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Travel Guard Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: AIG Travel
Company Type: Public
Phone: 1-800-826-5248
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 7 %
AIG Travel Insurance/Expedia Travel insurance company suck. Don't never ever buy from them. You paid for the insurance policy and they failed to inform me that the only way You can get the refund for your ticket must be a Medical for you to get the refund for your trip. So many people review stating that they have Medical reason, deaths in family, Hurricanes all with paperwork and the company still denied all their Claim. This company Is complete Rip off. DO NOT EVER BUY EXPEDIA/AIG TRAVEL GUARD PROTECTION PLAN!!! Waste of money for insurance. The customers rule not helpful. It’s better to take $20 and use it to light the BBQ grill??? #aigtravelguard #aigtravelinsurance #expedia #protetionplan #aig #suckcompany #ripoff
I purchased this insurance just in case I was unable to get work off or something came up that required me to cancel my trip. I bought tickets before my vacation was approved because of the deal Expedia was having. Expedia did not list all the hoops that would have to be jumped through to get a refund. It said cancel anytime for any reason. Their website requests you to call the airline and cancel the flight before submitting your claim. So I called the airline, cancelled the flight and proceeded with the claims process. I was shocked when the website listed all of the documents they required as proof. They need proof of employment, notarized letters from my employer, proof of purchase, and all documents relating to the travel. There is no way to obtain a notarized letter from my employer. If I had known it was going to be such a hassle I would have just found another way. Now I am out an additional $200 because I decided to rebook the flight to not lose out on the $500 plane ticket. The only positive is I didn’t but more than one ticket.
I bought this insurance because we were not sure of our dates and it said 100% cost will be refunded. When I told the customer service rep she rudely said that I am the consumer and I should be more informed and read all the fine print. They have a link which takes you to another link which opens a pop up and there is another link which opens a document that has lot of fine prints. And pretty much shortly of dying or getting stuck in natural disaster you are not getting your money back. Just horrible and shady company. STAY AWAY!!!
I booked a room with Expedia and purchased AIG as known as Travel Guard showing that I would be safe with my purchase even if I was to be a no show BUT they denied my claim when I had a death in the family. I'm out of the cost of the room and insurance cost. DON'T TRUST EXPEDIA OR AIG / TRAVEL GUARD!!!
I bought insurance through Expedia, what a waste of money. I have the flu and clearly cannot get on an airplane. They will not reimburse me for the flight difference to go tomorrow and will only reimburse me for the $200 dollar fee if I go to urgent care. I am too sick to fly, but do not need to go to urgent care. It's a total scam. Save your money!
I was taken to the emergency room six days before the start of our trip with a kidney stone on the move. Bottom line, I had to cancel our trip on the day of departure. The online claim handling went well. I was able to upload our receipts and travel providers' cancellation policies. I had everything but the doctor's form. Travel Guard got back to me the next business day via email and telephone stating the claim has been assigned, along with the direct contact info to reach the assigned claims representative. The rep was easily reached, returned my calls, and stated she needed to wait for the doctor's report before the claim could be adjudicated. (This was understandable.)I uploaded the doctor's form on June 12th. On June 13th, I was informed that my claim has been closed and it was referred to their audit department for final approval due to the high dollar amount. On June 14th, I was advised that claim was approved and would be paid in full. On June 17th, the check was received at my residence. Travel Guard's online portal system worked well for me and overall, Travel Guard did what they said they would do according to the terms of the policy. All our non-refundable payments were reimbursed to the penny. Our claims adjuster was pleasant, professional and competent. No complaints from me.I write this review as my experience was (thankfully) 180 degrees from what Consumer Affairs reviews led me to expect. I only saw these Consumer Affairs reviews well after I purchased my policy. I was quite anxious, expecting the worst when it became apparent I would have to cancel our trip. Based on our experience, I would recommend them and we plan on using them again to insure future trips.
I am writing to express my displeasure with the rejection of my AIG Travel Guard insurance claim, but more importantly, the unethical treatment I was given by a number of AIG Travel Guard staff members in trying to obtain information on my claim rejection and subsequent appeal. We purchased travel insurance with AIG Travel Guard on 8/21/14 for our Italy trip scheduled for 10/17/14. I developed a back problem after the purchase date which got progressively worse. My doctor decided that the trip would be detrimental and we cancelled. My claim for reimbursement of $6800 was mailed on 10/17/14. I received the final rejection of my claim on 3/4/15, six months later.The first rejection of my claim in writing was received on 2/12/15. The reason given was that I had a pre-existing condition based on some chiropractor visits prior to buying the insurance. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor gave a totally different reason for my rejection. Her explanation was that I saw an orthopedic surgeon in October after I filed my claim. I asked to speak with a manager. He agreed with me that it could not be the reason for my rejection. I asked what it would take to reconsider his decision. He said a statement from my chiropractor stating that my condition was stable and controlled prior to purchasing the insurance.My chiropractor sent in that statement the next day and one month later 3/4/15 came the second rejection letter. This time the reason given was because the 8/22/14 treatment I received from my chiropractor there was no mention of the dates prior to my insurance being purchased. He states in the letter that my condition was controlled and stable up to 8/22. Since the policy states that it goes into effect at 12:01 am that day after purchase of the insurance, the treatment I received, although it was after the time it goes into effect, is still considered a pre-existing condition. I filed with the NYS Dept. of Finance a complaint against this judgment. After three months, they determined that this was a legal matter. However, in the information they requested from AIG Travel Guard the reason given for my rejection went back to the initial letter listing a number of dates in the look-back period prior to purchasing the insurance, a direct contradiction of the March rejection letter.I called the writer of that letter and asked to answer two questions: How can your medical examiner determine it was a pre-existing condition when both my doctor and chiropractor stated in writing that it wasn't? How can getting treatment for a condition after the policy goes into effect constitute a pre-existing condition?He could not answer. I went on to a supervisor. She could not answer. I moved to the next level, a manager. She could not answer the questions and in fact it took almost a month to finally get a call from the head of the department. He did not answer the questions either. After dealing with seven people in the claims and consumer complaint divisions of AIG Travel Guard, I reached out to the top. I called the office of the CEO of AIG and was promised a callback on three different occasions. None came.When I stated that I would go public concerning the treatment I have been given, I got a call from the President of AIG Travel Guard. He was pleasant, apologized for how I had been treated, but was unwilling to allow any further appeals. He did not answer the questions I posed. I was left with this situation. My chiropractor and doctor stated in writing that I did not have a pre-existing condition. AIG Travel Guard personnel from the first claims analyst to the President of the company played the shell game of changing reasons for my rejection and refusing to answer my questions at every level.The two alternatives that still existed were to hire an attorney or go to small claims court. I contacted an attorney who said it would cost at least $3000 with no guarantees. I found that to go to small claims court I would have to file in Wisconsin or New York City, and even if they find in my favor, I have to collect on my own. My wife encouraged me to drop the whole thing insisting that I was getting very stressed out by it. How I was treated by AIG Travel Guard was wrong, and I feel I need to let others know that it is company unworthy on anyone's business.
Actually about the only thing that AIG is good for is to waste money. I had wanted to take my mom to Montreal and had made the mistake of spending money on insurance. BIG MISTAKE and a complete waste of time. They have you jump through so many hoops and keep demanding that I resubmit documents which I have already submitted twice. These people are a complete SCAM. Your money would be better placed in a Ponzi scheme.
This insurance is definitely not worth the money. My trip to Africa was delayed and I lost approximately $1000 on activities and hotel because of the delay. They refused to reimburse me for those losses because activities/hotels are not covered by their insurance policy. Is that not the point of travel insurance? I would never recommend this insurance company to anyone.
AIG insurance is a waste of money! I purchased the insurance because during the process of buying my flight on the insurance was offered and appeared to be very easy to use in the event cancellation was needed. I ended up having to work and called to cancel my flight as instructed by the Expedia agent. They then instructed me to file my claim through AIG. AIG denied my claim because it didn’t meet their standards for claim (basically death in the family or illness by hospitalization). Why would I even purchase this insurance if that’s what I needed? Every airline has its own policies about working with and assisting customers when those situations arise, I needed something to allow me to change flights or cancel in the event of an emergency trip. I had to change my travel plans for a work related trip that was court subpoena. I want my money back for the insurance and my plane ticket. This company is deceitful and misleading, no wonder they have a 1 star rating on Consumer Affairs.
AIG-Travel Guard is readily accessible when quoting a travel insurance policy, and providing payment instructions. If you ever have a claim, you will find it essentially impossible to connect with a customer service rep. Hold times are close to one hour. Even if you carefully fill out all the required forms and submit all the needed supporting documentation, Travel Guard is unresponsive, and even treats the customer as if one is doing something illicit by filing a claim. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
Knowing my trip had a possibility of changing dates I decided to buy the insurance that was offered by AIG Travel Guard through United Airlines. 24 - 48 hours later I was notified that the policy was denied due to incorrect credit card info. (any site I've ever been to alerts you immediately that there is a credit card info) The TG notification showed a credit card number that wasn't even close? I carefully re-entered & 24 - 48 hours later was notified again - same reason, same wrong credit card number. 3rd time I called the customer service number & went a couple of rounds with the auto message system & got to the area I wanted - press 1 for "a" & 2 for "b". Neither entry was recognized, just went back to "press #1 or #2. Hung up & called back, no surprise same thing. I know it was not my phone because I got passed 2 rounds of questions from the automated answering machine. Not recommended!
You purchase travel insurance in the hopes that if something out of your control were to happen, that you would be provided for. I purchased Travel Guard through Expedia for a flight in 3 weeks. My grand-dad fell extremely ill, and I needed to cancel my flight. Even though he is considered "immediate" family, they are unable to insure me because he is not flying with me. This is a complete rip-off. You still have to pay cancellation fees with the airline, they protect you from NOTHING. Save your money.
This company sells you travel insurance. However this will NOT pay you for cancelled trips. They offer nothing more than you already get for free from airlines, etc which is basically nothing. I had a cancelled trip, in advance, out of my control, and they would not cover it. I made several attempts and they gave me the same stipulations and lack of coverage as the airline and rental car agency did when contacting them direct. They are thieves who provide no real coverage.
We were on the ground in DFW for 6 hours due to mechanical problems and missed a connection in SFO. I purchased Travel Guard insurance in good faith to find out that trip delay for mechanical problems ARE NOT COVERED. Buyer beware... We had to pay extra to re-book our ticket out of SFO. What is travel insurance for anyway if not to cover issues like the one we experienced.
Rip-off company. I travel every year to Europe with my family and always get travel insurance because I have Pacemaker/Defibrillator. This year I got 2 tickets to Europe for June 3 2018 for $ 2300.00. In May I had heart problems had to have heart surgery and could not go. I submitted my paperwork to AIG with the operation report and a CD. I was then informed they wanted it in longhand. I went back to my Cardiologist and he did it. After sending this in I was informed by AIG that they don't cover pre-existing conditions. What a joke of a company.
My wife and I purchased a Travel Guard medical and travel interruption insurance policy for our 12 day Peru trip. I got sick on day 3 and 5 and missed one of our flights (legs) on Latam Airlines. Latam cancelled our flight back to New York from Lima stating that since we missed one leg they can cancel all subsequent legs. So we were forced to repurchase our same seats again on the same Latam flight. The cost was $2300 ×2 total $4,600 one way tickets. My wife is a physician and had 40 patients scheduled at her office the following day and needed to get back.Travel Guard denied the claim stating I did not have a doctor letter the day of missed flight leg even though I had 2 doctor letters from same week showing altitude sickness and needing oxygen and prescription meds. Furthermore I called Travel Guard from my hotel in Lima, Peru seeking reassurance before purchasing expensive one way tickets. The agent told me to "Do what you need to do, you have trip interruption." Now 2 months later I get a denial letter and have to appeal to my state insurance board. Do not do business with Travel Guard. Go with your credit card travel insurance coverage.
I purchased a travel policy recently and called back today to ask some questions about adding on a hotel to the policy. I spoke to someone named Susan who was extremely rude and sarcastic. She kept reading me a paragraph from the policy in a nasty manner, couldn't answer my questions and when I asked to speak to someone else, she told me everyone was busy and they would call me back in 48 hours. I was really shocked by her attitude especially since the woman I purchased the policy from originally was very nice (of course). I am now sorry that I purchased from them and just hope I won't need them for this trip because based on today's experience and all the negative reviews I'm seeing on this site, we won't have much luck getting our money back.
My wife and I booked a trip to the Cayman Islands back in Jan 2017. Our trip was to being on 4/27 for a week. Worried about our aging parents we decided to purchase the AIG travel guard insurance. Today 4/6 I find out my mother is going to require surgery on 4/21 and will require attention for the first week after the surgery. I contacted AIG to inquire about the procedures for cancelling our trip. I was told it would be covered but they could not guarantee anything until I submit the proper forms, Dr's notes. etc. and that an analyst would review the case which could take 4 to 6 weeks. HUH??? Without knowing whether our request will be approved or not before our scheduled departure date, I am put in a position of either cancelling our trip and 'hope' that AIG will refund our money, or, go on the trip so not to lose all of our money. I will NEVER and would warn everyone NOT to purchase travel insurance from AIG.
We purchased this travel insurance recommended by Expedia rep via chat with Expedia. Was told to buy the more expensive ($100.00 per person) plan because it covered EVERYTHING. Total scam, missed our flight, had to stay in Miami overnight. Got to our final destination the next day. AIG rep told me to save all receipts. Yea... Took a month and a half, first a total rejection of claim, many emails, numerous phone conversations with multiple rude uninformed service representatives. It cost me $435.00 in losses and they finally sent me a check for $200.00. They stated it only $100 per day max. Even though we were affected two days. In my opinion...this is a total scam. I will be contacting the BBB as well as the Attorney General to stop people from being taken advantage of. They only gave me back the $200.00 I paid. Didn't cover any costs or losses. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!
I purchase travel insurance through Travelocity for an AIG travel insurance plan. Unfortunately hurricane Florence destroyed my travel itinerary. Flights were cancelled and I was mandatorily evacuated from the area in which I was at. I ended up having to go to Florida to get a flight back to where I came from. When I filed a claim with AIG, I found out the plan was garbage. It was not at all the policy that I had been given that I was sold. AIG refused to cover what the policy clearly stated was covered. It was not my fault that the natural disaster occurred. It was definitely an extenuating circumstance. I Got No Satisfaction whatsoever from AIG or from anyone else. I will never purchase AIG insurance through anybody again. At the very minimum it has been extremely misleading to the point of possibly fraudulent. I feel a great travesty and fraud has been committed to me and no one is responsible for it. I would not ever recommend AIG Insurance to anyone for anything ever again. It is unfortunate that I learned about this after this tragedy happened. I have since learned that I am not the only person that this is happened to that used AIG travel insurance. I have proof of the dates through the travel tickets and proof of purchase of the insurance through Travelocity which makes my claim and complaint extremely credible.
We had a group of 11 family members from 3 different states going on a cruise. My brother-in-law became very ill and was placed in ICU and was not expected to make it. Our family decided to cancel the cruise even if we lost our money. Before filing the claim, I read these reviews and was a little nervous until I noticed that most of the complaints are about things that are not covered. A life threatening illness of an immediate family member was the reason our claim was filed. The list of immediate family members included was greater than I thought it would be, nieces, nephews, in-laws, immediate family member of a travel companion, were all included. Every single member of our party qualified. There was a good bit of paperwork to complete, including the doctor's form saying that it was a life threatening illness. However, I am happy to report that we were all refunded our complete purchase prices. Anyone I spoke to at Travel Guard was extremely courteous and helpful. The only money we were out was the cost of the insurance. My suggestion is to read the policy before you purchase it. Make sure you know what you are buying. It's like any other insurance, some things are covered and some things are not. Thankfully, we were in the covered category.
Very unprofessional. Do not waste your time or money. Scam! I booked a flight through Travelocity and purchased the travel insurance provided by Travel Guard. At the time I booked the flight, I was pregnant and healthy. No concerns or issues to even think of. A week before my flight I ended up in the emergency room and diagnosed with preterm labor. The doctor recommended for the safety and well-being of not only our child, but myself, to cancel my flight. I canceled the flight and filed a claim with Travel Guard. I provided quickly and detailed documentation. The claim was denied a week later stating that "pregnancy is not covered under their plans."
Purchased round-trip tickets for 2 to go to family member funeral. At the same time as paying for tickets, I also purchased AIG Travel Guard insurance. Trip there was OK - but the return trip was NOT. We arrived at the airport early - then found out flight was delayed - then delayed again, then again! Finally the airlines canceled the flight - and didn't have another for 2-3 more days! Immediately phone Travel Guard - who give me an "incident" number to refer to later, then they assisted in identifying a flight later that day with another airline. As you know, last-minute air travel is expensive - $1,100 in this case. Waited around airport - had two meals during the long wait. Flight home turned out fine, with the exception of being 12 hours late getting home! Filed my travel claim with Travel Guard. Didn't hear anything back after a good while, so I phoned them - was told "the check's in the mail"! Finally received the check - and found that they refunded me ONLY the amount of the two meals! What about the $1,100 of unexpected expense (airfare) that I incurred!?! I immediately contacted Travel Guard - who sent me a message that I would be contacted. I waited a month - nothing. I sent an email asking what was going on. Waited a couple of weeks - nothing. I phoned - finally got in touch with someone - who said that I needed to speak with a woman who wasn't at her desk at the moment. She said she'd send a message to the woman to phone me back. I waited the rest of the day hoping she'd call me. Nope - and nothing yet today. So, I come to this site to leave a review - and I see that most everyone else feels the same! One star - and I'll bet they all wish they could have left zero stars! My advice - DO NOT PURCHASE TRAVEL GUARD insurance.
You are not insured when you buy AIG. My experience is through Vietnam AIG (Ho Chi Minh). They are not a trustable company. I bought my roundtrip tickets from HCM to Boston through, I also bought AIG insurance way before flying out. I had to reschedule my return flight due to my doctor says I cannot travel until another month (back pain). It turns out is out of business so I contacted airlines directly, they say they don't charge changing fee, they also can cancel the return trip but only Tripsta company can change return flight date.I called AIG next, they say they don't cover my case due to there is no policy about a company is out of business, so they won't pay for the new ticket for the return flight. AIG also said the ticket claim is invalid because of my existing health condition, which is completely not making sense, I don't ask AIG to cover my doctor visits, I ask them to cover the return ticket because Tripsta is out of business and I can't use my money for the return flight. The purpose of buying traveling insurance is to be insured when odd things happen. I am not insured and I do not recommend anyone to buy travel insurance through this company.
My husband and I had to cut our 3 night stay short by 1 day on our vacation, because our son was sick at home. We had reason to believe it was viral, so we did not take him to the doctor. Because of that, our claim was denied. It is called "cancel for any reason" policy, but that is a lie. Don't waste your money.
My sister became pregnant after the flight was booked. Her and her family were taking flight on separate airline. Doctor advised her not to travel. She got a doctor's note and gave me a copy. I in turn sent doctor's note and all of my info to Travel Guard. Within a week I received notification that they will be sending me my refund within 7-10 days. They will refund trips, but you have to have a valid excuse and go through the steps required to get your money back.
My husband and I purchased tickets from Tampa to Pensacola, FL during Hurricane Michael. Although the policy states coverage for weather events such as hurricanes, the fine print detail is for my PRIMARY RESIDENCE not my travel destination. Huh? So I purchased travel insurance that does not cover my travel. As other people have posted, do not purchase this insurance and do not book through Expedia who has a relationship with this company. Avoid the frustration that I experienced of filing all the paperwork and the runaround on the phone. Wasting my time and money is an absolute one and done for me. Never again.
We had purchased 3 tickets to Curaçao for a family vacation a few months ago through Expedia, we bought the AIG Travel Guard insurance to feel secure of our purchase. My wife went to her doctor and was informed she was pregnant, she let her doctor know she was traveling to Curaçao and he warned her that Zika virus is a threat to the unborn child. The Center for Disease Control also states “DO NOT TRAVEL” to Curaçao if you are pregnant, they go further to say the the male partners should not travel either do to high risk of infection. When we called Expedia they just brushed us off to AIG, at first they seemed very helpful. We gather all required documentation and submitted right away. This was their response:"The purpose of this letter is to advise you of our position with respect to coverage for the above referenced claim. We value you as a customer and appreciate your business; however, we must inform you that there is no coverage under the policy for the claim presented. According to the information provided, you filed a claim because your trip was cancelled due to a Normal Pregnancy. Based on the information received your cancellation was due to the threat of Zika Virus. Please be aware that a cancellation due to the concerns for a potential illness being acquired during the trip is not a specified reason under the Plan that would make one eligible for Trip Cancellation Benefits. While we do understand your concerns regarding the Zika virus which led to your decision to cancel your scheduled trip, these circumstances are not one of the specified reasons under this travel protection plan for eligibility of reimbursement.Because the pregnancy does not fall within the scope of a Complication of Pregnancy, as defined by the policy, we have determined that the above exclusion is applicable, and thus, we are unable to extend payment on your claim. Please note that our decision is based on the most current information available to us and the terms and conditions of the plan. If you have any additional documentation you believe may impact our decision, please submit it to us by email at [email protected] or by mail to Aon Affinity, P.O. Box 8005, Stevens Point, WI 54481, and we will gladly review it.This letter is not, and should not be construed as a waiver of any terms, conditions, exclusions or other provisions of the Policy. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA expressly reserves all of its rights under the Policy, including the right to assert additional defenses to any claims for coverage, if subsequent information indicates that such action is warranted. In closing, allow me to reiterate that we value you as a customer and encourage you to contact us should you have any questions or concerns regarding the contents of this letter. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter."So I called and tried to reason with them. The agent rudely said, “being pregnant is not reason enough to cancel our trip and that’s in our policy”. I corrected him by explaining that we canceled because our doctor said our unborn child could be affected by a virus that causes deformation and mental complications, the agent repeated the policy. I informed him that I would post this, he said, “go ahead, and don’t forget to post our policy as well”. I called Expedia to complain and they tried to brush me off to American Airlines.
Do not purchase AIG Travel Insurance. I booked a flight on Travelocity, and purchased the travel cancellation insurance knowing there was a chance I wouldn't be able to make my trip. I did have to cancel, and Travelocity did not refund my money, but gave me some sort of travel credit that I will never be able to use! I called AIG to file a claim and get my refund, and they told me I had to file my claim online. The representative was unhelpful. After explaining my situation, he pretty much told me that I am out $650! I will never use Travelocity to book travel any longer, and I will boycott every AIG insurance or financial services product they offer!
I purchased travel cancellation insurance to cover the cost of an international trip ($12K) - advertised as 100% cancellation coverage. No link at purchased to read policy. The trip was canceled by the client and I canceled my flights through Travelocity, apart from a $600 cancellation fee that Travelocity told me would be covered by the travel insurance policy I took out. Wrong! They denied my claim because the trip was canceled. What? I spoke with a service representative on the phone that referred me through four levels of links and 8 point type to a document that said the policy only covered the SAME THINGS THE AIRLINES ALREADY EXEMPT. This insurance coverage is a TOTAL SCAM. The company may be legally covered, but ethically every person who works for them should know they are exactly what is wrong with this world.
My best friend's mother was going into hospice the day before my flight. I was going to visit my best friend and we had plans to spend the weekend together. When she found out unexpectedly that her mom was compensating and was being transferred to hospice care, she booked her flight to go see her mom and I cancelled mine (knowing that I bought insurance). I spoke to a representative from Travel Guard on the phone and they stated it met the qualifications. Now, I am being told after providing the death certificate (as her mom actually passed when I would have been at my friend's house), that because I was visiting her, she does not count as my travel companion. She would only be my travel companion if she were flying there as well?!?! They are not refunding my ticket or even booking me a new flight to go see her. This is a horrible way to treat someone who is dealing with such a difficult situation. SICKENING!
This company is a racket. They have every excuse to not insure your claim. I will tell more with details when I get off work. Just got the call today from the scam artists today making excuses why not covered!!!
Paid for an airline ticket. The airline cancelled the flight and only refunded me partial payment. You would think an airline that cancelled would give you a full refund. Nope... out 80.00 plus. Had to book with another airline cost me an extra 50.00. AIG would not honour the flight cancellation and difference in price and partial refund. They are a joke!
We recently traveled to Mexico and because of the rain, flooding, mud collapse, we had to traveled come back early. Airlines charged us for return tickets due to change on itinerary. We filed a claim with AIG only to learn that trip interruption only applies to airline flights being canceled or delay, nothing to do with our trip, hence insurance policy sold as Travel Guard! This is a cheap scam that is being perpetrated by most travel websites along with airlines companies. Their idea of bait and switch as long as nobody complains. I will be writing to the insurance commissioner as I don't feel it's fair to us consumers.
Absolutely worst insurance I have ever purchased! Would have rated 0 stars if possible! They would make every insurance claiming process extremely difficult and at the end of the day they will never approve whatever your claim is. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS GARBAGE PRODUCT AND COMPANY!
All, do yourself a huge favor and don't bother purchasing a policy from AIG or TravelGuard. In the event you have put a claim in, they will deny it - by quoting small print in regard the point you are seeking reimbursement on. Let me share. Norwegian canceled several routes this November onwards, and I was affected. This group told me to go to the airline for reimbursement, they were shocked I would seek to open a claim with them, but since I had bought a policy including trip cancellation, I was making a claims. The airline reimbursed, but would not cover the cost of the hotel I had booked that was non refundable.Several weeks later, the adjuster informs me that my claim is being denied - my trip was cancelled, and yet the exact reason is not called out in their small print (when did an airline cancel routes as normal practice?) and they refused, point blank to reimburse the hotel cost. Apparently, I am not covered. Go figure - a waste of money, and marketing misrepresentation of their policy. Go elsewhere, this company's attitude and service to their customers is poor.
I purchased a ticket with United Airlines and travel insurance with Travel Guard for a business event on 9/27/2018 for 5 days. I work in a small law firm so scheduling flexibility is a priority. I was scheduled to fly out on a Wednesday but on Monday we received notice from the court system that scheduling had changed and cancelling my trip was the only option in order to accommodate our client and the court's deadlines. I filed a claim with Travel Guard and was told that even though I had submitted the proper documentation, my reason for cancelling was not valid and not covered. The rep from Travel Guard was rude telling me she would be forwarding me the denial letter. Such a waste of time and money both filling out the paperwork, follow up and waiting 6 weeks for a denial. Stay away from Travel Guard. It is definitely a ripoff.
I was super nervous after reading these reviews about getting my claim paid. I paid for airline tickets back in June for a trip late November. The day before I was supposed to fly out, I came down with the flu. It was awful. I knew I had to go to the urgent care center to be checked out to see if I could possibly get some medicine that would allow me to fly, but was told no way. They gave me a note and prescription for **. I called the airline and canceled that morning. When I felt better in a few days I went on the site to see what I needed to do. I downloaded all the forms and proceeded to fill out. It took me a week to gather everything and I just uploaded to the site, and kept my fingers crossed. I just received an email from my claims adjuster that the claim was approved and my full refund was coming in 7-10 business days. The time from when the claim was submitted to approval was 16 days. I was lucky I haven't been to a doctor within the 180 days prior to booking my trip, because I understand they'd want all that information and I'm sure it would take a long time to gather it. Bottom line to me is get the flu shot next year and make sure you understand the terms of the policy before you buy it.
Never never never use this insurance. They are horrible to work with if you should suffer a loss. They find a way not to make good on your claim. We used the Travel Guard/AIG car insurance offered through Travelocity. Only use car insurance from the rental company!!!! AGAIN NEVER USE TRAVEL GUARD!
I booked a flight to Charlotte, NC for one of my son's big soccer events. Two days before, the event was canceled due to inclement weather. The temps were near zero with wind chill. So I followed all the steps online thinking I was in good hands with AIG's Travel Guard? Apparently not, I got the runaround and for some unknown reason to me they said I was not covered. I sent them all the paperwork they required, including the cancelation paperwork from the Olympic Development Program, which is a program that invites kids from around the country to tryout for different age group teams and that is one way they build their USA Olympic soccer team. So, anyway definitely would not recommend this company for travel insurance.
AIG Travel Insurance is a scam. I purchased the insurance as part of my trip from Expedia. When you purchase insurance, it's simply a checkbox at the end of the checkout page. My hotel was from January 1st-January 3rd 2019. I cancelled on 12/29/2018 due to a back injury - my doctor advised me not travel as I was unable to move or sit properly (6 hour flight). I uploaded the doctor form.I filed my claim through AIG and they said my coverage period was from November 27th - December 1st. They are saying my coverage period ended a full month before my hotel reservation - a coverage period which I DON'T GET TO DECIDE. They see the hotel booking, but somehow think this is still the correct coverage. The claims adjuster was completely incompetent and took over a week to respond to simple emails and the phone reps are not equipped to properly address or escalate the issue. When they would try to reach my claims adjuster, she was never at her desk and would never call back. I've attached *some* images from our interaction (I'm not going to share my doctors form, and there are about 10 emails).Luckily after sharing this email chain with Expedia and the hotel they issued me a refund. Additionally I had purchased travel protection through the airline, and three other hotels I was staying at and they had no issue refunding me timely. Please stay away from AIG Travel. They are incompetent and are somehow basically running a scam. When you purchase travel insurance through them, the coverage period is not for your exact hotel/airline booking - but a time period which they decide and doesn't necessarily make any sense. When you try to clarify and get it fixed, they are unable to work with you or willing to look into what went wrong. I'm sure there is something technically wrong with their system and some sort of SISS process they are running, but if they ignore it, it will not get fixed and more people will be the victim of it - and AIG will profit off it. I advise anyone who has something similar happen to them to file a claim through your state's department of financial services.
DO NOT PURCHASE AIG Travel Guard Insurance. This company is a fraud. I purchased travel insurance for my trip next month (October 2018) back in April when I booked my tickets. I had to cancel due to a work commitment that was mandatory. Before purchasing the ticket and the insurance I verified with AIG that my trip would be 100% covered. Today it's a completely different story. Submitted everything that was asked for including the letter of verification from my employer for the claim along with all the receipts. I received an email from them saying that was not a good excuse for canceling my trip. If I was sick, dead or someone in my family was dead then I would have qualified!!! I would NEVER use this company again. They are quick to take your money but won't pay your claim. STAY AWAY from AIG/Travel Guard.
I purchased the insurance for a family vacation. We were scheduled to travel in June of 2019. My grandfather passed away in January of 2019. I wrote several emails and attached a variety of documents including proof of critical illness (hospice papers). I went as far as to attach funeral arrangements and a death certificate. The company still asked for more proof that he could not travel. I thought the whole point of insuring the ticket is so that if an extenuating circumstance happens it would be covered. Clearly this company is a fraud.
Exactly like other reviewers said... You won't be able to get any coverage from AIG unless there is an Armageddon like disaster or you are dying. I purchased a plan on Orbitz for our family vacation to the USA, and when I got this plan I thought I'm getting hassle and obligation free insurance as appears when I purchased the tickets as it clearly state "Cancellation Plan"... If any unforeseen incident happened I thought, I will be covered... But nope! That's not what it was. Very very disappointed in Travel Guard and especially Orbitz for promoting them. I advise not to fall in the same trap as I did...
We purchased 2 Mountain Collective ski passes with travel insurance for the 2017-18 season. This pass gave us 32 days at multiple resorts that could be used throughout the ski season without restrictions. On 2/23 my husband suffered a serious accident which fractured his tibia in multiple places, ending our ski season. Because trip interruption was covered we immediately contacted AIG and provided detailed documentation from the surgeon, receipts for the purchase and proof of the actual number of ski days we were able to use. AIG refused to coordinate with Liftopia, the entity that had processed the purchase. Hence, we were not compensated for the unused 29 days remaining on the pass and received only a tiny fraction of the reimbursement we were due. The customer service was appalling, the marketing not just lacking transparency but downright deceptive. We will never do business with AIG, Liftopia or the Mountain Collective again!
I purchased Total Protection insurance when I booked my trip Jan 7. Travel to be March 3-11 to Bonaire. Baggage did not arrive until the night before our departure back to AZ! For 7 out of 8 days, had no luggage, no dive gear, nothing! United Airlines decided to keep the baggage in Newark instead of sending it on the next flight! According to the Total Protection plan, lost/delayed baggage is covered. When I submitted my claim, however, apparently I am supposed to submit a claim first through my Renters/Homeowner's policy! What? Where does it state that in the policy? My Homeowner's policy deductible is $1500 -- so I am out of pocket the first $1500 -- which is more than my claim with AIG! They will not pay my claim, although the policy states Total Protection covers our exact situation. I asked where it states the travel insurance plan is a "secondary" plan and that I am required to first file a claim with my renter's/homeowner's policy? Nowhere in the policy fine print does it state that as a requirement! They are quick to take the funds out of my account, but now that I have a legitimate claim, they have many hoops to jump -- many not even listed in their policies for filing a claim! I am very dissatisfied with this company - and will go forward filing a claim to the BBB and travel insurance company oversight company. This company seems to be a ripoff. I would not recommend this company! Stay away! Save your money -- they operate using unfair business practices!
My wife and I booked a trekking trip to Mount Everest in Nepal. We bought Travel Guard insurance. While there, we had two issues arise. The first was lost luggage which contained needed trekking gear. Despite a time difference of more than 10 hours, we were able to get a rep on the phone immediately who walked us through our options (which included the option of them covering the purchase of new gear). The luggage issue corrected itself with the arrival of our bag the next day, but it was nice to know we had the green light to buy gear if needed.The second issue was much more serious. At the highest elevation of our trek I developed severe altitude sickness and had to be evacuated by helicopter from a remote Himalayan location. I also had a hospital stay in Kathmandu. Again, I was able to immediately reach a representative who was reassuring me even as the helicopter was landing. I then had a medical representative contact me in the hospital to offer assistance. They even offered to help book new airline tickets if I was unfit to fly home.Upon return home I had a packet waiting in my mailbox with step by step instructions for filing a claim. I mailed all documentation. One week later I went online and saw my claim process had started, and was given the name and number of my claims representative (first and last name). She was unavailable, but returned my call in a reasonable amount of time. She said there would be an update on my claim within three days. Three days later I received a check in the mail which covered 100% of my claim.I've read many reviews complaining about coverage and "fine print." I fully read my coverage before purchasing the policy, and I found it to be pretty straightforward and easy to understand. I also found it to be a bargain when you compare the cost of the policy to the cost of a helicopter evacuation from Gorak Shep in the Everest region! I would absolutely recommend this company based on my experience from start to finish.
My daughter purchased travel insurance for two airline tickets. Her husband couldn't travel because of work obligations. She submits the tickets for refund, Emirates airline advised that we communicate with AIG for any questions. AIG denied the refund even though one of the reasons a customer can choose was a work reason. And it was a very legit reason.A customer chooses travel insurance and pays for it, and AIG denies it. Why does an Insurance company offer insurance and knowingly plans to deny it. Basically, the whole business of obtaining travel insurance is shrouded with lies, deception, and to say the least, it is no different than a legal scam. A customer buys travels insurance in case he or she cannot travel, and AIG denies.Amazing deceptive marketing. In short, we gave Emirate airline and AIG $2600.00 of our hard earned money, and that it from the goodness of our hearts. I am truly amazed how an insurance company can SCAM people and they can get away with it. If a consumer does that, he/she will be behind bars. Unfortunately, as a consumer, I don't have much recourse. lawyers, courts, etc... it will cost more to follow up legally. At the end, big companies are too big to fail!
Twice I have purchased insurance from AIG, and twice I have been denied. The first time when I missed a trip to stay home with my dying father. The second time after being hospitalized for severe depression. These guys are disgusting, and will NOT hold up their end of the bargain. I am repulsed by their business practices.
For anyone reading this, please DO NOT ever purchase travel insurance through AIG. I have foolishly done so in the past, and called AIG to ask if I qualified to file a legitimate claim with them on two separate occasions. On both occasions, I was told that I did not qualify. The first occasion involved Hurricane Matthew. I had traveled to Orlando that year, and my family and I had to return home very early due to the hurricane. When I booked the travel, the hurricane had not been forecast. Despite this however, I was told that my trip interruption did not qualify as a "legitimate reason" to file a claim. Then recently, I traveled to Guatemala. I was originally supposed to arrive there within the same day. However, the airline made a change to my flight, and I didn't arrive until the following morning. So that I wouldn't have to spend a night at the Mexico City airport, I booked a night at the hotel across the street. Once again, I called AIG to see if this qualified as trip interruption, and was told that it was not. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that this insurance is a fraudulent scam. After reading many other bad reviews on this insurance earlier today, I will no longer purchase this insurance, and advise all readers to do the same. SIMPLY PUT, DO NOT BUY IT! It is a waste of money, as they will find a "clause", or a reason to justify why your situation does not qualify.
I've been reading these reviews and my response is, "why even try?" I'm going to Europe in March and was supposed to train back to Amsterdam from Switzerland. I figured I'd fly out of Switzerland instead. Expedia wants $300 plus the other fees to change it. Then I figured, I'd cancel the flight and make a new one; it was only $200 more. Based on all of these negative comments and the chat I had on the phone, Travel Guard sounds like a crock of crap. If you buy insurance, you should be refunded, period. That's why you buy it.
Our family planned a family vacation to Jamaica in 2016 and we bought the insurance for all members of our family (10 people at about $70/person) as we have done for every trip. After we bought the insurance, our daughter-in-law became pregnant. She talked to her OB-GYN and was told in no uncertain terms that she should not go on the trip due to the Zika virus. Her OB-GYN and her family doctor sent letters to Travel Guard explaining her previous high risk pregnancy and the risk to this pregnancy, as well as a letter from my son. The claim was denied because "there was no risk to the baby's life or the mother's". Even our travel agent told us there should be no problem getting a refund. This insurance is totally worthless and should not be purchased by any travellers. We travel with our family every other year and always bought the insurance, but will never buy it again.
It is enticing a low priced insurance offer to "safeguard" your purchase but oh boy! They will bring thousands of excuses to avoid honoring a claim. Check this out: I bought Travel Guard from FLL to DTW in the morning connecting flight coming from LIM and in Lima, the aircraft was grounded for 16 hours. Naturally I missed my connection flight (not fault of my own) but TRAVEL GUARD ONLY COVERS IF THE AIRLINE DOES IT REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER MIGHT HAPPEN TO YOU!!! In other words, the connecting flight departs on time but it is YOUR FAULT you were not there on time because is the first airline problem. I wonder why do you buy insurance if only applies to things that might happen to the airline only? I should not be lured into insuring the airline flight. WTF!!! DO NOT throw your money away and just give yourselves plenty back up plans and time. Oh how I hate corporate GREED. Read the fine print.
I wish I had seen this site prior to purchasing insurance from Travel Guard. I'm not an attorney, but I'm no dummy either. When I read the initial offer to purchase travel insurance, I was under the impression that we'd be covered if we couldn't make the race due to employment obligations. This is exactly what happened, however, AIG denied our claim. I would never recommend "Travel Guard." Not only are we out the cost of two tickets, but the cost of the insurance as well. We live too far away to try to sell them at the track and besides, NASCAR isn't selling out these days anyway so the demand isn't there. I guess we'll just have eat them and continue warning others of this bogus company.
Do not waste your money on this falsehood of travel protection coverage. I purchased for a trip to see my terminally ill mother and was purchased the coverage "just in case" I needed to change plans depending on my mother's health. Well I had to call and try to delay my return trip because my mother was dying and I was not going to leave her. I was told that I could not change my flight plan and would have to cancel return trip and then call back when rebooking and use the claim number they give me. Well all lies because then I was told when I booked return trip that I would need to send death certificate and copy of obituary.Well been there and have sent these required item twice now and they declined my claim stating date of death was outside of my coverage. Still I cannot put a price on the precious last days that I was able to spend with my mother and will cherish them always. I will never purchase Travel Guard again and hope and pray that no one loses any of their hard earned money on a fraudulent, false sense of security, unethical company.
So I purchased my flight ticket from Oakland, CA to Los Angeles,CA and the day before my flight departure I started not feeling well. Come to find out I had the flu and decided to cancel my flight. I then bought over the counter medications to self-treat, therefore did not go to the hospital or speak to a doctor. I felt better a couple of days later, then I filed a claim for my ticket purchase to be refunded. Days later my claim was denied. Reason for denial being "You have to get a physician's note or speak to a doctor before we can approve your claim." I have never heard of this absurd reason before and I know it's a way of not reimbursing me for my ticket. What about people who don't have health insurance or Primary care doctor? This AIG company is a FRAUD and SCAM innocent and hard-working people. Please, I need help to get my money back! I worked so hard for the money and it only took an instant for AIG to rob me of my hard earned money. I will also advise anyone looking for Flight insurance to avoid AIG, they are a scam insurance company, they should be investigated and shut down.
I booked a vacation package for my family through spirit airlines. Also purchased travel insurance for covering our trip due to any unforeseen events. Later we found my wife is pregnant and she was suffering with severe vomiting and nausea. So we went to the primary physician and physician advised to avoid travel and take rest.So I called spirit airlines and they said "since you have travel insurance, the trip cost will be covered so proceed with cancellation and start a claim with AIG." Then I called AIG and explained my situation and they send me a set of document to fill in and also a form for physician to fill in. I collected all the documentation along with the letter form the doctor as prescribed by AIG.Almost after 1 month one person from AIG called and informed my claim is denied due to the situation as they do not recognize nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy as pregnancy complication. Even though they mentioned they are covering 'Pregnancy complication', but excludes the nausea and vomiting. Be very careful with this company, they will say "Yes" when you purchase and say tons of excuse when we actually put the claim. I will never do this mistake (Purchasing travel insurance) again. If you want to cancel the trip, cancel through airline and get whatever credit they give. This is complete rip-Off.
I purchased this plan when buying tickets to visit my Aunt in FL. We ended up having to cancel due to her condo flooding with sewer water and becoming uninhabitable. I went and canceled my flight tickets, because I couldn't file a claim till this was done. It took over a week for the claim to reviewed. Finally they told me that "Cancellations due to the lodging being damaged at your destination are not covered under this plan." ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This is exactly why you purchase this type of insurance. Such a scam, don't purchase!
Recently the International Airline changed our departure flight to another day. When I called to modify the coverage I was informed that I had to buy another policy since their policy does not allow for flight changes not under the specific guidelines. Such as Airlines combining two flights into one due to low passenger turnout. What a scam. I did not cause any action on this so why am I penalized? Really be careful about taking out any insurance, especially from this company, if you book your flight well in advance because any time the airline changes one segment it would require that you purchase a completely new policy.
Bought Travel Guard insurance for a hotel for a work trip. Opened a claim when found out the trip was canceled. Not honest at all, they referenced something on page 6 of their 20 page insurance document to deny the claim. Company was not upfront by what they cover and the exclusions. Do not give them your money.
This company finds any excuse to not pay out. I have submitted documents for legitimate circumstances, and I get a response back days later describing how they can't or won't pay. They keep your hopes up by telling you that, "If you have this other item, we can pay you." When you send that in, they pull out another excuse. This company is a fraud and should pay for their crimes.
After a hurricane hitting Florida we booked tickets with insurance and when canceling flight due to airport being closed AIG would not cover anything. Total waste of money. Disgusting service. I would never recommend anyone using them. Save your money.
I purchased travel insurance for a flight from Charleston SC to TX which would happen at the end of my month long vacation in Myrtle Beach. When the hurricane came, I was advised by the rental office that the rental unit in Myrtle Beach was reported as damaged and I was unable to acquire other suitable lodgings so the planned trip to Myrtle Beach was cancelled and the rental company is returning the money paid in advance. AIG denied the claim for reimbursement of my flight. The policy they sell is a practically useless. Don't purchase from them as it covers very little and terms are not very clear. Buyer beware!
I purchased this travel insurance for a flight on United. Then my plans changed, and I needed to cancel the flight. Even with this insurance, I wasn't able to get a refund, partial refund, or credit to a future flight. So this insurance basically did nothing.
We purchased travel insurance for our trip to Iceland (specifically, Auto Damage Coverage for our rental car). After returning the vehicle to SIXT on the last day, the associate proceeded to blame us for a very minor scratch on the car. Whatever we thought, we have insurance. Well, they were requesting payment up front with a credit card. They told us that we'd need to seek reimbursement through our Insurance company AIG-Travel Guard and file a claim with them. Lo and behold, I've file the claim over a month ago and the minor amount of $200 still has not been processed. Our AIG adjuster did not even attempt to call the rental car company for the documents needed to complete the claim. What a joke and slap in the face for protection we paid for.
Why buy travel insurance? Well, one reason is security in case you get laid off, right? That sounds reasonable. That is what I did... I was going to a wedding and the flight was $3000 for four of us. We bought insurance "just in case." Two weeks later I was laid off. Travel Guard wanted a letter confirming this, which I sent. They then denied the claim saying that I was laid off within 2 weeks of buying the ticket. Huh? Literally we are talking about 1 minute of difference here due to the timing of the event. But TG won't budge. But my question is this... Why would they even *have* a 2 week wait time? I had zero notice that the company was going to have a layoff. None, zip, nada.Travel insurance should be just that... A backup to the unknown. But AIG (who administers TravelGuard) stacks the deck so that they don't have to pay. It seems like they are just as rotten as they were during the meltdown! What is even more interesting is that while they are denying my (I believe) totally well-founded claim, they are not even offering a refund for their totally bogus (my opinion) policy. The 'event', unable to travel, already occurred so essentially there is no way I could ever (legitimately, in their eyes) file a claim. If that is the case, then there is no policy and, at the very least, the policy should be refunded. But that isn't an option AIG has even given information about. I like Virgin America but I am very upset that they would partner with someone that sells a product that essentially has little or no value. Virgin needs to rethink its partnering strategy.
On the middle of a transatlantic cruise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, my wife suddenly became ill. It’s a worst case scenario, 1000s of miles from the nearest port and only option is a clinic on the ship. She was rushed to the ship's doctor and they took vitals and did lab tests. In the meantime, I used the ship-to-shore radio to call AIG very early in the morning. The first person took my information and placed me on hold to speak to a specialist. Because it costs $5 a minute, I hung up after a couple of minutes. I figured it would be better to contact them later when it wasn’t insanely expensive to call.AIG reached out to me immediately with multiple emails offering their assistance with medical monitoring, research, medical referrals, and travel. In addition, all the claims forms were mailed and waiting for us when we arrived. AIG provided a link informing me the status of the claim. They give me the direct telephone number of the person handling the claim. After a couple of weeks, I called this person asking if she needed more information to process the claim. Five minutes later, she call me and said she was approving my entire claim. You hope you don’t need it but this is absolutely the best travel insurance. You are dealing with professionals that are focused on dealing with your medical emergency and not denying your claim.
AIG is a fraud. I will never buy trip insurance again. Claims are not paid for any reasonable situation and the details of when they pay is not clear. My husband has cancer, but I did not use that avenue because the process of getting my claim is so onerous. I used my work commitments that prevented me from traveling, both are true. For medical coverage they want me to get signature from all the docs and document for last 180 days. I feel that the trip insurance is a fraud.
I purchased my tickets from Expedia with the travel insurance they offer as it said my trip would be cover 100% if I needed to cancel, well I’ve never had to cancel a trip until now but I only need to cancel and immediately rebook for a different city to land in and take off from and extend my stay by 3 days. I’m having surgery and the doctor informed me after I purchased my tickets that I needed a minimum of 7 days after surgery before flying back home to avoid complications of blood clots in my legs and/or lungs. I submitted all documents including a typed, signed, and stamped letter from the doctor, two weeks after submitting my claim I get an email denying my request as they said my medical reasons are not covered! Unbelievable! My life doesn’t matter to these incompetent people and if I do develop blood clots because of their negligence, Expedia, or the airline after I sent in all the required documents leaving a fully detailed paper trail, I will stop at nothing with legal actions. I will also be reporting AIG to the attorney general and BBB.
I was called into state active duty in Florida for Hurricane Michael relief and support. I was activated four days prior to my original flight and I was told I had to be ill/injured/police involved of some sort and my claim was denied. Currently in Florida helping families that lost everything and this company doesn't support the military service members.
Purchased Travel Guard insurance for a flight from Washington-Dulles scheduled for Nov 15, 2018. Winter Storm Avery dumped record snow from my home in Pennsylvania to Dulles making travel impossible on the day of the flight. AIG denied the claim because the airplane departed on time... Not being able to get to the airport didn't matter, even though cancelation due to inclement weather is specifically covered for 100% reimbursement. Avoid AIG Travel Guard, AIG, and their underwriters the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburg, PA located in New York, NY... Seems they are not very good at honoring their policies.
Twice now I've bought travel insurance with AIG Travel Guard and twice they've made it so difficult to collect on the insurance that I will NEVER buy any insurance with AIG again -- travel insurance of any other kind of insurance. It just isn't worth the time or money. What a joke.
I recently purchased reservations for 3 rooms at Sonesta Hotel in Cusco, Peru. My family and I were unable to use these rooms due to an 18-hour train delay from Aguas Calientes. Smartly (I thought at the time) I had purchased travel insurance through the AIG travel guard that Expedia offered with this reservation. So I filed a claim when we returned to the U.S. It was denied because our lives were not in peril, we were not kidnapped, we were not incarcerated, none of us were in the hospital. The Terms and Conditions that they list lead one to believe that one can get a refund from an unforeseen need to cancel the hotel reservations. Shame on Expedia for offering a scam to people. And Beware to other Travelers!! Do not sign up or pay for travel insurance offered by and certainly do not ever use AIG Travel Guard!
I purchased this policy for a ticket I bought my mother. My mother is going through a very difficult ordeal and suffered some mental health instability and has hospitalized in the ICU for over a week. When I filed a claim I had to file it in her name despite that had purchased the flight and policy and I was the injured party not her. They denied the claim stating that mental health issues are not covered. This is absurd, what an absolute joke. Do not buy this insurance especially through Expedia. I will never purchase a flight or this policy through Expedia again. Absolutely horrible. If I could give zero stars I would.
Before we left for a trip to Costa Rica we purchased AIG travel insurance. Leaving 2 of our flights were late and we arrived in Costa Rica after 11pm which is not a good time to be entering a foreign country. Our return flight was also late and going thru customs caused us to miss our plane and we had to stay over until next day. AIG coverage & benefits on our policy list Missed Connection & also Trip Delay per insured.After contacting AIG we were told they do not pay for inconvenience. I guess we don't understand why they list Missed Connection & Trip Delay as being a benefit insurance covered when definitely we missed our connection and there was a trip delay. AIG does not cover what they list on their policies. Our advice to you is save your money & not do do business with AIG. We have used Allianz Travel Insurance before & they covered exactly what they said they would on their policy & pay quickly. We learned a lesson, we will always go with Allianz Travel Insurance for our further travel plans.
If ZERO stars have been an option that's what they would've done. I have bought travel insurance for years and never had to use it until now due to mechanical issues on our plane. The delayed flights and missed connections would have us arriving three days late which we chose not to do. We had thousands of dollars of nonrefundable hotel and rental car expenses which Travel Guard said they would not cover unless half of our trip time or 6 days were lost! I thought that was what I was paying for. I had read the hundred blogs of terrible reviews after I had purchased the policy and I thought boy if I had read this before I purchased, I would not of purchased at all. Now I am truly sorry that I wasted the money and thanks to them, threw away thousands of dollars that they would not cover. DON'T BUY it!
I booked a trip to Punta Cana on 1/5/15 to begin on 1/18/15 for four nights and took out the Travel Guard cancellation insurance. On 1/12/15 I had to admit myself to the hospital emergency room for heart related problems. I have had some heart palpitations over the years but this was somewhat exceptional so I wanted to make sure I was okay since I was going to a foreign country. I followed that up with an appointment with my personal physician the next day. He advised me not to travel until after I saw a cardiologist. He made the appointment for me and I have had two procedures in outpatient since. I contacted Travel Guard to file a claim thinking I would surely be covered.Today (3/3/15), I received a call from the insurance company that my claim was denied. I told the agent that this was ridiculous. They said because I had previous symptoms was the reason. Why would I book a flight, which I lost that money? Also, if I thought I was unfit to travel I would have not made reservations. I am a senior citizen living on social security and it is quite difficult to finance a trip anywhere. It's sad when a large company appears to take advantage of a client. You travelers out there had better be careful who you deal with.
Do not take travel insurance with Travel Guard. I took out insurance for a flight. I never received a policy with them. They have a "pre-existing condition" clause. Basically unless you are a perfectly healthy person you will never get reimbursed. I took out the insurance on March 8, 2018. At that time my husband was in good condition. He developed an ulcer on his toe which ended up gangrene and it was amputated on March 27, 2018. The flight was scheduled for April 15, 2018. I canceled the trip on March 27, 2018. They sent me numerous forms to be filled out by the doctor. It was rejected because he had diabetes which caused the ulcer. I tried to explain to them that I wouldn't have booked the trip on March 8 if he wasn't able to go. They won't even listen to you - they just keep repeating - "policy says does not cover pre-existing condition." I will never deal with Travel Guard again. In the future - if travel insurance is offered - I will read the policy and I will also read any reviews. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing the policy - I would have realized that Travel Guard never pays out on claims.
As the title suggests... stay away from this. A COMPLETE LIE! The policy does not specify any exceptions... and, there are many. You will be dealing with moronic service agents for hours on end. A complete waste of time.
I purchased flight insurance and for the first time, I needed it. My company is being sold so my trip is not needed. I didn't know they were selling, they didn't know I had a trip planned. Perfect reason to use the insurance. Correct? Wrong. This company denied my claim, hiding behind the fine print. Totally rude employees. When I asked their last name, they wouldn't give it for fear of retribution. Really? They will not let you speak to the same person twice. They will not call you back so if they offer, stay on the phone or you won't talk to that person again. Because I wasn't terminated or laid off as per their wording, "the Insured or Traveling Companion is involuntarily terminated or laid off through no fault of his or her own", I do not meet the criteria. Please stay away from these folks. A complete and total rip off that will waste an awful lot of your time.
We had items stolen from our baggage after it was lost by the airline on the way from Canada to Miami. We were on a cruise and only got our lost bag back three days into the cruise in Mexico. After we left Mexico we suspected some items were missing (too late to file a Police Report) and only confirmed the items were missing when we got home to Canada. (Canadian police would not file a report as the items were not lost in Canada). Travel Guard denied our claim for theft because we did not file a police report. Our claim was for very little more than our premium. Do not expect this company to show any tolerance or give you a fair deal.
I am not surprised to see NOTHING but a sea of one star reviews. This insurance company is the ultimate bait-and-switch. I called them prior to making any changes and was told the claim would be covered if I provided 3 documents (of their choosing) which I did. Made my change and PAID for the change of $157 and per them once the travel was completed submitted the claim with the documentation they asked me for. CLAIM DENIED. No phone call. No questions asked just CLAIM DENIED. I let a supervisor know exactly what happened and what their employee told me so they are supposedly now in the process of pulling the recording. Not holding my breath. ** company. Save your $25!!!
I purchased AIG Travel Guard insurance, because I needed to book my trip, but I also knew there was a small chance that the trip might change by one day. Against the odds, it did - so I called Expedia, who told me that I cannot change my trip - instead, I'd have to cancel the trip, and re-book it, which I did, since I felt comfortable in the fact that I had cancellation insurance. But, when I filed a claim to recover the cost of the original flight, they told me (big surprise) that the reason I gave for the cancellation was not a valid one. (The reason was I had to be at my work one day earlier than I originally thought.) Any time I have EVER had a claim with this type of insurance, the insurer always ducks and dodges, and NEVER pays. It would be better to take $22 and use it to light your grill. Do NOT buy this insurance!
I purchased the cancellation insurance for my 5 family members and fell ill beforehand. Starting the claim was easy, I got my doctor to fill out the proper paperwork they required and received an approval in a few weeks and my cheque soon after. I would recommend.
Hurricane Florence directly hit my destination, killing over 40 people and leaving Wilmington NC an island. The airport would be open to fly into a few days after the storm but the surrounding area was in a state of emergency. Most of the city had little to no power, roads downtown were flooded and impassible. Since I am not a permanent resident of Wilmington they did not cover my cancellation. Unless you get a life threatening disease or someone you love dies moments before your flight this service is a scam. Expedia was 0 help as well. My advice would be to avoid Expedia and Never purchase Travel Guard. Expedia is useless in getting even a travel voucher from the airlines...(I do not think they even tried and just said the airlines said no) so when you cancel to file a claim there is no going back to the airlines and AIG just confirms your money is gone. It is a blatant scam. I will never use this or Expedia again. Book through the airlines.
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