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United American Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: United American Insurance
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
When I was looking for a new health insurance policy, their lying salesman kept contacting me and finally convinced me to sign up for it. I should have read the fine print, I know. For the past three years, I've paid them $30,000 in premiums. I finally had the occasion to use it for a series of steroid injections for herniated disks in the lower back. That's when I found out that this policy is essentially worthless. They don't pay squat for anything! A measly $25 on an anaesthetist's bill of $600, and they pay a fraction of the costs for tests. My back doctor said the course of treatment involves three shots, but they will only pay for one "surgical procedure" for the same condition. These people should not be allowed to sell insurance. Avoid them like the plague...Total ripoff!
I have had insurance through United American since 2008 which means that I have paid them at least $15,000. I have never had any major surgeries until April and May 2015. The one surgery alone costs $20,765 and it shows that United American will only pay $3000. In my opinion, that is definitely a rip off considering how long I have been with this company and the amount that I have paid. I will definitely be looking for a new insurance company. It's pretty sad that there are so many bad reviews and this place is still in business.
I needed pain medication for surgery and post surgical. This company denied coverage as medically not necessary. Both my surgeon and my regular doctor appealed as I was in great pain from lumbar surgery. They called with a ridiculous password ID system while I was on my recovery bed in great pain. When I finally got the info they needed their message was they were declining my appeals as the RX for pain medication they claimed was not necessary and not covered. United American thus knew more about my condition and what I needed that my surgeon and medical team taking care of me. I could not afford the medication without insurance so I had to go without it. This is a rotten, stinking company. Do not use them for your Plan D coverage as they will screw you in your time of need just as they screwed me. Open Enrollment is around the corner and you can bet I will dump them ASAP. They are horrible.
I returned to Scotland on January 24, 2011. When I received a notice from SS that my SS payment would be direct deposited into my Scottish bank, I was very surprised to learn that $53.83 was being deducted for Part D payments, since United American had cancelled my policy on November 1, 2010. For the past year, I have spoken to UA, SS, and Medicare and been passed from pillar to post. And just last week, I was told that I would again have to contact UA to appeal the fact that I "could not receive the monies erroneously taken." When I cancelled the SS payments, I told them I was leaving the country, but no one told me that Part D was separate from all other coverage. I am a 69-year-old woman with diabetes and the ensuing problems resulting from that. I need that money returned to me. Thank you.
My complaint is that for some reason we have been getting calls from United American Insurance at our home. We are on the "do not call list" and I had never even heard of them so I have no idea how they got our number. It's a pre-recorded message that's getting left on our answering machine.
Had an Agent who lives in Lake Worth Florida contact me through a family relative. "TRUST ME I will take good care of you". I should have known just then to hang up on him. I turned 65 last August and he advised me that I HAD to go on Medicare. I advised him I was still employed and had a Company Hospitalization Plan. "You're 65 and you're entitled to this program. You worked for it," he tells me. What about my wife who is 3 years my junior?? "Oh she can go on Cobra the next three years. Don't worry." I sign up for Medicare at his direction and he sells me this top notch supplemental plan that I would never have to pay out of pocket for anything.Shortly thereafter I go in for a routine Doctor's visit and they take all of my Medical Cards. Blue Cross, Medicare and of course the super duper plan that Old Ben sold me. Weeks later I am notified that nothing is covered and I owe for the visit out of pocket due to the fact I have yet to me my Co-pay for my group health Insurance. Contact my Great Found Friend Ben and he tells me not to worry. It's just a mix up and he will get it handled. Week goes by I contact him again and he tells me to get in touch with him later next week and WE will call Medicare together. I am now paying Medicare quarterly $403.00, Supplemental policy for $272.95 and my group coverage for $308.00 per month. I reach out to him again and am told he will get it corrected. It is just an error. Not to worry.Another trip to the doctor and it as the last visit is not covered. Now I'M angry. A year has passed and I am paying monthly all these fees and have yet to hear from good old Ben. Being frustrated I meet with a couple of agents locally as I live in Ohio. They immediately advise me I have been clearly misled and I need to cancel the policy, remove myself from Medicare as I have a Company Sponsored Health plan and demand my premiums be refunded. I start with my outstanding new found friend Ben the agent who told me to TRUST HIM. I lay it out in black and white and minutes later he responded by e-mail telling me to CALM DOWN. He understands I am upset however he can cancel the policy and get all of my premiums refunded.Minutes later he leaves me a voicemail 4 minutes and 7 seconds telling me the same thing and not to get upset because he will have to Lawyer Up!!! Well here we are weeks later and he doesn't respond to e-mails, United American does not respond and I have now filed a complaint against he and the Company with the State Of Ohio Department of Insurance. Both of these folks will soon be listed in a lawsuit due to the fact I have been lied to and paid out nearly $6,000.00. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of one or both of these businesses. The agent simply states it was a MISUNDERSTANDING!!! He clearly lied to me, misled me and totally misrepresented the product.
They refuse to take themselves off as a secondary of mine to Medicare. I worked for a company that they provided insurance. That company went bankrupt and United hasn't had me as an insured since 12/1/08 and is not a secondary, but are still on Medicare. Medicare says United has to remove themselves. They can't do it. Over all these years whenever I need medical Medicare is billed and United still has me as their secondary. I now have cancer which means many bills which my secondary doesn't receive. I then get dunning letters from the doctors et al. Reading these other reviews proves to me they should not have a license.
Does the term Bait and Switch mean anything to you? Remember Jim Carrey In Liar Liar? Is it a training issue, is it a scripting issue? If an anal, cranial-ectomy was possible I would schedule one for the entire executive board and senior management team of this company. How can you do so much wrong to so many good people. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR CEO. Its time for a customer satisfaction survey and ask for real feedback on your opportunities for improvement. Make sure it's postage paid. You are raping and pillaging your customer base. They will not be able to afford the stamp to return it to you. Listen to your customers before the population learns how you operate and the downsizing of your company begins and you are bought out by a private equity group who will break you up and sell you off like crickets for snakes.
When I signed up for this plan through an agent, I was told I had to have the payments deducted automatically from my bank account. After a year I switched to a Medicare advantage plan, having been told by Medicare that enrolling in a new plan meant being taken off the old one. I was shocked to find, in my Jan bank statement, that United American deducted payment for January ($309). I called them the next day and finally spoke to someone after a 45 minute wait! I told them I was on another policy and demanded a refund. Fortunately, I called my bank and told them not to allow any more deductions. The next week I received a bill from United American - for February.
Signed up after going over costs, formulary etc. Was denied a medication that I had been getting for over 10 years. Called customer service (45 minutes on hold) and was told that it was taken care of and the medication was approved. This turned out to be a lie. What followed was a barrage of robo calls from UA that required an input of Medicare #, AU account #, and date of birth. What followed was the info that the medication was denied. I also received 8 letters from CVS Caremark telling me the same thing (this took place in the space of 4 days). When I called customer service to inquire as to why my bill due 3/1 had not yet arrived as of 2/26 the agent said the billing period was for 2/10 and it could take up to 14 days to generate. Anyone on Medicare knows it begins on the first day of the month of your 65th birthday. I can't wait for 1/16.
Medicare Gap Insurance - I made application through an agent. He directed me into UA and my wife to AARP. Checks were written to cover both. She got her insurance and I got not one, but two runaround way after the open enrollment period that my insurance was declined due to a quality control interview was not done. Reason: They could not reach me. My phone has a list a mile long with all incoming calls. They did not call. I called them and did the interview as required. As of today, I still do not have coverage and the letter states that no refund is due. Two days later, I got a letter from part D saying that things changed and some of my drugs are not on their list, and I should make other arrangements to get them. Yes, I pay for this as well. What a ripoff.
They took extra money $4.00 a month out of my checking account. When I got this life insurance policy it was supposed to be for $5,000. When I received the policy it was for $3500. I should have realized it was a bad deal then. This bunch of legal thieves out to be in jail. DON'T USE THIS CO. They will get you.
In 2003 I purchased a Renewable Term Policy, a Surgery and Hospitalization Policy and a Cancer Policy. My premiums have been drafted always so never missed one or was late. It was $348 a month for all three. I didn’t realize it at the time but now I know they are super expensive to what is available out there. Shop around, don’t buy from this company. Most importantly because they don’t pay their claims. I did not do due diligence and just now come to find out I’m paying $98 dollars a month since 2003 for benefit of $48,000. That’s highway robbery. Today in 2019 sixteen years older and I got $500,000 term for 20 years for only $112 a month. Shop around please.On the Surgical policy I filed a claim in 2012 because I had a surgery. I filed in April of 2012 and up to today nothing was processed on my claim. I called many times and they always told me that they would call me back but they would not. I mailed, faxed, and emailed docs many times and they said they had nothing but yet would know how much the surgery was. Finally today I was told that they CANNOT do anything with claim unless I have a CMS 1500 form. Why did they not tell me that when I initiated my claim? After 7 years and I have continued paying. I have paid over $28000 dollars and they have not done anything to pay my claim of $16000. Please look elsewhere. AIG is good and so is Metlife for life insurance in my experience.
Rx Problem 1: I switched my Part D coverage from Blue Shield to United America as of 1/1/15 based on premium and drugs costs on the website. One of my drugs was listed as $3 for a 30 day supply at a local retail pharmacy with United American. This is what I paid under my previous plan. When I picked up the Rx, the cost was $24.51. When I accessed the website of UA, the drug was listed as $24.51, not $3. I was told by my pharmacy to clarify this directly with UA. I have placed a call to them and I have now been on hold for 45 minutes.Rx Problem #2: My doctor changed the dosage of a generic drug I have taken for years. It was submitted to CVS Caremark, the mail order pharmacy for UA. When I received the Rx, I received the brand drug and not my usual generic. In addition, I was charged $14.61 for a prescription for which I used to pay $0. I emailed Caremark and received an automated reply that it was the policy to use substitute this brand name drug when the generic drug on my Rx was prescribed.Naturally, I was perplexed because I had been prescribed a generic. So I spent more than an hour on the phone with Caremark. The rep explained that UA's policy is to substitute Rx's with a generic equivalent drug and that in this case, the generic equivalent is the brand drug! This seems unethical to me. When I complained, Caremark didn't bat an eye and said they would fill the Rx with what was actually prescribed (generic) and would send me a mailer to return any unused pills of the brand name drug. When they received the mailer, they would issue a refund. I am so upset that I have to deal with this company for a year and will examine every Rx transaction very carefully. I cannot warn you enough to research plans prior to subscribing. I leaned my lesson. Jan 2016 can't come soon enough.
I'm reading the same type of complaints about United American over and over. I have had the same problem in getting for one of my providers. The tactics that United American uses to delay payment are repetitive. Always asking for either different paperwork, or resubmission of the paperwork that has already been submitted. They illegally cancelled my Medigap policy last year. My written contract gives two ways that my policy can be cancelled, either by non-payment of the premium or by a WRITTEN notice from me. When I realized that I hadn't received my monthly bill, I called only to be told that I had cancelled my policy. They never gave me a real reason for the cancellation. They did tell me that I had CALLED them three weeks earlier and cancelled my policy, which was a complete fallacy. They have told me that if I want my providers to be paid in a timely manner that I must pay a "crossover" fee of $6.95 a month to coordinate benefits with Medicare. They can't send me an application in a written format, but they will take my money over the phone if I give them an account to charge it to. I have contacted my State Representative’s office via email and they are now doing a Congressional Inquiry into United American's business practices. I urge everyone who has had or who is having problems with United American Insurance Company to contact their State Representative so that this company can be exposed and either fined, or put out of business. They haven't had any problems cashing the checks I send in every month. They just have a problem with paying for the services even when every piece of "proper" paperwork has been sent in. It's my opinion that they illegally cancelled my policy last year because I actually use my health insurance benefits. If I hadn't been paying attention to my monthly bills, they would have been able to get away with a legal cancellation because my premium would have gone unpaid beyond the "30 day grace period". They were ever so kind to offer to take my banking information and take my monthly premiums from my bank. Did I trust them to take automatic payments on a monthly basis? Absolutely NOT. This is a non-trustworthy bordering on scamming company. Policy holders - BEWARE!
I just tried to look online for the provider phone number. I have a Medigap policyholder also. I called my policy holder's number. I put my ins number in as requested, a recording came on and then I was hung up (tried 3 times). People ask me all the time for a good supplement insurance, never will recommend them again. There is no excuse to treat your customers this way. I am changing my ins to another company and that I do not to pay for CROSSOVER FROM MEDICARE. WHY IN THE WORLD AM I PAYING TO HAVE MEDICARE CROSSOVER TO UNITED AMERICAN INS??? Their customer service has destroyed my respect for the company. You are only as good as your employees!
I already had a health policy from Blue Cross, but I had a $10,000.00 deductible. When my husband was looking into a medigap policy, the agent asked me about who I was covered by. When I told him, he said that I was going to be in a lot of debt. If I ever went in the hospital, he had me so worked up that he convinced me I needed a second policy to cover all the things that Blue Cross didn't. He told me I would never have to come out of my pocket for anything. The policy he sold me on March 6, 2007 for $ 257.95 a month was paid on up until this week (3-1-2012), when I canceled the policy because it didn't cover anything when I needed it - I have not ever used this coverage. I recently had problems with pain in my abdomen and I had to undergo several tests, which none were covered, so much for anything Blue Cross didn't cover. I am now in $50,000.00 worth of debt now. How can this happen?
Please read the small print before you buy. The price might be within your price range, but may not cover you in case of a claim. Customer service should be another concern if you are looking at coverage with this company.
This place is horrible!!! Please don't feel like you're desperate enough to give this crap hole one penny of your hard-earned income!!! I am soooooo thankful I have "real" health insurance now... so literally not that much more per month. I have a family history of breast cancer... I now owe a collection agency over 3 thousand dollars because of a series of tests. Please read the very tiny fine print before signing anything for this insurance company!!! They cover NOTHING. They don't even deserve one star.
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