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Travelers Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Travelers
Overall average rating of 3.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 32 %
My son has had Travelers for about 11 years and rates went very high in just one year so now he with another company. Filing a claim was like pulling teeth and their rates are going through the roof, and if you call and ask why they will tell you things just go up.
We are really happy with Travelers. It's an affordable auto insurance and it offers a lot. I love the option of the yearly premium and the option they give for roadside assistance and rental. The claim process is really easy and fast too. It's an easy process to buy and love to renew every year instead of every 6 months. However, I would improve their website. It would be great if it was more user-friendly and included options to make changes through there like adding a rental. They should also offer the option to pay online and not charge more for it. I don't really like automatic payments because sometimes you wonder when they will take the payment out. Sometimes is a different day than they're supposed to.
Travelers Auto Insurance's bundled with my home insurance so the cost is cut down and affordable. They also offer roadside assistance which is always helpful in case something comes up. I've been pretty satisfied with the insurance. I would definitely like to download the app if they have one in case of emergencies. Overall experience was very easy and pleasant. I shopped and purchased through my mortgage broker and she worked with me to find the right policy for mine and my car's needs.
They are always competitive with their pricing, easy to work with, are always making sure they have updated information, send regular updates with any changes in their information. It is easy to contact a representative if I need to as well. They also have been helpful when I have questions. But it would be nice if they could send more insurance cards and make them laminated so they last longer.
I did like Travelers car insurance because they had many options to pay my car insurance! I had the option to pay over the phone, online or in person!! Sometimes I would pay in person because sometimes I would have to wait til the last possible day to pay it! The features online were so easy to use! Once you learn to sign on you can never forget!! Customer service was always ready online to help you if you had any questions. Usually it took a day or two to have it account updated! If you found any errors, they fixed it right awayOther than that, the insurance company should reward drivers for good driving records! There are other companies out there that reward drivers for good driving! If you have good driving for 6 months at a time, they should take money off your next month insurance! Or some companies give you $100 off their deductible if you had an accident! Also, when a person has an accident, they should have a rep come to the auto mechanic with in 1 day of the accident. I never had to have them come to an accident, just knew someone who did. It took them 3 days to come look at the car.My overall experience of the company was ok. I had paid a lot for my first car insurance company! Travelers was the only company to give me a chance. But my insurance was a lot of money! That's why after 3 years of Travelers promising me to lower my insurance year after year, I went to Geico! I actually saved 1,200 for the first year with Geico! Although Travelers had some good points, I just hope they changed their shatter a little.
Travelers Auto Insurance charge a reasonable fee, offer quality insurance, and quickly resolve any claim we may have. The agent was friendly and knowledgeable, and quick to help with any questions we had. My husband purchased the policy before we were married and added me after. The agent was very informative and helpful and it took just a few minutes for me and my vehicle to be added to my husband’s policy. But I would like it if they offered the accident forgiveness. The deductible would go down each year you were accident free, going down as low as a zero deductible. Or a cash back program for being accident free or low accidents for each state.
Travelers is great to deal with, had emergency while out of state with flat tire, had roadside assistance thru them and they were helpful in finding help to tow and transport my family... Their app is great to use too. However, I wish my insurance policy was a little cheaper... with discounts for time with them I know there is one. Just wish it was more and one for accident free... 7 yrs no claims should reward for that. Never had an accident so rate hasn't changed. Still have them for home too cheaper than other ones. First insurance company and overall very happy with them.
I bought the insurance through a broker company that I now really do not like. The process was not bad, I corresponded with the broker through email, she found the company, got me a quote and I just paid the bill. There are no surprises with my policy. And I like the price and the online access. Also, customer service is always helpful and friendly. However, I dislike the wait times and I really dislike sitting on hold for a long time. I also dislike that there is no local office and I don't have a human I can talk to face to face about my policy.
The policy I have is Travelers and they provide a very thorough policy that not only covers me but my passengers. Luckily, my insurance man works in my office so we have a personal relationship. They provide the best customer service. However, I am not a huge fan of the prices as it is expensive. I wish that someone else not under my policy is covered under my insurance if they are driving my car.
Purchasing the insurance was very pleasant. Agent is professional and response time is quick. Paperwork is quick and hassle-free through email/fax, all done in a day or two. Insurance was inexpensive, quoted more than 50 percent less than AAA insurance (my previous insurance). AAA insurance used to come with towing a year, but Travelers doesn't offer that. Also, AAA offers various travel discounts that Travelers do not. Still, I would recommend Travelers to others.
When I retired I changed auto insurance carriers because it was a payroll deduction policy that I had. I called and got several quotes before deciding on Travelers. I received a quote of $994 annually if I paid in full and had it withdrawn through EFT from my checking account. I agreed to all of this and started the policy on Aug. 20. Several days later I received a note from Travelers asking me to call to confirm my information. They asked all the same questions that the agent I set my account up with did prior to my accepting the policy.One week after this phone call I received a letter informing me that based on my phone conversation my policy was increasing $508 dollars per year. That is more than a 50% increase. This is unacceptable and fraudulent. I will contacting every agency I can to let them know about this underhanded action. I called my original agent and she said it was out of her hands. Either she was totally incompetent when writing the policy or whoever does the followup phone calls is a sleazeball. Either way I will NOT be treated this way.
I have been a customer of Travelers for over 3 years and although I don't have a great driving record, every time I have been in an accident, they have made my life a living hell. And now that I needed to switch a vehicle onto my policy after another recent accident, my policy did go up. Which I did see coming but every time I turn around, they come up with some other reason that I need to pay more and more money and are waiting to the last minute or waiting for me to find out on my own after I was already told I would be paying a certain price. And now they are refusing to take the extra payments off and that I need to pay them even though in other recorded conversations, I was not told about extra payments.I don't feel like they should be getting away with this but with my driving record, I have no choice but to pay it due to nobody else being willing to insure me for less than or the same as what I am paying with them. Anyone know of any way I can avoid paying these extra installments due to me being told I would be paying a different amount.
We have our home and car insurance with Travelers. Anytime we need to make a change whether through the customer service or our agent they are always helpful and friendly. Great pricing and we love our agent.
I have most recently purchased my insurance policy online through the Travelers website. They are fairly easy to do business with online and in person. My agent is very accessible night and day anytime. However sometimes, or really most of the time, I feel that the premiums and rates I pay are a little steep. I can cheaper policies through Geico.
We have had Travelers Insurance for 3 years. First year rate was reasonable. Second year auto insurance policy increased 270.00. This year the same policy increased by 545.00. Was told Travelers increased everyone's policy. They also increased our home policy by 120.00. Had minor claim because woman came through our fence, yard up to almost coming through our home. Woman got car started and left the scene. Police and Travelers did nothing to apprehend woman. I gave insurance and police license and description of car. This rate adjustment seems way out. So that means a rate increase of 945.00 including home policy. Goodbye to Travelers Insurance.
Our local agent is easy to do business with. Complete and thorough. I have dealt with our local agent on billing issues, payment issues and glass claims. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently, therefore, I assume the agents dealing with Travelers is fairly easy.
We purchased the same coverage from the same company through our credit union with a saving of $500 a year over the local insurance agent we had been getting our coverage through.
I've had a great experience with Travelers so far. They're easy to use and quick with responses. The two times I've needed them they were easy to work with. I also like the ability to pay online. They're a little bit more expensive than other companies but they take care of claims quickly and without problems. It's worth the money knowing.
A lady backed into my car and damaged it. Her car had virtually no damage. I specifically went through her insurance since the fault was solely hers, I refused to have my insurance cost raised due to the fault of another. Travelers was a nightmare - horrible agents who refused to pay the full amount despite it clearly being the fault of their customer, refused to send a person out to look at the damages, prolonged the situation. After only agreeing to pay half, I appealed the claim again, and got denied again. The cost wasn't much, however it was a blatant insult to only pay half when it was crystal clear the other party was at fault. If I had gone through my insurance State Farm, they would have taken care of everything with no hassle, but at the cost of raising the cost of my insurance policy. I'm so frustrated by this horrible experience, NEVER purchase Travelers. While I understand insurance companies are designed to NOT pay, the cost of NOT covering even minor claims for their customers displays scamming at its finest.
I was sitting at a red light when a man hit me from behind. As I got out of the car, he was backing up. The police clearly said the accident wasn't my fault. However the man claimed someone hit him and pushed his car into mine. I knew he was lying but couldn't prove it. So Geico stated that their client was "innocent" and they were not responsible. Travelers said I would have to pay my $500 deductible. The estimate was around $526, and they were willing to pay $26. I know people who have been hit from behind. You are supposed to be in control of your car at all times. This man and Geico are responsible, and yet Travelers went ahead and closed the claim while I was preparing for hurricane Irma in Florida. Stay away from these people. They did not fight for me, and never gave me a reasonable explanation for why they wouldn't.
Went on line, talked to friends and called many car insurance companies like Progressive, Geico, Allstate, AAA, etc. Some insurance companies took our information and promised to call back with a quote but they never did. Travelers Auto Insurance was recommended by a good friend after we cancelled our old policy with State Farm after they refused a valid claim. We were persuaded to go with Travelers which he had been with for over 35 years and was extremely satisfied. However, we would like lower premium payments and wish Travelers would break them up quarterly like State Farm did for a very nominal fee. Our new company said they would but would charge 18% interest on the balance of the premium until it was paid in full. It would have amounted to hundreds of dollar per year so we decided to pay cash because we got a good premium amount.
Travelers Auto Insurance rates go up every year even though I have no traffic violations/vehicle is a year older and I am also a year older. Filing a claim is average. When your premium goes up just shop around, you'll always find another company willing to take your business with a cheaper rate.
Stay away from Travelers... as a client or someone that’s submitting a claim! As a client you pay all this money monthly for insurance but they will never pay the other person you’ve been in a wreck with... and god pray you don’t get in a wreck with someone that has Travelers Insurance! I was rear-ended on the freeway 70 days ago in my new BMW, I hadn’t even made a single payment! First they forced me to open a claim through my insurance as I was told it will take a month for them to admit fault! WTH! So I had to open a claim, pay my $500 deductible out of my pocket, I had to pay $900 rental car out of pocket, I had the car ceramic coated 2 days prior to this guy crashing into me $1,000 which was ruined, AND my company had to pay some $7,000 in repairs.Guess what? I got my car repaired and returned before Travelers even admitted fault, even after I went to my DPS, got the report and faxed it to them! Well it’s now been 70... yes 70 days and they STILL HAVE NOT paid my company back and HAVE NOT paid me my out of pocket! I’m beyond pissed and I would never recommend this company. Just this week took me 10 days to get ahold of my Travelers “agent” on my case. She stated it’s still in review and she doesn’t know when it will be paying out. I responded at 90 days I will contact my attorney and sue... for the $1700 out of pocket, my 3 days of lost work $3,000 and my attorney fees at $380 per hour. She could care less. What a crap company! They get paid millions and I can’t even get $1700 paid to me. Now I’m calling BBB and also my local news, I want the world to know about this nightmare cheap nightmare insurance company. STAY AWAY ALL!!! God Bless.
I like the price and everything that comes with it. You get a good amount for the price. Travelers Auto Insurance is great and treats its customers pretty good. The people are also nice. They care about their customers but we'll have to see how it goes down when/if I get into an accident.
We were given an auto quote with all of our information filled out (including a listing of recent accidents). Called back a few more times to make adjustments to the quote, gave it a few weeks to think over, and then called again to pay for the plan. Then, was told that we're not eligible. After talking to multiple people on several occasions. They pulled the rug out from under us and didn't honor the quote they gave us. Talked to a manager and was told that "our quotes works for 19 out of 20 people". What? They should care about providing excellent service for everyone. Extremely disappointing, unprofessional service. Unlike any other auto insurance I have contacted. Cannot believe the level of deception, rudeness, and disrespect that we encountered. Left comments and messages on their Facebook page, and they ignored them... Don't understand they're still in business.
My experience with Travelers Auto Insurance has been decent overall. They've responded to my claims very quickly. They have accident forgiveness and they allow me to go anywhere for vehicle repairs after an accident.
Purchasing is very convenient because it can be done online. I like that getting coverage online is easy and convenient. However, with the lack of follow up and customer service I would have to say that my experience has been below average. It's also very expensive for comprehensive coverage compared to other providers. Unfortunately when there are actual claims, customer service is less than stellar. They take a long time to look into accidents and do not follow up with details of the investigations requested.
Have had issues with issuance of home and car insurance policies since purchasing insurance in November. What was purchased in November 2017: Car insurance for Eos with both self and spouse covered, Car insurance on Santa Fe for both, Home insurance. What was changed in December: 1. Removal of Santa Fe December 8th and both on this policy. 2. Addition of Santa Fe and spouse with State Farm. 3. Payment for 6 months policy on Eos and driver. What actually happened: 1. Santa Fe with spouse as driver. 2. No home insurance was EVER issued. 3. Eos and self as driver without policy. Attempts for Resolution: 1. Continuous emails billing for spouse on Santa Fe policy. 2. Continually replying to emails attempting to remedy errors. 3. Continually calling for same. 4. Receiving promises for management to return calls, failing repeatedly to do so. Resolutions To Date: None. Actions Taken To Date: Customer complaints and reviews filed including BBB, Consumer Report, etc. Injury to Customer: 1. Lapse in home insurance policy. 2. Lapse in auto insurance policy. 3. Damage to Credit. 4. Difficult to obtain home insurance. 5. At Risk homeowners and driver due to lapses in policies and inability to remedy issue. 6. Inability to receive refund for purchased policy since policy can’t be found nor payment by company.
Purchasing my Travelers auto insurance was quick, easy and overall a pleasant experience. Customer service representatives are friendly and knowledgeable, and they answer phone calls very quickly. I also like their price, their handling of claims and roadside assistance.
I left Travelers back in November because they raised my premium again with no notification and found out only after the money had come out of my account. The day my new policy would have started I called to switch and they said as long as I did it that day I shouldn’t have a charge. I went ahead and switched to Geico and later was billed for a bogus $50 charge I was never communicated of when I asked about leaving them. It seemed so unfair and dirty to charge something like that for leaving them so after trying to fight the fee and getting turned down I didn’t pay it. Now it’s a couple months later and they sent me to collections so I bit my tongue and paid. During the couple years I was with them I always received terrible customer care and they never sent communications out to me. Every time my insurance went up I never got a new quote and once I sent them my driving record to prove it was clean and they still raised my premium. If you like surprises and to be screwed over then this company is for you.
Travelers Auto Insurance is very good and I had a great experience with them. They keep from having crashes and have to pay all of it. When I had a car crash they helped me get off my feet and pay half of my insurance to the car crash. Also my family uses a lot so that means I am the person that had it throughout my history. Kinda is a really helpful person that will always be by your side. But they can give at least 50,000 dollars to help pay for your car crash or something else. Also I dislike how the people that work for the insurance be so rude sometimes.
I was able to design a policy that met my needs and my state's requirements at Travelers Auto Insurance. This allowed me to purchase with my budget in mind. All questions were answered on the website without having to contact a rep to complete my purchase of a policy. The check out process was speedy and I had no errors after I purchased my policy. However, I would change the time frame in which they respond to your online requests and also give more meaningful information on their website. Still, I would purchase from them again because the website was very easy to navigate and all information was right there on the app page.
I had this company as my insurance carrier for many years without a single claim. I had several policies with them including my homeowner's. My small dog bit a waitress, (the bite didn't even break the skin). The waitress then sent me a demand for $2600 and I agreed to pay it if she signed a release. The next thing I know, I get a letter from an “ambulance chasing” attorney demanding I supply the name of my insurance company. Travelers has now been scammed by an opportunistic waitress. Such is the nature of large corporations with vulnerable bureaucracies. I canceled all of my policies with this company and urge every consumer to avoid them.
I liked how much easier it was to get a quote at Travelers and how much cheaper they were than all the other companies. They generally make sense. Additionally, I love that they call me when I have issues and that everything can be done online. They are so nice when I am talking to them and totally understanding in the conversations. However, I would add a feature that makes your glass deductible $0 for each car at least 1x for each 5 years so that you get what you are paying for and not wasting money on a service that they never use and paying for something that someone else did like throwing a rock at your windshield.
I have no faith in any insurance companies. They are very much all about protecting their bottom line and no matter which one they are too big they raise rates constantly. All should be more regulated. I was stopped was hit my new car. Travelers handled it successfully but then raised my insurance. Travelers' typical and not for me.
Despite never being ticketed or in an accident, almost every company wanted to charge me $300/month for a used car, purely based on my age. I am young and poor so price matters a lot to me. Travelers Auto Insurance was the best policy I could get for the cheapest rate, but they could be cheaper. They have 100 mile range for roadside assistance and a great bundle deal. The agents are super friendly and windshield claims are easy to file. However, they're very difficult to communicate with over the phone, I'm constantly being redirected. They also failed to send over a copy of my policy to the bank for 3 months straight due purely to miscommunication and laziness, nearly forcing me to get Gap insurance.
Travelers Auto Insurance is your typical insurance company. If you are a perfect person with perfect credit, then you will be okay. We were happy with our coverage at first. We had really good coverage at an affordable yearly premium. But if you have a false claim against you, you are screwed. If you have bad credit, go elsewhere. Travelers Auto Insurance is expensive and I dislike how our premiums are constantly going up even with being accident free. Despite that, I never have had to call for any reason so you sure of their customer service.
I purchased my insurance for auto, home, boat through broker and they make it very easy for me to deal with. Travelers offers so many things to help with my home, auto and boat insurance which I really like including easy payment options and multi car discount which is nice to have. However, they should offer more discounts to all especially in certain circumstances of those customers that are loyal and accident free. Plus, I would like a way to make policy changes online.
Very unprofessional and impersonal. Took a while to get things set up to get my vehicle repaired (rear-ended). Communication was awful as I often had to reach out to them rather than the opposite. When the rental car company they use, Enterprise, refused my rental because of a 10 yr. old, 1 year long alcohol restriction on my DL, that took the cake. I informed the agent of this via email, to which I received no response. Like I said, absolutely no communication at all.
I had Travelers for three years and never in my life caused an accident. I had a lady hit me and Travelers never investigated it, blamed me and sent me a nonrenewal letter. Email me your experience. I'm fighting back as long as it takes.
Great insurance so far. I like the price and the coverage amounts. I have a combo policy home and auto so it's better for pricing. My agent was great. Auto payment mentioned available. Only issue I had was a misunderstanding. I was set up on auto payment but it was for only one month. Had to sign a document for future auto payment, but never received. Almost had policy canceled
I live in a small town, so being able to go to the insurance agency if I have a problem is great. I like the multi car discount Travelers Auto offers and I can pay my bill online. If I have any problems, I can either call them, go to town and talk in person, or look up my policy online. My husband did all the work with switching over the insurance policy. We did save money switching and I like saving money. My overall experience and process of purchasing my auto insurance is good.
What is the point of home insurance if they won't cover water damage in my home? My air conditioner malfunctioned, leaked everywhere, and caused major mold damage. The previous owners clearly let it go on for a while. It was so molded that a wooden beam HOLDING UP MY HOUSE was completely saturated and rotted. As a result, we had to tear out an entire bathroom and replace EVERYTHING. Travelers told us "we don't have a claim" because it wasn't a leak? Awesome, thank you for all of your help. Between this scam, and a home warranty, we have gotten 0 help from anyone.
Travelers Auto Insurance has friendly customer service. Customer service has always been very helpful when I have questions. Patient and understanding my confusion and concerns and explaining how bundling policies work, and how much of a discount I get. I love being able to use the automatic payments and that they gave me a discount with multiple accounts. I can also find all of my policy information online and even print my insurance cards from my account. But I've had a hard time reviewing my policy and agreeing to it when it's time for a renewal or when I updated something.
Their client hit me and from day one this company was trouble! They lie, they refuse to offer reasonable offers to pay off my car, which was in very good condition while they offered me fair condition, and they are only out for profit with nothing else in mind whatsoever. THEN they STOLE MY CAR OFF the lot before I agreed to ANY CONDITIONS! Literally had to contact the police and start the process of filing grand theft auto for my car to be returned. After 2 days they returned my car yet tried to blame the collision center after lying about me giving permission to take the car. I called the corporate office, and was called a liar and after which they never would return phone calls. Josh ** and his manager named Genesis NEVER called me back until I contacted my insurance company. The customer service for this company is just appalling. Good luck getting anything done, it's pretty clear they don't care about anyone or anything other than their pockets. I'm the one at fault according to the way they handle business after THEIR CLIENT hit me. DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING ANYTHING WITH THESE GROUP OF DEGENERATE INGRATES!
It was easy to purchase from Travelers Auto Insurance over the phone. It is also easy to file a claim and to get it started. They will go over every step with you. Had a rental car right away. Their insurance is cheap too. However, they didn't get the policy right and excluded certain things that I asked for. Travelers did not stick up for me in an accident I was involved in when it wasn't my fault. I got the run around when my top denture got broke and it never got repaired. They are slow with getting claims started yet they want to settle claims way too quick. They have horrible customer service.
I like Travelers, our agent, and the service we received. We pay maybe 30$ a month more for 3 cars. And we feel it is worth it for the lack of hassle. Our claim promptly resolved. No problems with company.
This company is horrible! I will give it negative 100 score. They gave me an insurance policy of 1,534$ for 6 months, however, after a month they add 3,213$ that makes my bill 3 times the original. This company is going after only for money and not for good service, they fooled me from the start and robbed after a while. I will gave this Travelers Insurance a negative 100 rating.
We have been with this company for 4.5 years. I also use them to protect my house with renter's insurance. When I have talked to them they were very nice and professional. I have not had to use them for any reason but I hope that when and if I do use them it is a good experience. I get a little bit of a multivehicle discount but still pricey. Maybe be a little bit cheaper for the people who can't afford expensive insurance. I would also give safe driving bonuses like Allstate. That is a plus.
Had the best agent ever. He understood what I was looking for and found a great price for me and my 10 sons. Not sure how I would have done it without this agent. Travelers has outstanding service every day of the year. Kind people heroes giving caring, and they even went out and for my groceries and washed my car! But they really need to get a better understanding of the car insurance business. They never know what they are talking about. Don't care about customers. Never available. Ignorant and Impatient.
Travelers Auto Insurance was offered through my work and the purchasing process went very well. They gave a small discount and also do payroll deductions so I do not need to worry about sending in a payment. But they recently sent me a letter stating there may be other drivers in my household and that if I did not fill out the questionnaire they may raise my rates. My daughter changed her last name which was one and the other was my brother sending his mail to my house while his was getting built. I do not feel it is any of their business who is at my house and I wonder how they got that information. But so far there have not been any issues with them and they have been helpful when needed. They are very friendly and personal. My daughter was in a small fender bender and they called several times to make sure everything was alright and taken care of for both my daughter and also the person that she rear ended.
Travelers is easy to work with. Their website is user friendly and very accommodating. I also like that I can call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and get help with any problem and any questions I have. They really try to fix my issues. I also like that they have people answer and not robots. However, they charge a $3.50 monthly handling fee because I have payment automatically withdrawn which I wish they did not. I pay a lot of money for insurance and I feel that the additional $3.50 is ridiculous.
On Jan. 16, 2019, I was in a car accident, I was traveling southbound in the right lane. I was struck by a sand truck by a vehicle making a u-turn directed by a NYC flagger from the northbound lane which caused damage to my car (1,659.35). Travelers Ins. Offered me 10%. They need to pay this bill in full.
I was in an accident when a woman backed into me and hit me and the lady was insured by Travelers Insurance and it has been nothing but hell ever since. I was pregnant and ended up miscarrying. I had my beta labs done two days prior to the accident and spoke with my doctor’s nurse told me that I am doing perfect. I had absolutely no issues with my pregnancy and I have been fighting with this insurance to get compensated for my loss and my stress and they are absolutely awful to deal with. Do not ever be insured by this company. I cannot even imagine having them as my insurance. They do not care at all about the person. All they care about is getting you out of their hair.The rep that my husband talked to is from Overland Park Kansas. He even laughed at my husband. Long story short my husband had put in a complaint with Consumer Affairs and all they did was put the complaint back to the rep's boss and it did absolutely nothing!!!! So thank you travelers and everyone involved with this for making this experience even more worse than it already was. I hope you’re proud of yourselves as long as you make your money who cares. Right? If I can give this place -10 stars I would. They don’t even deserve one star. It sucks because this review will do absolutely nothing to change anything.
I added a driver. It should have raised my premium by $200.00, but it raised them by over $500.00. When I questioned it the agent acted like I was stupid for not understanding why $200.00 + $200.00 does not equal over $700.00. There is not an ounce of honesty in this company. Don't even consider doing business with them! You will regret it.
They did not process my payments properly and refused to change it even though the agent called and explained. I have never in 65 years been treated so bad by a company. It was obviously all about them. I advise against anyone using Travelers Insurance.
The Travelers car insurance was great and it has a great website and I really would not change a thing. I was able to get the policy and renewal of the policy using the phone and/or using the internet on their website.
Travelers Auto has been a good company to deal with. Great customer service and have had no problems since I started. Would continue to do business with them. Until they are not providing me good rates.
At the time Travelers was the company with the cheapest quote. However, the rates go up every renewal period, with no accidents, claims or tickets. There is never an explanation of why provided and the bill is always paid on time if not ahead of time. We will be finding something new as I feel we've had better insurance policies in the past, and it was not what we were expecting.
My telephone calls with them were satisfactory and we recommended them to family members and neighbors at the time. Price could be better though or more competitive for that area.
They give you more coverage for your money. They were very helpful which made it very easy to purchase insurance. I was very happy with company. It was my own fault why I'm no longer with them.
Worst experience ever in 45+ years of buying auto insurance. In a telephone call, the "Welcome Center" agent was annoying and offensive, even to the point of implying I was lying because my current situation did not match the information he had from some suspect source. This was 4 days before my policy was to be effective. The experience was so unpleasant I called and immediately canceled. I would avoid Travelers at all costs, no matter the premium.
I relocated To South Carolina and I call several different companies directly and the prices quoted were very high. Then I found an agent down here and got the best plan. Travelers has the best price of all the companies I contacted and their customer service department is wonderful. I recently had to file an uninsured motorist claim and the claim department was also wonderful and my experience went extremely smooth. I also worked with the billing department and they helped me take care of an issue.
I took my car to Ken Towery‘s on July 8, 2017 for an oil change. Within one week my car was damage from lack of oil. My car had two different oil leaks, I took it back two different times. They failed to fix the problem. As a result of that my car engine was damaged. I cooperated fully with Travelers Auto Insurance. In the end they did not assume responsibility. This went on for about four months. I took them to court and I won. Make them assume responsibility. Do not give up!! It was a nightmare but it’s over now! If someone damages your engine from a service they performed don’t even talk to the insurance company. Get your own inspector. Ken Towery was bought out by Monro Muffler approximately four years ago. They are based out of New York. Do not have confidence at the service you have paid for has been done properly. Don’t be afraid to ask them to leave your car on the racks and check your oil filter, check your oil plug to make sure everything was done properly, when it comes down from the rack be sure to check your oil level. I hope this helps someone because I felt all alone. All I wanted was someone to tell the truth. They didn’t. Let the courts decide for you. The proof was in the evidence.
Purchasing from Travelers Auto Insurance was very easy. I called in to get a free quote and had insurance within 10 minutes. They have top notch customer service. Any time I have called in with a question or an issue, they helped with no problem. I also have a son, and they helped with getting him insurance. The only dislike is that I called one day to check on roadside assistance and they do not offer that. Other than that, if I needed anything, they would be more than willing to help.
We switched providers for our vehicle insurance and our family insurance household needs. I called on the phone for a quote and I was pleased because it cost lower than our previous insurance and homeowners insurance through same company through spouse's employer special offer. Travelers Auto Insurancealso provided lower rates for no accidents or claims filed in a period.
They are great if I have questions or need to be towed. I also like when they send information in a timely matter. It's great to be able to rely on someone if for some reason I was to get into an accident. I don't like that my last insurance agency had a problem with their system and gave me grief, so that is why I exchanged from them. I think good insurance means being there for the clients and if they have any questions they need to follow up.
Overall, I had a good experience with Travelers Auto Insurance and would still have them if they would have been able to cover our vehicle with a salvage title. We are very loyal with the companies that we choose and would have stayed loyal to this company given better circumstances. Still, I would recommend this company to a friend or family member as a good option if it fit their needs. They were affordable for good, quality coverage. They were also easy to get a hold of and work with to change my coverage.
I purchased the insurance through another company who have dealt with for years who have been very helpful, aggressive and concerned with my financial being. When I phoned them I've always been treated with the utmost respect and attention. I've been given direct phone call numbers and contact names and my questions and concerns have always been directed promptly. Any concern was never made a major issue but yet attended to. But I wish they would do a promotion or a benefit where you would get a bonus or a credit for recognizing good driving with no accidents and help make the premiums a little bit cheaper or appreciate their customers.
It was very easy to purchase Travelers Auto insurance on their website. I was able to securely and quickly purchase Travelers Auto Insurance with my credit card. The concierge service made it very easy to have my claim serviced. The staff of Travelers were friendly and easy to work with as well. However, it would be great if Travelers Auto Insurance had a mobile app to get serviced and it would also be great if Travelers Auto Insurance had the same coverage at less cost.
Affordability is a key. I like how Travelers does not cost as much as others. I have browsed around for an insurance that will not rob my wallet and this seems to be one of the low costs one. But I prefer to bundle my car with my rental but they do not have rental insurance. I also would like a bundle with a motorcycle insurance. It would be more convenient if I can pay all my insurances in one bundle. I hope that in the future they will have more options.
I was the involved in 2 accidents within 3 months. Both accidents were the fault of the other drivers. I called their 24 hr. service number both times and their agents were quick to start the process of a rental car when needed, arranging for their adjuster to assess my damages and keeping me well informed of the progress of my claim. Both times I needed to open a medical claim and the process was handled flawlessly. The 2nd accident totaled my vehicle and they had my settlement to me in less than 10 days so that I could purchase a new vehicle. They arranged for a rental vehicle asap for both accidents within 24 hrs. I'm still going thru treatment for my injuries and they call me weekly to check on my progress. Their entire staff did a great job and continues this same outstanding performance. This is only my second year with this company and I am impressed with their outstanding customer service. The staff went above and beyond. I would not hesitate to recommend Travelers to friends and family.
In my experience with Travelers I have found that they are dishonest and will look for any possible excuse to save a buck on your dime even if that means flat out lying on their end. Pray that no one insured by them ever happens to hit your car. They will not cover it even if that person tells you and them that they are at fault. Do not get involved with this company! By far the worst experience that I have ever had with an insurance company. Do not waste your money. There are tons of bad reviews and stories of horrible service from them that I have read as well. Unfortunately, I didn't have a choice in having to deal with them since their insured drove into me while I was stopped but I will never use them for any future insurance needs if I have a choice in the matter!
Our insurance agent had no issues switching me and my husband to Traveler's Insurance. It was painless, and we saved a lot of money by switching, as well as gaining extra coverage. Traveler's Insurance is very reputable but perhaps more promotions or offers might be nice, and a bit more interaction on the website. Nevertheless, I appreciate how easily a claim can be settled, and that we get free rentals when needed. I enjoy receiving so much coverage and a lower cost than previously used companies.
Purchasing the insurance was very easy. My agent did all the research and every year when it's time to renew my policy my agent starts comparing company coverage with my previous year to see what quotes she gets from them. She will then call me to see what my final decision is. I'm always looking for a way to save money for me because the insurance companies are not thinking of that. Travelers was the best pricing of a number of companies, the lowest price of that year and also coverage that suits our needs. I would like a lesser or 0 deductible and additional discount for 0 claims the previous year though. These ins companies want to insure you but when it comes time to payout they're always looking for a reason not to pay out or not to help you out if you need an attorney to fight the other Ins company. Amazing how things have changed over the years and these big corporate companies think more of themselves and less of those that they insure. Everything is about increasing their bottom line which is what benefits their pockets.
I was paying monthly. After a 25% increase for no reason...I cancelled. I told them I'm paid to the 2nd, do not debit my account for another month. They proceed to tell me I owe them that exact same amount for back charges...nothing but a scam. I will file a complaint with the state attorney general for fraud and try to recoup my money.
Obtaining a quote was fast and easy. The process was simple and more affordable than expected. It included making a call and providing correct information. And all information about policy could be accessed online afterwards including insurance cards and policy. This company offered several discounts that helped lower my policy amount. It is also payroll deductible through my place of employment and even settling claims are simple. I like the overall service of Travelers.
I've had the same insurance for years and years and the customer service has been pretty good. My broker helps me to access needs and decide if I need to up amounts. They have affordable coverage and I like the app they have in case there's an incident. I have my insurance card and can file a claim easily. But I dislike that their roadside assistance only covers the vehicle that is insured. Coincidentally, the ONLY time I've needed it was when I had to swap cars with my dad and they couldn't send anyone out.
The purchasing process was easy and uncomplicated. We have been with Travelers over 25 years and have no complaints with their service both home and auto. Travelers is reliable and knowledgeable and affordable. Travelers has excellent customer service and they are always willing to help. There is a customer service agent available around the clock and there is never an extended wait over the phone. However, the last accident with my car, my son was driving. The accident was not his fault. The other insurance company would not pay the full claim, only partial. They said, if my son had been going slower, he could have stopped in time. Travelers backed them up and would not take any further action.
I switched over from State Farm about 5 years ago because the rates were really great. But the past few years things on my insurance change suddenly and then my newest rate this month was insanely high and I have never been in a wreck or had a ticket in the last five years!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
Travelers Auto Insurance is the cheapest policy I found. The other companies were much more pricey for the same full coverage policy. I am making payments on my car so I need to have full coverage. However, they aren't so good getting back to me. I filed a claim and they did not get back to me after I left 2 messages. They did call me once, and I called them back and sent them an email and they still did not get back to me.
I was in an accident Nov. 21, 2017. I have been fighting with this insurance company for 12 plus weeks trying to get my settlement on my vehicle. They took my vehicle 3 weeks ago, along with the title and I have yet to receive my payment for it. I have had nothing but problems with this company, and gonna have to take legal action now cause I no longer have my vehicle, nor payment and now receiving hospital bills, that they were supposed to pay, and they have not. Do not, whatsoever go with Travelers Insurance, they are a joke! As soon as my stuff is settled with them, I will be dropping them and finding an insurance company that actually takes care of their people, instead of just taking their money each month for worthless insurance!
I got the insurance policy thru my job. It is group insurance for auto and travelers. Did not have to worry about my payments being late or forgetting. My job and Travelers made the payments easy for me by taking the payment out once a month thru our direct deposit account in checking on our job pay date. Also Travelers had good auto coverage with renters insurance included. The only thing I did not like was the amount they wanted to withdraw from my account. They took out two payments a month so I could be one month ahead. That plan really took a lot out of my paycheck every month making it hard to stay within my budget for the rest of my bills.
This company doesn't care about the customer. They are horrible to deal with, I regret signing up. They're mistake screwed me. They are charging me twice in one month because they decided to take payment much later... So I'm paying much more, and they didn't care.
My boyfriend already had Travelers so I was familiar with the website. I purchased it online by myself and their website was incredibly easy to use. I immediately got an insurance card. Travelers offers very comprehensive service at a very affordable price. I also like their roadside assistance. The customer service Travelers provides is unmatched and they always answer the phone when I call very quickly. They are always incredibly helpful and easy to contact. Plus, they never take the money out of my account at an unexpected time.
Getting the insurance has all been very simple for me, as I am part of a family policy. I like their excellent customer service, towing insurance, easy to make payments and claims, quick claims payout, easy to get a hold of people and talk to an actual agent. I am trying to get a new one due to moving and they have been very helpful in my needs. However, I wish there was a location closer to where I moved to and that I could keep my policy and current insurance agent.
Travelers has really good coverage for all types of customer needs. It has been basically in cruise control since I've had it, and it's never let me down. All in all they treat their customers well. Their policy was really easy to obtain which was exceedingly nice. Additionally they have always been very fair with their prices. For instance my prices have gone down each year since being with Travelers and I haven't contacted them at all to do so. But my biggest grievance with Travelers insurance company is the difficulty they impose on their customers when trusting to switch addresses. There is no way that any process should be so hard.
It's easy to purchase a policy from Travelers Auto Insurance and the paperwork for obtaining a policy was simple. They work with my local insurance agency which is convenient and made the transition to Traveler's easy. Also, their pricing is very reasonable for my spouse and I. They offer discounts for multi-policy which is nice for homeowners and their coverage is good for the price. What I didn't like though is the pricing for my teenager. The quotes were through the roof for her so we ended up purchasing a separate policy for her with a different vendor. She is an honor student and attended a reputable driver's ed course which I though would help but it did not.
My insurance company is the most affordable and easy to work with. They have been great with all of our claims thus far and allow monthly payments, which is a huge help right now since we can't pay 6 months or a year upfront. I used a broker to find the most affordable policy and they set it all up. It was super easy. I signed the applications and everything online. The only potential improvement for them would be to remove the $5 per month billing fee.
I have car and homeowner insurance through Travelers and they are easy to deal with. It's easy to make claims, use website, and access cards. I mainly deal with an insurance guy and they also have friendly people when calling. I've been with the company for over 13 years and they have always handled any claim in a timely manner. But Travelers should offer better discounts to long-term members for length of service and for multiple policy discounts. They should also offer safe driver discount to one member if there are two on the policy but one doesn't have good record and other driver has a perfect record.
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