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Trip Mate Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Trip Mate Insurance
Address: Trip Mate, Inc. 9225 Ward Parkway
City: Kansas City
State/Province: MO
Postal Code: 64114
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 888-7292
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 4 %
My mother and aunt recently purchased trip insurance from Trip Mate as peace of mind in case they needed to alter their trip to Germany to visit my grandmother who is in very poor health. My aunt has had an issue with her arm and leg for years now (sometimes goes numb). She had seen a doctor for this, but the doctor finally decided it was something they needed to look into further, so he ordered an mri. The mri was done the day after the tickets were purchased. The mri revealed that she had a cervical spondylosis with myelopathy. He advised her against any kind of travel. In fact, he said if she hit her body just right, she could be paralyzed for life. So the trip was cancelled, and my aunt went under the knife. The surgery was successful, and she is now able to travel safely. During the entire process, Trip Mate was made aware of the situation, and a claim was filed. The process took way longer than the representatives advised it would take. The claim was denied for a "pre-existing condition". They appealed, and were denied (after several weeks elapsed again) for the same reason. We explained that my aunt never knew she had this condition until after the tickets were purchased thanks to the mri. Who in their right mind would purchase almost $2k worth of tickets knowing that they could be paralyzed if the plane hits turbulence? So to make a long story short, my family is now stuck with buying another round of tickets with money they really can't afford to spend. Meanwhile, my grandmother is holding on for dear life so she has a chance to say goodbye to her daughters before she passes. This company should be ashamed to be in business. They will gladly take your money, but heaven forbid you ask for a legitimate reimbursement. Save your money!!!
We had a trip planned for St. Lucia on June 5, 2017. On May 19, 2017 my husband had a stroke. We paid for our trip in full and travel insurance on October 25, 2016. Today is August 4, 2017. WE STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED OUR REFUND. They received ALL documentation necessary to complete the claim on June 25, 2017, including doctors' orders. My next step is to let Sandals know that Trip Mate is uncooperative at best and that they should not do business with them. I am so angry right now that I had to write this review. They don't deserve any stars - not even one. If you book a trip DO NOT USE TRIP MATE. Travel insurance is for unforeseen circumstances. This was paid in full in October of 2016 for a trip in June 2017. Now that my husband is disabled we could really use the money - which was a good amount for an all inclusive vacation at Sandals in St. Lucia. I can't believe the audacity of these people.
The reason for my review is to say ask questions. Something you would assume would be covered may not be. I booked a tour with a group of individuals through Collette Travel. They offered us travel insurance through Trip Mate, Inc. The trip was a Catholic Pilgrimage to places in France and Portugal but also going into Spain. Due to having knee replacement surgery last year my physician advised that if possible purchase an airline ticket with more leg room. On United Airlines this is called Economy Plus. Ironically my knee problem started on another very long flight. As you know it can be difficult getting up and moving around. That extra bit of leg room does help to take the pressure off legs and especially knees. The trip was during the political issues that were going on in Barcelona, Spain. Because of this Collette Travel changed our plans thus we flew from Madrid, Spain instead. I did notify the tour guide (employed by Collette) that I had purchased more leg room for myself and my niece and also provided him with copies of the information. He assured me everything was taken care of. It wasn't. Turns out our flight was never canceled with United Airlines. Had it been canceled United would have refunded me the money for the upgrade. I am certain it wasn't canceled as I was receiving messages from United to check in for flight. I was told not to worry that Collette had taken care of it (they didn't). Arrive home and speak with United, Collette and finally Trip Mate, Inc. I basically was informed to file claim with Trip Mate since they are the travel insurance company. I filed claim finally on November 16, 2017. When I did not hear from them by December 13 I initiated a call to them (they documented they called me). I was informed it usually takes 30 days to resolve a claim. I foolishly thought they meant issue a refund. On December 29, 2017 still no communication from Trip Mate. I am told they will put a rush on it. Not sure what this means as on January 2, 2018 I receive a call saying I requested a callback. NO I DID NOT. I requested my claim get some attention. The anticipated amount of the refund would be approximately $471.00. I am a senior, widow and believe me that is a lot of money. Finally I send email to executives at Trip Mate. Told they will expedite. It did not take them long to say it was not covered. If I read the legalize booklet I would have realized that. What good is travel insurance if it doesn't cover something that you have no control over and are losing money because of? If possible do not use Trip Mate. Lesson learned was I should not have believed that Collette would do what they said either and call insurance company and ask questions.
We purchased a South America cruise through Star Destinations, and purchased the travel cancellation insurance through Trip-Mate. We were to leave on our trip January 4, 2018. On December 26, 2017, the day after Christmas, my wife suffered a massive heart attack (totally unexpected) and we were unable to go on our trip. I filed the claim that very day, December 26th, and all paperwork was into Trip Mate by January 2, 2018.I was originally told it would be 30 days from the date that the final paperwork was received, which should put it at the beginning of February. Today is March 6th, and the claim still hasn't been paid. I am so frustrated. I have called repeatedly once a week to inquire and check it online every single day. Each person says that is should be 'any day now.' Starting next week, I plan to call them each and every day. In the future, I plan to insure with anyone but Trip Mate. They are the absolute worst. This is the first time I've ever had to make a claim, although we've purchased the insurance many times.
My husband & I purchased travel insurance through Trip Mate for our 30th anniversary trip to the Bahamas to arrive Sept. 2017 when Hurricane Irma hit. Our original flight was through Miami which got shut down due to Hurricane Irma so American Airlines had to cancel our flight and rebooked us for a few days later and, based on their flight schedule, we arrived in Miami a little after midnight and our flight out of Miami on to the Bahamas was at 1:15PM so we got a hotel room to get some sleep. We submitted our $180 claim for the hotel and it was denied under Trip Mate's "Delay" provision. They said because we were not delayed longer than 12 hours they were denying our claim. I called them to ask they reconsider and I got the big blow off. I will now appeal and will also be contacting the Missouri Insurance Commissioner and reporting them. I believe our claim should have been handled under the "Interruption" provision.All of this was due to a hurricane, a natural disaster. I told the Trip Mate rep I talked to that I know they do everything and anything they can to deny claims so they don't have to pay and I'm sure they got hit hard by all the claims filed due to the hurricane season. Unfortunately, we have another trip planned for 9/2018 and purchased the insurance before we knew we were going to get shafted. I will NEVER purchase trip insurance from Trip Mate again. In the future, I will just take my chances. I realize I'm only asking for $180 but it's the principle of it.
2016 I booked a trip with Vantage Travel and Trip Mate. Due to broken arm had to cancel trip. Vantage Travel returned my money. Tripmate did not. I have tried for 2 years to receive my money no response. Don't answer phones, reply to emails is always working on it, Replies to correspondence is always working on it. I have submitted 2 medical Drs reports and many letters from me simply telling them how easy it is to pay my refund. No response and no money. How come Vantage Travel can refund very quickly and Trip Mate cannot and keeps our money?
After numerous rounds of paperwork, Trip Mate issued a message saying they will reimburse me for the $25 fee charged by domestic airlines to take a later flight due to weather delays from Ecuador to L.A. I am satisfied enough with the final reimbursement; the best feedback I can give is that insurance providers should not be allowed to put us through so many hoops to get reimbursement in such a minor amount. I have had to copy and mail and to scan and to Email repeatedly numerous documents to obtain a total of $40, from a one-week premium of $104. What is our time worth? Apparently, to many insurance companies, nothing.
I submitted the all documents, receipts by mail on 7/30, I didn't get any response for 1.5 month, then they send me email they need all my receipts again. This is awful company, I wish I review the consumers complaints before, they just don't want to pay you, unless you hire your attorney.
I have two clients to cancel their trip due to personal circumstances. This cancellation started June 29, 2018. They have not resolved anything. I've been calling for months. I was even told that I had sent the claim information to the wrong company. Then I realize that I would have not known where to file if I wasnt instructed to do so. It has been a runaround with no answer since I started the claim. So I filing the review and then Im filing a report with the BBB as well. This claim should have closed a long time ago.
While we were on a boat, towards the end of March 2018, a huge wave came over the boat and totally soaked us. My camera and both lenses had extensive damage as this was salt water. I obtained the necessary documents and filed a claim in April. They made a partial payment in June. Since then, I have called several times to request the rest of the payment and every time I call, I am assured that they have "expedited" the request. It is now September 10, and this "expedited" claim has not been paid.
While in the initial stages of filing a claim with Trip Mate, and based on the reviews I had read here, I was very concerned that we'd never see any of our money returned. In August of this year, my husband and I had to cancel a trip with Viking Cruises due to his sudden illness. We called Viking on the day we were supposed to depart for the trip, and I downloaded the claim forms from Trip Mate on the same day. My husband had seen the doctor about ten days prior to our departure date and was still not fit for travel. I read the insurance policy very carefully and followed all of the instructions to a tee. It took about two weeks to get all the documents together and signed by our physician. I kept copies of everything I submitted. I MAILED all documents (certified mail with return receipt service). Because of this, I was able to see exactly when Trip Mate received my documents and who signed for them. I checked Trip Mate's website and it showed that they updated the claim status to reflect receipt of the documents, on the same day that the return receipt stated that they had been delivered. I continued checking the claim status online every few days, and after about two weeks, I called Trip Mate to inquire how much longer our refund might take. The rep informed me that the claim had been approved and sent to the accounting department. She told me to allow 5-10 business days for them to send me an electronic check. About 12 days after this, (and exactly 30 days after they received all my documents), I called to ask about the check. I experienced very long hold times (in excess of 15 minutes), but I selected a prompt to ask for an automatic return call. Literally 5 minutes after that, and without actually talking to a real live person, I received one of our checks in my email. When I called immediately afterward to inquire about the whereabouts of the second check, I again experienced long hold times, but again requested a return call. Within ten minutes of that, I got a call back from a rep who explained that the second check went to my husband's email. Sure enough, there it was in his email. We deposited both checks with no problems, as a full reimbursement of our trip payment. From the beginning, Trip Mate stated HOW and WHEN everything would happen with our refund, and I must say, they followed through on their statements. My best advice is to read your policy very well, follow every single instruction, and keep a good document trail. I would have given five stars for our Trip Mate experience, but the month-long wait for the return of our money was a bit anxiety-provoking. Overall, I am very relieved and satisfied with our experience.
Took my grand-daughter to England after graduation on July 31, 2014. We received a phone call that our daughter had passed away on August 1. Had to make arrangements for our flights home. Had to pay out of pocket for myself, my wife and granddaughter to get home. Our flight bill and loss of hotel nights have not been reimbursed by TripMate insurance. After filing the claim in September of 2014, we have yet to be reimbursed. After receiving 2 notifications that they received our claim and after numerous calls, now they say that they can't find our claim.
After several months of hard work, we finally received our vouchers from TripMate for a Viking cruise we could not take due to my sister's sudden death. Why Viking are linked with such an organization is beyond me. If we hadn't assiduously called TripMate every day and questioned their every move, we would still be waiting for our FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. My advice to anyone working with Viking is (a) book your own travel insurance and (b) make a thorough nuisance of yourself until you get paid. TripMate gave false information to us so many times that we were getting ready to go and sit in their offices in Missouri until the vouchers were produced. Viking were no help whatsoever and said they could do nothing. As it was, the vouchers were 'printed' on May 16 and finally arrived in our mailbox on June 12. Really?
Never left a review before but I figured losing out on $800 warranted one. Filed my claim weeks before I was scheduled out. Did all the paperwork. Followed up by checking the “status” everyday and even called once and they said I had to atleast give them 30 days before they could give me an update. Well over a month later, checked the website, never updated anything from the day I filed the claim and then received a random letter saying it was denied after they said a couple days prior that they couldn’t update me... Horrible. I feel like they deny everyone. Worst insurance ever!!
We filed a travel claim on 3 July 2017. Took until October to process claim. It is October 20, 2017, and still no refund. This is insane and unacceptable. DO NOT use this company for your travel insurance. They NEVER answer the phone. Their automated call service is a cruel joke. The online claim tracking system is screwed up as well. Once claim is "processed" it no longer appears in this system. So, I can't get them on phone and can't see my claim in the online system. They owe me thousands of dollars and clearly don't want to pay it out. I would think the Trip Mate employees would be embarrassed to admit they work for such a crap company.
I am in hearty approval of the numerous negative ratings for this insurance company. They are difficult to get on the phone and don't really have any information when you are able to reach them. I have submitted a claim for cancellation reimbursement about two months ago and am still waiting for payment in what should be a very straightforward claim. I think that the various travel companies that deal with this company should be ashamed. Grand Circle you can do better. Better get your insurance from another insurance broker than deal with these people.
We bought travel insurance for our trip to Patagonia (December 15 - January 16). It cost $1272. In Buenos Aries we were not allowed to board the LAN Airlines flight because they overbooked the flight even though we were over an hour early. LAN got us on a flight the next morning but we missed our tour departure and it cost $220 to hire a cab to join our group. Trip Mate denied the claim. They said there was no trip delay because the flight left on time. We didn't realize that OUR trip was not being insured, it was everyone else's trip. As long as everyone else left in time there was no delay. I understand an attorney figured that out. Hmm. We filed an appeal in November 2016 and it's February 2017 and no word. I will file with the state insurance commission and a small claim if they don't pay. This is ridiculous. Don't buy this insurance.
This company did not send monies due since over 2 months ago. Trip was canceled due to hurricane in Florida. I have reported them to the BBB and they notified Trip Mate. I have not heard from them and it is impossible to speak to anybody via telephone. I did receive a call from an agent telling me that the check is in the mail. So far my friend and I have not received anything. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They are not trustworthy.
Warning: Do not buy an TRAVEL INSURANCE policy from TRIP MATE if you want them to reimburse you if you make a claim. I have been trying to get this company to pay out a claim for stolen baggage for almost 6 months. I have provided my passport, police report that was done with a translator (at my cost of course), my hotel receipts, receipts for lost items, credit card statements, my permanent residency status, car registration, driver's license, receipts. Offered to meet them for the past two weeks for a personal visit where I am staying in Mexico (they couldn't get someone to see me in all that time). I have spent many many hours and expended lots of out of pocket costs on this claim. I think they have targeted my claim because I am in Mexico. Now they insist they still need an investigator to meet with me for a lengthy recorded interview, where and when they wish. I am now traveling in remote Mexico and they expect me to travel at my expense, of course, to a convenient location and time of their choice. More time required out of my travels and more expense! All in an attempt to get them to pay my claim which I am now sure they will deny no matter what. This is clearly a case of wear the insurance customer down with costly time consuming demand after demand. This is what the insurance companies did with Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina customers and many others, and it usually works. It is an official cost saving policy!! Memos have been shown with business consultants advising this, believe it or not. Trip Mate Claims is pretty angry with me because I keep asking for verification that I am required to do these things per my contract, (which I am not) by the way. I won't just go away without payment or explanation. I am a disabled person and I am sick of these big corporations taking advantage of their customers. What they are doing is WRONG, and I am sure I am not the only person to whom they have done this. If you have an insurance complaint, fight it, and file an Insurance complaint with the Insurance Commission. I have done so and am waiting a response. SO BUYER BEWARE!! This could happen to you! DON'T BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE FROM THIS COMPANY - TRIPMATE!
Our flight in January 27, 2015 but the flight was cancel due to a bad weather, so we could not get a flight until January 29, 2015. The connection flight in Narita Airport was interrupt. I could not flight in January 30 but flight in January 31, 2015. On return trip February 18 from SGN to HKN (Hong Kong) then HKN to EWR (Newark, NJ) in Feb 18.Our United Flight was Cancelled due to mechanic problem. Our trip were one more times delay. I submitted to TRIP MATE travel Insurance a receipt of our expense in Tokyo (round trip airport bus, food) to get a refund. But 2-3 times Trip Mate refuse to compensate any of our missed connection/trip delay or any money we spent in Tokyo, Japan. Why we need to buy a travel insurance for? When we have trouble with our trip the Trip Mate REFUSE to pay anything we claims even though we mail to them all the proof & receipts.
Worried about my camera gear I purchased insurance through Trip Mate... My car was broken into in Puerto Rico and lost a lot of gear... After a year and a half of lost reports and not to mention the 35 hoops I had to jump through, it was denied based off some random sub-paragraph that you can't read. Basically I spent all that time to try and recover nothing. The reason they denied the claim in the end? ARTICLES CANNOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED!!! Are you serious?!? Wow let me set up an insurance company asap. What BS.
A flight reservation was made, on April 18, through my debit card, in where this travel insurance was also purchased. Paid 236.86 plus 14.95 for the insurance. Canceled on May 2nd, due to her needing emergency room assistance. Sent paperwork. Afterward also sent a court paper that had come in during this time where she would have to attend another court appearance we had not been aware of. All of these things were sent and I called on 05/25/18 to check status. I was told it was still being reviewed. I have called several times since, as I have heard nothing. They promise to call back via auto voice and will not allow waiting for someone to answer my call. We have met all criteria to be able to get a refund. All we are told is an e-check will be sent if we are approved for one. The Better Business Bureau has 8 positive reviews and 56 negative with this company. Yet it receives 3.4 stars with them... I see my complaint is similar to many others. This company needs to shape up or shut down! Warning to anyone who buys travel insurance with an airline, pay close attention; it would be better to buy a more expensive ticket than to choose a ticket with this company as a travel insurance carrier!.
Sent a fax in May for voucher refund with a cover letter indicating sending only 2 pages per instructions given. A month later no correspondence & told when I called that I had not sent all the information. The saga continues with no voucher which is needed by June 25th for final payment for trip in September. Have made numerous calls & latest called back was to happen on June 20th. No callback. Very frustrated.
Purchased Trip Mate travel insurance for a trip to Hawaii in Feb 2018 booked through All About Hawaii. There were travel delays related to weather which resulted in additional expenses as well as a lost day. Filed claim, submitted all of the requested document in, which had to be sent through the mail as I was informed by Trip Mate although they say you can file electronically, in actuality you can not. This company manipulates the claim documentation online to misrepresent contact between Trip Mate and the client. Every time I call them, they have never initiated a call to me, they record as though Trip Mate staff initiated the call. The online claim log is falsified to look as though phone contact has been initiated by Trip Mate staff when I have been initiating the calls and waiting in a phone queue and they continue to do so even after I called them out in it.Their goal is to process claims within 30 days and when that mark is missed it is because they are experiencing unusually high claim volumes. Even the phone recording alludes to the high volume. The individuals that answer calls have been pleasant but have no real information, they just parrot the company line and keep asking for patience. Asking for you to give them a few more weeks. I'm currently waiting for a supervisor to contact me per my request. Of course I need to wait an additional 2-3 business days so they have time to look at the claim so they can "explain" the process to me.Here is what I know, I purchased this coverage in good faith, paid the premium 5 months ahead of time and when I have a legitimate claim they are evasive and I have absolutely no guarantee they will honor the contract and pay my claim. I would have preferred everything go smoothly with this trip and not be spending hours on the phone with this company for a claim that is less than 500.00 dollars. Do not work with this company. Shame on All About Hawaii travel for not vetting this company before partnering and leaving their clients shortchanged.
I made a claim for my cancelled airline ticket the during the last Hurricane disaster. This is the crap you deal with... The process started on 2017/09/13. They say they emailed an echeck which I never received. They have ZERO credibility and it is useless to try to talk to someone by phone to get it resolved. I was told "It's not our process..." Of course it's not because they don't want to deal with answering the phony operation on how they prey upon the unsuspecting public. They want to pay a small portion and make you dispute it through a BS process. It is a SCAM.
Due to a medical issue, I had to cancel my trip. All necessary forms were sent to Trip Mate. All they have done is prolong paying me. I finally received the land portion after three months and am still waiting for the air portion. They are horrendous to deal with. Shame on Overseas Adventures for using them in conjunction with their trips.
I booked a flight with CheapOAir traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit my two first cousins. I booked the flight September 20, 2015. I paid extra for the Tripmate Insurance because I am disabled and my cousins were ill as well. I planned to travel 11/24/15-12/2/15. Well on October 29, 2015, one of my cousins that I planned to visit died. While my family and I were grieving her sister, the other cousin I was coming to see also died, 11/10/15, leaving me with no one to visit. So I called Tripmate to inquire if I could get my money back for the flight ticket. They advised me that it would be covered under the insurance I purchased through Tripmate when I purchased the ticket.So I submitted a claim on 11/14/15 and at their advice, I cancelled my ticket with CheapOAir. December 7, 2015, I receive a letter stating that my first cousin is not considered a "family member" and is not covered. Therefore, they will not be covering my loss. What good is insurance that does not cover you in the case of an emergency. The insurance is a waste of the consumers money and something should be done to stop them from "false advertising".
We filed the claim Dec 7, 2017. Our traveling companions filed their claim after us and received reimbursement in Mar 2018. Our calls to Trip Mate were often disconnected by the system or we could not get information from staff. We finally received reimbursement on Apr 26, 2018, but only with the help of the cruise line agent.
Do NOT use this trip insurance company. Trip Mate states on their website "Claims will be finalized in 5 working days after receiving all information". This is a blatant lie. The have had our claim forms for 21 working days. We purchased his insurance through OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel). Shame on OAT for promoting this company. Someone has had our $4,000 illegally for three plus weeks. Our claim is perfect. Shortly after Trip Mate received our forms we called and were told that all was in order and our claim was being processed. We have not heard a word from them since this call. There is no helpful information on their website about the status of our claim. This company is a sham! They just want to keep our money for as long as they can get away with it. It is funny as they demanded our payment immediately when we decided to use them through OAT... I wish I had checked the reviews of Trip Mate before purchasing their plan. I was a fool to trust OAT. It is a crime to treat a customer like this... Trip Mate is not, I repeat NOT an honest Insurance Company! Save yourself a great deal of stress and do not insure your trip with this company. I repeat DO NOT insure your trip with Trip Mate.
CheapOair sold me a trip policy with these people - they told me if one of our party was unable to travel this company would reimburse me for travel charges. All I needed was a plane ticket reimbursed TEN DAYS before our travel date - and they wouldn't do it. We were unable to get one of the passport documents for one of our travelers, and said, "Sorry, you should have had that together before you booked with us." DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR TRIP INSURANCE.
My daughter was told she could cancel her trip for any reason if she could not attend the trip. She cancelled 9/6/2017. Today is 11/28/17 and I still have not been able to get anything out of them. I call every week and get the runaround. The travel agent is of no help. I was really hoping that her school, who promoted this, would assist but again nothing. DO NOT USE TRIP MATE!!!
While on a flight to Greece my husband's cosmetic bag was stolen or lost out of his backpack. Included in the bag was an electric razor, hearing aids, and some small personal items. When we arrived in Athens, we noticed it was missing. We immediately told our tour director who filed an incident report with her company and filed a lost item report with Delta Airlines. Upon returning home, we filed a claim with Trip Mate online on July 7, 2017. We filled out their forms and emailed them on that date. They said they did not receive the email, so I sent it again on July 11, 2017 and also mailed them a paper copy on that same date.After repeatedly checking travel claims online, I called on 8/14/2017 and was told "they are working on it" and no further information was needed. On 8/21/2017 I called again and was told they have not received any info from the claims dept. yet and they will call me in 1 or 2 days. On 8/28/2017 they called to say they needed more information and that hearing aids were not covered. After paying $1,578.00 for travel insurance, I felt we were covered. Trip Mate is a SCAM and cannot be trusted to pay their claims.
I tried to get travel insurance for an upcoming trip to Hawaii. The phone operators were unknowing of their product and if you called another day for clarification, they gave you another answer with misleading information. They have a strange relationship with Carefree Rental which they couldn't explain. I finally, out of desperation, cancelled the insurance when they put me on hold when I tried to cancel. I also contacted my credit card company which will decline their payment. Their contracts have a lot of exceptions in their fine print. So buyer beware. If you have to use them for a claim, good luck in getting your claim approved, based on their terrible customer relationship and their misleading info. These clerks seem to have a problem when you ask too many questions. Stay away from them and get a quote from a responsible travel insurance company or your credit card company.
I am handicap... I took a flight from Pittsburgh to Dallas. I took an insurance policy out, which was offered to me through the booking on my flight. When I landed in Dallas I was wheelchair from where I landed to my next flight which was to go to Abilene. They said that flight was boarded and ready to take off. I was put on standby for 6 hours. I was in total pain. I filed a claim and was denied. I believe that this insurance is a ripoff. Just another way to get your money.
Trip Mate Insurance should be put out of business. I was advised by my travel agent to purchase this "peace of mind" plan. It cost $700 /person and HAD to be purchased shortly after booking. We had to cancel our trip due to unexpected financial problems which led to severe depression. Our claim was denied. No mental health issues are accepted. I even spoke to an attorney who said we don't have a case. Buyer beware... Steer clear of this business.
My wife and I purchased a travel insurance policy through Grand Circle Travel for our trip to Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately for me, I had a kidney stone the entire time I was in New Zealand and had to go to the emergency room three times because the medicine they prescribed was not strong enough for the pain and their limited availability of medical services in cities that have 20,000 population.Of course you had to pay upfront before you could be seen and when I filed a claim to receive those funds through the insurance I was told I had to file through Medicare (which does not cover medical expenses outside of the USA) and my health insurance company. I paid good money for this insurance and they are now passing the buck on to other companies??? Now, I filed for the days that I did not take tours and are getting the "delay" tactics from them. I clearly provided all documentation and it should be a simple process to verify via GCT and send me the check.
On a dream trip to Ireland in July 2014, two things went wrong. Bad weather caused a missed connection in New York, which caused me to arrive at noon on Day 3 of the tour. The group had left for the day and I could not meet up with them until that evening. The TripMate trap reimbursed only for one missed day and refused to reimburse for meals, as I had only the credit card statement identifying the restaurants in NY and one meal in Galway, Ireland. On tour Day 12, a large dog knocked me over reinjuring the area of a spinal fusion. I spent 40 hours at St. Luke Hospital in Kilkenny, because there was no radiologist working on the weekend. I discovered that TripMate does NOT accept collect calls placed by international operators, and in fact blocks its number from being called by an operator. I had no cell phone and a physician used his phone to call TripMate. No one from the ill-fate TripMate would call me. I had to call Grand Circle Travel, which had sold the TripMate policy for $499 (and I assume earned a commission for the sale). GCT sent a regional director to deal with my claim and inability to get medical treatment or return to the US for competent treatment. After ten calls on her cell, she said, This is the last call I will make for you on my mobile. This was after TripMate refused to return my call and let me know what would be travel arrangements to Dublin. I had to stay another night in Kilkenny, and could have returned a day sooner. Adding insult to injury, Grand Circle charged about $645 for the post-trip Dublin extension, though no tours, meals, or other amenities provided on the main trip were provided. TripMate reimbursed only the lower daily rate for the main tour. Other insults were that the TripMate tourist trap does not reimburse for credit card international charges for hospital/medical, hotel, or travel expenses. Moreover, it does not calculate euro conversions at the same rate the charge card bank uses and specifies on the card statement it's a much lower rate that benefits TripMate. TripMate does not cover connecting flights to the departure city, and would not allow an upgrade to business class for a person who injured the spine. Since Grand Circle promotes TripMate, I no longer consider that tour company, or its sister organization, Overseas Adventure Travel (GCT and OAT). I recommend that you avoid TripMate at all costs. It is a rip-off.
Trip Mate has received every document they requested for my claim. Pages and pages of information and now I received a letter requesting “a copy of your revised itinerary along with payment documentation for the return flight”. My original flight was from Belarus to Dominican Republic for one week. What return flight from where to where? I am still in Belarus. I have NOT return to USA! That trip was for vacation. The vacation was CANCELLED because I developed an acute ear infection! They have seen every document proving that. They simply do not want to pay a legitimate claim. They are in the business of collecting premiums, the biggest scam.
I lost personal belongings and delayed baggage. After completing all the paperwork, the claims administration arbitrarily either refused or outrightly declined to reimburse me for the items that were even in their own underwritten, covered. I don't what and how to describe it but this is little short of scam. There was no explanation as to their criteria for determining the value of my treasured personal belongings. Am really upset about it. When my most treasured/prized native dress that I made and used specifically for a presidential inaugural event, which is the most prized of all the items, someone spuriously depreciated it by the same value. How nice and convenient for the assessment department to evade responsibility. No thanks.
On May 5th we had to cut short our vacation by 6 days due to family medical emergency. On May 7th 2018 AAA started my claim. On 5/30/18 Trip Mate received forms. 6/6/18 sent forms again with no response. On July 3rd they acknowledged receiving forms. On 7/17/18 I sent them a Notice of intent to seek relief with the California Department of Insurance, Consumer Complaint Center for failure to comply with California Fair Claims Settlement Practices. On 7/23/18 they processed payment but it was $429.51 short of actual loss. Trip Mate's breakout looks like you overstated airline fees from United of $1,137.80 when I called the quote was $1048.46 including all fees and taxes shorting me $89.34. I’m sure the Travel agency gets a better price than me on this so it could be more compensation to me.It also looks as you understated the hotel fees of $302.415 ($1,814.49) a night when I was quoted $426.02 ($2,556.12) a difference of $741.63. Like all insurance companies they want your money but don't want to pay out what they owe. So I'm out the balance unless I want to take them to court. Also a big disclaimer that is hidden is that there is a $2000 max payout clause.
I purchased a ticket through CheapOAir (won't do this again. Their customer service is good but the hassle of using discount providers is not worth it). They upsold me on the travel insurance they provide (Trip Mate). I took the bait and got the upgraded policy. I then had the misfortune of getting sick and being advised not to travel. That's when I learned that they will only cover change fees (no fare difference) and only on a reimbursement basis. From their terrible ratings, I have no reason to believe I will ever see a penny from them. I blindly trusted CheapOAir and next time will do my research. I am trying to get reimbursed for the money I wasted on this worthless insurance.
I booked a trip through CheapOair, on 4/3/2018. My husband was killed in a construction accident 10 hours after booking. I filed a claim and sent an original death certificate. 70 Days later and after numerous calls (due to high call volume we cannot take your call and we will call back), I was denied the claim. I will be hiring a lawyer to resolve this issue.
I planning a great value vacations in April for August and paid in full, so was eligible for Pre-existing Condition status. I have had osteoarthritis in left knee for years but never canceled due to it. In late July, my doctor identified "acute osteoarthritis patella femora" and advised not to travel. Trip Mate would not accept the difference. All paperwork was in in a week and all the delay tactics mentioned by others occurred. After additional letters from my doctor and my filing a complaint with the Missouri Department of Insurance three months ago, I received notice from Trip Mate that they would be paying my claim of $1733.00, almost nine months since filing.Without the tenacity needed to fight this extremely poor travel company and the reporting to the Missouri State Dept. of Insurance. I might still be waiting. My next move was to file a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General and they knew it. I wrote letters to the President/CEO of each company and got the same ** - from Trip Mate and never heard back from Great Value Vacations. The latter was almost as responsible as they assigned my insurance to Trip Mate. Advice - always check the internet on the insurance company before accepting their policy. I will next time.
I purchased "Cancel For Any Reason" travel insurance from Trip Mate for a mission trip to Kenya. The trip was cancelled due to Political Unrest by the receiving organization in Kenya. Immediately, I applied sent in my request to get cost of plane ticket back in September 2017. They asked for more receipts, proof on cancellation, etc. which I provided. They took weeks for each transaction to reply. In January they sent a denial letter, using all the information they asked for against me. I appealed, requesting only the 75% reimbursement for the plane ticket. My claim was still denied, even though I purchased the "cancel for any reason" benefit. This company should NOT be allowed to do business with anyone. Do Not Use TripMate Travel Insurance.
Due to a medical problem with my wife we had to leave a Vantage tour. We filed with Trip Mate, and within a month and 1/2, they paid even more than we claimed. This included airfare (to rejoin tour), hotel rooms and meals and medical expenses. I neglected to file for the reimbursement for the 2 days of the tour we missed, but they paid that also. We were surprised and pleased.
Unfortunately I had to cancel a trip to Spain & Portugal scheduled to depart at the end of October. I canceled the trip with Globus on 10/1/18, upon Dr. orders. I contacted Trip Mate insurance to file a claim for the land package portion the same day. As with all other reviewers' statements, it has been a never ending process of inept & frustrating phone calls & callbacks. It is true that you can never get through to a customer service agent, and must always schedule a callback. I received my refund by Globus (pre & post nights) within days, and am still waiting for Trip Mate! My documents were received on 10/22/18. And the 30 day “goal” was stated in their recording when I called for a status update. I waited until 11/28/18 to call again, after checking the online claim site. It showed as “EOB complete, payment pending.” I was again quoted another 7-10 days, and the Hurricane excuse was brought up again. At 10 days I called again, and got another 7-10 days from representative. On 12/18/18 It was updated to “payment processing, inserted via EOB.” On 12/26/18 it updated to “payment processing E-Check pending,” so I called again. Yet another 7-10 days quoted, and they passed the buck to Deluxe. I called Deluxe, and the representative there flat out said they lied. They do nothing but provide E-Check service, but Trip Mate is solely responsible for logging in to E-sign checks and sending. Called again, was told checks are issued in batches, so it’s another 7-10 day “goal!”Clearly the only thing they do well is stall, delay, make excuses, and pass the buck. Glassdoor reviews by actual employees of Trip Mate validate all consumer complaints and reviews. I have another trip in April to Venice, and took the insurance. I wanted to cancel it after this experience, but my agent said they would not refund the premium. If necessary, I will arrive in Venice in a wheelchair against Dr’s orders before I cancel & file a claim again. I will NEVER use Trip Mate again, and have advocated with the Globus liaison to find another insurance provider with some integrity & competence. Trip Mate is a bad faith Company, whose only concern is hoping you will give up, so they can keep your $. BTW, the President & CEO made $790,000, gave himself a $800,000 bonus, and a comp package of roughly $800,000. His name is J. Patrick Gallagher Jr. I will be contacting him shortly, in addition to my complaint filed with the BBB & here.
Accident happened on 2/27/14 in Belize on a Royal Caribbean Cruise. After numerous phone calls/letters, requesting additional bits of information each time, Trip mate refused to honor their policy in April 2015; over a year later. One would have thought any reputable/ethical company would have resolved this issue in a much more timely fashion; especially if they had no intention of abiding by their Insurance Policy. Buyer Beware; Don't pay Trip mate for Insurance Coverage. The Company has no intention of Honoring it. Use your own insurance and pay the rest out of pocket.
People write bad reviews because there are so many bad companies out there who will try to walk on its customers and clients and generally give cooperate America an Ugly name. I am sharing my experience with TripMate because they are one of the most garbage filled manipulating companies I have ever done business with. This past May I planned a vacation to the Bahamas with a lady friend. When I booked the trip, the agent offered to place insurance on the trip. My travel friend turned out to be bipolar and off meds. I decided that this trip was not in my best interest and notified my agent who in turn notified TripMate. It is my closest experience with a third world company since serving in the military. Tripmate requested an avalanche of documents almost one at a time. TripMate strung this along for months. The most important document requested being proof of trip payment. When it was all said and done I supplied them with credit card statements and weeks later received a voucher for 1/2 the cost of the trip. The other half was issued to the non-paying bipolar psycho. WRONG. I did not insure the people, I insured the trip. TripMate is a bad choice to insure any trip. It is a third party insurance company that leeches off the backs of legitimate travel agents and travel companies. Their job is to string along clients and weasel out of paying as much as possible. There must be a better option than TripMate. We will certainly never use TripMate for any of my travel insurance needs. I truly regret ever having done business with this low class misleading company. They are at best a bad life experience and a hard lesson learned. STAY AWAY FROM TRIPMATE.
One of our travelers suffered a major illness while traveling overseas and was hospitalized. Trip Mate did a good job securing us new flights home. However, they have not taken care of the additional hotel and travel costs that we incurred due to our situation. I have left many, many messages and no one will call back. When I do reach someone on the phone, they do not have any update on the status. My feeling is that Trip Mate is making this so difficult in the hopes that we will just go away. I would never buy insurance that is serviced through Trip Mate again.
I purchased trip insurance with Trip Mate since I work in emergency management and hurricane season was upcoming. Hurricane Harvey rolled in and I had to cancel my trip to respond to the disaster. I filed a claim with Trip Mate and uploaded all required documentation. 3 months later, my claim is still pending... I have called Trip Mate almost a dozen times (typically waiting 30 minutes on the line before being informed that they would call me back hours later) and they always informed me that an investigator hadn't taken a look at my claim yet. Even after expediting my claim, I still haven't heard an update (as of 12/2)... This is absolutely unacceptable for an 'open and close' claim. I could understand delays if they had issues or questions about my documentation, but to not have assigned someone to the claim is horrible, horrible, service. DO NOT RECOMMEND.
On September 7, 2018 I had to cancel a trip due to health problems. I had booked the flight through with United Airlines. The airlines refunded part of my ticket fee and the traveler insurance I purchase through Trip Mate, Inc, Kansas City MO was to refund the rest. They received all the claim forms, billing invoice, and physician's statements needed. I have e-mails stating they have received all information. It has been about three months and they will not pay the claim, the only way to contact them is by phone and when I call, if they return, they give excuses like, "Is still in review, give it a few days," or "Is should ok by weekend." Will never use this company again.
Bought World Nomad travel insurance and went to Asia. Had an accident and broke my arm. Surgery was required along with many nights in hospital, scans, medication etc. I paid the bill myself assured the whole time that I would of course be reimbursed as I was 'insured'. Later I find that TripMate underwrites the insurance. Long story short, after 10 months I still have received exactly ZERO for my medical bills. I have not been told outright that it is denied nor that it is approved. They play every game in the book to wear you out. The communication with them is a nightmare. Look, this is absolute budget travel insurance from a dishonest company. Avoid it. Buy real insurance from a major provider. There is a reason 160+ reviewers here have given them a rating of 1.2 out of 5!
Three couples booked a cruise on Viking, and all took the Trip Mate Insurance at the time of the booking (cancel for any reason). One of our traveling party died before the cruise. We have been 5 months now trying to get reimbursed for his portion of the cruise cost, to no avail. As of yesterday they are denying our claim.
I booked tickets with CheapOair and they strongly encouraged my purchasing trip protection insurance. They even called me after my purchase to try to convince me to buy it. Normally I don't buy this insurance, but as the person whom I was visiting fell ill, I ended up purchasing the insurance just in case. The person I intended to visit then passed away, so I called to cancel my trip and get a refund and Trip Mate said they wouldn't cover it. CheapOair stressed the importance of buying this insurance for just this type of situation, and if they don't cover situations where the person whom someone is visiting dies, then it's difficult to imagine that they will pay out their customers in many other situations. This is completely immoral on both the part of CheapOair and Trip Mate and I would encourage shoppers to absolutely not buy insurance from Trip Mate and consider using a different flight search engine to make their purchase. It is the job of the search engines to connect their customers to quality services. I have heard of other travelers buying different insurance from different search sites and receiving refunds simply because they decided they didn't want to go anymore.
I also sent in all my information 2 months ago and have not received my money back. I have e-mailed and called them and have never heard back. This company is a total scam. I bought it through Viking River Cruises. They should not be using this company. I have not received any help from them either.
We booked a vacation package with a Sandals resort and of course they "strongly encourage" you to purchase travel insurance to "protect your investment." So we purchased travel insurance with Trip Mate and we were originally scheduled to travel 7/20/18 - 7/25/18 then I unfortunately, I was hospitalized on 7/13/18 – 7/26/18, therefore we had to cancel the original trip. We notified Sandals immediately, and were informed that we would not be refunded any fees we had paid on the room, so the only option they offered was to rebook the room, for which there was a room penalty fee of $185.00, of which we rebooked for 9/17/18 and paid the rebooking fee. However, they informed us that the flights had to be cancelled and we had to re-book. They only refunded a portion of the monies we originally paid on the flights but we lost a portion of those monies on those flights that was booked for July 2018. We had to rebook flights, through Sandals and the costs for those flights was significantly higher. We have pleaded with Trip Mate and have complied with all of the documentation they've requested along with a copy of my physician's statement, to reimburse the amount of the room re-booking fees and the monies that we lost on the flights, without success. This company seems like a fraud!!
I submitted a claim in July 2018 and it has still not been settled. I have called the company more than a dozen times and have never been able to speak with a representative live. I always have to leave a number for a callback. When someone does call back, they have no idea what is going on with my claim. I am beyond frustrated. Do not recommend or use this company!!!
Trip Mate was slow and painful to work with. They did not issue a refund and denied a claim made due to Zika Virus. I had to cancel a trip to a CDC identified Zika country as per doctor's orders because of pregnancy. UNBELIEVABLE that they can find a way to deny this claim. I sent them ALL of the paperwork and information, and they required A LOT. Then I waited the fifteen days that they say they need every minute of in order to review the documents. Then I called again and they had the nerve to tell me they never got it. UNREAL. Back to square one with these crooks.So, I completed ALL the paperwork again, sent it in, Certified USPS mail this time, then of course they needed ANOTHER fifteen days to review. I waited the fifteen days and called them, then they say to me that fifteen days is a "goal" for them to review it by, but they needed MORE TIME. REALLY??? To look at a paper that says the customer had to cancel a trip due to pregnancy and the Zika Virus??? Unbelievable.Then after a few more days, finally they say they have reviewed the documents, BUT need more time to make a decision. I wait some more. Then, they say Claim Denied. With no further explanation. A "travel certificate" will be issued, which is a worthless piece of paper good for one year. Only good for the company I booked with who only operates vacations in what are countries and islands in the Caribbean that are all affected by Zika! Trip Mate stole my $218 dollars and gave me nothing in return but a worthless piece of paper. They, by definition are a bunch of thieves.
M.H. Ross Travel Insurance. I have had the WORST experience with this company. In all of my years cruising, we always purchase travel insurance. I have never had to file a claim - until now. I filed a claim for $1,500. That's it - just $1,500, and it has been a nightmare. It's been 10 weeks now, and this company still has not paid the claim. I am ready to file a complaint with the state insurance commissioner over this. Save yourself a headache, and do not use this company.
I purchased trip insurance for a River Cruise. My partner passed away unexpectedly before we could travel. The insurance was promoted as "covers everything" resulting in trip delay or cancellation. It's been 2 months since I filed my claims. The service is horrible. It took over a week for them to acknowledge they received my paperwork (which was emailed). Every time you call you get the same line "It is taking longer than usual for claims processing. We apologize for the delay." If you hang on line long enough you might get a real person, but most of the time you are put into a call back queue. When you do get to talk to someone, they only say, "It's all pending and we are reviewing." I had 2 claims, one for the trip cancellation of my partner and 1 for the increase in my fare (single supplement) to continue the trip.Both filed the same time and under the same claim number. The fare was close to $4000 each and all they want to pay is $584. When asked for an explanation of the huge difference in ticket cost and benefits, they repeatedly say, "That is maximum allowed under the plan you purchased." I read every line of all 14 pages and nowhere does it have amounts or calculations for "maximum allowed". Most references are trip cost. They have only processed one part of the claim after all this time. The single supplement portion is - you guessed it "being reviewed and pending". The only time they update the status log on the claim tracking is after one of my many phone calls and not even all of them.They also made the payee of the benefit the deceased. I was the one who paid for the insurance. Any and all refunds should go to the purchaser. Trying to get that changed, I was told it would take a couple of weeks to stop payment and change payee. They hadn't mailed the check out yet. Still had it on premise but it was going to take weeks to fix. Then they tell me if I want to dispute the benefit payment, I will need to receive the check, cash it and then re-file all the paperwork and it will take a minimum of 30 more days to get the case re-reviewed. They are hoping most people will just give up. I filed a complaint with the BBB in their home state and it seems like there are over 400 complaints against them. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.
I spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars covering everything humanly possible and when I provided them with all the reports, receipts, and even email exchanges from the US Consulate in Chennai explaining our trip interruption, damaged goods, hospital visits, etc. they took almost six months to get back to me then denied paying me a single cent for anything. I lost over five thousand dollars on that trip and they made the process so much worse than if I had never bought insurance. I had to jump through so many hoops just to have them tell me I qualified for absolutely nothing. They prey on folks and give you a false sense of security. Extremely dishonest company, please avoid. You're better off with no insurance than wasting your money and time with this company.
I bought Trip Mate Travel Insurance through AAA for our trip to Italy. We were celebrating our 50th anniversary. In Italy I became sick and had to see a doctor and also get some prescriptions filled that the doctor recommended. Total bill for both were $175. I filed the claim to get my money on 11/14/16. My own insurance company Cigna reimbursed me for most of it. Trip Mate was responsible for about $45. It is now June 2017 and this company has not paid me anything after I followed their instructions on how to get them to pay the $45. They do not return calls or answer their phones and if you're lucky enough to get someone to answer the phone they do not tell you the truth and constantly change their stories.My question is with all these complaints why is this company still in business. Also AAA will be hearing from me about recommending this travel insurance company. The travel agent also tried to help me recover the money and they never called her back and she also could never get a real person to answer the phone. This company is truly a crooked and is running a scam on travel insurance.
Due to illness, we could not fly. So we called and called for months and never got ahold of a manager at Trip Mate. A claim was opened but the claim was stalled, and we never could anywhere with this company for a refund. It was extremely frustrating. In the end, their lawyers just find loopholes to not refund your money. 2 of us flyers are retired, so this just makes it harder on us financially. Trip Mate is nothing, the company does not actually provide any insurance on your airline flight, as they find whatever spurious reason they can to decline providing you insurance. You might as well not get insurance if you have to buy insurance with this company.
No resolution 5.5 months after claim. Had to cancel; put claim into Trip Mate January 2017. To this date May 18, 2017... still getting runaround. No decision on refund. Every time the company requests additional information - wait another 10 business days. Told that my medical record was not received with a request April, May and then Trip Mate needed to send a check for copy. My PCP never contacted and did send letter in January 2017 could not fly. I am 78 yrs of age. Who does anyone know that would not have a "preexisting" something at this age. Keep getting the runaround, pulled by a chain and no resolution or Refund. I am on a fixed low income and though the insurance was purchased in good faith, the tiny, tiny print did not receive. It's a SCAM and RIPOFF!
This is absolutely the worst company in the world to deal with. Getting them to pay a legitimate claim on a trip insurance policy is pure torture. They service other companies for handling claims; the trick is to know whether your insurance company uses Trip Mate.
My husband had emergency surgery. I sent very detailed documentation using their protocol. It's 2 months since I sent in the material and I cannot get a decent answer from the people who answer the phone as to what the delay is. I suspect because it was an expensive trip they just don’t want to pay. Next step is I will ask our attorney to get involved.
We canceled our Hawaiian trip due to Kilauea volcano (a natural disaster). They denied our claim after 4 months stating that we would have to live in the uninhabitable conditions. Not mentioning breathing toxic fumes, vog and other contaminants. National Volcanoes Park was actually destroyed and closed. They are thieves to take our money and deny our claim. The phone lines are always busy, the callbacks are ridiculous and the agents pass the buck. Do not buy travel insurance from them. It's a SCAM.
My husband, Michael, had failing health due to Parkinson's Disease and latterly cancer. His cancer had been under control (though horrendous side effects) for 2 years. After one of his regular scans the cancer was found to have slowly started growing again. Michael did not want further treatment/more side effects. On hearing this we booked a flight to California for a final trip to his childhood home and to meet his sister who had found through Facebook. They had completely lost touch and not seen nor heard from each other each other for 60 years. The trip was booked for myself, Michael and our daughter, Susannah. Susannah's trip was shorter than ours, due to work, and was booked through a different online company, CheapOair.The insurance company CheapOair provided was TRIP MATE. Our flight was booked through Virgin America and we paid for insurance provided through Virgin, AIG travel insurance. To make a long story short, AIG insurance paid quickly for the airfare when my husband lost confidence and could not make the trip due to his failing condition. Trip Mate has only just today informed me they will not pay the refund. The main reason being that Michael's failing health did not qualify for their interpretation of the word "sickness". The other reason is that my husband did not die during the intended travel time. He passed away in February, 2 months after the intended travel.
I purchased travel insurance through Trip Mate. I got the insurance contract where I could cancel for any reason within a certain amount of days before the trip. I had to cancel due to my funds. I filed a claim 11/13/2017. They said it would take a month to get my money back. I have called about 12 times about the status and still to this day they keep claiming that it is processing with the underwriter and there is nothing else that they can do for me. I told them you all are a business and should update me about everything, but they have not. I made all the calls to them. This business just gets people money for travel insurance to scam them and keep their money. I want my money back that I paid for the insurance and the money they owe me for my trip. They also stated that they cannot communicate anything with me since I made a complaint about them. I have gotten lied to multiple times, I have the email and recordings to prove it. I don't know how they are still in business and how they have a A rating with the BBB. I am at my last ends with this company. I just want my money back.
We purchased Trip Mate insurance from Viking Cruise Lines when we were taking a trip on July 4th down the Rhine River. About a week before our departure my husband fell and Doctor said he should not go. I called Trip Mate and they said as long as we had a Doctor's note we would be reimbursed for his ticket. My sister then paid full fare to go with me because it was too late to transfer my husband's ticket. She also purchased travel insurance through Trip Mate because we still had faith in Trip Mate. I came back from the trip and filed all the appropriate paperwork twice and were denied twice. Are looking to pursue legal action. Any replies would be appreciated.
A total rip-off. I will never purchase any tickets or use Trip Mate again. Had to cancel trip due to death of my fiance's mother but she didn't count as my family member. The worst company out there. Death is death. The Obituary and a written statement was provided. Did not meet the family definition!
We purchased a ticket from CHEAPOAIR (1st mistake) for my active duty husband to return for a year deployment. His orders changed and he had to go to school. I called weeks before the flight and they told me I had to start a claim and send his orders. This was in May. It's now August and I got online to check the status and it was DENIED because Military clauses are not in the handbook. Great Way to thank a soldier!
Viking Cruises sold us a very expensive travel insurance policy ($919.00) for a trip that was scheduled for June 2016. They demanded payment in full for the travel insurance and a deposit for the trip. Then, Viking Cruises asked for full payment for a trip that was 18 months away (not the standard 90 days prior to travel). I objected to paying in full for a trip that was scheduled for June 2016 . So, we canceled the trip. The deposit for the trip was refunded less $100.00 and we were advised to file a claim with Trip Mate for the travel insurance. Then I lost my job!Filed a claim with Trip Mate, was told that the policy was non-refundable. They asked for documentation regarding loss of job of which I provided. Then I get 2 notices, one states they are refunding $200.00 (no check) and another stating they would refund $100.00 and they included a check for $100.00. How it is that this Company gets to keep your money when no services were rendered. As a matter of fact, the trip was never actually scheduled. Communication from Trip Mate is the most frustrating! Can anyone offer help?
I received a serious injury to my leg on the trip in which we had purchased this insurance as protection. However even though my accident happened during the trip and received stitches for a serious wound during the trip, my problem was that shortly after my leg became infected. Given the trip length by the time I returned home I had a very serious MRSA staph infection and needed for the wound to be opened and had to have weekly treatments, including 2 $6000 skin grafts. The doctors determined that the infection was due to poor medical conditions under which I was first treated. I started treatments the day we returned to the US because of the timing of returning home and the poor medical conditions that existed in South America. Even though my private insurance has covered almost 90% of my $20,000 + medical bills, TripMate refuses to pay my out of pocket expenses of $2000+. I have sent 4 appeal letters and now I am on my 5th claim appeal and have received 3 letters from the Exec Vice President saying that my coverage ended on the last day of the trip. I have had 2 specialized attorneys in the insurance field read their policy and both indicated the policy does state that the injury "had to occur during the trip" which it did. I am not done fighting this injustice and breach of contract. I would recommend highly that no one else purchases this insurance for any travel. To purchase the policy for me and my husband the cost was close to $1800.
I filed a claim, legitimate and completed by Jan. 24 for a March 22nd trip. Trip Mate Insurance has yet to pay me the money due. Representatives are polite but totally ineffective. This is a scam to keep your money as long as possible. Tripmate was recommended by CheapOair... It figures. HORRENDOUS.
I took a trip to the Caribbean (Beaches Resort) this summer and I knew that it was a risky proposition because it was hurricane season. The bought insurance through TripMate since the policy stated that there was coverage for trip interruption. Hurricane Irene struck the island of Turks and Caicos and our resort was flooded. Our room was flooded. The entire place was shut down. The airport was closed for days. Naturally we were trapped until our departure. There was running water and some food, but we were stranded for days until our departure. Tripmate refused to pay us any benefit since they claim that we were unsatisfied with the amenities we received and stayed for the duration of our trip. What exactly was I supposed to do? Swim back to Florida? They claim that I did no incur any additional expenses to leave. How was I supposed to leave when the airport was closed? They claim that there is no benefit for amenities that were unavailable. I think that a hurricane ravaged island flooded by waters and airport closure qualifies as "trip interruption. " I filed a complaint with the BBB and all they did was forward my emails to TripMate. I got nowhere. Even when the policy states that there is coverage for "trip interruption" because of "flood" or "inclement weather, " they will not pay unless you find a way to incur additional expenses to escape your demise and then have to file a claim after the fact for the unused portion of your trip. Good luck trying to file any claim with them. They will find any excuse to misrepresent the facts and twist the language of the policy to deny the claim. I have yet to read any online posts praising them for paying a claim.
The company Trip Mate is a true customer nightmare, provide false information and the most frustrating experience I ever had with a travel insurance company. It was offer to me via CheapOair as a reliable travel insurance. But three months past the incident I still haven't received my payment. Trip Mate uses strategies such as losing emails and claiming of non-receipt to a secondary email address plus suddenly sending postal communication to delay the process, not pay and drive the customer nuts. Within the process, they contradict themselves, stating over the phone they did receive the documents months ago and simply need more time to process. They also claim to put in a rush order and respond ASAP which then does not happen. Their hotlines claims for the past 3 months "it is experiencing an unusual high call volume". Then they pretend they will call you back. But these calls are set up to remain silent, meaning you will miss them but they appear on your missed call list. Over the phone they make false statements and contradict themselves. CheapOair should not be offering any further insurances with them, as they clearly attempt to fraud the customer by providing false information and delaying payment.
As an experienced traveler, I arrived in Lima Peru to begin an adventure and 6 hours into my trip, my purse was stolen at La Panka Restaurant during our group lunch with our Overseas Adventure Travel Guide and group of 12. Upon returning home, I submitted all insurance forms required and carefully listed additional expenses. My trip was interrupted for two days and I missed several activities with the group. Lots of red tape ensued. Had to apply for a new passport, etc. I mailed claim to Travel Mate via certified mail on Jan. 20, 2017. After calling every other day from Jan. 9 as I was to told claim evaluation took fifteen business days. After 30 days, I received a letter from Trip Mate stating that I would receive a lesser check for my passport and they needed a receipt for my purse, which I listed under items stolen. It is a nickel and dime company that obviously has one goal and that is to wear down the claimant and pay as little as possible. It is clear that OAT and Trip Mate seem to work in tandem as I have called OAT and they tell me there is nothing they can do. This is not acceptable. Nothing was mentioned about trip interruption reimbursement which is listed in the fine print of the insurance documentation.
Wow. These guys really blow. My claim was a clear-cut, SINGLE-line item and they still took 6 months to process it. Their status updates on their website are useless, broken, and completely uninformative (See attached). I'd see no updates and call every month and they'd say, "We're working on it..." and give some excuse. The latest being the hurricanes. Which is lame, because my claim was submitted in May. I finally got my settlement in October. You shouldn't even start with them.
I purchased a Trip Mate policy for my mother when she planned on attending my Daughter's wedding. She got violently ill on the day she was scheduled to depart and could not make the flight. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital and she was there for 12 hours before she was released. Trip Mate says that because she didn't stay overnight at the hospital the claim for compensation was denied. I filled out detailed paperwork and submitted her family doctors evaluation and confirmation of her illness and still she was denied. Trip Mate took two months of processing before I even got this decision. Trip Mate is a scam. Don't do business with them.
Trip on winstar was interrupted but cruise line paid half but trip mate paid nothing. I would never recommend trip mate insurance.
I would never again use Trip Mate travel insurance. On August 3rd of this year, we had to cancel our Viking River cruise due to my husband's hospitalization. We immediately completed all of their required forms and documentation - getting physician statements, dates, etc. - anything they asked for. That was sent to them within a week of our cancelation. Today is September 23rd and we are STILL waiting for our refund! I have called numerous times and just get the runaround. The claim online shows that final payment was printed on 9/11 and their answer today was that they only mail checks out on "certain days". They hold a lot of checks and send at the same time. What's up with that? Now I'm supposed to wait and if I don't receive my check within 30 more days to call back and they will reissue the check. I am SO frustrated. Shame on Viking for using this company! Never again.
Terrible experience with Travmark insurance from **. I strongly recommend not using this company. I had purchased a "cancel for any reason" rider to the Travmark A+ program. I filed a claim on July 11, 2014 for a cancelled trip and did not hear about a decision until October 23, 2014, despite multiple calls and even expediting my concerns. After expediting, I was not notified of a decision until 6 days after being promised a decision within 48 hours. As if that was not bad enough, I was told that I was going to be reimbursed $4500 for trip cancellation. The next day they called me back and told me they made a mistake and I was going to get nothing. I am not sure what kind of operation this business is running, but it is unprofessional and I hope potential clients and tour operators, including camps, are aware of this.
I purchased Trip Insurance for my 15 year wedding anniversary in June 2018. The insurance cost me $190 dollars. For a nearly $16,000, 7-night trip, I thought this was well worth it. Due to weather delays and flight cancellations we were unable to arrive at our resort on 6/18/2018, so we lost 1 day of our travel. No worries I have insurance... or so I thought.I submitted a claim to Trip Mate on 7/4/18. Complete with Receipts, Itinerary, and all necessary documents, I asked Trip Mate to reimburse 1,852.31 of my expenses. I received a written request for additional information on 8/13/18. What they asked for was exactly what I sent the first time but somehow they wanted it again. I submitted and followed up on email on 8/14/18. Still, no calls or communication from Tripmate other than the letter on 8/13/18 asking for more information, which is interesting since their own website says “if there is any problem with your claim, we will call you personally to discuss our concerns.” No one has ever called me personally, and when I did call I sat on hold for 15 minutes each time until the automated system took my number and asked for a time zone, then hung up. Very interesting since the website also claims “customer service representatives will be available around the clock with average telephone hold times of less than one minute...” and as for the around the clock, that’s also a lie. If you call their number 800 number you will be told the times of their customer service. Also a lie is their phone automated system will tell you “Our goal processing time is 30-days since receipt”. As it has been 3 months since my initial claim and 2 months since my follow up claim, please do not be fooled by their timeline.On 10/10/18 I reached out to my travel agent for assistance as I had still not heard anything. On 10/11/18 I missed the first ever call from TripMate. On 10/12/18, I finally received a call from Ryan **. Ryan informed me that my claim check was cut today for just over $300. I clarified with him and he informed me the number again. This was well below the $1,852.31 that I claimed. Ryan provided no reason for the $1,500 discrepancy. He did say it looks like they “forgot to add my Wife” to the claim. Odd since the paperwork sent in and on file in the claims status clearly shows my wife. Even so, if you double the check, there is still over $1,000 not covered. When I asked if Ryan could confirm why there was a gap, he could not provide a line item breakdown of the payment. I then asked if I could resend him the same info from 8/14 for us to review together, which I did. I agreed there was a large difference in the dollar amount spent per day, and he offered to re-open a claim which could be reviewed in 2 weeks. I mentioned this was unacceptable and asked to speak to a supervisor. He then said there is no policy for supervisors to take phone calls from customers. I then asked for the correct spelling of his name and his supervisor’s name so I could write my review, he all of the sudden said “let me see if I can get my supervisor.” Funny since 1 minute earlier there was no supervisor according to their policy. He put me on hold and proceeded to try and find Ashley ** who is the Customer Service Supervisor. Shockingly enough, Ashley was unavailable, but I have been told I will receive a call in 24-48 hours. In the meantime, according to Ryan, I am back in a 2 week holding pattern for TripMate to review the SAME INFORMATION that was sent in July, then again in August of this year.This is completely unacceptable and does not reflect TripMate's Online Philosophy of “We value our relationships with our many partners: the insurance carriers that we represent, the travel organizations who distribute our products, and, most importantly, the individuals for whom we provide benefits and services.” I can assure you I do not feel valued.I can’t stress enough that if you are searching for insurance for your next trip, please DO NOT CONSIDER TRIP MATE. You will regret your decision, as we do. PS… My call was fully recorded, including Ryan ** letting me know that he could not find any communication to us over the past few months even though they claim a 30 day response, so if there is any question about the above statements, I challenge Trip Mate to release the recording for review.
My husband & I went on a Viking River cruise in July. We purchased a $1200 Trip Mate Insurance policy that was supposed to be "for any reason whatsoever". Our 1st flight was delayed and we missed our connection to Zurich. We arrived 10 hours late and had no luggage for another 24 hours. We missed the entire 1st day of the trip - and could not go to dinner since we didn't have a change of clothes. Trip Mate has had all of our paperwork since July and are giving us the runaround. We lost a whole day - that has to be worth something. But, Trip Mate keeps asking for more documentation and say they will expedite the claim. It's October and we still have not received anything - we're contacting the Better Business Bureau.
If I could add minus stars I would. My wife who happens to be wheelchair bound purchased Trip Mate travel insurance when making a booking with CheapOair. NEVER AGAIN! And that includes CheapOair! We live in Malta, Europe but as my wife was traveling to visit her mother in Florida, it was much easier to pay in USD, not €, I therefore booked her through not The first time I tried to contact Trip Mate was to inform them that my wife's luggage hadn't arrived at her destination. I was told by a 'noreply' email that I should complete a form to include information, which for obvious reasons, I didn't have at my disposal, and return it within 24 hours! A little difficult as my wife and I were in different hemispheres and due to her illness and lack of internet facilities, communication was impossible. Not to mention that internet contact details are not provided and once one gets through by phone one has to wait for ages and then asked to leave a message. I want to speak to a person not a machine. On her return home I found that my wife had been sick during her trip and had had to use the US health service facilities. I consequently filed a medical expense claim to which a reply was received 1 month later asking for information which had already been provided! I replied by mail (calling was a total waste of time) and I had no email contact details. A reply was received repeating the same question which had already been answered TWICE. O yes, there is a place on the medical claim form where information on exactly the same query can be provided!! Consequently trying to make a call to the number provided is a waste of time not to mention the 7 hour time difference and call costs! Frankly I doubt very much if at this rate, the claim will ever be viewed let alone paid out. I will certainly not recommend anyone to use what seems to be a 'cowboy' company. Finally, I wish to add that I have booked flights through CheapOair on many occasions and even recommended them to friends and relatives, but I doubt if I will again, if they continue to use Trip Mate. From my experience and having read other customer reviews, Trip Mate seems to be a very unprofessional company with a disregard for customer service and satisfaction.
Our flight was canceled due to bad weather and we had to get a hotel room for 2 nights and buy warmer clothes seeing we were on a warm vacation and coming home to blizzard. It has been over a month since my claim was filed and I too keep getting the same runaround. It should be finalized in a week. I will be calling them weekly to try and get updates. Family members that we traveled with and used a different insurance company have already received their claim money. We are frequent travelers and I will never use this insurance company again.
My parents purchased travel insurance as my mother had been treated for cancer and since then, had worried about getting sick again. 2 weeks before the trip, she developed terrible back pain and was diagnosed with a fracture of her vertebrae. She canceled the trip because she was unable to move due to the fracture and the pain. She then filed a claim with TRIP MATE as their trip cost $7000. We filled out all the paperwork, and her doctors filled out their forms as well. She was denied after a good 2 months of waiting because they said it was a pre-existing condition. It was later determined to be Mets to her spine which caused the fracture. Claim Denied. Unbelievable! Apparently, the fine print tells you they cover pretty much nothing! I imagine a heart attack would be considered a pre-existing condition because the person had high cholesterol??? It’s just shameful to me, that a company can take such advantage of people. There is no phone communication at all and I wonder if they even have a staff??? Disgusting business and I believe it to be a sham operation. Are there any lawyers wanting to take on a class action lawsuit against this company and the industry as a whole? I think TRIP MATE should pay up. My mom passed away a month ago and my dad is out $7000. It is so sad to me that Trip Mate gets away with this...
I planned a family trip to Cabo San Lucas for Thanksgiving week 2017. Included was my 14 yr old great niece. At the time of applying for passports, I learned that she would need written consent from her mother for my nephew to take her out of the country. Parents are divorced with shared custody and, when planning the trip initially, the mother had no problem giving consent. I provided her with a form with detailed instructions attached but she kept stalling and I had to cancel the trip before cancellation date. I had paid $8,279 in airfare for 7 people. Not wanting to disappoint the family, I booked a cruise instead. The Mexico trip was booked through Pleasant Holidays which also included trip insurance.On June 1, 2018 I filed a claim with Trip Mate. On July 2, 2018 I received a letter of denial due to not meeting the 15 reasons under the "Cancellation Penalty Waiver" which has no provisions for domestic issues. However, because I am "eligible for benefits under the travel supplier's Enhanced Cancel for any Reason Penalty Waiver" I was sent 7 certificates in the amount of $888.00 to each traveler. Since I paid for the trip, I included a waiver from the 6 family members certifying they had to claim to any refund. Additionally, the certificates can only be used for bookings through Pleasant holidays, are not redeemable for cash and not transferable with a use by date limit. I intend to contact the Missouri Insurance Commissioner and am considering filing a class action suit.
Our son traveled to South Korea and was taken to the hospital on an emergency. He was having seizures. Tripmate's immediate medical facilitator is OnCall. OnCall's primary interest at the outset was to find out who was the primary insurer, Tripmate's wish hopefully not Tripmate, and to find out if they could deny responsibility for the medical emergency hoping it was a pre-existing condition that wasn't covered under the insurance.After it was determined that neither of the above were the case and that Tripmate needed to take responsibility for the case, several problems began. Most of them had to do with billing and communication with our son's doctors in Korea.When our son recovered after 3 days of hospitalization and even before, the Korean Hospital started demanding payment. Several of the hospital's financial representatives began camping out in my son's ICU room demanding arrangements be made for payment. It took 2 days for Tripmate to arrange for payment and more than $1300 in calls. Those calls were directly related to their paying the hospital bill and our communicating with our son's doctor about his condition and fitness for travel. Tripmate said that it would not reimburse those expenses as part of our son's $250,000 medical coverage and $500,000 medical evacuation coverage.Our son was discharged to return home to the US. Per doctor orders a nurse was to accompany him home on the airplane. Tripmate provided no transportation to our son's hotel while waiting for arrangements to be made or transportation to the airport for the flight home. Further, our son went home by himself because his many medications were dwindling and Tripmate was taking its time to arrange for a medical transport. My son was worried how he would get his medications refilled so that he would not suffer from the lack of his necessary medications. The medications he is taking involve doctors in many medical specialties. Getting his medications refilled would have been a real challenge in Busan, South Korea.So don't get sick when you travel. If you unfortunately do, DON'T USE TRIPMATE INSURANCE BECAUSE YOU WILL FEEL STRESSED AND UPSET WORKING WITH THEM. Their claims department is very difficult. The $6,000 hospital bill was paid. We had to stay up all night for several nights to communicate with various hospital personnel and OnCall people in the US to make this happen. DEALING WITH TRIPMATE AND ITS INSURER MH ROSS CAN MAKE YOU SICK!!!!
I should explain that I had surgery on my foot last August. My trip was for early March. I book the flight in November, as I thought my foot would be better by March, it wasn't. What makes me really angry is that I called Trip Mate before I cancelled my flight (to make sure the issue was covered), they said it was!!! If they had been upfront with me and said it wasn't, I would have gone ahead and gone on the trip. I would have stayed in the hotel room 80% of the time, with only leaving to get food (Hotel did not provide room service). But I am not in a position to toss money to into the wind. This is a horrible company to do business with. Please save yourself the grief. Listen to me, I'm trying to help you. I will keep yacking about this company until I am satisfied I have exposed them for their lies, all $162.00 worth!
We bought trip insurance through Viking Cruises at Tripmate which handles traveler insurance for Viking Cruises. We had to cancel the trip for medical reasons (cancer) and I have been trying to get the Tripmate portion of the refund since July 18, 2017. Viking paid the refundable portion recently, so they are off the hook. But Tripmate is either stalling, incompetent, or both. I filled out the claim form on their website in July. All seemed fine. When I called a few weeks later to find out the status, I was told that the website is (and apparently WAS not working). (It seemed okay when I entered the info earlier).Okay, so they told me they would mail me the claim forms. Fine, as of 8/31/17, I am still waiting. So I called them... line was busy. But I could "leave a message and they will call me ASAP". Okay, Fine, "The the message is..." they will call when they open the next business day. No, I don't want a wake up call from Missouri. So now I phone Viking. They expedited assistance by getting a Tripmate person to phone me and promise they would send me the claim forms. But it will take from 7-9 days to get here. From 8/31/2017. Okay, whatever. Bottom line, so far it has been a problematic and frustrating experience. And they still will be analyzing my claim. We are not even to that point yet! So it will take months. Good thing it is not a huge amount of money, but it is a few thousand that I paid Viking and would really like to have back.
We had a flight cancelled by Sun Country Airlines around midnight Friday February 2, 2018 due to mechanical problems/sick crew member. Basically abandoned and got home on my own dime over 24 hours later as no alternative was provided. I had Trip Mate Insurance through Sun Country to cover our expenses for just this situation. This is now the 13th of May and we have never received a dime. I don't believe Trip Mate has even reviewed our claim. Telephone operators cannot do anything. Obviously Trip Mate has problems. I would not be surprised if Trip Mate files bankruptcy and leaves a ton of people holding worthless IOU notes. Trip Mate has no intention of making your problem their problem.Updated on 06/09/2018: Airline insurance coverage. I had similar experiences trying to get paid from Trip Mate as the other 297 reviews. After two months, I contacted the Attorney General of MO, Consumer Protection Division. They contacted Lorraine **, Claims Supervisor, Communications and Compliance for Trip Mate, Inc., tel **. Thanks to the Attorney General's involvement I got reimbursed. Capra ** is the Assistance Claims Adjuster who might do the paperwork, telephone **. I am sure they would love to hear about any problems you are having. I believe Arch Insurance Company is the owner.
Wanted to take a short vacation to get some stress relief. Went onto Travelocity and made travel plans. (April 2015) The travel plans were not scheduled until June 2015. Purchase the travelers insurance just in case the unexpected happened. Well it did, my employer informed me in early May that I would be working at the time I had the trip scheduled. I immediately called Travelocity to cancel trip. Travelocity handled cancelation promptly. They instructed me to contact Trip Mate. After contacting them and receiving the necessary paperwork to be completed. They so IMPOLITELY called and with this obviously rehearsed statement, tell me they cannot refund my monies. Again I made this cancelation nearly 60 days prior to scheduled travel. I advise, recommend or simply say to anyone. Do NOT acquire travelers insurance through this company. It is a complete rip off!
After filing a claim in April 25th with their normal processing time 50-60 days I haven't got my refund back. Today is July 17th, I call every two weeks and get nothing but a fake lousy promises. Asia promised for my claim to be next in line and the check to be send next week (that call was made on May 15th). No check! Bunch of liars. Need to give everybody's money back and close their little scam firm.
Trip Mate is a ripoff. They refuse to pay claims. I have been fighting a claims since Oct. 2017. CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT AND INSURANCE AND MAKE A CLAIM. After I made a claim with the Department of Insurance, Trip Mate PAID... six months later.
This unreliable and unethical company stalled for three months and finally refused to pay claim for a cruise I had to cancel prior to the sailing date because my husband died unexpectedly in May. Instead of honoring my June 2010 claim they waited until mid September when the cruise company went out of business and then said I had to try to recover my loss from the entities handling the Cruise West bankruptcy as if my trip had been cancelled by the Cruise West rather than me. Cruise West paid their share of my claim promptly in June and said TripMate would pay the remainder. No one from TripMate ever questioned my claim or contacted me after I filed the claim until Oct 2010 when they sent two checks for $60.....they owe me $13k.
My luggage was lost by Alitalia in August. I was gone almost 3 weeks and had to buy clothes, toiletries, luggage and shoes. Trip Mate paid me $238.00 for my expenses. Delta Air Lines paid me $1382.00 for my luggage and contents. I paid almost $700.00 for travel insurance and think they should pay me something. It’s been almost 5 months and I still haven’t gotten any payment.
My daughter was to travel to Japan with her school for March break. The school Board cancelled the trip due to North Korea and its proximity to Japan. I filed the paperwork the end of November 2017. I finally got my money the end of June 2018. 7 months to get a refund!!! The most inefficient company I have ever dealt with. They kept telling me that there was a computer error and that it closed my claim, not once, but twice!!! Horrible company to deal with!!!
You have been warn - look at all the reviews, they are very consistent. I went on vacation late January and had to go to the emergency care center on site. I submitted my claim as soon as I got home which was very early February. Each time I follow up they say either they need more information which they have or it is under review. I am also constantly being told the claim is being expedited (which it is not) or a supervisor will call back which does not happen. This company does not care about anyone. They continue to lie and you get the feeling they do not want to pay out any claim. This company is a scam and I will never buy travel insurance again - I am surprised with all the complaints they are still in business. If there was a way to give less than one star, I would.
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