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Travelex Insurance Services Online Reviews

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Company Name: Travelex Insurance Services
Address: 9140 West Dodge Road, Suite 300
City: Omaha
State/Province: NE
Postal Code: 68114
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 228-9792
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 73 %
The online claim submittal is simple and easy to use. It is easy to upload supporting documents for claim processing. Only one minor suggestion as an user: While one is entering banking informations for claim payment by EFT, the user has no opportunity to review the banking informations (routing numbers & account number) are correctly entered. Any mistake here would cause the payment to be returned to TravelEx. And one has to call TravelEx to correct the mistake.
The purchasing experience was pretty straightforward and simple. I liked that we were able to compare the different plans, and easily see the differences that were offered at the different price points. The add-on options were slightly confusing to me.
I have used Travelex several times due to your good reputation for handling claims but have never had to file one myself. Two concerns: 1) the cost is getting too high and possibly non-competitive, even without the Cancel-for-any-reason option; 2) the policy details are plainly too long to print and carry on the trip so try to condense them and reduce the legalese. Without these fixes, my continued use of Travelex is in jeopardy.
My wife fell sick in the Alaska cruise in July - Aug last year and we had to go to Emergency at Juneau. We filed the medical expenses claim after return. Travelex reimbursed the appropriate amount without any hassle. We traveled to Italy in Nov 2017 and bought travel insurance from them. We are going to two trips this year and already bought insurance from Travelex.
I was very pleased with the ease of purchasing this insurance, the policy availability and confirmation. The process was easy to understand and follow, the coverage is explained well. I would recommend this company for out of country travel. Since I haven't gone on the trip yet, I can't speak to how problems are handled if any come up.
I didn't need to contact Travelex after my trip, but it was nice to know I had insurance if necessary. The Travelex plan covers all the things that concerned me prior to going, mainly, an unexpected accident, and I felt more secure having it.
Your rules are your rules, requirements are your requirements. But thought you might look into my situation and be more considerate. After all my baggage was delayed 4 days and sent you proof of that. Baggage was delayed and was not able to get to town to actually purchase anything at that time. Was given clothing from other people and I said I would replace it once I get reimbursed. Was out in cottages about 10 miles from town with no transport.
After I ordered a policy online, I was unsure I had done it correctly since it involved a move and potential change of address before the travel date. I called and got great, prompt customer service on the phone. Made me feel good about the company.
My experience with TRAVELEX has already exceeded my expectations. The people thus far, seem to be very trustworthy and competent in what they say and do. Success is all about consistency. People, in general who follow through statistically do better. When you go the extra mile, that says a lot about TRAVELEX. I do believe, they want to make your experience the most important one. Thank you, TRAVELEX???
We had to cancel the family vacation because my wife got sick, so we submitted the trip cancellation claim. I called to open the claim, but the same could have been done as easy via the website. Although, the documentation required to support the claim was a bit excessive IMO (like a statement from the airline that the ticket's fare was not refundable), we did not have major issues providing all required documents, including the doctor's note, of course. Once the documents were submitted, it took about 2-3 weeks to process the claim and we were able to check the processing status online and, finally, we got a check for the full amount without any issues or additional questions. I think it makes sense to invest some time and prepare all documents upfront - makes everything go smoother. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service received and plan to use Travelex for my future travels as well.
After reviewing information in Rick Steves Travel Book, I decided to compare 2 insurance companies for coverage and rates. Heather, at Travelex, was most helpful. She took the time to patiently and thoroughly answer all of my questions. I decided to book the coverage over the phone and she walked me through all steps. I hope that, heaven forbid, I have to submit a claim - that that process will be as painless as finding and confirming coverage with Heather. Thank you.
The online experience is ok. Documents are huge and difficult to get through. Submitted a claim last year for America by Rail trip delayed 19 hours with train and reimbursement was denied. I am not sure that I will continue to use Travelex as I expect claims to be paid when I have a legitimate reason.
Agent was very helpful, answered all my questions, and was very meticulous in rechecking all Information I submitted. Sarah was able to provide me with the policy I was looking for. I would definitely use this company again for future traveling.
I read the material online, I came up with a number of questions. I waited online maybe 4 minutes or so and the young lady answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. It is the second time I have used Travelex on international flights. Truthfully I can't say how happy I am with the back-end as I haven't experienced a claim but at least the front end experience is good.
Our agent, Jay, was astounding. First she described offerings to fit our needs with our Operations Manager, who gave me her name and asked me to give all the traveler information. I was assisted in a very tedious task, which she made simple and pleasant. She was clear in communication of a vast quantity of numbers and absolutely organized to keep each client separated, while still managing our group concerns. After completing our business, I had to call her back and cancel two clients who had purchased insurance differently. She was professional, efficient and swift. I have strong confidence in Jay and thereby, in Travelex that DPE's group will have a safe and stress-free trip next week-- with the assurance of ample and reasonable travel insurance. Thanks very much.
I had a very hard time with my most recent insurance purpose. There were multiple website glitches and each of the 4 or so calls I made had very long hold times. I believe there used to be the possibility of live chat which would have been useful. Overall it seems that your commitment to serving your customers is very low.
Exemplary service by the representative I spoke with on the telephone. Reasonable and competitively priced product for the coverage we required. This is the second time we have utilized Travelex and plan to continue to do so for any future international travel.
I shopped and compared 5 different policies online and got recommendations from 3 friends who all used different companies. Travelex stood out for the coverage, equivalent price, and the best part - my phone call to Customer Service. You see, I read the policy and had questions. When I called, Kathy answered every question I had, clearly and understandably. My focal areas were trip delay, bicycle touring and pre-existing conditions. I can't review the claim process as I haven't traveled yet. (And I hope that I don't have to!) I feel comfortable with the company, people and policy so far.
Though we have traveled outside of the United States many times in the past, we feel like this is the first time we've found the right travel insurance company. Given top ratings online and a wonderful conversation with a representative enables the thought that we've chosen well.
Travel to France - Continue to use your service which has been easy to enroll in and price competitive. We have used your product for years and have never had a problem. Looking forward to many more opportunities to do so. We are a private couple and have traveled using your service in Europe and Asia.
I first purchase Travelex Insurance when three of my children went away to sleep away camp for the first time in their lives. My daughter became extremely ill, picking up a bacteria in the lake. Travelex was a life saver. They covered so much more than I even knew I was covered for. I now insure EVERY trip I take with them, no matter how small. Unfortunately I had another claim when my dream trip to Aruba had to be cancelled the day I was supposed to leave on it, my uncle passed away the very same day. Travelex is a dream! I recommend Travelex ALL THE TIME to all my photographer friends who travel frequently. One of them, who came down with pneumonia two days before her photo trip to Cuba, is still thanking me! You can trust Travelex. I purchase the Travel Select policy every time.
Travelex Insurance Services has provided me with the coverage I need for my upcoming travel adventure-of-a- lifetime, which is, participating in the YIVO (Institute for Jewish Research) unique tour of Jewish Galicia and Ukraine to experience the landscapes, environment, and culture that influenced artists and writers such as Shai Agnon, I.L. Peretz, Isaac Babel, Bruno Schulz, Paul Celan and other poets.
I called Travelex after checking online for options. The agent walked me through the registration and answered my questions to make sure I got the coverage I needed. The price was less than other companies I had looked at. I'm happy with the service and the plan.
Great price for travel insurance. Other travel insurers either cost too much or did cover 100% of the trip cost under a basic plan - had to buy up to the next level plan. Signing up was fast and easy. All of the documents were easy to understand and the insurance covers 100% of the cost of my trip should I need to use the insurance.
This is the third time that I have purchased Travelex Travel Insurance. The coverage is good and it is easy to apply. I have not had any claims (thank goodness) so I can't speak to their claims service. This of course is the real test. I have made a few calls to ask questions and the agent has been very helpful.
Travelex makes it easy to order your travel insurance on their site. I covered my whole family at a fairly reasonable rate. It includes ER medical and repatriation. I've bought before from them. Luckily, I've never had to use the policy. You buy it for peace of mind.
We had to cancel our trip because of a problem with our accommodations and were unable to find another place to stay, TravelEx promptly refunded our money. Very professional and nice people with which to work. Will use them again.
We purchase our Travelex Insurance online. The site was easy to read and understand. All information was clearly presented with side by side comparisons of the different plans. Payment with a credit card was easy as well. This is the second time we have used Travelex for our travel insurance.
Agent was clear and concise. She was friendly and took time to explain exactly what I was purchasing. I would recommend to a friend. The rate was better than the competition. I only needed coverage in the event of a death of my mother who is elderly. A friend bought my ticket and I didn't want her to get stuck with a hefty bill for services not used and non-refundable.
I have used Travelex for groups before and done it with an agent. I did it myself this time but there was no group option available to me as I could not meet the minimum requirements. These minimum requirements are excessive. I run 1-3 trips a year of 30-60 people. Since I had no group option I had to enter 52 individual entries, 52 payment information details and review 52 payment transactions. This also meant downloading 52 confirmations. Other sites offered a group option but were much more expensive. I would love if Travelex could offer a group option to those other than agents.
Travelex has always been my go to choice for life, AD&D and/or flight insurance when I travel. I only fly every couple of years, but through these past 30 years Travelex has always been there. Whether you purchase from them by phone, mail, or website it is always easy to understand your choices.
I have not used my Travelex policy yet because my trip will occur in Nov/Dec 2017; so no experience to report. However, I found Travelex offering and policy choices to be thorough and complete, very professional, and reasonable in price. I hope/expect that any issues that arise whereby I need the benefits of your policy plan, will be administered and provided in a manner befitting the quality of your offering and presentation.
I've chose to purchase the travel insurance and it was really very quick and easy to use on the website. I also believe it covers what I was looking for. I will recommend it for my family and friends.
I will not use any other company from now on! From choosing the right plan, filing a medical claim, and receiving a timely reimbursement, this company is A+! We had to go to the Emergency room in Mexico and this company walked me through everything I would need to do and paperwork I would need to secure for our claim. Upon returning home they walked me through completing the claim forms step by step. Made the process very easy! We use this company for every trip we go on!
I am really please with the services I receive and I sell to my clients. As a home base agent, I appreciate that I can supply my clients with assurance that their travel vacation is covered thereby giving them a peace of mind.
I've purchased travel insurance from Travelex insurance for two trips in the last year. My mother-in-law is in her 90's, so I opted for the full coverage, Individual Travel Protection Insurance Policy in case I have to cancel at the last minute for family emergencies. I had a great purchase experience both times. The agents were straightforward, knowledgeable and good to work with. Full coverage is a large expense, but I feel comfortable and confident my Travelex policy will take care of any unexpected issues that might arise. I'll continue to use Travelex for future trips.
Travelex initially denied my travel claim because it was not covered within the policy. I thought it should have been covered because the reason for the claim was so similar to other reasons that are covered by the policy. After noting my original Consumer Affairs review, Travelex got in touch and resolved my claim to my satisfaction. The only reason I did not rate them higher is that it took 9 months to get to a satisfactory resolution.
The staff was very informed and helpful with my questions. The website was very easy to navigate. The form was very simple and easy to fill out and complete. When I travel in the future I will use Travelex. I will recommend Travelex to any of my friends traveling.
We always purchase Travelex. Maybe offer a special rate for return customers. We travel out of the country and appreciate travelex for medical insurance, just in case needed. To date, we've not used insurance but feel good just knowing we're covered.
Matt was such a great help to us! Answered all our questions with such thoroughness and patience. We would highly recommend Travelex and already have! Our wait time was minimal and the price was far better than the tour operator!
The young lady gave me precise information, answered my questions promptly and clearly and she did not try to sell me anything I didn't want. The base plan benefits met all my anticipated needs with most ample coverage. I would recommend the company to anyone traveling overseas.
Our backpacking trip ended up getting canceled when a 20 year snow storm came through with record snowfall. I filed the claim on a Thursday the same day the trip was canceled and by the following Monday I was reimbursed the full cost of the permits. Best insurance I have ever bought.
Travelex was recommended by a friend who travels far more than we do... This was very easy, complete, and quick. Checked other sites for prices, and Travelex was very competitive. Will use for next trip!
The process of picking, which policy to buy was easy, everything was laid out in an easy to understand chart. I hope not to have to use them, but you never know. I especially like the different level of insurance that you can get. I would recommend them now, but have not made any claim with them.
Just purchased the insurance for a trip in September. Very prompt service and receipt of documents. I hope I don't need to use the insurance on my trip, but feel confidence in Travelex if I do. The friend with whom I'm travelling has used Travelex in the past with good results.
It was recommended by a friend to use Travelex. I used it two years ago and decided to use it again this time. It was quick and easy to get the coverage I wanted. I would use it again in the future if needed.
The website was easy to use and the rates seemed reasonable. The steps in the process were clear and check out was quick. Travelex was recommended by my tour company, and I can see why. The real test will come if I ever need to use it!
I was happy with the person who took my call and explained my policy benefits and some of the process should I have to make a claim. I did not receive anything from Travelex in the mail yet like I thought I would. My trip starts May 20th.
We had to cancel our trip due to surgery. It was unexpected (that's why we planned vacation on the first place). We submitted a claim, our primary care physician filled the required form, and we got full refund.
I was happy with the service I received, as well as the rate and coverage. My trip is in December and hope there will be no need to use the insurance. I would recommend Travelex Insurance Services to my friends and family.
My mother used to travel to Canada to visit my sisters twice a year and bought Travelex medical insurance for her while traveling there. During her last visit she got sick and was taken to ER in Canada. She spent a few hours there and was discharged. Later the Canadian ER sent us the medical bill, which Travelex paid directly to that ER. We are happy to use this company in future. We also recommend it to our friends and others.
Making this purchase for our cruise coverage was so easy. After checking other sites, I found that Travelex Insurance had the best price and was the easiest site to navigate. Now, I know exactly where to go for travel insurance for my next voyage.
We have used your insurance before. Very, very satisfied with personnel. They are very knowledgeable. They were very helpful in advising type of insurance. Always asked the right questions and explain services. I have recommended them to other people we travel with.
We prefer the flight insure plan over trip insurance due to the lower cost. It gave us and our children peace of mind while we were traveling. The online purchase process was easy and affordable. This is the second time we have purchased flight insurance from Travelex.
I had a good experience with this travel insurance company. I had several questions that needed to be answered before my purchase and the company representative was able to answer my questions to my satisfaction. In light of that I bought the insurance. I felt good knowing that I would be covered during my trip. Fortunately, I did not have any trip issues and therefore no claims. I will most likely use this company again.
It was very easy to purchase my Travelex policy online and read the options available in my state. My policy was clear on the contact info should I encounter an emergency on my trip. I was also able to assist my family in FL with purchasing their insurance.
I am satisfied with Travelex thus far. I am satisfied with the quote and purchasing process, as well as with the price of the product I selected. I trust that the company and insurance product are as advertised and that there will be no issues if I have a claim or issue.
Easy to complete application and get a quote online. You just have to figure your expected costs including airfare, hotel, car rental, train fares, and any tours that you may book. Once you figure your expected costs, you are seconds away from getting an accurate quote. From the quote, you are directed to the order site to complete your purchase.
We just recently purchased our policy and hopefully will not need to use it. The lady that I spoke with when I called was extremely helpful, courteous and efficient. Within a very short time she explained my options and emailed me quotes so that I was able to further review them, make my decision and easily complete my purchase online.
Needed input on buying insurance - on hold 25 minutes three times and never an answer. Went ahead and bought insurance. Got a confirmation email & “you forgot to buy” email. A couple days later yet another forgot to buy email. What will happen if I actually need real service from you during my trip? Hopefully I won’t!
Called to file a Claim and it was a good experience. The Customer Service Person I dealt with was Professional in assisting me to learn what I needed to do to file a claim. I would have no problem recommending Travelex Program to relatives and friends.
The selection and ordering process was responsive, informative, and logical. The ability to compare your products was appreciated. I previously purchased my travel insurance through an intermediary, but found this direct process more satisfying. As for your solicitation of feedback, I appreciate the opportunity.
I was helped by Ms. **. She was knowledgeable, courteous and explained everything in detail. Wished everybody would be like her. Great service. Thank you Charlene. We have had travel insurance with you before and luckily did not have to use the insurance. It does give a sense of security.
I have used Travelex Insurance Services for over 10 years and never had a claim. I feel very secure in the coverage I have purchased over the years. The online site is very easy to use and clear on the coverage. I have recommended them to several of my friends and plan on using them in the future.
I filed a claim 5/29/18 and still have not heard on a decision. This is not acceptable and your company should settle claims much faster! When I filed the claim I uploaded all the forms and supporting documents as requested.
I am elderly and have difficulty following the prompts to fill out the form to purchase insurance. On 5/24/17 I called your 800# and a lovely lady helped me purchase the insurance I wanted. She was helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with her. Unfortunately, I did not keep my notes and do not have her name. I will use this method when I make future purchases of your insurance.
Great help when I called as website was a little confusing. I couldn’t answer all questions as I didn’t have info. Associate said I didn’t need all. Would be nice to know. She said they all didn’t need to be filled in.
I have used Travelex currency exchange services before but did not realize that they offered travel insurance packages as well. I was investigating travel insurance options for an upcoming vacation in Europe and noticed Travelex as a provider. I compared the coverages of several providers and Travelex stood out as the best choice in regards to being the most functional with a high price/value offering. In addition, the Travelex online purchasing process was quick and simple - very user friendly. It also presented the coverages in a well defined and easily understood format.
I have always been impressed with the service provided by Travelex, from my trip to Czech Republic, to Peru, to Thailand and other destinations, Travelex have been my companion. I have told all my traveling companions about the wonderful service and the quick response of Travelex. Keep up the good work.
We travel frequently and have used your insurance for many years! This is the first time that one of us had a health issue and had to cancel our trip. (Which was later rebooked 6 weeks later.) Your contract was accurate and moneys due quickly were what we anticipated. Thank you. We will use your service again.
We didn't want to spend the money but have always gotten the trip insurance in the past and always figure it's worth the price for the peace of mind, so we did it again. Travelex makes the experience so easy and painless and you know exactly what you're getting into.
This is the second time I have used Travelex. Great customer service. Fortunately the last time and hopefully this next time I had no claims so the real test of the insurance is unknown. I compared price and benefits and this is a MUCH greater value than cruise line insurance.
The young lady with whom I dealt on the phone was extremely helpful when I told her I needed repatriation insurance only. While noting that you do not offer repatriation only, she did manage to locate an inexpensive, inclusive policy that would satisfy Department of State requirements for the trip. I still have not received the policy in the mail, but this is not the fault of the person with whom I dealt. I'm sure it's on the way.
I have placed insurance with Travelex for over 20 years. On the few occasions where I had to make a claim, I received a prompt and positive response. I have recommended them to many friends. The basic package includes all the coverage that the ordinary traveler needs.
Very fast and complete online process; transaction and confirmation were instant. Very pleased with how easy it was to comply with the requirements. Would be even better if I could speak to someone when filling out the forms to make sure I was buying adequate coverage.
We got this travel insurance and my son was hospitalized, Travelex was very helpful and constantly asking about how my son was progressing. After returning I filed all my documents and Travelex processed and reimbursed everything seamlessly. Great service and experience!
My rating so far only relate to the process of applying and registering for the insurance, nothing else. The trip hasn’t taken place yet. Therefore regarding the acquisition of this insurance, I can say that it has been done online and was a fairly straightforward process. It appeared to give the best coverage for the price. So this explains the rating above.
The customer service rep was thorough and precise in her understanding of our questions. She was a strong communicator. We have used your insurance company on multiple occasions, including our last trip to London in June-July 2018. On our upcoming trip, which pertained to our most recent call, we wanted to better understand pre-existing conditions terms and conditions.
Insurance for tour to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel - I telephoned your business number, and had the good fortune to be put in contact with the most pleasant of young ladies. She handled the business at hand in a most pleasant and professional manner. It was a pleasure to do business with your company. My wife and I would recommend you highly to our friends. Thank you.
I do realize I am responsible for all I write to you. It is very easy to purchase your policy and add (or not) additional protection. However, Your policy was most likely written by attorney(s) and it remains to be seen IF I need to file a claim, what will occur and the service I receive.
I am a repeat customer and have ordered the AD&D Air Only policy many times. I love the option of being able to order AD&D only. The reason that I didn't give your service 5 stars is because your website is unnecessarily complicated and not user friendly - especially when ordering AD&D only. It should have its own designation with a drop box or column in the comparative area. Thank you for the opportunity to do this review.
We have purchased your travel insurance for several years for all our travels. Your sales people have always been very helpful. We have never had to file a claim but we feel confident we would be very satisfied and our claim would be handled honestly and professionally.
We have used Travelex for various kinds of travel all over the world. On the two occasions that we made claims, we were pleasantly surprised at how easy and prompt it was. Travelex does not ask an unreasonable amount of questions or require endless documentation. Thanks Travelex for your good service!
I forgot to buy travel insurance until the last minute before my trip. After hunting around for a bit, I learnt that many places don't offer insurance starting the day of travel. I was relieved to find out that Travelex could accommodate my trip. Same day option is great.
Feel the price and coverage was fair. Also thought the online was easy to navigate and loved the ability to get a one page confirmation of insurance with important numbers. For the future, try to see if any you can provide delayed baggage covers for 6 hours instead of 12.
We have purchased travel insurance through Travelex previously. Online information made it easy to compare to other options. Calls (2) for very specific information were answered efficiently and thoughtfully. We are pleased with our purchase... and, hopefully, will not need it... but glad we have good coverage!
I think your company is very poor in giving any kind of decent & minimally caring service. I am in a crisis/flood area of Peru, just south of the equator for ten days today to get to Lima International Airport to leave on my business/vacation trip to see students in Argentina (now ruined by the floods and disasters in Peru currently). Each time I have asked about recovery under my plan and tried to get additional information, I have to "speak insurance" and fight for myself with your representatives. I paid for the **, the whole trip has been canceled and totally destroyed, and I have been sick in my hotel. Does Travelex care? I am suffering the loss of my entire trip, planned months earlier, and I have to fight with your company over the benefits?
One hour before leaving for the airport I realized that we had not purchased travel insurance for a trip to Cancun. Within 15 minutes I had a policy in hand. Suitcase ready. The website was easy to navigate and the choices were clear. We are safe at home now having had no travel incidents, but also vacationed with a peace of mind.
I was able to quickly find and purchase not only travel insurance but medical insurance for while we were out of the country. It was easy to compare the products and from my perspective the price was more than fair. Fortunately we did not need to use either form of insurance but it quickly gave us peace of mind.
I have used Travelex for years. Our travel agency in 2010 suggested we use your company. Over the years I have only had one claim. The claim process was easy. I hope I never need to file a claim again, but I know that I have the peace of mind that if something would happen, I’m covered. Thanks for being there.
My experience was very good. I purchased insurance online and all went well. We have purchased insurance from Travelex several times. We have made two claims & they were handled quickly & professionally & we were reimbursed as promised. Thanks!
I bought the travel insurance before travelling to Panama. I didn't have to use it, but I appreciate the rapid response when I applied for it and user friendly form of using it. I will use it again in the future when travelling. Thank you.
I'm very disappointed that you got rid of the Multi-trip insurance! I hate having to go in and get new insurance every time I fly. Not a good client experience! If your rates weren't cheaper than everyone else's I would have gone somewhere else.
Very easy to use and access website. It is laid out in a concise and informative format. Choices are outlined in succinct summaries. The premium cost appears to be competitive. Response to purchase was quick and information emailed immediately. Hopefully we will not have to use services.
This is the third time we booked our travel insurance with Travelex. The first time my husband had a stroke while we were on vacation in Hawaii. Our experience was top notch. Their customer service was wonderful and the On Call Intl that they partner with if you need a rescue nurse to travel home with and to make new airline reservations was fantastic. I will always use Travelex for our travel insurance needs and always recommend them.
We always purchased travel insurance when we travel. During last several years we were purchased Travelex travel insurance and feel like we have a good protection for our trips. Never had problem before. This year we travel to Canada and our connection flight at Toronto was canceled. We were staying in line to reach customer service for more than 4 hr!!! Air Canada proivided new tickets for flight for next day and arrange hotel. We reached hotel after midnight and were very tired. Next day we flew home, but my wife missed working day. We contact Travelex and send them all info. Also sent them proof from Air Canada for canceled flight. We did not get single penny from Travelex insurance. So why we need this insurance???
I decided to purchase travel insurance for my upcoming trip to Australia. Traveled service was prompt in response and reasonably priced. However, I can tell you if it’s great only if I need to use it, but at least I have peace of mind.
The woman who assisted me was friendly, helpful, and efficient in handling my questions. She was able to develop the perfect coverage plan for our pending trip. My primary concern was securing sufficient emergency medical coverage due to my parents' age. While we are all healthy and cleared, the unknown can happens. Thanks!
I had a good experience ordering the policy. The REAL evaluation comes IF I have to file a claim. I have purchased many Travelex policies of the years and have fortunately never had to actually use one. Hope your claims service is as good as your purchasing service. I do like that you have many different plans and options.
When I bought insurance last year to go to Portugal it was around $40.00. This insurance to Italy was double the price around $88.00. It wasn't clear what the difference was or why the rate was higher. Please let me know. Thanks.
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