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The Hartford RV Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Hartford RV Insurance
Overall average rating of 3.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 43 %
The claims process is pretty simple. They make the process very easy and allow you to go through the process online without any problems and a wise staff to help. Their customer service is top notch. They are all respectful and really knowledgeable with their information regarding policies and options. I've never had an issue with them. Their policy options are better than most I have seen after reviewing them online. They are better priced than other companies and they do not try to low ball you at all. The coverage is great for the service. There is never any overcharges and it is not a scam. They are trustworthy and don't pull any tricks on you without your check-up.
Tried to sign up for RV Insurance without adding my car insurance (yet). Went through all the information requested on the Hartford account. At the end, all I got was a cryptic message that they did not want to accept my RV to insure. No explanation, no nothing. I was thinking that if I got a good deal on insurance I would add my 2 vehicles. But after reading some of the comments on Consumer Affairs, there is no way in heck that I would insure with this company.
The claims processing was very easy and I was completely satisfied with it. I was walked through every step and the representative was very helpful. The customer service was very good. They are very helpful and walked me through everything. I was very satisfied with my experience from the customer service. I am satisfied with the policy options that they offer. The policy options were of variety of options and good. I really liked the policy options that I had to choose from. I am really satisfied with the coverage they had to offer. It was good coverage for me. I feel protected with the amount of coverage and feel I chose a good one.
I found them to be very easy to deal with and felt the whole process was very fair. I don't feel like I got a runaround from them and they were very professional and responsive. I find their customer service to be excellent. It is easy to contact them and they are always very responsive. They are very knowledgable and helpful. I do not need to talk to ten different people to get the information or the answers that I need. I find that there are enough options to make me feel like I am getting the proper coverage that I need and also a good deal. The pricing is easy to understand as well. I feel that for the price that I pay I am getting all of the coverage that I need. No one loves to pay for insurance but it is a necessary evil and I need to know that my substantial investment is well covered.
For my insurance company to be worth it, the insurance company needs to have a fast and efficient claims process center. It is essential for me to be a customer and that what I have right now and I appreciate it. Customer Service is just that customer service and it needs to be a good center for treating customers well, whatever the needs I need, it is important to know what is good customer service and what is bad and to have the right people in place. It is necessary to know the company policies of the insurance company to know what you need and what is covered. It is important to know that so you are no stuck with something that is not covered. The coverage needs to be good enough for things to be covered and it is necessary for the coverage to hold you over. It is best for both of them to have good things and necessary things.
They are customer oriented. There are a lot of areas that need explaining and they are more than willing to do that for me. This shows me that they are a company that cares. They care about my need and tend to my every question no matter how many times I need it repeated. They do not give false information and I recommend them highly. They have easy to read and easy to understand policy options that are online as well as in writing for them to read and have some one look at with me. They have a lot of different plans to choose from. They care about my budget and will help me find plan that works for me and my family.
Quick response times, friendly people, and great repair work. The companies which work with the Hartford understand their customers are special to them. I've never had anyone I couldn't understand which is very helpful to me since I have some trouble hearing at times. The people are always friendly and complimentary as well. The Hartford offers options up front which I had to wait years for from other companies. The price is always competitive and claims are completed quickly. There's always room for more, but you can feel safe and covered with what is recommended by the agent. The minimums are standard, but additional coverage is affordable.
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