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United Health Care Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: United Health Care
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
Very difficult to navigate their policies and figure out coverage. Customer service is very polite but many times they will not commit to a specific answer. I am constantly surprised by unexpected bills from providers. Maybe my expectations are too high.
Like many others comments I too signed up for UHC via the marketplace in December 2015 because the premiums were more affordable for me. (My rates with BCBS were more than doubling). Oh how I wish I would have done more research!! I made my first payment when I signed up on Dec. 14, 2015. Got a letter on Jan 9th stating my payment was received but would not be processed until Jan. 4th. My payment was not processed until Jan. 22nd. On Jan. 28th I was unable to fill prescriptions bc my insurance had been terminated for nonpayment.After hours on the phone, being transferred and disconnected I was informed for reasons beyond my understanding that I had signed up for automatic draft to be deducted on the 22nd. I never signed up for automatic payments, I couldn't even register online because my member ID was not ever placed in their system!!! After reading other comments, I see that I am not alone in my frustrations. If possible, I am dropping this insurance company ASAP. This is absurd. Thanks Obama, for screwing the hard working middle class, barely getting by Americans you supposedly help.
Terrible customer service and why pay for health care when everything gets denied and has to go through some black hole process? I have spent hours and hours of my time and gotten nowhere with this company and 2 appeals for a smoking cessation drug that is covered on my plan but they don't want to pay and have ruined a 15 year relationship with my general practice doctor. Now I'm told no more appeals and I have to wait 180 days to go through this process again! Yeah right! If any company treats their customers this badly they go out of business! This company will go down, just a matter of time. I have never ever in my entire life had this many problems trying to get an insurance company to pay for anything let alone a drug to quit smoking so it doesn't cost our healthcare system more money. I think I now have high blood pressure after 30 calls to them in 5 months and multiple conversations with supervisors and still have gotten nowhere. I will not be paying for this out of pocket given this drug is covered under my plan and THEY WILL NOT BE DICTATING MY HEALTHCARE. First experience with this company in my life as I've always had Blue Cross and they have lost a customer and I will be going up the chain with my dissatisfaction with this company.
They tell you what prescriptions they will cover over the phone. After you go to pick it up, then you find out they deny it. They dictate what medicines you should take that only a doctor can do. They should not be allowed to change a medication that has worked for you especially after you have already tried several. They don't cover what they say they will cover. Their customer service is terrible and will give you a different story each time you call. They outsourced as well so there is big communication difficulties. I would not recommend using them. Worst one I have dealt with in 15 years.
The worst experience ever, the concept is not to pay the claims until we call and fight. I and my husband used to pay more than 1000 for the premium and at the same time they refused to pay his ER and anesthesia bills when he had an emergency abdominal pain in the weekend plus that they refused to pay my OB/GYN bills for 6 months and when we got the bills and called they said "you are not covered" :( and after 30 minutes of fight over the phone they realized that there was a mistake and I am covered. They have the most horrible medical claim system ever. I will never go with them anymore.
Awful experience with this insurance company. I received the payment letter and it said that I have unpaid bills but my bank show all my MONEY is being taken by this insurance company. This is completely ridiculous.
My former employer offered to donate $100/month to offset my Medicare Supplement Plans with United Health Care. It wasn't worth it. When they took my application over the phone on November 6th, the agent told me that she would make sure my application became effective on November 1st so that I wouldn't have any lapse between my employer's coverage (which cut off at the end of the month BEFORE my birthday - which makes no logical sense). It was also essential if my wife (who is five years younger) was to have any medical coverage for the next five years. The problem is that the agent that made the promise to me never followed-through and the agents I spoke to subsequently couldn't have cared less. They have one goal at United Health Care - to taken your money and do nothing in reaction to customer requests but transfer you from one department to another. My advice is to find a better-rated provider, no matter what kind of insurance you are looking for!
I recently had a reverse shoulder replacement and UHC has been horrible to deal with. My surgeon wrote an RX for 3 times a week for 12 weeks. Well, our wonderful UHC approved a total of 17 sessions and refuse to approve any more. Who are these people making our medical decisions. Do they actually know more than our surgeons? NOT!!! These are lay people with no medical training. So sad that we have to deal with this crap. I have never wished ill will on people, but in this case I wish someone in the approval department would go through what I have gone through.
Yes I was going to get insurance with this company, but the insurance agent was very rude and stated he would not go over any type of insurance quotes with me because I wasn't serious about purchasing. I considered that to be very rude and that kind of attitude has led me to believe that this is not the company that I should be spending my hard-earned money with. Thank you.
I cannot begin to tell you how many hours I have spent on the phone being passed around, put on hold, switch to other depts, and hung up on. Eventually, I filed an issue, and months later they claim to have no record of it. I filed it again, and received a letter saying they are not able to inform me about their findings due to peer review confidentiality requirements. In my opinion, the type of Health Insurance they provide does pose a serious public safety concern, because it seems they deny almost all claims and force to appeal everything, in such a way I think they deny in hopes that you will get tired of fighting and give up. I've had other Insurance companies, and United Health Care is absolutely the worst. I'm switching Insurance Company ASAP. One of the issue, is that United Health was unable to find a Doctor in their Network to accept me as a patient for needed work, because of the possible botched work I may have received in the past. When I found one outside the network, United Health Care said I could not go outside the Network. Currently, I'll likely need to find a lawyer.If you're stuck with United Health Careless or can't switch to another Insurance Company right away, you may want to consider better protecting your family, friends or yourself with audio proof. Audio proof is basically recording the conversation you have with them to ensure quality of service. Be sure when recording them you say, "Hello, I need to let you know my phone system may record our conversation to ensure quality of service." I found often they would provide me incorrect and false information, and would conduct themselves in a dismissive and detached fashion that posed serious safety concerns. Once you have some Audio Proof, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement and/or Lawyers may use the Audio Proof to go after them or their Individual Employees. If you want out of having United Health Careless, many States do allow you to switch Government Plans to another Health Insurance Company. The switch usually takes 30 days to go into effect. England has deemed this company as being pursued for poor care standards abroad.
I have used some form of United Healthcare Oxford for the last 8 years. My experience with the company has varied during this time period. Initially my experience was ok, they didn't pay for all of my medications but they did pay for a percentage of my out of network healthcare. However, when the health insurance laws changed, my health insurance went from around $500 a month, for individual coverage, to close to $800 a month. While my payment to UHO increase, my services went down. United no longer paid for any percentage of my out of network doctor visits and no longer covered medications that I take. I have high blood pressure. Luckily most of the medications I take have become generic and are inexpensive at this point- so inexpensive I don't think my insurance actually pays for them (I'm talking less than $1).I also have depression, and United does not pay for my doctors visits, and the medication I take (**), is expensive. The generic version is more expensive for some reason. They no longer want to pay for this medication and recently sent me a letter telling me they are no longer going to pay for it. I can appeal, but, they won't pay for it while I'm in the appeal process. Luckily my life does not depend on this medication. The other issue I've had with United over the last 2-3 years is that my prescription coverage was mysteriously cancelled (even though I haven't missed payments), and for about 3-4 months after Obamacare went into effect United cancelled my old plan (which was expected). United gave me a new plan with a new member ID number, which was fine, but they failed to actually give me my new member ID number or a new card.United continued to send me bills with my old member ID number which I paid, and they cashed my checks. I called United one day concerning a different matter and was told that I no longer had insurance with them. I told them that I had been paying for health coverage and gave them my member ID and was told that account was closed. Then I was chastised for not putting my new member ID number on the checks I had sent in, even though the bills they sent me had my old ID number on them! Then I had to go through a procedure where they would review my case and let me know if they would give me back my health insurance coverage, which they did, lucky me.Earlier this year I had a prescription filled and was told by the pharmacist that I no longer had prescription coverage. I had to call United two- three times until I got someone who was actually able to "turn my prescription coverage back on". I asked how it had been turned off to begin with and didn't really get an answer. Now they would like to cover even less medication. They have also not covered my in-network doctors visits. I am looking for a new health insurance plan, but all of these companies seem to be terrible. The health insurance industry make a profit by not paying for the services that they promise to customers. The new laws have made it harder for them to shirk their responsibilities to consumers. I think this has had the unintended consequence of poor customer service, lack of communication and transparency between consumer and insurance company, and health insurance companies will flat out lie to consumers to get out of paying for the services that they had promised to provide.
They have an online list of primary care doctors but when I call the number provided for the doctor I find out that either I have the wrong number, the doctor is not practicing there anymore, it's not a medical office anymore, or the doctor does not take my health insurance anymore. I called Customer service and they told me that it's the doctor's responsibility to update them. Some of those doctors I called haven't been taking this insurance for years!! How is it not the responsibility of the health insurance company to tell you which doctors are in their network and which are not.
I have been experiencing denials of Claims for missing NPI number, that is clearly shown in the appropriate box. This has been going on every month for over 3 years. Each time I contact the company, I am told it is a computer glitch, and the number does not show up when the form is transferred to them. This allows them to withhold payment for an additional 30 days. Frankly, I am exploring the possibility of suing the company for acting in bad faith. Has this happened to you?
United Health Care is very proactive when it comes to making sure its participants are getting an annual physical and annual tests such as a mammogram. They also will do an in home health check for free! I am extremely pleased with United Health Care.
Sumatriptan denial - I have managed having migraines for years. The neurologist recommendations are for 9 pills per month. It has been the standard amount for two other insurance companies. This many pills allows me the ability to work and function, knowing that I have medication if I need it. I have insurance through my employer, I also pay a premium. I cannot believe this company is allowed to do this, randomly choose not to follow MD recommendations. This medication is expensive. Shame on them.
United Healthcare (my new insurance provider) told me today that I must pay the co-pay for NuvaRing because it is not birth control (my Ob/Gyne would beg to differ) but is a "maintenance drug" so they do not cover it. I'm a lawyer and even I couldn't understand those mental gymnastics. Also, it took them 30 minutes to find a primary today (our given PCP that was assigned by UH said she doesn't accept UH!!) that actually would accept our insurance so that my husband could go to this PCP, just to get him to sign a letter to refer my husband to a urologist to get his vasectomy. Ridiculous. Worst insurance EVER!! Can't wait for October to get the hell away from this insurance nightmare. It's worth paying more!!!
I had multiple problems with UHC so I dropped the insurance in November of 2017. But, before I had dropped the insurance I had gone over the maximum out of pocket expenses for both drugs and healthcare by $347.91 and $45.57 respectively. I received a letter on the 12th of December saying that I would receive a refund in 7 to 10 days. I did not receive it and on 5 February I called them about it. They said that it would take 60 days to review. I waited and on the 2 of May called back. Once again they said I would have to wait another 60 days for review. I asked for a Supervisor and found out that they had originally sent the check to an old PO Box, I had formally changed the address with them in Feb. of 2013, which they acknowledged. I was told the money would be sent to me urgently overnight and waited 6 days for the money. I called again and was told that I would have to wait another 30 days! I was overcharged in October 2017 and now am told that I Must wait until June for the refund. Actually I have little confidence the refund will be sent. I have been told 4 times the refund is on the way but did not receive it. They suffer NO penalties for these actions, NO fines and NO interest. This is an interest-free loan for them and there is no motive to change this business model of delay and may I say confiscation because each time I call I am on the phone 90 to 120 minutes, many would not pursue their refunds because of the efforts, delays and poor response. And, Yes, I believe they sent it to the wrong address on purpose since all correspondences were being sent to my current address, why the incorrect address when it's money they owe me.
I incurred a bill of $198 from Honor Health in Scottsdale AZ on Jan 18, 2016. Today is August 3, 2017. Since February 2016 I have made no less than 32 calls to UHC to get reimbursed. I paid this bill late last year in frustration. I have been shuffled between UHC Tier 1 and LifePrint with each saying the other is responsible. Each time a new case has been opened or a rep told me it was sent to the wrong group; one excuse after another. Nobody has the power to resolve a case especially one involving such a small sum of money. You should not expect a response without a 30 day period going by after any call to Member Services. It just gets shuffled from one group to another. During this period I was told to submit written claims with receipts to 2 different P.O. boxes in 2 different states. Nobody ever responded and there is no phone number to these claims offices.Today Member Services said the National Experience Center could help, but this office would not accept new calls. While I had no complaint about the actual doctor experience in 2016, UHC member services is set up to avoid a quick resolution. This company seems to be gigantic. You can never get the same person more than once, that person expresses empathy but cannot resolve a problem! The buck stops with nobody. This company should be either dissolved or completely reorganized with "customer service" in mind. There is no excuse for the way they treat consumers. My next step is to call back in 30 more days. UHC management: are you listening???
As of June 1, 2014 my new United Health Care insurance was effective so I called OptumRx Monday 6/2/14 who reported to me about my $180 credit from a January 2014 miss pick by them, paid on my personal BOA credit card. I ordered new meds for $210 and we discussed reducing my bill by $180 so I would owe them $20. The next day I saw posting to my checking account debit card a charge of $120 as only my flex card was authorized I was surprise to see these charges on that card. I called and the $120 charges was removed the next day. Two days later the charge appeared again bouncing my account as they still owe me $180 credit. After a few more calls, OptumRx reported to me twice about how they processed a credit transaction for $180 on June 11 to my pay flex card master card ending **. Today June 23, I called pay flex twice to verify looking at last years 2013 - 2014 account and this years 2014 - 2015 card and there is no refund from OptumRx. Where did my $180 go? I called HR who will investigate my issues.
This insurance company is by far the worst our office has ever dealt with! They reject claims multiple times for reasons that are unclear to even seasoned professionals. If you fix a claim and resubmit it, they just reject it again for another reason, not just once or twice but multiple times. It's no wonder Drs' offices are dropping out of it!
I was diagnosed with a very rare form of skull based cancer. The prognosis is good based on continued medical intervention. United Health Care is my health care provider contracted by Tricare for military and retired personnel. My health requirements go outside the normal network area but only because there are very few doctors who have seen this form of cancer. I was referred to M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX from El Paso, TX. Had it not been for M.D. Anderson's experienced Head and Neck doctor, Dr. **, I would not be writing this. Long story, short... it has been like pulling teeth to get continued care approvals in a timely manner to receive needed treatments. United Health Care call centers continually reroute you to dead end or no resolutions. They pretend they did not get referrals on their fax lines and there is never a person that you can send them to. Phone lines refer you back to faxes and faxes go unanswered. Their website is almost impossible to access. Bottom line: It seems we are paying for the illusion of health care through this company. However, bills and payments come with great expediency and regularity. With a rating of one star, it appears many people are experiencing the same thing. When I can get through to personnel at UHC and get an approval, the coverage has been forthcoming BUT, if I were not relentless and demanding, or a person of lesser ability, I would probably give up and not get needed care. This company is not user friendly. Their profit margins are some of the largest in the business which translates to less care in my opinion.
Is there anything UHC does cover? I am trying to figure out just why I pay thousands of dollars a year for no coverage and a lot of extra stress. Routine physical? Not covered under UHC. Routine chiropractic visits? Not covered under UHC. One BIG scam! Stay away! Consider yourself warned. I am still being billed one year later for routine blood work as part of my yearly physical. Almost $700 for a supposedly covered service. United Health Care is the most dishonest and horrific company I have ever come across.
In the past I have bad experiences with the hospital and United Health Care helped me straighten it out. Hospital insurance People are sometimes not listening. The United agent will get to the bottom of the problem and see what they can do to fix it. They have always been helpful and courteous as well.
I had short term insurance which expired. I was called by an agent that said he had an upgrade to my previous insurance. He was lying. My Dr told me this is in fact not even insurance but indemnity coverage. Companies like this should be legally allowed to operate. Do yourself a favor and avoid these scam artists.
My wife is suffering from Stage 4 Breast Cancer. At every step of the way, she and her doctors have had to fight with United Health Care in order to receive every diagnostic test and every medication. Everything, absolutely everything is denied at first. Then the doctor has to get involved directly with UHC. Every medication refill, including her chemo, is denied until hours are spent on the phone between Dr's, the pharmacy, and my wife. My wife is fighting for her life, she shouldn't have to be fighting with UHC for the treatment her Dr is prescribing. In dealing with UHC, they will always proudly state that they have complied with every request from my wife's Drs. What they leave out is the prolonged, and unnecessary battle between them, the Dr, and my wife.
Medicare plainly states that colorectal screening test AND anesthesia are covered 100% with no co-payment or deductible every 120 months. I have UnitedHealthcare Advantage and they don't seem to think so. I was billed for the anesthesia and had to pay a co-pay and it was applied to my deductible. If you have UHC Advantage, be prepared to pay for your anesthesia if you have a colonoscopy. When they send you a letter recommending that you have this test at "no cost" - NOT TRUE!!! I had the procedure in June. It is now October and I'm still fighting for them to obey the law. All UNC people are polite, but they are not well trained or know the Medicare law.
I don't know if I despise Verizon Retiree program more or United Health Care. Both have continually messed up my subscription to a Health Care plan that was SUPPOSED to take effect in July. I paid over $200 in monthly premiums through the Benefits Center two months in a row, only to keep being told that UHC "did not have me in the system".After literally FIGHTING with the both of them on the line for several weeks, I was finally given a member ID number and Group number in SEPTEMBER... but wait - when I tried to check in and get a card, I couldn't find any information. I was then told by VZ Benefits Ctr that my policy was not in the Advantage Care Plan (which I had filled out the paperwork and paid for), but that it was in UHC COMMERCIAL insurance Department.The supervisor at VZ Benefits Center was scolding me for applying for that type of policy when I should have been submitted under an Advantage Plan. I had to practically scream at her that it was HER employee's mistake - not my request - that I was put in the wrong section of UHC. Here we are 4 weeks later and I still don't have a membership card, I cannot register online, I couldn't find an up-to-date list of doctors on their website, and when I call to speak with a rep to get a card I'm asked if I would like to schedule a call-back. The call back will be in ONE HOUR, but after I leave my number and the recorded idiot is reading it back to me, it cuts me off mid-sentence and now I have to start all over again?This is the MOST awful insurance company I have ever dealt with. And shame on Verizon - your Benefits Connection call center employees are NOT doing their jobs well and the supervisor I spoke with was incredibly rude and blamed everything on ME. When she called me back, she was cold as ice and so impolite. Don't know who was worse, as I said. If you have a chance to choose another company, stay away from UHC. And their website is almost always experiencing technical difficulties. I encourage everyone to call their State Insurance commissioner and complain about their issues.
I am a 2 and a half year uncontrolled hypertension heart disease patient. All conditions discovered and treated by Dr. Eric **. Now United Health tells me he is out of the network! They tell me I'm a dependent under his care and then tell me to choose another doctor. What kind of sick joke is that?!? I HATE UNITED HEALTHCARE. They send me bills for everything from blood work to X-rays to water. Yes water. They won't cover a cat scan of my chest ordered by my cardiologist to try and figure out what's the cause of my severe chest pain. My cardiologist persisted with a pupil to pupil review and they persisted with a don't give an F! Ha, he will bite the bullet next I guess if he continues to try and help his patients. This company is a thief. Legalized thieves. I need to stay with my doctor and will search other insurance that will allow it if I can afford it. My life depends on it.
My wife recently renewed a refill for insulin and the copay was a staggering $1785 up from last year's of $450. We paid a total of $1680 for all of 2017. She gets 5 refills a year. Called to find out why the copay was so high and got an uncaring reply - "Our cost went up but don't worry. The next refills will be only $254 each." We already paid $100 more for the first refill than all 5 refills in 2017 and will be charged another $1100 for the balance of 2018. My wife is on 16+ medications and with this unannounced increase just for this one medication I should not worry!!! My Plan D premium increased approx. 60% and my Plan F premium increased approx. 25% in the last 2 years. Who is raking who over the coals? There must be a better Company out there and when I find it United Health Care will be history.
United Health Care is the worst company EVER! They continue to DENY medication that I DESPERATELY NEED! I wonder when I end up in the hospital will they like a 200K bill instead? I have met ALL The criteria for this medication YET THEY STILL DENY! What is wrong with them. I would like to give ZERO Star but that is not an option.
I am a mental health provider and have dealt with many health insurance companies. Though there are many frustrations dealing with most health insurance companies, in the end, nearly all finally pay legitimate claims. Not UHC. I have submitted claims for the same services for one member over and over again. I have written to UCH regarding these claims on three separate occasions over the space of nearly 1 year. They have never addressed, acknowledged nor responded to any of these letters. When they request additional information on the claim, I provide the additional information but the claim still gets denied as "already having been processed" (yes, you denied it and requested I resubmit more information. Of course, you've processed it already. You all are the ones who required it be reprocessed). Then I receive a notice that the additional information was received, the claim approved and that it has "already been paid," except they never actually pay the claim. I hate to say this, but I honestly believe they are doing this on purpose and counting on providers keeping poor records and believing claims have already been paid, when they never cut a check for them to the provider. They need another class action suit filed against them.
I have cancer. We've paid our premium and the check has cleared. Despite talking to dozens of UHC contacts, I do not show up in UHC's system as having any insurance at all. This is so frustrating. We get assurances every time, yet every time nothing changes. This is incredibly stressful. I don't need this right now. Wish we would've gone somewhere else.
This insurance sucks. You are doing your employees and family a disservice to choose this for your company or family. You will be transferred 5 times at least every time you call, denied coverage for everything and will have to drive over 30 miles for any kind of specialist plus high deductible. They have never not once solved any issue for me. When you advise them you have been transferred 5 times they don't take responsibility for crap service. They are rude to you and tell you why they can't help you for the 15th time. Sorry is an understatement, I would fire them all, but I am convinced the goal here is not to pay, so transfer, transfer, transfer. Stock shares are up profit great. All things come to an end. I hope this company sees theirs soon.
I have had AARP Medicare Part D Drug plan with United Healthcare for several years. In an effort o lower my medication costs I spent time during the fall change period with both AARP and Humana and decided to give Humana a try. At the beginning of Feb. I called about refilling several prescription and got very different numbers. I then called AARP and spent almost 90 minutes on the phone with Robert, a UHC rep, comparing the costs, my monthly premium, etc. and decided to go back to AARP. He told me that we could do a verbal application form and that I could give him a verbal signature, which I did. He also told me that Medicare would take care of informing Humana that I was going back to AARP when I started my plan, as of March 1st. Today is March 1st. I have now spent 2 hours on the phone with both UHC (from AARP) and Humana. UHC had absolutely no record of my transaction with Robert. Luckily, I had not discarded the payment voucher for Humana's plan and was able to fill my prescriptions with them today. This was a horrible experience. AARP and UHC definitely need to review the training that their reps get before putting them on the phone to mess up a client's coverage!
If you buy UHC Golden Rule don't get sick and don't expect to speak to anyone. I am moving as soon as I find a new company. At some point I hope that everyone that works at this organization is subject to their health care coverage (if you can call it that).
This company insists on doing everything by regular mail and phone; no email. I would get letters asking me to call an 800 number. When I called, at least half the time, the person would not know what was needed and we would have to start over from scratch. A few months ago; they notified me by mail that I had not made a payment and my insurance was cancelled. I sent proof that the payment was made; but they still didn’t restore my insurance. Meanwhile they were still auto billing my account. I’m now with Humana which does use email and I can go online to resolve anything. I’m so happy now. I heard the CEO of United receives double the pay of any other healthcare company; it feels good to have fired him.
Have UnitedHealth as a gap policy to Medicare and I haven't had any problem with them covering my medical expenses. Looked over other plans and decided to stay right where I am.
These people are unbelievable. The agents I have wasted over 4 hours on the phone with the last week have ranged from utterly incompetent to hostile and rude. They blame my doctor for not filling out referral notices correctly... Ummm, she never had an issue ever with TriWest. Every referral she filled out with them was fine. But now, all of a sudden, my chronically ill children have no referrals for care and it looks like I'm going to be paying huge bills due to the incompetence of United Healthcare Military and Veterans. I wish there were a "0" star rating because I passed "Angry" about 4 weeks ago.
My employer recently switched from Blue Cross to UHC because UHC's plan had lower premiums. On paper, the Blue Cross and the UHC plans look identical. The problems developed when filing claims with UHC. Things as simple as a prescription medication that I have been using for 5 years now require pre-approval. I have gone a week without my prescription. My calls to the UHC customer service representatives yield nothing but double-talk. They look for ways to micromanage your healthcare (without having met) and then they do everything they legally can to not pay a valid claim in a timely manner. This company should not be in business.
For a month I haven't had any insurance. They said I didn't make my payments for the months of July or August. The problem with that is I paid two months at a time. I paid for August when I made July's payment. I went to the pharmacy to get my medicine and couldn't. That's how it started out. So for the last 3 or so weeks I've talked to at least five or more people that work there. They all say the same thing at first. They tell me that I owe for those two months. When I tell them that's not possible they say "can you hold on and let me look a little bit more?" Upon looking, they eventually find out my insurance is paid. They tell me they will fix it, but never do. After about 3 or 4 people done this, they put me through billing. Billing said they would have it fixed in three hours, and go back to get my medicine. I couldn't go back that day, because I had to go to school, so I had to wait until my pharmacy opened on Monday.So when I went to get it Monday, they still told me that I hadn't made my payments. I finally was tired of talking to everyone, so when I called again this Monday, I asked for a supervisor. He was worse than the regular employees. He didn't even try to go any deeper. When he didn't see, he just said it wasn't paid, and I need to get a confirmation number from my bank. He told me that he would call me back in 20 minutes, and not to call back because he already had my information. Well today is Wednesday, and I haven't received a call from him yet. It's like they know they screwed up. I will say this though, if I can't get my medicine because of their negligence, and I have a stroke or something, I promise I will sue this pathetic company for every penny they have.
We had Kaiser which was a big disappointment so we change to United. My wife was in an accident and lost her ability to walk. We live in a rent controlled apartment in San Francisco. United will not help us get her to doctors' appointments (she needs to be carried down the stairs). Kaiser provided this but United has been even a bigger disappointment - they will not help at all. So now, she can't even get to the doctor even though we pay monthly fees for this discriminatory practice. They act like this is the most unusual request they ever had. So this has never happened to another person? Screw you United non-Health Care.
I became a UHC Advantage Medicare (HMO) member in April 2014 in Greensboro, NC. In July 2014 I moved to TN and called to advise UHC of my change of residency, new address and to be enrolled in UNC in TN. I was informed numerous times by UNC I had full coverage in TN. I identified my primary caregiver and they verified my physician was in the provider group. I also told them I had an appointment on August 13 and wanted to make certain I would be covered. After seeing my physician, UHC denied payment stating it was outside my provider group in NC. I received incorrect information on numerous phone calls to customer service. I was NEVER informed my coverage would not begin until 9/01. I was disconnected/hung up on more times than I can count. I am in the process of appealing this decision and hopefully will be successful since the total bill is $$$.
Recurrent Diverticulitis. Third episode. Treated for two weeks with oral antibiotics. Went to surgeon for consult. He direct admitted me to hospital for IV antibiotics. Stayed for days, left with PICC line. Did ten days IV antibiotics at home. Two weeks later, no better. Drove to ER, admitted again for four more days IV antibiotics. Went home with PICC again for home IV before 10 inches colon removed. UHC has denied both hospital stays for IV treatment as unnecessary. Hospital and surgeon have appealed twice, been turned down twice. Result: I am stuck with $26,000 in hospital bills. Impossible to get answers from telephone calls to UHC. The reps on telephone have no idea what they are talking about, can't refer you to a supervisor and don't have telephone number for appeals department. Tried to call INC from hospital and they don't take calls on weekends. UHH acts in bad faith. I will have to refer to Virginia Insurance Commission as last option. DO NOT ever select UHC as your insurance company.
I do medical billing for several MDs, and the sheer amount of fraud United and its subdivisions commit is incredible. I have thousands of claims processed incorrectly. United and its reps ignore complaints. They use unqualified people to review claims. Even the supervisors of the review dept told me he had no clinical experience and knew nothing about coding. I even have identical claims for identical twins with identical notes processed differently. This company was fined by NY $350 million, but continues to commit fraud (there is no other word for it). This company is too big and needs to be broken up and Optum Insight (aka Ingenix) needs to be put out of business. $350 million wasn’t enough - they needed $350 billion. There needs to be a massive class action against them from the AGs and the consumers. United needs to disappear. There can be no healthcare reform if United continues to flaunt the law.
I have had this insurance for 20 years and have hadn’t no problem until Obamacare. It changed my insurance to an unaffordable policy. I pay 2025.00 for me (47 year old female who is fixed and had no serious health issues). My husband and son are 2100.00 (48 male and 13 year old son)... These charges are every 3 months so 4100 x 4 is my yearly fee...and to top it off last year I noticed that we had to pay upfront for all services and when we reached a deductible of 7000 per person then we would have coverages 80/20 so for 46,000 a year I will only then have 80% of my insurance paid and I still pay 20%. 46 GRAND PEOPLE so Obamacare screwed This Family over. We have always paid for insurance and now it’s 46,000.00 until they pay 80%. Wrap your head around those numbers.
We refilled a routine medication prescription through United Healthcare's mail order service (Medco) last week. The mail order filling process fills the prescription for 90 days. We noticed after filling that our co-pay was $50 higher than when we filled the same prescription in February. At first, we thought it was just one of those maddening hikes in costs. In checking on their website on pricing of the medication, the results indicated the same cost that we paid in Feb. However, when we contacted UHC/Medco customer service, they at first could not explain the higher co-pay. Finally, after doing some research, the CS rep indicated that her supervisor told her that we paid a higher co-pay because we did not comply with a UHC policy called the "Adherence Incentive policy". Apparently, because we did not fill the prescription at the end of the 90-days, we get charged the additional $50 for a tier 3 medication. We asked where that policy was published on the website, in the plan documents (SPD's) or on any of the prescription paperwork. The UHC CS rep then informed us that the policy was not written or any notice was published informing us of the terms. We asked then how we are supposed to know how to comply and what the deadline is to refill a prescription so that the higher co-pay would not be triggered? The CS rep said we would not know until the higher co-pay was charged after the fact. We were dumbfounded that UHC would implement such an unwritten policy to charge a higher co-pay without notifying members of the terms of such a policy so that we could comply. We have filed appeals and complaints with the NM PRC and will not let this action go uninvestigated. People complain about a so-called government interference with business. This is the very example why we need oversight of health insurance companies to protect the rights of consumers and regulate absolute idiotic and patently unfair actions by insurance companies.
I have AARP Medicare Complete United Health Care Secure Horizons plan. They denied coverage for the removal of a 10cm mass on my ovary. My oncologist wants to be able to remove the mass, biopsy it for cancer and if it is cancerous, remove tissue from surrounding areas, do biopsies and continue removing tissue until any cancerous tissue is removed. United Health Care denied coverage for surgery! I was told by a United Health Care representative that it was medically unnecessary! I am in pain and am not able to get out of bed without pain medication. I have been taking both Miralax and Dulcolax. Without them both, I am unable to have bowel movement. I have been post-menopausal for 10 years. With any ovarian mass it is always possible that the ovary could twist, causing excruciating pain and requiring emergency surgery. As my mass is very large, the size of a softball, I can not for the life of me understand why they would say this is a medically unnecessary procedure! Not only is it necessary, but time is of the essence, especially if this is cancerous. I have cancelled my coverage with United Health Care and gone back to traditional Medicare. I don't have time to mess around with appeals. My life is in danger and I am in lots of pain. Beware! An AARP endorsement is not an assurance of trustworthiness! DO NOT USE UNITED HEALTH CARE!
My husband recently lost his job and his new job does not have insurance yet. I have a chronic illness that requires expensive medications, procedures, and doctor's visits, so I got a plan through the market place. I paid the premium on February 23rd, 2015. Six weeks later I still do not have health care. I have talked to numerous people in numerous departments who have all basically told me I did not pay the premium. I sent proof of the paid premium, yet somehow I am still a liar. I cannot afford my prescriptions without insurance. I was told I could leave my information to talk to a supervisor. I have done this three times with no return call. I was told I could leave my information and that they would look for my payment. I have done this three times with no return call. Today I was told I never did any of these things, because there was no record of it.The people at United Health Care do not care that without my medications I could become very ill or even die, and that due to the nature of my medications, I have suffered emotional and physical stress. They do not care about their customers well being at all. Although I expect callous soulless people to work in insurance, I did not expect thieves. United Health Care stole my money, did not provide a service, and called me a liar despite the proof that I provided which shows otherwise. United Health Care may have the best rates, but what does that matter when you never receive the service you paid for? Pay a little extra to get insurance through someone else.
I am a patient who lives with rare, incurable cancer. While it tends to be slow-growing, it is something that has required management for over 10 years. Over the years, they have repeatedly denied claims for other portions of my health care, minor things. They deny the claim, my doctors appeal and they still deny, or claim they never received the information. It goes round and round. Lately, my cancer has kicked back up and my doctor prescribed a course of chemo that is typical for my disease. UHC IS DENYING CHEMO TO A CANCER PATIENT. Seriously. They just reported $53 billion dollars last quarter for revenue and they can't pony up medication for me? If I could switch insurance, I would, but, it's the only thing my employer provides. Run as far away from this company as you can.
My father needed to have a CT scan per his doctor to make sure that his cancer (has been cancer free since 2000) had not come back. His claim was denied by United Healthcare. The reason stated was "You have cancer in your nose and throat area. You have neck pain. You have a sore throat and pain in the roof of your mouth. Your provider suspects spread of 'cancer' to your brain. Your provider asked for a CT scan of your head/brain with and without a dye called contrast." The letter goes on to explain what a CT scan is and what a MRI is and then states that "cannot be done for medical reasons and you have a brain function problem such as mental confusion, change in vision, slurred speech or a new severe headache."My father receives this notification and is devastated!!! First of all, he went the doctor with throat and pain in the roof of his mouth. He NEVER complained of headaches, mental confusion, change in vision or slurred speech. He contacted his doctor and the head nurse called back and apologized over and over again since the information that was sent to him was a LIE!!! She confirmed that no one in the doctor's office provided that information to United Healthcare. It appears that someone that works at United Healthcare falsely added this information/LIES to his records so that the medical services requested would be denied.I am sure this is not the first time that this has happened to customers of United Healthcare. Please do not use United Healthcare for your medical needs because they falsify medical records so they do not have to approved medical services or items. How many others has this happened to? Who can help with this type of fraud?
I certainly cannot begin to tell the nightmare story. Trying to find a PCP was hell enough. On the website for PCP's 50% of those doctors do not take this lousy insurance or they are rated so low with online reviews you might as well pay out of pocket to get decent care. The real test was trying to find a psychiatrist. The Acclaim under Optum is an absolute joke. 89.9% of those type doctors are seeing ONLY in patients, half are not on the plan, even though the website says they are. Called United multiple times. They gave me the same list I was already looking at. A care advocate called back one day and found me a psychiatrist. Catch was - she was in Greenville, TX, oh say about 2 hour drive. That's when I went hunting on my own. Talked again with them today and they gave me two names of a nurse practitioner. Called those numbers and those two NP's are not even working at the office anymore. When you need mental health, it is impossible as their lousy list is so screwed up, i.e. wrong #'s listed for doctors, you put your zip code in and it may pull up doctors in Houston, when it specifically says they do take this substandard cheaper than dirt insurance on the website, you call and find out they do not. Verizon has really screwed over its retirees by putting them under doctors and Optum is an absolute joke. They still haven't paid ME back for all the times I had to go out on my own and find another doctor as I paid out of pocket. This is a doctor's office that takes traditional Medicare, so they do not file with United Health Care Medicare Advantage, but United says I can file a claim myself and I will be reimbursed!!! Yeah, when hell freezes over! I have this sorry substandard United government run crap of insurance. Your employees were loyal to you for 40 years and you put them on the lousiest, cheapest insurance you can find.
They made multiple debits from my checking account without my authority within a period of 20 days for almost 600% of the monthly premium. They still have not refunded the amount they stole from my account!!!
I recently contacted UHC to see which labs are within their plan and they gave me the name LabCorp and 4 phone numbers, every number I called had been disconnected and when I went online it said out of business. I even drove to one of the locations and it had been changed to a LabCare out of plan. I got frustrated and had my blood work done at LabCare. I even did a search on their site and those locations were only ones on there. When I returned to work I found out there is a LabCorp in Akron general hospital from a coworker and this was not mentioned on the website or by my the customer service rep. Now I am probably going to be stuck with the entire lab bill or half of it at least. So frustrated with UNITED HEALTH CARE!
The sales person that sold me the policy lied. He said they would pay completely for the first three doctor visits and then after that they would pay for 70%. They said they would pay for 70% for diagnostics and paid nothing. I was told they would pay between 40 and 60% for prescriptions and they paid only $1.00 and $2.00 for two very expensive eye drops. When I try to call their number I am on hold forever and then I am asked to live a number they can return my call. They never do. I even tried calling the sales person that sold me the policy and I keep getting "The person you are trying to reach is not taking calls right now". He never is!! I have read numerous complaints regarding this company and I don't understand how they are even able to sell their products.
If I could give UHC 0 stars, I absolutely would! It's awful. extremely awful. Every time I call with a problem, I'm told my premium hadn't been met and EVERY single time I am told a different amount that I owe. Customer service isn't great either. My mom had to call them for me because I was at work and I needed an issue solved ASAP. Not once but twice they hung up on her, and the sad part is, it wasn't the first time they have done that to us. Maybe if everyone there would get their ** together my mom or I wouldn't have to call at least once a week!It's a struggle getting my medicine too! Every month they have to contact my doctor for a preauthorization. I've been on this medication for over a year! It's not a narcotic or anything along those lines. It's a antidepressant so in order to get my medication on time, I have to contact the pharmacy a week ahead of time; I even went through withdrawal from the medication because of the ** they made my doctor's office go through. My doctor even told me to my face that my insurance sucks.Also as I mentioned earlier, they keep taking all my money, but it's not applied to my account. They just keep telling me that I haven't met my premium and I need to pay right then and there if I need something. So where the hell is my money going?! Those are just a few highlights. I could go on and on about this company. Just plan on taking a whole day to talk to these people. Even though more than likely you won't get anywhere. DON'T USE UHC!!!
United Health Care "without permission" changed the supplement plan to HMO. Then the representative from United Health Care told me I didn't know what I was talking about; that it had been this way all the time. I don't think so, as Medicare had been the primary and United Health Care had been the secondary for several years prior to this one.
This is the worst health insurance company that I've ever come across! First they use my money to pay someone else's healthcare for 2 months, I just recently got 1 payment back from them which took a month and a half, they still owe me another payment. Then they just took out WAY more money than they was supposed to and get this! I never authorized them to take monthly withdrawals from my account!!! Now I just called them and the recording says is open from 7 am - 7 pm but it then says the office is closed?!?! All the mailing addresses are PO boxes! I'd rather go without insurance and get fined at the end of year than give these bottom feeders another dime of my money!! I've called and called and called and the representatives are so full of crap! I absolutely HATE THIS COMPANY!!!
United Healthcare accepted my payment in May for my May payment. However, even after waiting for 20 days, I was never formally informed via letter about their so called computer issue which was their reason for not automatically deducting my May payment from my bank account. On May 29th I called again and made my June 1st payment over the phone which they sent confirmation of payment via email on June 2nd. Though I have not missed a single payment, UHC sent my doctor two letters stating that I was 2 months behind on my payments and that his request for a follow up appointment is denied. This constitutes yet another issue with United Healthcare!
Oxford Health calculates deductible application through the use of a computer they call the Accumulator. Some time over the past 6 months the computer began to error and stopped recognizing when a subscriber had reached their deductible. In my case, I was receiving expensive radiation treatments on a daily basis. This cause me to reach my deductible limit by the 5th day of the new policy year, but the accumulator did not apply it to any charges for months! I negotiated a reduced price for my treatments with the radiologist group, substantially reducing the cost to me.5 months later Oxford corrects the errors by paying the radiologist in FULL thus removing the negotiated reduced payment. They now apply out of pocket deductible charges to other providers, totally out of any kind of chronological sequence, who I do not have an agreement with. They are now seeking payments amounting to thousand that I had negotiated away! How is this kind of creative and probably illegal account allowed and not regulated! I pay my premiums per agreement, but they can cook the books whatever way is easier for them!
It is now the middle of April since my January appt and they will not pay my claim. I didn't have my cards or FSA because they didn't send them on time. So, I paid cash. I sent them a fully itemized invoice saying all that was done and that I paid up front. They harassed my doctor and myself and still haven't paid. I lost my temper in emailing them and they passive aggressively responded every time with something snarky like "hope you're having a great day" when I obviously was super frustrated and upset. The kicker now... they still haven't paid and are stating that they may bill me. TERRIBLE COMPANY. INCOMPETENT and DANGEROUS.
"Conventional" treatment for Prostate Cancer leaves 50% of men impotent, incontinent, or both. Here in NV, the costs are approx $50,000 and up. There is a new procedure (FLA), FDA approved which has been being used in soft-tumor cancers for years (and paid for by insurance companies INCLUDING UH on SOME PLANS) which is less expensive and with no life-altering side-effects. Will UH even consider paying for it? Of course not.... they consider it "investigational". They would pay for the $50,000+ procedure (but of course not for the depends or **).... And they would pay for any "complications" (blood loss, nicked bowels, and Sepsis & C dip are fairly common) but not a $30,000 procedure which over 400 men have now had with a 90%+ success rate (higher than conventional treatment by the way). Seems they would rather pay bureaucrats and lawyers than provide a decent outcome (and I guess it must work as they have been making record profits the past few years). And "Appeal board" (in house of course) what a joke....
UHC told me this year that they would only pay for 60 of my BP pills and I need 90 for each prescription not sure how much the other 90 will cost, but probably a lot of money. This is the only issue I have had so far.
It's been over a week, they changed my plan/policy on me. All my co-pays, etc and don't know how to fix it or why they changed it on me. Called IT for the site to be fixed too to reflect my actual plan and have been told off and refused a manager on every occasion. I've spend an hr on the phone for over a week and still cannot get help on this issue. I NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR.
Thru a new employer I got insured with UNITED Health Care. All over sudden I was no more allowed to use the pharmacy next door but was directed to use CVS. At CVS they couldn't supply the medication because now UNITED Health required 90 days prescriptions. Back to my Doctor, getting new prescriptions and again CVS couldn't help. Now UNITED denied coverage because I would have another health insurance. What? I am still with the same employer at that time. Tons of calls with co employer and United, even CVS called them and it took them 45 min to talk to somebody, and they still insisted that I have another insurance. Then they suddenly denied because I would be on Medicare. I never qualified for Medicare, never applied for it but UNITED denied again.After weeks they agreed that I had no other insurance and I have never been on Medicare. Now I moved from Tx to SC and guess what, I tried to get my refills from CVS and UNITED denies again because they believe I am in Medicare. They try again and again to deny coverage and just fabricate a reason. There's absolutely nothing to it. I discussed the matter with my employer and they helped me to join another insurance company. Since yesterday I am no more client of UNITED Health Care, thank God. The only thing they do really good is collecting the premium. And a nice webpage doesn't help much when you need your medication.
For the most part I like the insurance but a while back I had a broken tooth and they referred me to a dentist. The dentist said that they accepted the insurance but lo and behold not covered for X-rays or fillings. I want to keep the teeth. I have not always ready to pull the tooth out and now I’m in debt with the dentist for a $180 bucks and I don’t have that.
After what I read on this web site and my experience With United Health Care these people should be out of business. I went to Quest Diagnostics In December 2018 for lab work prior to my scheduled doctors appointment for a physical in January 2019. In previous years I have used Quest Diagnostics with no problem of claims being paid. Well this time for my visit in December I got blindsided with a full lab bill for $677. So I call United Health hoping for some help. Come to find out Quest Diagnostics was out of network for 2018 BUT as of January 1, 2019 they are back in the network. You think they could send some form of letter, email indicating there was a change but I received nothing. The rep I talked to at United Health said there was nothing they could do. Anyone beware when dealing with United.
I have had issue after issue with this horrendous company. I have never had such a difficult time with the simplest task until I switched to United Health Care after starting with a new employer. FSA reimbursements for dependent care have always been a breeze in the past with other insurance companies. I submitted my itemized receipts online, could easily track my claim after submitting, and would have my money deposited into my account typically within a week! This has NOT been my experience with United. The first claim I submitted online, I never received any other notifications afterwards. I waited two weeks before contacting United, because I couldn't even see my claim submission online to be able to track its progress. It wasn't until after calling multiple times did I find out the claim had either been denied or suspended (I was told varying stories) because there seemed to be a problem with the dates submitted, and they were "reviewing" them. After I pushed back several times to find out WHAT exactly was wrong with the dates, I was told that a mistake had been made on their part, and the claim was moved to approved status. Even then, it took another 2 weeks to receive my reimbursement. When it finally came through, I noticed it was not for the full amount! I contacted United again, and was told a portion was denied because the "services were not covered charges per my plan". I had only submitted weekly childcare expenses! So I responded asking specifically WHAT PART of my claim was denied, because I only submitted weekly childcare expenses, and if part of that claim was denied it wouldn't make sense. So the next response I received was that the entire claim had been cancelled and could I please resubmit!! HOW was my claim CANCELLED when I had already received a partial reimbursement?! The incompetence is outrageous.I gave up trying to sort that out, because I pay more in childcare for the year than I allocated to be withheld, so I knew I would still get my total reimbursement by the time I submitted all expenses. I submitted my remaining expenses for 2016 before the March 2017 deadline. The website changed, and I could no longer even see my 2016 dependent care plan, although I could still see my medical FSA plan. This was mid March, so the problem wasn't that the March 31st deadline had been reached and 2016 was no longer visible. So I submitted my receipts without even knowing how much I had left in my plan. Again, I couldn't see my submitted claim. I knew all too well they probably wouldn't contact ME, so I promptly contacted them to ask why I couldn't see my plan or my submitted claim. I was first told nothing had been submitted. I had to push back to get them to even look any further because I definitely HAD submitted my claim. Then I was told I needed to resubmit with the "correct date of service and charge amount". I submitted itemized receipts like I always do! They are prepared by the childcare provider and meet every single requirement. So I called customer service again to see what the problem was. The next lie I was first told was that I needed to resubmit an itemized claim. I explained I did that the first time, so could they please tell me WHAT EXACTLY needed to be changed, otherwise I was going to submit exactly what I submitted before. Then I was told they just couldn't see it, so it must be a website problem, and I needed to contact the tech support team. They connected me with this team, and I was told I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE a 2016 dependent care account in my plan!! HUH, that's funny, because my allocation was taken out EVERY PAYCHECK and I had already received a reimbursement!! So the next lie they came back with was that as long as I submitted it, everything was fine. I told them NO, I was told it had been denied (WITHOUT GIVING ME ANY NOTIFICATION AGAIN), and I needed to resubmit. Finally after all the back and forth, the lady said she would have to contact Operations. THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE WHAT'S GOING ON!! I left feedback that it really seemed as if United was trying its best to ensure I wasn't reimbursed for MY money that's taken out of MY paycheck. I SHOULD NOT have to jump through hoops, hunt people down like it's my freaking day job to get answers about something so simple!! I SHOULD NOT have a claim denied and NOT be notified about it!! This "company" deserves to be sued. This is outrageous mishandling of the claims process and I am FED UP!! I am complaining to my HR department and requesting they look into switching insurance agencies. I cannot go through this every single time I submit a reimbursement claim, and I know I am not the only one having so many problems with them. Such an awful, awful company.
I am an international student and I had many health care insurance before. United health care is the worst I had so far. They denied to cover for all of the expenses for my ENT treatment. They also cover very little portion of the medicine. When I called their customer service I waited so long to connect with a customer representative. They are not helpful and informative. The last representative I talked was rude. I don't recommend this company to anyone.
If there was a way to give less than 1 star I would. When my employer made the switch to UHC they immediately denied coverage on a medication I'd been on for 4 years. After following all their hoops to jump through to get back on it they still denied it. I had to try other medications first so I didn't and they did not work still they refused to cover an important medication I had been on for 4 years. The other ones just didn't work so I had to pay out of pocket for the original one that they wouldn't cover. Finally I became so fed up and I work for my families' business so I threatened to move our 2 companies' policies. Finally they said "oh looks like you have tried the alternative medications so yeah we will cover it" after paying $1600 out of pocket over the last 3 months when they "should" of been covering it. I submitted an reimbursement form since the lady on the phone said it should have been covered those 3 months and what do you know they denied it saying prior authorization was required. NO **! My doctor's office attempted to get prior authorization 5 or 6 times and were ignored and hung up on when they called to see what was going on. They have horrible customer service and communication. When our companies' policy comes up for renewal we will be moving and never be coming back to this joke of an issuance company. My parents had a similar problem. After meeting their deductible they still were forced to pay out of pocket and were denied reimbursement as well even though they had met 100% of their deductible. What a horrible company. I would NEVER recommend them under any circumstance.
United Healthcare had previously explained that they had a software problem with the first mistake on cost to us and would correct it. A month later, same mistake, same excuse. Today, I spent 2 hours on the phone about an error on their part (claiming a doughnut hole when my plan does not have one). First, the representative went off to find an answer and 15 minutes later, they hang up on me. Second representative took another 20-30 minutes or so, came back and started to explain but got cut off. Third representative called their Pharmacy Desk who had to call Prescription Solutions (another bunch of **) and I gave up after another long wait.
I got Healthcare through the Market place for the 1st time this year. My agent processed the application with United Health Care on 12/15/2015. I have tried to log on United Health Web with my SS# and pay and it didn't recognize me or our policy. I have tried to make a payment by phone & the system doesn't recognize the policy member id that I key in.. It keeps stating other numbers that I didn't key into the phone. Finally on 1/10/2016 I was able to sign on with the Member Id. It shows our policy online... but wouldn't let me pay. So I called UHC and he said to call the Market place. So I called the Health Care Market Place and they showed our policy is active. She said that I should call UHC back and tell them that everything is good, and they had already applied premium to the UHC policy. So I called UHC back and they said that the policy had been cancelled because I didn't pay before Jan 1st.. that I should ask for a reinstatement so I can pay the premium & gave me a ticket # and email address to make a request. Anyway after many emails and phone calls on 1/13/2016 the customer rep at UHC said that she would reinstate my policy to 10/01/2016 if I would pay my premium that day over the phone. So I gladly gave her the information and the premium payment was taken out of my bank on 01/14/2016. Now today 1/18/2016 I call back and UHC states that they can't reinstate my policy.. that I have to call the Market Place and resubmit another application. So I might not get coverage until 3/1/2016... and they don't know where the premium payment went.. maybe is being held until I reapply. What a MESS..!! If I had know that... I would have submitted an application before Jan 15th so I could at least get coverage for 2/01/2016.. I AM MAD!!! The last representative said that over 1/2 of the customers have been cancelled. Time to call the Governors!!
Useless garbage. Cannot get a PCP appointment anywhere in New York. Nobody takes this garbage insurance. It is a waste of money. I will wind up paying for my primary care appointments, examinations, and tests. The worst! Con artists. Criminals, just taking the money and doing nothing.
The insurance company is charging co-payment for generic Lipitor, same as brand name. When I complained about it, I was given a lame excuse of their being the only one generic supplier, and as such, they have to charge more.
I have a supplemental drug insurance policy from United Health Care (endorsed by AARP for seniors). The monthly premium for my wife and I in 2015 was $52.10 Each. The premium for 2016 increased by 24% to $64.70 a month each. The new premium for 2017 is $80.50 a month each - another 24% increase! The pharmaceutical industry is out of control, the insurance companies go along and AARP continues to collect its endorsement fees, and the government refuses to "interfere" in the competitive bidding process lest the poor drug companies lose money. The whole system stinks from top to bottom!
I just became under United. Well let me put it this way. My approval will start August 1st. Of course I can't log in. The coverage is idiotic. No eyeglasses. No Chiropractor. They give you absolutely nothing and my payment to the rheumatoid doctor is higher. Primary is higher at this stage of the game. I have no choice The coverage that I have. Now their Rheumatoid doctor in my area "I'm not accepting new patients." I have to drive 20 miles away that's where I have to drive and I was willing. Unfortunately they're taking no more new patients so I'm stuck with United. Well speaking to a rep at United he wouldn't even allow me to go on this site and pick out my primary doctor. He picked it up and said "you can always change it." No kidding. I will hold on to this coverage until my other insurance coverage adds more Drs.
I signed up with United Healthcare through the Affordable Care Act in 2014. Last year, I had no problems with their billing department. Each month, I would go online and submit a payment. This year has been a complete nightmare. With the exception of February and March, I have been on the phone multiple times each month (4 to 5 hours total) to try and get my billing issues resolved. In April, I went to pay my bill online and was told that my account was "voluntarily suspended." This was news to me! After several phone calls (and several hours), an agent told me that the company was in error and that I could pay my premium by phone, which I did. I was given a confirmation number, and the premium was deducted from my checking account. I was told the issue was resolved. It wasn't.The same thing happened in May and in June. Both times, I paid my premium by phone (after many phone calls and many hours), was given a confirmation number and was told the issue would be resolved. Today, June 29, I went to pay my July premium and found that my insurance has been terminated for lack of payment! According to United Healthcare, my policy was terminated on April 30 - and there is no record of my payments for April, May and June. Their computer system is a mess! I called and spoke to a representative, gave her my confirmation numbers, told her that the money had been deducted from my account, and she said they would look into it. She gave me a turnaround time of 5 business days. I told her that this is unacceptable, particularly with the holiday this week.I have sent the company numerous emails, I have asked to speak to a supervisor, I have made repeated phone calls over the months - all to no avail. In the meantime, I have held off on any routine doctor visits this year, waiting for the UHC billing issues to be resolved. It is now June 29 and I still can't see a doctor. In fact, now my account is terminated for "lack of payment!" I'm infuriated. I have complained repeatedly to the New York Health Exchange and as of today, they are going to look into the issue for me. I'm not holding my breath! Needless to say, I plan to get this resolved and find a new health insurance company as soon as its possible. In the meantime, I have paid them thousands of dollars for lousy service!
Does not send bills or emails reminder. Need to send bills or emails like other company to remind us with dementia to pay without giving up account number to be hacked and stolen from another big company. Just send bill or email reminder. They can send cancellation letter but no bill or reminder. What happened to customer service?
I tore my meniscus, am in pain, and have been scheduled for one week to have surgery. With UHC you need to have your surgery approved before the surgery happens, otherwise they won't cover it. I didn't think it would be a problem - after all, I had a full week for them to get to it. Yet now I am having to cancel my surgery because they haven't gotten around to approving it. I have the impression they couldn't care less. I hate health insurance companies, and UHC is as horrible as it gets. The USA needs to wake up and get rid of insurance companies. What a stupid, inhumane system!
Back in November, United Healthcare signed me up with a doctor/ARNP who hasn't taken patients or had a patient practice for 20 years. She told me she has been trying to get her name taken off their list for a year, but they keep sending people to her. So I called them. The rep on the phone was very nice and after about 45 minutes, she found me another healthcare provider, but informed me that I would not have any coverage until January since they would have to start my enrollment over or something of that nature that I did not understand. But I shrugged it off.A month later, I received my new card with a new PCP. So I called them. They informed me that they don't take my particular health plan and that United Healthcare keeps sending them people with ineligible plans. So I called United Healthcare again and sat on hold for a good 45 minutes. When I finally got through to a representative, again she was very nice and apologized...a LOT. She then put me on hold while she called around to find me a doctor who was both taking patients AND took my insurance plan.After 30 minutes of that, she came back on the line and said that she could not find ANYONE in my area and that she was going to send my account over to "research" to see if they could find me a provider and "hopefully" I should hear from someone in 2-3 days. Luckily there is nothing significantly wrong with me right now, but what happens if something does occur while they are researching?
I just read the following posted in Tampa Bay, FL newspaper and can tell you how United Healthcare is operating to keep large profit margins: United Healthcare, the nation's largest health insurer, is hardly hurting. It earned a $2 billion profit in the third quarter of 2013, company reports say. But that was down $200 million from the same quarter last year, largely due to changes in Medicare advantage.68 year old man with a fractured leg bone is denied a diagnostic test so that the degree of injury can be determined and treated. During nine days, bedridden and in pain, the "review board" was given numerous documents by the treating physician and used one word or phrase in the doctor's notes to find the loophole to deny the test. The most recent communication with a representative was to go to the emergency room and get some pain medication (that's a $100 co-pay plus the cost of the medicine) and the painful experience of getting transported to the emergency room. United Healthcare's review physicians have long forgotten to "first do no harm". This is outrageous...if this was one of their loved ones, you can bet they would not be allowed to be in pain hoping for treatment! I hope they all choke on their profit margin!!
My dear mother was given three weeks to live. I took her home from the hospital which only gave her codeine patches and this company refused to pay for the patches. They put my poor sick mother on hold for hours (we have phones records) from one department to another department! They knew my mom was old. They knew she was sick and they treated her with no respect!!! What a shame!!! Worst company ever!!! It's like being on welfare!
I have an HRA account with United Healthcare. I submitted a claim for reimbursement on April 9. I called on April 10th & was informed my dad was not received. I called back on April 11 & was informed that it was received however my claim was denied due to it being a duplicate (I only sent it once.) I spoke with a supervisor named **.... He said he was putting it thru because I in fact sent it once... I spoke with several other people and another supervisor named **... I finally spoke with ** who informed what DUPLICATE met on April 21... My actual dentist appointment was 2/18/2015. I paid for 2 services 1 with my FSA card & the other with my personal MasterCard at $160.. It appeared to U.H. that I was trying to double dip... My dentist even sent over BOTH receipts... I'm still waiting on a resolution.
My son was admitted to a mental health hospital to help with his depression, anxiety, and Autism diagnosis. He was stabilized at the inpatient facility on several medications. He was discharged and was recommended to attend a Partial Hospitalization Program to continue his routine and access to medical professionals. Then I had to try to fill his prescriptions through UHC and UHC Community plan. The one script for the stimulant was denied. Then they said we needed to try 3 different stimulants first, or ADHD medications.We tried one, didn't work. Now he is back where he was before the hospitalization, unable to get out of bed, and can't attend the Partial Program. Now I filled the 2nd script to try. Why should he be forced to try these alternative medications, when he found something that was successful for him at inpatient? I have spent hours on the phone with reps from UHC who continue to pass me around from department to department. They are responsible for him spiraling downward, as they are not approving the medication that he used for a week successfully.
First of all UHC makes it practically impossible to use your FSA. I find that disconcerting since if you don't use all of your money the company gets to keep it. So maybe they split the difference or whatever. Then when you quit they make it so hard to get your Cobra set up that you almost give up and let them have it. It took me over a month to get them to send me the billing so I could continue my FSA then they still had it wrong and sent me 2 different bills - both with the wrong amount. They are totally incompetent. This is how we should reform our health system - get rid of idiots like UHC!
I have Silver Compass with United Health. I pay $338 month with a $1600 in network deductible. I cannot go to a doctor because every time I try, the doctors say they don't take new patients. With this plan I was told my GYN took the insurance. Now United has an annual visit claim to pay and they are refusing stating she is not I. Their system. I even had the Governors office verify that she was in network when I got the plan. They are taking my money and I cannot get medical care. Why is this legal???
In the 27 years I've worked in billing, UnitedHealthcare makes the most mistakes when processing claims. This is frustrating for both the member and the provider. Frequently claims are processed as "out of network" and a deductible or penalty will be applied when the provider is in network and has been for year, such as the physical therapy clinic I work for. Also, they outsource their provider services department overseas and I am put on hold many times, sometimes end up getting disconnected while on hold and have to call back again.An example is, they receive a claim and deny it stating on the EOB that the member has reached their benefit maximum of a certain amount of visits. The patient has not even come close to the maximum. You look online at their website at the claim and it says it's pending for medical records to be sent which were sent a month ago. You call and the customer service rep tells you they have received the records and the member called and informed them that they are not at their limit of visits, so they will then go ahead and have the claim reprocessed. However usually when this happens the provider will get a letter in a couple of weeks stating the claims processed correctly and you have to call again and the cycle repeats itself. They are the worst of any insurance company with processing claims correctly.
California United Health Mailings seem to come with each sun rising. Needless, meaningless regardless that I have set up electronic communications only. They write pages and pages, one page to say they are no longer writing, one page in 4 languages, 1 page for my name and address, and one page of crap. They just keep coming. Saturday one, Monday another, they just won't stop... Guess they love killing trees and making California paper, envelops, and someone pays for the postage (you and I in the premiums). Did anyone audit this crap out of California, I'd fire about 50% of UHC employees, last year I bought a CPAP they didn't cover, I finally agreed no pay but they wrote me for 9 months about it! Wow, a factory of paper. United Paper Company... No problem, raise the premiums.
I joined United Healthcare through market place on February 2015. From February to May 2015, I made four payments to the plan of $1133.41. I set up an automatic withdraw payment for the month of June 2015 using the online system at [email protected].com. On June, I received medical services and after a week the doctor office communicated me that the health insurance did not pay them claiming that I was terminated from United Healthcare market place plan. I called United Healthcare through market place and they indicated that could not find anything wrong on the system and that my payments were in order and they could see that I set up automatic withdraw from my bank account to pay for the month of June. They also indicated that there was an error on the system and that they would fix it and reestablish my account to withdraw the premium for the month of June. They said all would be good within 3 days to a week. After a week nothing was resolved and my health provider was following me up on the resolution with the Health insurance. In addition my wife needed some medicines to be delivered and they were on hold due to the issue with the health insurance. I called United Health care again and found out that this time they deleted one line from my payment history and they indicated this time that I did not pay the month of May 2015. I indicated that I have evidence of all payments I did to United Healthcare - market place and that they have a big issue with their system. I offered making a payment by the phone to cover the month of June but they said that they can not accept the payment due to the account not being activated. They promised all would be solved and that I should be able to make the payment next day. That did not happen. I am still waiting for them to correct the problem. In the mean time my wife does not have her medicines and my health providers are not happy with me.
THE ABSOLUTE WORST, DO NOT BUY THEIR BAD INSURANCE. First, super expensive premiums. Second, denied payment of medically necessary tests (MRI) that were ordered by Dr. - this was not an elective test. Third, they have an arbitrary and mysterious system for applying your out of pocket cost to the deductible, which is never explained. Out of $3,000 I had to pay out of pocket, only $500 was "allowed" and applied to my 3,000 deductible. This is really the worst thing since it makes this company a fraud, actually scamming us. Under their scam system, no one will ever reach their deductible or out of pocket maximum, and they will NEVER pay your health costs. Which is what happened to me. We have been bleeding money since we've been on United Health Care, and we can't wait to get rid of them. Horrible.
Took my daughter to the Dr., and she prescribed a RX for the symptom. I went to the pharmacy to pick up the RX and gave them my benefit card. The pharmacist then said United Healthcare requires a pre-authorization from the Dr. before they will cover the RX. What? The Dr. prescribed the RX, it's on the counter in front of me. I called United Healthcare and he said the Dr. has to fill out the authorization form with them for certain meds. So after an hour, I left without the RX. The Dr. clearly deemed this the best RX for the patient, as they prescribed the RX. Why is United Health Care not wanting to cover it? Then, to make matters worse, the United Health Care guy couldn't tell me why...
My wife and I bought Health One Dental Insurance. The cost for us is a little over $80/month. The max yearly payout is $1000, but you have to pay in for a year before they even cover any major dental work. Our plan was supposed to pay 50% for major dental work, but that is 50% of what they allow for a particular procedure. I needed a crown, and my dentist was charging $1100 for this, but they only allowed $598, so they only reimbursed 50% of $598, or $299, so I had to come out of pocket for over $800. This is truly a major Rip Off! I would have been much better putting that $80+ in a savings account, and just paid my dental costs on my own. DON'T BUT THIS RIP OFF DENTAL INSURANCE!!!
I am a preferred provider for UHC and since Optum has taken over handling claims they are not paying valid health insurance claims. Their insured and providers need to file complaints with the Texas Department of Insurance, TDI and action should be taken against them for not honoring their contracts. I treat their insured in good faith and need to be paid in good faith on valid claims.
I have called United Healthcare and their prescription company Express Scripts and they both refuse to allow me to opt out of home delivery. I live in a big city where packages are often stolen and don't want my medication delivered. I have complained to both companies and both tell me to call the other one and they can't help me. So now I am out of my medication that is dangerous to stop and can't afford the $200 out of pocket it would cost so they both screwed over my health! What a waste of a healthcare company!
I did not think they would be great. I was not anticipating robust and open deception. I was thinking Humana was cruddy then my company contracted with uhc. Amazingly they were worse. A ppo "plus" plan that is a glorified hmo. I have been told numerous lies. Multiple representatives told me my benefits in contrast to what the provider was starting. Finally weeks later I discovered that my yearly number of rehab sessions of twenty would only be four. I have progressed to external complaints. I will dump them ASAP. Look good on paper but it's all a ruse.
Imagine my surprise when I called in a prescription refill to CVS and they stated that as of July 1st they no longer accepted United Healthcare insurance in conjunction with my state's Medicaid program. I have used CVS for years.
I wish I could give zero stars. This company is a complete joke. I feel like their end all goal is to make sure everyone that has insurance with them dies so they don't have to cover any claims. The point of having insurance is to have anything in the medical field covered. Since day one of having this insurance, it has been a nightmare. I have had health problems since my senior year of high school (I'm now 23) and trying to find a good insurance is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I chose United Health Care because they had a good prescription program. Biggest mistake. I was very sick for about a year straight. I was in the hospital multiple times, changing medications and getting different tests done. My last hospital stay was in February for five days, four nights. I had multiple tests run and UHC denied the whole thing. They said it wasn't "medically necessary" for me to stay. Even though when I called and had a fit about it the lady I spoke with got very defensive and told me "she isn't a doctor." OKAY so how are you telling me I'm not sick enough to be in the hospital for FIVE days? I was put on a new medication, which was a nightmare to get covered, then they had to up my dose after the hospital stay because it was clearly not working. It took about a month for them to "approve" the upped dose. This was after they told me and my doctor that I didn't give the first dose long enough. Even though I had just spent five days in the hospital so it was quite clear it wasn't working at ALL. I ended up having an allergic reaction to this medication and had to be switched to an infusion. I'm 23 years old and I had to go once a month to a cancer center, get hooked up to machines and sit there for 5-6 hours getting the infusion done. I was a nervous wreck all the time, I hated it. I am too young to be this sick and it kills me. I was going to the cancer center at the hospital I've been going to for years. I'm finally comfortable with the situation. The nurses there are amazing and they have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable in such a bad situation. Well now I'm getting told by UHC that it is too expensive for me to go there and I need to find something new. OKAY so why am I even paying for an insurance that won't cover my medications, hospital stays and now my infusions? If it was too expensive, why did they even let me start there, get used to going there and take it all away and tell me no? I called UHC and they told me AGAIN it's not "medically necessary" for me to go there when there are cheaper options. I'm glad my health doesn't matter at all and it all comes down to a dollar sign. God forbid something go wrong and I'm not in a well-equipped facility, I die. But again, maybe that's the end goal for UHC.
I had a preventative procedure done in 2014 which I had called United Health Care's number to make sure it was done in network and was told 80% of the costs would be covered under my plan. After having the procedure I received bills and later found out United Health Care paid only 50% of the costs. They claimed the procedure was done out of network. I called and talked with a United Health Care representative who confirmed that prior to having the procedure performed one of their representatives had told me that the procedure was in network and coveted for 80% of the costs. I went thru the appeals process and got nowhere. In the end I had to pay over $2000 more than I had expected.Recently I went to a dentist to have a crown buildup done on two teeth. It was done at Midwest Dental and they confirmed that they accepted United Health Care dental insurance. Midwest Dental checked with United Health Care Dental prior to the work I needed done. They confirmed that it was covered under my dental insurance plan and told me what amount I would be responsible for and what amount United Health Care Dental would be responsible for.I had the work done at Midwest Dental. Soon after United Health Care Dental sent me a letter saying they had denied paying my claim due to a crown buildup on the teeth were unnecessary. Midwest Dental sent them pictures of the teeth before, during, and after the work was done as evidence along with a letter. Soon after I received another letter from United Health Care Dental saying they still denied the claim. I have had nothing but problems with United Health Care. They are crooks and should not be in business. They care only about making money at the expense of patients' health and well-being.
I used to have Cigna which by are amazing but I got married and got on my husband's insurance who have UHC as the carrier for all medical, dental and vision. I'm extremely disappointed at their customer service when I've asked for help. They don't care. The worse for any help! Their response is do it yourself response instead of helping by contacting the doctor's office to get the coding corrected or help locate a provider that's in network instead of directing me to their website. They are just terrible! I'll never use them again and will definitely go back to Cigna!
I had this insurance in 2014 through my husbands employer and ended up needing a hysterectomy in December 2014 - my husband's employer had already decided to switch insurance companies in Jan 2015, so I was in a time crunch. I went on Dec 8th for pre-op evaluation, and my surgery was scheduled for Dec 18th. Unfortunately I found on from the hospital on Dec 17th that the insurance had not yet approved the surgery, because pre-approval had just been submitted by the doctor's office that morning, the day before my surgery.I called the insurance company in tears to get this surgery done, as I was in pain, and I was told she would do everything possible to get it taken care of. I also stupidly disclosed that we would be changing insurance companies in a couple weeks and I didn't know what the coverage would be and I had already met my out-of-pocket annual maximum - a perfect reason for them to delay approval to not have to cover. Imagine my surprise to get a call at almost 8:30 pm (well after closing time) to tell me it was all taken care of, I could have my surgery the next morning. Surgery was done, bills were paid, no problems.A few months later the anesthesiologist was billing me, saying my insurance didn't pay them - I looked at the EOB's, which said I owed them $0 due to network discounts, so I called and told the provider this. They said "OK, no problem". A few months later (after my coverage ended) I got a call from the anesthesiologist again saying I owe, and that they are not in network with my insurance. I called UMR and they got on 3-way call with me and the provider and told them they are in network. The anesthesiologist office said "I don't care - we are billing it".True to their word they sent me to a collection agency. I told them what happened (Note this was almost a year later, long after coverage was terminated with this plan). I called UMR and they send documentation to the provider showing their in-network status with a copy of the contract. The collection agency continued to call and I continued to explain to them and they told me to call the provider, which I did, and they said they would look into it, which they didn't.Fast forward to today, March 2016, 15 months after my procedure and the termination of my UMR plan - the collection agency said I need to send EOB's to show I don't owe the balance by the end of the day or my credit is going to take the hit. I called UMR with no ID, no active plan, and no benefit to them whatsoever and spoke with Natalie, a super-sweet woman who looked up all EOB's for anesthesia (as they did not bill under their business name, but under a provider whose name the provider couldn't tell me), and she faxed the EOB immediately and waited on the phone to make sure I got it.I faxed it to the collection agency; game over - I win. UMR reps were always understanding, helpful, accommodating and expedient. I know they say people are more likely to leave a bad review than a good one, but I believe this company definitely deserves credit for the assistance they provided me, and continue to provide long after my coverage was ended. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good customer service.
Health coverage was to start on 1/1/16 did not get put into their system until 1/15/16 and did not receive my cards from them until 1/16/16. Had a prescription filled on 1/4/16 that would have cost $12.76, however due to not having insurance card was charged as if I did not have insurance at the price of $69.99. Requested over the phone and in writing reimbursement of $57.23 which was denied by the Resolutions Dept. Numerous calls to UnitedHealth One and each call I was on hold for 20-30 minutes before reaching a person. Terrible customer service.
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