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The Home Service Club Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: The Home Service Club
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 601-1009
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 96 %
Once, when I was little, my parents bought my grandparent's home. Now, my grandparents still live there so my parents wanted to be sure what we were doing would secure them. They picked up an HSC plan. I think mom said it was the top most comprehensive plan. They were good to my grandparents so often that now that I'm a homeowner I picked up a plan too.
I would absolutely recommend The Home Service Club! They were very professional and they worked FAST.
I was really impressed with The Home Service Club. The plans are great and very inclusive. They people with their problems and keep them save. Their customer service is on point i love them and their service. I would highly recommend them.
We have had The Home Service Club for 4 years now and it has been great. Every time we have needed service, they have been there for us in every possible way. We recently had an issue with the water heater. They sent out a plumber. He recommended replacing the water heater and that's what they did, not even an issue - the new water heater was install the same day.
The Home Service Club was a GREAT choice for me. We didn't expect to lose two major appliances while we were on vacation, but when we got home they were fast to help out. Can't ask for better.
Home service club is the best for home warranty and they provide various plans of insurance for your appliances. They have a good customer service and makes us easy to opt for an insurance without worrying about anything. I would definitely recommend this home warranty service to everyone.
We chose HSC because the people were vey nice, the prices was in my budget, and I had just bought a house and wanted coverage for my appliances. Not too long after we got the policy, my dishwasher went out. I called and they sent someone over. It was fixed. Thanks.
Excellent customer service. I called then so they could explaining everything to me. They where very helpful and patient with me so they could made sure to answer every question I had. I am very thankful i found them. Would recommend any and everyone. Thank you so much!
I called the Home Service Club to purchase a policy. The CSR named Rei I spoke to was polite, knowledgeable, and advised me on several ways to save money. All in all, it was a positive experience. I'm looking forward to receiving my policy with the knowledge that my home is protected.
My dad has owned his home for thirty years. We grew up there and loved it. So many memories. When it was threatened by flooding, we got proactive and called the Insurance Company and the Warranty Company. We discussed options and with their help we were able to create a plan of action in the event the flooding became more than it was. Thankfully, the house was spared and we came out the other end with a good feeling that it will be secured thanks to HSC.
My garage door opener was jammed and I was locked out. I called HSC and had it repaired. I was well satisfied with the service. I will continue to use the service.
Excellent I would recommend to my friends and family
Calling on a contractor is usually pretty rough. It can mean making a lot of phone calls until you find the right one with a price and experience you can handle. Thankfully, I don't do that anymore. I make one call to HSC and whoever they pick fits what we need and when needed our budget too. Because HSC suggests them, I can be assured the contractor is a quality person qualified for whatever the task!
Home warranty is the best. If your stuff breakdown and need fixing especially if you are not the person who can do it for yourself. If you have things stop working in your home you would know what I mean. This Club is one of the best to have insurance with. Their service is good and reliable.
Being a first time homeowner, I wasn't sure what to look for in a home warranty plan but they helped me and answered all the questions that i have had. Best service I've had.
My water heater went out and it had been below freezing outside for days on end. It is great to have the piece of mind that a home warranty plan provides. Home Service Club has just the right service that I was looking for. With one call the problem is taken care of. I didn't have to go searching for repairmen or other contractors. Thank you HSC
I purchased a warranty from The Home Service Club and it was the best decision I’ve made. They have wonderful customer service and are very quick to fix any issues I’m having with my appliances. I highly recommend this company to every home owner!
I was really happy with The Home Service Club. They went above and beyond answering all my questions. The plans are great and very inclusive. I highly recommend.
Very good service. Repair man was polite and knowledgeable but a part had to be ordered from the supplier so it did take about a week. The company was helpful and on point and everyone was always polite. Made it easy for my busy schedule.
I have experienced nothing but poor customer service from HSC. The list of issues that I have experienced runs the full gamut, including (1) requesting service and not receiving a call back until one week after the service request was made, (2) waiting no less than 10 minutes for a customer service representative to answer when calling the 800 number, (3) being dissatisfied with the vendor response upon being assigned, and (4) a lack of follow-through when offerings have been made for resolution of a problem. I will address each issue more specifically below: 1. I once requested service via the website using their submit a claim link. Despite the service request having been submitted, I heard nothing. It wasn't until a week (or perhaps a couple of days) later that I received a call from HSC, asking whether I still needed the service work that I had originally requested. It was a plumbing issue, so for all they knew, my home could have been flooded. Although the customer service agent did apologize, there just seemed to be no excuse as to why so much time had passed before I received a response from HSC. 2. Each and EVERY time that I have called HSC, no matter what time of day the call was made, I always wait on hold at least 10 minutes before the call is answered by a customer service representative. It is unacceptable. I do not know if their call center is under-staffed or they always are experiencing a high call volume, but that is the first red flag about respect for their customers' time. 3. Most times when I would call to make a claim for service and I was made aware by HSC that a vendor had been assigned (I'd estimate 4 out of the 6 claims), it would take at least 2 days to receive a call back from the vendor to set up an appointment for the service, even when the claim was listed as emergent (due to having a 1 year old at home and having mostly HVAC issues). I have, at times (at least twice), had to call the vendor instead of waiting on them to call me because the days would continue to roll by and the response had not yet come. 4. I understand that with any home warranty company there are limitations as to what they will not cover and that is to be expected. I was unaware that HSC did not cover mismatched HVAC systems (one brand for the air handler inside and a second brand for the unit outside). My upstairs unit had been previously deemed eligible for replacement, but because the system was mismatched, they would only provide me with a "good will" credit of $845 toward the replacement of the system, as to opposed to the full percentage they would typically cover. At the time, my family was not in a position to pay the remainder of a nearly $7000 replacement cost, so we declined the replacement. Subsequently, that same system continued to give us problems. On a Saturday with hot and humid Virginia weather, I called to make a claim that our upstairs unit was not cooling and that the claim was emergent. I asked for a callback the same day, but did not receive a call back until the next day, as I anticipated I might (or if not later) just given the track record of responsiveness that HSC had demonstrated in the past. Given that fact, we sought out a company on our own to try to have the system repaired that same day because there would have been no way for us to stay in the home overnight given the temperatures. That was done and received a receipt for that service completion. When HSC called on Sunday to say that a vendor was assigned and we'd have to wait for the vendor to contact us, I told them not to bother because we had someone come out to make the repair already. The customer service representative with whom I spoke advised for me to submit the receipt for consideration of reimbursement (total of $233), which I did. Subsequently, my husband and I decided to go ahead and replace the system because we'd had so many issues with it and it was original to the home (20+ years old). We did not go through the home warranty because we'd just paid $200+ for the repair and didn't want to pay another $100 deductible to potentially now be told that the system was fine and not eligible for repair. But, because we'd been previously offered the good will credit, I, again, called HSC to inform them of the system repair and was told to submit the receipt for reimbursement, which I did. With each of those receipt submissions (one of 8/24/17 and the second on 8/30/17), I anticipated that I would receive a call back within a week or so. I did not. I called HSC twice during the week of 9/11/17 to inquire about the receipt submissions because I still had not heard anything. I was told that someone from the HVAC department would get back to me because there was no way to directly transfer to that department. So, again, I waited. I called this week (week of 9/18) to again inquire and was told by the customer service representative, so placed me on hold to figure out what was going on that I would not be receiving the reimbursements with no true explanation. I ultimately had a supervisor call me back upon my request and she said that I would not be eligible for reimbursement for either the service work or the system replacement (not even the good will credit that had been previously offered) because I used a vendor with whom HSC does not have a contract, and as such, there would be a liability issue. I don't understand the liability argument, given that HSC claims to warranty products and systems that more than likely have been installed by a vendor (not one of their own) when a homeowner initially begins their contact with their company. All in all, HSC has poor customer service concern and is looking for any loophole to not live up to their end of the bargain, despite never being late or unresponsive when asking for the payment on their end.
Finding a home warranty company isn’t always easy. The Home Service Club takes the guesswork out and provides stellar service and as well as reliable coverage. Professional company that you can trust!
Great service! This is the second time that I had to use the Home Service Club since obtaining the warranty. They always show up when I expect and send a text before arriving. Last time it was for my outlet and this time it's for the dryer. The technician found that the dryer had a faulty thermal fuse and replaced it. That was last week and so far everything's fine.
The HSC warranty is very good to have. I have a policy and when my dryer stopped heating up, they sent over a repair man. Unfortunately, it was not repairable, so they ordered me a new one. I am glad because we have seven people in our family and we give the washer/dryer quite a workout. The dryer is good now.
This company is the best. I was able to get a home warranty plan for a reasonble price. I highly recommend this price for your home warranty needs.
The day before we closed on our first home, my mother gifted me an HSC Standard plan. I spoke to their very knowledgable customer service agent on the phone around the time we moved in. They were very helpful with navigating what we would need to do and when. Thanks!
When you have a houseful after a storm, the laundry piles up. Oh boy does it ever pile up! My mud room looked like an extention of my backyard after the washer broke. It was a little part, but I don't have the knowledge or experience to do the repair. Thankfully, it was covered by my HSC plan. A contractor was out the next day and I was able to get my mud room looking like a room again.
The warranty from HSC really comes in handy. If you buy an older home, you must get one. I have had my dishwasher and washing machine repaired last year (not at the same time) and both experiences were great. I just had to pay my deductible. I am very happy.
I have had The Home Service Club for about 2.1/2 years now and it has been awesome. Every time I have needed service, they have been there for me . I recently had an issue with the water heater. They sent out a plumber. He recommended replacing the water heater and that's what they did, not even an issue - the new water heater was install the same day.
If you visit their site it says this is the place for people who are tired of not having a home warranty. I'm going to tell you they are so much more than that. They have been peace of mind for my aging parents, and comfort for their children. They have been friendly, helpful, and kind. They have kept my parents home covered where insurance stopped. Thanks HSC for your help!
I used a different company before and hated them very much. I switched over to using The Home Service Club and quickly discovered that they have the lowest cost of all companies that provide such warranties. My oven needed to be fixed and they sent a repairman. He worked on it longer than I thought he would but he finally let me know that it needed to be replaced. I made the second call and they made the update to my claim. A short time later, I had a new oven!
After the help I’ve seen them give to one of my neighbors, I had to buy a warranty too.
A buddy of mine told me about Home Service Club and got me interested in their services. I went ahead and called them. I spoke with a representative named Cindy who was quite friendly, professional and answered all my questions. After thinking it over, I did purchased a home warranty which came in very handy a month later when my oven needed some repairs!
This company seemed to be getting good reviews so that is why I chose them. I definitely recommend them to love ones or friends who need this type of company.
I just bought my first home and Home Service Club has been great in helping me get a home warranty. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. If you are a first time homeowner or even owned your home for years, you should work with Home Service Club. They won't disappoint you.
I was very impressed by the level of customer service I received from The Home Service Club! Everyone I spoke to was very professional, friendly, and made sure all my questions were thoroughly answered.
I had filed two claims with The Home Service Club. One was with the hot water heater and another was for my dryer. It went by smoother than I had imagined and it only took one phone call and I only spoke with one person! I originally was thinking that they were sending one contractor to fix both problems but they sent an expert for each. I actually appreciated that rather than a “jack of all trades” type of handyman. Thank you so much for the repairs!
The customer service team at The Home Service Club is by far the best! They are very personable, friendly, and sympathetic to the needs of their customers. During the past year I have had to file three different claims for three different problems. Each and every time, the contractors they dispatched arrived in a timely manner and they were always professional. You need to get a home warranty with The Home Service Club!
We have had Home Service Club and used a few times for repairs and am quite pleased. They get someone that is knowledgeable and professional to get the repair done in short order.The peace of mind that comes from knowing I can budget any unexpected repair bills is invaluable.
The Home Service Club is one of the best company for home services. They have the best insurance plan for homeowners. They provide me excellent service within 24 hrs. I highly recommended it to my friends.
They were amazing service, prompt and very pleasing to work with. Thank you!
Just got my microwave delivered this week and factory sealed stainless steel and we love it. Good service we are very happy.
The Home Service Club Plans are amazing with lots of benefits for home owners. If they can't fix it, they'll replace it. I am very satisfied with their service. I really recommend it to my friends and neighbors.
10/10 would definitely recommend!!! Love this and all its features!
Having a plan in place sounded like a great idea when I signed up - but I'm always leery of warranties and whether they work. When I had to actually use the warranty - Home Service Club came through with flying colors. Immediately my stress was gone as they handled everything from start to finish. I'm so grateful for a company that stands behind their contracts and mission to serve their customers.
I lost the belt on the dryer. I am not fond of lugging laundry to the laundry mat. I called HSC. They were there before my next laundry day and replaced the belt. Thanks for saving me the trip.
I've been a customer of Home Service Club for several years and never had a problem.
In my two claims to date I have gotten two brand new appliances. First time around they replaced my old microwave with a stainless steel one to match my other kitchen appliances. Second time around they replaced my six year old dishwasher and also with a stainless steel one to match. Needless to say it has been working great for me and I am a happy customer.
***Update 12/20/17*** It continues to astound me that a company as unethical as the Home Service Club is still legally allowed to operate in the United States, especially in a state like New York with strict consumer protection laws. I have spent the last two weeks attempting to get them to honor a contract that they issued and they simply refuse. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by the Home Service Club, please consider making formal complaints to the following agencies (most have online forms available to do this). -Better Business Bureau -New York Sate Attorney General -the Attorney General in your state -New York State Department of Financial Services -American Arbitration Association (their contract with consumers does not allow lawsuits but it is inexpensive for consumers to begin arbitration proceedings) If you read through their reviews here, on the BBB, and other sites, it is clear that they follow a very specific pattern of behavior and this is exactly what they have done to me on two separate occasions. 1) Customer submits a claim for service. Days go by. 2) Customer submits another claim because there has been no response from Home Service Club (or the customer calls to follow up on the first claim) 3) Home Service Club reluctantly schedules a technician to assess the situation. 4) Home Service Club finds some way to deem the issue a "pre-existing condition" and deny any coverage. Keep in mind, all mechanical systems have a limited lifespan so technically they can and will call anything a pre-existing condition. 5) Customer is frustrated/tired/etc. and needs the system repaired/replaced urgently and they pay out of pocket for repair. This releases HSC from any obligation to provide any service. 6) If you challenge them in any way or post a negative review, you will be accused of "slander" and "bullying" and your account will be locked by the "fraud prevention department. They will offer to extend you a "courtesy" in order to remove the negative post. In my case the courtesy was nothing more than a nominal discount on a total system replacement ONLY if I agreed to contract with them directly and pay them directly (by providing a credit card authorization form) for the replacement. ***Original Review 12/8/17*** THE ABSOLUTE WORST. Horrible customer service. I cannot fathom that the positive reviews on Google/Yelp/etc. are actually legitimate if they treat their customers even close to the way that I have been treated by HSC over the past few months. Bought our house in December of 2016 and purchased a warranty through The Home Service Club. In August, our A/C stopped working. Called HSC, no response for several days. I followed up and they sent a technician, and then denied any repairs because the A/C condensor/compressor (that big metal box with a fan that sits outside) system had a component installed that they deemed a "pre-existing condition" even though this component was often standard equipment 18 years ago when this system was installed. Had the system fixed on my own dime - no assistance from The Home Service Club. Fast forward to November of 2017. The furnace exhaust smelled funny and I wanted to be sure that my family and I were safe. Called HSC and they DENIED the claim because they said that the entire heating and A/C system had been previously disqualified and the systems had "shared components" (i.e. ductwork). So even though the two systems can operate independently of one another, they still found reason to again deny a legitimate repair. They refuse to connect you to a manager or department head to discuss an issue and require that you wait days for a call back. All calls will come from an employee with little knowledge of the systems they are discussing and no real authority to authorize anything. This company really should be ashamed of themselves for preying on unsuspecting new home owners that think they are protecting their investment. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if my business treated our clients this way. Truly shameful! Stay away from these guys.
I am thrilled with HSC's warranty. When my dishwasher started leaking, I reached out to them for service. They sent a tech over to do the repairs. He was able to fix it and now it runs great. He was on time and nice, and he cleaned up my kitchen when he was finished.
When my best friend bought her home, her parents told her to pick up the best option for homeowners insurance, but they also said to get an HSC comprehensive plan. I should have listened to them. It would have saved me a bundle. I have since picked up this plan and I've been grateful to have it on a few occasions since.
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