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TravelSafe Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: TravelSafe Insurance
Year Founded: 1971
Address: 40 Commerce Dr
City: Wyomissing
State/Province: PA
Postal Code: 19610
Phone: (888) 523-8020
Overall average rating of 3.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 63 %
Bought the cancel for any reason insurance with this company to insure my trip to Alaska. We were going to fly to Alaska, rent a car and stay in hotels for 17 days. About a month before our departure date we decided to cancel our trip. We notified TravelSafe and all of the hotels of our plans to cancel. We were able to cancel all of our hotels without penalty because we canceled outside of the penalty window. The only thing we asked TravelSafe to reimburse was for our unused airline tickets. Here's the gotcha! TravelSafe denied our claim because We did not call Alaska airlines and let them know we were not going to fly. I did not call Alaska because these airline tickets were non cancellable. Since the tickets were non cancellable, it never occurred to me that I would have to call them to say I was not going to fly. Our claim was denied because of this. I find this very sleazy to say the least. From a money standpoint it would have made no difference whatsoever if I had called Alaska. I believe many people probably get caught by this technicality. This seems like a sleazy company to me. Anyway, for all of you who maybe reading this, be aware YOU MUST ALSO CALL THE AIRLINE even if you can't get any money back.
Their customer service cleared up any and all insecurities I had about using them as my traveling agency and I was greatly impressed and very satisfied that they were able to explain things so clearly and in such a short time frame. The claim I had with them took only 4 days to go through and be completed which I found to be extremely impressive. I am happy with my experience with TravelSafe and I plan to do business with them again in the future. They are definitely a higher quality and value brand and agency. Their establishment is incredible as well as the faculty they employ. They are all so knowledgeable and generous.
I found that the customer service is very good. They are fast and efficient and seem to be quite good at their jobs. They made the process quick and painless. They handled my claim in an efficient manner. They seemed to be as fast as any other insurance company. They did not try to delay the process at all. The level of the coverage was enough to meet my needs. The price that I paid seemed to be fair as well. Overall I would say that they offered a good value. When I no longer needed the service I found the cancellation process to be clear and simple. I had no problems at all and never felt pressured.
This was very easy to purchase and gave me peace of mind. The customer service department was very friendly and knowledgeable. I felt very confident with my purchase. I feel confident with this company that they would handle everything fairly if a problem would have arose. Travel insurance is one of those things that you get just in case life happens. You hope that you never have to use it, but it is nice to have the peace of mind to know that you are covered just in case. I purchased this for a trip. It was a short term thing, but I didn't have any issues whatsoever. It was just fine.
I had a bad experience with both TravelSafe and their claims administrator TripMate. In the middle of our vacation we traveled between Spain and the UK where my mother lives. Our flight was very delayed and we arrived at the small airport 25 miles from my mother's home at 1am on New Year's Day. Normally there are several trains and buses each hour to the city where my mother lives, but on a public holiday and in the middle of the night we had missed all the scheduled trains and buses. We had to take a taxi. We made a claim for this expense, and despite 2 appeals they denied the claim... stating erroneously that we had arrived at our destination when we had reached the airport.So I have discovered that you can become stranded in the middle of your vacation and this company will interpret the policy to not cover your situation... Just what you buy insurance for, right! So watch out... This company will try to wiggle out of paying a claim... Insisting on a nonsensical interpretation of the policy language. You are not in safe hands.
I did have a few questions that customer service was able to help me with. I wanted to know if we had to cancel for a son-in-law's illness would we be covered. The impression I got from talking with their customer service department was that they would handle all claims efficiently and quickly. I think travel insurance is well worth the money if you think there is even a slight possibility that you might gave to canceled trip for medical reasons. The process to purchase was easy and quick. You can research and compare plans online.
I bought the "cancel for any reason" trip benefit within 21 days of booking my trip as stated. After 2 long months of "reviewing" the claim I was denied the entire cost of the my trip. This company is USELESS. They never have anyone you can speak to when you call and always need to wait until the next day to talk to some useless and stupid customer service agent who knows nothing about your claim and says the claim is "under review." Do yourself a favor and tell everyone you know not to use this company. All the horrible reviews on this website speak volumes about this awful company. They just want to steal your money. Will never use this company again and have already told multiple people to avoid this travel insurance at all costs. I hope this company goes under and ceases to exist really soon because they do not deserve to be in business. FRAUDS!
They have always provided great, great service that I need for my family. Never had a problem and the timely service is spot on. I never will go anywhere else other than here. Thumbs up guys. The price has never been better. The service is top notch and I have loved the great thing they do for me.
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