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United Healthcare Dental Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: United Healthcare Dental Insurance
Overall average rating of 3.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 22 %
We have had United Healthcare Dental since 2014 through work, and every March during the renewal period they change the start date. We can never get off the waiting period list so it has been useless for orthodontic, dentures or crowns. Shopping around so we can get our needs met.
United Healthcare Dental Insurance was recommended to me by coworkers and friends that have had past experience. I also did my own research and they had good reviews. Their dentist office location is also very convenient to where I live and they have hours that work for my schedule as well. They have nice staff and the dentist is very knowledgeable and puts me at ease. However, I do not like the different copays that are needed for different services they offer and sometimes the waiting time can be long since they are very popular in the area they are located in.
I reviewed multiple insurance policies online and called for quotes over the phone also online and this policy was more fit for my budget with dental included. United Healthcare Dental Insurance has variety of general doctors and specialists and hospitals near my area. Also has customer service in 24 hours and referrals are taken care immediately. Also have late hour doctors office that can accommodate my hours.
Poor Management Practices. Found myself in the never ending hold cycle of United Healthcare that appears to be designed solely to prevent you from canceling your policy. If you are encountering similar service, you can file a complaint with your State Insurance Commission and thus create a paper trail that backs your timeline. Your State Insurance Commission is required to contact United Healthcare on your behalf and the x amount of days to respond.
I signed up for dental insurance Online through my employer’s website. The process was simple and easy. I was able to review a pamphlet as well as online information pertaining to the plan and coverage information. The information was detailed and easy to see which plan was best for me. When I went to my employee’s portal to make my selection, I found what I wanted, clicked it and confirmed it. I feel that this company is very similar to all other companies with basic coverage. You get two covered cleanings a year but have to pay a lot out of pocket for anything else that is needed. If possible, insurance companies should try and cover more than just the basic dental procedures such as cleanings since most Americans need more than just a cleaning. Cover needed fillings, crowns, etc. especially if poor mouth hygiene leads to other health issues, dental insurance needs to cover more. Also, the dental industry needs to make dental work much more affordable. There are middle-class families that cannot afford to get dental work done because of inflated prices. Something needs to be done and insurance companies are trying but to keep up with inflated dental costs and unnecessary high prices is hard and pretty much impossible. Overall, insurance companies are not at fault and are offering insurance coverage that seems to be the norm amongst most insurances. It's the dental industry itself that needs to change.
The process of getting my United Healthcare Dental plan was very fast and easy. They made me feel like a valued customer and I had no problems with them whatsoever. United Healthcare Dental provides me with great Dental coverage for an affordable price. I enjoy their coverage and their insurance rates and hope to continue to buy from them in the future.
I enjoy many features provided by my dental care such as routine check ups and cleanings being covered as well as emergency visits and x-rays for toothaches being a covered benefit. They also have hassle free billing for the most part which is very nice. My policy is through the government program Medicaid. I was sent a letter asking which insurance provider I would rather have and I chose the one with the most coverage and least amount of billing issues. But there are a few things that I would change such as the amount of coverage per person for non-routine dental care. Coverage for services such as fluoride and crowns would be covered as well.
United Healthcare Dental Insurance offers low monthly payments and good coverage across many different offices. I feel that this is the premium insurance for families of all incomes. They have completely satisfied with every single aspect of my dental care needs. I was recommended to this company by a friend. They were with this company for a number of years. I also highly recommend this company to anyone looking to get the most for their money.
I was able to choose this policy thanks to the field of work that I am in and the options to health care that they provide to me and my family in all. One feature that I like from this insurance company is that they are always in contact with me and tell me whenever something is up with my insurance. But I wish this insurance had better plans when it comes to financing and seeing just what your insurances would cover since they cut off for some reason.
I choose their policy through my employer so it was a pretty easy process and I didn't have to do much of the legwork or picking out good options to choose from. In addition to never had any customer service problems or other technical problems that I can speak, I found that I have plenty of in-network dentists to choose from. However, I wish that their insurance website was much easier to navigate. Other than that, I don't have many issues with it.
United Healthcare Dental Insurance is a great company with good policies. They always set me up for my premiums and that me and my family's best interests are at heart with their insurance. They do everything well - the rates are great and their support people are very attentive to our dental needs. Top notch service from this company as they treat us great.
I got a UHC Dental Insurance from my job. I have to spend $50 per month for insurance. I went to doctor to check up my teeth, he did basic cleaning and told me I have to do few filling & small deep cleaning, my doctor sent pre-approval but company denied even though they are supposed to cover 60-80%. My doctor office and I talked with them too many times but they are keep denying. My husband is also struggling with his teeth. Doctor sent pre-approval to deep cleaning for him. The quote was just around $650 but this insurance said, my husband does not need deep cleaning because his teeth is very bad so instead of doing treatment just extract his all teeth. I could not imagine how can person who is on his 50s live without his teeth. We cannot afford for all new teeth. Of course insurance does not cover for new teeth at all. Please someone suggest me how to fight with this company.
Not having to pay out of pocket is always nice. It also allows peace of mind in case something comes up and it's an emergency situation, I know it's all taken care of. Their process was pretty straightforward. I did a good bit of it online and had to call the number to talk to a person to complete the registration and give extra info to. Like with most insurance policies of all types, the premiums of United Healthcare Dental Insurance are a bit steep. Peace of mind comes at a price though, but it's still rather expensive. I would like to see some discounts for having good checkups, or something of that nature.
The dental office assured me they have repeatedly sent the x-rays. The insurance co. of course states they do not have the x-rays. I also have United Healthcare medical and they approved a surgery in September but refuse to pay the surgeon. The doctor office has refiled and sent the office notes but of course United claims they do not have the info. This sounds shady to me since it involves all of our claims for 2017.UPDATE ON 05/09/2018: I had a crown break off at the gum line. My dental office took an x-ray and I had a bridge done back on 7/6/17. United denied that claim stating x rays not received and they have been sent several times. Now 5/9/18 they finally admit they have the x-rays denied again. I called and now they denied because they did not get full mouth x-rays which they do not do for 1 broken tooth. My dentist office said full mouth x-rays are only done every 5 to 7 years.
I have had to appeal at least 2 claims this year to even get payment for a routine dental exam. They also refused to pay for anesthesia for my daughter to have her impacted wisdom teeth removed. Worthless insurance, have to jump through hoops to get them to pay a claim! Run, run far away. Anyone is better than them!
In Feb 2017 I contacted United to inquire about a possible health coverage for my 2 teenagers daughters. I clearly mentioned: I am just looking for prices; I am not ready to start a policy. Sure enough in July 2017 when I brought my daughters for a routine teeth cleaning to my medical dentist, I was told by my dentist that she could not assist my daughters, because they were under United Health Care coverage!!! Medical told me to contact United and ask them to send me a letter saying that I did not have any coverage with them. In Sept 2017 I called their customer service and they told me I would receive the letter in 14 business days: NOT TRUE. I called again in Nov and Dec 2017: Now they could not find any info about my daughters!Called back on Jan 18 2018: finally one rep was able to find my records and she told me that the lady in Sept 2017 did in reality send a letter saying that the policy was not valid, but she sent it to the Social Services in Chatsworth, Ca??? (I specifically asked that lady to send the letter to my house in Canoga Park.) Now a new lady (Linda) in Feb 18 tells me that I would receive another letter, this time at my house in Canoga Park in 14 business days. 3 weeks went by: I called again and asked for Linda: nobody knew about a Linda??? A new rep tells me that United can't send me a letter stating that the policy is not effective because I never got any benefits in first place from United??? My conclusion: Some of the reps in United are mentally incapacitated. Some of them CARE LESS about people problems. Frankly I do not know which is worst. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY: THEY MAKE ME THROW UP.
I received a bill from my dentist for $124 after United Healthcare Dental paid their share. The website shows the same coverage percentages for in network and out of network providers. I wrongly assumed the amounts covered for basic services (cleaning, x-rays and exam) would be comparable. I called United customer service and they said the percentages on the website were based on the amounts United covers, not the amounts billed by the dentist. It would be very helpful to those of us on a fixed income if we had honest, easy to understand coverage information before we attempt to use the insurance. There would be no way to tell how much United would cover unless they have “codes.” When I called the dentist, they stated they can’t tell me either until they submit the relevant information and codes to United. Unfortunately, the in network dentist I used to go to was terrible. My options are to pay much more each month for better coverage, drive 40 miles and see if I can find a decent dentist in network, or pay more for dental services. Like most health insurance in the US, if you are poor, you are screwed.
My experience has been fine at my dentist. I wear dentures and my doctor did a great job of replacing them without any problems. I also had no hassles with payments.
I am disabled and have a life threatening disease (which doesn't matter to the low life's that you hired). 1 hour later, 4 representatives (all separate calls because 3 out of the 4 reps PURPOSELY sent me to wrong transferred lines and blatantly lied about warm transferring me), all to JUST confirm and make sure my dental plan was cancelled for 1/1/19. Yet NO one could accomplish this. These trailer trash losers couldn't transfer correctly (twice), even when I BEGGED them to do their jobs correctly bc I am so sick. I Promises to warm transfer (twice) were complete LIES. Cold transferred (incorrectly).Flat out REFUSAL to give me a Managers name! I've worked in similar companies, I know you degenerates have this information. Complete trash that will never amount to anything because they choose a life without morals and integrity. They don't deserve even this job. The reviews below are CORRECT - crooks that should be sterilized so they never procreate. Read review below to call State Insurance to complain if they aren't cancelling your insurance policy. I will NEVER use UHC again and I will be spreading this for years to come.
I love the fact that you pay for a certain amount out-of-pocket for services covered by your plan before my insurance starts paying and this is completely great. I love all the features about the health insurance company. After I meet my deductible, you are responsible for a percentage of covered expenses. This is your coinsurance. Most UnitedHealthcare dental plans feature either a 20% or 30% coinsurance. Under some dental plans, you might pay a fixed cost for certain services, like X-rays. This is called a copay. But I called in and discussed it with the young man.
I have always worried about not having good insurance and I looked for the best policy for my family. I needed something that would be right for us and protect us so that we would always be taken care of in case something goes wrong. I like the way that United Healthcare has always made it so simple and easy on me. I have always felt like I have gotten the best care that was available to me and my family.
A friend of mine recommended me to check it out and told me that him and his family enjoyed having it. I like the low deductibles and the in-network providers they provide are very close to my house so I don't have to go far. But sometimes I don't get a representative that is knowledgeable.
I browsed reviews on the dental insurance before buying. It is a big choice because dental procedures are SERIOUS. Especially if you need more than the basic work done. With United Healthcare Dental Insurance, I love that I can be assured my dental procedures will be taken care of. I will get the best care, and in case a problem arises, I trust my insurance company to take care of the problem quickly. But there was a slight problem when I first signed up for them. I got a bill for a lot and they wrongly charged me. But I got it corrected and it was fine after that. Never had issues since!
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