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State Farm Medicare Supplemental Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: State Farm Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
They just have some of the best possible options and stuff. I really enjoyed them and they were useful. Very easy to use features and such. They're nice. Maybe not the most best in the best of the class, but they're still pretty great. They have the best offers in the industry in my opinion, so no problems here. Very awesome support. Able to answer all the questions and concerns I have. Just nice and most helpful to our specific needs and situations. Just very good quality, they're the best of the best values. I liked them a lot and I would love to do business with them again in the future.
A variety of plans and add on features to suit your needs and budget. Good details to know how and what is covered. Nice price points on all features. Expanded packages and features to make buying insurance easy and affordable. Variable and variety help to make for a nice rounded options that are helpful without being overwhelming. Agents work with you to help make your plan right for you. Smooth transactions. Unfortunately they don't always work with you if rates go up. There is safety in knowing you are covered and will not be creating huge bills. Can pick my own medical places knowing I will be covered.
Quick pay out and customer service representatives were knowledgeable and courteous. No hassle or sales pitch. Just good workers. Kept me informed on the process as needed. Offered several different packages at different price ranges. Was able to find one that fit my budget. Thanks to the customer service representative. Not a long wait time on hold. Directive easily maneuvered and representatives were friendly helpful. Payment options were good. The value of the product was priceless. No red tape just payment as needed without a lot of hassle or unnecessary paperwork and good network of doctors.
It had a variety of packages to choose from. I could change it if I needed to. Everything met my needs. Representatives were always there if I had any questions. They had an answer for every question I had, and explained things to me in ways I understood. I never felt overcharged for anything. The benefits in case of an accident were the best I've seen. I never made a claim, but I am sure if I would have their customer service would have been great. After comparing rates, they were the best option for me. Affordable and had exactly what I was looking for in a medicaid company. Everything I needed.
The extra features are expensive and I think it does not get my attention because I am looking for something good but cheap and that is why I don't use the extra features. The extra features are some of the offering that the insurance has and they require more payment. That is the reason that I don't look for offering of the insurance. The insurance customer service is good. The people that are there to help with any questions are always nice and helpful. I have never had any trouble with customer service. The value of the insurance seems a little low for the price they are required. I think that the insurance needs more work in order to have the value they are asking people to pay.
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