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Travelers Homeowners Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Travelers
Overall average rating of 1.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 14 %
Travelers is the absolute worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. I have dealt with a few different insurance companies and this by far disgusts me. I called to get a quote about me and my fiance joining our coverage. She has Progressive and I have Traveler's. I contact both insurance companies to see if we moved in together how much they would change to. Progressive did the right thing and gave us a quote and did not change a thing. On the other hand Traveler's took it upon themselves to change my policy, add her to it and have the nerve to tell me that they can do that without my permission because I said we were going to live together. We DO NOT live together and now I have to go through 101 steps just to get my rate back to what it was. Not only that I had to pay this rate or face a late fee charge and when I asked if they would reimburse my money they said they would take it off the next payment. I do not want it off of my next payment, I want my money back NOW!! Not only is this very inconvenient and a burden but I have other things I need to be doing like working and taking care of a newborn. This is the last thing I need to be dealing with. I am already stressed enough. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE USING THIS COMPANY! I am switching companies immediately. Every person I have spoken to there is extremely rude and seems to get an attitude with you when you bring up that other insurance companies did not jack up my rates when I asked for a simple quote. If I could I would do everything in my power to make sure this company went out of business and I honestly would rather not have insurance than deal with these people!
They said that if I did not ACCEPT a mandatory on site visit to my house for review they would not renew my insurance. And if THEY decide I need more insurance, irregardless of my wishes. Then I was obligated to accept the increased rates or be canceled. So I went with Mercury. They are the BEST!
Recently in May of 2015 I was in the process of refinancing my home. The lender requested Mr. ** who is listed on my homeowners policy be removed. I purchased my home in Jan/2011 with my 10 year partner Mr. **. Then in 2012 Mr.** & I permanently ended the relationship & I continued all costs/ responsibilities of the home. Around January of 2014 Mr.** signed a grant deed of the home over to me and also a contract of sale prepared by my attorney. I refinanced the home in September 2014 removing Mr. ** from home loan. I am the only home owner listed on loan and grant deed of my house. I called Travelers about having Mr.** removed from the homeowners insurance when house was refinanced in 2014 but was unable to do so. Travelers told me then that the only way to remove Mr. ** from policy was to start a new policy. Since this part of the country had just been struck by a earthquake all new policies were not issued at that time. So, I let it slide and I did not call the Travelers insurance again until the rates went down again in May 2015 when I prepared to refinance my home again. The new lender I was refinancing with requested Mr.** be removed from home owners insurance policy.In May 2015 I called Travelers and spoke with a sales associate. I requested that Mr. ** be removed from the homeowners policy & he told me that couldn't be done without Mr. ** consent because "your taking insurance away from **." I explained... Mr. ** not lived here for over 3 years and I am the homeowner- home loan is in my name only & Mr. ** no longer connected in any way with my home. Nonsense that Mr.** listed on a policy I am paying when he is nothing more than another citizen of society listed on my homeowners policy! Still, without Mr. ** consent via telephone just cant be done. My homeowners policy is paid until January next year. Travelers refused to remove Mr. ** from policy &refuses to refund me so I can start a new policy. The associate of Travelers did however offer that I start a brand new policy in my name only for the amount of $1130.00 WHILE I ALSO PAID FOR OLD POLICY. So I would be paying for two policies at the same time for next 9 months. I told travelers associate this is ridiculous I am not paying for 2 policies at same time. He then said- "the rule is that names on policies cant be removed without consent of the person being removed & I cant break the rules". I explained I don't have contact with Mr. **. The only way I communicate with him is through my attorney. I explained I have a grant deed in my name-its a public record. I also have documentation that I am the only person listed on home loan. I can provide proof of all of this. Travelers sales associate stated the only way they could help me is for me to purchase a second policy. They can't cancel current policy or remove Mr. ** from current policy. Next day I called again and talked with a different sales associate who stated his supervisor who was busy would call me that evening. Well, no one has called me. Mr. ** still on my policy and I'm stuck till January next year with this insurance policy. This is awful, almost like a fraud to have someone on my policy that doesn't have any ownership or responsibilities with my home. I pay for the insurance and Travelers is taking $$ out of my pocket by refusing to remove this guy from my insurance policy. By refinancing I would save $200.00 a month=$2400.00 x 30 years!!!! I requested to travelers sales rep that this is a situation that a manager or executive higher up should be informed of. This rule that their company has is unfair to people like me. Its also a HUGE bad business practice to request that a customer pay for two policies for the same house during the same time!!!! Thank you for reading this long complaint. Sincerely, homeowner who will never buy any insurance from Geico/travelers Insurance for the rest of my life!!
I am happy and satisfied with my insurance company. I am with my insurance company for the longest time and the service is exceptional. I have never had any sour grapes nor unattended inquiry that is unresolved. I am always treated with respect and professional treatment is at its best. I am happy and satisfied and does not plan to move my coverage with other company anytime soon.
It makes me feel secure and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The price of coverage I have is very fair, only about $200 and something a year. If I did ever have to make a claim, which I hope never happens, I'd receive the benefits I've been paying for all these years. But I have no reason not to trust Travelers.
While visiting my family over the 2015 holiday season, my backpack was stolen. In it was my MacBook Pro, along with some sundry items. The experience in getting the claim settled is still not a done deal. Although I provided Travelers with information as soon as they requested it, I still haven't received full compensation for all items stolen, namely, the total amount due me for my MacBook Pro. The claims agent assigned to this case was clearly not totally informed as to how to handle such a case. I was given incomplete information and incorrect information. I called her supervisor three times, left messages for him to return my calls, but he never did. The last time I called, this morning, I dialed 0, as instructed, but was put on hold for over ten minutes, when finally I hung up. This is the second time that happened. Terrible service. I did contact their consumer affairs department and am awaiting a call from the supervisor of the supervisor of the agent who was trying to handle this case. Who knows if I will be contacted or not. The only reason I have Travelers is because I got them through GEICO, but have found that their level of customer service in no way approaches that of GEICO. I do plan to file a complaint with GEICO to let them know what I experienced.
This company screwed up my homeowners and car insurance SO MANY times.... applying one to the other and then not to the other, OMG not following what I requested or wanted as far as coverage (would agree to one thing) but found out it wasn't logged into their computer database correctly. JUST A MESS!!!!!! Never ever, ever will I EVER use this company again! It just got worse over time and now I have fired their service..... DID I SAY OMG?!!!!!! LMAO NEVER (ain't nobody got time for that)!!!!!! For reals.
After having a pipe burst in our wall, we called our insurance company to file a claim. The property claim agent with whom I spoke addressed my concerns immediately and walked me through the claims process. It was a manageable process and was handled by Travelers quickly and efficiently. The agent has been available when we have questions or concern. I will recommend Travelers in the future and have recommended Travelers in the past. I find the service reliable and the products very comparable to other companies in coverage and pricing.
Our roof leaked after several severe thunderstorms while we were away. It created a huge stain on the foyer ceiling and hardwood floors. Who know what kind of mess it made in the insulation and obviously, the water didn’t come from pipes or air conditioner as they are on the complete opposite side of the house. Inspector came with drones. Examined roof. Said no visible damage. Really? Did you miss the stain on the ceiling, the stain on the wood floors and the damp smell in the attic? He said - "...this is about $800 worth of damage. And your deductible is $500 and I’ll put a claim in for you, but they may dump you". So after 18 years of spending $2400 a month for exact replacement insurance plus contents with not a single claim... And let me add that we cleaned up after several storms in the past removing trees etc on our own bill... That this was their idea of helping us when we had real damage? $800 my **. So $11, 000 for a new roof, $ 1200 for drywall repair, $300 to repaint the ceiling, and god only knows how much to fix the floor, all I have to say is bye-bye Travelers.
I asked Travelers to quote me a home owners insurance policy with a $1,500 deductible which they did and it was priced well enough for me to switch to them. After switching, I read the fine print and the deductible is $1,500 except for Wind and Hail Storm Damage which is 3% which is $7000 for my policy! I called them and their justification was that in Oklahoma most claims are for wind and hail storm damage and that I can change to a 1% deductible for $900 more a year. What a waste of my time and certainly not what I asked for or what I was under the impression I was getting!
A client of mine put a claim into the company that was denied. He fixed the problem anyway. He put the house on the market then got a notice that his insurance will be cancelled in. Nov. Has anybody heard of this?
Travelers insurance offers excellent rates for first time homebuyers who are taking on extra financial responsibility. When I called around to compare rates, Travelers had the best to offer for the same amount of coverage as its major competitors.
Great overall service, excellent communication, ability to get someone on the phone, easy quoting process, fast and easy analysis of claim, easy claim process, expedient of claim and other reimbursements, inspectors schedule immediate appoints and arrive on time, make the claim process easy and fast, competitive pricing, ability to negotiate premiums.
They were right here when a tree fell on my roof. They saw the tree and asked if it was my tree or the neighbors and I told them It was mine and cut a check right there and then.
I had a valid homeowners policy with this company (Operable word being HAD). Our 1st floor rental unit had a slow leak that was 100% caused by the condo owner above us. Upstairs unit shower leaked behind the drywall over the course of a few weeks and ran down to our unit. My elderly tenant did not report it until it visibly stained the drywall and started to cause mold. Had this company's insurance adjuster come out and proceed to deny my claim because it was not in their words "a one-time event". The upstairs owner had Farmers Insurance and they would subrogate (which means my fraudulent insurance company would pay out of their pocket and be fully reimbursed by Farmers). These frauds said my policy excluded such a continued leak and said claim was denied. I now have to sue the upstairs owner for losses that were not my fault. STAY AWAY FROM THESE FRAUDS! They smile at you while they are sticking it to you. I only went with them because my family members used them. I have convinced my family members to switch to another company. Needless to say they lost all of our business. BEWARE.
My wife and I were in the camp fire. We saw our whole town burn to the ground including 17,000 houses and 288 businesses. We made it out safe but had no idea what to do. Travelers helped us in everything we needed. Corey was a wonderful adjuster and he was a life changer. He provided the immediate assistance through the company with no haggle or hassle. He also gave us great insights and ideas that greatly helped us move on. "I always have heard horror stories about insurance companies. This insurance company took us from a horror story to future hope and quality of living."
In PA , the Supreme Court ruled (in favor of policyholders)... 1) that the insurer did not have a reasonable basis for denying benefits under the policy and (2) that the insurer knew or recklessly disregarded its lack of a reasonable basis in denying the claim... Travelers is so arrogant they believe this does not apply to them. As a policy holder, filing a claim for a pinhole copper pipe leak under my main bathroom (only) shower tub, I noticed dripping and called Travelers to explain the situation and ask for the proper steps to take to avoid claim problems. I hung up immediately, called the plumber and the water to the main bathroom was shut off.Two days later the claims adjuster evaluates the visual only damages, writes a check minus the deductible and depreciation and tells me plumbing costs are not included. I ask him what if hidden damage is uncovered. His response is he can’t see behind walls. If I find anything further to call him. I have no information regarding MOISTURE METERS.There is a problem, the demolition contractor removes the water damaged area and finds the beginning of mold growth and the entire (small home) finished basement is gutted. So sad for me that suddenly the claims adjuster is unavailable, sick, in training, etc. I speak with his supervisor and am told my moldy house is not his problem. I report him and the adjuster to travelers consumer affairs and ask to speak to management. I called repeatedly until “the director” called me who demanded to know who authorized me to do this work. Why was not a lab mold sample taken, etc. He was speaking in such a loud voice. I raised my volume and said it was visible mold, not hidden. He then proceeds to tell me I am yelling. :)And I don’t know what I am doing and he has been doing this for twenty years - CLICK I had to hang up as it was clear I was not going to have a valid basis for denial. So here is what is in my policy and mold removal related to an incident (not neglect), hauling away of debris and damaged property, law and ordinance up to 10% (in building cavity return duct to HVAC removed) and living expenses (no shower). Refusal of claim payment without a reasonable basis for denial and reckless disregard for a reasonable basis = BAD FAITH INSURANCE COMPANY. My first step is reporting Travelers to the PA department of insurance. My next step if this can not be resolved with the state regulations, I will hire a lawyer.
I was injured due to being hit from behind while I was stopped at red light. December 14, 2008. He has limited liability auto insurance with Travelers throug AAA. I wwnt through my auto insurance of Erie Insurance for the medical coverage of 10,000.00 Which has been exhausted months ago. I had to get an attorney to assist me due to me having a brain injury that they would best help me. My Attorney's office of Cohenfeely has repeatedly sent letters and phone calls to Carrie Canute out of the Pittsburg office to no avail. I have ongoing medical needs. Injections on my neck and then surgery if I must. I no longer carry person health insurance as of the end of August31, 2009. I could not afford to also pay the 298.00 per month for Cymbalto 90mg., Gabapentin 300mg.3x per day and the cycle benzaprine of 10mg. x 3 per day. I went broke without being able to work explained by my Neurologist, Pain management doctor, family doctor, and Pain management Psycologist. Currently I am needing very much a neuro phsyc test, a doctor to help me get better so I can go back to work. Until I can resolve my neck problem I will continue to have numbness and shooting pain in all my limbs, I can not walk far or stand long or sit long. I am in pain 24-7. My lower back is so weak I cannot even lift anything of weight. the stress I am enduring of the pysical and not being able to get well enough has been unbearable. I am now on welfare for food and some financial help. I can not pay my rent as of September1, 2009. I will be homeless shortly. I called for help and I would not be able to be reviewed for a year and then could be turned down. So, as bad as I would like to have a roof over my head I will be homeless. No medications to help me, either. What is Travelers doing? Nothing. It is irrisponsible that they will not respond to my attorney about the case.
Telephone and online response is good, especially like access to documents via online App. Discounts are applied for multiple events, like driver training, multiple policies, etc.
My house was total loss after a fire and my insurance company has done nothing for me and my family. This happen on September 10, 2015 and now it's September 28, 2015 and my family has received no benefits. Travelers insurance is not a good company. I have had to place my family in a apartment with the money that my wife and I work for. It's 18 days and no one can tell me anything about when my money will be available. Now we have 2 days before rent is due and my children have to wear the same clothes because we don't have money to replace everything. Thanks a lot for nothing Travelers Insurance.
I am a firm believer in insurance if the need ever arises. I am basically happy with our homeowners insurance except for a few minor hiccups. We did have a long battle with Travelers over the replacement value of the house. They wanted to use the assessed value of the home. The assessed value includes the property that the home sets on. Unless there is a major holocaust, the dirt the house sets on probably does not need to be insured. We cannot afford earthquake coverage and it is not offered at a reasonable price.
We are first time homeowners and first time ever having to deal with insurance claims and how the process works. To begin we had a fire that started in our kitchen which in turn caused a lot of damage and we had to stay in a hotel for pretty much three weeks. Not a very big kitchen and Travelers called in ServPro who in turn took longer than needed to clean up the damage. Brought in a machine to clear the air but the furniture was still in the home which was later deemed too smoke filled to clean which made no sense to continue running the machine with the furniture in place. Second the claims ServPro was submitting every day had incorrect times listed; we have a camera on the home and watched the activity... No one seemed interested. After receiving a check all of the estimates were more than 3000 more than what we received and then to find out we were to pay ServPro from the check. "Had" no idea. Was told that estimated listed it all. Could not reach the agent for more than two weeks due to a family matter and no one called or return calls with our confirms about the estimate, not being able to find a good contractor and pretty much everyone we reached out to did not contact us back.. Once company stated they don't work with Travelers.Pretty much they shortcut the clients. The kitchen is now to the point that we could just get out of the hotel and back home. And we are paying out of pocket trying to fix things ourselves. Pay insurance for 4 years and when we needed them they disappointed us. Not only are we without furniture, have to find a way to pay ServPro for their fraudulent service. We have to find a way to get a window in that was caused by fire. The agent should have went over everything with us and Travelers should have had someone assisting him while out on a personal family matter. This is a complete nightmare for me and my family and truthfully aside from the customer service call. Hurting.
We have a homeowners policy with Travelers Insurance. We did a lot of shopping before signing with them and have been happy with their services up until now. For some back story, we have very limited choices in our area due to brush, so our premiums are already high at $3300.00 per year. This year, we had a contractor steal our camera while on site. We had no proof of the theft, but a 9k claim was made and paid quite efficiently. Our renewal notice came up and our premium jumped an additional 60% to $5300.00 due to the single claim. With as few choices as we have in insurance, we will mostly likely have to stomach the increase. We are, however, incredibly disappointed in their greed. Thanks.
I changed my car insurance from Traveler's to Progressive, getting a far better rate, and Traveler's refused to give a refund for the unused portion of my month with them, citing the fact that I had changed the pay date. I had never missed a payment, and had been a customer for many years. I changed the pay date years ago to get an automatic deduction from my checking account when my social security payment was deposited automatically by the government. I was never informed that there would be a penalty for this, and stayed with them for years---even through many rate increases. I only drive to the store and to the doctor---less than 50 miles per month. They owe me over $75 and are only refunding $2.10. Avoid this cheating enterprise and get your insurance elsewhere.
Husband had work injury back in August 2009. This person from this company only scheduled one doctor at that time to see my husband even if he filed 3 complaints for worker's injury. It was for his arm, shoulder, hand, hip and foot or ankle or leg.It took her 7 months after accident occurred to follow up on the arm, shoulder and hand injury. To this day, after two years she never sent him to a hip doctor. Today I found out she entered false information. The worse thing is, this woman, who only spoke to me maybe 4-5 times, now states that I threatened her. This woman never talked to my husband even once. I argued with this woman, I asked her why my husband is still not seeing his doctor.Then I got a nasty letter from her calling me names. Should I call the police and say her nasty letter was a threat to me as well? She is telling lies, she even lied to the company attorney of Travelers. This company is all lies.Who committed fraud and a lot more as far back as the 70s? 6th Circuit pegged them for committing fraud long ago. They are denying healthcare to work injury victim in a timely manner and they even neglected to send him to a hip doctor even if she already dad reports from Traveler's doctors that he need to be sent to a hip doctor. I want to press complaint charges against this insurance adjuster for fraud, negligence and denial of timely health care. If I read all the Internet complaints first I wouldn't be doing business with such an awful company.
I have been having my property insurance with Travelers for last fourteen years. Prior to buying (closing) back in 06/2004; Travelers appraised the property through a company of their choice with living area of 2,294 square feet. I recently contacted the appraisal company and they have provided me all documentation to prove 2,294 square feet as living/building area. Since my renewal date of the policy is in June and I called Travelers to review the policy. I was shocked to know; as per Travelers record; the living/building area of the property is 2,909 square footage instead 2,294 square footage. The Travelers guy told me; it was underwriter fault. Then he advised me to contact the local county office to get the plat (drawing) of the property. I was able to get the certified copy of the plat as well as copy of the public record of the property from County office. I submitted all these documents to Travelers to be reviewed by underwriters team. After waiting of ten days; I made follow up with Travelers; still underwriters team was failed to come up with verdict. I did not make any change/modification in the property since 2004. Travelers made me to pay extra premium for the difference in square footage as well as rebuilding (dwelling) cost of the property. I have made about fifteen phone calls and spent hours of my precious time with stress and strain as it was huge monetary loss to me due to Travelers mistake. I have paid my premium on time putting my trust in Travelers with no claim in fourteen years. My dispute is still dangling in the air with no resolution by Travelers. I got ten different opinions from fifteen different people from Travelers. Now I got premium quote from another insurance competitor and they gave me premium quote about $250 less than what I am paying to Travelers per year because of the discrepancy. And this company used public record of the property from the County website. I will wait for a few more days for Travelers to come up with resolution to my satisfaction. They should either make the correction in the record or they should send an independent appraiser to appraise the property at their cost. And they should refund my money back otherwise I will take my business (auto and umbrella policies) to another insurance company.
Recently my wife and I received a call from our ins agent informing us that our insurance policy would be canceled through Travelers due to our recent separation/divorce. NEWS to us!!! So when I called Travelers to find out what's going on they again informed me that the policy would be canceled because of our split, (again news to me). I explained that we were not going through a separation or a divorce. They now told me that it all stemmed from when my son was involved in an auto accident in Dec of 13, and I now have to talk with the claims dept. Claims has no clue what's going - still no answer on how it even appeared or who put it in the system. After about 2 yrs of back and forth with people they still have no answer of who did it or why but my policy will be reinstated. Moral of this story is if you have Travelers Ins or thinking of getting Travelers Ins make sure you don't talk about getting a separation or a divorce. They will cancel your ins. We will be changing ins companies after this. Ty.
I had a simple claim to be handled but it turns out into a nightmare! The adjuster I got Ashley ** was very difficult to deal with. She was working against me the policyholder. She did what she could so I will be responsible for the costs. She wanted me to pay out of my pocket. Also they have changed adjuster every other day and every single one had a different view of my case. She first approved it all then she changed her mind. My contractors were waiting for the money but she was nothing but a HORROR to deal with. What a unpleasant experience. I hope she will get fired!!!
Incident with Travelers Homeowners Insurance. We have held Travelers Homeowners and Auto policies since 2001. Up to this point we have been very satisfied their product and service. Unfortunately, that is not the case now. At the beginning of May 2017, I noticed a blackened spot on the wall in our hall bathroom. It was between the shower and toilet. I sent a sample of it to PRO-LAB and received the Certificate of Mold Analysis the end of May 2017. The results identified the sample as Stachybotrys, also known as black mold. After consulting the Center for Disease Control, US Environmental Protection Agency, and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, I realized the implications of this situation on my family's health. I also discovered the importance of having a licensed, certified Water Mitigation and Mold Removal Company, to fully remove it. In addition, I discovered that should we decide to sell our home, a certification from a credible Mold Remediation Company would be necessary to state that all mold and damage had been removed and repaired to safety standards. I contacted Bio Safety Clean and Chris ** came to my home on 6/26/2017. He did a full inspection and confirmed that the mold in the hall bath was Black Mold and needed to be removed immediately for my family's health. He also found there is extensive water readings within the wall behind the vanity, toilet, and tub/shower, basically the whole bathroom. The smell is not only in the bathroom but is also in the entry/living area, which shares a wall. In order to find the source of this water and remove all of the mold it is necessary to completely gut the bathroom, clean up all mold, determine where the water leak is coming from, repair this leak, and then install all new vanity, sink & counter, fixtures, shower walls, medicine cabinet, dry wall, paint, etc. On 6/26/2017, Chris emailed me the estimate to forward to Travelers Homeowners Insurance. The estimate was for $5630.99. I placed a claim with Travelers Homeowners Insurance on that same day, 6/26/2017. On 6/30/2017, the adjuster for Travelers and Chris ** with Bio Clean met at my home. The adjuster was emailed the report from PRO-LAB identifying the mold so he was fully aware of the black mold. Chris ** reviewed with the adjuster the estimate and why items on the estimate needed to be done to completely remove the mold and water. I am concerned that the adjuster has little or no experience in water mitigation and mold remediation. I received the estimate from Travelers on 7/3/2017 and the total was $6687.78 minus $1000 deductible for $5687.78. This estimate supposedly included the amount for water mitigation, removal of mold, and rebuild. After reviewing the estimate it is clear that Travelers has not considered the full extent of the water problem or mold infestation. The breakdown of the estimate is as follows: Water Mitigation $1149.22. Mold Remediation $1134.40. Rebuild $4404.16. As you can see, Travelers is agreeing to pay is $2,283 for Water Mitigation and Mold Remediation. According to this estimate, Travelers is only covering a portion of Bio Clean's water mitigation and mold remediation and a portion of rebuilding of our bathroom.**THERE WAS MORE MOLD FOUND IN BATHROOM DUE TO LEAKING PIPE WHICH MEANS THE COST WILL INCREASE. Items omitted from the estimate: Extended Stay cost upfront - $1065.40. Cost of items that had to be thrown away due to mold exposure - $1500. Cost of water and mold inspection by Bio Clean for $100. Loss of use for 10 days? I am also concerned that based on Travelers estimate the work would not be performed according to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Corticated Standards. The standards are as follows: Professional Water Damage Restoration $500. Professional Mold Remediation $520.If these standards are not followed we will not be able obtain a certificate that our home is free from water and mold. We would never have assurance that the water and mold has been fully removed and we would be unable to sell our home in the future since we would have not way of verifying that this problem was dealt with correctly. In addition, I have obtained an estimate from a licensed contractor through Home Depot that gave me a figure of approximately $7000 to restore my bathroom to full use. Clearly, Travelers estimate of $4404.16 will not fully put our bathroom back to full use. As you can imagine I find all of this very troubling. My family's health and welfare are at stake. I am sure you would feel the same if this were your family.
House burnt and they want to give a bad faith settlement. Offering 30,000 to rebuild double wide home. Estimate was 40,000 just to redo the inside not counting plumbing and air conditioning and for cleanup. Think they are trying to get over on 72 year old and his disabled wife.
Have not had contact with my homeowners insurance company for since my last claim in 2002. There are other experience with the company. The company was very helpful with the claim and the process and payment for the claim. It was very efficient and not much delay in processing the claims.
I bought an almost 1400 dollar policy on my house that was supposedly covering everything. We had some damage to our door during the Irma storm which caused the water from the rain to also leak in and cause floor damage on top of that. After I contacted my insurance they created a claim and I had to call them for weeks to never get a call back from my claim specialist and finally I received a letter that stated they didn't cover anything caused by nature, humans, plants, animals, etc. so I realized that my coverage was a joke and called and cancelled my policy. The funny part is that 15 minutes after cancellation I received a call from the claim specialist who wouldn't call me back for weeks.
I only called this insurance company because I was in a dealership and needed proof of insurance before I could leave. Well I spoke with an agent and she quoted me an amount of $158.50 down that day and my monthly payments would be 117.67/Month to begin in July. I said ok so gave my credit card info. over the phone. Well a couple days later, I checked my bank account and those jerks had taken $263.72 from my account. I was so angry. So I attempted to call the agent who setup the policy and to my surprise they had escalated it to management. Well management never contacted me. They ripped me off and no one was willing to help me and that is poor service seeing as they committed theft taking more from my account than I authorized. Don't give them your money, stick with an insurance company that is legit and has great customer service. I went with Geico which is a fantastic company!
I have paid thousands of dollars to this company with no claim and now that I need them for hail damage to my roof. I have a contractor that has proven that my roof has hail damage and the Traveler adjuster even admitted that there is evidence of hail on the soft tin areas of my roof. The Traveler adjuster says that the many round holes on my shingles are from heat bubbles rather than hail however! This is so unfair and I am so angry at the way I've been treated, intimidated and condescendingly. I have taken this issue to the Insurance Commissioner in hopes that I can help others.
My son has had home and vehicle coverage for over 5 years. He just filed his first claim for $1000.00 for damage done at his home. After 3 months and 50 phone calls they finally paid the $1000.00. The next month his rate went up $65.00 a month. They had the nerve to tell him they raised his rates because he filed a claim. It would have been cheaper for him to just pay the $1000.00 out of his pocket.
We had a hail storm in August of this year. Travelers sent adjusters that missed tons of damaged items. Now they don't want to pay for anything. They'll pay for 1/2 of the garage roof but are saying there are only 2 single solitary shingles on the other side damaged. Our entire house roof was destroyed, but they don't want to pay for new pipe jacks etc. They want us to use the old, damaged ones. Our contractor refused because that's not how you properly reroof a house. I have had to fight with them about replacing everything. Our contractors are to the point they don't even want to talk to the adjuster in CT anymore. He is absolutely rude, tells them one thing and us another. I've never had such a horrible experience with ins. in my life. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from Traveler's - they are horrible to deal with for insurance claims. But boy do they want your premium every month. Horrible service.
Be aware, this company plain and simple violate the law, if you have a lost, first step don't allowed them to send you an adjuster of their own. They are incompetents and irresponsibles. They never will return calls etc, use your right to hire a public adjuster. He will be fair, it is your right but homeowners don't know, they will cheat you and they will cheat the contractor, they refuse to pay for the contractor overhead and profits, even when there is the invented rule of tree trades, even when the job is complex, anyway that have nothing to do with overhead and profits, they don't respect the Texas law requires insurance to paid when a contractor have been hire by a homeowners, by not paying they are practically Stealing from the homeowner and the contractor, this affect the homeowner for quality and warranties etc. I am about to sue this company for malpractice and cheating. Beware. Stay away from this crooks.
Can a fiberglass insulation problem in my house that developed, Travelers Insurance refused to cover the damage to fiberglass has caused. They stated that it was faulty, inadequate or defective. They have so many exclusions in their policy to get out of paying any type of damages. You'd be better off going with another Insurance Company. I'm sorry I ever hooked up with these people.
An unforeseen, very emotionally charged and sad experience with my dog and a child who received 18 stitches due to dog scratches. The episode occurred on my property. The dog had never been aggressive before and had been raised for 4 years with the child next door. The child, no doubt, played a role in provoking the dog, but the dog could no longer be trusted and was euthanized. The child healed well with no scars but Travelers Homeowner's Insurance, who contacted me the homeowner once in almost 2 years, paid out $25K to the obvious money grubbers. Now everyone will know why premiums continue to rise when they dole out money like this.
I own seven vehicles and two homes. The second house we have is in an estate. Being in an estate is a problem for some insurance companies. Some companies won't even insure a house that is in an estate. All our vehicles are used for different purposes and I want different coverage for each vehicle. I have dealt with other insurance companies and a lot of times it has become a nightmare. Travelers has been far the best. They handled all the policies with minimal effort on my part and all the policies were done correctly. Having multiple policies the discounted rates were excellent.
We called them to see if we had damage done by the heavy rain because our basement is finished and we wanted to see if we might have any mold. We got a call from Williams Co. that they were not going to renew our policy because of the water problem that we took care of. WE are going to drop Travelers Ins and go with someone else. I think that is the worst insurance company anywhere.
We've had Travelers home insurance for about 6 years. Being that it was our first home, we were pretty new to just about everything when it comes to home ownership. However, a few months ago, we had a leak from our kitchen pipe and it ended up causing an issue downstairs with our drywall. Contacted Travelers and the rep came out and was helpful. Travelers did not cover the plumbing work, which was explained to us, but did cover the plumber's diagnostic write up. We came out of our own pocket and paid to get the plumbing fix and the drywall. About 2 months later, we received a letter stating that they will not be renewing our coverage because of that claim. What is the point of paying for the insurance and then being dropped when it's used? Isn't that the purpose of home insurance? We were disappointed with Travelers and would never recommend them to anyone that has a home.
We have had Travelers Homeowners Insurance for the past 12 years and what a mistake! We had filed 2 claims because of water damage to our hardwood floors and ceiling. The adjuster who came out was extremely rude and was very difficult to work with. Just received a letter from them saying they needed proof that our kitchen floor was repaired. This was in 2012! They also threatened us that if we didn't show proof of repairs that had been done to the kitchen ceiling due to water damage two months ago, they were going to cancel our policy. We sent them everything they needed and we never missed a payment and now this! Also, they want proof of repairs to water damage in our basement. Never filed a claim for water damage in our basement! We changed over to a new insurance company and are so relieved to be done with Travelers. I would never recommend them to anyone. They are horrible.
It is very unfortunate to see that an insurance company that you hardly ever deal with (because that's the nature of the business) is not there when you need them the most. When it comes to liability, they protect the insurance company, not the insured person. Zero stars for having the lowest standards when determining if the insured person is liable or not. Hardly no investigation and very rude way of dealing with the customer.
I cannot believe my homeowner's policy has increased more than 100 percent in just four years--and without a single claim--and with a very good credit rating. Indeed, I paid only $796 for the year of 2011, and this year they want $1,641. It seems like highway robbery! I have an automobile policy with Travelers that has also increased for no reason by about 20% a year. My agent tells me it is because they've had to pay a lot of claims--and that they've made some bad financial investments. Wha-a-a-a-attt? I have filed NO claims at all, but in 2014 my homeowner's policy jumped from $988 per year to $1,350, and now this year to $1,641???? I am a disabled veteran on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay outrageous increases like this every year. Last year I had to contact the mortgage company to increase my escrow payments (and my mortgage payment) every month--and now they think I will do it again!!! Not a chance in hell. Time for me to fine another insurer.
Our car along with several other cars were disabled when we drove into a sinkhole that formed 2 days after NJ American Water had completed work on an underground water main pipe in that spot. It has been raining all day and there was dense fog so one car after another was driving into it. My car had to be towed and have the tire replaced and a wheel alignment was necessary. The police had forwarded our incident report and contact information to Travelers Insurance who was handling all the claims for NJ American Water Company. I was just informed that my claim was being denied because Travelers said they were told by NJ American Water that they filled in the hole properly after completing the repair. All Travelers did was accept their word and now we all have been denied. I am going to appeal the denial.
After paying our premium and purchasing our new (very old) home we were suddenly dropped by Travelers. Without a phone call or conversation about the property, they made assumptions and dropped us. They sent an inspector while we were in the middle of removing 3,000 lbs of left behind belongings and trash from the house from the previous owner. We had pulled aside all scrap metal so it could be recycled and placed it in a pile. This displeased the inspector. We began the complete renovation on the inside and hadn't started on the exterior yet, but he didn't like the peeling paint he saw. We were also cited for overhanging trees. In the 30 days we had the property, this had not been checked off our to-do list, but the removal of tree limbs was fast approaching had they just asked us. I am appalled by the lack of communication. We would have happily made all the recommended improvements immediately had they asked. Now we have no homeowners insurance and an unhappy mortgage company.
I have been with Travelers for approximately 12 years. I have never made a claim. Last year I had an adjuster come and look at my roof and he said there was nothing wrong. This year I had another adjuster come and look and he says there is hail damage. So, I filed a claim and received approximately $6,000 after another $6,000 was deducted for depreciation. The adjuster said because the claim was over 365 days they had to make this deduction. HOW IS THAT? I had an adjuster come out last year and he didn't see a problem, so how am I supposed to file a claim within 365 days when the first adjusted saw no damage???I have been dealing with a Travelers adjuster. He was the most useless person I have ever had to deal with. I spoke with him several times trying to get him to reconsider, but to no avail. I tried sending him hail reports I had received from different roofing companies, but he was not about to budge. I had to resort to hiring a public adjuster which did make things happen and was able to recoup the additional $6,000 so I could get a roof done. After I hired the public adjuster Chris ** refused to talk to me or answer any questions. He was useless before I hired the public adjuster and useless after. I am so disappointed that I am considering looking for insurance elsewhere.The adjuster was very difficult to work with as stated by both my roofing company and the Public Adjuster. I found him also to be very incompetent and unwilling to work with me during the entire process. Again, in the 12 years I have had the insurance with Travelers I have never filed a claim until now. Is this how you treat your customers?
I have had Travelers for about 5 years and paid them on-time, every time. I had my first claim on OCT 2nd and they cancelled my policy three days ago on OCT 13th and didn't even notify me. I just happened to call them to change my billing address when they told me. I asked them why they didn't email or call me and their answer was, "Because we don't have to." Morality isn't one of their policies. I would HIGHLY recommend you look elsewhere for insurance because they surely don't care about you or your property, only their money.
Asked travelers for help to vandals breaking into my home. Spoke to a man named David **, he put me in touch with a woman named Casey **. She said she would send an investigator out. His name is Jason **, he came took my hidden camera and two SD chips. What I found out later he works for the state plumbing inspector. What I received was a letter from Travelers stating I needed to landscape and paint my home and basically what I could store in my garage. That's where all the evidence is. Now I find out even after I paint the house, landscape etc. Travelers is going to drop me anyway. Also a man named Jim **, our local plumbing inspector told me he spoke to my insurance company. He told me he put his man Jason on the job. Why would plumbing inspectors have anything to do with a vandalism request.
I'm a single working mom with a handicapped child and have had homeowners insurance with Travelers for 30 plus years and 6 houses later with few claims... I had 2 pipes burst from a malfunction in a pressure switch that created a sudden pressure change in the pipes and they burst causing a tremendous amount of water damage to my home in my crawl space, my floors and mold growing everywhere from them leaving my house sitting with no action taken during warm, high humidity level conditions! My hardwood floors cupped and have become discolored, my laminates are peeling up, my carpet is damaged, my insulation remains down and some in tact but still wet against my subfloors and we are facing a Arctic freeze that could cause even more damage!...I live in an older home but had none of this until the pipe burst! I didn't see a adjuster for 10 days, I kept calling concerned about the standing water under my house and mold from the high humidity levels at that time and they gave me ServiceMaster's number (7 days later) whom I called and they came out next day and gave a very scary report of tremendous damage and mold growth!... Mold continued to grow!!! I heard nothing and continued to reach out to them out of concern as my house continued to show more damage and mold growth. The first adjuster finally came 10 days later but still nothing was done! They sent a second adjuster out 2 weeks later who says there was no evidence of any standing water in my home and ignored my plumber, the first adjuster, ServiceMaster and hygienist reports! I feel very taken advantage of as a single woman! He put us in a hotel while putting me in contact with a relocation company to find housing for 4-6 months while my house would be mitigated... My handicapped daughter had a major surgery and I had to bring her home to the hotel!... Then they denied my claim and gave me 12 hour notice that I had to be out of the hotel and we had to go home to a mold infested house that had been sitting for a long period of time growing more and more mold closed up and more damage surfacing to the floors! I also pay for loss of use and never received, or was offered, reimbursement for gas/mileage, food, etc while displaced. I am far from furious!!! They don't deserve even 1 star!!! SINGLE MOM OF HANDICAPPED CHILD... POLICY HOLDER FOR 30 PLUS YEARS, 6 HOUSES LATER, FEW CLAIMS AND DENIED SUDDEN BURST PIPE CLAIM!!!
After hurricane Sandy they sent a team in to handle claims, great job. The people that handled our claim cared - truly a great experience.
They gladly take your large sum of money each year, but don't ever try to actually use your insurance. First time trying to file a claim in 30 years of home ownership and they do everything possible not to pay. We pay them near $6000 a year for all our different coverage and all that we get are lies and arrogance from the claim adjuster and his boss. I can't begin to say how HORRIBLE their service is. Taking our business elsewhere and going to do everything I can to cost them as much business as possible. Hope saving the $3000 or so was worth it to them.
I have been with Travelers for both auto and home since 2012. Have never missed a payment. I got in a wreck and called my insurance to find out they cancelled my policy 6 months ago to a non payment. I was confused since my payment is on auto pay through my credit card. Come to find out they had an error on their end so it had nothing to do with my card. So I didn't have coverage since May. I was beyond pissed. All they said was "We mailed you a letter, we don't have to do anything else to let you know". So now my car has damages and I have no way to pay for it all because they cancelled my policy. Don't ever get Travelers, they will cancel your policy anytime and not tell you. Seriously I promise you will regret this forever. I can't believe I have had them since 2012 and this is what happened. If you get this company you will pay every month for nothing and then when you need your insurance you will find out they cancelled your policy because their accounting had an issue. As you know a gap in your insurance causes a huge rate increase. They told me to keep my coverage I would have to pay 60.00 more per month. So not only do I have car damages at my own expense I now have to pay more per month. They are crazy! I found a new company and they are amazing! They send text and email if there is ever an issue with your payment. I strongly advise only going with an insurance company that notifies you other than snail mail!!! Please let's put Travelers out of business, if you have them please leave them before this happens to you. It's crazy because they lost my home coverage also. Now I moved that.
We recently had a bad hailstorm in our neighborhood. Travelers came out to inspect... sending a adjuster and hired one from 2 hours away when one was local. They decided that the front part of our roof and a sunroom was damaged but not the backside of the roof. However, the sunroom tires into the backside of the roof and unless God was throwing knuckleballs with the hail you would have to suspend the laws of physics for the backside of the roof not to be as damaged as the sunroom. So they want to pay for a partial replacement... which is in effect a patch. My agent says that if I was with another carrier and wanted Travelers to write my homeowners... THEY WOULD NOT WRITE A PATCHED ROOF.Guy beside me had his entire roof replaced as did the 2 on the other side and 2 across the street. Our roofer who has more credentials and certifications than a medical doctor could not believe what they were saying or did... and this roofer told 2 others on the backside of the area they DID NOT have any damage. So they are not trolling for business and have a impeccable reputation. No wonder Travelers is near the bottom of JD Powers ratings. Run from them and never do business with them if you want a company that will stand by you. This is the first ever claim, never been late on a payment NOR did I pay for half premiums or half coverage. They are a major ripoff.
My parents had their auto insurance through Travelers so I decided to look them up because my current premium was too high. Travelers quoted me for about 1/3 of what I was currently paying. I was pretty excited. I went ahead and purchased the policy and cancelled my current policy with Allstate. A week or two later I received a call from Travelers to verify my information. The representative noticed some inconsistencies with my driving experience as well as my wife's. I had lost my driver's license and got a replacement over a year earlier. They had the date of issue for the replacement as the date I got my license. Why? That put me under 5 years of experience. I gave them the correct date and they fixed it. However, they didn't reduce my premium to reflect my experience, which is now greater than 5 years. For my wife, they had the date she obtained her permit as the date that she got her license. Again why and how? After fixing that mistake, she came in under 2 years of experience driving. But of course, they increased the premium because of this while they didn't lower anything because of the mistake they had for me. All the dates were correctly given during the quote so I don't understand how they got any dates wrong. It just felt like a sham. Felt like they had the correct information all along, which I gave them, but used wrong dates during the verification process to up the premium. The low quote price was the bait, the verification was the switch. Shady! The premium was now only a few dollars less than my previous policy but I had already cancelled it so I said oh well, learn and move on.That wasn't the end of it. I renewed with Travelers after 6 months. They had lowered the premium considerably down to about 1/3 of what I was currently paying. I was pretty happy. Well, a few months go by and I receive a letter from them. It states that my wife and I were "high risk" customers and they would be dropping coverage at the end of the policy period. My wife and I are perfect drivers. We've never had an accident or even a ticket. I with 7+ years of accident/ticket free driving and my wife with now over 2 years of accident/ticket free driving were considered "high risk" by Travelers. They were going to transfer our insurance to our state's "high risk pool". Plus they were going to drop our collision coverage for the remainder of the policy period. This was unacceptable because one of our cars was still under financing. Fed up with Travelers, I switched to another insurance company, a reputable one with many years of good business practices for less than what I was currently paying Travelers. Lesson learned: stick to highly rated insurance companies which Travelers is not.
I purchased insurance through Travelers a couple years ago. I have never had a claim before but I opened one six months ago and it has been hell! I was told at first by my rep Gary ** that I was covered for damages a neighbor's dead tree caused on electrical lines and lights which were in a pond in my backyard, then 2 days later he called me and told me I was not covered and my claim was denied. I told him, "Okay," and I needed a letter stating that I was not covered so I could take my neighbor to court and here I am six months later and ten phone calls later with no letter.Now when I called Travelers customer service they tell me I am covered but Gary put down that I denied the coverage because my neighbor's paying! An absolute lie!! He told me I was not covered!! I have spoken to numerous people since then claiming to be his managers only to find out that the people I was speaking to were not managers but his equal counterparts pretending to be managers. Worst insurance ever if you need to file a claim. Their rates are good but just pray to God you don't ever have to actually use the insurance!
I was insured by Travelers for years. I had no idea I was being overcharged until I left them and went to USAA. This is when I found out I was being overcharged. They were charging me for 1800 square feet when my house is only 1300 square feet. They are now claiming that they cannot find my info since I left the company.
I sustained hail damage to my roof. My claim was first denied due to no damage, I then had a licensed roofer confirm there was damage. Travelers agreed to come back out with the roofer, however only agreed to pay for partial roof replacement which leaves my home looking terrible. I will have mismatched roof and live in an HOA where this will not be approved. All other major carriers in my area agreed to replace the homeowner's entire roof! MY HOA will not accept this and Travelers was very argumentative when I tried to discuss this with them. I am now going to leave the carrier!!
This company represents the worst of how insurance companies love to take your premiums every term (and they better be on time) and then after many (30) years without any claims, they resort to any loophole they can to avoid paying you a dime! Had a tree limb fall on my house with damage visible even to the adjuster when he visited and yet they denied any payment on my 1st claim in 30 years! Why the hell do we even have insurance?! DO NOT even think of giving these crooks your money... look elsewhere!
Received a quote based on a home replacement cost of $670K which is fairly consistent with the area and market today. About one month after closing on the house, they sent me a note that they inspected the house and they believe the replacement cost is $1.1M. Really? First, they had every opportunity to do this inspection BEFORE the policy was established. Second, in today's world with Google street view, Zillow, etc., it is relatively easy to peg the value online instantly. There is nothing about the live inspection accomplishes much. They didn't even come into the house!!! Moreover, I am required to use their replacement cost or the policy must be cancelled. Why am I forced to have more insurance than I want or need? My mortgage is only $500K.
I called to obtain a quote for just MYSELF driving MY CAR, and was advised unless I do not provide them with everyone's names and birth dates who are living in my house, even if they are not allowed to drive my car, they will not give me a quote. Talk about a Major Invasion of Privacy!!! If someone is not going to drive my car, it is absolutely NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS, as to not only their names but their DATES OF BIRTH??? This is how Identity Theft Occurs!!
I was forced insurance through my mortgage company at a price of $1500.00. That brought my mortgage payment over $3500.00 a month. The coverage was insane, the company wanted us to have flood insurance. We're not even close to a flood zone. I researched many others, none of them wanted flood insurance and the prices were a lot lower. Finally I found Travelers. Excellent customer service, over $1000.00 less for the same coverage minus flood. I would recommend them to everyone.
They have their own adjusters who make estimates, but no specialist to determine what the problem is. They don't agree with the estimates of the repair specialist. Why don't they provide the repairs specialist that works directly with Travelers? I am not renewing my policy. Claims Department is really bad.
I transferred away from Travelers on the 17th and they debited me on the 24th. Finally, my bank called Travelers and spoke to someone. They took the $48.91 payment and did not acknowledge the transfer date until July 24th even though it was sent in on the 17th. They are now sending me a check pro-rated for $33.00. I am a bit disappointed on their lag time and I am not sure why they took the $15.91. You may wish to advise people coming from Travelers to cancel the policy immediately while you process the new account. This was not a good experience. During this time, they did not return any of my calls or respond to my emails.
I have been paying Travelers Insurance for almost 15 years for a homeowners policy which I never used. For the first time, I had a pipe burst in my home and required assistance and they not only said they were not covering the damage but they canceled my policy and did not even have the decency to inform me. My bank/lien holder is who informed me. They are THE WORST insurance company around and if you have them, I strongly recommend to go to another company.
My Dad passed away from a heart attack but had previously told me he had insurance to pay off the house if he died. We were paying almost $4000 a year for homeowners Insurance through Travelers. When he died and I contacted the insurance company they said there was no such coverage. I further questioned why it cost so much for regular home owner's insurance on a $100,000 home and was told that it was because rates went up due to hurricanes in gulf states. I live in north Missouri. We had smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, we maintained our home so there were no structural issues, and it was less than 20 years old. I told them my father's policy was paid through the finance company and he said he had coverage to pay off the house no matter what the cause of death. They deny this. The yearly cost was outrageous for not having a death policy. My Dad insisted he had this coverage and the yearly cost certainly indicated that he should have. Needless to say I lost the home my Dad intended for me to be able to stay in.
There was a leak underneath my kitchen sink cabinet, into the crawl space. The leak was very slow, so my water bills did not change significantly. There was never any water leaking into the kitchen. The damage showed at the back and bottom of the interior of the sink cabinet, behind all of my household cleaning products, trash bags, etc. Travelers claimed that the damage was visible and denied my claim on that basis. I made a consumer complaint to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner, whose office supported my claim. Travelers then responded that they had not denied the claim on the basis of visible damage but because of seepage over time. The letter I received denying the claim clearly states that the claim was denied because of the visible damage.
Travelers is usually among the lower-rated homeowners insurance firms on 2015 internet comparison sites. Unfortunately we didn't have internet resources when we signed on with Travelers 20 years ago. In November 2014 we filed a claim with Travelers, for roof hail damage. During the roof replacement process, Travelers sent notice giving us 45 days to explain "how and when" we would remove two tree limbs overhanging our roof (the limbs played no part in the roof damage). So I had the limbs cut within the week, and sent an email to Travelers explaining "how and when", including a statement from the contractor verifying the work performed. Four months later, Travelers shocked us with a non-renewal notice. The reason given was non-compliance with the limb removal request. I emailed Travelers, told the rep that the requested information had been sent by email. I forwarded a copy of the email.Traveler's wrote back saying the email had been found, but now demanded pictures of the cut limbs. We were out of town, so six days later, on returning home, I emailed 21 roof pictures to Travelers. The next day Travelers stated the policy still would not be renewed. Their reason: the pictures reached Travelers one day after a Travelers "five-day limit" for reconsideration of non-renewal. We were referred to sales, who we were told would offer us a new policy.In conclusion, Traveler's wanted us into a more expensive policy, and created a minefield of changing evidentiary requirements and misplaced communications leading to obscure deadlines, and finally refusal to renew. It may also have been due to a major hail storm hitting Austin again the other night, and Traveler's seeing a golden opportunity to get out of a claim. In any case Travelers has given no valid reason for denying renewal. The tree limb issue was resolved months ago.
Travelers Insurance via Paramount Insurance Group accepted my monthly premium on time every month and applied it to an account of someone with my same name at a different address. They now are REFUSING to cover my home during that year because THEY made a mistake. They are stealing a YEARS WORTH OF PAYMENTS and refusing to provide the coverage I paid for. I did nothing wrong and no one should ever trust Travelers Insurance. They make mistakes and YOU pay for them.
I changed my auto insurance to GEICO and let them transfer me to one of their recommended Homeowners Ins Co which happened to be Travelers Homeowners Insurance. They quoted me a price which was a few dollars less than my previous insurance policy with another company, but as I was unsatisfied with my previous company and they did a lot of pressuring to purchase that day, I agreed to go with them. Now a month or so later, I get a letter stating that they had someone come to do a physical estimate of my home replacement value and it seems to be $30,000 more than previously stated, so my insurance will go up $60 - $70 a year more than what I was quoted.When I called about it, I let them know how unhappy I was and if I had been given that quote for more than I was already paying I would never have changed my policy to them. Seems like they get you signed, then it just so happens you are not insured for enough so they increase your amount and there is nothing you can do about it. I will be looking around for a new company when renewal time comes up and do not recommend Travelers Homeowners Insurance to anyone else.
I am now in week 2 of a claim filed on my rental property in which Our AC compressor unit was stolen from the back of our home. Travelers has delayed and found every reason not to appropriately replace. Must I remind you that the home can't function without it. I have interacted with two individuals Takeisha ** and her supervisor Doug ** who are horrible representatives for this company, are unable to effectively deal with paying customers and devoid of customer service skills.Anyone considering using this company should RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. This company is like a used car salesman on steroids. I wish I had read these reviews a long time ago but now that I have this unwanted experience their contract will not be renewed. Travelers will find any way to minimize their pay out for a claim by using their own "depreciation values" on items. This depreciation value they quote comes from an nonvalidated computer program they have and is in place so that you essentially are stuck paying for what they should.When trying to tease out details they talk in circles with no substance yet dig their heels in regarding their payout amount. Prior to becoming a landlord I lived in the house in question and was insured by State Farm. In my 15 years with State Farm there was one home claim issued and 2 car claims which were promptly addressed. Any disputes we found areas of compromise and I never heard of additional company-manufactured depreciation costs. You should never consider Travelers and go to State Farm instead.When I initially filed the claim on my property for the missing compressor it took Takeisha ** 3 days to contact me and according to her she had 48 hours and since I called after 5pm the clock didn't start until the next day (AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE). This was followed by a series on nonproductive phone calls filled with non chalance and lacking any clear reason as to why the cost of replacement this company arrived at was 1500 dollars less than the cost listed by the HVAC company THEY contracted to assess the property. The cherry on top was that I would have to pay up front then they would mail a check which is a reimbursement. They struggled with the concept that their paying for this is different from them reimbursing me. I provided various analogies to try and illustrate the point at which time they pivoted to a different issue. I offered that they pay the contractor directly which also fell on deaf ears given the shady nature of this company.When I insisted on speaking to the manager Doug ** it became perfectly clear how Takeisha ** ended up with the poor customer relation skills. He never once apologized for the now 2 week delay. He has clearly received a PhD in ** which I see through completely. I can't remember the last time I dealt with two employees of a company that were so horrible. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. As with most things you pay for what you get. Thankfully GEICO covers our bigger policy but sold us down the river to this horrendous company for Landlord insurance.
My husband had his workman's comp insurance for his small business with Travelers and it was an absolute nightmare from day 1. They set him up with what they told him he needed for coverage, and we trusted that they did this based on their experience in insurance. They performed annual audits, which THEY would cancel, then cancel his policy due to his "lack of cooperation", then tell us to disregard the cancellation, it was their mistake and reinstate the policy. They would tell us what we needed to be prepared for the audits and when they would come out, it was always the same horrible miserable woman, who was rude and would tell us we didn't have the other information she needs (which was never mentioned). Cancel, reinstate, over and over again. Constant calls complaining to Travelers for all this and every time we were told to ignore the notices and constant late fees, when we paid on time every month. Paying for policies that they cancelled, because they were double billing, etc! The final straw was the final audit, when the company had done better than it had been in the past and they sent us a bill for $34,000. We have battled with them and no one will help us. They put my husband in collections and his credit is now shot. Never ever ever do business with this horrible company. Even with emails to prove they are wrong, they still wouldn't listen. They are horrible people!!
I just had a Travelers Insurance rep look at the roof on my house. About a month ago we had 60-70 mph winds for about 8 hours. During this time many shingles were torn loose from the roof and more were loosened. While picking up shingles in my yard during the wind I could clearly see shingles flapping up.Now for the good part, Travelers Insurance agent says THERE IS BARELY ENOUGH DAMAGE TO BE COVERED BY MY DEDUCTIBLE. The roofing contractor said the roof wouldn't last two more years because of the damage. The roof is only 10 years old. Replacement cost is about $16,000.
I have trusted them for over 30 years with all my properties. Once my house burned down and they were wonderful and understanding. I have no complaints.
Travelers as a company is pretty good. My issue is with my insurance agent who is non existent. We have been with them for quite a few years and I don't even recall the last time he has contacted us to see if we need to change anything or to at least check in. Because of that I will be shopping for a new company and hopefully someone who at least pretends to care about me and my family.
I am dealing with them as I write this. They are low balling me badly in the repair of my tree damaged house. I can't seem to convince them, and they are taking every measure, even spending more money outside of the repair, in order to keep from fixing my house properly. I have been with this company for about 20 years. I am not impressed, and so far my thought is 'rip off'. No matter what they do, even if they do the right thing, the taste they leave from obfuscation will stay with me.
We had Travelers Insurance for 10 years, then you file a claim for storm damage. The agent came to our house and told us it would be settled in a week and we said OK then you are probably going to cancel us next week. He said Travelers doesn't work that way, we'll guess what they cancelled us the following week. They said we now have to put a new roof on the house, we plan on doing the roof next year. But they want it done NOW. We have never filed a claim in the 10 years they collected our money.
I had issues with my rental property in January 2015. A pipe in the kitchen had a slow leak and damaged my laminate flooring. My tenants caught it as soon as it was noticeable and my property management company sent some out right away. ** was my insurance adjuster with Travelers. He was very slow to communicate with me and my property management company. Took his time crafting his 'letter' instead of speaking with us directly. He said my policy does not cover this kind of damage that was on going, meaning that since it was a slow leak, they would not cover any of the repairs.How are my tenants supposed to notice something through the walls and through the floors? I asked for an appeal to see if they would cover the damage to the floors. He took over two weeks to get back to me. Said they would not be covering any of those repairs either. In the meantime, I had an asbestos test and it came back positive. This is something that Travelers would not cover either. Do not waste your time and money with this company. I am still currently going through an attorney to fight them.
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