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Unicare Dental Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: UniCare Dental
Overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 17 %
They have online access to handle claims or check on a claim and pick your dentist. Have a great value in services provided on a timely manner with prices listed on most common dental services. I also chose them based on the many different areas of procedures they cover, even smaller amounts would mean less out of pocket for me and less stress on waiting times in office. I do wish the plan paid a little more on the most basic service like cleanings and have the choice to make app appointments, plus really try to cover cosmetic dentistry procedures as well.
Policy was established through friend recommendation. It was very simple to sign up for new policy. Process was completed through online website. Very easy to use. No help needed to complete the process. Great group of dentists. Insurance company itself is very helpful when it comes to filing a claim. If needed to talk to a representative it was very easy to get through to speak to someone. Assistants are very helpful and are eager and willing to help provide answers to whatever questions that you may need to have answered. All in all is a great insurance company provider.
I looked online and chose a policy. I don't like being forced to see a dentist I am not comfortable with, but Unicare Dental lets me choose a dentist I like. They have more coverage on common things. But, I often have to skip needed services bc it is not covered.
I read up on Unicare Dental for a while on the web then answer some health questions for me and family members and then they wanted the names and birthdays of everyone in the household. It was fairly simple and easy. But, the cost was really high and when you go to the dentist there's a pretty high co-pay. I did not stay with this company but customer service was ok and they would try to help best they could.
Unicare Dental has great customer care and when I call I never have to wait on the phone to speak to someone. Purchasing it was pretty easy, I was able to call and they helped me figure everything that I needed help with and have always helped me with all the questions that I have with the plans that they have to offer. They are all super nice.
I chose my policy by search up different policies for me and I did it online through computer. I think that the policy is very good and I haven't had any issues with it at all, however, the feature should improve to better further people in life and it need some improvement in a lot of areas so I recommend people giving a shout out to the company about some good updates.
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