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The Hartford - Disability Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: The Hartford
Year Founded: 1810
Address: One Hartford Plaza
City: Hartford
State/Province: CT
Postal Code: 06155
Country: United States
Phone: (860) 547-5000
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 4 %
I work for a Wal-Mart Distribution Center. My job is to lift heavy boxes over my head, pick them up off of a table waist high, squat down with them to slot them, and pull the heavy boxes toward me so that I can cut them to be slotted. I do this from 4 in the morning until 5:30 pm on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. As my pregnancy progressed, I was struggling each week to continue to do my job without pain from lifting this heavy boxes and slotting them. On August 19, 2012, I picked up a box to slot and I had this unbearable cramping in my lower back and my abdomen. This is my first child so I had no idea what was happening. I went to a friend and asked them for a Tylenol because I had run out. She asked me what was wrong and I was in tears and I told her my stomach was tight and I had sharp pains going across my stomach and cramping in my lower back. She said, “OMG, you're having contractions.” So, I went to my manager and told her what was wrong along with my two co-workers, and she told me to go to the ER. I got to the ER and I was there for 3 hours. The nurse told me that I was having contractions and I had some minimal bleeding. Thankfully, my cervix didn't open. As I was being discharged, I was given a letter from the doctor saying I could not do any heavy lifting on the job. I called my manager and told her that I was discharged and was told that I could not return to work with a restriction. Wal-Mart Distribution Center does not offer light duty work unless you were hurt on the job. So, I was told by my manager and operations manager that I would have to go ahead and go on my leave because of the doctor’s orders. My 15th day of being off work was Sept. 3. I called the Hartford. I was told that I would not have to do anything else besides call them and they would take care of everything else. So when I went to my doctor’s appointment on Sept. 9th, I went on and told my doctor about the STD coverage. They called the Hartford and faxed my report from the ER and my leave papers to prove why I was put on leave so early. I waited a week and I received a call from the analyst. She told me to tell her what happened. So I told her from start to finish what happened at work that particular day. A week later, the same thing! At this point, there was no payment. I was told that I need to send my medical records of all places I had been seen since I had become pregnant, which was the health department, my doctor, the ER, and a specialist I saw in Jackson, MS. So, I did that. They approved my leave from the 3rd of Sept. until the 14th of Sept. This is now Sept. 21 and I called the analyst again. She quickly got me off the phone, "I just got your papers and I'm reviewing them now." I called back Monday, Oct. 1st and she said the same thing, "Reviewing." So today, Oct. 3, a month later, I haven't been paid except that one week and three days and I have no gas to get to my doctor’s appointments, and no money to pay my bills. I spoke with some guy who was so rude. I asked him why has not anyone called me. Why am I the one doing the following up? He said "We just got your records yesterday." I said that’s impossible because I was told Monday the papers have been there over a week. He got quiet and I said I feel as if I am being given the runaround for a whole month. What’s the deal with this? I can't pay my bills because of what you all are doing. He says "We don’t understand why you can't work. We know Wal-Mart’s policy and we know they will work with you." I told him for the 4th time why I was taken off work early. As I began to tell him how I've had this insurance for the last 5 years without having to use it until now, and they don’t want to pay me? He said, "Well, you could have taken an unpaid leave. That was your choice." I said I might as well be on an unpaid leave now because I've been off for a month and only been paid once. I said I pay into my insurance every two weeks thinking that I have this great coverage and when I need it, I can't get them to cooperate. I said this is ridiculous. I chose to get paid because I had the option and I paid for it! Plus, I have bills and that’s why you have insurance to cover you when you decide you want to grow your family. I'm 27 years old and this is my first child. I told him it seems like they would rather me have stayed at work and had a miscarriage. That way, they wouldn't have to pay me for being on leave! I said this is ridiculous and if I lose my car and I only have $1,900 left to pay, I will sue them, the other analyst, and this entire company. He said, "If you will calm down, I will extend it for you." I said excuse me for being upset when people screw the insurance companies and get paid without question all the time, but people that need their insurance that pay can't use it and get the runaround. Excuse me. After only 5 min of reviewing my paperwork, he approved it, in five minutes! Something needs to be done about the Hartford. This is pure ridiculous that I got treated like this. I am still so upset right now that he would talk to me the way he did and without any care tell me the things he did.
Don't let them take your SSDI Backpay. This is the worst company to deal with. They kept turning off my benefits and now they are totally shut down for SSDI backpay. For anyone else facing this, don't pay them because you will be terminated shortly afterwards. They can sue but can't take your social security unless there is more than 2 months of your benefits in the bank. They even want to know what my prior employer pensions are. I told them to stick it, none of their damn business.
The Hartford is an unkind, indifferent, heartless company. They make things as difficult and torturous as possible. They have no respect or compassion for me as a disabled individual they claim to help. They make me feel like a liar and thief for pursuing my legitimate claim, and they make me pursue it over and over by chasing after the same documentation again and again. How can they confirm my disability one month, and deny it the next?They are horrible communicators; I never know what they are looking for until I call multiple times. They never receive the documentation my doctors send the first time. I end up at the mercy of the doctors' offices to be kind enough to fax it to them yet again. Their website is a complete waste of time. It only gives information I already know. This company is an embarrassment.
I underwent surgery on Oct 8. I thought if I keep Hartford informed in a timely manner that I would receive checks on a timely manner. The procedure is that my doctor would state my next visit with him and Hartford will figure a check up to that date. Well it went okay up till Dec 26, which was the next visit for my doctor to evaluate my physical therapy progress. The doctor recommended another month of therapy. I then called Hartford and gave them the update and information. I asked if I needed to follow-up with doctors. I was told no and that they would contact them. I was told they would gather the info and review and then contact me. Well today is Jan 14, 2013 and I have spoken with the 4th customer service rep. As disappointing but expected, I am told the same old story except this time they have the info but it’s up for review.This company receives from me faithfully, funds through my employer that flows into their pot. Now my benefit is being intentionally interrupted with lame excuses and suspected lies about contacting my doctor for info in a timely manner. Reading everyone else's complaints confirms what I suspect. It's unethical and needs to be investigated. I am off work with an injury trying to recover while falling behind on bills. There is no excuse to not having a check from Dec 26 to the date Jan 14. It’s a sad practice for forcing honest, hardworking people back to work.
I had been on Long term Disability, due to Dystonia (movement disorder), chronic migraines and depression and could not function in my engineering profession. Dystonia severely affected my ability to write or operate a computer mouse, plus my speech was garbled. After one year of LTD, I hoped to return to work. I was old enough to start drawing Social Security. I signed many forms for the Hartford. One of these forms required me to report to the Hartford if I had applied for Social Security Disability. I had and was denied. A year after being on LTD, the Hartford informed me that due to my Social Security dollars, they had overpaid me $28,000 and promptly stopped my LTD payments. This led to an attorney and an unsuccessful appeal. All of this has driven me into bankruptcy and repossession of my car.To finish up, I feel the lack of full explanation by HR about the forms I was asked to sign while severely depressed and highly medicated was a procedure which was rushed through. "You know - sign this and this and this..." Bankruptcy and food banks are a part of my life now.
My girlfriend had a hysterectomy. As instructed I called the day of the surgery and when she got out of surgery to verify that the surgery had actually been done. Claim number was set up. All fine. They said they would send a form so they could get the records. We dutifully filled out a release for the hospital and OB doctor. They waited 2 weeks to send the form snail mail. It arrived in 3 weeks. The doctor's office took 3 days and mailed the records. It was now 4.5 weeks out (and she was back at work). They "denied" the claim because the records were not provided in a timely manner. When questioned they said federal law required to deny the claim after 30 days (I call BS). Next they wanted psychiatrist records, like that caused her to need a hysterectomy, next they wanted internist records. She is picking them up herself and faxing them. Now they want the insurance company records. It is all smoke and mirrors. She hasn't been paid in 6 weeks because some records requests went out 5 weeks post surgery. I have news for them. I can support her. They won't wear me down.
My position is that I do meet Hartford insurance policy definition, and I should be receiving monthly disability insurance checks. The Hartford Insurance Group are very hard to deal with. I have had no luck with them for about six months now. I have internally appeal the denial letter which stated that the denial letter conflicted the policy definition; their response was "You have exhausted all available administrative remedies available under your policy." I have notice numerous complaints against Hartford Insurance. A current Hartford employee agree that i should be entitled to the disability insurance. External Appeal next. What a waste of time dealing with the Hartford Insurance Group. Thank you!
I filed an extension on my STD on June 29, 2014 and it is now 08/27/2014 and nothing. I couldn't go back to work because of the constant lower pelvic pressure pain, back pain and my job didn't have any light duty for me to do. That was the reason why I went on STD in the first place. I call every week to see what the status is on my claimed and got the runaround so many times. Then Hartford finally say we have Nancy to handle my case and I left her a message beginning of Aug. and still no phone call regarding my case back beside the runaround again of "we are waiting for paperwork from Kaiser" or " we need more paperwork" so much back and forth. It is ridiculous. Now that I did have my baby on August 15, 2014, Hartford will probably just closed my case for the STD cause Hartford figures that they don't need to pay me anymore. What a waste of my time trying to get my STD? Now I have to try to filed for maternity leave and watch the runaround again until I have to go back to work in October. Hartford is such a disappointment that I recommend all my friends to not used Hartford cause they sucks big time on everything but are really good at giving you the whole runaround bulls that they have been giving me. I would NEVER recommend Hartford to anyone on anything in my life because of this runaround. A very dissatisfied customer.
I tried to contact The Hartford at work today twice because they lost my login and claim I have never been in the system plus I do not exist when in fact I just returned to work from a 3 month FMLA which they did not make me active at work. Long story short on the first call I waited 48 minutes with no reply and on the second call 66 minutes with no reply when at the beginning of both call the automatic service claimed I had a wait time of less than 4 minutes. This is totally unacceptable. If they are short handed because it is the day after Thanksgiving then they should direct you to a voicemail option. I am sick, and I did not have the time or energy to be treated like a nobody. I will never do business with them again and when I go out for my upcoming medical procedures I will use another company because I have a choice. I highly recommend people do their research before getting involved with a company that would treat a sick individual or any individual in this disrespectful, rude, unkind and down right ugly way... I am done with the hartford. They do not even deserve a capital letter on their company name. The worst part about this is while you are waiting and steaming for minutes on end you have to listen to a voice tell you how important your call is to them and they will be with you in the order your call was received. Plain and simple. They had too many people out today and therefore not enough people to answer the influx of call for the day which was probably a normal one. They should have just closed and reopened next Monday. I will file an official complaint when I can find a link to do so, that I am finding difficult to do as well. I will not call though that is for sure. If they did their job, which is the only job they have to do by placing me active I would not have to do this to begin with. Anyway I am done, done, done.
Hartford is an insurance company in the business of making money. I've had a long term disability claim with them now for 8 years and every so often, they really give me the run around. Initially they were a nightmare to actually claim my policy. If you are trying to get your claim approved at the start, hire an attorney. Do not try to do it yourself. The system is built against you. Do your due diligence and find an attorney that specializes in disability law. Giving them a percentage of something is better than you getting a whole lot of nothing. You can focus on your health and they can focus on the insurance company. It was a huge peace of mind for me.Later, you'll experience letters to your doctors asking bizarre double speak questions. You'll be told your forms weren't submitted and your claim canceled (just experienced that one myself) although you've faxed/mailed them in more than once. You may be asked to go to "independent" doctors of their choosing. My doctors and I have excellent relationships so they called me when they received the inquiries and handled them accordingly. Make sure you you save all fax confirmations and mail everything with at least a delivery receipt if not a signature. And if they want you to go see an independent doctor, insist that the visit be filmed. Ask the physician questions to verify they have sufficient knowledge of your condition. Ask them how many patients with your condition they've treated and how recently. Etc.... Finally, if you feel like you're getting the runaround, each state has an insurance commission/administration that regulates bad behaviors such as these. Let them know you are aware of your local administration and that you will file a complaint if the situation isn't remedied (particularly for "no paperwork" when you have confirmation it's been sent). Know your rights and don't be bullied. They rely on wearing you down and you giving up. Best of luck!
The Hartford will drag claims out for weeks, submit request after request until they receive something that can count as 'deniable', to avoid paying. If they are pushed they will pay a small portion of the claim only in hopes the person in need goes away. If you plan to use this company, have a good lawyer on standby!
I have been off work since Oct of 2018 and now it's March 2019. Still no payment and still in review. My case has been transferred 3 times and now going to the "team lead". I was told I would get a call today from her but, she left at 3:30. I called 6 times today. It seems you pay in and they never pay you. Just like workers comp in Florida. It's all about them. My rating of the Hartford does not even deserve even a star. They lie, cheat, steal and should all lose their jobs and everything they have.
Since April 17, 2013, I have been having a constant go-round with The Hartford. I have to have my doctors file paperwork every week or two. The adjusters that work for the Hartford keeps saying they had not received any of the paperwork. My doctor is faxing the paperwork they require, gives me a copy of it, and I fax it to them. “I believe they have their fax connected straight to a shredder." I am sitting here unable to pay my bills, or buy any groceries.I’ve done some checking online to see if I could find what their problem is. I think I have succeeded. It seems Liam McGee, the CEO and president of Hartford could not care less. I looked up his salary - he is paid 1,100,000 and has stock awards of 3,250,000; with other awards and bonuses, he totals out at $7,938,307 per year - this was in 2011. As of April this year (2013), it has doubled.The last I called The Hartford over my disability, I asked for his number. The associate that I was talking to claimed not to know of him or his number, so I asked if she knew who she worked for. If Obama Care is becoming a law, why isn't the government investigating these people? It is my belief that Congress of the United States actually holds a lot of the stock in this company. Liam McGee and The Hartford could care less about your problems as long as your premiums keep paying his salary.My doctors have just about given up trying to keep up with the flood of paperwork that The Hartford is sending. From this point on I have to fax them myself. If this page is actually a Consumer Affairs page, I would like some feedback on why this company is not being investigated. On this page I am required to give a rate of my experience with this company and you have one through five stars. I'll have to give it a one star until you update this site so I can give it a negative 5 stars.I intend to keep digging until I learned the whereabouts of this mysterious CEO. When I do, I hope to publish his phone numbers and addresses so he can actually hear from the people. I also intend on registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the company that I worked for that acquired this policy, my Congressman and representative. And if all possible to the White House itself. If Pres. Obama thinks Obama Care is so good, maybe he will stick his finger in and stir the pot a little.
I got hurt at work. Started drawing from the Hartford. Had surgery on shoulder. Still can't use it but then sent me to their doctor and he lied and said I could do the same jobs as everyone else but I can't even write or make a fist or anything with my arm. But they listen to this doctor of theirs and stopped my check.
May 31, 2012, I went on short term disability for 6 weeks for stage 2 cancer. I went back to work on July 16, 2012 in good faith thinking I was well. On November 11, 2012, I went back on disability. My cancer came back and was stage 4. Went back to short term disability until January 2013 and then went to long term disability. Went through surgery, chemo and radiation. Hartford kept pressuring me to apply for Social Security Disability and finally in April 2013, I applied and was accepted and SSD started the middle of June 2013. Hartford of course, reduced my amount from them to $96.44 a month. In the meantime, I decided to go ahead and take the penalty to collect my huge pension of $124.64 a month to help pay my bills. Now Hartford says since I collect my $124.64 they will no longer pay me the $96.44 meaning - 0 dollars. And I have to pay them back the $96.44 a month for the 3 months I collected my pension. And also telling me I have to reapply for my Social Security Disability and try to get them to go back to May 2013 and get reimbursed and to pay them all the money they have paid to me. Are they kidding me? For one thing, I went back to work in July and worked until Nov. 11, 2012. And if Social Security Disability reimburses me and I pay all of that money to Hartford, I will still be left with taxes on the SSD and it will also be at a reduced amount since I will be getting it one year earlier. So in other words, Hartford Disability Insurance is NOT A SUPPLEMENTAL insurance that helps pay the difference of SSD and with my Pension from the income I used to make by being employed. I asked a question to an attorney who said, "it’s a contract and it’s between your employer and Hartford”. Problem with all of us, we have no choices, we have no copies of the "contract" and we pay for something that really does not exist. It’s a loan, not a supplemental insurance to help pay your bills. I went from $28000 a year being employed to $1071 a month for SSD and $124.64 a month for my Pension and absolutely nothing from Hartford. But by the way, my $1071 will be reduced even more if I am forced into going back a year and get reimbursed for SSD.
This company sucks. I have been out of work since September 16th due to a shoulder injury. All forms were filled out. There was a minor error on my claim form, the form was corrected. The claim handler ask for my doctor's office to fax medical records which clearly state nonwork related. Denies my short term disability, which I'm getting ready to return to work. It's only been 7 weeks with no compensation from this group of unprofessional idiots. My bills are stacking up. Cell phone recently disconnected. It's the worst company to communicate with. I clearly can not see how this company stays in business. I cannot continue to go to my doctor's appointments because I have no money to pay my copay. This company is clearly rotten. If you have plans to buy into this company stay clear away. Find another. I'm sure they will do better than this company. The Hartford At Work BLOWS.
My father named me executor of his will within twenty one days of his death. She not only collected but married him lying to us, saying he wasn't going to die when he was in fact, dying of melanoma and on morphine. She took the papers to switch to her work, the FDA, without him being present because he was in fact on his bed on morphine and had her friend at work sign without his presence to turn her over as his brand new wife. She kicked us out; we had no money to fight this and we lived in different state. We had to come home and had nowhere to go. There are witnesses that were there that can and will attest only if go to court on this matter. Signatures and dates don't lie. Florida Law was to prevent this from happening; when I went to collect, she had collected already.
I have a business owners policy and Hartford claims the reason for the roof caving in is not a covered loss, even though I'm having to leave these leased premises to avoid inventory losses. It's not my roof, I only own the business which is why I bought the policy in the first place. If they do not help me this small business will surely die. I am in contact with an attorney but beware, do not buy a business policy from Hartford... they will find a reason, they give you the run-around while your business dies. If you already have a policy, it's not worth the savings - if you ever really need them, they won't help you.
Diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease (Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Coronary Artery Disease). Last day of reported work 9/11/2017 when transferred to Veteran's Administration Hospital Manhattan, NY for further evaluation for heart bypass surgery. Heart function was so low (only 23%) as to deem surgery bypass surgery life threatening. Pacemaker/defibrillator implanted 9/15/2017. Further invasive procedure on 10/4/2017 determined that heart bypass would not improve diagnosis. Hartford approved initial claim to 10/21/2017.On 10/13/2017 cardiologist completed their requested form for an out of work extension to 12/18/2017. Hartford has played a game of needing additional direct conversation with cardiologist to confirm her reasoning for out of work extension for a period of 3 months after implant, and 2 plus months after last surgical procedure. At this time pacemaker testing and prescription optimization are still assessing maximum heart stability. Yet Hartford has become the professional in the room and decided that the extra 2 months recovery is not necessary. The results of their opinion is testimony to insurance companies taking on the role of "health" professionals. Their results could be deadly and for that they should be held accountable.
I have had payroll deductions for short term disability with the Hartford for years. Never received any prior compensation from them. Now I have an injury that prevents me from working as a Flight Attendant. After 5 weeks of waiting patiently - my claim was denied. The reason: Possible Workers Comp. Claim - BWC Denial Letter Needed. So after filing for BWC, I waited 3 weeks before I was DENIED. I faxed the BWC Denial Letter to the Hartford. Was told there is a 3 - 5 day waiting period for a decision. This is day 4 and no decision yet.I called the Hartford and was told they are reviewing my medical info. again! If I was denied only because it was a possible BWC claim and submitted the denial letter as requested, then why are they reviewing my medical records again? They are really dragging their feet. I have been patiently waiting for 2 months and still no money. Also, it is very hard to get any information from them. I would like to have a policy to read but can't get one. I have no idea and was never told the short term disability requirements, etc. I feel they did not disclose and continue to not disclose everything about the process and policy terms. WHAT ARE THE POLICY TERMS? I plan to cancel my payroll deductions to the Hartford when I return to work. They are horrible.
Customer Service is non-existent. I had surgery on 9/14 and reported it on 9/14 just as I was supposed to. Then they waited until 9/22 to mail the forms to me to fill out to release medical records. These forms were received through the USPS on 9/29 (2 weeks after surgery). I sent all of my paperwork in on time then it took them (Daisy **) one month (10/15) to send my primary care DR the form requesting my medical records. Which by the way had nothing to do with a hysterectomy. After many calls to Hartford asking what else they needed to make a determination, they were still missing medical records. I made trips all over town gathering my own records and paying for them and paying to have them faxed to Hartford. All the while they are sitting there doing nothing.The Dr's office told me the reason they drag their feet just as any insurance company does to keep from paying a claim, is because THEY have to pay for these records. Instead I paid to speed up the process. After 5 weeks they told me it was denied due to it being pre-existing as determined by a primary care DR I saw April 2015 because I mentioned to her I had bleeding prior to seeing her. Having said all of this I had to do all the work for them POST OP while they sit on their rear hiding behind the phone doing nothing. I would never use Hartford for ANY type of insurance and I will be reporting them to the Insurance Commission and possibly seek a disability attorney. We are not talking a million dollars here, I missed 4 weeks of work.
I have been on The Hartford's disability insurance for about three years. During this time, I am constantly harassed with never ending demands for more information causing much stress for my wife and I. Now they want $16,000 returned because I received an award from a lawsuit from an auto accident that caused my disability. The award only covers the pension I lost and future needed medical procedures. These people are heartless and greedy. Now I need to hire a lawyer to stop them.
I filed a FLMA/STD claim with my employer and The Hartford on July 14, 2014. When I called The Hartford, the nurse I spoke to stated that the claim would most likely be denied because they rarely approve claims for mental health reason. Thinking back I should have done some research then. The required paperwork was sent back to The Hartford on July 22nd. On July 28th I received a call from the Hartford grilling me on the reasons I needed to be off work and if I could perform my job. I told her no. She said she requested additional information from my doctor and would be contacting my employer as well to find out if they thought I was able to perform my job. On Thursday, July 31st, I received a voice-mail from The Hartford notifying that they had placed my claim in denied because they did not receive the records from my doctor. The Hartford had not paid for copies of my records and did not mail my doctor a check until Friday July 1st. Today August 5th, I called The Hartford asking about the status of my claim. The person on the line stated that they had not received the records yet and stated they sent payment on the 1st. I responded with then how did you expect to receive records within 4 days if you didn't mail a check from Connecticut until day 5? She stated they originally requested the files on the 25th. So? I have been consistently asking why they are trying to find reasons not to approve my claim and all they ever say is they are not. I've come to the conclusion that I paid for my STD & LTD so that The Hartford can use it for themselves. Is there anyone who can help me? Thank you!
I have been paying into The Hartford thru my employer for eight years. I was born with a congenital heart condition that required 3 cardiac ablations to make my condition more manageable. These procedures took place thru 2015 thru 2016. I received short term for about two weeks thru each procedure with no problem. 2018 I go into heart failure. Spend a week in the hospital for fluid retention and organ failure. I go back on short term. It takes me almost 3 months to get back to work. I go back to work totally fatigued everyday and realize I can't do full time work. I call The Hartford. They tell me, "You can work part time and we'll piggyback your pay so you'll break about even."On June 1st my rep Kimberly ** told me, "Ms. ** there's nothing you need to do. You are just gonna transition over to long term automatically." I go see my Dr. Fill out the paperwork, fax it back get a confirmation that the fax went thru and I wait. On June 8th I call to check the status and the lady on the phone tells me My case has been closed because they never received the paperwork. She then reopens my case and tells me a Corrine It's an is handling my case... This goes on for two weeks. Corrine then calls me and says my case wasn't given to her until June 23rd... She then says that there is no automatic transition to long term and that the process is more in depth and I have to start from scratch. She then says she never had an email address so that she could reach out to me. Even though all my communications while on short term were via email... So I take the proper steps and submit all paperwork. She insisted she is not receiving the paperwork and literary gives me at least 10 different fax numbers to use over a months time. Then she says things like, "Oh I only got half." This goes on for almost 3 months now. My HR manager gets involved. My Drs are annoyed at sending the same info literally 10 to 15 times with no resolve. I just received two letters from the Hartford stating they need me to retrieve more records and send them in for analysis. My case is still pending. INCOMPETENT. INCOMPETENT. Absolutely terrible service. Constant run around. You will lose it all waiting for help from them. Do not buy this insurance. It's a scam.
In a previous review of The Hartford from a truck driver who was denied to return to work by a DOT law yet the Hartford denied his DB claim, this is actually your employer and the Hartford working together. My 33 yr old husband had a stroke. He's doing mostly fine. Physically he's perfect, cognitively, not so well. First, no matter what, he's always driven big truck like a champ. He was told he had no lacking physical issues to keep him from work but the recommended time to hang out after a stroke without a seizure, is one year. There is a clause included in fine print for transportation divisions of companies that a DOT Dr's denial to return to work doesn't necessarily mean you can't do another job within the company. So if you can do another job, you are disqualified. The year recommendation everyone follows isn't even a law, only a recommendation. A good one but damn. So we are going on two months from his initial short term ending and bring paid to today. I could never, ever get our rep on the phone. She would purposely call every night around the same time but we were never sure which phone she was calling, if she was calling, and it was always around dinner bath need time for young children. Her voicemail said she'd call back before ten am on her phone recording, she never called that early. She never answered her phone, we didn't have an email address or another way to get a hold of anyone, and when she'd leave a message, she knew what we needed or wanted to know and she would every time likely say who she was and that she called... Lots of nonsense. Finally I called her right back, she of course didn't answer and we were due our next payment soon, the one that never came and we are still waiting for. I told her she was granted permission to leave any information needed on our recordings. Please stop calling at that time and call back within a decent time. I was pissed. I couldn't get a hold of his HR people. Finally I did and poor lady didn't have a clue. She called the day before our Dr's appt. I told her I was nervous and she asked why, all I had to do is make sure he goes to the appt and they'll fax everything in and they did. Then we waited and waited. I scoured the site one evening and see where someone could just call in and ask a question so I did and someone answered. He listened, I cried and cried, we've worked so hard and we were about to lose everything. He was for the Hartford but he was wonderful. He kept telling me I should be able to see our workers team leaders within the claim, with their extensions. I told him I had no idea of who that was... He got me numbers, he got me answers, he was awesome. The following day I called a team leader and was denied. He can do other jobs, well the closest warehouse and not just a drop yard of trucks is 6 hours away. Doing another job is out of the way. The team leader then informed me he wasn't actually her team leader anymore. The Hartford doesn't keep the same people on the same claims for long so they don't build a rapport... It's easier to see the person as a number if they are revolving, I was told how to appeal... And to do it quickly... I looked at the dr's report and noticed, he has a neurologist appt set, is diagnosed with cognitive issues, it's on record every time I called or talked with anyone asking if I needed him to release me to talk on his behalf and why, and they denied us. I will tell you he is so different cognitively, it's like having a mildly handicapped teenager. I'll say that because he is able to function, knows right from wrong, but he opposes and fights every little thing. He can't follow more than two simple steps without messing up. He will mess up complicated steps, he is defiant and acts like a teen. He decided to try to apply somewhere else and he asked me if we lived in North or South America... He was serious. We haven't had the neurologist appt yet, we shouldn't have been denied. All the information isn't in. This is the Hartford. Oh... And we are losing everything. We are having to split up because there isn't enough room or patience to deal with a handicapped teenager (my husband isn't a teenager and was intellectually bright) and two small children. And we aren't talking down the road, he is having to move home to the north, 22 hours away. We've lost one vehicle. I've always been awesome with bills but it gets to a few months of promises and suddenly they forget the years you paid on time. My everything is broken up for greedy **. And I don't think anyone else will care about his condition like I will. Sure they'll get their money for helping him but he will be like this forever and I don't have an education or skills to barely support us. I haven't slept in the months, I'm not eating, I'm driving it off options. Whoever reads this call your lawyer from the beginning, err to the side of caution so you don't lose everything you've worked for, hurting your children for life. They are already in a bad way from watching him go through the stroke, now they are losing him. My daughter had straight As for two plus years. The semester he had his stroke, she got her first C. This isn't a company who cares.
Brain ** was right. Hartford will delay or find any way not to pay you your disability / with them you're guilty till proven innocent. Trust the Hartford, ha - it's a joke!!
In the beginning everything was fine, they send out the first 3-4 weeks worth of payments just fine, then they decided they needed my medical records released from my Doctor's Office, and required ME to print out papers, fill them out and then take them to my Doctor, and then wait for my Doctor to release my information. Is it me or do they seem to go out of their way to complicate the process? They couldn't fax my Doctor's Office with these forms and make sure my Doctor has the proper numbers to fax everything back? Now they're saying my case has been closed until they receive this paperwork, my Doctor's secretary says she send out paperwork a week ago, so where is the disconnect?I'm sorry but these Insurance companies will look for any way to get out of paying people. I did not choose this Insurance company, they're associated with my work, but I bet they all do the same shady practices, so my case is closed, have not received a payment in 3-4 weeks now, I am not back to work and don't have an expected return date yet, so what am I supposed to do to pay my bills? My case is closed they said. Wow, do you think I would ever choose to do business with them on a personal level if this is how they conduct business?
I was approved for short term disability early September 2011. I have been receiving checks up until 2 weeks ago.Hartford is being unrealistic about requiring Doctor's notes and testing, the same day as your Doctor's appointment (Many doctors have to send notes out to be scripted). They have repeatedly denied me a check when the Doctor's notes weren't in the same day.The last time they asked for notes my Doctor faxed them and then I got the excuse that my claim has been sent to the Clinical Dept. for review that was Monday, October 10, 2011. I was told by my examiner that the department was "short handed", but everything they needed was in and I would hear something this week.If you went to your bank to pick up your check and they said, "I'm sorry but we were short handed, we haven't had time to process your check, it's NOT available" that would be unacceptable! The answer I got from Hartford is unacceptable! I have diagnoses of Small Fiber Neuropathy. I am unable to work, it’s hard enough to survive on the 40% of my wages (only 40% because when I started my job with Wal-Mart, nobody had the time to train me in, let alone tell me of insurance available!). Then the checks are withheld, let alone my health insurance is not being paid. I am very upset and I want this insurance process reviewed.
My wife has been employed by Walmart for 10 years. In January, she had a knee replacement and filed for short term disability and was approved. We were fully expecting her to return to work by August but in July, she injured her shoulder and her STD ran out the end of July. We did long term disability paperwork in July after her shoulder starting bothering her. The analyst had us file for SSD and told us that the knee may be pre-existing so that won't be approved and he said Hartford is waiting for med records from doctors. We were at her doctor this week and they have not received a request yet from the Hartford and we are being told by Hartford that they requested it. So is this a stall or what. We don't know what to think.
I went on short term disability because of medical issues I had and they made me pay for forms requested by them for the doctor to fill out and now they are sending me a 3rd party tax form so I have to claim the monies they paid me. What about all the forms I had to pay for them did they deduct that? Or the letter saying they overpaid me and wanted me to send them a check, did they deduct that, probably not! I only receive 66 percent of my wages and paying co-pays to all these doctors and they now want me to make a payment to the IRS for their petty monies that they re-billed me for not going to happen. I will fight this in federal court because it states that this is non-taxable money. Stating they are a 3rd party sick leave, get out of here with that nonsense. What about the premiums I paid for 8 years did you deduct that? NOPE. This company is a scam. Get rid of it as soon as you can. SCAMMERS.
Hartford is heartless. Three doctors said I am disabled. They called 3AM accusing my Philippine MD of bribery. They have lied, twisted the medical information and just been horrible. They committed medical malpractice by using an "MD" who never examined me to say I can work 8 hours a day and denied my longterm disability. They are guilty of medical malpractice and insurance fraud!
I was injured at work which required me to have surgery. I have yet to receive any wage loss or medical and prescription coverage from The Hartford. My employer insists they are not disputing my claim but Hartford is for reasons unknown. They switched adjusters on me - I get no answers just the run around. When I last called to get updates my adjuster emailed me stating I keep customer service on the phone too long. This was a 10 minute conversation with CS. My adjuster had blatantly lied to me over 2 months ago stating she would be sending my first payment out, only to turn around the same day I spoke to her and filed a dispute claiming she got "hits" on the computer that I was seeing other drs than I had told her. The facilities she claimed I was a pt at I had never been to in my life. So she help my claim up yet another month only to receive letters from these facilities that I was never a pt there. She cake walks around every question it ask her. She started only paying medical for the Drs they sent me to. Once the time was up and I was able to see my own Drs who after 7 drs stating I needed surgery and surgery was scheduled she demanded an IME and scheduled the day before my surgery. She stated the IME would be the deciding factor as whether she released my wage loss. Now the IME report has been sent 3 weeks ago and still she claims she hasn't received it. I called the IME Drs office who told me the date they faxed it to her. I obtained an attorney who is working on contingency. I am days from losing my home. I have no money left - I can't pay utilities, nothing. The only thing she sent me was a $75 check for medical mileage. My attorney has called her multiple times and has sent letters - she ignores them all and does not respond. I have called my state WCA. They have even called her and she lies to the state. I don't know what to do. I'm looking at being out of work another 3-4 months. There has to be someone higher up we can all contact about the practices of this company. The question is who?? This is beyond stressful and depressing. My relationship is on the line with all of our financial problems because they are refusing to release wage loss. Please help. What can we do?!?!
After reading some of the complaints I see that Hartford has a standard process. When I became eligible for long term disability they canceled me, and now I've become eligible for Social Security disability they've canceled me. I haven't received a payment since the beginning of December and now they state that it could take till April 6, 2015. Meantime I don't have money go to the doctors or to pay for my prescriptions or to eat. I see that this has happened to multiple people. I am going to continue to research it, and call them every day. I worked for an health insurance co and i know that the people who constantly called and complained would get taken care of, but we'll see.
The Hartford short term disability inn is joke. Don't waste your money. They're way too happy to take your money. But when something happens and you need them they drag it forever. They want paperwork from the doctors when they get it they say they never received it. I've been fighting with them for 3 months now and have gotten nowhere.
I paid premiums to Hartford Insurance Company which were deducted from my pay check while being employed by Westar Energy. Due to injury to my left knee and severe carpal tunnel syndrome, Hartford Disability Insurance paid my benefits for 2 years and provided me assistance in receiving SSD. Now they are denying that I am disabled under their definition. They used video's that showed me filling a gas tank and carrying a small bag (tennis shoes) in my right hand therefore according to them I have no limitations with my right hand. I have doctor reports that state I cannot do repetitive work. They say I could be a clerk (filing hurts my hand), a jacket maker or record clerk. All three jobs they claim I can do require repetitive use of the hands. The doctor they had me see made several incorrect and untrue statements in his evaluation.
I have Hartford disability in effect for the last 5 years and they have been fantastic. Without them I would have not only lost my house I would have probably been unable to get all my meds and died. I had them through my former employer, which I did pay for when I worked of course and highly recommend people do the same. You just never know.
Last year, the Hartford took away my monthly LTD benefits saying that I was compensated by a lawsuit award, but the award nowhere near covered my losses. So all year they have been stealing my $1,550.00 payments and applying it to what they say I need to reimburse them!! Now, these bums sent me a 1099 tax form showing that they paid me all year long when they did not!!! My wife and I are both on Social Security disability and this will cost us over $800.00 on taxes that we do not have. The Hartford is a evil and greedy company. Avoid them at all costs!!!
I paid for long term disability insurance for years and became disabled in end of 2002 from Continental Office Furniture in Columbus Ohio. In 2008 a case manager from Hartford, rude woman called me and said literally, "GFY we are not paying you. Come sue us." Zero Doctors consulted and no review of my medical status AT ALL. I am such a dumbass and an optimist, I never sued anyone in my whole life is was against my Religious beliefs as I was raised. It is now the end of 2018 and since her call I continued to decline suffering extreme hardship and no ability to pay my Drs. I just got out of the hospital nearly dying at age 57. 10 years they screwed me out of over 250,000. They made me suffer as much as my illness. They should be lined up and shot or imprisoned for what they did to me. If your company offers The Hartford band together and demand a reputable company RIGHT NOW. I would give negative stars. When I finally got to lawyer they said, "Sorry, you're screwed."
Due to a fall and head/neck/back injury, I was encouraged by Biltmore Farms LLC to file a claim with Hartford Insurance. That claims process lacked honesty and integrity on the part of Hartford claims handlers. When the Asst VP became involved, she reviewed all until she found that I had forgotten to fully complete dental information related to the fall. During that time and in the years after the fall I find that I forget the head injury-exactly because of its effects on memory. There is, however, other supporting medical information to fully compensate me for lost income, pain and suffering and medical expenses.It is no longer about the property where I fell (Hartford failed to document that it was a Biltmore Farms LLC property where I fell), it is about the fact that Hartford chose to inaccurately file the claim, chose to delete medical reports, and delete medical and dental expenses. I have been unable to work in my profession that requires onsite work; I've had to sell my home; and I had to move to be near a medical facility that specifically treats the medical issues related to the fall.The then CEO, Liam McGee, tried to become informed of all the facts, however the main physician's report wasn't read by him. Christopher Swift is now CEO of Hartford. Mr. Swift should read all available medical reports and address the lack of honesty and integrity in the company for which he is now responsible. For more detailed account, I have filed a petition at this safe site here **. Mr. Swift, I now have many more medical reports documenting the physical pain, and inability to work since the fall. I continue to educate others about Biltmore Farms LLC and Hartford Insurance. Hartford made an egregious mistake that must be rectified.
I've had nothing but problems with The Hartford. I called weeks before I was suppose to have surgery and I still didn't receive my payment after surgery. Everytime I called them, they said they had everything they needed but when it came payment time they claim they needed more information and it was information they already had! Before my surgery I was out a week at the most, due to pain from the condition that caused the need for surgery. The company I work for uses the Hartford (because they employ so many people) to make the decision if an employees leave from work should be excused or not. I had a doctor and a specialist fax in paperwork to The Hartford and yet they claim they never received them even though the doctors had confirmation numbers from when they sent them. So now I may lose my job and everything I own because the Hartford can't do their job properly!
After 8 years of constant issues with Hartford, my husband was sent a denial letter today! 90% of the information in this report is false and wrong! To top it off, they have choosen to do this while my husband is unstable and suicidal at times for over a month now! This should be illegal as he still has mental illness. Nothing about that has changed, so how on earth can they get away with this. It makes no sense!With his history over the last several years, it is impossible for him to work since he is a liability to employers! After nothing but years and years of paperwork and harrassment in order to keep his benefits, this doesn't surprise me. Now they want to say he is no longer disabled, and all after social secuity has deemed that he is totally disabled! Unreal! I will not stop until this is fixed. I will also recover any legal fees from Hartford as well. I do not care if I have to work 9 jobs! When I am done, I am going to advocate for this type of negligence to be outlawed as well!
I was on short-term disability from Walmart and my doctor was sending in the information every time they asked for it. Then all of a sudden, they said they did not receive the information. So my doctor sent it again and this went on for about a month. She must have sent it in 5 or 6 times. They told me they did not receive it and that I would have to file a complaint and that they were sending me the papers, but I never received them. I asked them to send me all the medical information in the file they had on me, but they said they can’t do that. I offered to sign a paper relieving them of all responsibility.
I am a worker representative (not an Attorney) and represent workers who are on LTD with The Hartford and I too am on LTD. Hartford explained to us recently that, according to our policy, for the first two years after a worker went out on LTD, they are considered to be on an "Own Occupation" status. After two years they move to an "Any Occupation" status. This means the The Hartford can do a search and come up with a job or jobs that they believe you are qualified for based on your education, training and experience. This job has to pay a median salary equal to the Disability Benefit you were receiving from The Hartford.Our policy pays us in "tax-free" money, so when The Hartford states a job pays the same, they exclude the part that the National median salary is NOT tax-free and therefore is NOT the equivalent income as the Disability Benefit (For an example, the worker was paid $3,600 per month tax-free, the two jobs Hartford recommended were the same amount but taxed). Neither the worker I am helping nor I had ever heard of the two jobs they came up with. There are no companies in the city we live in that have such jobs AND, even if there were, there is NO guarantee that the company was hiring or would ever hire this individual. It is complete and utter BS.I am going to recommend to all of our employees on LTD - and any of you that wish to participate - that they write their State and National Congressmen and women. I do not see any other way to get The Hartford to do the right thing. We will be pursuing this through litigation, but I am not hopeful that we will prevail.
I will try my best as I have had 3 TIAs (mini strokes). This was after I went on long-term disability with my company. I have IBS and cannot be under a lot of stress and have to be near a bathroom at all times. Sorry for any mistake I make here. They sent me a letter dated July 3, 2012 that I was nearing my 65th birthday, which is August of this year, less than 2 months' notice. It said that "As of 8/31/2012, your employment will be terminated." I have papers saying that I'm an active employee. My retired age is 66, and I will get less money then when I turn 66 and will lose all my medical for my self and spouse. They want to put me on another medical plan, being I will be 65, which will cost me $302 a month. I have been on long-term disability since 1991. I'm beside myself. Can they do this to me? Thank you in advance.
Has anyone out there been denied long-term disability after seeing a doctor named **? I believe he is paid by the insurance company and they said he's an independent medical review - there is nothing independent about it. I went to company I have never seen in my entire life. Be very careful of this company, all they want to do is take your life away, they are not giving quality. What a scam this company is. I am currently under care for a possible hernia which I've had two operations already on and possible shoulder surgery which I'm waiting on an MRI with contrast - both of which I have given medical documents which the doctor did not include in the report. Why? I call the doctor directly, had to get his number by changing one of the numbers on the phone that they gave to pick me up. They never did for the doctor's appointment, it done everything in their power to try and keep me from getting paid. The doctor or anything in their career of yours said it's just an opinion.
They harassed me about the back pay I received from SSI disability for myself and my baby daughter! Says I had to repay it! Kept on harassment until I agree to send them 100 dollars a month plus they are keeping $249.98 check I'm suppose to receive every month! I don't understand why I have to repay it all the while I was paying insurance premiums during the disability time also 1000s of dollars! Is this legal even? They said in 2 years more I'll have it paid already been paying 3 years! Then I'll receive $240 for 3 years and then be cut off? Is this true? I'm disabled at 58 a single father of a 6 year old and see pain doc every month. I'm on morphine! Please tell me that have to pay me back!
I was on short term then long term disability. I was permanently disabled after 2 car accidents. I had neck and lumbar surgeries that never healed. We played fax the doctor notes over and over. Constantly threatened that benefits would be terminated. Scheduled an IME appt. for me at an out of town Dr. I drove for 2 hours trying to find it and never did. I drove home unable to move my neck or feel my legs. This company likes to play games and torture people until they give up. I can't do this anymore because it's too stressful. They don't care about anything but money. Good riddance.
I think The Hartford is wonderful!
After suffering months of exposure to high levels of mold that I am deathly allergic to, I suffered an extreme reaction which resulted in asthma and vocal cord damage. Hartford was the insurance carrier for the company and denied treatment for over 4 months. During that time, I had to seek (and pay for) treatment on my own. After hiring an attorney they paid for a very limited number of treatments and medications and then began denying them. They even denied them when their own physician prescribed them.It has been close to THREE years and I am still fighting to get the treatments and medications I need from them. I get excuse after excuse including that they haven't gotten the medical records from one of the physicians I was treated by (a specialist in asthma). However, I know they were sent to them on multiple times and they were even sent to Hartford's own physician. Every pharmacy, physician or treatment provider who has tried to work with Hartford has said this is absolutely the worst experience working with a Workman's Compensation claim they have ever had.Medical bills have piled up and I have numerous ones in collections as a result of Hartford's denial of claims. My symptoms have gotten progressively worse because the treatment has been delayed and as a result, I may have to have surgery on my vocal cords. Reading the complaints about Hartford, it seems that there are a multitude of similar stories. It leads me to believe that Hartford categorically denies prescribed medications and treatments as a way to increase their own revenues at the expense of those who have been injured at work. I think there may be grounds for a class action lawsuit if someone looked close enough.
I have been on disability for medical reasons. The Hartford is taking their time reviewing and approving my claim. It has been almost 2 weeks. I found out that my claim representative went on vacation and my claim sat untouched and not reviewed until her return. Meanwhile, I have not been paid. I don't know who to call to get this resolved. I keep getting the run around, adding insult to injury.
I have stage IV cancer. It took six weeks for The Hartford to tell me my claim was approved. Social Security notified me in 3 weeks. Once they approved, I had to call 3 days a week to finally get an answer of how much and when I would be paid. They sent a follow-up letter to confirm and to tell me when the next two payments would be. When my second payment didn't come when their letter said it would, I called again. I called every other day for a week and they still couldn't tell me when or how much I would be paid. It is simple math, come on. They prefer not to pay in hopes that those of us disabled will die first. This company has no compassion for what some of us are living with. My company is currently up for renewal. I will make sure they know why not to renew with this useless company. If I had a union backing me, my employer would have a grievance filed. That would be ousting them legal expenses for such a useless benefit.
I have not been able to bend my wrist since 4/29/18, it is now 6/29/18. The Hartford never answers their phone, their voicemails are always full. I fax the paperwork immediately after my Doctor appointment. They put my paperwork "under review" and they have held up my pay numerous times. They do not contact my company to let them know what is going on, I get multiple calls from my company asking me what's going on when The Hartford should be telling them. All I get is the runaround and do not receive my pay. If anyone wants to get a class action lawsuit started, I will definitely be onboard.
Hartford Disability manages our company short term disability. I am highly dissatisfied with the denial of my claim. The analyst at Hartford has no medical terminology or practices. I had foot surgery and non-weight bearing on my foot for 6 weeks on heavy narcotic medicine for pain. Not to mention, 1 plate with 8 screws intact. My claim was approved for 2 weeks of disability. My physician clearly stated that I could not drive, walk on the foot however, due to my job being a desk job and since my hands are not injured. Hartford indicates no disability payment is due, denied my STD claim and feels that I should be at work. Heartless! So, my question for a person who is terminally ill but can walk and use hands, what? My employer is no longer using Hartford and I can see why with their unsuccessful handling of disability claims. Just wish I broke my foot in the New Year.
I had put in money for a STD and LTD through my employer for 9 yrs. I became disabled in 2012 with a cervical neck injury. I couldn't move my head from side to side, I would get extreme headaches and was in constant pain. I went to a neurosurgeon that said I was not a good candidate for surgery and that I would "just have to live with it". I was initially given the STD for a few months then it stopped. When I had to go on STD, I could no longer afford to pay my rent and other bills so my son and daughter-in-law told me to stay with them, I did. They had been sent to Germany because my daughter-in-law is in the military. I informed Hartford that I was moving over there. They said that's fine, just make sure you keep sending the forms from a doctor over there. Well I did find a German doctor that was willing to help me. I got the medical forms and had them fax them to Hartford, they denied my money. The case worker from Hartford said, "You need to send a medical form stating to can't work and why". Well the doctor and I did that, we did everything that was required, sent in all the forms they wanted and still they denied me. Needless to say they kept all the money I put into STD and LTD for 9 yrs. They ripped me off and I'm sure they are continuing to do it to others.
I went through Hartford lies/harassment/threats etc from end of 2009 through beginning 2011. No MORE... NO MORE... Told them to go to _ell ! I bought the policy... I paid the premiums on the policy. The money from Hartford that I GOT from the policy that I paid was my MONEY!!! I was to get $238.00 each month through 2022 after I was approved from SSD... As your letter they wanted me to "pay back" the money that I "bought from the policy". To Make a long story short, I said NO!!! They canceled my policy! BUT I kept ALL the letters, literature, etc., ALL... ALL... They did not have a case... Hartford is a FRAUD... To any that have LTD problems from Hartford, KEEP ALL the money from Hartford that you bought from them! That is YOUR money.
So my nightmare with The Hartford began on the day of my surgery. My husband was released to call and give/receive info. He called the Hartford the day of my surgery as he was instructed. He said, "My wife has gone into surgery." They thanked him for calling and said they would contact me in a few days. I never heard anything so I called them a week after surgery. "Oh was your surgery completed?" they said, "your husband said you went in for surgery, not that it was completed." Really???? They didn't tell him to call back! Then they gave me 6 weeks, which was NOT enough time. I went to the doctor to extend my leave and my doctor has repeatedly faxed the info and even called for an alternate fax # and The Hartford keeps telling me they aren't receiving it.My doctor's office received fax confirmation that they did. Why are they lying? So now I am NOT getting my paycheck and my house payment is due tomorrow. They then made me feel my job is also in jeopardy if I don't get them what they need. I faxed my own copies today and confirmed the fax was completed on my end. I suppose they will say it didn't go through.
After an injury where my neck was broken resulting in surgery and numerous problems, Hartford reluctantly approved my short term disability. During that time, they cancelled me 3 times due to "lost paperwork," accusing me of every dirty trick in the book. Each time I proved they were wrong and was reinstated. At 6 months, I was put on LTD, and the checklist of abuses and lies began exactly as predicted on several attorneys’ websites. I was followed. My wife was followed (oops)! I was videotaped on my riding lawn mower. A sloppy field examiner came to my house and tried his best to trick me into telling a lie. Even though I did not, he said I did! Good thing I videotaped him. After months of abuse by Hartford's minions, I was sent an hour out of town to see their independent medical examiner. Curious why I had to drive so far, I googled him and alas... one single star on his review. Go figure, right? So here I am a month later, one year and nine months into my long term disability, and I get a letter from Hartford stating that based on their "totality of evidence," I am no longer disabled - mainly because their one star quack decided after a 20 minute exam that I can work an 8 hour day. The contradictions are that I have been to 3 pain management docs in 3 states, 2 neurosurgeons, 3 family practice doctors, an occupational and vocational evaluation, and a functional capability evaluation, all of whom state for the record that I am unable to sit for more than 15 minutes, stand more than 10, and must lie down about every 45 minutes (too many things to write here, but you get the idea). Hartford pummeled my 5 star interventional pain management doc with so many forms that my doc told me no matter what he wrote, they were "losing the files" so I should be prepared for the inevitable. He finally quit responding to them after approx. 30 requests for more information. So, my story is pretty much identical to every other story of complaint against Hartford, except they cancelled me before the 2 year LTD period was up based on their vague statement "totality of evidence." Problem is, the totality doesn't make sense, and I am a fighter. As a formality, I filed a written appeal with no additional outside documentation. They have ignored all of my statements about VA treatment for sleep apnea, and the broken neck complication that prevents me from sleeping even with a CPAP. They don't want to hear this. They don't want to hear that I have had a stroke. They don't want to hear that the mess to keep the pain at bay makes me a hazard behind the wheel or at work. They just want to say that because I can ride my mower for 20 minutes once every 2 weeks, I can hold down a full time job. They lose documentation that is key to my case. They lie, cheat, and talk to my neighbors about my medical condition.Hartford acts in bad faith, plain and simple. They hide behind ERISA, and commit fraud on a scale that's unbelievable even in this day and age. They chastise a claimant, talk down their noses, and call us names and scold us for faking illnesses that are not possible to fake. Their subjective view trumps the objective fact until court; but even then they are not held accountable for their deceptive practices. They are immune from charges of bad faith because they spend tens of millions lobbying congress to protect them.If you have a legitimate case against Hartford like I do, fight. Find a reputable attorney, and after the mandatory appeal period while they lose your paperwork again, prepare to go to court. You will win, and they will be exposed one more time. It will cost you 33% plus expenses for a couple of years for this, but the alternative is letting them cheat their way out of paying you what is due you. And after you win, make sure you blog about how they wasted all those extra money trying to cheat you out of your due. Investors love to see an insurance company squandering money like this.
In January 2005 I filed for long term disability benefits from Hartford insurance company. My claim was denied. Customer service was horrible!!! After filing my claim I had called to get an update on their progress to find out that the claims representative was on vacation! My claim was moved around to 5 different claims people!!! It took 3 years to get 2 checks and have my claim closed. The disability is a weak heart!!! I still fight today for my full benefits!
Hartford is awful when it comes to short-term disability which I have through my job. They paid me up until 9/25/18. Then got a letter that I had to repay it back because my job reported that I was working while on short-term disability. However that was the purpose of having it when my sick time and vacation time ran out. I will fight this. I'm looking at all these reviews. Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit. It will be me. Someone needs to shut this business down. The staff are horrible also.
I was taken off work by my Psychiatric Doctor due to a major depressive episode. Panic attacks had become unbearable. The initial paperwork was sent to The Hartford, and I received payment for 3 weeks. My Doctor had also put me on FMLA for 12 weeks for medication adjustment and a time period without stress in order to get back on track. My last check, received after January 31st, indicated that my claim was closed until notes were received from my physician. I saw my Doctor on February 3rd, 2015, and notes were sent. I contacted The Hartford and notified them of this. I called the following week and was told that my check was to be released on February 25th. I never received it. I called on March 2nd, and was told that my check was on hold. When questioned as to why, they stated that it was due to a previous claim that I told my employer not to bother with because it was for a very short time when I contracted pneumonia. Obviously, human resources sent it in. Even though this was a completely different diagnosis, and a completely different claim, they are withholding payment. And I was never informed via mail. They have demanded records every time they issue a check. Records were sent and I had to pay out of pocket for them to be sent along with filling out a release form which they never provided to me. They said that they requested records, yet my physician hadn't received anything from them. I am a medical biller. This is a blatant way to delay payment in the hopes that the disabled party will simply give up. Guess what. They messed with the wrong person. I go after insurance companies for a living. Good luck, Hartford. I happen to know the right people to get this resolved. They are a deceitful company that deserves a lawsuit.
I am a disabled veteran, have been since leaving the military with many injuries including an assault which almost took my life and the life of my unborn child. Needless to say, I suffered from PTSD. I was sent to school by the VA to get another degree and to become a good product of society despite the medical situation. I have worked for my employer for 8 years when I had a nervous breakdown. Stressed out increased my symptoms which I was not properly being treated for in the first place.I was then placed on disability as per my doctor from the VA. I was already receiving disability compensation entitlement from the VA. Once I was placed on short term disability then long term disability through the Hartford. One of the many forms you have to complete is a financial form which asks questions about other income you receive. Mind you, veteran's benefits is not one of them but I put it on the form to cover myself. I asked my case manager at the time 7/14/10 if my VA benefits would affect my LTD benefits from my job and her reply was no. I received a call from my current LTD case manager who has not really done a good job on 9/25/2012 and told me that I have been overpaid due to my veterans' benefits. I asked what does one have to do with the other? I also asked her what would my LTD payment have been had I not received and increased in my benefits. Her reply - there would not have change. What guideline is she using? Now I am told that I owed the Hartford $25,000.00 because I should not have been receiving a benefit my civilian employer and I paid into, should something happened to me. I would like to say to my fellow soldiers that now I understand why we suffer severe mental disabilities, homelessness and drug and alcohol abuse - to mask the shame we suffered. Going for help only hinders us, does not help us as we try to hold on to the little sanity we have. Then, this happened and I am not supposed to want to take my life. I have struggled since my assault and have not had the time to heal without some civilian entity beating me down. I used to be so proud to serve my country. Now look at what is happening to me and am ashamed because I sacrificed so much to be treated so unfairly.
I had a very bad experience with this company. Their customer service agents are not trained well, each time I call I got different information. I had a paid family leave claim. Took so long for approval. I do not recommend this business.
I have been a customer for several years and have recently become ill. I was diagnosed with stage 3 emphysema. I only have 35% of my lung function without meds and 43% with. I went on L.O.A. from work mid-May 2012 and have had to fight and struggle for every single dime I've received, which has been 2 payments, one for about 3 weeks and one for a month. By the time I get my payment, I am so far in the hole that the money is not enough to cover all of my living expenses and is gone almost immediately. They send for updates about every 2 weeks from my doctors, then turn around and ask for more notes a week or so later which I have to pay my doctors for. I also have had short term disability plus the whole time I've been with them. Yet when I had to redo my benefits during open enrollment at work, they started my coverage from start and said I had to have that coverage for a year before it would pay my premium! I believe they do these things to make it impossible to keep up my coverage at $260 a month, as they only pay me every month or so! They also think that I will get tired of fighting with them to get my money by having to make several calls a week and paying for 6 or more doctor visits just to get their paperwork filled out.They have paid me about $2,600 since May and it costs me about $500 a month to get it which totals about $1,500, so I'm sure you can do the math here! My house has gone into foreclosure and I can't do anything to stop it due to this, and I have had a vehicle repossessed as well! This company is just another bunch of scam artists that are taking complete advantage of people's misfortunes! I pay these people to protect me and they are in essence costing me my home, cars, and soon my utilities which cost me more than I have left after paying the cost of getting my money! When I am done with this situation, I will never deal with these people again and will make it my life's mission to make sure others don't deal with them either!
My husband has been paying for short-term disability with The Hartford for over 15 years. In March he had surgery and just received a payment for less than $300, this week for one week. Not to mention he has to pay them out of it weekly. We were told the 30-day waiting period is not payable. Bills are piling up, as they request more documentation in order to pay for weeks coming up. This is information that they've already received. I feel this company is scamming individuals for money. I would never recommend them to anyone. Has anyone sued this company before?
I started the claim with Hartford on September 11th and to this day (October 3rd), they have not made an official decision yet. I have four long weeks that except extreme pain from FM. I have extreme stress from dealing with them. Initially, they claimed that they did send fax to doctor's office and my doctor never received it. I called them several times before they re-faxed the paperwork. Once the doctor faxed the info back to them, they asked for medical records. I was constantly on the phone with Hartford to find out if they received them. Two fax numbers they provided were not good. After 2 weeks, they finally received them.As soon as Hartford would receive a piece of information, they would ask for something else, medical records, then they wanted the doctor to call them etc. I even sent them extra paperwork from primary care and other doctors that I have seen during this period to prove my disability and still no decision, which more likely will be denied. Do you think that a nurse at Hartford (which is reviewing my claim) is as qualified as my doctor (a very qualified one) from Mass General MD, MPH, UMDNJ to determine that I should not be disabled while my doctor thinks I am?!
On 5/26/2016 I became physically unable to work. I am continuing to have severe upper right abdominal pain that causes me to lose my breath, makes me nauseous, dizzy headed, unable to focus, in extreme pain on my right side like I have a broken rib (but it's not). After test, blood work, and many doctors, even trigger point injections did not help... the doctors said I have a condition call "Costochodris" which is an infection of the cartilage in my rib cage. I work from home, at my computer for a call center which seeming is easy enough, however with this condition it's horrible and just breathing is extremely painful and nonstop talking is impossible let alone sitting upright for eight hours. I tried different chairs, positions, even a love seat before I went on FMLA leave to try and find a doctor to help me.Of course I also had Hartford to fall back on so I thought, so I would not go bankrupt since I am the main income since my husband is disabled due to a stroke four years earlier. At first Hartford approved my claim, they pay me a few weeks then stop. I go approximately two months without payment. Finally after repeated attempts, phone calls, sending in multiple medical records, calling Hartford numerous times talking to supervisor, nurses, anyone who would actually act like they would help... spending countless hours doing the agent's job finding out doctors fax numbers, record department numbers, etc I got my claim started again where Hartford paid me back pay and approved me for two weeks after that. Then STOPPED payments AGAIN!Each time they stopped payment I would call and ask why only to be told some vague answer like "You no longer meet disability requirements" and I would say "I am still under doctors care, he still will not let me go back to work of which I have sent in paperwork showing, and my condition has not changed from the last time you approved me." "How do I NOT qualify now for the same condition and reason as before?" And the agent would say a supervisor would call me back and I would never hear from anyone.I ended up calling an attorney to ask for help, he told me to appeal, on Hartford's website there is no way to appeal so I called and spoke to my claimed agent and she told me today I would have to wait for my denial letter to come in the mail (I have never received any info from Hartford in the US mail and told the agent this info) and she explain the instructions on how to file an appeal would be in the letter and she could not give me the information over the phone. I also wrote to Hartford's legal team today, of which I have written a couple of times over this process, asking for help letting them know of my request for the appeal info and if they could and/or would send it to me but it normally takes a week or so to hear back from that department.So I wanted to add my experience here in hopes something can be done to simplify or regulate these companies so people whom are sick and think they have insurance to fall back on really do... not just another scam. Because if the company is not held to certain guidelines they will continue to take money from people and scam on claims. Most people give up on real claims because the process is too hard because the insurance is allowed to make it hard. We need justice!!!
I am off work for 4 1/2 weeks from having surgery. The Hartford cut off my std 12 days before I'm supposed to go back to work. Despite the fact my Dr. put a specific return to work date on my FMLA paperwork due to the nature of what I do, they still deemed me as no longer medically disabled and closed my claim. So I am going without pay for almost two weeks, what am I paying for again? This company does not care about it's customers. Would never recommended them to anyone.
I am so disappointed with The Hartford who can take money out of my account with no clarification to the fees I would be charged when I spoke with them about canceling my workers comp insurance with them. I have been paying WC for our company since it began with The Hartford. Then I started working with a payroll company who told me it be good for me to switch paying my WC insurance with them. In doing this it ending up costing me a lot more money. So when I canceled The Hartford charged me the entire amount and with that provides no service for my company nor my employees. It seems wrong when you're dissatisfied with a company that you don't have the right to cancel.
My have was released from work in January 2012 due to complications from Multiple Sclerosis. My wife is 47 years old and was diagnosed with the disease in 1998 and has worked at fighting off the evils that come with Multiple Sclerosis until that time when she was unable to perform her duties as a Paramedic. She was smart and obtained short term and long term disability insurance through her employer in 1998, The Hartford Insurance Company was her provider which she paid for out of her pay check for 15 years until it was needed. In April of 2012 her short term disability payments began for 3 months until her long term disability took over. Many doctors visits and multiple questionnaires were completed every 6 months to continue her payments. In December of 2013 finances were extremely difficult and we elected to cash out her pension in order to pay bills and survive since the drastic change in income had put us behind on several bills. The Hartford Insurance Company penalized us for doing this and cut her monthly payment in half! Nobody told us we could not do that, so we adjusted again to another loss of income. Now exactly 1 month after my wife's Social Security Disability Hearing, The Hartford Insurance Company has closed her case and will no longer pay her monthly payment! Stating she no longer meets THEIR DEFINITION OF DISABLED! Evidently a Neurologist with 10 plus years of education and 10 plus years of practice along with a psychiatrist statement proving my wife cannot function in the work force is not considered DISABLED! Who gives these idiots the right to judge whether or not someone is disabled over physicians? So many people have been done this way and it's time to take a stand and correct this injustice. Am I pissed? Yes I am! People work hard to maintain the american dream. It's time for the Government to step in and tell these insurance companies to get a grip.
I’m on long-term disability for a year. Joel, at the Hartford, stated to me that if I received back pay from Social Security, I would have to pay the Hartford back. Well in February 2012, Joel offered me a lump sum amount. I didn’t take it because I would lose the long term disability coverage. Joel did not tell me that if I took it, I wouldn’t have to pay the Hartford back once I received social security back benefits. Now that I have received my back benefits from Social Security, I have to repay the Hartford. Joel failed to inform me about the lump sum payment that I wouldn’t have to pay back had I taken the settlement... just another benefit that I feel I got ripped off. I’m really upset with this.
After 32 years of paying disability premiums to Hartford, they find reasons to deny my claim in order to avoid payout of benefits -- now, when I need it the most. Insurance companies are all tending this way, but Hartford is the All-In-One Leader of the Band where denial is concerned. Just look at their stats. How can these people who work there and send out one denial after another live with themselves? With the kind of pain I'm living with right now, and the information my doctors have sent to them, how could they ever come to that conclusion? It is companies like Hartford who keep lawsuits higher and help attorneys live in grand style. What a scam! Hartford, you are the worst!
There is a culture of bureaucratic red tape at The Hartford. I advise any company that's truly interested in their employee's well being to consider other options for their short term disability benefits. The reviews online speak for themselves. No matter how much doctor's notes nor how clear they are it is never enough. My Return to Work Certificate from my company's Workplace Clinic/doctor, who is a DOT Certified Medical Examiner that I CANNOT return to my driving position temporarily. This is a legal issue and 100% legitimate and still they ask for more information. There is NO doubt that I cannot return so why don't they pay what is owed to me while gathering whatever else their policies require? The answer is simple; they have attorneys on retainer and most people get worn down trying so it is financially lucrative to delay & deny. I invite you, your company, the government or anyone this is of interest to research this company's practices as I have been on the back burner for an extension for over 10 weeks.
It's like pulling eyeteeth to collect on short term disability. Every month, Hartford’s clerical area makes my doctor fill paperwork to tell them the same thing she told them the previous month and won't pay until they get it. So, this means that quite often you get paid a week or so late. Now, the clerk went on vacation for a week so I haven't been paid for over 2 weeks since it needs to be reviewed. Think twice before paying for STD with Hartford because when you need them most, they will make you very angry; the last thing you need as you fight your illness. I think they are hoping to drive you to your grave so they won't have to pay.
I had been receiving Hartford LTD group benefit insurance for 2 years. I received my SSD benefits finally in June 2013. My benefits went back to February 2011. Despite SSD physicians and attorneys written information that I am totally disabled and unable to work, Hartford stopped my private LTD. Two appeals were filed at Hartford and with no examinations of their own and totally ignoring prevalent medical information, Hartford still refused to reinstate my LTD benefits.
I have been out on Worker's Compensation since 11/3/09. I was being paid for my travel time to and from Doctor's up until 2014. Now it's been a lot of up and down. They owe me now over $3500 in expenses for travel. They will not answer my emails. I get a runaround with who is my advisor. What can I do? Of course if I don't to the Doctor's Appointments, they will not pay me & will shut my Worker's compensation off. I'm now having to file Bankruptcy because I've used credit cards to keep my car up, gas, oil changes, alignments, etc.
I've recently encountered the worst business experience with The Hartford insurance company! I recently underwent knee surgery, and have been under continuous doctors care for this injury and surgery warranted. Disability forms were frequently completed by my orthopedic surgeon, as per their request and followed all company guidelines to be continued benefits via the Hartford. Regretfully, I was informed after receiving STD benefits for my injury/surgery for 60 days that the Hartford had to discontinue my benefits, while they perform an investigation to confirm if my injuries were pre-existing! In addition, I was told that this was a company policy for "all individuals" that were receiving STD benefits! I didn't have a problem with the investigation, because I knew that I sought treatment for my knee after my insurance went into effect! Regretfully, they had already closed my case, prior to the completion of the pre-existing investigation deadline!Additionally, within 2-3 weeks of undergoing knee surgery, I was called via The Hartford nurse, and told that she was calling to see how she could get me back to work as soon as possible! I informed her that I could barely walk, and was still walking with crutches, plus my employer didn't want me to return unless I could perform at 100%!! Considering, 99% of my work consisted of walking and standing! Meanwhile, I had called The Hartford and spoke with another representative to inquire if I would be entitled to retroactive pay, once they finished my investigation and saw that my condition wasn't a pre-existing!! I knew that it wasn't pre-existing, therefore, expected to get reinstated and reimbursed soon! Unfortunately, I was informed this week via the representative that I was no longer eligible to received disability benefits via The Hartford! I still do not understand how they could abruptly tell someone who was actually ill, and met all guidelines and policies for this insurance that they're no longer eligible!! This organization is definitely NOT to be trusted, or used for disability, and/or any other insurance options! I feel almost certain that these insurance claim representatives are given big bonuses for denying claims that will save companies millions of dollars!! That's why they're fast-talking, sly, heartless, and non-empathetic people!! It appears that they're more concerned about their survival income, and not yours!! However, I plan to appeal this decision soon, because they're expecting people to just walk away!! I'm not the anything goes type of person! Hell No!! I refuse to go down without a serious fight/appeal!! The consumer and regulatory affairs, and the insurance licensing board need to shut them down for their obvious trickery, and illegal insurance practices!Everyone who have posted complaints on this website can't be complaining about the same thing, if it wasn't true and factual about them!!! We live in different states, and don't even know one another, so this can't be something that everyone are conspiring against them! However, if you need a reliable insurance company with morals, high-standards, and values that stand behind their name, and their customers, then purchase Aflac!! The duck (Aflac) is really what's up!! They're highly trusted, and highly recommended by many!! I would have never experience this type of crap with Aflac, if I was still with my previous employer that had it for their employees!! It breaks my heart that I no longer have Aflac coverage!!Moving forward, if you've been recently and wrongly denied benefits via The Hartford, fight like hell in filing your appeal, and also send a carbon copy of your letter to the consumer and regulatory affairs commissioner for further review and investigation!! You can even take it a step further by sending a copy also to the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation within your state to prompt an investigation on their inappropriate, and/or illegal insurance practices. Wishing everyone the best!!
I have been paying Hartford for short term Disability for 9+ years. I recently got hurt and needed major surgery. I have applied for the short term Disability and was approved, but then all of a sudden without explanation my pay has been offset and I haven't received anything from them in 3 weeks. I called to inquire and was told that due to me having leave - time accrued at my job. Then they will offset my pay 'til this runs out. I get donated leave from other employees to help just to pay my health insurance at work and now I'm being penalized for it and can't pay my bills. How can they do this? I pay them not my job... I accrued that time and if I don't keep paying my insurance through work I will lose my benefits. WHEN I recover I will be looking for another company outside of my job. I can't deal with being injured and now I have to deal with financial issues also due to me having time (i.e.: vacation, sick, holiday, comp) at work and being paid for it. I only get paid 20 hrs a week which only covers my benefits.
Hartford keeps claiming they haven't heard anything from your Doctor yet, But the Medical assistant says she did send the info. I believe the staff sent the info because they cannot gain anything by not sending my info. Hartford has a problem with paying you when you need Financial help, but won't ever forget to take the weekly fee from your paycheck! I've been out of work now for a little over one month now receiving a check for four hundred twenty dollars. I'm supposed to collect around fourteen hundred. Reason for delay on the rest was, "We're waiting for more information from your Doctor." I'm still going back and forth trying to get the rest of my money. I only plan to be out for around two and one half months. This is a job within itself. I advise you if you can do without being involved with Hartford, be smart and do so!
I have been on LTD for 2 1/2 years, waiting for SS disability. I finally was approved, Now The Hartford says I need to pay back everything they gave me??? Not one time in the two plus years did anyone EVER say I had to pay them back. Nothing like kicking you when your down. They still are going to pay me the difference between what SS will pay me, and what they were paying. When do I have to pay that back??? If I knew that I never would have taken anything from them, and put up with the headaches of the paperwork every three months. Hasn't this happened to anyone else???
I cannot believe these heartless money hungry people that work for the Hartford insurance company. My short term disability was 100% legitimate and payable $99 a week on top of SDI (state disability). I called on time as I was supposed to make my claim. I was met by a monotone emotionless voice who seemed very bothered by my phone call. He took my information reluctantly and needed to call me back with their decision. Their decision? I'm insured through my job at Sephora where I've worked for full time for 11 years. I was out with a type of heart failure that caused severe swelling and lower leg ulcers and had 100% of all my paperwork from state disability to prove my claim. So I get a very happy voice on the other end of the phone when they finally decided to call back, joyfully and ecstatically giving me the great news that my claim was denied. How could that be possible? Apparently there was a form or document missing every time I called back to check on my status. For months. Finally the short term disability check came in a little at a time. I ended up going back to work for three months before the swelling, pain and fatigue resurfaced. My SDI WAS RUNNING OUT and I had to call the Hartford again but this time for long term disability. I was told that since the second time I had to take leave was within the 90 grace period that it was not necessary to have to open a new claim. Yet here it is, one year + and I have yet to receive one red cent. All the requests for more paperwork and missing medical info from the countless doctors I had to see, even though a simple document from state disability stating the amounts I'm eligible for was sufficient in the end for short term disability. I ended up having no tree or presents for my three children this past Christmas because I was counting on the money from Hartford to pay for at least a tree. As it turns out, the only tree you can get for $0 is one closer to New Year's Eve.I'm not sure that anyone there truly cares about the trouble and turmoil they put people through who are sick or injured just to hold on to our money a little longer if ever even giving it at all. I truly feel cheated and scammed by the Hartford and I will notify Sephora of their indiscretions and the suffering they cause tens of thousands of trusting people right when it couldn't be a worse time to be hassled. I told them I was in a wheelchair and would need to have special care and transport to the medical records dept when they tried to deny me based on missing doctors records. They could not have cared less and required me to do it anyway or my claim would be denied. How do they sleep at night? I bet they get big incentives and Christmas bonuses for every minute they delay a true and rightful claim. Truly the worst business in all creation. I hope their blood money gets eaten up by law suits immediately. Mine will be one of them. When you call them, their greeting says "Thank you for trusting The Hartford!" Yes, because those gullible enough to believe in them, have and will continue to provide them with their biggest and most abundant revenue. Kudos to all of us who dare to still believe... We are the bread and butter to the ugliest most vile creatures alive on this earth. The Hartford is such a creature. In my own opinion and in the countless opinions of other Hartford victims flooding the internet's complaint/review pages. I'm not impressed.
I've been on disability since 7/17/2018 and still haven't received payment from Hartford. I have a very lazy agent!! He doesn't put forth any effort and keep asking for more paperwork. This is a stall tactic, if the Hartford paperwork that is given isn't sufficient they need to change the paperwork. This company refuses to pay out and will do anything from paying. I work for a bakery and I'm really hoping they will pull their account with Hartford. Both of my doctors submitted paperwork and Hartford is still claiming it's not enough!! I call B/S and it beyond my why a clinical team needs to re-review what a doctor already signed off on. HARTFORD IS A TRASH COMPANY AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!!
On April 29th, 2013, I had a total hysterectomy. I did have a leave of absence from my job but no one told me I had to call The Hartford to file a claim. After not getting a check, I called my company and they told me to call The Hartford. On May 24th, I did file a claim and thought it was done. On May 28th, I took a call from Ms. ** with The Hartford, and the nightmare began. She was very, very rude and implied that it was odd that just months after I was eligible for short term disability, I "needed a Hysterectomy"? Really, I have to wonder who on earth would want one. I needed this surgery due to real problems that affected my life. I gave her all of my doctor's information and was told that it would take 5 to 10 days. On day 10, I called for a update and was told by Ms. ** that none of my doctors had responded to her requests. I started making calls; none of my doctors had gotten a request. So I had to call her again and was told she had requested them but that she would do so again. I waited 2 days and called her again - same response. Now I was getting mad. I called all 3 doctors again and still they had nothing. I requested to speak to her supervisor and up until the 19th of June failed to get any response. In the meantime, I ran all over Indianapolis gathering, coaxing, and in general kissing up to all the doctors to get this information faxed (it turns out that Ms. ** was rude to their staff when she did get around to calling them). I spent over 32 hours of my life tracking down information. I returned to work on the 10th of June and I am still fighting to get what my company pays for. I am in the last stretch of this long nightmare. I spoke to her supervisor on the 19th and she told me (yes, told me) that Ms. ** admitted to her that she did not contact a single one of my doctors until I spoke to her on the 8th. I am owed 5 weeks of STD and I am struggling with my bills due to her lack of ethics and what I must assume is laziness on her part. It was never my job to call and chase down my information. I personally believe that Hartford owes me not only my 5 weeks' pay but my 32 hours for doing her job and I make good money. So I expect that even at 80%, those 32 hours should make me enough to do something for the doctors and their staff that had to deal with this woman.
I started falling asleep without notice. It got so bad it happened when I was driving. I was put on short term disability by my Dr. I gave all of the information to the Hartford on July 24, 2013. It is now Sept 30, 2013. I am back to work and they are still REVIEWING. I am lucky that my resolution was found and taken care of quickly (Vitamin deficiencies). This is a terrible company and I will never again work for a company that carries Hartford insurance.
I read through the other complaints and get a feeling of deja vu! Hartford has obviously used the same bad business plan for years. My short term disability claim was submitted while I was still in the hospital on 5-8-14. I went in for a back injury and found out that I had also had a heart attack. The Neurosurgeon determined that I have Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and need Laminectomy surgery. Unfortunately since the severe pain caused my heart attack, I had three stems put in and was put on Plavix to thin my blood (as well as blood thinning meds on the stents).When my Neurosurgeon found out he postponed the surgery for at least 6 months so I could be off blood thinners for a week before he did the operation. Hartford closed my case a week later (2 days after I got out of the hospital ), claiming I didn't meet their disability criteria, even though I couldn't walk and my Dr gave me Temporary Disability placard for six months. I had to apply for an extension, which took almost a month to get, as they bombarded my Doctors with paperwork and had a nurse grill me on the. They tried to say that I was ineligible for STD because I hadn't had my back surgery yet. I explained about the blood thinners again and told them to look at the Physician notes from my Neurosurgeon. They tried to say that I should be able to return to my desk job since I didn't have back surgery. I informed them that I couldn't walk, stand, or sit. They finally extended it to 8-26-14. I put in for an extension as my surgery is the first week of December, but I still haven't received my benefits as of 9-30-14, and I am going broke...I have a $2100.00 mortgage that I am behind on, and have been unable to pay my bills since 8-30-14. Something needs to be done about this harassment. I paid for STD & LTD, yet I am treated like I am trying to cheat them. They pay no attention to my Doctors records, and my Doctor, who has dealt with thousands of claims, can't believe the amount of info that they ask for. He is used to being trusted with his diagnosis, and said that Hartford is asking illegal questions that have no bearing on the case.
I was contacted by the Hartford and any Social Security or benefits you get outside of what the Hartford pays you they will claim back and your back pay that you receive. They have horrible customer service and always threaten to take your disability away if you don't get doctors' notes when they want them rather than when they are scheduled by your doctor and furthermore they make harassing calls monthly or by mail. I don't understand how this company can legally do some of the things or practices they have done with me and I would highly recommend that you review your long-term disability and short-term disability products that are offered by your employer before you agree to use these people as your long-term or short-term disability. The final thing I would have to say about the Hartford is just keep in mind that they will take every drop of money that you get from a claim. They will put a lien against any litigation that you have and they will also take all back pay and attempt to pay the least amount possible under whatever laws that they're protecting themselves with.
This is one of the worst companies I have ever come in contact with in my life. I got a letter today turning down my LTD that I am no longer on. I applied in December 2012. It took them 3 months to make a decision. During that time, I believe they asked for VA records they should not have and repeatedly called doctors for phone interviews. I believe they were looking for any reason, based on time it took and records requested, to try and turn down this claim.
They want all my back pay. They reduced benefits even before I was approved for SSDI to 60%. I lost my house, my credit is destroyed and I have the IRS wanted money that's due also. I need that back pay to get me a house and out of debt however they don't care. Even if you pay them or make arrangements you still won't get your check. You pay them all that money back and they don't care if you're sleeping out of your car, if you eat etc. Please give me the link if they have one to file a Complaint. By everyone's story, this can't be fair.
I have had 3 back surgery in 1 year and the last one they put a spinal cord stimulator in me. Now I get a letter from Hartleave/Hartford that I no longer meet the definition of disable. Can't sit, stand or walk more than 1 hour. My feet and legs swell and my back is in constant pain. I have no clue how anyone thinks I can do any job. There are days I can't even get out bed. I worked for The Hartford for over 10yrs and this is how they repay a loyal employee. Suggestion to all, don't purchase any coverage from The Hartford!!
I have been trying to get long term disability through The Hartford Company. My short term ended 3 weeks ago and I am NOT receiving any income whatsoever. The Hartford Company is now playing this game of 'we need this and we need that' when ALL information has been sent to them by my short term company. All that is happening here is that The Hartford Company is playing games about paying on the long term disability. They have every piece of information that they needed. Now they are saying that forms provided to them are illegible. REALLY? It doesn't take a genius here to see what they are doing, they are playing games and making it to the point where people get frustrated in them and just give up! SHAME ON THEM!I paid my premiums to them on a weekly basis. Never did I play these games with them when they wanted their payments. Perhaps it is time our govt look into the Hartford Company's practices and start auditing them and find out what is going on!
I filed an ST disability claim with The Hartford and the claim was approved very fast and benefits started right away as outlined in my company's policy. My claim was approved through Sept. 18th, 2012 and if I needed to extend the claim, to call them. I called them on Sept. 13 to let them know I was going to be off work through Nov. 5th per my doctor's orders and I wanted to request an extension now to avoid any lapse in coverage. The Hartford faxed the paperwork to my doctor and my doctor filled out their forms and has now faxed them to The Hartford 5 times, and Hartford still denies receiving them. My doctor has even showed me the fax confirmation receipts where they were sent. I confronted one of the reps at The Hartford about it and he gave me "a so-called escalation fax number" to have the forms faxed to. My doctor faxed them to that number also ... Guess what? They still haven't received any update from my doctor. Lol, how unethical can one company be? This has been ongoing since Sept. 13th. If these benefits weren't paid through my employer, I'd drop them in a heartbeat. My wife pays for coverage through The Hartford and she is dropping them asap.
I was recently put on short-term disability on 05/01/2013. I have chiari malformation with syringomyelia, a pinched nerve in c7, spinal stenosis in the cervical spine, disc bulging in c1-c4 and a pseudomengincile. I suffer from chronic pain and chronic migraines. I have been working at my current position since 10/2010 and have been able to manage with intermittent leave. In April, I had a migraine so bad and it felt like my head was going to explode and it was the worst I have ever had. Since then, I've been in more pain, have dizzy spells, slurred speech, increased headaches and muscle weakness in my neck where I can't even hold my head up and have been bedridden most of my days. I went on short term of course because I can't perform my duties. I have had MRIS, multiple doctor appointments, etc. By far, dealing with the Hartford has put more stress on me than dealing with this (given it's inevitable). They immediately approved me for 2 weeks and required paperwork from my doctor by June 3rd. My doctor waited to see what the neurosurgeon said (I've also had brain surgery back in 2001). My doctor has continued to send them this paperwork over and over again. They continue to state they have not received my paperwork. My doctor has called them asking what their problem is and they say they don't know. I've been bouncing back and forth from my doctor to the Hartford. I am beyond frustrated right now. My doctor has kept all the transcripts stating all faxes have been received. It seems the Hartford does this often. They stated that the central location for paperwork nobody can contact. I don't know what to do. I'm not going to get paid.
I have been having a great deal of difficulty with health issues, at age 62 I have now lost my health, car and home insurances due to the laziness and corrupted attitudes of the claim handlers at the Hartford. They hadn't received physician statement but failed to inform me of the electronic portal through which I could have done THEIR work. I am tired of dealing with this incompetent group of what I am assuming are lazy millennials drawing an income for no work. I have had to get assistance from an attorney to avoid another stay in the hospital (I would now have to go through emergency just to be seen). I want to say "thank you for making my life hell one year after losing my wife." I would like to say "thank you" to a particularly lazy handler but I am assuming names can't be mentioned. But then again I am assuming they are all lazy.
I have been out of work for 14 weeks now and have received two checks from The Hartford. I have been taken out of work by my primary MD and also a specialist. Every time I call The Hartford, it is always some excuse as to why the claim has not been approved i.e., the doctors weren't specific enough; the primary MD has not returned our calls or faxed the paperwork. I know this to be untrue as I have seen in my medical the notes and dates they were sent to The Hartford. I was approved for a check from Sept. 2 through Sept. 9th and have yet to receive a check. According to my analyst, there is a problem with the processing system although I can assure The Hartford staff is receiving their checks. My medical condition has not changed at all since first filling for STD, yet every week, it's the same questions and same hassle. I will end up having to return to work against medical advice as I cannot live off of $0 per month. I electively chose and paid for STD and LTD for situations just as this and have received nothing but more stress and anxiety as to how I'm going to pay my bills and pay for and up-coming surgery. Who is a nurse to decide that my MD and specialist are wrong? This person has never seen me ever before. I feel at this point, my medical condition is really none of The Hartford's business and that my MD should be making the decisions when it comes to my health.
On behalf of my friend who had proof of his disability and was denied and struggled for months.. If you were denied for a viable claim, contact them again if they have not already contacted you. Friend was just informed that two employees working for Hartford were fired after intentionally denying numerous legitimate cases and even closing cases without consumer consent. Finally these individuals were exposed. Contact your rep and communicate with them AGAIN. My friend's company used Hartford for a disability carrier of a New York business. Were you one of those affected? Communicate with them again and ask to be reevaluated!
I am so tired of dealing with this Michelle ** at the Hartford. She jacks me around every week saying they are reviewing my claim over and over ad nauseum. It has been approved and used to be paid on a fairly regular basis until a few weeks ago, and it's been like pulling eyeteeth since then. This is not a time in a person's life when something you are entitled to and have been paying for years causes so much grief. The Hartford people are untrustworthy and dishonest. A person who is in a hospital bed could never do the follow-up necessary to get these people to break loose with your cash on a regular basis. In my opinion, they are ethically disabled.
I had my GALL BLADDER REMOVED! These people denied my claim and then tell me they give 21 days or 3 weeks for recovery without the doctor’s statement. I got two weeks before they needed more information from the doctor. Then when doctor didn’t explain in detail why a GALL BLADDER removal surgery needs 4 weeks to heal they denied me. My doctor just stated my return date and didn’t go in detail but any human should know it takes at least 4 weeks to heal a gall bladder surgery. Shame on Hartford.
Went on SDI in March. I've turned everything in on time and even went out of my way to get my medical records and doctors notes for the Hartford. They first sent all their request to the wrong fax number, then they made me get my medical records for them, then made me get my doctors notes for them, then I gave them all the correct numbers to get a hold of Kaiser SDI department. Then Hartford tries to be sneaky and send paperwork straight to my doctor who won't fill anything out so that paper was shredded. I spoke to numerous people at Hartford and told them to stop doing that and send the papers to the numbers I gave them. It's now almost June, they denied my SDI claiming "lack of physician information." I've already sent in my appeal and told them to get all my records for physical and mental which they didn't do in the first place and to listen to me and do their damn job. I'm in too much pain to do their work for them. HATE these insurance companies.
I was on LTD for seven years with the Hartford. Then after seven years they sent a spy to check me out. This person videoed me for a total of 12 minutes. He/she saw me going to and from my car and followed me to a gas station. They determined by this person as well as their doctor that I was no longer disabled. I have had scoliosis since I was 12. I am now 60. I have severe arthritis in my spine as well as the beginning of osteoporosis. Their doctor took no X-rays just said "she is able to work." They stopped my disability in August 2014. I have an attorney to appeal this but 10 months later I still have no decision. They keep getting extensions for further review. I have no income and forced to borrow money. I just wish we had some rights. The Hartford can do whatever they want and we are at their mercy.
If I could leave the star blank I would. They don't even deserve a one star. Worse experience I ever had in my life. I have been facing and sending forms since the beginning and every time it's a different error they say need to be corrected. My case worker Adrea ** need to work for a collection agency because she doesn't need to handle anyone personal information especially medical. She is very rude and act she doesn't care about your concern. She cut you off in the middle of explaining the situation. Every time I call I get a different response from different people. I believe I'm going to lose my job for the lack of The Hartford at Work and Andrea **. I'm going to seek a lawyer. If depression is the cause of your leave, they will make it worse, with all the headache and trouble they put you through.
It is really hard for me to know where to begin, and I was not even given a name of who I needed to respond to. This is my appeal to the letter sent from Tonya **, dated October 31, 2014, saying I would not be receiving benefits after October 31, 2014. The envelope is dated November 5, which is the day I received the letter, and I have been trying to respond ever since. It is a long and hard process for me write a letter that is legible that you can understand. My son will have to help me print and send this letter to you. Forgive me if I repeat things, because I get up and down and lose my train of thoughts.Before I had my stroke, In October 2012, I was very active, my work day starting at 8:30 am to anywhere from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. Most days, I was the only employee in the store, behind an inch of bullet proof glass, and we were not allowed to leave throughout the work day. There were no lunch breaks, or even breaks at all. We had to be physically fit to be on our feet all day long. Although my family has a history of arthritis, I kept the aches and swelling under control with Ibuprofen.After my stroke, it was as if nothing in my body worked correctly anymore. My whole body seems to hurt all over all the time. My doctor was Kathryn ** before my stroke. She referred me to an internist, Dr. Monica **. Dr. ** was concerned about all the pain and swelling, and she referred me to a Rheumatologist, Dr, **. He initially diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthritis, then AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis). Both are progressive forms of arthritis, especially if not treated. Insurance companies require the doctor to start with the least expensive treatment. In my case, Dr. ** put me on Methotrexate (a cancer drug), folic acid, and prednisone. I was already taking my blood pressure meds, symvastatin, pills to help me control my pee, and an aspirin in the morning. Here I am in constant pain, and nothing is working. My hair is coming out by the handfuls, and the Methotrexate triggered my psoriasis to come back, although I had it under control since my 20's, and now I'm 59 and have one more inconvenience.Health insurance has been a huge problem and a huge issue when I went to LTD. ACE was no longer paying for my health insurance, and had me go to Conexis to sign up for COBRA. Somehow I was lost in the system and went months without any coverage. ACE is telling me to contact Conexis, and Conexis is telling me to contact ACE. Unfortunately, one of my effects from my stroke is uncontrollable crying. No one wanted to deal with me, until I finally got a nice man at Conexis, who understood my crying was a symptom from my stroke. He made calls for me, and we found out that HR at ACE did not complete sending my information to Conexis. I had been going round and round with it from April to July. I had no coverage in June and July of 2013, everything coming out of pocket. After paying rent each month, I had about $340 left from the money The Hartford was sending me. In 2012, before my stroke, I had taken the money from my retirement to have surgery done on my mouth. I had been advised to have all my teeth pulled, because all the inflammation made me susceptible to having a heart attack or stroke. My blood pressure was too high to do the surgery, and Dr. ** was working with me to get my blood pressure lowered. But before I could have the surgery done, I had my stroke.That money, meant for my surgery, was my only buffer for me to pay bills and rent. My rent is $1200, my COBRA was $433.10. Although I had no insurance coverage for June and July, in August, Conexis took out payments for June, July, and August of 2013. It overdrew my account, and I tried to get reimbursed for either all my out of pocket costs or the premiums they charged me for the months they didn't give me any coverage. For just the pills, that helped me with the inconstancy with my urination, the cost per month WITH insurance cost over $100 a month. It was costing me more money to pay for my prescriptions than the monthly premium. The amount I was receiving from the Hartford was not even covering just the rent and my COBRA. I was in a negative before even attempting to pay for electricity, water, gas, garbage, groceries, etc. There was so much stress because I had no money, not even for necessities. Although I started my application for Social Security disability, just the Hartford was my only income. I always felt they were hounding me even though I had sent them all the information.Another sore spot was the Hartford recommending ALSUP. After not hearing anything from ALSUP about the progress with SS, I finally called SS last January. They had put my case on hold because of ALSUP. I spent many days and many hours on the phone with SS trying to straighten my claim out. Again, these poor people trying to understand me with my uncontrollable crying. It seems ALSUP told them to send all communication to Illinois. When SS needed information and clarification from them, ALSUP never responded back to them. When I finally got my case going again, they thought I had moved to Illinois, so they tried to get it transferred back to Oregon to restart my claim, only... somehow it ended up being transferred to Idaho, and I had to go round and round with them to convince them I had never moved anywhere. I had to have my son take me into the SS office to sign the forms needed to request information from my doctors, something ALSUP was supposed to do already, but didn't. SS was sending everything to me now, and a month after the forms were returned to SS, ALSUP would send me the exact same forms asking me to complete them again. It's hard enough for me to do it once, let alone twice, just so ALSUP could have a copy. That is when I finally told ALSUP that I didn't need their kind of help. Then the Hartford accuses me of not applying for SSD. I had to send proof that I have been trying. It would still be sitting on hold if it were left to ALSUP.With the Affordable Care Act coming to fruition, last Fall, in 2013, I kept trying to enroll. I knew I could not afford to pay $433.10 each month, just for my premium. ACA was having problems all by itself. We call the ACA, in Oregon, Cover Oregon. Well, Cover Oregon was having problems, because the programmers never got the program done. The Federal government finally gave extensions until April 2014 to get signed up through certain representatives. In the meantime, my bank closed my account because Conexis kept over drawing my account. When I covered the negative balance from my December premium, and Conexis refusing to reimburse me for anything, I decided that I would get my health insurance through the ACA. Unfortunately, I couldn't get an appointment with a rep until March 17, 2014. It was going to cost me $55 a month for the Silver Package. Cover Oregon was, and still is a mess. I have had no insurance since last December, I am lost somewhere in the Cover Oregon mess, which the State of Oregon has scrapped, and the State is now suing the company that the took millions from Oregon and produced no program... leaving many, many thousands, like me, without health insurance, and paying for everything out of pocket. I was trying to hold out for November 15th, when we can now enroll on the Federal web site, in Oregon.My only income is the $1,540 the Hartford has been sending me. I am waiting for my hearing to be scheduled with SS. I have had to face the choices between paying for my rent, food, and bills or try to pay for doctors, meds, and living on the street, homeless. Now the Hardford is going to make me homeless anyway. My doctor completed the form, you sent to me, last August, when I paid for my appointment out of pocket. You have all my records, yet you seem to feel you need more information. Nothing has improved since my stroke, and in fact, I have progressed backwards in my health.What I am constantly battling is the side affects of my stroke, which has affected my immune system. There are so many things. Aside from the AS and Psoriactic Arthritis, and the chronic pain, I forget things. I cry for no reason and especially when trying to communicate with people. I even cry when I hear sad things on the news. I have bathroom problems, often not knowing I need to go until I have already started. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed when that happens. Sometimes my right side, all of a sudden stops working... some examples was when I was putting bowls into the cupboard, my hand couldn't hold them, and they all dropped and broke, even though they weren't heavy. I drained hamburger grease into a tin can, and when it had cooled, I picked it up to throw it away, but my hand just quit working and it spilled the grease all over the kitchen floor. I have fallen so many times because my right leg just gives way all of a sudden, One time that I remember it was Valentines Day, in the store, standing in line, my right leg just stopped working and I fell on my left knee and left arm. I have fallen so many times on my left knee, it is in constant pain. It is so embarrassing when it happens in front of people.If I stand for 15 minutes, I get excruciating pain in my lower back. I cannot walk very far, so my son has arranged for me to have a cane and a walker with a seat. I cannot sit for very long, and I have to have my feet elevated so that my feet, ankles, and knees don't swell so much. And it is always hard to get up because my knees get so stiff and sore... my knees always clicking bone on bone. I don't sleep much because my neck, shoulders, and back hurt so much, I get snatches of sleep in half hour to one hour intervals, because I have to constantly move and constantly have to pee. Often I doze when I shouldn't be. My neck, shoulders, right elbow, hands, wrists, lower back between hips, hips, knees, ankles, and feet are always swelling and in pain. Dr. ** says I need to be put on enbrel, but we can't do that until I have my insurance back again. In the meantime, he recommended 4 ibuprofen three times a day, kind of like putting a band-aid on a broken leg.I don't know how to prove to you that I am still disabled, except for you to exam my body. The Hartford has been sent all my medical records. The only changes since my stroke is that my AS and arthritis has progressively gotten worse, and I have a hard time coping with the pain. I'm so tired all the time. When SS sent me to a neurologist a while back, he kept saying over and over that's normal for a stroke victim. I kept crying, and he says that's normal. He even yelled at me because I couldn't answer his questions fast enough. Sometimes it's so hard for me put the right words together in my mind, and then it's hard to get the words out. Sometimes, my words come out backwards and non-words.Then SS sent me to a psychologist, He seemed to be convinced that I'm depressed, and he says that's treatable with medication. I don't think I'm depressed. I have been so worried about money and not being able to pay my rent and bills, and to be able to pay my doctors and for my medications. There hasn't been enough money. I had to cancel Comcast a long time ago... that was my TV, internet, and home phone. I haven't gotten to do anything fun because I can't afford it. I'm in so much pain that I can't sleep. I haven't been able to buy any clothes since before my stroke, in 2012. I cannot go anywhere without catching a cold or some illness, because my body cannot resist the bugs other people have. I guess maybe I am depressed. I get told that there are programs to help me, but they are always out of money. The Catholic church did help me pay a past due bill so that my water didn't get shut off.Dr. ** sent a report to SS, saying I could do a sedentary job, but I would have to have the freedom to get up often since I cannot sit very long. I cannot sit in front of a computer for a long stretches of time because I have to constantly move my neck because of the AS, and the problem of my neck fusing the vertebrates together. So SS denied my claim, saying I didn't have to go back to banking, that I had plenty of other experience, such as a Census Enumerator... showing their pure ignorance. A Census Enumerator is driving and walking and pounding on doors, talking to people for a good strenuous 10-12 hours a day, and the Census is done once every ten years. Ha-ha, maybe I can apply for work for the 2020 Census... by then I would be eligible for regular Social Security. There is a shortage of jobs as it is, no one would hire me in my condition, and I don't know of any jobs that I could work with where I don't have to talk to people. It would be a little old explaining to people that I am crying because it is normal for a stroke victim. Not to mention, I get dizzy spells all the time and my right limbs quit working from time to time, so I fall a lot. I did get a letter from SS saying they will be scheduling a hearing for me... It's only been over a year and a half since we started the application process. The people at the SS office can see I disabled, but someone sitting at a desk somewhere decides that I am not, just what Tonya ** and the Hartford did. I don't have health insurance because it failed to work in Oregon, I don't have money to pay my doctors, yet Tonya ** expects me to schedule regular visits that I can't pay for... so she concludes that my disability has gone away. I would give anything to make it go away. If you could could continue with benefits until I can get my health insurance and get through my SS hearing, I would be so grateful. I will be homeless next month if you do not send me any money.All my life I have worked hard and obeyed all the rules. Now I am 59, have been stressed out constantly since my stroke... feel like I've been badgered by The Hartford, just a number with SS to be tossed aside, fighting the insurance companies to pay the bills, ripped off by the insurance companies, too much income to collect food stamps (although my only income was the Hartford}, being referred to programs that have no money to help, and more bills than I have money to pay. If you can find me a job I am capable of doing, I will take it. If you can talk my doctors into treating me for free, I will go. I can understand now why people lose all hope to go on living.
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