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The Standard Insurance Company Online Reviews

Company Name: The Standard Insurance Company
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
Prior to having surgery, all of my disability forms were completed and sent to The Standard. On Page 1, it states that they are required by law to withhold 28% of my benefits, unless a W-4 form is submitted. I submitted my W-4 with all of my other forms and had my surgery. Checks began coming, then stopped and I was not given any notice. I called to ask why and was told that they needed the doctor to fill out forms. 3-4 weeks later I began getting paid again. After 3 months, my checks were significantly less. I called again and I was told that they forgot to withhold my federal income taxes. No one gave me any answers as to why and I was told that they made a mistake.I now owe over $5k in taxes to the IRS and when I called to rectify the issue, no one can give me an answer. I asked to speak with a supervisor... 2 days later, he's still on the other line. I continue to leave messages and no one calls me back. From the stopped payments, to the tax issues, to the unbelievably bad customer service, this company is an absolute nightmare to be covered by. Hope you never need these guys.
I was struck by lightning in 2014. I received Long term disability check from the Standard until my Social Security went through. I have PTSD therefore after 24 months I could not draw my Long term check from the Standard due to a clause in the policy so they started withholding my entire check several months before the checks were to stop. I received a very ugly letter requesting the entire balance that I am and was not in a position to pay due to being disabled and a very low income. They demanded that I pay a $100.00 a month or they would destroy my credit.I paid them $100.00 only in July 2015. I as agreed or they would put it on my credit. After that my husband and I wrote them a letter and told them that we could only pay $50.00. Then my Ss went down due to Medicare so we wrote another letter stating that all we could afford is $25.00 a month. They have been accepting my payments for 10 months now. Today I get a letter from a collection agency stating that I owe more than is owed and a judgment is being put against me.
I don't know where to begin. While on fmla I ran out of leave. Reported to Standard about my leave. I received 1 check, told my case closed. I needed to get more, send in doctor info. Gone a month without any income. Losing my home, could not get to rehab appt. Lost some of my benefits. Couldn't pay them, begging for and borrowing money. Just a nightmare, as I lay here and vent, now I am in tears.
As a teacher, you do not get any benefits unless you purchase them yourself. The Standard sent its representatives to our school which made it sound safe to purchase this insurance to take care of your bills should the time come. I was injured when my husband came back from Iraq, I was up on a ladder and fell on my way down. I landed on concrete, the Standard, knowing that I was a teacher and would know that word would get out fast when I realized that I was never told, or shown, all the clauses they had on their list, was at first very complying. CLAUSES: As a teacher you cannot be terminated from your job, or, you lose your benefits, also if you lose your license for whatever reason, you lose your benefits. If you don't see your doctor every month, you lose your benefits. Every other month or so, you must answer a booklet of the same questions you answered a couple of months before, if not you lose your benefits. If you are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it only covers you for 2 years and if you have myofascial you are covered for 3 years. If you suffer from any type of depression or other mental disease, you do not qualify and migraines are not taken into consideration. The problem is that a school district is not going to keep you because they have to replace you in order to run your class, if you can't teach, you can't maintain the training hours that you need yearly to keep your license, therefore you lose your license. And as for the depression, you are bound to get depressed if your world is turned upside down by a serious injury, so dealing with the stress of losing your income (because lord, knows our veterans can't find a decent job after serving their countries) compiled with a back and neck injury and diagnosed with fibro, and myofascial, you have no choice but to force yourself to go back to work against your better judgment. The Standard knows what they are doing... Their letters and clauses make it impossible for teachers to keep any type of long-term disability. I am being forced to stop working again because I cannot take the pain (causing me to lose so many days of work), but I do want to warn other teachers... There is no such thing as long term disability, I did my research after the fact and it was then that I discovered how many times The Standard has been sued and the most you are covered is 3 years... I have had several treatments and missed a lot of work days due to procedures done on my back, hips and neck. I cannot keep lying to my administrator, other teachers have mentioned that they can see I am in pain, but what can I do... My neck swells, my legs hurt to walk, and my back stiffens up, the migraines are debilitating and now I'm told that I also have arthritis. It may be too late for me, but I don't want others going through the torture I went through, not knowing from month to month if I would be able to pay my bills so I decided to warn others: The only thing this insurance company is taking care of is their bank accounts. They sent me the same exact letter (verbatim) they send to all the people that I read about that have lawsuits pending on them... Your benefits have ended due to what we have uncovered, should you decide to appeal your case, an unbiased doctor will be assigned to review your case ... Guess who the doctor works for. Oh, and you may be required to pay back the monies you have received. If anyone has won a case against them, please let me know... Hope this helps other educators or other professionals from falling for this false insecurity... I read cases that doctors, engineers and other professionals have pending against the STANDARD Insurance company. Please insist on a copy of their clauses or pamphlet (I'm sure they have one).
I contacted The Standard to cash out my life insurance policy. They said that it was term life so I would receive nothing for all of the payments that I have made. This is the policy that my last employer (UAMS) provided to retirees as long as we made the payments. Well, I won't be making any further payments. What a ripoff! I will say that the lady who answered the phone was pleasant. I hope that she is able to find a legitimate job soon instead of representing such a shoddy company.
The matter of my prior complaint on your website regarding The Standard Insurance Company has been resolved. Please withdraw my public comments and contact at the email provided regarding the status of this request. I may also be reach at the provided phone number. Thank you.
One would think that with a name The Standard they would be highly recommended... They are not! I have had an ongoing relationship with this company since 12/2010. I originally left my line of work as an RN to have a simple surgery that turned complex. I did struggle to retain my STD with Standard due to minor things such as paperwork not being filled out the way they wanted, the doctor didn't date it correctly, whatever. When it switched to LTD is when the real headaches started. My life was already turned upside down with this unexpected turn of events. I also have three young children and a household to TRY to maintain. Of course with all of this, if one doesn't already suffer from mental distress, they will. I already had major depression issues. The large demands of paperwork they give you is ridiculous!! The Standard will withhold your check without notice at any time. This happened to me multiple times. I took paperwork to the doctors but I don't have control if they don't all turn it in. But The Standard will keep that check and let your family starve! I don't know how anyone with a conscience can work there knowing what they are going to do to people. My PHYSICIANS have declared me disabled but Standard seems to think I can still work. They quit paying me 14 months before I got my settlement from SSD but they came knocking before I even knew I had the money in my account. Now here is where I am very upset! There is a small loophole that they are taking EXTRA money from my children. I didn't receive any extra money from them (Standard) because I had children but yet because my children received some money in the settlement, they are requesting that money back. I think it would be less of a headache to just keep the extra money and cancel the policies at this point! Horrible experience!
The Standard is the only long term disability company my institution works with so I applied for coverage which is a lengthy process (a state institution with change of benefits once yearly). This was advised me by a financial advisor and I’m in a professional position. From November 2017 I prepared my application and received a denial dated January 4 in mail. Based on medical records from my primary care physician they denied covering me due to a “shoulder disorder” as I had injured my left shoulder at the gym last year (where I go regularly or as an alternative go for 3-4 mile runs 2-3 times a week) that cleared up in a month’s time. Granted I do have mild chronic right shoulder pain that is muscular (I type often for work and commute several days a week 3 hours of driving round trip which leaves my right shoulder tight). I deal with it with exercise (work the muscle at least once a week through weights, yoga, Pilates, and or barre) and massage therapy (twice monthly at most). Apparently they Characterized that as a “shoulder disorder” and denied coverage to a healthy and fit professional who enjoys her career and considers cause for disability as needing to be something that limits my ability to teach, write grants and publish manuscripts, for example, suffering a bad accident with loss of use of upper limbs and/or brain damage. I plan to appeal this decision and read up on other entries in ConsumerAffairs on The Standard.
I was looking for a new insurance company for my family. Been with my previous ins. co 5 yrs. And rates were going to increase. After calling around they gave me a quote. But wanted a huge deposit. I did, apparently they claim they don't check records?? Which is bull!! (I don't buy that!!) You don't do business that way! After I started the policy. The women was extremely weird, she tells me I have to sign a waiver for any and all people that visit my home, my boys girlfriends and my friends etc. WTH?? I'VE NEVER HAD ANY INSURANCE COMPANY ASK ME THAT!! Or they will drop my coverage. I thought that was weird. Long story short. They cancelled my policy, 3 weeks later and would not refund at least half my deposit. BUT NO!!! They had these fees!! Very shady!! SUPER SHADY!!! Very leery. If something seems too good to be true it is!!! I would never recommend anyone there!!!
They are just like politicians. Promise to do and love to take your money but when it comes time that you need them. They refuse to pay out. My husband was a customer of theirs and was involved in a serious motorcycle wreck that left him fighting for his life and permanently disabled. After jumping through all the 7,832 hoops they wanted and letting them have access to all his doctors. They stopped payments and refused to honor their policy; yet my husband is still disabled and cannot work. Save your money and never never never give a dime to usable. They are thieves.
It would take pages and pages to describe the hell I went through. If you are offered LTD benefits paid by your University, decline, again Decline. Being I worked for a university hospital, I was shocked, to find out, this place which offers you this Bad Faith insurance company to its employees who are highly intelligent, have a LTD carrier with this Standard Insurance company and don't release that it will do everything under the sun to not pay a dime. I am currently looking for an attorney to deal with Bad faith LTD.First, people think LTD kicks in when Short Term ends, that is the reason you have it so you do not become financial ruined. Forget it. Standard forces you to sign for SSD, then estimates your payments, and immediately subtracts it from their payment, I had a basic which was 70 percent of my salary. After my estimated SSD was subtracted, I was given just the minimum they had to pay 50 dollars a month. They said I would begin receiving the 750 from them, after I receive my first denial letter, in 1991, that took 9 months, to get. I used the equity in my home to replace my salary, then after having to deal with the hell back then of social Security Disability, I got my denial letter, and sent it to them.Finally almost going bankrupt, I was told before they issued a check, I had to sign a document, saying I would have to pay every dime back if I won SSD. That it would be considered an overpayment, I never signed it and for whatever reason, they screwed up and sent me the money anyway without my agreeing to pay it back. Continuing to pressure me to speak and appeal 3 or 4 times and then facing a judge who immediately awarded me SSD, I notified them of my award. I received a letter requesting all payments made to me, be returned to them in full, exactly all of my back SSD, mind you they put me in a whole, suffering large late fees because of getting only 50, now they demand one lump sum. I asked them "are you saying you want my SSD award check all of it." On many times I asked, "No" they said "we want the money we gave you back."If they said they wanted my SSD check, that would be against the Social Security Act, that would be in violation of it since no creditor can force you to give SSD back. After sending letters many of them, they said that they would stop sending me the 170, they had to give me a month, because surprise their estimate was too high. So I never received a penny for 11 years, until they got all their money back, I had to go to their Doctor for him to see if I was disabled, even though at that time I was SSD, their standards were harder to meet than SS was. I tried to tell personnel they needed to be truthful when they gave their benefit talks, things are worse for employees now.The biggest deception was with Standard. You are able to cover more of your salary, basic was free but for can pick to pay an amount expression, pennies on the dollar for that increase. Turns out it can be a good amount, but they have no idea of this bad faith company, because SSD also increases. The more money you make, SSD increases also, more money you make. The more education you have the less likely you will collect anything. So they get to get more money from you and appears to me, it's wonderful for them, great money making way to get free money. In Nov 2014, I was told I was retired, and all Disability.Get private LTD insurance not with them, since the university pays for the basic, if you have private it is tax deductible, and research the private one beforehand. The danger of thinking you are paid if your short term disability ends, gives you a false sense of security. Beware, tell your employer you do not want this so called free benefit, you must verify if this company your employer uses, most likely it's cheap for them, but expensive for you.
My father passed away in November 2014 and as of today, May.. we are still waiting for the insurance monies from Standard Life Insurance. My father had two cancer policies.. We had mailed all the information the insurance company asked for in two envelopes and had put the different policy numbers on the packet of information requested. They continue to get the two policies confused, saying they paid on both but actually only on one.. They sent the checks on my late father's name not the estate of and the banks won't cash them of course. We had to send the checks back to them along with a form the attorney had to fill out...To this day, no replacement checks nor no checks for the remaining policy we had...VERY FRUSTRATING... When we call for an update the customer service representative says someone will call us back and still waiting for that also.
I have systemic lupus, I am disabled. I received my claim benefits after waiting about 8 months. Then, at the 2-year review, they cut me off with NO NOTICE because they wanted proof I cancelled my professional license. One thing had nothing to do with the other! But I cancelled my license because I thought I had to, then they still made me sign an affidavit that I was not working and finally reinstated my benefits. Their letters were ridiculously long and exceptionally poorly written. They put me in a very bad financial position. Then, my husband got injured and put in a claim. After about 8 months of wrangling, he got a partial payment. They used a skewed method to recalculate his wages, and stopped paying after his surgery, not when the doc released him. He went back and corrected them (he received multiple very long, very poorly written letters as well). Then they came back and said he did not work full time and never should have been paid in the first place and want the money back. HUH??? There are witnesses he worked full time. How do these people arrive at this logic? So now after determining there is no way to make sense out of their last 12-page denial letter, he put in yet another dispute and they say they get yet another 45 days to investigate. Are these guys for real? Their math, methods and logic make no sense whatsoever. This should be a simple claim, pay it! They did send premiums back but the check has not been cashed. I understand it probably looks bad with both of us having claims, but everything has been backed medically. None of their objections were for anything medical because they know they cannot dispute that. Instead they try to dredge up as much ** as they can on other items hoping something will stick. Is there a class action suit against these guys? There should be. We don't want to lawyer up because of the % the attorneys take so we are trying to hold off. Not sure if that will work though for much longer.
I had a long term disability claim with The Standard. From the onset of signing the contract it is drilled into the client that it is the client's responsibility to update the company if the claim turns into a social security disability or PERS retirement disability claim, and update any new medical information. Good luck with that. Every call I made was greeted with literally, "What are you calling me for?" My analyst didn't bother to update my file when I called. She wanted me off of the phone. Instead of waiting the 4 days needed to get medical information from my doctor before sending it off for physician review, she just sent the claim in without it and jeopardized my claim. When I called her on it she said, "So what, you can always appeal."For a person facing intracranial surgery and a year of recovery time, that is not an option. Every effort I made to contact her supervisor resulted in attempting to cover their asses legally instead of correcting the performance of the analyst. I had to threaten legal action to get a new analyst, so they are punishing me by delaying my claim. The manager of the disability department still refuses to take any responsibility for her employee's shoddy performance and nasty attitude with customers. I fully expect retribution with my claim because I pushed the issue. If that happens, I will contact an attorney.
STANDARD, LTD benefits... get a good attorney. I'm disabled type 1 juvenile onset diabetic... 30+ years… neuropathy from my hips down... multiple injury related surgeries and so on. 3 of my doctors concur with permanent total disability. Yet they use their paid for drs that have never even met you to evaluate your medical records in an attempt to deny you.After months and months of stress and grief and sleeping trouble I decided to dive into who these people really are... OMG. They are worse than greasy used car salesmen. They lie for a living. They push people to the brink and hope that person gives up. Note... these people are already disabled, WTF. They lie about everything, from receiving faxes, medical records, mail sent. They laugh at my despair. If you’re unlucky enough like me you will be assigned to a senior case analyst. This is a person that has worked their way up in screwing disabled people out of their benefits. If you're like me I have nothing... but the will to fight these people until the bitter end, with a GOOD attorney... good luck...
Definitely do not recommend. They do not offer any expertise, professionalism, assistance, guidance, or any help whatsoever if you file a claim. I have never had such horrible customer service, not to mention being lied to about the claim process. Yes, it is cheap. As they say, you get what you pay for. Thankful for the at-fault driver's insurance company. They have gone above and beyond. Even they can't believe the "service" from Standard. Standard insurance is way, way, way, below standard. Stay away from Standard!!
For 25 yrs, I've worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic. During this time, I have unfortunately experienced a number of physical injuries (neck degeneration, shoulder range of motion limitations, back herniation, hip labrum tear with advanced arthritis, knee degeneration ankle sprains, muscle strains, sprains and tears, hernia, etc). Finally in 2010, a cervical fusion and dissection of C3-C5 was performed to stabilize my neck from a approximately 6 year injury and side effects from the surgery, as well as other physical limitations while attempting to rehabilitate ended my career.For the first time, it was necessary for me to put my fate in the hands of an insurance company (STANDARD) for some financial support. In my opinion, What a JOKE this company is. RUDE PEOPLE, OUTRAGEOUS REQUIREMENTS and DOWNRIGHT BAD FAITH should be the selling point for this company. DO YOUR research before purchasing what they are selling.
Short/Longterm disability insurance - My story is complicated so I would like to advise anyone considering either of these coverages to think twice if it's with the Standard. I paid for both coverages for 22 years through my state job. I am totally and permanently disabled. During the process of my illness I expected to receive an income as I tried to prepare for this type unforeseen situation being single. What I want others to know is that I received approximately $6000 worth of short term benefits and they tried to stop that twice. I was denied any long term benefits even after an appeal. The final decision was just because you're disabled by one entity doesn't mean you're disabled by The Standard. Really!!!!!! They are a rip off and truly failed me as a consumer. For all that is worth, I would have come out better starting an account to be available for me. If this is the means by which the Standard has succeeded they are desperate. Don't be ripped off! The Standard is a facade!!!!
I was hoping by their insured on a rainy day, she was drive extremely fast when she lost control and after sliding all over the highway she hit my car. Fast forward a few weeks, I had to wait for the police report to get her information, and I put the claim in to have my car repaired. Fast forward almost 4 months and I just learned the person handling my claim no longer works there, which is why my claim was never process. Now I at least know that much but I learned that I have to pay out-of-pocket for the rental car.Standard did say they will reimburse me for the cost of the rental, but how can I trust they won't drag their feet on getting the correct to me? Never mind the fact that when I told the new person handling my claim that I could not afford the cost of a rental. All I got from him in response was an "oh well that's how we do it here." I guess I'm expected to not have a vehicle while my car is being repaired? Do yourself a favor and if you're ever hit by someone with Standard Insurance just go get a lawyer and let the professionals handle this company. You'll thank me in the long term.
My son became ill the first of November and was not able to work. He had enough sick time built up to pay him until the end of January. He then filed for his STD with The Standard. It took over a month to get his first check which was only for 3 days. The reason, they needed more information. The doctor had sent in the paperwork and said that he was unable to work for a minimum of 3 months. The Standard said they needed more information because they have to send it to a 3 party "Medical Staff" to review his medical records. After speaking with David, Benefit Claims Specialist, I asked to speak with his supervisor. When I spoke with Carla all she wanted to tell me is that they needed more information. I asked her to tell me specifically what it was they needed. She said they need his medical records so they could determine if he really could work or not. I said, "You got paperwork from a Doctor saying that he couldn't and you are telling me that's not good enough." Her response was, "We are not trained Medical Experts so we have to send it to a 3rd party."I said, "That was not acceptable because all you are doing is dragging your feet and not paying my son his STD." Her response was, "He's a correctional officer, he can work." I told Carla, "Oh, you're not a medical expert but you are a Correctional Expert." Now the doctor has said that he cannot drive because of the tics that he has, along with migraines and stuttering. He has Chiari Malformation and is going to require surgery. I gladly explained to Carla (Correctional Officer Expert) that he picks up inmates and takes them out on detail. Her response was they need more information. I get a call the next day to let me know that his STD will be paid thru the end of February. Then at the end of February, I have to call again to find out why he isn't getting paid again. Once again, they need more information. A week later, they call to say that he is covered thru Mid-April until his next doctor's appointment. Then David, Benefits Claim Specialist, informs me that his benefits run out May 6. I said, "How is that possible because he should have 6 months worth of STD?" David informed me that it goes back to the date of the first occurrence which was November 6, 2013. I said, "You didn't start paying him until January 28, 2014." So not only is the customer service horrid, they rip off their insureds as well. They do everything they can to delay your claim or try anything they can to not pay your claim. When I asked Carla, (Correctional Officer Specialist) if she could live off of $210 a month (3 days worth of pay) she said she didn't know why she should have to answer that. My response was, "You expect my son to!!!!"
I have always purchased STD/LTD policy through an employer, and I did as well when I worked at SFC (Shoes for Crews, LLC). SFC offered STD/LTD policies post-tax, so deductions were taken from my paycheck. I have been always purchased these policies, as backup in case I was in the situation of not being able to work for an extended period of time. SFC offered a STD/LTD policy from The Standard (Portland, OR). The policy itself was very expensive - I should have seen this warning sign. I had to go out for a lumbar fusion w/ S1 nerve root decompression and support rods. I had been told recovery was anywhere from three months to two years. So I went on FMLA using my vacation and sick pay. The corporation, SFC, is horrible to its employees about disabilities, illness and general overall care and safety. My recovery was going to be longer than the FMLA - so I decided to use the LTD. I asked SFC's HR dept. for the STD/LTD paperwork as I wanted to file a claim. First, I was told I could not (SFC is well known for violating employee civil rights, SFC has a lot of labor violations with DOL). I fought with SFC HR dept. to file a claim, threatened to file complaint with DOL. So, I was given the form to file a claim. If you went straight to The Standard for the claim, they would just re-route you back to the employer, vicious cycle. I filed an STD/LTD claim with The Standard. They initially paid the STD claim and then started paying on the LTD portion of the claim. Since I am considered an HCE (Highly Compensated Employee) - I maxed out the monthly amount for the policy. I made more than their highest claim offer. After about five months, The Standard finally called and stated they approved the LTD claim. So, I started to receive a check monthly, but every month, I either receive requests for reevaluation, physical capacity assessments, requests for financial information, literally the anal probe. This went on every month, then just about every day they would call and harass me. Heather ** would call and harass about needing additional medical information. Mind you, they had all my medical records, but the constant daily harassment by Heather ** of The Standard, just about broke me. I was depressed from all the harassment from Heather - I shy to answer the phone anymore. Then Rebecca ** of The Standard started calling and harassing me about my personal life, making judgement calls, belittling me, calling me names, said I was lying about my claim. I received a daily dose of The Standard's harassment by Rebecca ** and Heather **. You might think, well, do not answer the phone. Well, in addition to the harassment and homophobic remarks, I was told that if I made myself inaccessible (i.e., not answer the phone and receive the abuse), my benefits would be cutoff. So here is this corporation, The Standard, and its abusive employees, Rebecca ** and Heather **, harassing and abusing me over the phone, then telling me if I did not answer the phone and accept the abuse, my benefits would be cutoff the next month. When I did file for a LTD claim, I was fired by Shoes for Crews, LLC for being disabled. Now I am on a disability claim with The Standard with their employees Rebecca ** and Heather ** abusing me verbally on a daily basis. To add insult to injury, Rebecca told me over the phone I was "faking" my injuries and recovery, so she started surveillance on me and everyone around me. The Standard's illegal surveillance activity got pictures of many of my family and friends, who are now considering legal action for violation of their civil rights, as they were stalked as well. Based on the fabricated lies of The Standard's stalker, The Standard cancelled my claim, left me hanging in the middle of another fusion surgery without any financial support after paying for their expensive policy. In addition, one aspect of their policy that they do not disclose to unassuming victims of their policy is that if you have to file for SSA disability, then they deduct from the LTD benefit whatever you might get from SSA - not what you do get, what you might get. If you are denied SSA Disability, then The Standard will cancel your LTD benefit. I was told by an attorney, that The Standard - Rebecca ** will work to get you off claim and keep you off claim. Personally, I hope Heather ** and Rebecca ** have an accident, break their backs in three places, drop anchor in a wheelchair and be treated just like they have treated me and many other poor souls that I presume that have to die due to their escapades.
My husband works for a large, reputable corporation. The company had previously looked after their own long term disability insurance. Much to our disappointment, new leadership selected The Standard to provide long term disability insurance beginning 2019. My husband received a devastating health diagnosis in 2018 and has been on short term disability that will end in December. He will be undergoing a medical procedure that is automatically guaranteed one year of disability through SSDI, but my husband plans to return to work after he recovers well before the one year mark, barring any unforeseen complications or side effects. In the meantime, The Standard was nice enough to let us know that long term disability from Jan. 1-Jan. 31 won't be paid out until early February, effectively putting us one month behind in bills. My husband would typically receive bi-weekly pay, but thanks to The Standard, he won't see one paycheck in January. I am out on unpaid FMLA to care for my husband, using savings to cover my pay. With thousands in medical bills coming in on top of regular household bills, not receiving any pay for an entire month is unacceptable. And this is just the beginning. you have a choice, stay far, far away from The Standard.
I was duped by the salesman into thinking this was health insurance. Not so, it's for accidents and sickness only. $300 a month for almost 2 years. I admit I'm naive. However, I was clearly taken advantage of. They shouldn't be allowed to practice this.
Signed a contract with Standard Insurance with full knowledge of my history, I disclosed all my information, my Social Security #, DOB, Address. Paid my initial payment fees of $296.00, only to find out that in less than 3 weeks, they canceled my insurance, and took all my money. I tried to get my money back, only to find a rude agent who did not care about clients and had a very bad attitude. Lost my down payment and lost my insurance, I call this a theft by check.
I have been a customer for over 25 years. My son just passed away at age 28 and I was informed he was not covered because he was over 21. No one ever informed me of this but took my money for the premium. In a time of loss and then find out I can't bury my child is very hard.
After my wife Denise passed The Standard Insurance Co. had me jumping through hoops sending them documents and releasing documents with the promise to pay off the policy. They even left me voice mails saying "Be patient." Well that was all a lie. These companies should be ashamed of themselves for jerking people around while knowing full well they have no intention of paying on the policy if they can get out of it. The companies that buy cut-rate life insurance policies for their employees should be ashamed as well. Shame on all of you for what you do to decent people.
The Company denies receiving info even when there is proof. The company will always override the doctors disability medical reasons. My Claim was dropped after a few weeks of pay with no notice as I wait for a much needed check. Managers and adjustors requesting add info but not willing to pay for them so they decide not to pay. My send what is needed but there is still no check.
This policy was purchased through FedAdvantage and at the time of purchases the company did not state that they deduct income from personal time off (leave, annual or sick) from your benefit. I make over $100k a year and for my pregnancy claim I received $930 for 3 months of sickness because I used my leave to keep my health & life insurance & 401k benefits going. Basically they cheat their customers by deducting 100% of anything you earn pretax from the 66% they are supposed to pay. So if you make 1000 and are supposed to get 600 from them if you use your leave to cover 300 for your benefits they will only pay you 300 because you "earned" money. This insurance might only pay out a benefit if you allow all your other benefits like health & life insurance to lapse or if you are totally & completely disabled with no chance of working ever again.I have paid more in premiums in one year than I have received in benefits. In my opinion this "insurance" is a sham. There was no intention to ever really pay. In addition, to the fact that my doctor still has me on leave from complications of my pregnancy that have not resolved & they are not honoring that at this time. They have a back to work benefit which basically is the same premise 100% of what I make is deducted from a reduced benefit which washes out to me getting nothing. Buyer beware! The rider does not indicate that they will make every deduction and every effort possible to not pay the full benefit that they advertise when getting you to sign up. This insurance is the WORST. The absolute WORST.
I went out on disability and was told that I would get 60% of my pay but that it may be a little less because of my retirement. All the paperwork was filled out with the county that I worked for and submitted, everything was ok for a little while but then they came back and said that they did not know that I was receiving retirement. My retirement is only a little over $300.00 a month. Then they came back and said that I owe them all this back pay and that I will not receive a check until it is all paid back. I ask if I could pay payments on it but was told that I cannot. What am I supposed to pay my bills with and get my medications with? Why do we even pay for insurance when they are not here for us when we need them? This is so wrong and from what I am reading about these people, I seriously doubt that I owe them anything!
I am a school bus driver and started experiencing extreme lethargy, pain, and headaches. It finally became so consistent I had to stop working. I have been paying extra out of every check for 3 years just in case. After I got my Medical paperwork in, I was told I would receive a letter from Standard. Well I never received the letter. I called them to see what was going on and was told I was denied because I could still do my job. I then sent them a statement from my doctor stating it was unsafe for me to drive. They said that wasn't enough. I have now changed doctors, turned in all new paperwork from her stating it’s unsafe for me to perform my job of driving a school bus until they get medications worked for fibromyalgia. Was told last week when I left message with reviewer that she would call back, she never did. Now today, they still denied me stating I could do my job. I'm told a manager will call me back. Haven't so far. Seems after reading everybody's that it's pretty much the same story. Wonder if there can be a class action lawsuit?
Due to the VOLUMES OF NEGATIVE REVIEWS, I'd like to just throw this out there for anyone who might be interested. I'd like to propose that a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT be initiated on behalf of all of the dissatisfied claimants who have been bilked right out of their benefits which are rightfully owed them. If any attorney wants to take on this cause, thousands will be eternally grateful for your compassion and tenacity.In the past, I personally viewed one of my claims adjusters profiles on FB. This is what she said, "I love my job, working for one of the greatest companies (something to that effect)!" This infuriated me as I took out a supplemental plan with this company through my employer in 2005 just as a backup IF I became unable to work. They had NO PROBLEM DRAWING MY PREMIUM MONTHLY WITHOUT FAIL! Once I became disabled due to Major surgery and complications after, STOPPED paying any benefits when they desired to do so. Very, ruthless, deceptive, unethical, bogus company that I ever encountered in my entire life.
For the first 16 or less months I had no problems with this Company and then I receive a letter stating they are cutting off my benefits due to their doctors (mind you who have never seen me) who believe I can work at my old job but with restrictions. I have acute heart disease and acute vein disease where they took veins to do quadruple bypass which have closed back up. After the surgery I became so infected PA of surgeon thought they would have to go back in to redo work and clean out infection so I lay on couch for seven days a week with only being able to go to doctor twice a week and in-home health care three days a week. But now I have not been released to go back to work and I have no money to pay bills (they don't care but karma is a ** and what goes around comes around guys).
I ended up hiring an attorney and yes these type of lawyers are not cheap, but this type of fight you just can't do on your own. Well it has been a long year fighting The Standard and a very depressing year of physical and financial problems. I just received a call from my attorney and he said they received the answer to my appeal and the letter says I am approved. Since this has been a nightmare fighting them, I guess I won’t believe it until I see the money. I also have heard The Standard is great for approving you then paying a little while and then cutting you off. I am very young so I hope I am not in battles with them for years on end but advice I can give anyone is hire a lawyer who specializes in this area. Good luck everyone and wish me luck for the future.
Had a couple of Issue and asked to have automatically withdrawal out of my account for payment. Was unaware I had no insurance until the bank notified me. Went back to make sure this time I had paperwork drawn up to have payment withdrawn out of my account again. 9 months went by I let my son borrow my car and he happened to get a ticket. The ticket he had got was for no insurance and I was unaware I had no insurance again. I called the company. I got ahold of corporate. They told me they would get back to me and check on the situation. I got a call back in regards to the situation a hold and she told me it was corporate's mistake and if I had the $900 for the back pay that they would go ahead and continue my insurance. I told her I did not have the $900. She told me that if I had payment each month for the last 9 months that I should be able to pay the $900 back. I told her it was corporate mistake that I did not have 900 in my bank. I then told her that it was two weeks before Christmas and that if she wanted the money that bad I would take back all of my grandkids Christmas presents and take a picture of the empty tree so they can have their $900 that they messed up on. She then told me that she would call me back and get a hold of corporate because I did inform her that I would put it on Facebook and the internet anything I had to do to let him know that my grandkids how their Christmas was this year and told her that I would put it on Facebook of everything she then told me that she would call me back and get a hold of corporate. She call me a of couple days later and tell me that they were going to Forfeit the 900 and start a new contract 3 days later. My son went to court a month later in regards to the situation. He ended up getting a fine for $200 for no insurance. What a surprise they did not back the three days. They started a new contract three days later so when he went to court there was no insurance. Surprise. I then called the company back in regards to the situation. She informed me that she had brought it to my attention. I told her "yes you did" but whether it was going to be benefited to him or to me you still messed up strike three because of the ticket was in my name. I still had no proof of insurance because it wasn't dated back 3 days prior to when the ticket was issued so that's strike three that they still did not do their job.
I had foot surgery Oct. 31, 2014 and my projected return to work date was Jan. 4, 2015. December of 2014, I started having problems with my big toe swelling and the doc sent me for an x-ray. My foot was not totally healed so the doc would not release me for work because of this and I couldn't drive because I was still wearing the boot after the surgery and it couldn't come off until the foot was healed completely. My next appointment was Jan 14, 2015. I informed the Standard and they sent out more paperwork which I took to my doctors as soon as I got it. I get a letter from the Standard that my claim was closed. I called them and they said my doctor didn't put a date on the form for my return to work. How could he put a date when he didn't know if my foot was going be healed at the next visit? I am now going for P.T. because the muscles in my foot are all messed up from wearing that boot for two and a half months.I contacted my workplace H.R. dept. and they contacted the Standard. The Standard asked them for my job description but what good is that if I couldn't drive to begin with??? I WILL CONTACT THEM AGAIN.
First of all, when The Standard came to our company, we were told there would be no fees for our 401k. Then when the quarterly statement came out, we were charged $12.32. We were not allowed to take our funds out as long as we were a Wingspan employee. So, they continued to take the $12.32 out, which I was barely even making that much in my return on investment. Wingspan has since went bankrupt and on top of all the money, they have taken out of my account in fees that were never supposed to be charged. They charged $75 just to cut me a check for my money that I withdrew. I just withdrew money from my JPMorgan Chase retirement account (for the record, a lot more than I withdrew from the Standard) and they didn't charge me a penny. This company has been crooked from the start and I would not recommend them to anyone.
On this day last year I was a pedestrian hit by an SUV. I suffered injuries and I am still in the healing process from a traumatic brain injury. Aden ** an analyst with Standard has been a total screw up on my LTD benefits. She made several mistakes on my claim and then she tells me that I owe for an overpayment of 1600 due ASAP. I don't have that kind of money laying around so now I am unable to pay my bills. I have asked to speak to a supervisor and I am still waiting for one to call me back. Even the new analyst that I was transferred to name Sharron ** has done a disappearing act!!! I wished that I had seen the previous reviews before I choose the Standard for my long and short term disability benefits insurer. I wonder if they have ever had a class action lawsuit filed against them. If not, they sure need to have one filed and I would definitely be willing to be a participant in the lawsuit against this company.
Warning!! I listen to KLTY on my car radio, about 4 years ago I heard a commercial that advertised Standard Insurance agency... Have people on there testifying how much money they save on their auto and home insurance. So since the office was located near my home I took my current policy that I had with Farmers into the location and ask for a quote on the insurance that I currently had... And lo and behold they came back with a quote my auto and home that saved me several hundred dollars a year. Thought I was getting a good deal until I had to make a claim... I had water pipes under my house break. I have insurance through American Home Shield to fix my water pipes. But when I went to make a claim for the water damage to my floors Standard Insurance does not cover damage from broken water pipes or almost anything else. After researching about other complaints I find that lots of other people have problems with claims. When I called the company they said I had a policy that was called HOA. Basically that's a policy for Condominiums not for the normal homeowner. When I asked Standard Insurance they said that's the only policy they offer in Texas. Lesson learned you get what you pay for... Now I'm stuck paying for these floors that I thought I was paying for insurance to cover stuff like that. Just wanted to warn you just because you hear it on a Christian radio station doesn't mean that the company has Christian morals. Don't want anyone else to find out the hard way like I did.
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