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The General Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Permanent General Auto Insurance (PGAC)
Overall average rating of 2.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 15 %
My experience with the General insurance has been positive. The website is extremely easy to navigate and get a policy quote. It's easy to purchase online and I like that they provide low monthly payments and you can always choose your payment date. They provide the state minimum and they also give you many opportunities for multiple policy and safe driver discounts. And every time I have had to go either online or had to call an agent they have always been courteous and extremely helpful. I would like General to continue to offer many different policies to under insured people or people on fixed or limited budgets.
This company took my money for coverage in NC then after taking the money said they do not cover NC. I spoke to a supervisor who lied and said they would refund my money to my card. They canceled my policy and kept the money and would not help me when I called but said they refunded it but they never did. So they lied, cheated me and stole money from me, canceled me without my knowledge and robbed me basically for no product. DO NOT EVER use this company.
Worst company ever. I had two teen daughters and our insurance through State Farm was going up to 790 a month. We started looking around and found The General at 268 a month so we switched. Worst decision ever!!! Hidden fees, staff that don't know what they are talking about and other stuff. They charge a 12 dollar monthly fee to bill you, not verbally disclosed at the beginning. 144 dollars a year to send a bill. They tell you they can't refund money after the bill has been sent out and they tell you that they can only talk to the primary on the insurance. The telephone representatives are nice but not very knowledgeable.
They were able to give me the lowest rate. I only have liability coverage and other companies wanted to charge me twice as much for the exact same coverage. It was easy to start the policy. I did it online. They insisted I provide a copy of an accident report proving I was not at fault and they kept sending me emails and letters even though I sent it multiple times. They finally got it corrected though. However, they start "threatening" to cancel your policy two weeks before payment is due for "non-payment". They have told me it's just a reminder notice but I do not like the wording implying that I haven't paid when the bill isn't even due yet.
I will never use The General again! Due to an error on their part my policy was cancelled. I called them to get it figured out and all they could say was "We cannot reinstate your policy. You will have to start all over with us." I said, "Oh so this way you get more money out of me" and the lady said yes that's correct. I live in Kansas and once you have no insurance they suspend your registration and plates. So, thanks to The General I now have to pay for new insurance and must pay to get my plates and registration reinstated!! They are costing me a lot of money for their mistake!! Please do not ever use them!!
October 9th I was rear ended, my passenger was injured. I was told by a rep of The General that they would handle the claim. As of October 14th I got a letter from The General denying my claim. Guessing I rear ended myself. Don't understand what the ** I'm paying insurance for.
It is extremely easy to get the insurance through The General because they simplify the process. From start to finish, it takes maybe ten minutes to complete the process, and that is extremely helpful to buyers that don't have the time to go to an agent in person and go through the whole process. With The General you answer a few questions and you're done. They are doing an amazing job with their services. It is easily accessible, easily affordable, and the overall process is easy. You do it from the comfort of your home.
I don't recommend The General Insurance (Permanent General) to anyone. I have paid my premiums always and have had both my vehicles on my policy and have done everything I am supposed to. I was involved in a car accident on 9/1/2015 and yet no one has came out to look at my truck or anything so I have been without a car since the night of the accident no one can give me any answers except "Someone will be coming or will call you." My adjuster doesn't return calls or emails barely and I have asked for a manager and supervisor and still no one has called me. This is the worse experience I have every day with a insurance company. This is my first every claim and I hate that it's going like this. I have heard nothing bad by reading other reviews and I have talking to other insurance and they said it should never take this long. I am so stressed out and sick plus angry over what they are doing to me and my family.
I was involved in an accident recently. This lady ran a Stop sign and hit me. With all the evidence she is at fault but since I have LIABILITY only The General is not fighting for me to make the person that hit me pay for the damages on my car. Very pissed and dissatisfied!!!
I asked why my premium increased. I was told it was because I moved. That's a reason??? They kept saying the same thing over and over. I moved to a less congested area a MILE from where I was before, less crime, and my car is now parked inside of a garage. I asked how underwriting came up with an increase simply because I moved. Their response? "Underwriting doesn't answer those kinds of questions". I asked, "Can someone answer the question intelligently?" Their response "the answer is that your premium increased because you moved". BYE BYE GENERAL!!
I liked that the pricing was affordable. It was the cheapest insurance I could find that fit my wants and needs. The process of purchasing was simple and quick but they scammed me out of my money for something they were at fault for. The customer service representative was rude, disengaged, and of no help. I would not recommend this company nor would I purchase insurance through them in the future.
I signed up for auto insurance. When my next payment was due they sent me a cancellation notice instead of a statement. This went on for about 5 months. I kept emailing them and received no response. After the January payment the cancellation notice was increased by 25 dollars, with no explanation. When I tried to call I received a message to call during business hours. No phone number or office hour timeline was provided. I sent them an email advising, They were canceled due to Billing practices. I went with another company. I responded to numerous email requests to reinstate my policy, my response advised I was not a customer any longer. They sent me a bill for 38 dollars with a letter threatening to report me to credit reporting agencies. I called their customer service number again and was advised the 25 dollar increase was a reinstatement fee because they processed a payment 2 days after I paid it. I Was advised I need to forward an email when I canceled them. When you reply to their emails you always get an error message stating to log in. When I discussed this with the customer service representative, she requested another email to prove I canceled. After some searching I forwarded an email confirming I had canceled them and advised I will not be paying anything unless they do damage my credit, then I will spend thousands, all the way to Federal Court if necessary. I warned them numerous times not to send cancellation notices. When I do business, you send me a statement and I pay it. This practice of sending cancellation statements every month is unprofessional and insulting. I would not recommend any company with that practice.
I would not recommend anyone using this insurance company for anything. I was in an auto accident and the agent with this company has been rude, disrespectful to myself as well as the person driving the vehicle I was riding in. They do not return their calls and when they do they take it upon themselves to try to browbeat the customer into settling as well as say things one way and then switch it around. They also take it upon themselves to make decisions for the customer against what the customer may have said. So if you are in an accident and the person who hit you has the general hire a lawyer as you will not be treated decently by any of the agents who work for the general auto insurance.
I was a quiet customer of theirs for a few years. It was when I found a better rate with Progressive that I decided to cancel. Four months later I received a collections notice from a 3rd party stating that I owed another $71.25. Come to find out, when I cancelled, I was assessed an early termination fee. I had one month left in that policy, yet was never told that I would be assessed that fee upon cancellation. I would have waited another month to move had I know! The supervisor then said it was notated that I was made aware of this! Are you kidding me!? These people are lying thieves. Do NOT go with The General!! He's a crook!
Bought policy online, it was quick & easy. I liked that. No problems, no hassle. Very satisfied for the most part and we'd go w/ The General again, guaranteed. But the cost seems a little high, compared to insurance companies I've used in the past. It was unexpected since they advertise on their tv commercials to be a cheaper alternative. It was misleading. Maybe their customer service makes up for the cost being a bit higher. But it'd be very nice if the cost goes down w/ time. Given your driving is good & no tickets are obtained.
The general is an online insurance agency not company. That is misleading. Also their commercial will lock your recorder when trying to fast forward forcing you to watch their misleading commercials. Never heard one good thing from anyone about this operation. Just look at the complaints.
I purchased insurance with The General for my son's car that's in my name. After being unable to download insurance cards like you are told you will be able to, I wound up having to just add the car to my own policy at State Farm. The cost for over month was $84 and some change. After being unable to even use it for what I needed it for, which was the very next morning, I started trying to call. I was on hold for an hour at a time, I was hung up on several times, so my next attempt was to try a online chat. First time, I couldn't get anyone to even respond, next time it said it was down and I could send a message, which I did. I told them to cancel it, to call me, to talk about it and still nothing!!! Then today I had enough! I called the 800 General number and instead of choosing I have a policy already, I chose that I wanted to purchase a policy. Guess what? I was answered immediately! She then told me she was in sales but would send me over to customer service. That took about 25 mins. I finally have someone to help and she tells me that my refund will be a whopping $26 freaking dollars out of $84 for what should have been one day of coverage! Even if it were a week, how could they pro-rate it and come up with $26? I will tell you how! The crooks charged me $41 to cancel the worthless policy then prorated it a week which was not suppose to even be a week! Don't go with this company unless you have absolutely no other alternative and then just consider maybe taking a bus or getting a bike, or horse because they will take your money! I'm sure I probably won't even see the $26! And wouldn't be surprised if the monthly installment is taken out next month. This place shouldn't be in business at all!
I had no problems whatsoever with the company. The customer service was awesome and accurate, handle me with care and answered every question I asked. They take care of each and every customer with care, solving all issues quickly, respectfully.
First let me say that the commercials are overrated! It is not cheaper than other insurances companies. I signed up last year and my payments were 179 per month. In one year they charged me for my premium and changed my plan and charged my credit card for over 700 dollars. I called them and they told me that I was the one that changed my plan to charge my cc. I argued with them and 30 days later I received a letter that I need to pay for my month charges. And I didn't have insurance.
The General agents have been nice, professional and very helpful when I have any questions. They are available twenty four seven and not in any hurry to get me off the phone. Online is quick and easy too if I don't want to call on the phone. I just wish a little more was included such as towing in the liability package instead of paying more the following year for it. Also, I would like to see my rates go down considering I am into my second year with them.
The first problem The quote was very high. I have a clean driver record. Then they went up on the already High rate I am already paying when I cancel their ass then they told me I have to a 10% fee for a 45 day premium on the 6 month amount that comes up to $291.00. This is something they don’t tell you it in small print. And I never filed any claim with them. I don’t drive the car but; times out of a month all this was told to them when I picked up their insurance.
6 weeks ago my vehicle was hit by a person being insured by The General Insurance company. To this day 6 weeks later I'm still waiting to hear from someone from the claims department to get back with me on my insurance check. The entire process has been extremely slow and drawn out. Very very disappointed in the amount of time that it takes to process a total loss claim. Several times I was told, "We will get back with you," in a certain amount of time and never hear from them. If I would have had to rent a car due to the loss of my vehicle I would have went broke by now! Definitely would not recommend them to anyone. I have the same exact type of accident happened 3 months ago and the insurer was insured by another company in which was taken care of from start to finish in 9 days. Big difference! For most people...I would say you are messing around with our livelihood!
I have had The General Auto Insurance for a little over a year now. Every time I receive my check, the same time every month I have paid my bill by going to the My Policy portion of the website and paying the listed monthly price in FULL. After my renewal, 8/2015, according to Customer Service my payment increased BUT THE WEBSITE LISTED PAYMENT PRICE DID NOT!!! I was unaware of this change, being it that according to any logic the payment price on the website SHOULD match the price I pay monthly. As it turns out, 18 days after paying the amount listed on the website last month my policy was cancelled and I was not notified until a week after cancellation! Now I am being charged a reinstatement fee and told it was my fault for not reading the fine print... Once my policy is finished I am switching coverage immediately! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY TO ANYONE! This is no way to handle business by cheating faithful customers out of more money!
0 stars! My wife was rear-ended by their insured [injured with a severe concussion, back and neck strain, as well as rib pain and asthma attacks] [car was totaled as well] and was first told that they did have insurance and that they would get back to me. Days later, after being hung up on and put on hold for an hour at a time, I finally was able to speak with Pamela [the so-called supervisor] who was supposed to be of help to me. She informed me that they were checking to see if their insured had made the last payment, which was already a different response than what I had received when I called the first time. Now, today, after speaking with Xavier my wife and I RECEIVE letters in the mail stating that the claim was dropped due to the fact that their insured was essentially missing a payment.How do you go from being insured to all of a sudden missing a payment within the span of days? The person who misinformed me the first time doesn't deserve to be employed, and they should take responsibility for their actions. And no one can give me this lady's number to contact her directly or even provide me with the date that she last paid on? I already don't believe a word they say, and I truly don't believe that she doesn't have any insurance to begin with. Now we have to go to small claims court. Xavier & Pamela continuously apologize and yet no action is taken, and they will do anything in their power not to speak with you, including telling their representatives that they are 'currently unavailable.' I am waiting for them to go out of business, hopefully shortly after they are sued.
I had the General Auto Insurance for 3 years. When it was time to re-up, they tried to tell me I had to have a separate policy in each state I went to, because I was a prospector and stayed in the hills for 3 months at a time in Bagdad, AZ, in Elko, NV and in Silver City, Idaho. I had no tickets, no wrecks and always paid on time. No problems. Then after I paid in full, they sent another bill for more money with a letter that I had to have insurance for each state. I don't trust them anymore. They lie to you.
I would suggest that everyone stay away from this auto ins co. I would have rather paid more for a better company. I got my ins in 2010 and they loved my money until I was actually in an accident, then our relationship went wrong. A lady ran a stop sign and hit my car. I was injured and they are fighting not to pay medical bills. It's now 2013 and I'm still dealing with horrid insurance company. What a shame. I should have known better than to get ins with a little green man dancing around on a TV screen. STAY AWAY. I can not stress that enough.
60 days ago I paid off $70 debt to General Insurance co. where they put collection. I told come off 30 days and still there. They play your credit and you pay debt. But they too sorry take it off. This sorry company, and crooks, and liars. I truly wouldn't recommend them or progressive ins. either. Same company.
The General Insurance Company's insurance plans are very flexible when it comes to different payment options. Start up cost is very inexpensive and they allow me to pick when I want to pay. They also have 24 hour accident reporting line and proof of insurance is available online immediately. They handled 2 accidents very professionally. Both accidents were my responsibility and very close in time but the General representatives were none judgemental and made sure my assets were protected. However, sometimes the customer service is very short and rude when a question is answered wrong. If a person was just in an accident the customer service representative needs to understand it can be a traumatic experience and needs to be handled gentle.
On 2/9/13, I sold the vehicle insured through PGAC. The same evening, I contacted PGAC to cancel my policy, however, I was then told that by cancelling my policy there would be a 10% cancellation fee for cancelling my policy. Knowing this, I at least expected a little refund because I was paid up until the end of February. Well guess what? Today I got an email telling me that I would not be receiving any refund on my policy!
I bought my policy on 2/6/2017 through an independent agent who did not mention the 10% cancellation fee. In addition failed to inform me of rental during a collision. However, the worst was I was given a number to contact the general directly. 99% of the agents were either rude or lack valuable information. I called 15 times 1 hour and was never told of this cancellation fee. Another eye-opening situation is the independent agent, who told me both my credit cards declined and a checking account should be used.
One month ago my wife's 2015 Cadillac was totaled by a General policy holder's truck after he fell asleep at the wheel which he didn't deny and was cited for. A Claims Supervisor Mr. ** stated that it would likely take a month to finish the investigation. Today he stated that he had no idea when it would finish. We asked if it would be 60 days... 90 days? His reply was "POSSIBLY"! My insurance co. is now going to pay out and go after the General for the car and my wife's injuries. No investigation is needed as he rear ended her car at 65mph. The Police Report says it all! This is a poorly performing company.
The General offers many coverage options. If I have an accident and need to make a claim they make it very easy and it's also very affordable with low payments and minimum coverage if that's all you need. The customer service is great and they make you feel like family and will walk you through the whole process of whatever questions you have. But they should have more main offices that are local in case I need to make a claim or come in to change a policy or just ask questions. All in all it's a good quality company that I prefer and would also recommend to my friends and relatives if they were looking for a great insurance company. It's a very welcoming feeling being covered by such a great company.
2 accidents within 3 months of each other. 1st my fault according the officer. Other driver had major facial injuries due to not wearing a seat belt, wearing ear plugs, and talking on phone when I came to her rescue. She has filed a suit for extensive amount beyond my liability maximum. I did all the leg work for the agent and adjustor. Agent had bad attitude. Did not want to work with me and expected me to do the following up of all issues of the claim. Too many calls to adjustor too.
I got into a car accident on my birthday. If that wasn't bad enough. I couldn't get in touch with the claims department. It kept telling me it was closed. Where it says the claims line is open 24 hours on the automated system. To top things off the party who hit me didn't have insurance. So, I get this adjuster who is horrible. She is such a liar. I do understand that I'm not only person with the company with a claim. Do not lie to me about the process and what's going on. I will very much understand if you would be truthful with me. I've been getting the run around for about a month now! IT'S ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! They don't care how it affects you because they still get paid at the end of the night. I wouldn't suggest anyone go through them for insurance. They are high as hell, and send you a cancellation notice every month before your bill is due. ** worse experience of my life! Progressive is definitely the best! Low rates too.
The General has been a very respectable company, always there whenever we have questions or need help with a problem, friendly employees and very reasonable quotes and prices. We shopped numerous insurance agencies and the General met all our needs and wants including the right prices and the kind of coverage we needed at the time.
I have been with them for years and I just love them. They have great customer service and are very helpful. They answer any questions right away and never takes long for any payment to go through and switching vehicles on the policy is super easy. Their website is super easy too. I would recommend them to anyone who needs insurance. They are the best for just state minimum coverage and for way less than what all the others I have tried. They also have awesome discounts and I like all of those that I have. I will keep my insurance for as long as I can. I keep telling everyone I know who is looking for coverage to give The General a try. They are a great insurance company.
I started a policy 3 months ago. When I signed up, asked if an other drivers in household would be on policy. I stated 'no' and started policy. 3 months later I get my monthly reminder that a payment is due and they add that driver that I stated would not be on policy. Then when I talk to customer service (which is a joke) they claim that they sent a letter that would add said driver if I don't respond. (I am on paperless, so why send a letter?) They ask to prove that said driver is insured (which I can prove) but I feel it was their mistake and should fix it. They are asking to pay for the time said driver was on policy, but I will not pay as it is their fault for adding said driver. I will NEVER do business with General again and if anyone does, it will be at your own risk!
The General Auto is an amazing auto insurance company. It took less than 10 minutes to purchase policy. Everything can be sent through email including insurance cards and paperwork. I can change, delete or add services to my policy at anytime online. Furthermore, I like the 24 hour customer service, good rates. Customer service employees are always very helpful and don't give a runaround about things. Overall, I am very satisfied and don't plan on switching anytime soon.
The General was the easiest policy I have ever started. Online fast and easy to use. Took like 10 mins and had policy in hand. Sit in your pajamas and answer a handful of question boom done. No hassle with dealing with people and no need to sit in an office for an hour beating around the bush at junk. Also, great prices. And if they lower prices even more, then maybe more people would switch to them too.
It's been a while since we had insurance with The General. Being a large family, we ultimately switched to another company that provided us a more affordable auto policy & cheaper monthly payments which The General could not accommodate us with.
I've already got good coverage through Geico but decided since we are on such a limited income and tight budget so decided to just see if we could do better. Waste of time. DOUBLE what we are paying now for identical coverage. What a joke. Considering my wife and I are in our late fifties with extremely good driving records and no other drivers in the home. They quoted me nearly $1000 a year! Are you JOKING?! I've already been paying less than half that for over ten years. So where's the great discounts?
This company is garbage. The day they have the best rates, I was paying more for insurance than my car payment. They didn't even supply the insurance I asked for. I found a cheaper company with better coverage. I do not and will not ever recommend this horrible company to anyone.
I really like The General Auto Insurance and I am overall satisfied with their coverage and their service. This company processed my new policy quickly and I have had a positive experience. They have excellent customer service. There are a lot of very good features but I like having the feature of paying my insurance bill monthly online and that it is hassle free.
The General is cheap, affordable, nice, kind and very helpful if I need help with anything. And they don't give me an attitude if I ask too many questions. They also call and give me a reminder to pay my insurance which is very helpful considering I forget a lot. They also will send you a email receipt of your payment so you have it. But they can fire one employee they have because he is so darn annoying.
The worst customer service experience we have EVER encountered! It's been almost a month since someone hit our car and our policy is paid and we can pay our deductible but yet, nothing has been done! Forget about saving money, pay the extra money and go with an insurance company that will actually take care of its customers!
They will lie for years. When it's time to pay up on a claim and swear it's someone else's fault. The adjuster was a weasel for real, has no respect, big liar and does not do her job. Been waiting since August of 2016.
The General has everything I need. The price is great for the size of my family and what we can afford is great. I can get the policy online and print proof when needed. I like this company. The people are helpful. My experience has been good and I would recommend The General to all of my friends and family.
Everything took place online from the initial quote process and selection of coverage amount down to the specifics of the drivers covered. The process seemed simple enough. Being great how handy online everything was, it is a double-edged sword making it confusing as well. Not personally dealing with an agent was strenuous to me. Nevertheless, the quotes and annual premiums were affordable and quick to acquire on the computer. Also their rates didn't change and I had roadside coverage with my plan.
They put me in debt over $190, I'm only 20 years old. Had the insurance for less than a month, they were so nice when they were receiving my card number of course. But once I canceled to move onto a BETTER company they were no longer helpful, said I owed more money when it was paid and they sent what I refused to pay to collections. Of course the lady heard nasty words from me because she was honestly a **. To keep it real they screwed me over entirely. They are good with fraud, real expensive, and have no locations unless you’re in Kentucky I believe. So my opinion, they are trash. Everyone who works for them that I have experienced is rude as hell. They don’t care about anything about you besides the money you’re forking over. So I suggest you NOT consider them at any point. Disgusting company that should definitely not even exist. Thanks for reading.
I was attracted to the online process because I thought it would be easy and very efficient. Seeing the ads on television convinced me to give The General a try and that's what I did. However, I did not like how I had to purchase the policy and the entire online process. I did not fully understand what I had purchased and it seemed like I was spending money and not really knowing what product I had purchased. My overall experience was not a favorable one. I would much rather have human interaction and have an agent sit with me so I will know what I have purchased and what coverage I have and what is actually covered under the policy.
I literally never ever post reviews about anything. I just had to talk about my experience with this sloppy horrible company. I had insurance with the general about 2 years ago. I decided not to continue with them after experiencing problems with them overcharging me and things of that nature. I paid for my final month of coverage and then I switched companies. I thought everything was done and over. No way I look at my credit report on credit karma and lo and behold I have a collection for 166 dollars for the general car insurance. Now mind you they are a month to month insurance company. Somehow they claimed I still owed them 166 dollars for time I wasn't even with them. So they decide too put this on my credit report and it's been on there ever since. You can't get mad at a consumer if they don't like your services and want to switch companies. So because the general was upset that I left their company they decided too put a fraudulent charge on my credit report which is not cool at all. So with this being said fellow consumers don't walk please run and stay as far away from this company as possible. They are scam artists and rip off people who are bullies. I don't care how much money they pay NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. It's all a big scam to dupe you out of your money. This company shouldn't even be in business in the first place. So you people can't say you weren't warned because I'm warning now. DO NOT GET CAR INSURANCE WITH THIS HORRIBLE BAD COMPANY.
We were in a car accident and, out of state, our policy covers us for pip in entire U.S!! Was told by 2 insurance claims people "Since happened out of state you're out of coverage"!!! I sent over my policy showing my coverage and supervisor says "Out of state. No pip coverage." Me and my wife are out of work and have large hospital bills from U of M, and they won't pay loss of work wages either!! Have got attorney to resolve this!!! Really??! Horrible customer service. Will sue if I have to!!!
Overall experience was good and quick. They are easy to work with and to contact if needed. I know they are there if needed to help make a claim any time of day. They are friendly people. However I would have them give people on disability a discount and have a program they can earn discounts to help in the cost if they are on a fixed income. It would help those in need of insurance.
I have repeatedly sent documentation supporting my very low annual mileage. The General refuses to acknowledge it and adjust the policy accordingly. The scandalous scum buckets increase it rather than lowering it. I have sent copies of repair receipts bearing the odometer reading. I have taken pictures of the odometer as well. The con artists also refuse to correct driver - vehicle assignment claiming that their computer system does that. Bottom lines is that The General creates whatever they want on your policy and refuse to correct it.
I got car insurance through The General back in April when I purchased a vehicle. Come to find out they jack your rates up after you purchase a policy. The monthly cost was more than my car payment was. I found a cheaper car insurance company with way better coverage and more trustworthy in my opinion. Please stay far away from this company. They are crooks and dishonest. I don't know why they are still in business. Their customer service is horrible and rude and condescending. Buyer beware!! There are better reputable car insurance companies out there. Run far away from The General.
Every month I get my bill it says it's due on the 8th of the month. I paid it on the 8th. I just talked to them because they added a $15 late fee. Apparently it's due no later than 1:00am on the 8th. But the bill doesn't say that. I'm a Senior Citizen and on a limited income. They refused to take the $15 off because they said they done it once before. It makes me wonder how many other people have had to pay late fees because they don't put the actual date on their bills.To me this is just a way to rip people off. All my other bills whatever they say the due date is I have til midnight on the due date that it says. This is confusing especially to older people who have a limited income and have to pay their bills after their small monthly income and have to do it on the date they say it's due. The supervisor talked to me in a rude voice even. Will be looking for a more trustworthy Insurance company. If a bill says it's due on a certain date that's the date it should be. Unless it says otherwise which the general don't. Thought this was supposed to be a reputable company. It's not.
I enjoy full coverage from The General on my 1-year-old 2015 Hyundai for a surprisingly reasonable and affordable price. I purchased the insurance over the phone and it was so fast and easy. When I heard Shaq's voice welcoming me on the other end, I was immediately in a better mood. The customer service department is always helpful. Issues are resolved quickly and with a high level of professionalism. Their website is also easy to use and a convenient way to manage your policy, make changes or payments. The only time I've ever experienced any issue at all is with printing out insurance cards. You have to wait for the cards to become available. However, I do not believe this is an issue that they are able to resolve.
Low cost? Best in customer service? These people are a pack of thieves. Flood of 2016 in south Louisiana and they jacked their rates to unbelievable amounts. Lawyers and judges all in bed together down here. My driving record is spotless not to mentioned I'm a professional driver. I log more miles in a month than the average driver does in a year. Because my job required me to work out of a satellite yard in Oklahoma for 30 days at a time then 2 weeks home they told me in a rude tone seek insurance elsewhere. Really? ** General. But here's the good news, I went with State Farm for half the monthly payment and general had to refund me $150.00!!! Again, ** general. Seek insurance elsewhere folks.
I have the most basic service for my state and it's the cheapest. So far, I've had no issues but also no reason to contact them. So, I will have to wait, although not looking forward to an accident, to see how their customer service is!
I like the General Insurance Company has great prices. Sign up giving me a proof of purchase and you're good to go. It's easy. My husband has a less than perfect driving record and after his last accident, we will paying an outrageous amount in car insurance. With The General, we can afford good insurance. They offer low rates and also minimal coverage which is their selling point. The rest of their packages aren't exactly outstanding and I wish the packages could be tweaked a little more. Overall I'm pleased and satisfied with The General.
Just want to throw this out there; If you are looking for auto insurance don't waste your time on The General. My insurance was about to expire so I contacted TG. Unfortunately I should have read the reviews. I contacted and paid the premiums for 6 months TG on 05/03/ 2017 for a start date of 05/04/2017. I contacted my bank and was given a partial refund and then a couple weeks later an additional refund. Now I am receiving a bill for the the full amount. How does a company refund you money and then bill you for a cancelled policy?
Shaq should be ashamed of associating himself with such con-artist! The claims dept does not represent the customer like they should. Very high payments for very little coverage! David ** is the worst adjuster in the world. Fire that guy to make buying insurance great again. I would NEVER recommend The General insurance to anyone!
It was very easy and quick to sign up with them. I received my cards very soon after purchasing my insurance. I went to insurance company here near my home and they checked which one had the coverage I needed and was cheaper. General had everything I was looking for and more at a cost I could afford. I was extremely happy with it. It took all of 20 minutes to finish. I love how much coverage you get with such little down payment and monthly payment. They gave me coverage on if I was in a parking lot, and was struck while walking by another vehicle, it would cover my medical expenses for me and my family. They also gave great roadside assistance and towing. If anything goes wrong they are quick on helping resolve it and they have always been easy to get ahold of. And if I needed them to get back in touch with me, it was always very soon and if they didn't have the answer yet, they would at least call and touch base with me to let me know how it was going and what they were doing.
This company is the absolute worst. They say they're cheap. I never tried them and glad I didn't. I guess you get what you pay for. On 10/20 I was involved in a accident for the first time. They kept giving me the runarounds about waiting on the report them we will investigate and call you back. I never received a report myself so I went to police station and got a crash report # when I called today they advised me they ruled it wasn't their driver's fault and when I asked how is that when you haven't investigated or came to look at the car like you said. Conveniently I was asked to hold and hung up on. Company should not be in business. I don't know why I have to put a star.
All I can say at this point is, this company is the Prime reason why people distrust insurance company. I have been driving since I was 16 and have never had been in a serious accident were I needed to contact my insurance company. In May of 2016 I was rear ended and injured. I could not get in touch with the claims department for about a week. It was severe hold time and once you spoke to someone they would transfer and disconnect you or you would have to leave dozens of messages. The General Insurance company has made this experience the worst. Their main goal is to be sure there is no monies coming out of their company. Once I tried to leave the company, I found out that they reported to BMV that the accident was my fault, which made my new quote for insurance go up an additional $100.00. I found it very disturbing that many of these low rate companies work with each to control the car insurance market. Advice to readers, double check fine prints on these sites. American Family Insurance is part of The General Insurance. Many of these companies are doing false advertisement. Beware!! And hope you don't have to call your insurance company. Most do not have their customer's best interest.
I opened my policy about 6 months ago and was told roadside assistance was included in my policy. Well, last night I was stranded on the side of the freeway with a flat tire. After an hour and a half of being on hold, I was told by their roadside assistance company that I am not covered. When I called today, they told me that they do not even offer roadside assistance in California. Ha, liars, I was told that roadside was included. I pay 200.00 dollars a month and can't even get a tow. ** company with horrible customer service and they lie about your coverage to get you started on a policy. I have been driving for 25 years and have never not had roadside insurance... THEY SUCK. GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE.
The price and their customer service is really good and they are always courteous and attentive when answering your questions. I am totally and completely satisfied overall and have no regrets in purchasing a policy with General. Their customer service representative was really helpful and answered all of the questions that I needed answered.
I would definitely recommend The General to others. It is a very simple process, and very easy to fill out the couple forms that they have for you. They generate a low quote for you almost instantly, and then have a representative call you afterwards to complete the rate for you, and get you covered!
Great experience. I have compared premiums and found they were best for our situation. Easy to purchase over the phone and online. Quick and painless. I like the price, online accessible, easy to reinstate, friendly customer service. I was set up for text reminders and it went off at 3am. I had to discontinue the auto text reminder as not to be woken at odd hours. Everything else is perfect! I have never had any problems and would recommend them to family and friends.
This is worst insurance company I've ever known. First off, my boyfriend was in a hit and run which wasn't his fault. This was the beginning of Nov 2015. It took tons of calls to the office to get things started. The adjuster was horrible, scattered brain and just non-professional. Obviously, their computers don't link to others because when you spoke one someone else they were clueless to what's going on. They finally gave him a rental after missing two weeks of works. Stated that they had to try to find out if the other people had insurance, which shouldn't matter because my boyfriend had full coverage. Anyhow, he had the car since around mid part of Nov. Now they calling telling him he needs to return the car but yet still have no answers on when he can expect a check. He spoke with supervisors who was not helpful either. The General may have called my boyfriend bout 3x the whole time. Every time he has to call them, only to get their voicemail. Here it is about to be a new year, no car, no money and no one within that organization that actually can help. This is the worst insurance place ever!!! I could go on with their horrible business but at this point, we are about to get a lawyer because we have no choice. This place has called us to miss out on paychecks and everything else. ALTHOUGH PRICES ARE CHEAP, IT'S FOR A REASON. PLEASE GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE. The General will only make your situation worst. They are not for you, they are for themselves. Run!!! Seriously.
I got my insurance on the 20th of June. When I went home at 11:30 pm, my car was not on my parking lot. One of my housemates told me they repossessed my car. So on the 21st of June, I called the insurance PGAC to cancel the insurance. The person I talked to told me to write something, my name, policy #, phone and address so I faxed it. Now, they tell me I cannot get my money back.
I got in a tc in 2014 and it was completely not my fault. Got a new car and took off my old one on my insurance. My rate went down I'm assuming due to it being a safer car, then my renewal came up and my rate went way up almost twice the amount. I then contacted them and they told me I was marked as a at fault accident then I told them it wasn't my fault and I had the report. They told me to send it in. It took me awhile to get it and I couldn't scan it so I had to find a place to fax it.It took well over two weeks for them to even get back to me so I called and immediately she said my claim was being processed and my policy rewritten and after that I checked my policy and it showed it was in underwriting which it didn't even hours before. It took them a couple of days then I got only $142 out of over 600 I was owed nor did I see the money for the report or fax I paid for so I contacted them again and they sent me a billing history that was written intentionally to confuse, that doesn't cover the whole time frame and has a bunch of ambiguous fees and its been over two weeks and many contacts later and I've gotten nothing but silence.
Purchasing auto insurance with the General was extremely easy, and it was finished quickly. Customer service was easy to deal with, they were extremely understanding. The process was completely painless. They have competitive prices, low down payment, online pay, easy customer service calling, personalized service, several different package options to get you the best coverage at an affordable price, extremely easy to file claims, and claims are handled very quickly from start to finish. On the other hand, I think they could do way better with a different marketing technique. Their commercials are rather loud and obnoxious.
They are easy to get a hold of. They have good rates to choose from and they have a variety of options. They have a good website to look up all information and answer most of your questions if not they have a number on the website as well. It was a good experience but I have had problems and they would never be able to fix or help. Customer service could be improved, every time I am on the phone with someone I am on hold for a very long time. They never can give me all the information I need and say I would have to call back at a later time. But I don't like that they go up really high when you add or you get a different vehicle. Their customer service is nice if you get the right person on the phone. Other than that they show interest and support but they don't always give you all the information they need. Their policy could be better but overall it has a good coverage option. I would still recommend them to people who ask.
I have had car insurance for a year with The General. I was involved in an accident where another vehicle ran me off the road. The police could not determine what exactly happened but I was not charged with anything. The General would not file my claim as uninsured motorist, which I can kind of understand but they are now refusing to pay my medical bills as well. Is this even legal? Don't they have to cover my medical expenses?
I started my policy with The General on 10/09/2015 for $165 to start and $156 a month. In November, I go online to make my payment and my policy increased by $75 and I was requested to pay a total close to $400. Of course I called and was told that the discounts in my original quote was removed based on my history report that explained I haven't had insurance in the last 5 years, which is impossible since they had no report to show my license had been suspended. Come to find out they use a company called Verisk that businesses use on a voluntary basis. I requested the report and it did not explain anything but under where it said claims reported was NONE. After disputing my policy still increased by $10 and this was acceptable. So in December I go online to make my payment on the 17th, (date was adjusted after correction) and after receiving a confirmation # I got an error message saying my account couldn't accept online payments and to call and speak with a representative. Well, this is the only insurance company I've dealt with that cannot assist you after hours. So to keep my policy active, I did my due diligence and made the payment through the automated line. Payment was accepted. I check my account and noticed I was charged twice. I call, was told the refund can take 3-5 business days, 2-3 if expedited. I requested expedite because the overpayment was for another bill. I called three times and was told the refund had been processed. I call today and was told since the new bill went out on the 20th the credit was applied to January's balance. I was lied to from the beginning and they intentionally sat on my request and stole money that was slated for my rent. Now I'm $163 closer to being evicted because my landlord doesn't care that the insurance company stole my money. Yes, I made the payment twice only because the online system rejected my payment. Sorry doesn't always fix things. My advice is don't settle for minimum coverage because the minimum is all you will get. I honestly want to sue them but that will cost me more $$$.
The General Auto Insurance is very convenient. I like it a lot. You can go online and find the policy that is right for you and in just a couple easy steps you have insurance that is very affordable. It is very quick and easy. Instant proof of insurance online. All and all it is the best insurance company to go with.
About 3 months ago, I forgot to pay my auto insurance with the General. Two weeks after, they cancelled my insurance. They sent me a letter that because I was late they cancelled my car insurance (they have my e-mail address). Most companies will give you a courtesy call... Last week, I received a letter (not a e-mail) saying that I still owe them money and I've only got 10 days to pay or they are sending me to a collection agency. Rude!!! I have dealt with a lot of business before and this is the first time I've been treated unprofessionally. I am glad that I am no longer with them and I found insurance with another company that has been around for a long time and I'm getting better insurance for a lot less money. They even got me renter's insurance and my policy is still cheaper.
This is the worse insurance company ever. I was given discounts which were then taken away some long time later and then I called and they said oh well we one year old policy from your old insurance company and because I didn't have that they remove my discount so I cancelled my insurance and then I receive letters from a bill collection agency saying that I owe them for cancelling my policy. What the heck is that? They are not a phone company. I mean come on. That's ridiculous. These companies are getting out of control and then they wonder why so many people always so much money. That's ridiculous. I've never seen another insurance company do this.
I would start a policy with the General back in Nov. 2014. My vehicle was stolen Mar. 2015. After I reported the claim I come to find out full coverage for the General is not FULL COVERAGE. Did not cover anything but the car. Really expensive. I also had their homeowner's insurance what a rip off also. I filed a claim through them to get reimbursed for the items the auto insurance did not cover. Same situation nothing covered. The claim adjusters were nasty. Had hard time getting in contact with them. They don't return phone calls. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I would say to the General STOP WITH THE FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! Pick your due date. Yeah right! I'm hoping to get help in filing some type of complaint on them. Very stressful. If you’re paying someone things shouldn't be so difficult. No stars.
We have had The General for 4+ years. Prices just kept going up. We just switched to Progressive and our rate dropped $140 a month! When I just called to cancel, they had the nerve to charge a cancellation fee and wouldn’t credit back any of this month's payment. We have never even filed a claimed with them. They have received over $12k from us since using them. What a TERRIBLE experience. Never ever again!
I work at a body shop and from my end of dealing with the General has been horrible. My customers car has been ready for a week and I can't release the car until I get proof of payment from the INS and they have dropped the ball & every time I call no one can help me except one lady that won't call me or my customer back. They say they won't extend her rental because the car is ready even though they are the reason she doesn't have her car back yet. They are by far the worst ins company I have dealt with so far.
Their pricing is ridiculous! No matter how desperate you are, look around. I found even better insurance for almost half the price The General was charging me through an insurance agent. I have full coverage for my brand new car at almost HALF the price.
The General is very cheap. Great price for beginner drivers and the purchasing process was fast and great. I loved the customer service. The staff greeted me and made me feel comfortable while I was there and at home while I filled out my paperwork. They were respectful and listened to my concerns and tried to accommodate my concerns to the best of their ability. They overall showed they cared about their customers which you don't see very often and I can't stress on how important it is to accommodate your customers. The insurance could be cheaper but they did really great overall. I would highly recommend this insurance to others.
With The General Auto Insurance, I'm able to pick what I need to cover my car, keep the cost within my budget so that I do not overspend and I'm able to keep money in my pocket for other things. I'm aware they have a website but I found that it was difficult for me to get my insurance policy right with this option. Their website is not user-friendly at all to my liking so I had to call the company and tell them what I needed to get my policy right. I think they need to redo their website to make it easier for people to make their choice and pick the right coverage for themselves. I was very satisfied with the service once I called them to set up my policy and the help that the gentleman who took care of me did.
These people should be out of business. Their insurance practices are unacceptable, and their claims Adjusters are rude and do not take the time to hear you out. Their only concern is to shut you down and save their company money. I hope I never have to deal with this company again and for anyone out there reading this run the other way if you plan on doing any business with this company. I guarantee you they have none of your interests at heart.
I liked the ease of purchasing my policy. All I had to do was go to the website and pick the policy that best fitted my needs and set up my monthly payments. It was quick. I like that I can easily make payments each month online and that I was able to add sr 22 very easily and reasonable prices. But they could make it easier to contact someone without talking to automated systems. I also don't like that they don't mail me a statement each month.
The General Auto Insurance has lots of advantages and has state minimum which I wanted because I'm disabled and don't drive distance just to Doctors, hospitals, chemo appts and to pharmacy and to little stores for household needs. However, I don't like that I don't have roadside assistance since I'm disabled in case of an emergency. But that's the downfall with state minimum insurance and cheaper cost of insurance too. Overall General Auto Insurance do stick to their word. They don't change their prices. Actually after you been with them a while they said they will drop it cheaper.
Purchasing with The General Auto Insurance was really simple. It didn't take longer than 15 minutes to sign all the paperwork and the nice lady and explained the policy thoroughly. I like that I can get a hold of them fast. Anytime I have a question for billing or for a claim I had filed they answer right away. I also like that they will look up to see which is best at the lowest cost. I recently got into 2 accidents. The first one I was denied because they couldn't get a hold of the person who hit me which was unfair. The second one was taken care of.
The General Auto Insurance was the cheapest we could find for our age and for around our area. All insurance companies are too high for anybody young. Even single young people have a really hard time around here getting liability. Which causes if they get pulled over to go to jail. Then that's more fines and more money when they couldn't afford the insurance in the first place. I was happy with the way we could do the application all on the phone and then they mailed and emailed our cards. However they shut our insurance off later because we didn't sign no papers? Doing it on the phone I don't see how we could have signed any papers.
I started my insurance with The General on the 30th of June which my monthly was going to be 121 with a downpayment of 186. Five days later I called to add another vehicle which let me tell you was a headache of its own. Well with me adding another car which was only liability my monthly went up to 305. So I decided to cancel. When I cancelled I thought I’d get most of my money back but was I wrong. Coverage for 4 and a half days costed me 120. They charged me a month payment for 5 days coverage. Never will I even consider this company for insurance. Their system sucks and they will rip you off. Look elsewhere people unless you can afford to lose money for nothing.
In early May 2015 their client pulled out in front of me & my car was eventually totaled, by my insurance company. During the course of events I was accused of having the car moved from the wrecker service & later found out that their driver went to pick it up with the incorrect make, model & vin. Received a letter dated 05/22/2015 stating I would be responsible for any storage charges after 5/22/2015, the letter was postmarked 05/26/2015 and we received 05/29/2015. The letter also stated that the claim was still under investigation. 3 weeks later no replacement cost has been given. No phone calls were returned & the claim representatives were despicable. Might be OK with their own clients. I would not recommend.
The General Auto Insurance was cheap when we first got them. Prices was pretty good and always well known for their commercial and I come from a military family so it made me ever more excited about the commercial. It was a great mascot for their company... Only changed because we found something a tad cheaper. Other than that, it was a great experience.
Everyone should stay away from this company. They are the worse you can deal with. Customer service is non existent and if you sell your vehicle and want a refund they refuse to refund your money and refuse to talk to you. The company should be put in liquidation.
I'm a consumer, have good credit and have no accidents and have been with several insurance companies because I always shop around for a good deal. When Allstate rewarded me $100 in one hand and raised my 6 month premium $120, I decided to use "The General" for the first time as it saved us $20/month.Worst insurance experience ever. Thankfully it only lasted 6 months. Let's face it, you don't contact your auto insurer too often, BUT when you do you expect prompt, courteous, and competent service and 24/7 help. Don't expect this with The General. The staff seem be work from home employees who are untrained, un-knowledgeable, who will lie to you to get you off the phone, or out of the online chat. If you get a supervisor, they are not customer service oriented at all, just plain rude and unhelpful and do not follow through with promises.So if you want to save a few bucks, and never deal with them go ahead, but I prefer a company that treats the buyer with respect. And FYI read the small print, I have never been with an insurer that charges a 10% penalty to cancel a policy because we were unhappy. Guess that's how they pay for the Shaq. You get what you pay for! Hands down the worst Insurance company in my 30 years of having car insurance.
This insurance company is the the worst you can ever get. My brand new Tacoma was T-boned and has extensive damage. My truck has been at the shop for a month and no repairs have been authorized! Myself and the repair shop have been calling daily and all we get is “we can’t do anything” BS. My truck also needs nearly 5 weeks of repair done. I’ll be surprised if I get it back before Christmas. Also, if you’re a servicemember, stay the ** away. That means you, privates. You will PCS without your vehicle, and The General doesn’t give a flyin **. If you have The General already, be prepared to get a lawyer because they will find any way to screw you over and not pay for your repairs because they gotta pay Shaq all that money for their commercials.
My overall experience in purchasing the insurance online was quick and easy. I was instantly sent proof of insurance that I needed quickly. No other insurance company issues instant proof of insurance like this company does. The process of applying was much simpler than I had anticipated. The policy is easy to understand and flexible as well. The payments are affordable and it lists many resources so that an applicant can make an informed decision as to the type of insurance to purchase. Plus, it is very user-friendly and have many ways to contact the company.
I had The General when I was younger because it was difficult for me to get insurance. I had some legal trouble and they were the only company that would insure me. In that aspect they are great, they will insure anyone. But the rate was very high and I only had what was required by law.
I am very dissatisfied with The General car insurance. I only had insurance with them for 5 days. When I canceled they kept all of my a hundred and $64 for five days and didn't return anything. Said I was at a zero balance. I think it's unfair. I canceled because they don't even offer roadside assistance, their deductibles are sky-high. Their customer service is really bad. Very dissatisfied overall but not recommend to anyone to get The General. They're very high on their quotes and they are not willing to return your first month insurance when you only used 5 days out of your whole 30 days in a month. Very dissatisfied... I would rate it as 0 if I could.
I wish I would have read these reviews prior to purchasing insurance with this company. I purchased a policy and paid in full happy with the quote they had given me. With my state requiring an sr22 it was the cheapest I found after weeks of search. A week later I get an email telling me I had 3 days to pay an additional $330 or my policy would cancel. I called Progressive and got better coverage and saved over $700! Their customer service people are unprofessional and extremely un-knowledgeable. Please do yourselves a favor and go with another company. It is not worth the stress and headache.
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