FT job and started receiving STD payments. Two weeks ago Unum sent a letter to my company saying they closed my claim because my doctor did not send them the necessary records. I called Unum and found out they were calling a wrong number for my doctor. I tried to give the woman the right number, but she seemed like she could care less. She kept saying I never signed a release form with them to contact my doctor so it wasn't up to them to get the records anyway... Well then why were they trying to call her in the first place?Anyway I had my doctor send over records. While I was speaking with the rep, I was at the deli I have been trying to purchase, and I asked an employee there to do something - I can't quite remember what, probably pick something up for me cause lifting things throws my back out all the time now. The rep asked me what was going on and I told her I was at the deli my family was preparing to buy. The furthest we have gotten with this process is we created an LLC. We have to go before the City Board Meeting at the end of this month in order for the P&S to be approved, THEN we will own the deli. I haven't made a pay check at the deli at all. I have come in to oversee the deli and figure out whether this is a purchase I want to invest in, but I haven't made any money of this place yet. I did a financial analysis of the deli last week and learned this place is losing money, not profiting at all. I don't have the kind of capital to take on a failing business, so I told the owner I was passing on the sale.Now Unum is telling me I supposedly told them I made a pay check here. She said cause I told employees to do stuff, that equated to me working and making money. I said "If I am about to purchase a house and I tell the homeowners to fix their roof before I buy the property, does that make me the homeowner? No!" I don't own this place until that meeting is complete and the P&S is filed - neither of which has, or at this point will, happen. So not only did they keep the claim closed - they rescinded the ENTIRE period of the claim - from the beginning, all because I wanted to buy a deli, not because I own it or was even employed by the current lessee there. I contacted my attorney, but who has time to sit around waiting for legal matters to be resolved? How do I pay my bills in the mean time? I could see this being a problem is I had started this whole purchase process AFTER I got in the accident and filed the claim - but even then if I'm not making a pay check I don't understand how they can use that as a reason to close a valid medical claim.
My case worker Lynn ** is unprofessional and unhelpful. I was in an accident 12/07/2015. My neck was injured had major surgery on c1 to c7 vertebrata and she wants to know my restrictions. My doctor and I have given them everything they want and it still not enough. I am getting a lawyer to help me. I have paid for temporary disability just in case something like this happened and when it did they give you a harder time and more stress than the actual accident itself.
Unum administers my company's FMLA, STD, and Cancer insurance. I was diagnosed with FIGO, Grade 3, Clear Cell Uterine Cancer, as a result of the genetic disease Lynch Syndrome in February and referred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Unum started harassing me within 2 weeks of requesting FMLA. The paperwork that they wanted was never sufficient for them. They wanted my team of doctors to tell them when I would be back to work when I had not even started radiation treatments. The first 90K bill I sent to Unum, they paid $865. When I phone the woman could not pronounce the word Mayo and explained the they would pay only on my CT scan since a sonography is not the same as an ultrasound. They did not pay of the full surgical benefits stated that they do not pay on frozen surgical units. As a patient with Lynch Syndrome, the units must be frozen for testing. Unum has now revoked my FMLA. They have sent me letters and left messages on my phone stating that NO FURTHER MEDICAL TREATMENT IS REQUIRED. National Cancer Guidelines for Clear Cell Cancer and Lynch Syndrome state doctor follow up every 3 to 4 months for the first 3 years, twice a year for the 4th and 5th year. Colonoscopies every 1 to 2 years. I am now waiting for Unum to tell me when I can expire.
I had severe back pain that was causing me not to be able to work without being in excruciating pain at my desk. My doctor referred me to a pain specialist who decided I needed surgery. My doctors wrote a short term disability order for the treatment time. From the beginning, Unum's representatives started calling me at home when I was trying to recover from my procedure, saying they had not received the proper medical records from my doctors. Of course, I was shocked since all my doctors told me they had repeatedly sent the records over and over since they kept getting fax requests from Unum saying they needed records and had not received any. Then, one day, the Unum rep Shannen called to inform me my claim had been closed because of a lack of documentation - even though all my doctors told me they had sent them. So, I was basically left screwed because my company then started withholding my paychecks. So there I was in pain, unable to work, but not being paid. All I can tell you is to beware of Unum, because they will use the 'lack of medical documentation' tactic as a way to screw you over. There's really no way for you to prove your case when they claim they haven't gotten the paperwork. And what's even more mind-boggling is the Unum reps are too lazy to actually pick up the phone and call the doctors' offices themselves. They get the patient all mixed up in that, requiring them to be the ones to be the go-betweens. It's extremely, extremely unfair and, in my opinion, criminal what they are doing. I cannot warn you enough NOT to buy Unum insurance and if you do, God help you.
My former employer, Gateway Mortgage Group, offered short and long-term disability insurance with our benefits in 2016. After trying chiropractic care and physical therapy, my surgeon advised in July that I would need to have spinal fusion surgery on L5-S1 and I would also need to have metal rods inserted to stabilize the spine. Gateway advised me that there was nothing to worry about and I had the surgery in November. I knew that the first two weeks were unpaid and that the short-term disability would kick in at 60% of my pay thereafter. From the first moment that I dealt with Unum, they were rude, dismissive, and disrespectful toward me. "What was I doing on my time off?" and "Your job is not that stressful, why can't you work from home?" This started four weeks after surgery. It took them six weeks after my surgery to finally pay for four weeks of benefits. The following week, I received a letter from Unum stating that my claim would be denied unless I could provide further documentation stating that I was disabled. They took my doctor visit on December 12th and stated that since I was off of pain pills, there was nothing stopping me from going back to work. Being off of addictive painkillers was my choice but it does not mean that I was not in pain. On January 4th, I told Unum that I would be seeking an attorney for an appeal to my case. I had my surgeon release me to go back (against his wishes) part-time from home on January 11th until my next visit with his office on February 6th. The attorney is still working on the case and I truly believe that Unum is one of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with. Later in January, I found a job with a better company. In my resignation letter to Gateway, I told them that they are ultimately responsible for their actions, the actions of their employees, and their third-party providers (Unum).
For now, I am going to be "generic" if you will - as I have pending claims. In Dec. 2012, I filed for FMLA and Short Term at the same time. FMLA was approved as one specialist gave me time off for a disability but then STD was denied because Unum said they couldn't read my doctor's notes?! And they referred me to work comp - which was denied but it's irrelevant anyway since I am dealing with a neuro issue. Unum said it appeared that my issue was work-related and they couldn't read my doctor's notes. - Denied. I am having the same experience as many of you report - with them having records or not having records. Can anyone tell me what to expect in the Short Term Appeals Process? I sent in all relevant medical records. Will I have a decision in 45 days or will they drag their feet?
I was diagnosed with medullary sponge kidney and renal calculi in 2006. I first presented with 10 kidney stones. I have had several procedures to shatter the stones. I also have intermittent pain due to the passage of stones and fragments as well as the pain from scar tissue and long-term recovery from passing the 50+ stones I have formed. My doctors have repeatedly completed all paperwork and provided their treatment notes and almost all of my claims have been denied. My nephrologist noted that I would have intermittent pain and need time even before attempting to claim it and that was denied as well as the recovery time for the procedure. I have had time denied for the days of consult as well as surgery days. I cannot remember of any claim that was approved within the last three years. As a result, I have used all my sick time and have had formal reprimands and letters placed in my records at work for excessive sick time. As of now, my company has the right to terminate me for that reason. I also have had to use up all of my vacation time to cover the rest of the time or I can take time off without pay and reimburse my company for any time they feel I was paid for that was not covered. I have large medical bills and a small salary. I barley make ends meet already. My condition is recognized by the ADA but Unum denies it and I cannot even get support at my company because of this. I have had at least 15 procedures/surgeries over the last 5 years and only the first few were approved. The state of NJ, which is notorious for denying claims, approved everyone that Unum denied. I have had to work while recovering and in pain. Driving 50 miles while you have severe abdominal, flank, and groin pain is rather difficult, as is working in that much pain for 8 hours. I have had to be picked up from work as I could not drive. This was because the pain was so bad I needed to go to the hospital. These days were denied as well. It's also embarrassing to be in so much pain and shaking and in tears while in the office. My hospital stays for severe infections that did not respond to antibiotics were also denied as well as the recovery time at home afterwards once I could be back on oral antibiotics instead of around the clock IV antibiotics. My company contacted Unum and they chose not to review my cases again. This is the worst experience of my life. I live and work in pain. I have no sick time and no vacation, and on top of all my medical bills, I will have to continue to take time off without pay for a real disability and surgeries.
Unum is the company that my employer utilized for long/short term disability. I have been sick since July 2015 and expected to return to work. When my condition failed the thought of it a month later I called Unum. A Unum representative guaranteed me that she will be working to assist me in every way possible. I have never had an experience this horrible in my life. Every rep that I spoken with had a different way of doing things as if they don't have policies. I have spoken to Jan, Laura, Wendy and many more names that I can't remember at the moment and now as of today a supervisor named Craig. Unum is full of misleading reps who all blame everyone but themselves.The sad thing is for this to be a big company they never return calls or meet the deadlines that they give you when gathering your information. My doctor has willing sent Unum every document that they have requested and even have spoken with them on the phone. Everything I sent them isn't enough no matter what it is. Wendy ** called me on a day that I was very sick and I stated that to her and she still kept me on the phone for 45 mins answering question after question. Wendy never followed up with me until I finally called her. Wendy can never answer the questions that I ask but instead ask me to read letters that she supposedly has sent me.Craig ** is the supervisor I spoke to today. Craig ignored everything that I informed him of prior to him taking the card from Wendy. When asked for Corporate's number Craig threatening to hang up on me and cut me off when I was speaking. Craig then provided me a complaint line and hung up on me. All I have asked for Unum to do is their jobs. All I wanted is for Unum to treat me as a human being and provide me with the correct information to assist me. I'm sure Unum has guidelines, policies and procedures to better assist their clients.
After being in excruciating pain for 2 months, I was no longer able to work. My doctor's office sent the paperwork requested by Unum and I was approved for 1 week of disability pay even though I had already been out of work for 1 month. Two weeks later, I decided to see another doctor because the pain continued to get worse. My new doctor did a more comprehensive workup and located the source of my pain and decided that I needed extensive surgery and would need to bring in two additional surgeons to help with the procedure. This new doctor sent the paperwork to Unum the day after my first visit saying I needed to be off until surgery and then 4-6 weeks afterwards. Unum requested my medical records from every doctor that I have seen in the last year and denied my claim after making me wait 45 days. The reason they gave is that my medical records do not justify me being off and that I needed to go back to work until I have surgery. The rep actually told me to call my job and tell them I am coming back to work until I have surgery!! I asked the rep how she expected me to do my job when I am in constant excruciating pain and she had the audacity to tell me that my medical records don't support my claim. When I asked why it took 45 days to review my claim considering they took none of my new doctor's records into consideration, I was told they needed the time to gather my records. Now I am confused about what to do next. From what I have read here on this site, it seems that the only claims that have been paid were the ones with an attorney involved. I am definitely going to contact my employer and let them know to drop this company, and also the Department of Labor Employee Benefits Admin as well as the Department of Insurance. Why is this company allowed to be in business? The whole purpose of having SDI is to protect your income when you are unable to work, not to arbitrarily deny claims.
My employer uses Unum as our short term disability vendor. I have been with my employer for over a decade and after many bouts of stress/anxiety/panic and depression, I decided with the advice of my doctors and the support of my boss to take some time off to deal with these issues. I love my job but it is stressful and my work/life balance is compromised. I wanted to take time off to get in a better mental place so I can be an efficient and clear minded employee.I opened my claim for STD in mid August with all the appropriate paperwork from my doctor. It took a thousand calls from me (none from them) and 6 weeks of pure aggravation in the end to only have my claim be denied on grounds of it being work related! UMMM... isn't that what I stated from day one? Shouldn't have someone at Unum communicated this 'work related' exclusion clause to me? It would have saved me weeks of aggravation and hence, deeming my leave useless as I was still stressed out and suffering from anxiety attacks due to being in disability limbo. The worst experience ever!
I'm a 25-year old, single father of a 3 years old. 5 months ago, I went into a heart failure and had to have two surgeries to save my life. One through my leg, the other was open heart. After 4 months, my son accidentally headbutted me and my 8-inch scar down my sternum got inflamed and I was hurting a lot again. My surgeon said I should take an extra 5 weeks off (which still landed me under the 6 months of short-term). Unum now has refused to pay the $495 x 5 weeks they now owe me and said there is no medical evidence that I should be paid any of it. I have blown all my savings on bills and trying to stay up-to-date on bills. I owe rent, bills, car payment and just went on default on my $401K loan (now, I owe $3K in taxes in a couple of months) since they wouldn't give me any money. Costco's corporate team and my surgeon said it's absolute ** and I should sue. My surgeon also said he has given them everything they asked for and more, and his word as one of the most outstanding heart surgeons on the NW should have been sufficient. Please help. What can I do?
My husband has been out of work for almost 2 months and has only received 1 weeks pay. Now they are saying that they need his medical records which the doctor has since twice and they are still saying they haven't received and we even got confirmation from his doctor that they have sent them not one time but two. Worst insurance company ever.
Unum accident insurance plan is one of the amazing plans I've had for my family. My husband got into an accident and hurt his nose that required surgery. I filed a claim with Unum and received a check in 10 days for $1600. I filed the claim from my phone on the unum app, and submitted photos of discharge paperwork from my phone and it went through ok. I see a lot of complaints about unum, but I have none except for a great experience with them. I thank my employer for choosing unum as our primary insurance.
I worked for CVS health starting 4/4/2016. In July of 2016 my benefits kicked in along with the short-term disability which was taken out each pay period twice a month. Well I had surgery 3/22/2017. I was on leave of absence for 5 weeks starting 3/22/2017 and returning to work on 4/26/2017. I expected to get pay from my PTO/vacation time from CVS that I had accumulated during my leave. I did not receive any communication from Unum so I was not aware of the short-term disability kicked in 7 days after my surgery until 4/13/2017 that evening. I called Unum on 4/13/2017 but it was after hours. I received a call back on 4/17/2017 from Kayla whom was the specialist handling my claim. She told me my claim was approved through 4/19/2017. When she told me the amount, I was like I did not receive anything for direct deposit or the Tax Form W-4. She said I could go online and submit the information. So, I did that. I called on 5/1/2017 inquiring direct deposit and the Tax Form W-4. An agent said she would put stop payment and have Kayla call me back. Kayla or no other rep called me back. I received a check anyway but taxes were still taken out and my direct deposit was not utilized. My W-4 clearly states EXEMPT. When I called today 5/9/2017 to ask about my taxes taken out, she said she will only reimburse for the last check and not first check since I didn't get that information in before she approved the first check. Well the first check was approved 4/20/2017 which is the day of initial contact with UNUM. I told her this is bad business practice. She told me I can do whatever I need to do. So, therefore I am writing this complaint to get retro pay back for the taxes from the first check. I wrote the BBB and UNUM did respond admitting their negligence still refusing. Be warned!
I got this insurance thru work at WellStar Health System. I'm a very athletic person and play tennis and badminton 3-4 times a week. For the past few months my right knee is bothering me so I decided to see an orthopedic surgeon. He ordered an MRI and found out I have torn lateral meniscus. Last July 7th, I had right meniscectomy at the hospital where I work. After the surgery I filed a claim for accidental insurance but UNUM declined my claim saying that is not caused by an accident. I'm am very sure that I torn my meniscus from playing and not by just sleeping. I submitted all the documents related to my injury like MD chart records, MRI, bills and etc but still it was declined again. Now they told me to file an appeal which is very frustrating. The only thing I can say is that PLEASEEEE don't sign up on this company. I heard Allstate is way better than them.
I was originally on FMLA due to a medical condition and was scheduled to return to work on May 13th. My doctor subsequently extended my return to work by 6 weeks. Unum was very difficult to work with and took over three weeks to issue payment on the first part of my absence. Despite providing the necessary information for my extension prior to May 13th they have not issued a payment for the second portion of my absence. I have repeatedly been told they have 5 days to do this and 5 days to do that. Despite having received the last information they requested 5 days ago I was just told they need more time to evaluate my situation. I purchased this insurance through my employer. Unfortunately this is the only choice I have.
So far UNUM has been outstanding. Submitted claim on Monday. Payment approved and in the mail by Thursday. Very efficient, took the stress and worry away.
On 6-4-2014, I went to the hospital for an angiogram. I had complications from internal bleeding that left me in the hospital for 5 days, and unable to work for almost 2 months. Unum denied my claim as they said my drs. notes weren't specific enough. Then when I gave them what they specifically asked for, they still denied me saying it didn't match, and their drs said there was no reason I couldn't go back to work.
I have not received my full payment for the second time. I have filled out all the paperwork and they think that I have control over how soon the doctor should release it to them. They have been told that it can take up to 10 business days before they get it faxed to them. When it is faxed to them, they sit on it for another week or two before they release anything. Most people are already in the hole by being off work and with them holding payments like this, it makes things worse. I drive a Semi. So I can't go back to work until I am released by the doctor. Then I have to take a DOT physical before I can return. I had my Achilles Tendon repaired. I told them from the beginning that I would be off 6-9 mo. So did the doctor. I would not use this company ever. And when it is time to switch Insurance again, I will be looking for a different company as soon as I go back to work.
Calling to check on me. Always same questions. Always telling me I should be able to go to work. They have no clue how sick someone is. Telling me I will be cut off my long term that I paid for through work. Every time I speak to them I feel very stressed.
My father had a life insurance policy through UnumProvident and when he passed away 5 months ago, I called to find out what I needed to do. They told me they would send me paperwork. After two weeks, I called again and was told the same thing after this happened. Three times, I went to their website and filed online. I filed the claim on their website and was told all they needed from me was the death certificate which I provided. Since then, they refuse to tell me anything. They gave me one number to call which was for a different company who said I am not in their system and try this other number so when I call there I am told they cannot tell me anything because the beneficiary will be receiving a letter in the mail with further instructions on what to do and they cannot tell me who the beneficiary is whether it is me or not. I know I am the beneficiary and there is no one else who could be and I have not received anything. I think they are just trying to get me to give up because they know no one else will follow up on it and they will just keep the money. The only other relative is my 95 year old grandmother who I know is not the beneficiary. I have paperwork my father filed with me as the beneficiary and my grandmother is simply listed as another relative in case I can not be reached.
I received a phone call from a finance person at UNUM today informing me that they are going to deduct monies that would be paid by SSDI for my son. My son does not live iwth me, actually lives in another state and I am not required by Family Court to pay child support. I have been on disability since July 2009. UNUM is estimating that I owe them about $40,000.00 in overpayment and they are going to reduce my monthly payments by approximately $1,000.00 for my son. My ex-wife will not file and even if she did, the money would not come to me. Social Security told me that since he does not live with me and I am not responsible for child support that I would be in violation of Federal Law if I filed. Even if my ex-wife were to file, the monies could only be used for my son and for no other reason. I would never see a penny of that money. UNUM stated to me that regardless of whether or not she files, my son is entitled to the money and therefore they can reduce the monthly amount they pay me. How can this be legal? How can UNUM force me to break the law or force my ex-wife to file for monies that would go directly to my son and used strictly for his benefit. If he were to receive it, it is of no benefit to me. How can they do this?
I handed in all of my paperwork a month early. I called often to see if I had made sure all paperwork was handed in. They said everything was all set and all you need to do is call the last day of work. I did all of this then come to find out the day I go into surgery they are missing documentation even though I had called and been proactive numerous times to make sure all paperwork was all set. They were rude and not helpful and continue to be. Very disappointed in the service I received with Unum.
Unum's processes are designed to slow or prevent claims: Under a doctor's care, I began taking 3 drugs prescribed for Hepatitis C in September 2011. The doctor said he would put me on short-term disability immediately, but I choose to try to continue to work for as long as possible. My employer was informed and understood that I would most likely not be able to continue work for the 9 months of treatment. After 2 weeks, the side effects started to appear - anemia, fear, anxiety, etc. I made it 2 of the 9 months before I could no longer take the side effects. I called Unum prior to the 2 months in an effort to be proactive & understand their process for STD. They basically said, "Call back when you stop work." The day I decided I could no longer work, I called Unum. I had already missed a few days the previous week due to the meds. Unum said I must have 5 consecutive days out before STD benefits could begin. I said ok since I didn't know any better. 5 minutes after that, I notified my employer who told me Unum was wrong and that the 2 days out the previous week could be used toward the elimination period. I called Unum back. They basically accused me of trying to perpetrate a fraud. I relented & took the 5 days PTO. That was just the beginning of the rollercoaster ride to hell with Unum! I think Unum uses a script as well as processes & procedures purposely designed to slow &/or prevent someone from collecting STD/LTD. I am a quality manager, & I can tell you from experience, there is no other possible reason for the dissatisfaction with Unum other than their processes which ensure the results Unum wants.I relented on the 5-day elimination period, even though my employer told me again that it doesn't mean 5 consecutive days! Everything seems to go ok for the 1st few months, though Unum constantly sends me letters telling me I have a new point of contact within Unum "there to help me" etc. Total BS! So as I approach the initial arbitrarily set due date for review, I called Unum. The phone rep said, "Your claim is scheduled to be cancelled tomorrow." So, I called the rep assigned to my claim who conveniently was not in the office. In the meantime, I have gotten sicker & sicker, as the months have passed. I now have severe anemia & numerous physical & emotional side effects as well leaving me unable to do much of anything other than exist & take pills all day. So after numerous phone calls, Unum told me it was a mistake & that their own phone reps don't know what's "really" going on with a claim & that I should not call them but always call the point of contact in the letter.This scenario repeated itself 3 times while I was on STD. I stayed on STD for 26 weeks (my limit) & then went on LTD for about 12 days. I then returned to work since the treatment was complete. During the 6 months on STD, I eventually had to resort to sending threatening emails to Unum as well as notifying my employer of how I was being treated & that Unum was attempting to deny/prevent me from collecting money which my company said they will provide through my employment contract. None of that seemed to matter with Unum. My boss told me she knew of another person in our company with the same story. Now, in my office, a co-worker has been diagnosed with cancer. He is fighting for his life. I told him what to expect from Unum, but he thought I might be exaggerating. Not anymore! He is getting the exact same treatment from Unum down to the words they say! Unum is working just as hard against him, who is most likely dying, as they worked against me! After reading about all the class action lawsuits against Unum, it seems they have not learned! Unum & its employees are a disgrace! They are what is wrong with this part of the healthcare system. They should be forced to pay & then forced to go out of business with all of the employees barred from holding a job in this area again! If we had these types of consequences for them, similar in impact to the processes they use against us, then maybe they would change! Warning: Buyer, beware. Stay out of the disability system at all costs!
I highly recommend this fine Insurance Company. I am now 63 years old, and I have been on claim since 2008. They are paying me $2,500.00 each and every month, and will continue these payments to me for the rest of my life. When I purchased my Disability Income Policy back in the 1990's, I knew exactly what I was purchasing, because I read the policy, and I made sure I understood everything they were contractually obligated to provide. I knew the options included on my policy. Unum has stuck to the policy provisions strictly per the contract wording. I thank God that I purchased this policy, and I thank God that I bought it fromUnum- Provident!!!
If I had NO disability insurance I would have been better off by far! They paid me 11,196.74/16/[email protected]$963.34/ea. Then took back 9,496.74 as an overpayment Because they said that payments should have been only $100.00/mo -- And demanded in a very threatening letter all the payback immediately. Why and Who would overpay you 863.34 a month for 16 months without some kind of backhanded deal going on. You could never get a real answers to questions. I won a disability case, I had a minor child, a retired husband and nowhere did I see "credits" for any of this or for the attorney's fees either---It was a terrible time to be harassed and to be so very ill.
UNUM is the short-term disability provider for my employer. First, I started my leave on 9/10 with my exclusion period ending on 9/16. My first check was not issued by them until 10/10 for the period through 10/8. As of 11/18, I still have not received another check for the period starting 10/9. They requested a release for my medical records, then took 3 weeks to return it to my doctor and have withheld payment during that time. Meanwhile, I called twice and was told that they had all necessary info and the delay was for them to "compute my benefit". So their customer service gave me incorrect info before finally telling me they were waiting on medical records. It was only after I threatened to report them to their regulatory agency that they finally cut me a check for 10/9-10/16 only that has apparently been sent to me, but not yet received. They currently owe me a month of wages. To add insult to injury, they improperly computed my second check and retroactively deducted sick pay I received during the exclusion period from my disability benefits, so the most recent check they sent was wrong. I've had to call them three times this week alone to demand they send me support for their calculations in order to identify their error. I'm fortunate I have the educational background to understand how my benefits should correctly be calculated during periods when I've worked part-time hours, but I suspect the company is fleecing those who don't realize they've been paid the wrong amount.Pretty sad when the insured has to tell UNUM how to properly apply their own policies and how to correctly calculate benefits. I'm glad my employer is switching companies next year as I hope to never deal with UNUM again.
I had surgery and the normal recovery is six weeks per my doctor's orders. I was receiving short term state disability and Unum as a supplement to cover the difference. The state and my employer approved the six weeks, and Unum only approved four weeks. Unum said that I should be able to return to work after four weeks. How does an insurance company determine when a patient should return to work? Obviously, Unum is looking at it from a financial aspect and not concerned with the patient's well-being. The payout from Unum was not a substantial amount of money in my case. They are penny-pinching and their tactics are deplorable. My doctor provided medical records which they said they never received so the doctor provided them again. Unum said they had their doctor and nurse review the records and determined that I should be able to return to work. Doctors on Unum's payroll looking out for their bottom line. I am now concerned because the company I work for has our long-term disability with Unum. If I was given this much grief for such a small claim, I dread to think what might happen if I was dependent on Unum to cover a long-term claim. Based on other consumer reviews, I believe they would find a reason not to pay. I work for a company that employs 120,000 people, and I will be talking with my HR representative to let them know of my concern and see if they are aware of all the complaints. My benefits were cut off on March 26, 2015 and they said they needed my doctor's reports to determine if they would approve six weeks. I did not hear from them until April 10, 2015 when they told me they were going to close my claim and only pay four weeks. Beware of Unum and their tactics. I will be looking for a different option for long-term disability.
I thought this would be a good option for me down the road. I applied and rec'd a ludicrous excuse from their underwriting department for non-acceptance. I had an ankle surgery 15 years ago for a broken ligament repair and it hasn't bothered me since. I have tinnitus 10% from being in the military for 20 plus years. So I was denied for these reasons. This company is the worst one I have ever dealt with. Typical insurance company only accept someone if they are in perfect condition and think they will get enough premium out of them before they cancel you for using their service when you do need them. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone... buyer beware, just read the other comments...
After about 7 years of them deducting premium payments from my paycheck, my wife's small ten thousand dollar policy was terminated when my company laid us off. Their reply was I checked the wrong box saying leave of absence instead of laid off and they are very much aware that my wife had chemo and radiation and she is dying with cancer.
My in-laws purchased long-term care insurance in good faith. They have jumped through all of the hoops and provided all of the information needed to the insurance company anticipating reimbursement. As yet they have forked out about $3000.00, which needs to be reimbursed, and continue to receive services that they need but might choose to forgo if they knew it might not be reimbursed. We have made numerous attempts to get satisfaction only to be put off.
I know a person who has been waiting 13 weeks and Unum still has not answered if they qualify. They are being seen by 2 neurosurgeons. Unum says they had no right to tell them to stay home. I guess they are smarter than 2 doctors. I wonder exactly how many disability claims are being paid out each year in comparison to how many policies are paid for as well as applied for. My guess would be less than 10 percent. When they can't find a reason to turn down the claim, they ask for more doctors who may have seen them years before. If still not able to find a reason, they request more. Do yourself a favor. Take the money you spend every year for this joke of an insurance and put it in a simple interest account. Chances are much greater for your survival. Better yet, set the money on fire.You will still have more.
My husband and I were in an auto accident and we were rushed to the hospital by ambulance, due to severe back pain and other injuries sustained, we were treated, I had to have an X Ray and CT scan and the same with my husband as well. Because of the airbag, my eyes were swollen shut. I had lacerations on my forearms and we were bruised badly. They gave us such a runaround about getting to them a physician's statement and proof of treatment, bills mounted to thousands of dollars, my health insurance paid some but not all, and found that they are only approved me for $350 and my husband only $150... That doesn't even cover anything at all. What a rip off this is. I would recommend anyone NOT to get this accident insurance, next time, I will try AFLAC and see if they are somewhat better.
I had total knee replacement surgery. According to my policy and local representative, I should have received my payment within 24 hours after surgery. That didn't happen. I was told by their "Senior Disability Benefits Specialist" that I needed to "return to work immediately" if I needed money to pay my medical bills. That occurred less than 2 weeks after surgery. According to her, she had many clients returning to work within 2 weeks after a total knee replacement surgery. After that she went on to conduct a "thorough investigation" of my claim treating me as if I was acting in a fraudulent manner. Her investigation went on for over 2 months. This "Senior Disability Benefits Specialist" went so far as to even demanded medical records from my gynecologist! In the end, I was lied to about my benefits then brutally treated and denied.
When I call on behalf of my mom - it's because she is pretty much not capable of speaking to you on the phone, considering that she has tubes down her nose etc. Making her be the one to call you is (you can fill in the word here)! I looked all over the place for an email or something that I can complain to. Why? Because trust me when I say, you do not want me calling you.
I had BILATERAL knee replacement in March of 2013 and was told that I would need about 3 months off. I had to have extensive physical therapy and learn to walk all over again. Unum cut me off at 7 weeks! They went by my physical therapy records and not my doctor. This is presently being appealed, and my surgeon wrote a letter stating that I was not ready to come back. Although my job description is that of a legal secretary, he stated that it was not the job description, but the traveling to and from work and that it was dangerous.At almost 4 months out, I am still having problems sitting in a low seat on the bus and getting out of my desk chair. I rely on public transportation which is very crowded in the evening and it is very difficult for me to get off the bus. Even though they cut me off at 7 weeks, I did not go back to work until 9 weeks. Because of this, I had no income and got behind in my bills. I am presently appealing this and remaining hopeful.
I have read the other complaints on Unum and feel they probably aren't getting a fair review. Of course people report when they are upset but how many don't even think to share when they are satisfied? My husband had spinal fusion surgery last month and got his initial 5 weeks paid (1st week is unpaid per their policy and we were aware of it because we read before we signed). He is an electrician and does very physically demanding labor. His doctor wants him off for another 3 months to properly heal. I understand Unum can't just automatically approve his 90 days without continuing to follow his progress. Our specialist has already extended it once and immediately went into review status instead of dropping us once that second extension period ended.We have a wonderful Disability Specialist, Keillor **, who is basically holding our hand and guiding us through the whole process. He returns any calls we make and he answers all of our questions. He lets us know upfront what is required in order to continue to receive benefits. We are not finished with this medical leave yet but so far in the 8 weeks he's been off we have not had to worry about caring for our 2 daughters (both autistic special needs) since I know we are in GREAT hands!
I paid into UNUM for years. I am a teacher and became disabled. I have SLE Lupus and was hospitalized 3 times in 3 months with complications. I was expecting to receive my disability payments from UNUM, after all I paid my own personal money for this private insurance, to cover myself if something like this happened to me. However, UNUM was less than helpful! They would not approve my claim (I was shocked - I spent weeks in the hospital). I provided all documents, with tracking numbers, and UNUM still claimed that they did not receive my information. I would NEVER pay into UNUM! I would pass this along to everyone you know - tell them to save their money and not blow it on this fake policy!
I have been a long time customer of Unum Life Insurance. I purchased a term life insurance policy when I left my employer in 2001. It started out as a 57K Life insurance policy, and the rates have gone up exponentially every 5 years. This year because I am turning 65 my rates went up $350.00. When I turn 70 my benefits are cut in half. What kind of business is this? That forces people to pay an enormous amount for life insurance and then turns around and cuts your benefits in half. I wish I had stock in this company or was a CEO, I would be a millionaire. Don't get sucked into their life insurance policies - not worth it in the long run.
I am nearly 60 and I paid premiums to Paul Revere for 27 plus years. I have had 7 auto accidents, I am bi-polar and I suffer from serious depression and high blood pressure. I have fallen a few more times and now it has taken Unum more then 7 months on my claim and so far it appears that they send legitimate reports to their operations department so they can interpret what was said and use it to deny claims. My income has dropped off nearly 90% and I have been forced to drop my health care since I have no more savings. The only security I now have is with my limited retirement plan. When that runs out, I will be on the streets. I really don't think anyone can live on $4800 per year as me and my wife have been doing.
I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and my heart is only pumping at 20 percent... in filing my claim I was denied and also my appeal was denied. I was told when I signed up for this if I got sick this policy would be paid. It is a 20,000.00 lump sum. I was never sent a policy and they have told me that this is not considered major organ failure as two of my organs would have to be failing and I would have to be on a transplant list to qualify... This is not what the rep told me at all. I took this policy out to protect my husband's future as he has health issues. My condition was brought on by stress from my husband's health issues, demands of my job, my father becoming ill and I became his caretaker while on FMLA and he died. I took this policy in good faith not thinking at 55 years of age I would be in this poor of health. They have deceived me.
I have Unum for LTD and came across something I felt was very unfair to all their clients. I was out 4 months for rotator cuff surgery. Only one month was LTD, the payment was based on my w2 box 1 information for the prior year. I am 60 so 40% of my income for years has gone into a 401K. Unum pays 60% of my "wages" for LTD, however the policy where I work which I never saw until now, states 401K deductions don't apply. This means they only consider 60% of my actual wages and do the 60% LTD off of that figure, so 60% of 60%. I couldn't find any info but it seemed illegal to me. I wrote to the insurance dept of NH and received info back that this is not illegal. I was terminated from my job after being out 3 months because my medical clearance was for lifting 20# not 25# as stated in my job description. I was hired back a month later in a different position, so we are filling out all my insurance papers to reapply. The LTD premiums base my cost on the total 100% of my wages, including my 401K deductions. How can they have it both ways. I think my premiums should be based only on the 60% they use to pay out LTD benefits. Luckily I wasn't out long but if they are double dipping, I am thinking I should find a private policy. Do all LTD insurance companies do this as well? Shouldn't my premiums be based on the same criteria? I have another issue and afraid to pursue it because I may lose my job again as well as not getting the LTD I deserve.
Unum has taken care of my wife and I'd like to thank them for that. It's not often that you see large corporations doing the right thing and treating people with respect and courtesy. My family thanks you much.
Unum is by far the worst. I have for my short term disability, I pay for the 1100.00 every two weeks. I have been off work for little over a month due to a surgery. They keep giving me the run around game, I don't have time for that. I a single mom. Because of them stating they haven't got stuff after I have faced it multiple times doctors have faced it multiple time I am now unable to pay any of my bill or lot rent. I can't even put food on the table. They get paid so they don't care about anyone but themselves. I will not recommend them to anyone. They are useless.
They have every reason under the Sun to not pay for my claim, I have received the run around. They are heartless. They do not want to pay no matter what. My surgeon and my PCP sent in all documentation to support my absence for a month, with it being an emergency surgery. No preexisting condition or anything that my policy wouldn't cover and Unum still keeps coming up with ridiculous reasons not to pay when it's obvious I could not work which was most certain clear. No food on the table, had every reason to receive money from a company I have paid into every week. They do not care.
Do not purchase any sort of coverage from this company. I have been fighting with them for almost 90 days now regarding two open claims I have. Each time I call, they request a document that my doctor already sent them. Each time I call, they claim that they reached out to me and did not get a response. I do not get any help from their customer service, they redirect you to their customer portal, which doesn't explain what you need to do. They owe me $8,000 in disability plus another $800 in hospital stay. They look for any reason not to pay you. I know that all insurance companies may do similar practices; however when I had MetLife coverage (and paid less monthly for it), I did not have these issues. I am in my mid-thirties, have now had 3 hospital stays and one surgery. I work for a commission-based company so if I don't work, I don't get paid. I have had to take out loans against my 401k - all because this company will NOT PAY OUT what is owed to me. I cannot stress this enough - STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS.
I am currently on maternity leave. Unum only agreed to pay me for Five weeks of short term disability even though I had a complicated pregnancy/labor and ended up having to have an emergency cesarean section after 19.5 hours of labor. I am physically unable to work for 8 weeks due to the complicated delivery. On top of that, my checks are now three weeks behind. The first two got sent to my correct address. Somehow the address got sent to a previous address. I have called for weeks trying to get answers and no one knew anything. I finally found out today that they made a mistake and changed my address back to a previous address. No one can explain to me how that happened. I finally talked to a supervisor today who told me they can put a stop on the checks and reissue them but I won't be receiving the checks all at once, they will be spaced out. I told them they cannot do that, that it's my money they owe me and I shouldn't have to pay for their mistake any longer by having to wait longer for checks. They have to pay me and I got screamed at by the supposed supervisor, telling me I have no right to be this upset and I need to stop yelling at her because I'm not going to get my money any quicker by yelling at her. I think its time to contact the attorney general's office on this company.
I have several friends who collected from their Unum long-term care insurance policies, and it worked fine. In fact, better than expected. They actually collected more from their policy than what the bills were. In some instances, they collected money from Unum even though Kaiser or Medicare covered the home care or nursing facility bills. So no complaints here. Hope others have experiences closer to that than the negative ones referenced. I doubt there is some conspiracy to deny people legitimate benefits.
I had knee replacement surgery last year in April. After a few months recovering, my employer (Homeserve USA) advised me to go back to work because they would no longer provide health insurance coverage and my employment was in jeopardy. I went back to work in fear that I would lose my job... The employer allowed me to ice down my leg during the workday, have heating pads and massager at my desk, take my meds and allowed breaks that were docked from my pay just to keep me on board. After several months of leaving early and absences, I finally requested disability time so I could heal properly. My doctor ordered this and now that long term disability is supposed to kick in, they refuse to acknowledge my doctor's request and ignore the history in my case. I deal with chronic pain from this surgery and it is affecting a prior hip replacement, surgery to my back (herniated disk) and prior neck surgery. I have done all that has been asked of me by Unum. I have no money coming in and being evicted from my apartment is a reality if I don't find money in the next few days... This is just a pure nightmare. I was told by an attorney that their goal is to force the claimant to get any job or starve them to death, they just don't care. They will have their own in house doctors simply refute the option of a prominent surgeon even though their doctor never examined me in person, all to decline payment of a needy. I will filing complaints with the Attorney in the great state of Florida, sue Unum and their in house physician, file for disability with the state. I know that I am in for the fight of my life and a tough journey .
Their STD calculations are just plain wrong. Their formulation is set to pay the least amount they can get away with. They use your monthly salary times 12 months divided by 52 weeks and then take 70% of that amount (per the contract we are paid 70% of our monthly salary). I am salaried so I get the same amount each month regardless of how many weeks in a month there are. I calculated it at my monthly times the 70% and divided that by 4 weeks. The difference was a few hundred dollars. On top of that they said they calculated it wrong. They based it on the same formulation I calculated it at (so even they know they're scamming people) and now I owe back most of the money I received because I was overpaid the weekly amount AND paid for 4 weeks when I should have been paid for 2 (there is a 30 day ineligibility wait period they conveniently forgot about). I received the money AFTER I returned to work after 6 weeks of STD (FMLA leave). This was my first claim ever and I have been with this company for years through my employer. Not even worth the headache for the few cents they do pay IF they pay.
My husband had a heart even a couple months ago which resulted in him having a coronary artery bypass graft. I was told each of the 5 times I called to inquires about the paperwork and ask questions that due to him having this surgery he would receive a lump sum of 15k. A few weeks later, we received a check for 5G with a letter stating there had to be the specific diagnosis of a heart attack which was never told to me any of the 5 times I called. We were also told his employer chose that he would receive 100% of his pay for his short term disability when in reality, he isn't getting half of what one of his paychecks were and we have to pay in more than what we are getting for his insurance, etc. I have called numerous times and each time I was given incorrect information to which they refuse to make right with anyone.
My company has Unum for our short term disability. I had surgery on 11/2/15, approved through Unum for the surgery up until 11/30/2015. Unum is provided with all the information for release of medical information from our doctors, but they call the client while they are trying to rehab from their accident or injury. Well, I got a call stating they had not received my medical records that the request was sent on 11/23/15. I called the facility and went into medical records and told they received the request on 11/23/15 and invoice sent to Unum for payment of medical records. If Unum would pick up the phone and call the facilities to see what is needed these kind of situations would not happen.So, the medical request came in from the doctor with the follow-up office visit from my surgery on 11/13/15. Per Unum still pending medical records. If I am approved through 11/30/15 those records are falling in my approval time already. Still no check from my company for the Dec. 11, 2015 pay cycle. My next appointment for the doctor was 12/8/2015. I checked in with Unum after that appointment due to receiving a letter from my company in regards to contacting Unum or contacting them regarding abandonment of my job. Unum is very much aware of this letter. There is no communication between Unum and the Employer. So, at this point if medical records are not received by Tuesday 12/22/15, I won't get paid until 1/8/2016. But this is the insurance that we are paying for.
Unum exploited my mother's Alzheimer's to deny her claim. They accepted the initial application from a neighbor of my mother for disability through Alzheimer's, assuring the neighbor that the best thing was to get the claim in ASAP so it could be paid back to its effective filing date. My mother went along and signed for the neighbor. When I (as POA) challenged the authority of my mother's case to the neighbor, Unum challenged my authority. In the interim, Ed ** of Unum obtained information from the neighbor that they used as a basis for delaying validation of her disability. He had assured the neighbor that he was working to get mom's claim processes back to the filing date. Then Unum put a spin on it and used it against us. Mom recently died and we collected only a fraction of her benefits.
I was off work sick since August 3. They repeatedly say that they don't get the faxed forms, even though I have receipts and confirmation for the 4 times I have faxed the paperwork and the two times that the doctors have faxed them. I called only to be put on hold until the hold finally disconnects.I haven't received one penny of my disability benefits during the entire time that I have been off and do not know where to go next. I would like someone to tell me what I have to do to file formal complaint and or charges against Unum.
I see the same complaints here over and over about UNUM claiming not to receive doctor notes. I can assure you I have followed up over and over again throughout my experience so far with UNUM and they make this claim even when you have proof that records were sent. Throughout the short-term process I would go 4-5 weeks at times without pay while they claimed to not receive documents. I follow up with the doctor's offices and they have dates and times documents were sent via fax and then we find out they now want them faxed to a different number. This was a game that happened over and over again. I honestly believe they do this to try to run out the clock on your claim so they can justify denying it.Now I am about 9 weeks without pay again, transitioning over to long-term and AGAIN they are claiming to be missing documents even though I called in to speak with representatives about the transition from short to long-term and was assured they had all my medical records and it should not be an issue. Well they came back and have re-requested ALL of the same documents over and over again with my doctors... One of them even giving up faxing them and instead sent them overnight through UPS with a signature confirmation for proof that they were received. No wonder our medical costs are so high when you have insurance companies being so horrible at their jobs or blatantly doing these things on purpose! I do not know about most of you but not many people have a 4-6 month nest egg sitting there to cover all your bills and such when these companies play these games with our lives.My automobile has already been repossessed now and my home is in jeopardy next! I had to make tough choices, keep my lights on, get groceries, fill medications and pay for doctor visits or keep my car. And now this month, NO Christmas here at our house and literally no food next month it seems! Go over to the UNUM Facebook page and share your stories, I have more friends/followers than they do and the only posts on their page are mostly negative... I had to do a lot of searching to find this page and I feel we all need to get our stories/experiences out there in social media to expose these kinds of practices!
I injured my back. I have chronic pain. I am unable to sit for extended periods of time and that is what my job requires me to have to do. I applied for long term disability in July. They knew that my short-term disability was concluding in the beginning of September yet waited until the end of September to even begin requesting information from my physicians. They are saying that I am capable of sitting in a chair all day at work when I am not capable of doing that and I will be fired for not being able to keep up with productivity. I actually work for an insurance company in healthcare. They're telling me that I have my first 30 day extension to make a decision and that there will be a second 30 day period where they can make an extension. I have no other income coming in and I'm about to lose my house. I am single with a child in college. The purpose of this insurance was to have continuity of income and UNUM is making sure that people ARE forced back to work whether they're capable of work or not so they don't have to pay any benefit. I cannot afford a lawyer. Soon I will not be able to eat and will have to go on food stamps. I have been a nurse for almost 30 years and this is how I get treated.
I am retired and, through my company, I have Unum LTC insurance. But I receive no correspondence, no reminders, no descriptions of services offered and no updated contact information. This dead silence is very worrisome. It means that I (or my children or medical staff) have to find and contact them to find out if they are still in business and willing to provide their service.
I applied for LTC insurance 5.5 months ago on behalf of my 91 year old father. He had hip replacement a year ago and a subsequent stroke. He can't speak well, can't understand what's going on, lives in assisted living and wears diapers. Unum told me the claim would take 4-6 weeks to process, that was 5.5 months ago. They finally sent the claim to a clinician for review and said it could take up to 10 days. That was 14 days ago. They gave me the impression that the clinician's review is the last step in the claim process. Now I just received a letter that the claim's specialist is going to continue asking for medical records even after the clinician makes a decision. You really wonder if they are stalling in case my father dies in the meantime.
In 2001 I was a witnessed the most cold blooded murder in American history. I worked till 2004. I contacted Unum in 2004 as I was suffering with acute pass - confirmed by numerous physicians. Additionally I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Unum paid the claim for 12 months and after an appeal (they stalled), they closed the claim as they said it was a mental illness. In 2006 I was diagnosed with MSA a terminal illness that after numerous 2nd opinions, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I contacted Unum and they were not only non-empathetic, they would not even talk to me saying the case had been closed. After all that I finally found an attorney that will take my case as it is an ERISA case, maybe my grandchildren will benefit.
Please don't buy any insurance from this company, no matter what type it is. My father purchase burial insurance from them many years ago for my mom and himself. This company does not want to pay for my mom's funeral now that she's gone. They have delayed paying for so long we took out a loan to bury her.
I applied for long term and short term disability. I filled out the questionnaire. I was honest and said I have anxiety and that was the reason for my last doctor visit. Meanwhile I have suffered from anxiety for decades and have never missed a day of work due to anxiety. I have never been hospitalized for anxiety. I am very healthy. I take zero daily medications. My last hospitalization was years ago and that was because of a bad gall bladder. I guarantee I have coworkers who have high blood pressure and are a hundred pounds overweight and were approved for coverage.
One of Unum's internal Claims handlers named Shannon ** told me that my claim has been close because the in house Unum Physician (who has never seen me as a patient) determined the Doctor that preformed the surgery and whose care I am currently under has misdiagnosed me and the Unum Physician has determined (without ever seeing me) I am able to return to work. I have been contacted by my company's payroll that I will not be paid for my medical leave due to Unum's denial of the claim. I have been out on leave since 9/8. Unum did not contact me about closing the claim. I called them. I have not been released to go back to work until 11/25. There appears to be pure malice on the part of Unum's inside physician.
In February my Dr put me on medical leave for nerve damage in my arm. My employer paid me the 12 weeks of short-term and in April before my short term ran out I had filed for long term. While waiting for a check they informed me in mid June that they had no record of me filing for long term. Finally after an hour on the phone I was told it would be reviewed and I should receive something within 45 days. When I called back a month later I was told my Dr wasn't responding to information requests. I called the Dr and was advised that they never received any requests for information. Unum then called me stating that my authorization form had expired and they overlooked it. I signed new forms and returned them. I received a letter stating I was approved and as soon as they received my payroll information from my employer I would be getting a check. My employer sent in that information quite some time ago and I have yet to receive a dime after 3 months.
I bought long term care insurance since 2008 for me and my wife as $360/year (Long term care coverage: Monthly max.facility = $2000, Assisted living Facility = $1200, Total Home care = $1000), by 2014 increased to $456/year, by Jan. 2015 to $570, by Jul. 2016 to $686/yr. Below is copied exactly statement from insurance letter for understanding why increase and how it trick.Q. "I thought my rates were guaranteed never to increase. Am I being single out for this rate increase because of my age or health?" A. "No. As a guaranteed renewable insurance product, your rates for long term care insurance will never increase based on changes in your age or health, however, the rates for an entire class of customers can increase if necessary to ensure future claims obligations can be met." A change in pricing on a class basis must be actually justified.I did not know this tricky answer until now. Make decision carefully before going to buy this kind of insurance. I decided to drop this insurance after nearly 8 years staying with this insurance because it is not guarantee increasing. The long term care coverage is not increase by the year. That is so terrible for coverage not increasing but the payment insurance will increasing.
Received a refill in the mail for something I never signed up for mail order. They insisted we'd been receiving it since January, which we hadn't. Rep insisted upon it. Then I asked to speak to Supervisor (someone named Debra) who again insisted we have been receiving it then basically accused me of lying that the post office is never wrong, but we are. They would not process a refund or take the medication back and basically said "file a grievance and good luck with that". I can see why they have such a horrible reputation. Incompetence is astounding coupled with poor customer service skills reading from a horrible script. My company is shopping for a new health care provider and this just sealed the deal for me.
Every couple of years, Unum begins to harass me, making me prove that I should continue to receive long-term benefit payments. I have been receiving these since 2002. They had "Genex" in 2006 to get my Social Security benefits so the amount of their payment to me would be reduced. This latest incident is the worst one. They are demanding me to repay benefits from 2006, although my check was reduced for several years as they deducted the back pay they claimed I owed.Now, all these years later, several departments are harassing me, telling me they are looking into my claim. One of the reasons I qualified for benefits, mental disorder due to injury, is only payable for 24 months. Ludicrous! My psychiatrist filled out paperwork for them the last time they began to harass me! They are asking for settlement information from Social Security, even though they have all the records.Now, they are accusing me of owning businesses. The business they are claiming I own belongs to my daughter, and then they found an old website store from 2008, where I showed antiques. The site has been down for more than 4 years - a hobby for me. They are demanding 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 income tax information from me.My ex-husband is a business owner and unwilling to release his information to them. They are making me and my simple life impossible. I have learned to deal with my mental disorder and chronic pain but each time, as they begin their campaign to harass me, my mind becomes confused and the chronic pain overcomes me. The stress and the result of it is detrimental to my health.Someone please help me or direct me to a person that can stop this constant harassment from this company. Social Security disability benefits are in place for the duration of my life. Unum made certain of this, hiring a third party to guarantee this. I don't understand. If SS finds no irregularities, how and why do they continue to make these demands and constant harassment? I am 58 years old, disabled physically and suffer from a severe liver illness. I have been diagnosed with end stage liver disease. How can I get this company to leave me alone?
This may seem strange as this complaint is old (from 2006) but I felt it was necessary to share my horrific experience with UNUM Provident so others could learn from it. UNUM uses a "trick" to end your long term disability which if you don't read the fine print of your contract, you may be on the short end of it. With long term physical disability can easily come mental issues (depression). It happened to me as it does to many people. When I started to see a psychiatrist, my claim entered a "mental and nervous" definition area under UNUM's contract which had a 2 year coverage limit. I had REAL health issues, haven't worked since then and am on SSI disability which I got on my own on the second try WITHOUT an attorney. Needless to say I was and am sick. Right before my very first appointment with my psychiatrist, I checked my bank account to see if my disability check had gotten deposited. It had not. I called UNUM and they fumbled a conversation on the phone saying that I would be getting a letter from them explaining the cancellation and why. All this on a cell phone call as I am standing in the parking lot of my psychiatrist before my very first visit. They did it so fast that the proper paperwork could not even catch up to me before the action was taken. They used this clause in the contract to cancel me when they knew I was very sick. I sued them and went to arbitration to get money I was due. It wasn't enough, but the only other alternative was to go to court (lengthy, expensive and a gamble). Make no mistake about it. This is a company that doesn't know the meaning of the term "dealing in good faith". You need to document everything you send to them and you need to be drowned in paperwork by them. They hope you will get tired of responding and miss deadlines. They also change case workers frequently so you have to make sure your new person knows your story and has your proper paperwork. In a sense, you have to do their job for them. I know it is hard when you are sick, but the more proactive you are on your behalf, the better the outcome. If you are too sick to handle the all their junk, appoint a friend/relative to do it for you. My only regret now is that I did not take them to court. In hindsight I would have won.
We had "Unum" as our Dental Benefit work provider, which was previously known as NDP which they took over from Capita in the UK. Every single claim was a hassle. If you had two dental appointments close together (I hate dentist so like to get the pain done and dusted quickly) for 2 separate teeth, they would class this a single course of treatment. Every claim was a quibble. Even though the dentist had filled in the form detailing that is was a separate filling and/or other treatment it was quibbled over, wasting the dentist's time and my time. I would never sign up to Unum again as part of a corporate dental plan. Everything is the bottom line, no empathy, so feeling or understanding, just questioning every time every claim. Don't bother with them, go elsewhere.
I am 67 and according to UNUM my policy is up and they consider me no longer disabled. (even though I am still with the same disability). UNUM informed me the $180 a month long term disability payments from UNUM have stopped as of my last birthday. These payments were not given to me, instead were held by them to pay back the workers comp monies I received upon losing my job. They explained Unum no longer owes me any more money that can be applied to the "debt I owe".There is a $19,000 + amount due and they are requesting payment in full. The State of Florida still considers me disabled, but Social Security does not. Unum never placed a lien on me when I received my Social Security back benefits, they just sent me a collection letter. I writing this review because this kind of policy situation puts an insurance company in full control of my life... very scary and there should be a better way to handle disability claims. I still can't work and the little money I do have is crucial to my well being, certainly need it more than UNUM.
Dealing with Unum has been one of the worst experience in my life. Why do they have to do phone interviews every 2 months about your recovery when a doctor doesn't even know how to answer? My benefits was canceled last week by Unum with no contact to me letting me know there was a problem. My FMLA was received by HR Department by my Dr's office, but my Dr. s office didn't note that the FMLA was faxed in my chart. Rep with Unum never called me of the issue until she stopped my benefits.I am a single women with zero income and out of work since 9/18/2015 with double brain surgery. All this Unum rep has tried to do from the beginning is stop my benefits. Unum acts like this is their money when this money was taken out of my check every month. Rep with Unum said I would need to file an appeal along with a Dr's office visit that has a co-pay. Just wonder where I can get money to pay co-pays with no income. I started to file a complaint on the rep, but I see no reason because looking at the reviews the supervisors are which like the rep's. I feel thru all the complaints that legal should've resolved all these problems with Unum. I have request legal advice.
I applied for Unum disability and started receiving long-term payments as of January 2012 through January 2014. Was cut off due to self-reported illness, I have fibromyalgia. I had worked 18 years with same company. I WAS TOLD BY UNUM I would only receive 24 months of payments from the beginning. After all the ** they put me through when I received paper work regarding an appeal I had had enough and did nothing. Well it took years before I finally received social security. Now of course they want the back pay, started to receive payments in November 20th. In the meantime I had to collect my pension early to have money coming in due to the fact they left me high and dry. I did not send any info regarding ss I received but I just checked and my pension was not deposited, so I am sure it is being taken out by Unum. I absolutely wished I would have seen this site earlier - things would have turned out much different. I would love to write to whomever I need to because I want to tell someone or anyone about what a nightmare this company is!
We have waited 6 months for an outcome to a specific case in UK and UNUM. I can't go into specifics as we are going to appeal but they have done everything possible to not pay a claim. A member of my close family has been off work sick for a long period and applied to UNUM who were within her company benefits package. It's a long story but they spent a lot of time sending out letters to doctors and specialists (three letters each over a long period of time) and looking for ways to wriggle out of any potential payment. They have subsequently put forward two very dubious opinions (no proof) and as a result will not pay. If you have this as a benefit then disregard it as the process to try and achieve will make you more sick and stressed. Absolutely 100% useless.
For 4 month UNUM has stalled and given both us and our dentist the run around. They referred us to this dentist as being in network and confirmed our coverage before procedure but have "lost", "never received" "lost again" info they requested. Our dentist office has literally pages or notes on the runaround they have given her. We even scheduled a conference call between UNUM the dental office and ourselves and were assured they had everything and a month later still nothing. When we called was told it had just sat for another month but they would get it done. 2 weeks later still nothing. Now we have been placed for collection and are turning it over to our attorney because now they have damaged our credit as well. Dental office turning them over to the state of Georgia. Never have had service this bad. Whatever it takes our company will not be using ANY of their insurance service next year. After reading reviews, seems this is a company wide practice.
I was injured on the job back in 2005. I suffered a reoccurance of a Lumbar injury as well as a new Cervical injury.
I was seriously injured on 12/24/2013. UNUM has done nothing but go out of their way to do everything they possibly can to not help me as they are supposed to. I meet their requirements exactly but every time I do exactly what they ask, they create another way to not help me. I am also deaf and they in no way are considerate of this. UNUM is inhumane. I'm embarrassed to live in a country that allows a company like this to mistreat someone as poorly and inconsiderately as they have treated me. ** runs UNUM's scam to the T. Why would a company as huge as COSTCO contract someone as dishonest as UNUM. What does that say about Costco?Why offer a service if the assistance doesn't exist? Is this how you treat people in a crisis due to injury? It disgust me to think of a company like this having the ability to pretend that they are there to help you when in actuality, they concentrate only on how to not help you. UNUM is a scam. I now have lost everything due to injury and believing that UNUM would help me through this injury. I can't imagine that any company exist that is as shady and dishonest as UNUM. I'm not the only one suffering from their abuse; my 8 year old son suffers as well but UNUM could care less. I passionately hate everything about this company. They are the worst part of this country. F-.
Been waiting 4 weeks for a answer on my claim. Their customer service stinks, gives every excuse why the claim hasn't been decided. Saying they haven't received documents stating it takes 24 hours to receive a fax. Contacted Aramark Benefits dept on this issue. They are no help - will contact CEO of Aramark to advise that this company they hired for our disability issues are a scam.
My employer pays for our Short Term Disability (STD), and employs UNUM as an administrator of the claims only… which makes my complaint more disturbing. I went out on STD the end of Sept. 2013 after 20+years of working for my employer (this is my first time on disability). It is now more than 2 months after I initially went out on STD, and UNUM has not paid me my benefit other than the first week I was out. I am under the care of three doctors, and like other complaints, the UNUM nurse, who has never seen me nor talked to me, decided s/he knew more than my doctors, who agree I need to be on STD; the UNUM nurse denied my STD.I have sent numerous complaints to my company and UNUM. The one time I was able to reach the complaint department, UNUM's complaint specialist yelled at me, was defensive, then refused to transfer me to his manager when I requested. He also kept repeating that I was covered but that doesn't mean that UNUM will pay me. My company continues to tell me they show they are paying UNUM my benefits, and that UNUM should be releasing checks to me… But UNUM has not paid me anything for months now. So, can we all say the F word - FRAUD??? Remember, UNUM is just an administrator on my policy - they don't even have to pay it - the money is given to them by my employer… So, where is the money going? Nobody at UNUM has answered that question yet. Also, there have only been two customer service reps that have treated me fairly at UNUM - most of them I've dealt with have been mean, accusatory, and don't allow me to speak or ask questions when I call. I suggest you look somewhere else for disability insurance - not worth wasting your money, time, or sanity when you need it most… when you are disabled.
After reading all of these reviews I am not shocked at all about my claimed being denied. Do not waste your money whether it's through a group or individual policy. I had two doctors put me out on FMLA but apparently Uclaimdeniedum knows more about my condition than the two doctors treating me and refuses to pay for the time I was out on FMLA. They will run you in circles with requests, hoping you will give up, after complying with their requests and giving them authorization to get any information they need they will then turn to legalese of your policy to deny it. Appeal filed and nothing new was done by appeal specialist at UClaimdeniedum. Complaint filed with insurance commissioner in state and to mediation it is.
Having been in the insurance business for 29 years and now needing the disability that I paid for and signed a contract for because of the diagnosis of cancer and radiation treatments in order to have the best chance of living, I have found out why there has been so many complaints and regulatory actions against them. One piece of advice I can give anyone who has had purchased UNUM disability on their own or your company has purchased it for a group the one way to fight back is writing a letter to the editor in your local newspaper stating the facts and the truth for business owners and other people in your area to read. This will have an impact on brokers who sell Unum, business owners who might buy Unum as a benefit and individuals who might buy it for themselves. Nothing like the truth about a bad product or company to affect the bottom line.
I was recently diagnosed with cancer and after repeated discussions with my family and dr I decided to take continuous leave from work. I have been enrolled in a Unum short term disability policy through my employer for a while and immediately filed a claim. I found the process to be super easy with Unum's app and my CSR interactions on the phone were pleasant and accurate. I received my first payment today. I read some of the reviews on this site and was a little worried, but I wanted to share my experience to help give someone else hope during a trying time.
Aug. 19, 2016 I had abdominal surgery for the 6th time. We knew, and the doctor knew this was going to be a lengthy recovery. The process started out great, people on the phone were delightful and helpful. Things spiraled down from there. On 8/26 I received my normal paycheck for working up to 8/18. Unum stated given the nature of my surgery, I should return to work 8/30. I received a letter stating that following the 7 day waiting period I would receive a check for 3 days at 60% of my rate. I contacted my doctor to submit the necessary paperwork, to which they complied. 3 days later I called to check the status and I was informed the paperwork was insufficient. No one called me, they said I would receive a letter.Long story short, the doctor's office re-sent paperwork 4 times with a tentative return to work date of Oct. 1. 3 weeks later I was paid a portion of what Unum owed me. For an insurance company, they "lose" paperwork a lot! People at the call center are hopeless, and my account specialist is a joke. The best part so far is the letter I received stating I was released from my doctor to return to work on 9/22/16. They have yet to produce documentation to prove that. They are FRAUDS. Short term disability is free through my employer, and good thing, because I will NEVER give this company a penny of my money... I am ready to seek legal counsel.
When dealing with Unum get an attorney pronto. They will try every trick in the book not to pay you. Other people I know who have dealt with them have experienced their special brand of "customer service". You have a legitimate claim. You have paid the premiums for years and they still try to deny, deny, deny. I spoke with a Dr today that said she has to word a claim "just so" or it will be denied. How these people sleep at night I don't know. I couldn't believe the review here that said an Unum rep will call them every week and ask them if they are watching TV? WTH. How dare you, Unum. Pay your bills. And shame on the company you work for-- for not doing their research and hiring a reputable company.
I was in a car accident 8 weeks ago. My doctor has request that I go on short term disability. I have contacted Unum 30 different times according to my account which I have been paying into my STD for the last 2 years. One day when I call they would say that they received all of the needed information and that it takes up to 5 days to process. So now that the five days are up they're requesting more updated information and I have been going back and forth with them about this. I also have a FMLA claim for this same issue and that has been going just the same. It still hasn't been approved so now my job may be in jeopardy because Unum will not process my information. There is also 1 of my co-workers out due to medical reasons and has been denied for STD because UNUM said they never received information from their doctor. This is nonsense. I am unable to pay the rest of my benefits because I haven't received anything for Unum. Unbelievable.
I am a truck driver, I fell off truck on 06/24/13. I have knee injury, two ruptured discs. I had blood in urine after the fall. I am still under a doctor's care. Here it is 6 months after the fall and Unum is still asking for records to put off paying my claim. They have asked for more time and think this company should be investigated by the gov.
I was told that since I got hurt at work that the Unum will not pay for the STD that my employer sold me. This benefit is not given to me. I pay for it $60.00 a month. They say that if you're on worker's compensation, they do not have to pay. I have a fractured right ankle and unable to do my job. I drive a school bus. I am unable to drive at all as per doctor's orders. I have had this problem before and was told I would have to appeal the decision in the county that I work in. All I want is for Unum to make up the difference in the amount that I am going to lose. At this point, I have gotten no compensation from my job. I have had this policy for many years and have never been able to get any benefit. I need some help.
We were on vacation for one month in November 2014 and upon return, never received our dividend check. Called Unum and was told that they would do research and to call back in one week. Called back one week later and was told that they confirmed the dividend check was never cashed and will put a stop-payment on it and will send out a new check. One week later, I was told that they were working on it and to call back in another week. Same story, except this time they said that it would take 5-7 business days to process it. Told them that it's been 13 business since last call. I was told that it takes time. It's been another week and still no replacement check. It's been two months since first contact. Looking at all the other reviews with just one-star, I guess I cannot expect anything better.
This has been the worst experience I have ever encountered from an short term disability company. I was injured in a car accident December 2015. UNUM short term disability has made it very difficult during this process. The amount of paper trail and communication is unbelievable causing so much stress. This has not helped with my recovery at all because of the burden of never knowing if I will have income on a weekly basis. As a single parent this is horrible thinking. I paid into an insurance as such to protect me and my son should some things like this ever happen, only to feel like a victim from the company that was supposed to protect us. The employee agents are so rude making me feel powerless. They expect me the physical injured to fax doctors records pertaining to my injury even after my doctors office has tried to comply with their requirements.If I recover from my injuries after surgery I will never use this company again. I will seek out another insurance provider like AFLAC. I am so upset emotionally because of the constant hassle UNUM causes on a weekly basis. I have had three doctors say I am disabled and unable to work, however UNUM ask repeatedly when will I return even though I say I don't know. I am not a doctor nor is UNUM agents but they deny benefits against my doctors’ restriction and disability certificates. I just want to give up and I believe that is their goal to have me to do so. I wouldn't wish this treatment for anyone.
I have paid into UNUM disability insurance for 11 years, first time filing a claim has been the worst experience ever. The assigned claim manager never calls back, have been fighting my claim for payment for almost a month when there is documentation on file. Had to call for a manager, took a week to get a call back after I called twice and left messages complaining. I will be canceling my policy with them, not recommending this company. They do not have your best interest at heart, they just want your money, and have no desire to help when you need it the most.
I had the worst experience with Unum. That 60 percent of your wage when you qualify for short term disability is not true and they need so much paperwork from the doctors it's crazy. Seems like they don't want to give your money. I make about 490 a week when I'm working and I was only getting 116 from Unum when I was in surgery and it takes like 2 weeks before you get a check.
All I have to say is that Unum has caused me so much stress that I regret having surgery. They have threatened not to pay my benefits every 2 weeks. I was injured at work and was not my fault but I continue to worry more about survival than recovering. I am a divorced mother of three and the constant worry that they have put me through is unfair and I feel beyond harassment. I just checked for this week's deposit and I only got half. Why??? My children depends on me. I need a lawyer.
I was injured while working for my current employer, hernia, I required surgery. Contacted HR to start the process to use my short term disability "benefits". Filled out all necessary paperwork. Had surgery, doctor explains that this will take 8-10 weeks to recover or risk re-injury. Surgery was May 5, 2015. Return Date is July 6, 2015. I get my first letter from Unum saying they will pay till June 2, 2015. I call explaining that I will not be returning until July 6. They say they need more documentation from my doctor. My doctor responds with my restrictions - no pushing, pulling, lifting anything over 8 lbs., and not to stand for longer than 2 hours. Not to return until July 6. Unum responds that I can work 4 hours a day, my employer says they can accommodate restrictions. I am not a part time employee. My nightmare continues, I just received a check for 7 days. They are fighting my doctors recommendations the whole way. I hate Unum! I have paid for these "benefits" for four years, and now when I need them I find out they are garbage.
This is the worst insurance company I’ve dealt with my entire life. I had emergency surgery and filed my claim (short term disability) a week before, they still haven’t fixed their mess! My surgery was 2/19, they placed me “back to work” 3/2. I am not cleared until 4/2 and they keep giving me the runaround! Just because you can’t work, doesn’t mean your bills stop!
I have been disabled from a head injury since 2001. Now that the economy has gone downhill, Unum, who has my disability policy, has become a cruel bunch of business people. In addition, they have become much worse, since my children are grown and no longer receive SS benefits. Unum now has to make up the difference and they do not want to do that. In addition, I was one of many Unum disability clients "forced" to file for SS disability or "lose my long term benefits." So Unum forced us to use the government for part of our monthly money, so they could pay less. Most recently, they asked me to submit to a "field visit." When I asked what the field visit was for, they stated it was to update my records for medications, doctors, etc. I said to this 3rd company party that their request was odd because I just sent Unum the same information just under a month ago. When I called "Help Enterprises" number back (800-873-0933) and entered the ext. (23), I got an "after hour investigations" division. I found this very odd, since what would I be investigated for? You hear creepy stories about Unum using surveillance teams to follow those covered under their disability plan. I am guessing that I was forwarded to that unit. My head injury left me brain damaged. I had nerves severed that will not reattach, and I have very specific areas of my brain that were damaged that will never heal. This has all been documented for Unum. This company is horrible. Do not do business with them. They treat the really disabled like we are crooks. Most of us paid dearly for years for coverage, and when we need them to be there, they look for every way in the book to not pay their policies resorting to "after hour investigations" and worse. Be aware of their surveillance teams and their disgusting underhanded way of not paying benefits. This should not be allowed, and one day we will end this kind of harassment by Unum. It is abusive.
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