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Trupanion Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Trupanion
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 855.591.3100
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 85 %
Been a paying policyholder for 7 years and finally needed the insurance. Dog had surgery to remove lumps, one of which was cancerous. Trupanion identified each of the four lumps a separate CONDITION. Each CONDITION, not the +$3K surgery/illness, was subject to my $1000 deductible. WhAT A Shock that the illness was not covered!
I have a sad and happy report here.... Sad in the sense that my big French Mastiff has had so many issues since he was a puppy. He has had everything that can go wrong happen to him. (Bad breeder and bad genetics). We love him so much so we did not want to put him to sleep. Happy in the sense that our big boy has brought so much joy to our lives and it would not have been possible without the help of Trupanion. Trupanion has been there for our family at every turn. Without hesitation, they have paid our medical claims. (Close to $30,000). We do not know what we would have done without them and so now we recommend Trupanion to all our our pet loving friends. Thank you Trupanion for all you do!
Trupanion gets my money back to me usually within 10 days after the vet visit...glad we use them.
Claim process is extremely efficient
Very compassionate.
They saved my family. I've been paying about $196/mo. for my Mastiff and German Shepherd. My mastiff ended up with glaucoma and had a series of incidents over the course of a year that led up to me having to have her eyes replaced with marbles. I couldn't have been happier that I had signed up with Trupanion. They took care of the vast majority of my vet and surgery bills. I think I ended up paying about $700 out of $8000. I never had any delays, issues, and was able to walk away from the vet without a big bill every time. Today, Zane is happy, healthy and playful. I likely would have made the choice to put her down as I was not in the financial position to be paying up to $2500 at a time. It would not have been a happy time for my children.
Our dog has had multiple health issues for the past 2 years. Trupanion has been terrific about reviewing and sending reimbursements in a timely manner.
The office personnel were very pleasant and helpful. The claim process was very easy and my claim was paid very quickly.
Trully a wonderful service. I was scared when my bully had to get surgery and was even more scared when I found out the cost for such a procedure. Trupanion is the way to go. One of the best decisions I've ever made.
Trupanion has been there through the life of our wire hair fox terrier. We highly recommend Trupanion to anyone seeking pet insurance for their pet.
I'm very please with Trupanion. I don't have to worry when an emergency comes along and it makes decisions so easy to handle in emergency situations. Thank you.
My German Shepherd was 20 months old when we found out she had elbow displaysia in both elbows requiring surgery. Trupanion was true to how they advertised themselves; payment was prompt and the staff was friendly and helpful while processing the claim. Thank you Trupanion!
Thank you so much for your great service! Clams were processed quickly and efficiently and I am thrilled. Cricket is home and recovering well.
My dear beloved Great Dane, Manfred, recently suffered an episode of bloat. The cost of his treatment totaled over $6700. We paid the $500 deductible and 10% of the treatment cost which wound up being a little over $1100. There was absolutely zero resistance, push back, or even questioning from Trupanion. They reimbursed us in less than a week. Manfred would say otherwise if he could and I would not blame him for doing so, but my wife’s and my experience with Trupanion has been very pleasant. Thank you Trupanion for helping our beloved big fella.
As a trial lawyer that has sued insurance companies in the past for wrongfully denying client's claims in bad faith, I was especially careful researching insurance for my Bernese Mountain dog. Of course I hoped to never use the insurance. I chose Trupanion based on reviews and my own review of various policies. Recently I had a claim for IBD that required significant expenses to diagnose and now treat. Trupanin has been excellent. I've submitted numerous bills. The first one took about a week to review since the need to request the full chart from my vet. After that claims are rountinuely evaluated in less than 24 hours. Customer service has been knowledgable, available 24/7 and responsive. They are also based in the US so there is zero language problem. One appeal was required because the diagnosis included given him some routine testing that was initially denied as preventative. A simple call explaining that the test was diagnostic not preventative resulted in an appeal which paid them claim 24 hours later! I will recommend Trupanion to every pet owner I know!!!
I called to inquire about the insurance for my new puppy. My other 2 rotaries had cruciate ligament tears. I was told that injury would be covered after a 5day waiting period. Unfortunately a week later my new puppy tore her cruciate ligament & after many faxes to trupanion they finally got the bill. I was then told at that time a cruciate tear wasn't an injury so she would not be covered. It was considered an illness & had a 30 day waiting period!!!! I guess since it's an expensive surgery they didn't want to pay. Another agent told me it was an injury but that injury is the only one not covered!! Terrible ins policy. Check the fine print & check the policy rules for that illness-& record the conversation. Be careful with this ins if you are considering it!!!
Very friendly staff whenever I call, quick turn around on claims and payments
Our dog has been covered by Trupanion for over 7 years now--from the moment we got him. I have never had such a great experience with insurance, no matter what kind. Whether it's customer service, claims payments or coverage. Since Trupanion has a policy of defining their profit goal, when they exceeded it one year our premiums actually went down--and most years has stayed stable. I can't recommend them more highly and after our recent experience of 2 MRIs and a back surgery for our dog am so grateful that we have coverage with them.
We are so thankful for trupanion having this insurance saved the life of Angel who at 12 years old was diagnosed with a brain tumor it paid 90% of all the radiation therapy we needed which was over 7k! Thank you trupanion she is doing well know with no seziures for more than month,
Thank you trupanion, no hassle, quick return with payments!!
Our cat is very sick, but is expected to recover. Trupanion has covered a large part of our expenses. I hope we will continue to have a good experience with Trupanion as we continue to help our sweet Yoyo get well.
I have 3 dogs.. 2 which would not be with us without Trupanion... Zoe survived parvo.. she got it even though vaccinated and would not have made it without ICU.... Sable is epileptic and needed special care and a neurologist... Both are doing well and have had sport injury knee injuries requiring repair... They are happy healthy and much loved... and we are thankful that we can have them for a long life due to our insurance.
I am beyond happy with Trupanion. Other than one small glitch caused by a misunderstanding a couple of years ago, Trupanion has helped me provide the very best of care for my precious dogs. My eldest dog became very ill at the start of this this year and having Trupanion has enabled me to have her hospitalised as required and to have any diagnostics and treatment advised by her Specialist. I cannot imagine the pain of having to refuse treatment for a pet because it is beyond financial reach - they deserve the very best of care at all times. Veterinary costs are extremely high, particularly with an ongoing and high maintenance illness, which none of us can predict will happen. Without the support of Trupanion we could never have afforded the care our dogs have received. I am a strong advocate for pet insurance and I unreservedly recommend Trupanion to all pet parents.
Carmen was super knowledgeable and really had my pets interest in mind. A pleasure to deal with. You should give her a raise or bonus!!
It's very easy to get reimbursed by Trupanion. They are very efficient!
Everything has been great. Not sure how Bear would have survived with out insurance. We really got lucky. Have to admit, I have not thought about it lately...Kind of forgot it was there.
Recently my pet was in the hospital, for surgery. They have submitted the claims. Still few claims are in progress.
Claims have gotten easier to submit and process has improved substantially in recent times. Premium fluctuates, sometimes seemingly based off claims from the last year.
Claims are handled very quickly and the communication on claim status is excellent. We've had several major events with our pets and I can't say enough about how efficiently Trupanion processes claims. Very grateful we selected Trupanion as the provider for our pets.
I have not had any issues getting covered. Would highly recommend
If you have a Pet , you must have insurance. People do not realize what the costs of taking an animal to a hospital or surgeon can run into it is Thousands of $$ Have peace of mind- Get Trupanion Insurance.
This is the best Insurance a person could have for their pets. I recommend it to everyone.
I am finding that the coverage and response are great
I enrolled with Trupanion several years ago after my dog injured her leg. There were a lot of out of pocket expenses associated with her surgeries. Of course after I got the insurance, I didn't use it. I decided one day to cancel and made the phone call. The representative I spoke with asked if I was sure I just wanted to change my deductible to lower my monthly payments a little as my pup was getting older. I decided to go ahead and take her suggestion. Best decision ever. My baby girl began having seizures in February and between doctor visits, emergency stays, tests, MRI and prescriptions the costs grew rapidly. From the beginning of the claim to the end (I actually just lost her a week ago), everyone was wonderful. My vet was able to put their invoices through Trupanion directly and then I was only responsible for the balance (10%). When the facility was not able to follow this process, I completed a quick claim form and emailed it along with my receipts. I was notified quickly that my forms had been received, were being processed and payment was received within a few days. There is no way I would have been able to provide my sweet girl with the treatment and medication she needed if I did not have Trupanion behind me. I will definitely be signing up with them again when I'm ready for my next forever friend. I would, and have, recommended them to anyone who will listen. Thank you Trupanion!!!!
Trupanion has been there every time we needed them for our family pet. Thanks to you we didn’t have to make a difficult decisions.
I never have had any problems. Service is so quick. I submit a claim hear back later that day if it’s been approved. They pay my vet directly which also saves money.
Trupanion's customer service has been wonderful each time I have contacted them, very friendly and helpful. My policy has always covered everything it is supposed to with each of my Irish Wolfhound's medical issues. My claims have always been processed quickly. Trupanion is a wonderful pet insurance company, I would highly recommended them
Excellent insurance for your pet. Wonderful customer service with timely email updates on status of claims. Thank you Trupanion!
Trupanion is the best. It help us to take care of our lovely pet, Yoda Constantino. Thanks. They process our claims very fast
When I had just signed up for the insurance my dog fell through an open staircase and fractured his femur. He needed immediate surgery and the insurance covered the cost.
A couple of glitches with the initial cheque going missing but it showed up and ever since we've received regular payments. we spend $300 a week on rehab and get $90 back on each $100 appointment. They paid $5500 for our dog's TPLO and he's due for another one in a few weeks which they're also covering. By the time both of his knees are fixed, they will have paid somewhere in the $15k range. Could not be more grateful!
Having Trupanion insurance has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. My sweet dachshund Maggie became seriously ill with a fungal infection called Histoplasmosis along with internal bleeding. Even with all of the great care Maggie was receiving from the vet hospital there were two months of not knowing for sure if she was going to live. And that was two months of vet bills I never would've been able to afford without Trupanion. I could worry about Maggie and what needed to be done for her instead of worrying about her and the vet bills thanks to Trupanion. Maggie pulled thru and is on the mend. Yesterday I watched her outside playing with her sister and it was such a wonderful gift. Thank you Trupanion!
This company has been amazing so far. My 2 year old dog had to have an MPL repair. They did truly cover 90% of the surgery. The customer service is great. Everyone I have talked to has been so friendly and they all seem to really care. I am so grateful to Trupanion!
Trupanion has been a life saver for me! Our husky has many ongoing medical needs, which would have been too much for me to afford, without the assistance of Trupanion! I have always had excellent service and because of this I would highly recommend them as the best pet insurance company to entrust your pets health with!
After 6+ hours of crawling in and out from the undercarriage of my 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, I finally rescued my little kitten who was only 1 lb. at the time! We decided to name her after the car so Genesis it was. My veterinarian recommended that I start an insurance policy with Trupanion and I've been very satisfied ever since. Especially when they covered almost $8,000 worth of surgery due to a mass that was discovered. Trupanion even pre-aproved this procedure within 24 hours which isn't normal for them, but it happened due to the urgency. Unfortunately the Mass was congenital and Genesis would've had more complications so we decided to let her go! This was a sad thing to do since she was only 12 months!!! If and when I get another pet I will not hesitate to have Trupanion cover us again.
Without Trupanion we never would have been able to afford our dog's emergency vet bills. I would highly suggest Trupanion to anyone with a pet.
Trupanion was wonderful whrn my frenchie has herniated disk surgery. Great customer service and quick payment of claim. I just wish the cost didn’t increase so much. I’m paying almost $80.00 a month and that does not include wellness visits.
Just too pricey ... not competitive
I am so glad we followed our vets advice and got insurance for our puppy. At about 9 months old, we noticed she started not putting pressure on one of her legs. We took her to the vet and discovered her knee was dislocating and she needed surgery. The vet submitted the claim to Trupanion and within a day I got a phone call from them saying the surgery had been approved. Never have I had such a pleasant experience with an insurance company! It has been virtually no work for me. They call and send emails to keep me up to date on any additional items the vet has submitted etc. What could have cost me close to $6000 cost me about $600. I can't say enough good things about Trupanion and I would definitely recommend them.
I am very pleased with Trupanion. I recommend it to everyone I meet who has pets. I have only had to use it once but that once was a life saver. I was so worried about paying for my dog to have badly infected teeth pulled but so happy I had Trupanion, otherwise I would not have been able to get her the help she so desperately needed. Thank heaven for pet insurance. Can't be without it.
It was very good not having to worry about if I could afford the treatment my pet needed. I understood and could afford what was my part of the expense, and did not need to worry that I would have a later fight on my hands obtaining the proportion expected from my Insurer. Your prompt attention has been a great help and was greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Excellent and prompt customer services. So helpful that our Parvo puppy was covered during his hospital stay. Thank you!
My dog needed ACL surgery in January and Trupanion was great to deal with for her surgery. Very helpful and kind every time I spoke with them. Great company!
Amazing company. Always helpful and makes taking care of Titan who has multiple medical issues our primary focus and not the financial part of it. I thank goodness every day I have Trupanion.
We adopted two dogs in the last year and a half and after having our last dog uninsured and paying thousands of dollars for various surgeries he had to have, we decided to insure our rescues with Trupanion. These boys are young and really active. We have had to make claims for both our boys and the claims have been dealt with quickly and payment was received within a week. The people taking the info have been beyond friendly, helpful and compassionate and never once made us feel uncomfortable, as a matter of fact, they thanked us for caring for our boys. Even the receptionist at the emergency hospital said she uses them and she knows all the companies out there. I would highly recommend them to anyone, start early, when your pets are young and you get the same rate for life. These days vet bills are huge, don't get caught, these guys are excellent.
Submitting a claim is easy and the turn around time to reimbursement is very fast. Another pet insurance company I tried in the past had a 30 day turn around period where I usually get reimbursement from Trupanion within a week or so. My only issue with them is that they won't pay on a claim for any condition that may have occurred in the past, like diarrhea for example, which to me is like treating a cold. The symptoms may be the same but the cause could be different every time, still they treat it as a pre-existing condition.
We could not have gone through bilateral TPLO repair without your help! Every time I call Trupanion, or interact with anyone representing the company it is a positive and compassionate experience. Thank you for caring for my dogs!
Excellent customer service, claims paid promptly.
So thankful I have this insurance on my one cat that has really needed it. Trupanion has been so worth the investment.
When we purchased our pet insurance, our hope was that we'd never need it, or at least, minimally in our dog's later years. Unfortunately, that has not been our experience, and our one-year-old male french mastiff was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. It has not been easy, and the team at Trupanion has been incredible. I can call anytime, day or night, with questions and they are there to answer them. Not only do they respond to my inquiries, they ask about our dog and exude genuine compassion and caring. I submit our claims (an easy online process) and I receive email updates on the claim status and payment. When a member of your family is facing health challenges, it is great to have Trupanion by your side.
We were shocked by very expensive vet bills due to our dog being diagnosed with Meningitis. Overnights, medication and treatments costs alot! We never knew that vet bills could be so much! We are so happy that we got Trupanion. They were a pleasure to deal with. They were so quick too! I would definitely recommend Trupanion to every pet owner.
Great service. Easy to make claims and very little effort for reimbursements.
I love Trupanion! I have recommended them to many people. Easy to use, fast to reply and they have helped me make my pet as healthy as possible. What a great service!
My poor puppy was critically ill. I would not have been able to save my Lola if it hadn't been for my insurance with Trupanion. They worked with the hospital and my vet and she is recovering nicely. I have recommended Trupanion to all my friends and can not say enough good things about them.
Truly wonderful are Truepanion. Our dog had ACL surgery, truepanion pre approved the claim so we only had to pay the deductible to the veteran hospital. The claim was approved within 2 days of being submitted.
I have been very happy with Trupanion. They are very helpful on the phone and process the claims right away. Sometimes I wish that they covered a bit more, there are a lot of exclusions, but generally I have been satisfied with Trupanion.
I feel that Trupanion has started to lose touch with their customers.The simple clear service is starting to get bogged down with multiple layers of policies. What has started out as a very straight forward company has unfortunately not had a long term business plan and is falling victim to excessive rate increases. My policy which started out at $76. per month is now $145.00 per month with 2 small claims under $600 ( of which i paid the exam fee ...which I knew was my responsibility)over 4 years. Where I once was very proud to recommending the company to fellow pet owners I have now very seldom recommended them.
My policy lived up to everything I expected. My dog was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in her leg. I had a policy with a $500 deductible and 90% copay after that. The 1st claim took several days to process as I suspect the appropriate due diligence was applied to the initial claim (pre-existing condition, coverage, etc.). After that each claim was processed within 1-2 days and automatically deposited into my bank account. All conditions were covered after applied deductible - initial mis-diagnosis and treatments, diagnosis, surgical removal, radiation treatments and prescriptions. The only thing not covered were exams and consults. I couldn't have been happier with my experience.
Friendly staff when choosing my plan. Quick service and reimbursement when placing a claim.
my dog had a massive heart attack. nede lots of meds and hospital care trupanion covered it all no problem
When we called them to get a policy for our dog, they assured us that we were covered for EVERYTHING and we would receive 90% of ALL costs of our dogs healthcare. 2 months after we started our insurance, we had to go to the vet and had a bill for $985. They claimed that only $286 was rest and that the rest was not due to a "pre-existing condition". Not only did they make NO mention of that on the first phone call, but they are now doing everything not to reimburse us. They are claiming that this is a "pre-existing condition" when our dog did not have the same issues at all!
This company is more than happy to take your money every month and advertise how they cover 90% of medical costs. We purchased insurance over 2 years ago and were just denied coverage of a surgery due to a pre-existing condition that occured twice within 18 months of signing up. This "pre existing condition" is my dog ingested a foreign object 2 1/2 years ago (required surgery) and then a visit to the vet out of fear of vomitting he was experiencing knowing he had surgery 5 months earlier. The 2nd vet visit was out of concern/fear and nothing was ingested by my pet. A proactive visit to the vet became a pre existing condition for my dog! Trupanion was more than happy to take my premiums for 2 whole years and deny my recent claim because of their small print for what THEY deem a pre existing condition. We are absolutely sick about the health of our dog, but felt comforted by the fact that we had Trupanion. What a scam. This is not insurance. It is a money grab. DO NOT PURCHASE TRUPANION INSURANCE FOR YOUR PET!
My golden started early with problems. At 8 months he decided to eat two socks. 3k in medical bills 90% covered minus deductible. At about 1.5 years he began to have hot spots which we could not seem to resolve. He now gets medicated baths weekly, Benadryl daily , omega 3 supplement and allergy shots. All is covered no questions hassle free. I just scan and email my claim and normally have a check within 3 weeks. Best insurance company I have dealt with. I would not hesitate going with this company again.
You guys are awesome I would definitely recommend you guys to every pet owner and lover out there, Quick and fast response great coverage can't ask for anything better,I love my pets and soda you thank you very very much
Submitting claims has been very easy. + Quick replies to questions and customer service is very friendly and helpful.
Trupanion has to be the best pet insurance out there. Not only are they available 24/7, they are all so caring and understanding. Many times I called crying and they did whatever possible to comfort me. As far as reimbursement, quick and easy!!!! No complaints from me :). All I can say is Thank you Trupanion!!!!
Trupanion has followed through on their commitment to the best care for my pet. Recommend them to everyone.
this is the biggest shame of all time watch what they don't tell you .
Trupanion has been the best decision I've ever made for my dog. They are there when you call them, they respond quickly and effieciently, and follow through with their promise to help you with your pets medical needs! I have no regrets and would recommend any pet owner to get coverage for their furry family member with Trupanion!!
Love them. Very fast and courteous.
Amazing pet insurance. Fast response to claims. Our dog has cancer and their response to her treatment has been beyond what we had expected. We have been able to get her treated by the best oncologist and surgeon in our region.
We are so happy to have partnered with Trupanion for our pets health! They recently saved us over $6000.00 in emergency hospital fees. Had we not had the pet insurance our family would have had to make a very hard decision about what to do with our 6 year old pomeranian who came down very suddenly with a pancreatic access. TeddyBear is a part of our family and we couldn't imagine losing him because of an inability to afford good care.
I love having this protection for my dog. It's expensive and his health was relatively great for the first 3 years I had the coverage. However, in the last year, it's paid for itself many times over. He was diagnosed with cancer, needed a splenectomy and okaying all the bills has been a breeze thanks to Trupanion. I've had some trouble with communication, I wasn't getting email updates like I once did and reached out to customer care for support. They promised to fix it and email me back. It didn't happen, so I was forced to contact a friend that works for Trupanion and she fixed it quickly. Submitting a claim is sometimes work too, the links to start a claim don't always work very well, so I'm glad there are many links as I have to try multiple before getting one to work. Otherwise, extremely pleased!!
I purchased a trupanion policy in February 2016 my dog a beautiful 8 year old female Maltese was very healthy but I thought just in case I better get some kind of insurance. All of a sudden a dramatic change occurred with my dog, she became very ill and i submitted the claims well over 5 about 15 days with 3 different veterinary hospitals. I just received an email approving my claims less my 500.00 deductible and excluding examination / office visit fee but paying everything else at 90%. A+ 5 star company and extremely helpful people with your questions . if only human health insurance was this efficient and caring.they actually thank you for taking good care of your pet.
My Maltese is 12 years old. This was my first experience with pet insurance other than a minor issue such as an ear infection. As a nurse and dog owner I was so impressed with what Trupanion covered. I switched from VPI to Trupanion when my dog turned 10 years. Best switch ever. Trupanion has been quite fair in their coverage of my dogs vet bills.
The veterinarian recommend trupanion to us. We have faithful paid premiums, for over three years. Had a claim since September where you have been given constant run around with a multitude of excuses. Trupanion will never accept responsibility for anything They continue to blame the veterinarian for everything such as not filling out diagnosis correctly on paperwork. Also, they say myself never did recommendations by veterinarian. Everything required and recommend is always done before dog leaves premisses. The veterinarian is top rated in our town. I suggest to look for another company trupanion is not for me. Also, they never return your telephone calls after always saying I'll personal follow your case. Customer service is in the negative in my book!
In April my 21 month old dog Hudson was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his front right wrist. Thanks to Trupanion my boyfriend and I were able to save Hudson’s life. His leg was amputated within a week of his diagnosis and he was able to start chemotherapy two weeks after recovery. He finished his chemotherapy on July 4th and has been able to love life on three paws ever since. Hudson and his pack were able to celebrate his 6 month ampuversary last week, and hope to celebrate many more milestones. Thanks to having Trupanion Hudson is here with us today and living a pain free life. I wouldn’t trade anything for the extra memories we have had the opportunity to have and hope others make the decision to choose pet insurance, like Trupanion, because I don’t want to imagine how things would have gone if we didn’t make this important decision for his health. I will always choose Trupanion for all future pets. I hope I am fortunate to never have to use my insurance again, but it provides a nice peace of mind if tragedy strikes. I like to think of it as a donation to those in need if I don’t need to use it. Thanks for everything you do and continue to do to help Hudson.
Trupanion has helped me give my pet the care I want her to have.
The best pet insurance, wouldn't have anything else! Were an A+ when we needed to file a claim for our babies back surgery! Highly recommend!
Trupanion responded quickly to pay out a claim and did direct billing on our very large emergency bill, which was amazing and lessened the stress around the accident. They were also incredibly helpful when calling with questions about continued treatment needed for our dog after her accident. Their claims service was quick and hassle free, something anyone can appreciate when dealing with an already stressful situation.
We have had Trupanion pet insurance for about 10 years for our dogs and cat. I would not have any other policy. Trupanion has been there for us even with the most difficult and expensive health problems. They are reliable, fast, and totally reasonable. We are very happy with this choice and recommend it to many friends. Amy
I would recommend Trupanion to anyone with a pet. Great service and we have never had an issue with putting claims through. We are very lucky to have Trupanion in our corner. Evan
No one wants to say put th pet down because I cant afford the treatment get the insurance now so that is never an issue for you or your family I have recommended this company to many famil and friends do it now before it to late
Trupanion has always been great with me and my dog Hawk. Any time we've had issues, we've been able to submit the claims and get the money back with little to no hassle.
We have been paying for 3 years, and when we finally needed insurance coverage for a surgery for our dog. It was denied because of a preexisting condition. I have a feeling even that our dog having a leg would be an effing preexisting condition. I hope you are happy for taking our money for 3 years, and then we actually need it, you deny it. I don't want to talk to you on the phone, I just want others to know that you are completely heartless, and are only in it for the money only. F you and your effing company. If you wanted to help, then cover at least the vet visit or medication you effing scam artists. You should be ashamed. I had to dig into my savings for a house because I refuse to deny my dog a healthy life. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that your company is built on such poor principles. I don't know how you go home to your families at night after screwing so many people over. I am lucky I could afford this expensive surgery, and I am sorry for those that can't because you have denied them. F YOU.
READ TILL THE END TO GET A FULL PICTURE OF AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE FROM START TO END, IN ONLY 30 DAYS. "Pre-existing conditions" are hunted for from the very first pet visit. The reason you get a 30-day free trial with the "no waiting period" kicker is because that's the best opportunity for the insurer to capture as many "pre-existing conditions" as possible. Alternatively, if you go visit your vet for a regular examination, when there is nothing that is particularly worrying you, and which the vet would, by default, not have anything to make notes about, you would be able enroll on your own, take the waiting period loss, but ensure that Trupanion would not be hunting for random "pre-existing conditions" that are NOT pre-existing by any means, but are only concerns that you had as a caring parent. This is what happened to me. I went to my vet because my 3.5 month old puppy was itching (as they do), and the vet advertised the whole free trial and no waiting period marketing scheme, and I said sure, there is no harm in trying for free. Except that I was 100% wrong. Because what I went to CHECK for, preventatively, and out of care, turned out to be something that denied me of any skin related coverage FOR LIFE. The puppy is 3.5 months old. He was itching. It's ludicrous to me that this insurer took my vet's notes, discussing itching, as a pre-existing condition that warrants denying me coverage for life. On top of all of that, even if we assume that I am terribly wrong and have no idea what I'm saying, the service was horrendous. The woman talking to me on the phone was beyond unsympathetic and was telling me about how my situation was like "getting into a car accident and buying insurance after the fact", which not only shows how terrible she is at analogies, but how utterly incompetent she is at her job. To top it all off, when I told her to cancel the policy, she ended up hanging up on me. I was admittedly upset and clearly worried about my puppy, but NOTHING excuses this kind of service. NOTHING. I could have been wrong for many reasons, but nothing excuses such horrendous service. INCREDIBLY disappointing.
100 percent of my interactions with the company have been excellent. Before I was even home from a specialist visit with my dog, Trupanion pre-approved my dogs $7700 hip replacement surgery. They personally called me to tell me this and sent an email as well. This all happened within 1 hour of meeting with a specialist. They make caring for my dogs easy and affordable.
Trupanion has literally been a life saver. I took out trupanion insurance on my dog Rudy when he was about 10 months old. Rudy became very ill a few months ago (just before his 2nd birthday) and he required several very expensive tests and procedures. He was hospitalized at his regular vet and then referred to a internal medicine specialist and a neurologist. He was diagnosed with meningitis. It has been a long road to recovery but he is now doing great! I wouldn’t have been able to provide the care for Rudy had it not been for Trupanion. I talk about Trupanion all of the time whether it be at my work (vet clinic), with my friends, or at the dog park. I simply can’t say enough good things about Trupanion. I wish everyone would get Trupanion for their pets!
I can honestly say that signing up for Trupanion was the wised choice I have ever made. My cat Mario who has always been healthy, was recently at the age of 14 on deaths door. Trupanion was so helpful and made payments in a timely manner. Without them I would never have been able to afford the care my cat needed. Because of Trupanion I was able to get him the treatment he needed. DO IT, get Trupanion and have peace of mind. Thank you Trupanion for saving Mario!
I have been happy with the service provided by Trupanion. In addition, when I volunteer at local shelter, I pass along to people that they should consider getting pet insurance, because it is very important these days because of all the high costs to keep up a pet. I have seen many pets given up when there is a health issue and try to remind people adopting a new pet that they should look into pet insurance.
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