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Superior Access Insurance Services, Inc. Online Reviews

Company Name: Superior Access Insurance Services, Inc.
Phone: (800) 272-7550
Overall average rating of 3.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 30 %
Supeirior Access Insurance Services is a great addition to our agency markets.
My agency is trying out your service for 3 months in hope of having access to multiple markets. Most of what we have done so far has been in worker's comp. We've done a few deals, mostly because that's what we had come in. I do have a direct appointment with Texas Mutual. Mostly, I've found you require more than Texas Mutual does in terms of paperwork, the turnaround time is slow compared to our own experience with them, and that the commission is quite a bit less. While I doubt we will do much Texas Mutual business with you in the future, we will continue our pilot program and hopefully we'll find a fit somewhere else. My past experience with GA's and wholesale brokers in the past is that you require a lot of paperwork (a lot of which is unnecessary, IMHO, especially when you actually start working with the direct appointment), turnaround time is slow, and service is generally poor. Since you are asking that people pay a monthly fee for your service, not to mention the commission cut is often meager, I expect a lot more from a service such as yours. We'll see how it plays out in the next couple of months but I can't help but admit my skepticism.
I have one quote so far. The rate was poor but the process in getting it was good. Ask me a month or two from now. Regards Al Ferriulo
Superior Access is fine if you cannot get a contract with a large writer directly. Their quoting system allows you to get multiple quotes by inputting the quote information only one time. That is really nice. However, once a policy is issued if changes need to be made and the client wants to know the price difference you must call the writer direct to have the change made and get the premium difference. Superior does not want you to call the writer direct but you can and most of them will talk to you.
I wish that a quote would be produced when I input a risk . Everything seems to need to go to underwriting and then it takes too long for am underwriter to push out a quote
I have been with Superior for many years and have seen the service improve drastically. The quote turnaround, customer service response and underwriting have made major improvements over the last couple years. However, the recent underwriting changes imposed by the carriers for being a Platform (National) agent, has made it so I cannot get homeowners quotes through SafeCo, the minimum Wind & Hail deductible with Travelers is not competitive with other carriers in the market and Hartford along with MetLife seem to be very selective on who receives competitive pricing. This has almost made it so I cannot write and place any business through Superior. I am left scrambling for other options right now. Management must find a solution with these carriers immediately and there should be no difference between what can be offered through a Platform (National) agent and a local independent agent with these carriers. Superior does not have a competitive business that can prosper if this is not quickly resolved and producers can offer the same products and service as local independent agents with the same carriers.
Haven't used them enough to have strong opinions.
I've been using SAIS for about 10 years. They go through a lot of change however, they are always looking to improve the service to the agent. Once you get use to using their dashboard they are fast to respond and quick to quote new business. Great place to start when look to place your good clients
I love all the support! Especially Chuck Sweeney Thank you
Prompt, excellent service. Progress can be accessed easily.. very satisfied.
I wish personal line uw can provide all requirement all at once before allow to bind, cant just keep asking additional info everyday. How are we going to provide coverage for escrow closing client, extremely frustrated.
Simple endorsements are a pain to execute. I coach customers to call carriers direct instead of the delay and time consuming effort of the dashboard. Customer also make pricing request i.e. difference in cost of a $50 DED vs. $1000 DED. When on carrier sites you can let the consumer know immediately. It's several hours or a day through the dashboard. The good is I own my book of business.
You take the payment and the rest of the underwriting documentation seems to end up in the garbage! It certainly doesn't get sent to carriers!!! Time and time again..............
So far I am not impressed with your commercial dept. This was my first quote with your company. I called on 4/16/14, asked the underwriter if we had time to get quotes back on 2 quotes with 5/2014 renewal dates. I was told it would be OK with about a week’s turn around. I submitted a quote due 5/10/14 on an apt complex with 11 buildings. You came back with an app for a specific carrier to be filled out. When I was done I called and asked how to send it was told to send it to [email protected] After a week and it did not appear I called back this time was told download it directly to the underwriter. After doing so now I am told it will take 30 days to get this quote back. This will put us after the renewal date. Your staff seems to show a lack of appreciation for how much time it takes to fill out the accords then a specific app by misinforming me how long this process takes to start with. Then not directing me how to correctly return the requested app. As I said right now I am not impressed with your service. Thanks for listening, Dwight Calhoun
Not Sure. Very New with SAIS, did first multiple Quote (Auto & Home) Did not see any discounts for multi policy. Underwriter sent quote via email with no attachment. Went in the system and got the quote but only Auto & no home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Called UW but were 3 minutes late as not realized that you are in Central Time and not Pacific. Will try again on Monday Sincerely
They have ok carrier access, underwriters often make mistakes and agents lose cases. They are good for an agent starting out but not ideal for the long term. They should have actual agent training for their programs so agents can understand what limits they can write and what they can't. Not even all of the underwriters know the different carrier guidelines.
I just started we Superior access Insurance , I thank everyone at Superior Access for being attentive to our needs. I know we will have a long prosperous relationship. Thank you Juan E. Correa Palmdale Insurance Agency, LLC
I'm a new agent working with you. It may be hard for shore properties in terms of quoting but I'm looking forward to this
I don't think I put $1200. worth of commissions through a year do you have a cheaper plan? Also the rating experience to difficult to much information is needed. Jon
It has been such a pleasure working with Superior Access over the past three years. We have grown to build a personal relationship with the underwriters and service members. Everyone is very helpful, patient, responsive, professional and hard working. It feels like your own team on the back-end supporting you with your day to day agency operations. Commissions are competitive, the service and response time is quick. The underwriters are knowledgeable and they take the guess work out of carrier's ever-changing appetite and guidelines. Wonderful experience overall.
I find that I have called with specific questions as to coverage I am looking for, and end up having to go through the long and tedious quoting process to get the answer I need. If I could get more information by phone, it would save me and SA so much time!!
This company gives agents many carriers to meet your customers needs. They have excellent customer service and the system is easy to navigate.
I'm a small agency and I have access to GA's who can write policies in Harris County, TX. Why can't SA do the same? Regards, Patrick Craig
SAIS is just too slow to give a firm quote. I am not sure if SAIS is up to this fast moving insurance market.
I started with Superior Access about 10 years ago, I was a new agent in the P&C market and I ended up joining a different GA, in fact several, GA's and wholesalers in 7 years. A couple of years ago, after going through so many changes, I went back doing business with Superior and will continue to build my business with them. They have a system that's easy learn, follow, use and most of the time it works. There are a few kinks and I know they are aware and will continue to make the system better.
Love the way the treat me, excellent customer service.
I like the site but the forms are difficult to acquire. The Commercial side needs to be improved. I do like that most of the customer service personal has been more than helpful.
Great service, fast turn around and easy to use
It takes too much time to quote, underwrite and make changes. Also, my competitors beat me on premium, even they used same carrier.
Do NOT deal with these people. All positive comments you see here are posted by their employees. Absolutely the worst corporate culture I have ever seen. They used to be in Irvine, CA and moved to TX so that it would be easier to continue their shady practices. They will not pay your commissions on time.You need to call and email hundred times and listen to a million excuses. They will give you less than what you expect. They will charge you an access fee, why not, another revenue source. Their markets are what everybody else has, nothing spectacular. Quoting, binding process is horrible. No customer service, if you ask a question about an account, good luck...
Really need them to run MVRS and clues before giving me a quote. I have loss business with brand new people just a claim or violations was missed. I want our quotes to the real thing and accurate.
I don't even know anything about Superior Access except that I see their name on the application/policy when I receive them through our Bolt program. Very confusing.
I have gone back and forth on an account before when trying to bind something. They could knock off 3 hours of back and forth if the underwriter would just pick up the phone and call with whats missing. The dashboard is helpful at times, but we have to call in every time we want something with a 24 hour turn around. I feel like everything should have a 24 hour turnaround without having to expedite. This is how all other companies work. Plus their website says 24 hour turnaround time, but normal time for SAIS is 36-48. Processing of endorsements is terrible. Also when we request documents for a client it should be a 2 hour turn around at the most, but they are more like 1-2 days. Especially auto ID Cards!
First thing I would like to say is that I am very glad to work SAIS. I have done a great deal of work with Josh Hayes. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful. He tries really hard to assist with questions and if he doesn't know the answer, he will research to find the answer and is very prompt on getting back with me. For the most part, SAIS is a good company, however like all companies, there is a lot of room for improvement. Here are a few issues that I have and would like to improve on. 1. I wish the underwriters would fully read your remarks and answer the questions that are given, so I wont have to call Josh so much to get the issues resolved. 2. I wish there was some way to look at and be informed more on the claims process. When My clients call me with claims issues, I have to write SAIS and await a response. It is too timely contacting Josh, then waiting for a response back. I think it would be favorable to have the underwriters list their phone number so we can contact them if something is not done per requested. 3. I wish there was more opportunity to write PC 9. This would be greatly appreciated. 4. Last but not least, There needs to be more response between SAIS and the carriers. I have had numerous issues where a client submitted for EFT and the company we wrote them through either didn't get the info for their checking or something was done incorrectly. This makes SAIS and me look bad. I have had several clients get pending cancellation for non pay and yet all docs were sent to SAIS. Other issues with billing is not knowing if someone had NSF or forgot to pay. I think if the agents were notified sooner it would prevent a lot of headache and hassle. There would be less cancellations and less chargebacks. 5. There also needs to be a lot quicker turn around time. If I have a client in the office that needs a quote today. it would be nice to get the quote to sell the business today. There are several times that it will take more than 24 hours for turn around time. 6. Need to have a better way to get docs from easy link to dashboard. The docs don't always go as requested. Par from a few of these issues that could use some improvement, I like working with SAIS and with Josh. I look forward to building my business with you for the long journey ahead. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
Superior Access doesn't seem to understand that the Agents are in a highly competitive environment and need help in getting applications approved always resistance due to unnecessary requirements.
Good- the representatives are always helpful, patient and tend to be knowledgeable. The system is fairly user friendly. Bad- The Customer Service Line closes at 6pm CST. Ugly- When I signed up, I was told quotes are generally processed within 24 hours. I'm currently waiting for a hard quote that I requested 7 days ago!!!!
I have been pleased with the ease of quoting and professionalism of staff!
At this point I have had a good success rate using Superior. I was referred to them from another agent and I would recommend Superior Access to anyone else needing to find a company that could help out.
Still getting used to the program.
The service that I get is excellent. My customer service representative is very good and helps me when I need help. He is also very polite and thorough.
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