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Sun Life Financial Disability Insurance (formerly Assurant) Online Reviews

Company Name: Sun Life Financial Disability Insurance
Company Type: Public
Formerly Named: Assurant
Country: United States
Overall average rating of 1.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 10 %
These people lie to you, give you runaround, tell you you're approved and even sending check by FedEx on long term disability and you find out it was never approved and was denied. And your family is sitting in the dark no heat because your power is shut off and it 20 degrees outside. Then you're told the reason you were denied is because before you became LTD you didn't earn enough at work to qualify for LTD. Have you ever heard such bull. Don't waste your money on none of this junk. They cheat you and lie. I hope all you sorry Sun Life people that have lied to me for months a very warm Christmas and I hope and I know you will pay for the lies you told me. Your word is no more trustworthy than dirt. I will cancel every type disability I have with Sun Life because it's a joke.
I arranged to get insurance through them, and 4 days later, I tried to cancel it. I then told them to return payment, and am still fighting to get it canceled along with my money. They are not cooperating.
Very very very bad company. I had been waiting for my dental reimbursement claim and they just are passing me from one person to another. They have no answer. One of their staff when I try to explain to him my claim he said, "Oh we don't cover those expenses." Then when I asked him to check the reference. He said, "Ok wait..." He keep me waiting until I hand up. That's their technique make people give up...very bad. Do not give money to this company.
I was told by the agent that signed me up for STD/LTD insurance that I could continue my policy should I ever leave my company. I have made several calls, sat on hold for hours, literally and gotten a different answer from each person I finally do get the chance to speak to. I received a letter this week stating that I was not going to be able convert my policy since I had not had the policy for at least a year.I specifically went over this point with more than one agent/broker when I purchased the policy as a condition that I would purchase it and was told several times it would be no problem. This company puts the screws to people when they are in need and it is very, very wrong! I plan to pursue this with legal counsel without end! Agents tell you anything and are not held accountable for their false statements. Terrible customer service... They do not answer their phones, and no one has any answers. The hours of operation for the office I have been trying to reach is only open 10 AM to 2 PM, really? My lawyer is on the ready.
I thought it would be right to say after my disability and filing for long term disability after doctors told me I was done with work due to my illness Assurant reviewed my case. I had no problem on collecting disability payments on my case and I work with very friendly people knowable within the company. They are very good insurance. I am very satisfied.
BEEN ON HOLD FOR 35 MINUTES. No one ever picks up the damn phone. My doctor couldn't even reach them to verify coverage. Friggin CEO makes $50 million a year but they won't hire any damn people to answer the phones.
My benefits just switched from Colonial Life and I am so bummed. You have to know the tricks to get the benefits. Read the booklet they give you at open enrollment. I have 5 kids and a husband. If you just do 1 wellness exam you get like $. The employee gets even more. I got like 800 for mine plus mammogram. 150 per child and spouse for simple cholesterol screen. ER visit plus x-ray and 2 follow up visits were like $650. You have to read the booklet. They even give you like 15 months to submit. It's super easy to submit, online via phone or even fax. My baby got juvenile diabetes and ended up submitting just a few forms via fax and boom. We got 1500 I think to help offset the hospital cost. You just have to read that book because it won't cover stuff that is chronic issues. It's more for like emergency stuff. No one knew or believed me at my work but I showed them my checks. My other daughter sprained her ankle and (Urgent care, x-ray and walking boot) gave her $225. I think even though she didn't break her foot. I couldn't believe it. I saw that if you end up with a heart attack or cancer (heaven forbid) It offsets your cost by sending 10,000.00 That's a good peace of mind to have in case. I never thought my little one would ever end up with incurable type 1 diabetes but she did and I am glad we had Colonial to help with the bills for that horrible time. The people are very nice and you can also track everything on the website plus they sent me emails with the progress. I did have to call once to find out what happened to a wellness claim but it was over the holidays. My only suggestion would be to READ THAT BOOKLET AND DO NOT THROW IT OUT! I thought I lost mine and asked the H.R secretary lady if I could have another and she said she didn't have any until I was telling her about what I wanted it for and how much I got back. Then magically a copy surfaced and she was asking me all sorts of questions about how did I get reimbursed so much. Just read it. the book tells you the rules. So now our company just switched to MetLife and they only pay $50 per wellness per person. :( I'm not impressed so far. They didn't even send me a book, I had to call and ask them for it. Hopefully it helps someone reading this. No one in my company really knew they could get money and they paid for nothing because our work didn't show anyone what to do. I think our company didn't really want us to use it or something. I don't know the reason but hope this info helps. One star off because they close at 5 and not open on the weekends... and I still have to wait on hold at times. Good luck!
Let me start by saying wow this company is a piece of work. My wife had a semi-major surgery and was out of work for 6-8 weeks and this company was responsible for her getting her short term benefit check. What a nightmare. Nothing was ever correct, the amount sent or even when it was suppose to arrive. Some weeks she didn't get a check and upon calling and speaking with the worker assigned to her case we could never get a straight answer. I hope people stay clear of this company.
I selected an optional LTD policy through my employer. I also elected for 125% of my salary which cost more. In September 2015 I had a stroke. After the stroke I was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. My Neurologist said I would no longer be able to work again. I had to wait 6 months before I was even permitted to submit a claim. After submitting the claim, Assurant said my claim was denied for 2 reasons: 1- I did not remain in the hospital for 72 hours. (My condition causes me to make very poor emotional and financial decisions.) 2- Assurant said that I would live longer than 12 months. (Even the broker who handles the policy said entitlement would last until I was 65.)If I had known of these limitations, I would not have taken the policy. What would be the sense? I did some searching now and found that Assurant holds many types of insurance. I was not able to find a single review that had more than 1 star. Insurance is expensive and meant to provide peace of mind. Assurant rarely provides this to anyone as far as I was able to see.
Sunlife Financial is only there to protect employers from granting FMLA to qualified employees. They use stall tactics such as delaying paperwork, claiming paperwork faxed over weeks without it ever reaching its destination, and the most clever of all is using a call center where no one ever takes responsibility for stalling and blocking. These people seem very skilled at stalling until one has to cancel scheduled surgeries/procedures due to the never ending "pending" status. This company should be investigated and prosecuted for blocking FMLA claims.
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