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UnitedHealthcare Vision Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: UnitedHealthcare Vision Insurance
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
Last year, I received an ad in the mail saying that United Health Care AARP Medicare Advantage was coming to Maui and Lanai. At the time I had Humana and was very unhappy with them, so I looked into the AARP plan and it seemed like a good deal. One of the highlights for me, since I am relatively healthy, was the vision coverage, which listed a dozen participating providers and a "0 copay on one pair of lenses and frames every two years."Well, I made an appointment with one of the in-network doctors listed on the website for an eye exam. Waited two weeks for an appointment, and when I got there they told me they didn't contract with "Spectera." I told them I didn't have Spectera, I had AARP Medicare PPO. They said I was wrong. Long story short, three hours of phone calls later I discovered that I do have Spectera, and not one optometrist on the island of Maui contracts with them. The UHC rep did give me one name, located 40 minutes away. But when I called to schedule an appointment they told me they only accept Spectera for glasses or contacts... Not the exam. AND the "0 copay every two years" is total fiction. Spectera pays no more than $70 towards any and all eyewear. Even the UHC representative couldn't explain why the plan materials say that when it is patently untrue.I think UHC should be held accountable for listing dozens of in-network providers on their website who actually do not accept their insurance. It's not just misleading... In my opinion it's fraud. Suppose I had gone ahead and gotten the exam? I would have been stuck with the bill because I relied on the information they provided. And I'm quite certain UHC's response would have been "too bad so sad." I've made an appointment at Costco for an eye exam and will pay out of pocket. Meanwhile, I will file a complaint with CMS about how UHC misled me and thousands of other Medicare recipients about their coverage.
My provider discontinued using UHC/Spectera because of reimbursement problems & now use them as out-of-network. Sent bill/receipt for exam of $40 to PO Box 30549 & received reimbursement. Sent receipt for eyeglasses to same PO Box on 2/12/18; followed up on 3/15/18 w/ Alan & told could not find anything in the system, so just wait. On 3/23/18 w/ Nancy who couldn't find anything yet in system; asked what address it was sent to & was told I used the wrong PO Box. Gave me PO Box 30978; resent the info that day. Can't understand why there would have been response & a check for the first claim & the second claim would be the "wrong PO Box"???
I had an appointment with an eye doctor for a routine vision exam because I believe, but not 100% sure that a representative told me that a routine vision exam was covered under my policy. Because the claim was denied, I requested that they listen to the recorded conversation which they allegedly did. I was told that the representative did not tell me that the routine vision exam was covered; and therefore, requested that I listen to the conversation. I was told that this is proprietary information that they could not share with me. I was not happy when the company I work for changed to United Health Care because I was told doctors do not like this company because they have to fight with them and consumers would have to appeal claims due to mistakes they make. I don't know if there are any laws or regulations regarding a citizen's right to listen to a recorded conversation and was told to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.
Without notice, UHC dropped two of our children, claiming they had another provider. Now, UHC has dropped my daughters, a twin, from the vision plan without reason. There has never been any contact from UHC to explain the changes or that they had occurred. After discovering we were being denied coverage, a call was made and the children were reinstated for healthcare, but not vision. Nobody at UHC has any documentation why this is happening.
Spoke to someone named Jean about conflicting coverage and wanted to verify the coverage I was using was still valid (issues with my company paying for it). When I input my subscriber ID number, the automated phone computer told me it wasn't found, so of course I asked the live rep if the account was still current. She gave me a snarky response and said she was able to pull it up but didn't specifically say yes or no. When I asked another question about calendar year coverage vs. employee fiscal year, her answer was still equally ambiguous, and when I asked to clarify, I was again given attitude again. I asked her to hang up so I can take the survey at the end, which is my right due to poor customer service, and she just stayed not the line for several minutes, refusing the hang up! I've encountered bad customer service, but this woman is a piece of work! Should be fired or at least reprimanded.
My employer offers voluntary vision insurance and I have purchased this coverage for the past four years at an annual cost of approximately $300. Each time I've incurred vision expenses, I've discovered that the provider I chose was out-of-network. This year I visited UHC's website to learn who was in-network and exactly what benefits I would receive. I had my contact prescription in hand while viewing the website and discovered that UHC offers contacts by mail for a reduced cost. I used a link on UHC's site to the contact provider and was required to acknowledge that I was leaving a UHC site. I arrived at a webpage that read "Welcome United Health Care Members". I made the selection of the contacts that would result in the highest level of reimbursement, 100% coverage for up to a year's supply. I was surprised to find that I needed to provide a credit card for this purchase despite my coverage with UHC and the convenient link between UHC's site and theirs. If I have coverage for 100% of the selected contacts, why wouldn't the online provider receive payment from UHC? I called the number on the website and while on hold I listened to a message stating that independent ophthalmologists could partner with this provider to provide their patients with contacts and receive commission (kick back) on all purchases made by their patients. I thought to myself that UHC was likely receiving some kick back for my purchase but if I receive the same contacts for less cost with the convenience of online ordering, what harm would additional revenue to UHC cause me? When the representative came on the line, I explained my confusion. Why must I use my credit card to purchase contacts that are covered at 100%? The representative explained that I needed to pay for the contacts and submit a claim to UHC. I accepted this as reasonable and paid $180 for a six month supply of contacts and then went to the UHC website to find a claim form. No such claim form existed so I phoned UHC and was instructed to use an out of network claim form and mail or fax the claim to UHC. They processed my claim as out of network at $105 of my $180 expense. I went back to the web pages and on the last page of the contact provider's website (as you are paying), in a tiny font where you would normally find the name of the software/application used to write the website or find trademark details, there is a statement that the provider is out of network with UHC. So much for that convenient link on the UHC site and "Welcome UHC Members". But if that wasn't bad enough, I submitted the claim on 1/30/2014 and still have not received payment. Their explanations/excuses alternate from one call to the next. The first call is "We will issue (or have issued) a stop payment - we can see the check has not cleared. Here is a confirmation number for today's call". On the next call, if it has not been 30 days since the previous call, they say "we have 30 days after the stop payment to re-issue a check. Please wait 30 days and call back". If it has been 30 days or more since my last call, their response is "I see record of your last call but a stop payment has not yet been issued. We'll do that now and issue a new payment. Here is the confirmation number for today's call".I need an Explanation of Benefits to file an appeal of the manner in which they processed my claim - Out of Network. Interestingly, they've revamped the UHC website and there is now a clear disclaimer that the Online Contact Provider is Out of Network. Fortunately, I saved screen shots of the site as I experienced it - only disclaimer in a font of approximately 3 pts. and only on the last step of purchasing (not on a UHC web page). I suspect UHC is not paying vision claims to insureds and I'm certain that many more MEMBERS experienced the same deceptive link between the UHC site and the Online Contact provider. If they save $80 on every claim, plus make some commission on each sale, UHC is collecting quite the little bounty. Even better, from what I am able to tell they simply do not pay claims. I would like to find a class action attorney who needs Plaintiff #1 against United Health Care Vision Insurance.Today when I phoned, I was escalated to a supervisor, Kyron, who asked if anyone has yet explained to me that UHC's recent system conversion is the reason for these delays. I pointed out to Kyron that during their conversion they continued to accept my premiums and therefore had an obligation to pay my claims. Kyron responded that his department just pays claims and has no responsibility for collecting premiums. Wow. Kyron doesn't split atoms in his spare time.
UHC and UHC Vision are technically incompetent. I have been working with my HR department and UHC customer service for over 6 weeks. My HR department has corrected the eligibility date multiple times with UHC yet their online systems for providers and patients still reflect the errant date. On top of these issues they also fail to log customer calls and can't track work done in previous phone calls with the support teams. So my HR team and I start from scratch with each new call. Their systems fail to reflect eligibility per the contracts they have with employer. If I could give negative stars for a rating I would, they don't even deserve 1 star.
I contacted UHC Vision for list of providers - as I live in a very rural area in Virginia. I was sent a list of 100 providers that were supposedly within a 30 mile radius.The mileage to these providers listed is nowhere near being correct - DON'T KNOW WHO DID THE CALCULATIONS. Of those 100, 91 were OUT OF STATE in Md. The mileage may be correct if travelling by boat across the river, but by land, all were well over 100+ miles away. As well, 2 of the providers listed were in WEST PALM BEACH, FLA with travel distance showing 31.47 miles. Florida is 4 states away - not sure how that is showing in my 30 mile radius - but I was assured this listing was the MOST ACCURATE and UP TO DATE listing.I have no providers available within a 75 mile radius that participate and that is just to get an eye exam - does not include getting glasses - which would require additional trips back somewhere else to be fitted, etc. The closest provider found is ONLY available Fri 9-12 - and ONLY does eye exam, does not have glasses available - meaning another 70-80 mile trek somewhere else, w/ add'l trips to get glasses/contacts. It's pretty much pointless to even have this insurance as it's worthless to those of us living in this area. With as many employees as Bon Secours has in this area, something needs to be done to accommodate these employees and families with this insurance. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED AND FRUSTRATED.
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