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The Hartford - Homeowners Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: The Hartford
Year Founded: 1810
Address: One Hartford Plaza
City: Hartford
State/Province: CT
Postal Code: 06155
Country: United States
Phone: (860) 547-5000
Overall average rating of 2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 11 %
The generally understood concept of insurance is that the insurance company assumes your exposure to financial loss for the price of a premium, which it collects from all insurers, pools, and then disburses to those suffering losses. But it doesn’t work that way for the smaller losses that happen with higher frequency, as in my case where the Hartford essentially gave me a $950 dollar loan at a three year interest rate of 24.5%. My metal garage door was crushed overnight to the point of not opening by probably the paper person (no note, soft confession). Claims people were very helpful - no worry man. What they failed to disclose was that this one $950 (after $250 deductible) claim would increase my annual premium by $550 a year for at least the next 3 years! This is after 30 claim free years with the Hartford and having a very high credit rating.The bottom line is that it’s foolish to pay premium rates for a HO policy with anything less that a $2000 deductible. Submitting a claim for that amount just results in an annual premium increase that returns the claim amount (or more) to the Hartford over a three year period. Rather than submitting a claim, a personal loan for three years would cost much less than 24.5%!
We had an issue with a leak behind a wall in 2014. The entire wall was taken down and replaced, down to the wiring and hoses to the fridge. We had no issues with the claim then, they were pretty decent. Then, we found out the mold had regrown and were told it could be attached to the first claim and then I would only have the remainder of the $5000 limit or if they decided it was new then we would have the entire $5000 less the deductible. Well, when they saw the damage wasn't as extensive they decided it would be best to make it a new claim so they can charge off the deductible again and give me $91 even though there is no current leak and SERVPRO called it "dry mold". I have called, emailed, called, emailed asking for an explanation as to how they decided to say it was a "new instance". Why no reply? I would guess because the only reason they had for making it a new claim was to not pay me.They also raised my premium to almost double this year and never notified me. Suddenly I had $32 added to my mortgage which turned out to be the amount of the increase. I was willing to go along with it but now they don't want to pay me. They have got to go. And I am planning on writing to AARP because it is sullying their good name.
I can call them when I have a question. They know how to call me back with an answer. Any paperwork I need they do mail out to me right away. I recommend them to all my family members and associates.
When I switched to Hartford I got a big drop in cost from my previous company. I think it is worth looking around for a better price. I was able to switch and save $400 the first year alone.
I went out on my deck and heard a strange noise. When I looked down the deck had separated from the house. We had a lot of rains so I called Hartford. Now in 45 years I have never filed a claim with any insurance company and was with Hartford for about 6 years. The adjuster came out, looked over the damage then they sent an engineer out. The deck was bolted to the house. They said since the deck was built before the building codes changed it was not covered. Now the exposed wood on the house is rotting and the siding came off and mold is coming into the basement. I am a senior, and can't hire anyone. The deck has a few post now holding it up but not much longer
My claim is taking forever, and I feel I don't see the end of it. This loss was on July 20th, 2015. As of today September 18th, 2015, nothing is resolved. My house was built in 2013. It is our dream house. A power surge has damaged three of my central air units, two of my bathroom Jacuzzis, and my electronic panel for my well pump. I had no water for two days. I had no air conditioner for almost two months, which is the rest of the summer. Not to mention the contractor the insurance sent was so incompetent that he had sent four contractors to my house and still has not figured out an estimate for the two Jacuzzis. The contractor was very unprofessional. He disconnected two of my bathroom Jacuzzi motors, and took them away. Now they were left in our driveway without being put back in my Jacuzzis. The adjuster is very nice to talk to. However, I seldom could get a reply from him. Every time I call, and I have to talk to a customer service, if I'm lucky they can locate him and transfer me to him, otherwise, I feel I will never get a response from him. I talked to his direct supervisor, but she was a very nasty, unprofessional and argumentative person. Her words were even offensive. I would feel worse after I talked to her. She had done nothing but making this situation worse. Sometimes I even feel she is making up stuff. It seems like she is the only supervisor I could talk to who is not resolving anything but aggravating me more and more. It seems like I could never actually talk to a manager. She always represents her manager. However, she is not representing well, instead of calming things down, she makes me feel stressed more than ever. I had no choice but to file a complaint here. I hope to talk to someone high enough to care about a very dissatisfied customer. I have been with this company for a while, I have 2 family auto policies with this company, now I just added homeowner insurance with this company. I definitely feel I am not being treated as a valued customer at all.
In short, the Hartford tried to pay about 10% of the claim, making us fight for every penny. They had sent out 5 investigators/adjusters, used stall, starve out and other unethical tactics to pay what they owe. They have a script and go by it well to minimize the amount they pay out. In addition, there is no incentive for this, or any insurance company to pay what they actually owe. Most people take what they are given, but when you sue, the Hartford puts you through the ringer takes advantage and makes you fight for every penny hoping you will quit. Then, after you go through the year or so filing a suit, you still will most likely end up with a settlement that is less than your claim. My suggestion is to ask for punitive and or trouble damages when suing this unethical company. Also report them to your state insurance board. I am currently suing them.
I'm getting total ripped off. My premiums have more than double in a 2-year span. With no claims filed!!! Went from 649.00 year 2014/2015 then jumped in year 2015/2016 to 10,033.00. Now jumping from year 2016/2017 to 1,289.65. This is highway robbery! Who is padding their pockets!!! Premiums should never double in a 2-year span with no claims! I will get to the bottom of this. I called my local brand DCI and explained my issue. She said she would call me back. I waited 4 hours and called her back. She promised she would get back to me before the end of the business day. Surprise. She did not. BEWARE. I will not be ripped off.
We changed to the Hartford insurance over a year ago because the rates were more affordable and the switch over was easy. We have not had to make a claim thus far so I cannot talk about the ease of making a claim. So far we are pleased with the company.
I found out that I was being charged premiums for an all brick house with 3 baths... I have a 95% aluminum house with two small sections of face brick. I have a bath and 3/4 and they had me down for 3 baths. I have been overpaying for premiums for maybe 10 years and they refunded me 100 dollars. In October I submitted a hail damage claim on my home. Hartford adjuster dealt with an adjuster from a company I assigned to handle claim. Vinyl siding was put on the house and the noise from it is so bad I can't sleep in the house. Neither adjuster will address my problem, they just don't return calls. Called an independent siding contractor... he said neither the adjuster from Hartford listed either insulation or house wrap in their estimate and neither box was checked on the contract from Neighborhood Restoration. I need the entire siding removed and either insulation or house wrap on the house and new vinyl siding applied which will cost me 5,000 which I don't have. This is like selling your shoes and not saying you need to wear socks so you don't get blisters. Well, I can't sleep in this house with the popping and cracking and it sounds like animals are under the siding.
My now 92 year old mother had a flood in her home. The agent started out nice but then stopped returning my calls. Even the supervisors stopped calling. I had to get a lawyer and they won't return his calls either. I feel like they are just waiting for my mother to pass away so they don't have to pay.
We have had The Hartford homeowner’s insurance for over 20 years and have never had to file a claim. In March of 2011, we found a photographer on our property taking pictures of our home and property. We received no prior notification that this was to be done and did not hear from the Hartford until this week when we received a cancellation notice. The notice read that the policy would be cancelled on 12-21-2011 due to cracking paint, debris and some areas of the roof that need repair. We were not even allowed to fix the alleged infractions. We will be forced to look elsewhere for our homeowner’s insurance. It seems that our loyalty, prompt payment, and the fact that we had never had a claim meant nothing.
I had a flooding in my small business, which has been paying The Hartford for nearly twenty years without a claim. They did cover some of the claim, but the key issue was the carpet. They insist the landlord is responsible. However, it is a tenant improvement made by the previous owner, as the landlord is only responsible for four walls and a bare floor. Avoid this company and go with someone you can trust. And good luck with that, too.
We moved our policies to Hartford through AARP since we are retired seniors. Our neighborhood was recently hit with a hail storm and many homes suffered damages. A claims adjuster reviewed our damages with our contractor. The claims adjuster called and immediately on the phone stated we had no damage. He gave us piecemeal repairs recommendations. Since adjuster and contractor disagreed, the adjuster contacted Donan Engineering for another inspection. Gee not unbiased or objective at all! Huh!? Surprise! They agreed and we were given 2500 to cover our repairs! What does that fix!? And our neighbors who use Allstate, Farmers and others are all getting new roofs, gutters, siding, etc. Way to give great customer service to insured seniors Hartford! Moving our policies ASAP! DON'T USE HARTFORD.
I had the Hartford Homeowner Insurance for 5 years. I had one claim for water damage resulting from a broken shower faucet. Hartford increase my premium from $1,450. to $2,500. AND did not notify me of the increase. I became aware of the HIGH increase when my mortgage company notified me that my monthly mortgage payment was being increase to cover the shortage in my escrow account. I called the Hartford thinking there must be an error and was told by all three levels of management "Yep, that's the way it is!" I shopped around and found the SAME coverage with Travelers Insurance for $1,030 a year!!! I called Hartford, cancelled my policy and THANKED them for motivating me to find the SAME coverage for LESS than what I was paying Hartford BEFORE the massive Insurance premium increase!!!
I have never filed a claim against the company. I called them on the issue and they told me the rate could have changed due to inflation. I said inflation from $516 to $995? The operator then said, "well, let me check" and said the fire department rating in my area could have changed. I said I have never seen a change in premium cost in Arizona due to the Fire dept. rating. I was then told it was an error in their system that caused the Fire Dept. rate change. Well, this is a very large issue that should not have happened. I think people sometimes pay this without realizing what had happened. A rate increase of almost 93%, that is a huge error on their part. They did correct my Fire Dept. rating and did drop the payment down with a little inflation from $516 to $540 a year.
They raised our insurance by $400 because they said we lived in another township and not Jackson, where we do live. So we called many many times and got the run around and then was told we had to get a letter from Coalton fire station where we get fire protection from with their letter head on it so we did and they said we are 5.1 miles from there. When we called them back as they never called us they said they got letter but the $400 still stands as they get their fire information from ISO and you cannot call ISO and talk to them nor will they change the fire station to where it had been for years. We always paid when our bills came in and never had a claim. All I can say is they don't treat their customers right at all. I will never have anything to do with them.
Homeowners policy was easy to sign up for. It is cost efficient. It covers all of my major concerns. It comes with a discount because I also have auto insurance with the same company.
We are very happy with our homeowners insurance company. They help us, whether it be a claim, a question on a bill. Or just making sure we have the right coverage for our needs. We have had a couple of claims, and they were so helpful, from beginning to end. We were really distraught one year, we had water in our basement, over a foot high... We lost a lot of personal effects, carpeting, we thought was ruined. The contractor they contacted worked so quickly, they were able to save it. Over the years, we did try to stay with one company, but they did not consider us as loyal. So we dropped them... The Hartford has been there for us, all the way. And has never threatened to drop us.
Their website is very easy to navigate and you can get their quotes online without any annoying phone calls. Their rates are very competitive with State Farm and Allstate. They also give the multi-policy discount if you want other insurance like auto. Also available through a local representative if you prefer the personal contact.
Last month on the 28th of February, me and my elderly neighbor were victims to a gas fire in our complex. Now almost 1 month later and her insurance company has been giving her the runaround. Her and her son did all the leg work, itemized every item just for a adjuster representing the company to harass and disrespect her. Not only did she have to stay on the other side of town for a few days with her son, she also had to buy new clothes and food out of her own pocket. The company didn’t offer lodging funds nor refunds on the money she had to shell out. The fire was above her and it was gasoline, so nothing could be saved yet the woman came out and didn’t even offer help to accommodate her. She is on a fixed income and with her being my best friend it’s been hard watching her stressing and sad over the experience and with her having insurance, it should’ve been a weight off her shoulders, but it’s been a hard road for her. If that woman is a reflection on the company, then I advise everyone NOT to even bother with Hartford. I will tell anyone who will listen the hell my best friend has had to endure sacrificing to make sure her insurance was paid every month just to be left high and dry. I’m praying my neighbor doesn’t get sick due to this stress and anguish. It was bad enough seeing her and us consoling each other through the fire and moving, but now it’s time for her to get the respect and justice she deserves.
We have been loyal Hartford Insurance Company customers since 1999, and never filed a completed claim. In January 2011, our home was burglarized. We hired a local window washer to wash our exterior windows ONLY and he was on our premises for a total of fourteen hours, a job that we've had done every winter and has only ever taken 1:25 hours. Because we were not going to be at home (which he had foreknowledge of), he gained access through an unlocked garage door. When he reported to me on 1/19 that he, "had to come back tomorrow to finish this job", we allowed him to return the following day. We filed a police report in December 2011 which was accepted. We had initially wanted to file a claim in Small Claims Court, but when this option became fruitless, we finally made the decision to file a claim through our Hartford homeowners policy in January 2013. Our initial contact with them was on June 6, 2012. The Hartford was well aware of the justifiable reasons for our delay in filing with them, and despite this, they used that point in addition to their claim that they found no evidence that a theft occurred. This is an outrage. The Hartford sent an investigator to our home and he was in our home for three hours. He could and should have also visited the home of the perpetrator who lives only minutes from us. He chose instead to call him on the phone. Highly unprofessional. As mortgaged homeowners, we are required to have insurance, and then, when we file a claim, they don't believe us and prefer to believe the perpetrator, who lied to them. We additionally filed an appeal, which was also denied. Shame on you, Hartford Insurance!
We are 20 months into a dispute with Hartford Insurance. We have been model customers for 13 years with no claims and consistent on-time premium payments for our homes and automobiles. We had extensive water damage in our home of 23 years in December 2013. The project manager of the water mitigation company worked under Hartford's direction. The service invoice was submitted directly to Hartford. The check was sent for us to endorse, without documentation of work performed. Our requests for the invoice were ignored. Hartford and the project manager constructed a restoration settlement amount but the project manager was unable to hire subcontractors with the amount he had "negotiated." In his own words, he could not do the job because "To be honest with you, this is more than I can handle." There was never a contract so there was nothing to terminate.In accordance with the instruction from the first of 6 Hartford adjusters, we obtained an estimate from an established, reputable, local contractor. Hartford rejected the estimate. We hired a public adjuster to represent us. Hartford paid a Professional Engineer (at a cost of approximately $350/hour) to minimize their payout. Our public adjuster worked very hard for many weeks to answer questions and to come to an agreement with the Professional Engineer but to no avail. The next step was to take the claim to appraisal. We hired a certified appraiser. Hartford rejected the appraiser's estimate. Hartford then hired three representatives from Hexagon Insurance Services (who were paid to drive several hours from Michigan to northeast Ohio and back, lodgings, and all other expenses). Hexagon declined to confirm the validity of the certified appraiser's estimate, partially based on information provided via email by the project manager who is now the owner of a local Servpro franchise. An umpire was brought in. False information from Servpro of Geauga County that negatively impacts our claim was sent to the umpire via Hexagon. Hartford has paid expenses for a Hexagon representative to travel two additional times to our home.Bottom line: There appears to be an unethical relationship between the water mitigation project manager, Hartford, and Hartford's hired representatives in which they conspire to deny payment for portions of valid customer claims. These actions are in direct violation of the law that requires insurance companies to act in good faith and deal fairly with persons they insure.In the meantime, everything is on hold. Our home is deteriorating. It is uninhabitable. The village where it is located is taking action against us. Our expenses include payment for public adjuster services, payment for certified appraiser services, payment for umpire services, payment for contents claim representation, and travel expenses. At this point, our expenses amount to well over $24,000 - which must be paid from the claim settlement and these are just the tangibles. We have not received a single cent in loss of use payments despite the fact that we have been unable to spend holidays and months of seasonal time for 20 months in our home of 23 years. Ironically, had Hartford added the dollars to the claim that it has spent acting in bad faith, it could all have been settled. There is no fair dealing here.A similar complaint by Shirley of Cass City, MI on June 18, 2014 appears on this website ( Please note: Shirley's complaint does not implicate the aforementioned project manager (and current Servpro franchise owner). It does, however, describe a similar relationship between Hartford and Servpro in another location; and it mirrors our experience with the current owner of the Servpro of Geauga County franchise and Hartford.
Happy with correct billings statements. Have never made any claims and so have no experience with how they handle claims or the process. They make it easy to re-enroll every year.
Had a Homeowners Policy with the Hartford Insurance CO. I had a recent Lightning Strike of My AC unit. I am a Senior with Medical Problems (COPD). I need my AC to breath easily. I attempted to contact my Insurance Co. THE HARTFORD to file a claim to fix this, almost a MONTH ago. I have had several estimates and need this fixed quickly. My contractor took pictures and thoroughly documented the strike. Others in the area had similar things happen to them. I have properly maintained my unit and it was running properly at the time of the strike. After almost a month of Jerking me around, I was denied my claim. I was told by the representative that the unit was is too old to fix. Even though I have maintained this unit properly and it was running well prior to the strike. They (The Hartford) even went further to spend money to deny my claim by sending out their own contractor to say that this was not caused by the lightning strike. This is false.The tree near the unit was hit and a nearby outlet was charred. Other household appliances were affected by this. Upon request, They did not send claims forms in a timely manner and have yet to send paperwork documenting their decision to deny my claim. To date, I am still waiting. I have had insurance for over 30 years with this company and never dreamed this would not be covered. Customer service has been poor at best! They have no problems collecting my large dual policy premiums! They are recommended by AARP so I trusted this company to do right by this military Senior Citizen. I was wrong. I hope to let any and every possible person I know about my poor dealings with THE HARTFORD. I would not recommend them to anyone. If you are planning on shopping for Insurance, Please be sure to investigate this Company further before using them. You will see what I did too late. It seems that Customer Satisfaction is NOT a priority with this company. It seems that denying your claim is. Do your research before using them. Disappointed in Harford County, MD.
I want to thank Hartford Insurance for their prompt service they gave us after damage to our home from a windy storm. Called 1st thing the morning it happened, a very nice American Woman started the procedure to get my needs accompanied. Within a couple hours an adjuster called and a couple more hours there was a gentleman knocking at my door to do the review of my damage. Within the hour he gave us the estimate and said our money would be in the bank in 48 hours. Thank you HARTFORD.
I am considering this issue resolved. I did receive a phone call from an associate regarding this issue and I became scared of dealing with this due to this person stated the package sent was not from them and could be a "phishing scam." I never deal with these 3rd party packages anyway.
The water line to the house under the garage broke. 27,000 gallons leaked causing the wall of the garage to drop, cracks in the floor of the garage and driveway and into the house. Hartford Insurance declines the claim because of ground shifting and water damage.
They claim I need new roof.. Tiles were okay but am putting on new roof. Had a sign up about having biting dog (no dog.. sign was up to keep thieves from breaking in). They gave me no option to fix any issues which are not that bad, before renewal time. They just told my agent, they will not renew me... I have lived in my home for 43 years and never had one claim and never had a claim with my car... and suddenly I'm not allowed to renew. Got to find other insurance now. They will not get to keep my car insured there. They don't want my house, they don't get my car either. This was totally unfair treatment.
I am very pleased with my homeowners policy that I have through the Hartford, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They are very helpful when they are needed.
I called The Hartford to get an update on an account. They said all lines were busy but they could call me back in 20 minutes if I told them my number. I did this. Someone calls back in 20 minutes, then she got my account information, then they hung up on me with no explanation. Terrible terrible service. This is a terrible insurance company with terrible service. I wonder what happens when you try and file a claim!!
While I have never had to file a claim, they have been very helpful in making sure I have the right amount of coverage and at a reasonable price. Any time I would call with a question they were always quite able to answer it to my satisfaction. When ever I make any improvements to my home I just call them and let them know and boost the coverage to the limit that I would need.
I have my home and 2 cars insured by The Hartford for 4 years now. Perfect payments made on time and no claims. Now, all of a sudden I get a surprise visit by an inspector, no biggie -whatever. 2 weeks later they say the cost to rebuild my house has gone from 600,000 to a million. They are going to raise my rates and if I don't install a fire / burglar alarm with monitoring within 10 days, they will cancel my insurance. Well, the cost of the system initially to install will be around $4000 since I have many windows, and the monitor fee would be around $75 per month. I live in a gated community and never lock my door, with a sprinkler and fire detection system already installed. I called State Farm for a quote and they said the million dollar rebuild was not correct. I'm switching to State Farm on Monday. The Hartford is a predatory company that takes advantage and tries to intimidate their AARP customers. They are bullies.
I have had a pleasant experience with Hartford, through a hail storm. They were fast, courteous and fair. Then when I asked them to adjust my rates, they did just that, without trying to talk me into more coverage.
My business has been with The Hartford Insurance for over 5 years. Recently, we have a burst pipe and water flooded my whole business. I called Claim dept. to file a claim. Instead of sending someone out to look at the damage, they told me over the phone I need to have receipts of all the installation that was done over 5 years ago. Long story short, the company that installed my carpet is no longer in business, so now The Hartford refused to pay for the damage. =( We never for once were late or have problem paying our monthly, but when the accident occurred, The Hartford sure has a problem of taking care of their end of the deal.
Due to a Hartford error, our homeowner's insurance was cancelled. When we were notified, we found another company to cover us. We received a notice from Hartford telling us we had to pay additional fees and fines for getting insurance elsewhere.
A nearly 50% rate increase with no claims in the past 5 years, how is a person on fixed income going to pay an increase like that? We did get a 3% income raise the year after, but no increase in the past 2 years! I know they need some increase, but 50%? Every company would love an increase like that, but the world does not work like that! Wake up, this is the real world! I am now looking for an other insurance company!
I thought I was getting a good deal for packaging then found that even with the bundle I was paying almost $700 more on auto insurance even with bundle and no tickets or accidents than what I was quoted by MetLife. I changed auto and my homeowners went up $700. Wow...coincidence?
I am currently a claimant with the Hartford Insurance company. I have had to contact them on almost every occasion during the claim process. My car has been sitting at the body shop with little progress for over 30 days. I was informed by the rental car company on 3/18 that Hartford stopped paying for the rental on 3/7. Hartford never called me to say they stopped paying for the car. According to the body shop, they have refused to send the appraiser to come out and look at the supplemental damage to the car. Also, the body shop they recommended neglected to discern the difference in models of my Honda element SC vs a base model (there are different components on more expensive models).My body shop owner, who I trust, made the distinct situation known to both the adjustor and his supervisor. At this point, I now have to start over with my insurance company as an insured and hope this goes smoother as well as fork out my deductible. How could I ever recommend the Hartford to anyone after this negative experience? The damage of the original estimate ($2500) and the supplement another $1700 is relatively minor, but they seem steadfast in wasting time and money.
Though expensive, the company is quick to respond and easy to deal with. They have a good telephone reporting system and are quick to respond to claims and requests. Their record keeping when you have multiple policies with them can frequently get confusing as they have misapplied payments on numerous occasions.
This used to be a good company many years ago and very dependable in handling claims, but things sure have changed! My homeowners insurance ran around $1,100 a year, which was not great but reasonable enough. Then, it suddenly jumped to $2,500 a year because of a supposed change in the local fire departments rating? The very next year, I am billed for $3,600 for the same insurance? Are they crazy! There has been no claim. In fact, a tree had fallen on my property and instead of making a claim, I just paid out of pocket to get it removed.Then in the spring, there was a minor accident in a parking lot that was not our fault and the Hartford, instead of helping us settle a claim quickly with the other insurance company, began attacking us, not helping. Even though I told them I was not making a claim through them, they began harassing and threatening to raise our rates because we had an "incident"? I just cancelled all coverage. Nothing is worth this crap!By the way, I did find affordable homeowners insurance with the same coverage as I had with the Hartford for $1,100, which is a huge difference from the over three thousand amount they wanted. I think this company just wants rich clients who never make claims. I do hope people read all these bad reviews and understand they are truthful about this company, and I do hope they will think more than just twice about signing up for any sort of insurance with the Hartford. They are very bad news all the way around! They are a horrible company for car and homeowners insurance!
When I received my notice for renewal, the replacement cost for our home was more than double from last year. Attempts to resolve the outlandish increase were initially unsuccessful, with ambiguous explanations from "not so polite" customer service representatives. We have been insured with The Hartford for over 14 years. Upon seeking competitive bids, insurers said our roof had too much damage and they rejected our applications. Several storm events had happened over our tenure with The Hartford, All of the homes adjacent to ours, and across the street received full roof replacement since 2007. Our claims with the Hartford in this period barely exceeded our deductible. Their inspectors said our roof was structurally sound. After the outrageous increases and refusal of other insurers to cover our home, we filed another claim with The Hartford for hail and wind damage. Inspectors from Crawford & Company, and later a forensic engineer from Donan Engineering said our roof had no appreciable damage except for dents in two vent caps. Substantial guttering damage from hail was allowed. Dents in HVAC condenser fins from hail were also apparent, but were missed by the Crawford & Company inspector. The Donan representative said they were "mechanical", and not hail, but offered no other detail. Hartford finally allowed a little money (not enough) have the fins combed after I submitted pictures. Although contractors said our roof had substantial storm damage, in agreement with the inspectors that rejected our roof, The Hartford has not allowed our claim for roof repair.or replacement. The claim is still unresolved.Upon filing a complaint with our State Insurance Commissioner, The Hartford immediately found an acceptable solution for the outrageous replacement cost increase. The Hartford still has yet to submit a reply on the claim and inspection discrepancies. The allotted time for a reply to the Insurance Commission has not run out. There are many unexplained differences between the Donan and Crawford reports. The Donan report reads like a "boiler plate" response similar to other documented complaints (foot traffic damage, wear and tear, mechanical damage, moss, lichens, animals, etc.) with some roofing pictures from our home thrown in. There were no explanations as to why all our neighbors had severe storm damage to almost identical shake roofing, yet our roof avoided similar damage. There was no mention of other inspectors assessments.
My credit card was changed several months ago which led to Hartford to cancel my insurance. That is understandable and I realize that there was my fault in it, however the amount of communication that Hartford did to address such an important issue was fascinating: I did look through my correspondence and it appeared that they sent only ONE EMAIL (which landed in the spam folder). There were NO CALLS and I received NO REGULAR MAIL. So it turned out that I was living without insurance for several months without even knowing about it. Fortunately, my bank contacted me about the matter and I didn't learn about it the hard way. If you want to suddenly find out that your insurance is gone - go Hartford.
Last year my flood insurance was purchased for minimal coverage at $211.00 for each of my 2 properties. I live in 1, the 2nd purchased for my mother in law and disabled son and family. This year a surcharge was ADDED making them $452 each EXTORTED, FOR growing old. We pay all the expenses, Punished for Caring totally for family. AARP HARTFORD was thought to aid and PROTECT SENIORS!
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