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Address: 100 N 6th street Suite 302A
City: Minneapolis
State/Province: MN
Postal Code: 55403
Country: United States
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 61 %
I used CareFirst before, that was at the third shop across the street from our building so it was convenient for me. Then, my boyfriend found the information about TrustedChoice online and he told me to call a number, which happened to be Mark's. Mark was the one that helped me with my home insurance and he was great. I had it a month ago. I needed the coverage within less than 24 hours when I forgot to renew my policy and he took care of it. The turnaround time was a big deal. It was amazing and I was really grateful for his work. He was very fast and he answered all my questions. TrustedChoice is really awesome. I don’t have any complaints.
We were looking for a homeowners insurance for our home purchase and selected TrustedChoice based on the insurance market. Their reps explained what their insurance is and it was successful.
I found somebody that I liked through Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance. I was looking to change since the prices where I was continued to go up. I've never had any claims or anything else, and the price just kept going up and up. I also wanted somebody fairly near the area between where I work and my house. I first narrowed it down there, and then I called them and sent them emails to see how fast they responded. It got me the choices narrowed down to a handful. And then, I started with the person that responded the fastest and had her give me a quote and kind went from there.It was fairly easy because it asked me location, gave me a map to look at so I could see exactly where these folks were because I don't want to drive. If I have to go to their office for whatever reason, I didn't want to have to drive too far. The map helped me focus in on nearby people. And then I was looking for an independent agent, so it helped me narrow the focus. Then the company's agent called me right back. I told her what I was looking for and she responded within an hour of some kind of a general quote. I gave more specifics, then she got right back to me. It was all done within 24 hours.
We moved from South Carolina to Florida so I was looking for a new homeowners insurance. It was simple using the Trusted Choice website and the experience went smoothly. It gave me some good options and we accepted the three agents but only one of them got back to me. We ended up using another broker.
I wanted a cheaper insurance and went with an independent agent company because it was quicker and just calling around individually. I searched the internet and Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance came up. It was a bunch of questions and then that was it. I found myself having to answer the same questions over again with the people, but they got me in touch with others. I’d recommend TrustedChoice. It’s a website where you could get leads on a bunch of people.
We've had issues with consumer stuff here and there, big-ticket items, and the government entities and the attorney generals have been absolutely worthless about everything. It's been many years and I should re-shop things once in a while. I called with a simple question that I can't find in the policy and the existing broker started getting all huffy with me the last few years. I asked my husband what was going on with those people and if they were having issues. The rep emailed my husband and said they were sorry that they didn't keep us as a client. They wished that we had talked to them first, but I said that they get all huffed up just answering simple questions.I'm not one of those people that are high maintenance. We had a 45-foot steel sailboat under our dock levering it up. We had some wingnut in the harbor that got hired by Amazon and started shooting up the entire bay. We're the only house that put a bullet through our house. I called about that and I said that I was looking at the policy, and our deductible was way too high and was all on us. I asked a simple question and they told me to refer to my insurance company, Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance, and that they were the broker and they didn’t know, and they weren’t going to handle any questions. I told them that I wasn’t making a claim, but was asking about the coverage. They would know better than anybody, but they interacted like I interrupted them at 2:00 in the morning and it was not even at lunch time. I don't call businesses at lunch time so it was very courteous.I decided to change brokers and Adam of the Klee Company answered my question. They exerted the effort to find the best fit to make sure we were getting what we needed. They chose Trusted Choice with the fact that somebody gets back to me in a timely manner is huge. We have some big assets, so I'm dealing with it the same way and the fact that we have to bump our deductible up to $10,000 because I'm paying $13,000 plus a year and we got $10,000 deductible. We didn't make any claims because it doesn't cover it. Like the sailboat on our dock at 3:00 in the morning and a bullet hole through the thing, it was for us to fix. Adam found this deductible credit that was not found by my previous company. He looked into all the aspects and tried to find savings or more coverage for me. And that was really what I was looking for. I don't re-shop it every year but roll it over. But if I have some concerns, I'll ask a quick question before the new enrollment period. He did a really good job. And when I asked a question, he answered it.
I was searching for homeowners insurance in case I kicked off and Trusted Choice was the first one that sent me a thing. The agent came to the house and said she reviewed several different companies. I went with her recommendation and what was matched was pretty reasonable. She did well.
I was looking for insurance and the companies that came up said that they did mobile home. When I hit it, the search engine came up with TrustedChoice. After I got the names, I Googled each agency to see where they were and what they did, but they weren't open when I contacted them. So I left messages and then I got confirmation. They were very helpful and some of the people I spoke to were very nice. They tried to help me out but it didn't work out. They don't specialize if you are looking for specialty insurance. I was suggested to go to high-risk insurance because of mobile homes. So, I wound up getting insurance through an agency who specializes in mobile homes.When I ask for a particular type of insurance, the search engine picks up "home" and disregard "mobile". But the advertisement said that they did cover it, but all the agencies they sent me to did not. But these agencies they recommended were all reputable and every person who worked there tried to help me out and gave me recommendations to go other places. Also, the operator from TrustedChoice that I spoke to bent over backward to try to find things for me and was looking all over. So, I would highly recommend the service, just not the search engine when it came to finding what I needed to find.
I was referred to which is a good company. It was pretty easy navigating through their website.
My most recent insurance company had raised their rates after I've been with them. So, I got a price from an independent agency over the phone. Speaking with the agent was fine and she did a good job. However, I felt a little rushed because she was ready to get off her shift. We weren't able to get my call finished and had to resume it later on. Still, I wound up going with Progressive which was cheaper and had better coverage than my previous company.
We moved out of state so we switched from our previous company over to TrustedChoice and they were excellent. I felt like calling somebody might be faster than trying to search through everything to find what I wanted. So, I was talking to a representative who quickly gave me several phone numbers that I could call and I ended up picking from one of those for our agent. It was great.
Our policy was up and we thought the new one went too high in price. I went to TrustedChoice's website and they gave me this person from Stratus company to call and we were very happy with him. I live in a manufactured home in Florida and we needed to have hurricane insurance and he gave us a better deal on the hurricane insurance. It was also easy navigating their website. I was also afraid I was going to get calls from different places because whenever we put in a phone number, a 100 different people call but that didn't happen.
I got the local contact numbers of insurance companies from and I contacted those companies. But I have questions with the phone numbers provided by TrustedChoice because I used these two times and they never worked for me. So, I searched the names on Google to get some other phone numbers, then I contacted the companies that are affiliated with TrustedChoice and I got better discounts than other name brand insurance companies, so I went with TrustedChoice. Website navigation at the site wasn't easy and I wound up speaking with the reps on the phone. But the reps were good and professional and my overall experience with TrustedChoice was very good.
We’ve had TrustedChoice since May but I used a different company before and they were more expensive. We were shopping around for a better price and since we couldn’t find it, we've decided to stick with where we're at right now.
The prices at TrustedChoice are cheaper, and their website is easy to navigate and straightforward. They're okay and they've been convenient for me to use.
I was looking for hurricane insurance in Hawaii and TrustedChoice was one of the first ones that came up on Google search. I went through some of the names of the people would call back on their website, but the agent I selected gave me insurance that was sky-high and I ended up dropping them.
The website was straightforward. I selected through a range of people to get the quote from. And it seemed like helped. Competent people were doing what they're doing and they had a good price.
I picked an insurance through TrustedChoice. It was a good experience.
TrustedChoice's website was easy to navigate and it was my first time using an insurance brokerage online. However, I didn't end up doing anything with them. I was looking for rental insurance for flood, but I found out that I had to stay with the insurance that I had. It would have been a better fit though.
I gave the rep of Trusted Choice my old policies for house and auto, showed him what these were costing me, and I asked him if Trusted Choice could match the coverage and what the price would be. It was better with Trusted Choice. Their rep's quoted price was $500 less than what I would have to pay if I were to stay with my previous insurer. The insurer I left only had one or two options while Trusted Choice had seven or eight, so I got a better price that way. Most of my communication with Trusted Choice was through email but there was a phone call too. They were very professional and saved me quite a bit of money, so I was happy with that.
I thought I could shop around for some homeowner's insurance that would either be in the same range as my provider but perhaps offered a little bit more or would actually be lower. I went with TrustedChoice thinking that they would have an extensive database of insurance providers and could weed out the ones that couldn’t help and find one or two that could. But they weren’t able to assist me and I'm very disappointed. If they listened very carefully to the circumstances, they would not have wasted their time or mine. They could have said there was nothing they could do for me and I would have respected that a lot more.
When I lived in Florida, I had my own insurance that got renewed automatically. Then I moved to South Carolina when I got a home up here and took over the vacation house. I was renting a home from a family member and I was trying to find renter's insurance for it. Whatever Google brought up is what I used and I went with I never got answers from their website or who they sent my information out to, so I ended up having to go to the phonebook and find people manually. The people that the website recommended wouldn't insure me because I've never had renter's insurance before and I was a new customer here in South Carolina. I had to find some mom-and-pop shop out of the phonebook who would be able to help me.To a friend who would ask about, I would say good luck because if you find someone on there that will help you, great. If not, keep going for something. I'm trying to be nice and I only had one experience with them, and that one time they answered the right questions and they were fine. It's just I couldn’t get any help from them.
My rates went up, so I looked for something that was gonna be more comparable. I dealt with Tammy at Trusted Choice and she was very helpful and sweet. It was a good experience. But I wasn't able to get insurance because of the number of claims I had, so Tammy is gonna call me back in May.
I got homeowners insurance with Occidental under TrustedChoice, and I’ve had it for a long time. I filed a claim over the phone before for storm damage. Customer service was knowledgeable, and they went over my options and answered my questions. I got most of my things replaced but they keep raising the premiums up.
Liberty Mutual had a $500 price increase on my truck. So I wanted to find somebody who would shop everything and not just one company and I found Trusted Choice. They found me a local agent, who I felt comfortable with. The interaction between the agent and I was very professional, no pressure, and there was unbiased information. When I ask a question about opinions about things, they gave their most professional opinion as they could. It was a smooth process. Trusted Choice is the best option to shop for your insurance.
I used TrustedChoice months ago and I got quotes from a lot of people. And I ended up going with one of the realtor that they gave me.
I recently purchased insurance with State Fund through The price was good and they were really nice. They called me back and it was easy to contact them too. They're the best and everything was great.
I was looking for a home insurance and it was my first time to have one. I went to Trusted Choice's website and navigating through it was easy. However, it took a little more than I was expecting to get a callback and while waiting, I looked for other options. The next day, I got a callback from Trusted Choice. My shopping around ended up in me getting a better deal on insurance. I had a great service and I really appreciate that.
I wanted to get a homeowner's insurance with sinkhole coverage. And since I like independent agents, I searched online and TrustedChoice came up. I went on their website and I didn't have any difficulties with it and I was also provided with good agent options. And while I got a call from an agent who was very helpful and polite, I didn't end up with their recommendation. I found a better price through The Villages’ office.
A couple of my friends and I were looking at buying a trailer and were looking to see what the insurance would be on it. But, we couldn't find exactly how much it would cost versus what we were looking for on TrustedChoice's website because maybe we needed to talk to somebody. But overall, it was fine.
I was very happy with the results of TrustedChoice's agent selection process. It was very timely and didn't take too long. I only started to use them in November and it was my first time using them but I would already tell my friends to use TrustedChoice. However, when I looked at their website, I didn’t use it to find anybody. I simply called the 800 number and the rep I talked to was very helpful. She hooked me up with an insurance broker who was able to arrange insurance for me.
I’ve been an Allstate customer for 25 years. I hit a tree stump and they doubled my rate. So, I thought I’d look somewhere else. Then I came across I’ve been very happy with the agent I’ve selected and I don’t have any complaints. It works for me.
My current homeowner's insurance was too expensive so I looked for a different one. I heard from a friend that Trusted Choice was a good way to go. Their website worked well and the agent they matched me with came out to be a better deal on the insurance company that I took.
Before using TrustedChoice, I used a different insurance provider in Colorado. But I didn't like them at all. That's why I didn't use them again. So I got in touch with TrustedChoice. But when I sent an email to their people, I never get a response. Somebody actually called me a month later and I got a name out of there, a couple of places that I called. So when I put my information in, looked like there were several people who were going to call me but nobody did. I ended up finding somebody, but I didn't think that TrustedChoice was a great system. But I'd probably recommend them and use them again to find some place 'cause they use Consumer Reports. I didn't feel like there was follow through from the people who are linked to them. I found some information but I still had to go out and seek the people out and work a little harder. But at least it gets you in the right direction even though I didn't feel like there was follow up.
I have used a different agent from an independent insurance agent company, but he’s not anymore in the business, so I had to Google search for another one. I’m looking for a better deal now because every year I see the prices are going up. I want to compare with the other companies too as I'm not happy with my homeowner’s insurance. Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance has more options and they have multiple companies. I used the website but I was waiting for all the agents. Maybe they will see the information that I put there five or six days ago and they’re going to call me. So far, only one company has called me and I gave that agent my information but I have not even received a quote. Trusted Choice's website was easy to navigate, and in a technical way it’s very nice. But I didn’t get the result that I was expecting.
I needed homeowners insurance for the home that I was buying and based on the pricing, I went with Trusted Choice. The process was all done online and I didn't really have to do too much. So that was good. The website was also easy to use and navigate and it was not overly intimidating. Everybody that I've dealt with also seemed good and professional. It was a positive experience with Trusted Choice.
We are buying a second home in Florida and I went to my insurance agent to look at the different policies and he brought TrustedChoice to my attention. So, I filled out the whole sheet on their website, the information for the quote, and the contacted me. However, one pulled out. There were two more who were representing the same company and the way to lower the price was to offer less coverage on the house which wasn’t what I was looking for because I don’t want to devalue our home to pay our insurance with income. I want to make sure it’s fairly covered. And the third offered me insurance from a different company but I don’t like to deal with an insurance company that only represents one company. I like an agency that is a broker, but it turned out, she was part of a broker. I can’t remember which one it was that said, “Well, we can lower the value of the home and here’s what it is.” It’s a good thing to compare because some payment that you make upfront was $2,000. I wanted an insurance comparable to the insurance on our home here in Texas and that’s one where I’m not fooled. Don’t offer me less value of my home and don’t offer me that higher rate to lower the cost of the policy, and I did find one that had the deductible and the value of the home that had to be replaced that made sense. But, I made sure to keep the information as far as TrustedChoice. If down the road I need to look for insurance, I would use them. But, even though I didn’t make use of that, I think it’s valuable. It's great and I’d recommend them. TrustedChoice is the way to go if you’re looking for an insurance broker.
I had an excellent experience with TrustedChoice. We've been with Allstate for many years but their rates went up and the representation went down so we decided to give them up. We went with an independent agent who doesn’t have the overhead that Allstate has. I looked up an agent close by and called up Sylvia from TrustedChoice. She was never pushy and I gave her all the info she needed. She called back a couple of days later and gave us a quote. She waited for a month but we still haven't made our decision and she asked to set a date to call back. But I called back and made an appointment to go over and see her. We met up, we liked her and signed up.
Their website was pretty good and I had different people call and give me different quotes. Using TrustedChoice saves a lot of time. They were quick and considerate, and they made sure that we were in touch with other companies to get different quotes.
The navigation on TrustedChoice was very easy and I had a very good experience. I was very grateful that information was available to me. I felt it was better to know ahead of time which insurance companies could help me because typically when I would do a search, I would get bogged down with hundreds of offers, not even knowing if they were local or if they could cover my property. TrustedChoice really narrowed it down for me and it gave me the limited number of companies that could help me, and I found a new company. I would definitely recommend that others do a search on because it really cuts out all the guesswork. Their name, TrustedChoice, says it all and they live up to that from my experience.
TrustedChoice was very helpful. They connected me to an agent who could help me find some new quotes on homeowner insurance and I ended up purchasing insurance through that agent. I'd recommend my friends to stop at TrustedChoice first to check on an agent that they can utilize for an insurance quote.
We were looking for an insurance for a new home and found Their website was straightforward and somebody ended up calling me. They also did a couple of estimates for me, but it wasn’t a better deal. But was easy to use and it was what I was looking for.
TrustedChoice called me and got the information. They will be looking for an insurance company for me and they were supposed to check it all up but no one ever called me back. They never followed through. And I don’t like spending that much time on the phone with somebody and they cannot even say that they couldn’t find anything. I’m very dissatisfied.
I was trying to find an insurance company and somebody recommended TrustedChoice to me. Navigating through their website was fine. However, they didn't want to take me because of lapse of insurance and they explained what was going on. I spoke to an agent and I was given some referrals for some other insurance companies that were helpful. They did very well in getting back with me and it has been an informative experience.
TrustedChoice's website was easy to use and I was able to find my insurance company. There was a couple of different matching insurance and four all together worked for me.
I had been a customer of Progressive for 10 years. However, I was getting really high quotes on house insurance so I thought of using TrustedChoice, whose info I got from a lady agent at MetLife. She was awesome, and I was shocked that she referred me to someone else. She asked me to try AllState, which was $6,800. I paid $10,000 for the year at Progressive. The Allstate lady has also been great. And although my policy is new, everything so far is good. I would recommend TrustedChoice to a friend.
I mostly looked on the internet to find an independent insurance agent, but TrustedChoice looked like a good company. Using their website was easy and it went smoothly. The agent selection process couldn't have gone better and it was easy to communicate with everybody. I like TrustedChoice. I'd tell friends to go there and check it out. TrustedChoice would help with what they needed and they'd be happy like I was.
We had a life insurance policy and when we went to, they gave us information on the product.
I had a different company before switching to We did a random search online and switched because we got better rates from them. Navigating through their website went well. So far, they’ve done well for us.
I bought a new mobile home. I called my old insurance company and they gave me this website to try. I started two weeks ago. I just told them that I was looking for somebody and there were a couple of people that called me. I was happy with them. I wanted to get somebody that was in the same town where we have the home in so if something happens, we'd be able to contact them right away. I got what I wanted. I'd recommend Trusted Choice.
I wanted a better rate so I started searching for a homeowner’s insurance. I thought I would get more choices if I went through an independent agent than just going with the big companies where I only get one quote, so I Googled and found one through TrustedChoice. The agent I got was very attentive, answered all the questions I had, and got back to me in a timely manner. Then I ended up buying a homeowner's insurance from Federated National Insurance because of their price.
Go with Trusted Choice and go with one of their independent agents. We purchased a place in Florida and I needed a Florida agent. I've been with an independent agent base for 33 years. I wanted to have an independent agent and I didn't want someone like State Farm. The agent options Trusted Choice matched me with were fine. I picked one and called.
The TrustedChoice ad I saw on TV said that you can get online, get different agents then do a comparison of what you are paying and what you're getting for an insurance. I did that and didn't have any trouble navigating on the TrustedChoice website, but I didn't have a really great experience with the agents. One lady responded very quickly but when she got back to me, she couldn’t help me out in any way. She looked at all my policies but couldn’t give me anything better than what I had with my current insurance, Farm Bureau. Everything was more expensive on my insurance with her. The other fella I spoke with who was over on M-44 over here in Rockford, we brought our papers over to him so he could use a comparison, but he never got back to us. I suspected that he couldn’t offer anything better than what I had, so he didn’t bother to call me. I was a little disappointed as I had the idea that maybe the agents were more competitive than what I have. In the end, I'm staying with the company that I've been with. I don’t like to waste my time but I could see where the agents are at. If you call them, they're not going to be able to really get into details about what they can do for you or what they cannot do for you until they see the policies that you have.
The current insurance that I use for my car insurance recommended TrustedChoice. My renters insurance with TrustedChoice was the one I was looking for and it covers everything that I needed. Their reps were very helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable. So I had an excellent experience.
The homeowner's insurance I had was a little too expensive and I wasn’t happy with them. I was looking for another one, and I found a very helpful and nice agent through TrustedChoice. I kept the information but I did not go with the service since it wasn’t going to work for me. And I was looking for more of an investor's policy.
My mom referred me to TrustedChoice when I moved from the old place I was renting. I got a homeowner's insurance from Valentine Insurance Agency through Progressive. The agent Raph was as nice as he could be and he transferred the homes. Right now, we've been busy unpacking and painting. We're also trying to see what we all need to fix. The insurance man said the backstairs need to be fixed and so we did it. It's just that, with all the rains, it's not yet done. We've got the boards around instead. Then we ran into a gas leak so I had the gas company come out. They said the stove is not good.
I was searching online, clicking as quickly as possible and typing, trying to look for a solution for insurance, looking up names. I probably researched over 20 that day. TrustedChoice's platform was different. You could see a lot more information -- and straightforward information were given.
I used Trusted Choice's website to shop for home insurance. The website was helpful and I didn't have any problem with it. I was able to go all the way to make the request. I did everything online so I needed to check my email to see if I got any feedback. I requested the broker for an estimate, but I don’t remember getting an answer from that company. Still, I would recommend Trusted Choice.
I was referred to several insurance companies and they all called me back quickly and walked me through the process. I had plenty of selections and it worked out great as I found one that was right for me. I would recommend Trusted Choice.
I needed insurance. I shopped around and used Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance. I did that online and their website was simple to use. I didn't end up with their recommendations because I got a better deal through a broker but the agents they matched me with were very friendly.
We bought a manufactured home and I needed a mobile home insurance. The Trusted Choice website came up and they sent me to different insurance companies and gave me the information for the agents.
Our previous homeowner’s insurance company raised the price. I had used an independent agent before and I was able to compare vendors. I searched the web and Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance was worth the shot and I tried them. I began the search over the phone and the experience was good. We were able to talk to a number of people and the things worked out. The website was also easy to use and I went to the first four or five agents because there weren’t too many and I was able to find somebody. The variety and the matching of agents worked out well. I would tell my friends that Trusted Choice Homeowners Insurance is good and it can help them out.
Signing up online was really easy and TrustedChoice's people were very polite. The sales reps were very nice and answered all my questions. It has been a good experience.
I was looking for insurance in Boston, Massachusetts for one of my houses in Salem. I went online and TrustedChoice just popped up. I put in some information and then, some people called me. The website was fine, but I ended up going elsewhere. The reps weren't too knowledgeable about their products. One person said they're going to call me back but never called me back. One lady gave me a quote and that was it. I ended up just calling another company in the general area.
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