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Trupanion Reviews Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Trupanion
Year Founded: 2003
Address: 907 NW Ballard Way
City: Seattle
State/Province: WA
Postal Code: 98107
Country: United States
Phone: (888) 733-2685
Overall average rating of 2.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 33 %
Let me begin how this company works. First they collect your money every month for $80.00. HOWEVER, THEY DO NOT PROVIDE ANY MAJOR COVERAGE WHAT SO EVER. Let me begin my case. I had to get dental cleaning done for my dog which is a routine work at Banfield Hospital. Unfortunately, my dog was not able to have this procedure to take place due to abnormal blood work (thrombocytopenia). Which was also recognized procedure by Trupanion on 6/28/17. My situation was not because of negligence. It was the prognosis of the blood work. Now, my pet needs to have dental operation procedure because she has to have some of her teeth removed going forward. When I did submit the claim approval paperwork to Trupanion, in return they claimed that this is a pre-existing situation which is not correct because my dog was not able to have cleaning done due to having abnormal blood cells and in which even Trupanion recognized this situation few months ago. I had to wait until my dog's blood work to go back to normal. At same token, her dental situation got worst due to this waiting even how careful I was to use several procedure and cleaning solutions to keep in at minimum level for this waiting period.The bottom line is when I asked for Trupanion to provide attention to cover for my dog's procedure. THEY DID NOT CARE. Instead they pushed me into another paperwork trail of bureaucracy so that in the end I can give up on it. If you care about your pet their well being you should avoid this company at all cost. After all they are very good at collecting your money but, they do not care about your pet or your overall situation... Go figure. Pet insurance has no difference than USA health insurance policy and limitations to make it worst for your well being in the long run!
My experience with Trupanion has been awesome. They have always helped me to keep my dog in good health and they have excellent customer service. They have financially helped me through the coverage of major illnesses. They have been a real blessing. I would recommend this company to anyone who loves their pet like family.
Paid over $75 a month and when my dog had to get a mass removed from his chest and a tooth removed, I filed a claim. Nothing happened until I began to follow-up and they told me they never received the information from the Vet, which was a lie, since I saw the successful fax transmission receipt. The vet faxed and emailed two more times (which I witnessed) and yet Trupanion still said they did not get the information. They also told me that even if they accepted the claim I would get $100 for a $800 procedure. These people are nothing but con artists.
I agree this insurance is HORRIBLE. DO NOT GET IT. I am paying 250 per month for the dog and they declined more than half the problems with my dog. More important they claim the dog had a pre-existing condition 18 month prior to obtaining a policy with them. My dog wasn't born 18 months prior to obtaining policy. I hired the best animal litigation lawyer could find and she's in the process of suing them. It's not worth the headache dealing with Trupanion!
Hi my name is Luis. We have a beautiful 2 year old black lab named Bella. We just found out 4 weeks ago that she is in need of a tore cruciate back hind leg surgery ASAP. Now my son Christopher and I purchased Trupanion pet insurance approx 9 months ago. Now Trupanion refuses to pay for her surgery saying that it is a pre-existing condition. SMH what how I just found out 4 weeks ago!!! But now Trupanion say oh because I've taken her to the vet for a small limp in the past since she's a hyper baby and was on Novax they claim it was a sign and symptom. What? But her doctor never ever diagnosed her. In fact she's never had an X-ray or anything so how is that pre-existing Trupanion?Shame on you for taking people's money with the hopes and security of knowing god forbid anything happens to my pet Trupanion is there not!!! Now we suffer everyday thinking what are we to do for Bella. She's on pain meds everyday to help manage her. She looks so sad because of the pain and Trupanion not willing not a single bit to help alleviate the cost with even paying for her X-rays, sedation or even blood work. If we were to find a doctor who can take payments so that we can get her the surgery she needs.Customers shopping for pet insurance beware stay clear of Trupanion. They're crooks who paint a beautiful picture at first but then their true color of darkness comes thru when you need to put a claim for the sake of your pet's health and guess what the excuses of all the why nots come out SMH. I'm not only a fool for trusting them but hurt that I put my pet's life and health on their hands only to be let down. I'm so disgusted with Trupanion and I'm going to cancel them right now after this. Thank you.
I purchased coverage for both of my late dogs. It covered an emergency visit or two and really helped offset costs when I discovered one was very ill. The premiums were about one hundred dollars per year and I paid thirty or so dollars each time I took them in for a visit. I had coverage for three years and my premium went up each year but the increase was manageable. I did not receive many discounts. I recall getting one for signing up multiple animals, as well as consolidating their visits and veterinary offices. The claims I had were resolved within 30 days, if not less, and the claims office was very communicative and helpful. I was able to quickly file a claim and the tracking system when I called was helpful.
We bought a policy for our dog the day we brought him home at 8 weeks. I wasn't sure we needed the added expense, but I really wanted the peace of mind. The first time we needed to use it he was 11 months old and needed shoulder surgery. They covered a 6k medical bill at 90%, paid promptly and called to check up on Jaxson several times. Jaxson is now 7 years old and they've seen us through several minor medical journeys. They always process the bills quickly - payments now direct deposit to my account - and have the best customer service. Anyone considering owning a pet shouldn't think twice about signing up with Trupanion.
If I could give them 0 stars, I would. I purchased ins. for my cat in Nov. 2017. As of 1/1/2019 my premium almost doubled. Just prior to purchasing coverage she had a severe kidney issue which my vet pulled her through. Once I started filing claims however, they tied everything back to her kidney problem (even though it was no longer an issue). Once I was told that my vet couldn't prove that the issue WASN'T due to her kidneys. Sometimes they pay claims with no issues, but most of the time they are denied claiming the issue was due to kidney function, even though her kidneys are functioning perfectly. During a routine exam last year my vet found a heart murmur. The first claim was paid. In Jan I took her in for a follow up exam (which was at no charge) and they denied the meds and test results stating that: 1) the meds and supplements she was given (which are supposed to be covered) "may help treat her chronic kidney disease" (which she does not have) and 2) the radiographs and x-rays are not labeled properly with her name so they maintain they are not for my cat. Not only was I in the room when the films were done but the lab report specifically cites tests for my cat by name. The rules they cite in their denial, which they provided, do NOT specify that the names have to be visible, only that they have to be maintained at the vet's office. My vet has corresponded with them, I have called them repeatedly on this claim, but they still deny it. They will deny claims for any reason they can conjure up. I DO NOT recommend them. I contacting the State Board of Ins. as well as my attorney.
We have had pets our whole life and the majority have had pretty serious health issues. We all know how expensive that can be for pet parents. Well we were blessed with a puppy this past October and we knew immediately that we would get pet insurance for her. I did a lot of research and we decided on Trupanion for our Border Collie (Penny). I really liked what I read about them and if I’m going to be complaining honest, I had a good vibe or gut feeling about them.Fast forward to this past month and poor Penny was really sick. She was incredibly lethargic and would not eat at all. In a matter of days she lost three pounds and I had to carry her to go pee outside. I lost it! My husband and I love her so much. Needless to say, we were incredibly worried and we rushed her to our Vet. After spending just under $1000 on diagnostics/medications I am happy to say Penny is on the mend! She has gained a pound and a half and is eating properly again. We are not exactly sure what the issue was with Penny but it was very scary and the last thing you want to do is stress about money at that time!Here’s the thing, Trupanion was so awesome, I really cannot say enough about them. The process to file a claim was very simple and more than that, they were incredibly sweet and professional when I had the occasion to speak with them over the phone. I had the pleasure of talking to Carmen and I hope for your sake if you are a customer you have the pleasure of talking to her! I can honestly say that she is a true animal lover just like the ad says! What a lovely lady! The entire experience with Trupanion has just been an absolute pleasure! We have already been reimbursed for 90% of our fees (minus the deductible of course ) and I can honestly say I feel blessed to be part of the Trupanion family. I have already told everyone we know to go through Trupanion for pet insurance and I know we will do the same for all of our pets in the future.
We purchased Trupanion insurance for our 2 year old small dog after we paid out of pocket for surgery for a luxated patella. We knew that anything related to his knee would never be covered because it is a preexisting condition. The dog became ill a couple of months ago, sick, throwing up and lethargic. We thought he might have eaten something and had a blockage. Several tests were run and nothing appeared definitive. After 4-5 days the dog was doing much better and has been fine since. When I filed with the insurance to cover the tests, the insurance didn't look at it like it was an acute illness or potential blockage. They denied the claims saying the dog has a preexisting condition because he got sick and threw up once when he was 2 months old and he eats digestive health food because of soft stools. We appealed and the vet even called the insurance to say this is ridiculous. The insurance denied the appeal also. This insurance is NOT what you think it is and I'm inclined to think it is a scam to collect money.
Trupanion was there for my dog from the start. Unfortunately, my dog developed severe allergies at the very young age of 1 years old. After meeting my deductible, Trupanion paid 90% (minus the exam fees, which I knew wasn't covered) of ALL cost associated with his condition for the next 4 years. These cost included treatment by family vet as well as allergy specialists, ALL treatments, ALL medications, ALL Skin shampoos, ALL testing, ALL hospital stays. I couldn't have given my dog the care he had if it wasn't for Trupanion. I am truly appreciative of the service they provided from the wonderful customer representatives to the payout of claims. I have a peace of mind knowing that if my other dog should ever have the need for treatment of any kind, Trupanion will be there for me and him.
I signed up for Trupanion after my dog was diagnosed with giardia. Turns out a side effect of giardia is diarrhea. I take him to the vet, get him treated and the vet prescribes him meds. (No coverage!) but Diarrhea is gone. 2 months later, my dog eats a dead bird. He gets a really bad upset tummy for a whole week. I take him to the vet for the diarrhea, and what do you know! Trupanion now claims any diarrhea is somehow related to the giardia. Coverage denied! 3 months later, dog gets conjunctivitis and a swollen eye, with a slight infection. Take him to the vet for treatment. Call Trupanion. No coverage! Your $250 deductible starts over with every single individual illness the dog may develop. Oh... on top of that, exam fees, x-rays, sick visits, shots, emergency visits, nothing that helps the vet determine the illness is covered. This company scams people. Everything I've had to pay for the dog so far has been out of pocket. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR SCAM. Nationwide is a lot better with much better prices.
Part of the reason for insuring with Trupanion was their claim that premiums would not increase along with the pet's age. In the 7 years since we began coverage with this company the policy premiums have doubled. The most recent premium increase was 20%. They claim this is because of increased veterinarian costs in my area. This is entirely false, vet expenses have not doubled in 7 years. When I point this out to them they come back with some obfuscation about the overall economics in my area. Now I feel somewhat trapped into continuing as I've already invested a huge amount in this policy. I feel like I've been scammed by this company.
When I brought my cat to the vet for seizure-like behavior, the vet referred me to a neurology specialist and also provided me with a 30-day trial offer of Trupanion, as they knew the cost of imaging was going to be expensive. I signed up figuring what the heck, I had nothing to lose, but I had no confidence in them covering anything. Reading through the site's rules, normally there's an 18 month waiting period (meaning you aren't covered for something in that time), but signing up for my 30 day trial through the vet sponsorship, the website said there were no waiting periods in my case. So I filed my claim after a ~4K bill for an MRI. A month later Trupanion says my claim is closed, they will pay nothing since this was a pre-existing condition. Which of course was the case since I signed up after going to see a vet in the first place! What a sham. Plus, if you're paying over 100 bucks a month as a premium, and you have to wait 18 months to get anything back (and that's not guaranteed), you are way better off just saving a bit as an emergency fund for your pet. Insurance in general is all about the company making money, and this Trupanion experience has just confirmed this. This company just cares about their bottom line, they'll find a reason not to pay claims.
Terrible experience with this company. Incredibly devastated. I have paid them for years under the guise that they would cover my dog. Well when the time came- they denied all claims and stated "Sorry we changed our policy now and you should have read the small print." PLEASE BE AWARE- THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM- VERY SAD.
From the moment I called to inquire about insurance for my puppy, the staff has been phenomenal. The guidance and support was greatly appreciated. I never thought I would be facing a crisis with my pup, however, it happened. The support from Trupanion has been beyond amazing. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the assistance I have received. I recommend them highly to friends and neighbors. I don't know what I would have done without them. I personally will never own a pet without Trupanion.
They have never approved any claim we have submitted because of technicalities or wording in the vet's notes. They say there wasn't a time that they had to wait for the pet to be covered. That's a lie. They say they care about the pet and don't want to see families have to put down or give up their pets because of medical bills. That's a lie. They care about money. That's all. They are no different than any other insurance company for humans. Out to make a dollar off the backs of your loved ones. Save yourself the trouble. Set up a crowdfunding site if your animal gets sick. These people are a hot dumpster fire.
I purchased this insurance right after I adopted my rescue dog. I purchased it literally after her first vet visit. I had a few vet visits after that for gastroenteritis that Trupanion covered, however now they claim it’s a pre-existing condition. My dog’s first vet visit, right after rescuing her, it was documented that she had loose stool as a result of changing her food. Now, any visit where my dog had loose stools, Trupanion will refuse to reimburse. They went as far as to tell me that the visits that were covered for the gastroenteritis, were covered on behalf of the company's mistake. There are many ailments where loose stools/diarrhea is a symptom. So it’s basically their excuse to not cover anything.
Trupanion has been absolutely amazing!!! I have had another pet insurance in the past and they never covered at 90% or paid the hospital directly. That is huge plus if you don't have the funds immediately. I decided to get pet insurance on my puppy who is now three. I wanted to make sure he was covered and I'm so thankful I did. He has chronic allergies, ate a sock, and now cracked a tooth. These are all things I didn't know would happen when I got him. I'm so thankful I have had Trupanion to help me get through these years. A lot of people want to wait until something has already happened to go get insurance last minute and it doesn't work like that. I highly recommend them. They are fast and efficient at claims. They pay hospital directly and cover at 90% after deductible. They also do have a cap on how much is paid out in a year for claims. They are always compassionate about my pets needs. Do your research and compare. Don't get upset if they don't cover pre existing conditions because there isn't a pet insurance that does.
Total rip off!! I asked for a pre-approval for some fractured teeth, waited 3 weeks only to be told they don't do CLEANINGS! If my vet had not specifically written that he had "examined" his teeth, which he had, and my vet told me my dog's needed to be cleaned but nothing more was wrong. The vet did not note the fact that he examined his teeth in his chart, as my dog was there for something else, so because the vet didn't note it, then I'm SOL with Trupanion.I knew he needed to has his teeth cleaned but just never got it done until later when I went to a dog Dentist (who I had taken another of my dogs to previously who had some teeth issues) who said my dog had some fractures, which needed to be addressed and they are not the same thing as cleaning, so should be covered... but no. ---"We don’t cover any dental illness or injury found on your pet's first post-enrollment exam if your pet's teeth were not examined 12 months prior to enrollment." ---- (They were examined, my regular vet always examines the teeth as a matter of routine when I bring any of my pets in, the vet just did not note in my dogs file as it was routine exam and I was there for something else.) "As this condition was found on the first post-enrollment dental examination, we can’t cover this claim. (7.A.ii) We don’t cover dental cleanings. (7.C.ii) ----(this isn't CLEANING!!)" TOTAL RIPOFF - I figured pet insurance was too good to be true. They were more than happen to take my monthly payments, but when it came to doing what they said they would do, cover my pet forget it - so I say forget it to buying worthless insurance from Trupanion!
I have always found Trupanion to have excellent service, which is why I have always insured my pets with them. My call with Cheryl yesterday was as great as ever. She was empathetic and thoughtful, and she gave me the information I needed—and offered additional flexibility that in this case I didn't—to help me make the best decision about my pet's care. (I do wish they would cover emergency room fees, but that's my only real complaint...)
We have a 4 year old Golden Retriever-- Trupanion sounded like a good idea at first. They said as a puppy the premiums would be much lower and we would not pay the premiums ever for an older dog and that they do not increase them because of age. We have a $250 deductible and Trupanion has us on a 90/10 payment. Well, our premiums have gone from $35 month to $87 per month in that period of time. So they are saying it is not because of age but because of the cost of care which is BS. The representative tried to spin the situation that it is a good deal with unexpected costs but I feel they are just taking advantage of all of us that love our pets. I wish I would have never heard of them, and certainly going to explore other options-- wish I would have done so originally.
This is my honest review and please read till the end! I actually had a great experience with Trupanion. My premiums did go up, so I decided to stick with a higher deductible ($1000). In September of last year my dog started getting really lethargic, so I brought him to the local hospital where they said he had Pancreatitis. He stayed 2 nights and the bill was roughly $800. From there he wasn't getting better, so I drove him up to a larger clinic where my friend works and who I trust dearly. There they did numerous tests and had him there for about a week and still no progress or diagnosis.Finally, we went to the ultimate of places and by then it was too late. He got 3 blood transfusions there, and countless tests. It was horrible. There was still no diagnosis or chance of him getting better. By the end we had to put him down and his stool was black blood. My final bill was around $18,000 - and I paid roughly $3000 out of pocket for the deductible, travel, cremation, everything else. Trupanion even called during to see how I was doing emotionally. They were honestly really great. However, here is what I want to emphasize - I WOULD NOT DO THIS AGAIN! Even though I had all the care in the world, it didn't matter. My little guy should have died at home, comfortable. He was probably stressed the whole time, and poked and prodded for days. And for what?At the time I was glad that I could give him all the best medical help, but it still didn't matter. If anything, he deteriorated worse. It was so bad that he didn't even have an immune system to leave the hospital. This dog was my world and I did anything and everything for it, but now I would NEVER put a dog through this again. Here is what I am doing with my current pup: I am NOT vaccinating, I am feeding RAW food, and I am NOT neutering him. I can trace most, if not all of my dog's issues back to his rabies vaccines. He was getting fat lumps, and could never lose weight (found out in the end his liver and spleen were huge). Even though previous blood tests always came back normal. It didn't matter.Treat your dogs well!!! Stop giving into vets and social stigma around what you "should" be doing. Do what YOU feel is best for your dog, and if you notice a reaction from previous vaccines - don't give anymore, or do titers. That dog was my world, and I still miss him every day. However, please inform yourself and don't be so quick to run to the vet, as it may be the thing that kills them quicker. Trupanion was fantastic, but I'm never putting myself or another dog through any of that again. When you know better, you do better.
I have had Trupanion since 2010. In that time I have submitted claims for a knee surgery, teeth extractions, multiple mass removals, a foreign body (rock), cataracts, glaucoma and allergies. All of those conditions but the latter received coverage due to the allergies being a pre-existing condition. My Boston Terrier is scheduled for cataract surgery next month and she will be getting her vision back thanks to Trupanion!!! The estimate for the surgery is $3,000. We met the deductible 2 years ago so our part will be just 10%. The customer service is terrific. The bottom line is, without Trupanion I do not know what we would have done. We are well over $23,000 in claims. It has not just allowed us to have the surgery for her knee but opt for the overnight care, laser therapy and a $1,600 rehab package. Today she is a very healthy 11 year old who has a lot of life yet to live full of chasing balls and taking care of our family.
I have two pet insurance, one for maintenance with Banfield and the other one for Accidents, Disease, etc. My Banfield vet referred us to an Eye Specialists as the condition of my pet is not covered under the maintenance plan so we went to an eye specialists. Paid out of our pocket and then filed a claim to Trupanion. For Trupanion's convenience I've emailed the Banfield medical records as well as the receipt for the eye specialists in 08/28/17.Claim was filed in 08/28/17. I have made several phone calls to follow up with Trupanion to see what the status of my claim and to go back to the Eye specialists for treatment. Trupanion finally responded today via email. They denied the claim as they said that the infection (that Banfield treated) is related to the eye allergies (conjunctivitis). Obviously, I was so disappointed in Trupanion's response as I myself work in the insurance industry. This is what gives the insurance industry a bad name. There should be a Consumer watchdog for companies like these. I will obviously appeal their decision and I will update this review shortly.
We were told that our pet qualified for Trupanion insurance by a Florida vet practice and we signed up for it. No waiting period and we could cancel in 30 days. After many tests, xrays and special food, the diagnosis was gastroenteritis. Yes insurance would cover some of it. We are now out $2000.00 after 2 denials from Trupanion. They have denials for everything. We were told that Trupanion had partnered with this vet practice and was excellent insurance to have. The whole thing is a scam to get pet owners to sign up. I wish there was a way to recover some of our money. Buyer beware of Trupanion. They are unsuitable as insurance carriers and DO NOT STAND FOR WHAT THEY CLAIM TO BE.
Trupanion has helped me several times in the past by reimbursing me for the medical care of my cats. Claims are very easy to submit, and processed in a timely way. I have had this coverage for the last 7 years and am very satisfied.
This particular pet insurance is significantly more expensive than others. When I decided to sign up my new puppies they justified their inflated premiums to me by stating they cover more, ease of filing claims and most importantly that just about everything is covered at 90%. This is extremely false. They also told me as they were taking my money that my puppies would have coverage once payment was received. They took my payment immediately and it was processed over the phone. I signed my two puppies up for what I thought would be superior coverage on 11/16. Have been a great customer diligently paying my highly inflated premiums. Never used the insurance or filed a claim until 2/18 when one of my puppies needed medical care. The claim was for $1K approximately. I was misled by this company as I was that once my $200 deductible was met coverage would be at 90%. Not true! All claims have been denied which appears to be their standard operating procedure. Deny everything and force the consumer to fight for their rightful reimbursements! I called today and escalated my claims to a manager. All calls are tape recorded so kindly asked them to pull the tapes and listen to the original conversation when I was sold. So that they could hear for themselves and for evidence that I was clearly outright lied to when signing my two puppies up for their health insurance. Buyer beware of this unscrupulous company. Not worth the inflated cost of their premiums. They lie and mislead upon signing and pull the bait and switch. No ease in filing claims as they deny all as first line of defense. I made my vet aware of this as they have their brochures in their office. I highly suspect getting some kickback in hindsight. Consumers there are lower cost carriers available that are ethical as I have since learned. However Trupanion is not one of them. This company has my lowest rating I can give on this platform.
Your dog is hit by a car. You take him to the emergency room, it's a covered injury and you have pet insurance. The deductible on your insurance is $100 and 90% paid. That's what you have been paying, so that's what you think is the coverage. WRONG. Trupanion won't cover the veterinarian to examine your dog. Your dog can't be treated without being examined. Then they won't cover the surgeon to review the Xrays. The surgeon can't operate on your dog without reviewing the Xrays. So the $100 deductible was NEVER going to be the deductible because many of the services REQUIRED to treat your pet aren't covered by the insurance. And Trupanion not being a reputable company, they don't disclose this when you sign up and pay the expensive premiums. It's in the fine print most of us don't read. Read the other negative reviews before signing up for Trupanion, I sure wish I had read them.
DO NOT give this company your hard earned money. They find any and every reason not to pay claims. They will go back to records from when your dog was a puppy and claim pre existing conditions. If your vet runs any tests to rule out a condition and notes that they think it could be something and your pet tests negative or never develops the condition, they used that as pre existing and refuse to pay. Cancelled my policy on my 2 dogs. Could have used that money to pay the vet directly. They guys are CON ARTISTS, just living large on your dime. RUN from this company.
When I first signed up for Trupanion for my two dogs, their policy stated that insurance premiums would never go up more than 20%. In the last few years they have raised our premium almost 25% each year even though we have been with them for 5 years and haven't been making huge claims. In fact, we never go over how much we pay them every year. On their website, they state "Trupanion is one of the only pet health insurance plans that does not have automatic rate increases as your pet ages - some companies have guaranteed annual increases of up to 18%!" THIS IS A LIE! They raise it more than other insurance companies.Look it up yourself. They mislead you, the insurance premiums should be enforced more. They are a money hungry business, and they don't care about your pet's health. Today, I called to cancel, and I told them that I would be paying more insurance for my two dogs than my husband and I's insurance. They said "Oh, well pets are having the same procedures as humans nowadays so we have to raise premiums." This is completely a lie in a sense.For my own personal health insurance, I pay less than I do for my dogs, and I've had surgery and my insurance company pays 100% of the bill. Surgery for dogs is not as expensive as it is for a human, let's be real. Trupanion has no cap on how much they can raise their premium each year. So they could potentially raise it however much they like. I would highly advise no one to get an insurance policy with this company.
I’ve had my pets insured with Trupanion for a dozen years and have had great experiences. It’s bad enough when you have something serious happen with a pet. Trupanion made the claim process simple (online or direct pay vet) and paid REALLY fast! My emergency vet was the one that told me about them first. Sign your pet up as soon as possible. The younger they are, the less you pay. The premiums will remain low. I have 3 pets insured, $100 ded and my premiums are under $140 total and one pet is 13. Also, they have fantastic support! Cannot say enough good things.
I've never been so absolutely disgusted with a company more than Trupanion. After paying through the nose for years, they decided to deny my claims for my dog's allergies. Years and years of bilking me because I put 3 pets on the policy and because my dog was diagnosed with a skin allergy for the first time ever THIS YEAR (2016). Had policy since 2011. They are saying he has a Pre Existing condition. They said his ear infections all 4 since 2009... that's all... for a dog... are considered "allergies" as well. Meanwhile they've been cleaning out my account consistently to the tune of 108.00 a month since 2011. This is complete fraud on their behalf. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
I wish I read these reviews before I purchased. They are terrible, they spend your money sending reps to market the insurance at vet offices to sell their scam insurance vs. paying claims. They offer big promotions AFTER the first vet visit, in fact I called to join prior to seeing a vet and was told the deductible is way less "on a promo" after the vet visit - this is because they don't pay a penny on anything AFTER the vet visit because they label it pre-existing. Don't even mention a concern to your vet and or have them document as it will be pre-existing. Stay as far away from this insurance as you can get!
I had prior experience with Trupanion prior to signing up my 2 year old lab last year. They were reliable and easy to reach and had a great experience when one of my other dogs had an accident. They handled the expenses perfectly. I thought everything would run as smoothly. Unfortunately 10 months into my first year with my lab (whos in excellent condition) they surprise me with a 25.7% premium increase! I thought it must be a mistake. Poor "Customer Service" Rep couldn't say anything but their script that rates are based upon...blah, blah, blah. Not sure about the rest of the world...but not much in my area related to dog costs fluctuates 25%.Until today, I would have rated them 5 stars. Dropped to one based upon unreasonable and ridiculous increase. Left me feeling. Did they screw up my rate for last year? Or did they screw it up this year? Or are they simply being greedy in trying to increase premiums once they have someone 'on board'. Bad business practice. Forget using them... more importantly sell their stock. TRUP (NASDAQ). It's already down 45% in the last 6months.
After spending thousands in premiums, I finally put a claim in. It's been 3 months and they reached out to 2 different vets asking for my dog's lifetime of vet bills. This is a diversion to not pay. My dog was being tested for skin cancer - A condition he's never had. Before they pay on the claim they're looking for his entire medical history - So 3 months in - I haven't been reimbursed and they keep on looking for reasons to decline. Money better spent is to put the premium in a bank account and use that for vet bills. This is a big Ponzi scheme. You'll pay a lot of money only to realize that you'll get little reimbursement for your vet bills.
After getting my pet at a shelter I received a voucher for a free month of insurance with this company on August 18th. I "activated" his voucher for the free coverage (yet I never received an email or anything of the sort with a policy number). Fast forward to August 25th, I took him into the vet for an unexpected visit to have his eye looked at. I paid out of pocket due to not receiving a policy number from them from the voucher I "activated". I "officially" enrolled him with Trupanion about on the 29th of August.Fast forward another month. I had to make another unexpected vet visit for the same problem previously. Since I had his "official" policy number from his enrollment - I gave it to the vet to submit claims totaling over $400. Trupanion declined EVERY SINGLE CLAIM! I called their customer service line to speak with someone on why none of these are covered. Well - according to them my voucher was never "activated" and the claims are now considered a "pre-existing condition", which they do not cover. I gave the customer care rep the voucher code I used for his free month. The customer care rep said she would speak to a manager to see if they can do anything regarding this matter. 4 days later, I get an email from the Customer Care manager saying there is nothing they can do and any further treatment for his issue will not be covered due to it being before his "official" enrollment date. SO basically I am paying them $50/mo. for nothing?! Needless to say I am cancelling them IMMEDIATELY. I would never recommend them to ANYONE EVER! Seems like they are just like every other insurance company, they want you to pay them but don't want to pay anything for you! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!
I've had Trupanion pet insurance for my Pug since he was just a little guy, still a puppy. He's now 3 years old and doing great, thankfully. The reason I thought it was important to leave a review for Trupanion at this time is that my company recently started offering Pet insurance (wow, what a great benefit!) through another provider that presented a very compelling presentation at my office last week. I know that of course price is always a compelling factor, it certainly was for me since my family has now grown to 3 dogs. So I started looking into it today, doing my comparison and looking at the total out of pocket, what's covered, etc, etc.After looking at the total cost of the "wellness" package, it turns out that based on my last year's preventative expenses I'd still be paying more through the new company, Nationwide, than I have been paying out of pocket. (Trupanion doesn't offer preventative care policies). I've been pretty lucky that my dogs are very healthy, but we do have emergencies that come up, so I decided that perhaps I'd just stay with the more traditional "Catastrophe Insurance" as they call it. Nationwide's insurance premium for "emergencies only" coverage is indeed less than Trupanion. Which would mean I could cover all 3 of my dogs pretty easily.But then I started looking at reviews for Nationwide... not good. Seems a lot of people are having trouble with "pre-existing conditions" getting covered despite some things never having come up in the past. I don't know, I've never tried to file a claim with Nationwide, but I kept remembering the one and only time I had to use Trupanion, last October, and file a claim it was a total breeze. They were so super helpful. I paid the vet out of pocket ($1200) and I think they reimbursed me the full 90% within a week. (after my $100 deductible).So, let's be honest, pet insurance isn't cheap. I was somewhat attracted to lower premiums, but having a sick pet is stressful. This is your family. I don't want to add fighting with some stupid insurance agent about why they aren't going to pay for something they said they would during the 'sales pitch'. Something else I remember about every time I've spoken with Trupanion agents on the phone..... they ALWAYS ask about my dog. I honestly think they are animal lovers and that makes a difference to me. Anyway, most people write negative reviews (I think that's important too) but on this occasion I wanted to write a positive one. I am staying with Trupanion. A bit more expensive, but in the end my piece of mind and my dog's health are worth it.
Long and short of it I have been paying out $70 a month for 3 years. I ran into a situation where my dog had 3 tumors. One of which was biopsied Round cell and the Vet advised that I have them removed because my dog could have Cancer. I called and every time you call to speak with insurance you speak to someone different. None of their employees have extension numbers and their automated emails come back constantly. Finding a human on the other end to help you is nearly impossible. I spoke with two supervisors and 5 different reps for the company. All of them acted all kind and said the claim would be pre approved and would go through. Well it did not.They are claiming that my dog had a preexisting anxiety issue, so therefore they can’t cover the ** that Vets use for any Pet when they have surgery. They also said that it was in their policy that I have to pay a deductible for every tumor as if they are separate issues. All the tumors are different types and unless my vet can prove otherwise then they won’t cover 90% as promised. They also stare even if I do know the types and they are the same that I still have to pay a deductible for each tumor. This is insane.They just want your $$ and when you are in distress with your pet and they fail to come through they are worthless. I am not happy with %50 coverage when they have said 90% in their ads. Might I add they sent me a new policy stating I had to renew it or lose coverage when it wasn’t due to be renewed. Yet they determine when they get to rewrite their own policy in order to manipulate how much $$ they will cover for your pet. If you have faced similar issues send me an email because I am considering a class action lawsuit. This company shouldn’t exist in my opinion. SAVE YOUR $$$ because in the end they will say one of the following: It’s preexisting. It’s not covered in their policy or somehow they will change their policy. You didn’t take care of your dog properly so they denied the claim. Your Vet didn’t provide medical paperwork so they deny your claim. Basically for any reason they will either half ** cover you or deny you.
I would recommend due to good experience with them. They were nice and helpful in helping me choose the coverage I wanted for my pet. The cost was fair enough. But, if you love your pet as much as I do mine, then the cost is not a factor unless it's just ridiculously high!!
Trupanion provides a client centric service model, compassion, care and ability to relate to people as pet owners with exceptional consistency! You're going to read good and bad reviews. Here's something to consider... Not everyone understands how insurance works. Some people fail at reading and understanding the terms of their coverage. Some simply ignore or choose not to read or understand the terms. Some people try to defraud insurance companies. Insurance companies review medical records to verify compliance with their coverage terms. Insurance does not mean an owner is absolved of all financial responsibility for their pets care. Ask your insurance company how vet billing works and how it affects your coverage.When you're dealing with your family (Pet) it's important to pay attention and not blindly make uninformed choices. I invested in Insurance for Teddy because I care about him. I paid for everything out of pocket until he was hit by a car and had potentially life threatening injuries. His injuries quickly became very expensive and were certainly not common. I immediately contacted Trupanion to inform them of the accident and got Teddy to the vet hospital as fast as I could.The metrics to employ when considering a claim is: "Is this problem potentially life threatening?" and "Does this problem potentially cause severe quality of life issues." Pet insurance is not like human health insurance. It's meant for bad to worse case scenario situations. Don't make the mistake of confusing human & pet insurance. You're responsible for your friend whether you have insurance or not. Trupanion is an excellent insurance provider. Some may disagree, maybe they failed to understand the companies policies. And, or, the general premise behind the services they signed up for. Teddy, my cat, was severely injured with multiple injuries when he was hit by a car. These injuries were potentially life threatening and this is when Trupanion kicked in and have championed Teddy's recovery from the start. The amount of coverage Teddy has received along with support from staff has been nothingshort of amazing so far. Teddy has a specialist for his broken teeth, dislocated and fractured jaw, dislocated leg, and a surgeon for the removal of one of his eyes. It has been heart wrenching for me to have to see him go through this but I know he will get better and he knows that I love him.This insurance company has been supportive with us and have fulfilled their obligations, according to their own policies, without hesitation or delay. Some of you may accuse me of being a shill for the company. I can't stop you from saying it. But you're only deluding yourself and doing a disservice to those seeking an informed review. If you're buying a product or service understand what you're buying or paying for before you do. Most Veterinarians in Toronto seem to have a really good opinion of this company and I can understand why they do. They act quickly and make informed decisions based on all available information. Teddy and I have had a really good experience with Trupanion. I have attached a picture of Teddy a day after he got to the hospital.
Anything can happen to our four-legged family members at any time, and my past experience has been it is usually at the worst timing. Trupanion gives me peace of mind to know that my fur baby will be taken care of 24/7 and even at the worst timing. Also, Trupanion's customer service is the best!
I have found that on the whole if they pay a claim they remove most of the charges for one reason or another. They even consider a specialist's consult and office visit. They look for a needle in the haystack to deny allowing a claim or paying very little. My feeling is they lied to me to get me to switch making me believe they would cover the claims so much better than my previous insurance company. They made it seem worth their unlimited coverage & willingness to pay most claims to pay them twice as much monthly. I am now trapped. I gave up a lot of pre-existing conditions to move two dogs to their program. They then doubled their monthly fees. I am paying over $200 a month for 2 dogs and getting very little. My next dogs will NOT be under Trupanion.
This company is all about the money and could care less about your beloved pets. Once you've signed with them and they pay a claim for a condition, you now have a pre-existing condition that will not be covered by another company if you choose to change. If you have a sick pet and you can't afford your monthly premium, sure you can raise your deductible to lower the rate - however - now you have to meet that new increased deductible on your illnesses for them to resume payment on your claims! So now here you are, your pet has a pre-existing condition that another company will not cover, you can't afford your premiums and you can't lower the cost because then you are out of pocket until the higher deductible is met. It's all about the money. Find a reasonably priced caring insurance company that actually cares about you and your pet. Don't get yourself stuck like I am with these thieves!
I bought a policy for my 12 week old Shih Tzu, after a year of paying for this policy, I submitted a claim. My Shih Tzu had 2 herniated discs. I chose this policy because it covered X-rays. Well the claim was denied because they wanted all Drs. notes, which were also submitted. They also denied examine fees, X-rays, medications. I was able to reopen my claim, which they denied as well, for same reasons. I don't know what else my veterinarian can submit to them. Trupanion is a scam!! After all this, they increased the policy rate, and never paid a dime towards my dog's bill. Beware!!! They won't receive another dime from me.
We purchased Trupanion Pet Insurance after my puppy’s very first visit to his Vet on June 2017. After a couple of months we noticed him limping while walking. We brought him back to see the vet in Sept 2017. X-rays were done and the results showed that he was diagnosed with bilateral ankle dysplasia and needed surgery. Assured by our Vet that insurance would cover the expense, we went ahead with surgery only to find it WAS NOT COVERED. After contacting Trupanion they informed me that due to my Vet’s medical notes about my dog seen on Sept. 2017 stating “limping for ‘several’ months” that this was a pre-existing condition and therefore did not meet their policy of coverage. His Vet wrote a letter to appeal and had called personally and spoke with Christin in the Appeal Dept. informing them that it was her mistake and sent all other exams indicating no existing of limping. We in fact purchased this insurance before my dog exhibited any signs of limping. Both his vet and I have been maintaining communication with Trupanion with hopes of getting our case reappealed. It has now been several months and I have had no luck. I am heartbroken as my dog’s surgery was uneventful. His rehab vet recommended therapy, injections and a possibility of another surgery that will have to come out of our pocket.
I am over the moon with Trupanion, it saved my little Cookie this past year. I don’t know what I would have done without it. She had two back to back TPLO surgeries for injuries to her CCL on both legs, she wasn’t able to walk. They paid 90% of her 15k bills minus my deductible. Years ago after a very expensive surgery for one of my other dogs, I began researching pet insurance. Out of all the options, I found Trupanion to be the best. I will never be without this insurance. People have to understand preexisting conditions. One of my dogs has a heart condition that was diagnosed prior to my getting Trupanion, it’s simple, that’s a preexisting condition.
Trupanion has been so great to myself and my dog. I have been able to treat my dog with Radiation and Chemotherapy with minimal cost to me. Along with his every 6 months cancer recheck appts; which may include ultrasound and blood work.
This is the absolute best of the best for pet insurance. Every single time I call I always get the help and knowledge to resolve any questions that I have. The representatives are OUTSTANDING!!! Never have I had any problems and they are so caring about my pets and their health. I can't say enough. And to top it off the claims are super fast every single time. I can hardly believe they are for real. But they are. I unconditional recommend them 110%!!! You will not be sorry to go enroll with them for your pet{s}. They really do treat them like family!
My experience with Trupanion has been quite different from many of the reviewers on this site. We got insurance for our dog when he was just a few months old. He's now almost 7 years old. Our deductible per condition is $200, with Trupanion paying 90% of care costs after the deductible is met, and our monthly premium is ~$45.During our ~6-7 years with the company, we have filed claims on two conditions: the first to do with a limping issue (a chronic condition for the past several years), the second with a broken tooth. In both cases, Trupanion has responded quickly to our claims and interpreted our invoices fairly, even generously. (I recently called them because I thought they were paying us *too* much for a claim, but their rep explained how they had intentionally interpreted the claim to our advantage.) My experiences with customer service reps have also been very positive — when our dog was suffering from his limp and we were worried he would need surgery, one phone rep even sent him a care package.Some things for potential consumers to note: 1) Trupanion's business model favors customers who enroll their pets in puppyhood, since preexisting conditions are not covered. We are fortunate because our vet urged us to sign up when our dog was very young. Our experience may be less positive had we signed him up later. 2) They also charge more for coverage of certain issues common to your dog's breed. For example, our monthly premium would be $35 ($10 less), but it also includes coverage for hip issues common to my dog's breed.3) Their deductibles apply to each specific condition, for the life of your pet, rather than to a given calendar year. This means that each new condition you claim gets its own deductible, but that once that deductible is met, they will pay 90% (or whatever % you've chosen in your plan) of treatment for that condition for the rest of your pet's life. This might hurt folks whose animals suffer many one-time conditions, but it's helpful for chronic conditions. 4) Office visit/consultation fees are not covered, nor is preventative care.Of these four things, the only one that wasn't made clear to me before I signed up for the insurance was that office visit fees weren't covered. (And by this I mean the base fee you are charged for the exam — services tests administered *during* the exam, such as blood tests & X-rays, have in our experience been covered.) The other three conditions may or may not be ideal, but they were clear to me when I signed up. So the model has pros and cons, but, in our experiences thus far, Trupanion's service has met, and sometimes exceeded, our expectations, based upon what we knew about it when we signed up.
I was offered free enrollment during a visit with my vet for one of my fur babies Gracie. I called to gather information, did some research, called again and then decided to purchase a policy. First off the rep was working from home, told me Trupanion actually "looks for reasons to pay". He then went on to tell me about ** pills he and his wife use on their cats. I let him know I had 3 other babies, including my senior German Shep that I would be calling back to also enroll. He told me I shouldn't bother with my dog due to her age. What an unprofessional response. Because Gracie sneezed and it was in her record they refuse to cover a single thing, she was diagnosed with nasal cancer and I have spent thousands. I didn't even want to submit the remaining claims because I may have well thrown them in the trash. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!! I am cancelling my policy and enrolling everybody else where. They just lost a fur family of 4 spoiled babies. BUYER BEWARE!!!
I have had very prompt and good service with Trupanion. The payments are paid in very short time after claim was sent in. Never an argument about what is covered. Always friendly! Ability to phone them 24/7. I would highly recommend Trupanion.
First of all there's only one hospital that accepts Trupanion Express which they don't tell you about unless you ask. And that hospital is the worst. Big surprise... they say no to everything... to them everything's a pre-existing condition. Well I know my dog and it's not it's the veterinarians that don't know what the hell they're doing or saying veterinarians are worse than Trupanion. All they do is rise prices and ruin your dog. I'm suing 3 vet and Trupanion might be the fourth lawsuit. Anyone in?
We had major surgery done to our Boxer. She had her spleen removed and we were told it would be covered. However in the meantime they revised their policy and never told us so they denied the claim. They told us after our other dog had a ACL tear in his back leg. As long as it was not the same leg it would be covered, so because of them not covering the surgery for the spleen we ask them if our other dog would be covered if he tore his ACL in the other leg (not that she did. We just wanted to know how much they revised). They said no because even if it's the other leg it's an ongoing issue. They are a rip off, WE RECORDED WHAT THE MAN TOLD US WHEN WE GOT THE INSURANCE and he said any ongoing thing that the dogs have before we got the insurance as long as it was not in the same spot or has nothing to do with what they have now will be covered. That was a lie. They do not cover it.
We purchased Trupanion 2 years ago for our 3 month old mixed breed dogs. We have yet to submit a claim that hasn't been rejected due to "pre-existing condition." THEY WERE PUPPIES WHEN WE PURCHASED THIS CRAPPY INSURANCE! How can there be pre-existing conditions? ALSO, when we started, our bill was ~ $90 a month (for both). Now it's $160 a month!!! We're finally done being scammed by this ridiculous company. I just called to cancel and apparently calling is not enough. You have to cancel in writing. WTF? I can call and cancel my car insurance, my health insurance, my house insurance with it not being required in writing. What a frickin SCAM!
I don't get these reviews, I couldn't live without Trupanion. They have been so great through the dozens of claims I have had for different dogs. And yes, I have had a claim denied that I am currently appealing but it was a fair reason of a misunderstanding and Trupanion makes appeals super easy if the vet is willing to correct. Mostly though they have paid me right back for many surgeries, and illnesses by older dogs developed. Get the insurance right away when your pup is young so it is cheaper. Vets are out of control with their prices! You go in for a simple procedure and they want to do every test possible so it is thousands. A surgery can cost on average 5k-20k. It is a huge peace of mind to know Trupanion has your back. I also have care credit which helps and Trupanion can preapprove a payment or refund you into your checking on most cases within a week or less! You can always get a rep on the phone and they are so pleasant to speak with every time. They are similar to Discover card's customer service where they take the time and really do actually care to keep the customer happy unlike some other companies where you know it will be super stressful to get a rep and then you are transferred non stop and frustrated. I have never experienced this in the 30 plus times I have called Trupanion. Actually look forward to communicating with them. I have a biz also and I know people just love complaining when unhappy and the happy don't do much which is why I am leaving such a long review. :)
We have had Trupanion Pet Insurance for our dogs and cats for 8 years now. While we haven't used pet insurance from other companies, Trupanion has been excellent. They respond promptly, they are true to their policy, and they reimburse very quickly. We have had unusually complicated and expensive health problems in our two dogs this past year - very expensive - and Trupanion paid 90% of the covered charges. Basically, those were all but the exam charges. We have saved many thousands of dollars with Trupanion. The best thing is to buy it when the pet is very young, so that no health issues that arise become "pre-existing" conditions. I recommend Trupanion to all my pet owning friends.
I've had insurance for my 4-year-old dog for about 2 years now (Omega General type insurance). Every time I've called customer service, I've received nothing but kind and helpful reps and overall amazing service. I even received a call back once to check how my dog was after an accident. My dog recently developed some unknown skin condition. I have the peace of mind that Trupanion will cover expenses related to this for the rest of his life if it becomes an ongoing issue.
I changed my a day after enrollment. Called the next day to cancel, was told another specialist had to cancel membership and that those specialists were all busy. I was told they'd call me back. I waited didn't get the call so I called back the same day, the next and a few days later. Never got a call from them and they remained unavailable. Finally on the 9th day, I called them again and got a hold of the special cancellation specialist. Got a email back confirming cancelling but stating that my refund was less than 100% within 30 days as I was told it would be in my policy. I actually only got back less than the monthly premium and no enrollment fee back.Spoke to a manager. Completely unhelpful. They decided not to honor their 30 day cancellation 100% money back policy, kept my enrollment fee and refused to pay me a day’s worth of monthly coverage which is why I got refunded less than my monthly premium. Mind you, I had to pull teeth to get someone to discontinue my membership. Was promised a call that I never got. And then got cheated out of money. And by the way, the whole day of coverage that they penalized me for is not even coverage because there is a 3 day waiting period for the insurance to kick in! Unbelievable. UNACCEPTABLE. STAY AWAY!
Horrible experience. Nothing that was ever submitted was covered. Outrageous deductibles, monthly cost is more than my personal health insurance with deductibles that are more than most vet visit and treatment. This company exploits people that take their pet's health seriously. DO NOT FALL PREY TO THIS MONEY GRUBBING SCAM!!
Being available 24/7 is good... But they really try and hide the fact that they don't cover examination/consultations/any verbiage like that. I understand deductibles... But if your claim is accepted, they should cover the exams, etc... Just like car warranty and personal insurance, pay upfront then get reimbursed once accepted... Once our "trial" is over will be going with a more common sense pet insurance company, that actually cares and isn't a scam... I even sell cars and this is scam. Lol.
I have been paying 150 per month for years. I have never once been reimbursed for a claim. The very first claim near 1000 dollars they continue to request more and more information. This is absolutely ridiculous. Luckily we are fortunate to afford paying for the health of our animal but for anyone else these guys would rather their customers’ animals die than help them in a timely matter. I believe my problem is not unique and encourage everyone to stay away.
Scam company, avoid at all costs!! Go with Figo or Healthy Paws. Trupanion only has customers because of the free month sign up program they have in vets' offices. Well guess what, I signed up for that, sure enough my puppy needed to go to the ER 3 weeks later, I submitted the claim (mind you ONLY FOR $300) and they declined all of it! The reasons they provided were completely FALSE and fabricated dates, I had proof which I responded back with. THEY DID NOT EVEN ANSWER MY EMAIL AFTER MULTIPLE FOLLOW UP ATTEMPTS. Horrendous, horrendous experience. Stay as far away as possible.
Do not give these thieves your money. They will not cover anything, they will look at any reason not to cover your pet. They will sit there and just collect monthly fees until you realize they are ripping you off. Just pay out of the pocket for your pet.
Please do not use this company!! It's a scam. They will just take your money and run. Ex 1. After 10 years at the same rate and NEVER using it, my dog finally had a few issues I got reimburse for. Immediately after, the company TRIPLED my rate. I should have canceled then but I hung on because he was getting older. Ex 2. My 13.5 year old has TERRIFIC teeth. He's only ever had mild tartar. He has a bone infection right now that might require surgery. The vet listed either a possible bone infection related to the one he had earlier this year in his head, OR possible root abscess. They would not cover it because NINE years ago, he had mild tartar in his record. NINE YEARS AGO!!! Are you kidding me? Don't trust this company!!!
We had pet insurance for our 3 dogs for 4 years total. Our premiums went from about $1226.00 per year to about $2086.00 after 4 years. We paid to the vet and the insurance premiums in that time just over $14,410.37 in total. We got back $ 4,145.07 from Trupanion. Plus they wanted to increase our premiums. You do the math. You're better off putting and keeping the insurance premium money aside and pay out the vet yourself and SAVE $$$$. I finally figured out why the premiums are high and the payout is low. The Trupanion executives needs another vacation home in the tropics to go with their 5 high end cars.
I decided to leave Trupanion because, like others have said, I did the math. When I called to cancel, they offered a lower rate which is nice, but I declined. The person I spoke with then used guilt and high pressure tactics to try to convince me to stay. I politely and firmly said no. I do not mind doing this once, but having to repeatedly say no and his very judgmental tone was excessive. I told him it was a financial decision and not an emotional one, since he was clearly playing on my emotions.
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