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State Farm Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: State Farm Life Insurance
Year Founded: 1922
Address: One State Farm Plaza
City: Bloomington
State/Province: IL
Postal Code: 61710
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 782-8332
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 56 %
I have had this life insurance for more than 40 years. We have not problems with them. They are a good company and I like them. My husband has life insurance with them also.
Once a policy is set up, there is little or no communication. You set it up and then forget it. BUT you have to have it! My best experiences has been when I have worked at a company and was allowed to convert and keep the life insurance for myself or my husband. I always converted and kept the policy. We pay on a Metlife policy right now, but the rates just went up and I didn't get any detailed reason why. I'm sure there is something filed away but it has been 10 years since I set up the policy and I should have been alerted to why the rates were raised and a reminder of when the next raise in rates will happen.
I have been with my insurance company for over 10 years and I can say that in my experience, the rates are fair. The customer service is good and quick. I only wish that they offered classes or training to help better understand the insurance products that they offer.
State Farm is a trusted company. I have no reservations with my insurance at this company. I have a 10 year term $250,000 policy, and it is affordable.
I was insured by State Farm (The Good Hands People) for almost 30 years. In March of 2017, my 19 year old son was in an accident. The accident was not a large payout, under 5000. They doubled my insurance for 6 months. This repaid the entire amount of the accident cost. That was bad enough, considering, I had given them THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the last 30 years; however, they then decided to cancel him. Granted they wanted to keep my business, they just didn't want him. Since he is a college student, still living at home, it was impossible to get insurance for only him. Therefore, I had to take all my policies elsewhere. State Farm are not "The Good Hands People", they are the "Drop You Like a Hot Potato People." They cannot be trusted and they have no respect for loyal customers.
I have had life insurance with them since I was a baby. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I am able to borrow money off of my policy when I am in need. It is great.
I have found them to be a very good company which has my full support in their rates, coverage, customer service. I have had no problems whatsoever with anything matter pertaining to this company. They located very close to where I live and will take the time to answer any or all questions I may have. I will definitely stay with them for many years. They keep me informed about any charges or fees that may be pending and they lower my rate because I have been a safe driver. It sure is great that they my personal concerns on their minds all the time.
The Customer Service from our local office is exceptional and the only reason I continue to be a loyal State Farm customer. I must continually call every month to have our "auto pay" from checking account corrected as the Underwriting dept. must be staffed with fast food employee terminations. It is discouraging, but I believe the office staff go above & beyond in delivering service & being knowledgeable about the insurance products available and needed by my family.
I've had my life insurance since I was age 25. The customer service is awesome and the agent is great. Everyone is very helpful and willing to assist in any way possible.
A tried and true company should be used. So you can depend on services. And can be found when you need them. Take care to pick 5 star insurance company.
I have had State Farm over 10 years. I've been very satisfied with them. They've always worked with me even when I needed to borrow against my life insurance. They knew I couldn't pay it all back at the time all at once, so they have made payment arrangement with me. They're very easy to work with and they have me sent extra each month along with my normal payment till I get it all paid back. They're a great insurance co. to work with.
My life insurance company is State Farm. I chose them as my life insurance provider because they are a company with a rich history of being a good neighbor. They have stood by me and my family for years and I can trust them to treat me like a valued customer.
Generally good at paying claims on time and their rates are competitive. Like the slogan says "Like a good newborn State Farm is there." They also offer banking products.
Have been with them for 20 years. We are totally satisfied with the service that has been provided to us. We are guided regarding services for our home, car, and just in general. Our agent is great and well-informed about our needs. Having an that looks out for your best interest is a valuable "member of the family". We respect them in every way. We are called if there is critical information that we need to come to their office or it needs attention by phone. They follow up with us with an email to have on hand. They are the best. We could not ask for anyone better.
State Farm is a great insurance company to work with. They are always helping you find better deals for your family. We have never had a problem with State Farm and we plan on staying with them for a very long time.
They are a pretty great insurance company. I do not plan on switching insurance companies anytime soon and would recommend State Farm to people, family and friends.
I love this company because they are very helpful when it comes to filing a claim and they do so in a productive manner. They are also very knowledgeable about their services they offer.
I currently use State Farm (Mat **) Insurance. For the most part all the services I use are good. Now when it comes to the matter of life insurance, a lady name Gloria was the agent assisting me and everything started off good. I was scheduled for testing by them to be weighed, etc. at my house and that went well. They said to have my doctor forward my medical history so they can proceed. That was done and I have not heard back from Gloria for weeks. I received a text saying they are still waiting for my med records. I contact my doctor's office and they said they sent it a long time ago. I conveyed the info and suddenly they realized they do have it. Smh. After that I never heard back from them. Gloria use to text and email me every week faithfully soliciting their life insurance products so I was taken aback. I texted her and emailed her inquiring and no reply. Texted her about something else to see if she still works there and she replied. So disappointed with her behavior.
It serves my purpose and is through my employer, making it very easy to pay for directly from my paycheck. I have not dealt with the insurance company directly, but my HR department makes it very easy to make changes if necessary. I've changed my beneficiaries very easily with no hassles or mistakes or issues.
Well the price I pay for my life insurance is included with my car insurance and it's very affordable. The agent I deal with is very friendly and informative. State Farm is a good honest insurance company and they are always looking for ways to save you money.
I have been a State Farm customer for years and would not likely ever switch. They are very easy to do business with and help you with all your insurance needs.
This was easy to buy and affordable. I had option of what amount that I wanted and also gave me quotes of the amount I would want. The agent that I did business with was very mature and knowledgeable that he explained everything about the policy.
State Farm is reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable. They get to know you on a personal level and make you feel like family. My Grandfather used them, my Mom uses them, and I use them. I hope one day my son will carry on the tradition.
Driving on highway 77 in SC 3/15/2015. Older man in front of me in truck with trailer had washer and dryer on it not tied down traveling 65mph. They fly off in my direction causing me to slam on brakes at that speed... Nobody seriously hurt at the scene. Thanks God. Only had a panic attack and hit my chest on steering wheel and lower base of my neck on headrest. Very scared. Didn't need a ambulance so calmed down and drove back home that night. Couldn't seem to shake the pain so went to ER. Had whiplash and chest bruising etc. They said I'd b fine. Went home at 1130 went to bed. Then 530 am 3/16 fiancee called 911 thinking I'm having a heart attack. Stopped breathing and all then I was being dragged out my home by people. I couldn't see and they were telling me I had a seizure. Paramedics of course. Never had a seizure in my life. Now every 3-6 month for 2 yrs. These agents tell me after all the documentation and chiropractors etc it has no relevance to the accident and this insured old man only has 50,000 in coverage. My life has been changed looks like forever. Have had 3 miscarriages due to seizures. Had 3. Good healthy births before all of this. Can't work even drive my babies to school no more. That's the worse feeling when you can't. Because of this old man's negligence I have to suffer till I'm old. The stress is unreal not knowing when one is coming and all I keep hearing is you can die at any time. Thanks Much. They haven't been any help. Julie the assistant there tells me yes it is very possible the shaking of your brain from that and the trauma caused this but won't document it think they have a connection. I'm going to have to go and sue the old man for whatever it's worth. These people think 5,326.00 settlement is gonna fix something... right. And if I die from a seizure then what State Farm??? How my kids feel and live after that. And you checked 5yr med record before didn't have any problems. So very sadden and angry by this. It's all about $ to this company... I deserve 10xs what he has available for what I have been through. And my kids have suffered seeing me have a seizure is so scary and the time it takes to recover. I've lost over 30lbs since last August when I fell in the ER and had a seizure, busted my head on the concrete floor. Haven't been the same since. No appetite. No desire like before. Whoever reads this please pray for me and my kids. I'm all they have and looks like we about to be homeless due to this situation because I can't work. Thanks old man and State Farm.
The company was proactive in managing my needs. My agent responded quickly my calls and always had an answer and a solution. They had comprehensive coverage plans.
I just have the peace of mind knowing that I have life insurance through my place of employment which is still securely in place now that I'm retired. I know how to get hold of them because they were provided through the State of Illinois SURS program. I like knowing that when I pass, there will be money to help with expenses.
My State Farm ins company is great! Very nice people, friendly and extremely helpful in every way possible. Absolutely one of the best ins companies out there by far! They are very down to earth! Their rates are fair and they will work with you on saving you as much as possible! Very caring and professional in their work and building a trustworthy relationship. I have been with them for 13 years now and wouldn't go anywhere else for any of my insurance needs! They make the whole process very simply and quick! I couldn't ask for more.
I LOVE State Farm! The office staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Anytime I have needed anything they have been very prompt and professional, yet I feel like a part of the family!
Rates are good, agent keeps in touch. Haven't had a claim recently so I don't know how satisfied I would be. We have had State Farm for over 40 years and have stayed with the same agent. It's been quite a while since we did any comparison shopping but the last time we did State Farm still had the best rates for us.
It has been a pleasure doing business with State Farm. My claims appraiser Gregg was an excellent help. Always prompt to return my calls. And he has by far exceeded my expectations of providing me with details to explain what needed to be done to process my request in a timely manner. Very courteous and always kept a positive attitude. I would like to thank him for doing such a great job.
I and my whole family have all of our policies written through State Farm Insurance. We have been longtime customers and receive discounts based on number of policies and years with the company. We are very happy with State Farm and our State Farm agent. Our agent is always there for us when we need him and he is very knowledgeable.
I have a whole life plan through State Farm, and I have been quite satisfied with them. I have had my policy for over 20 years. Even though the dividend rate has dropped some over the years, when I became disabled, my payments were covered by them with the disability coverage. Always been treated well, with excellent customer service. Thank you State Farm!
They helped me when a lot of others wouldn't or I would have to pay a lot. They work with me and since I get paid every 2 weeks instead of on certain days I can change my payment around.
My life insurance premium is taken out automatically once a month. Other than that we have no relationship. I had an agent come to my house when I bought the policy. I got the policy in the mail maybe a week later. It was really painless & quick.
They are a great company that I would highly recommend just because of their rates and their customer service. They have great rate plans for people with all types of health problems. They go by age and do not require a medical exam. They offer all types of term and whole life policies from 25000 to 250000.
I called the office last week of November to borrow on our life policy. I was told by the office manager, Ashley that only Karen ** could do it so call back December 1st (she was out of town). Called back December 2nd to ask for a loan and was told by Karen ** that it would be a withdrawal not a loan??? She also told me it would drop our face value. Not sure why I couldn't take a loan, she didn't say. I have called every week asking for the check. Ms. ** stated that corporate dropped the ball. On Thursday she emailed me to say the check had been issued. Today is Saturday 19th of December; no check. Each time I text her. I don't receive an answer. I will call corporate on Monday 21st to find out what happened to the check. State Farm is not a company that you want to do business with. Especially Karen ** Office in Austin TX.
I am very happy it's through State Farm. I love working with them. They are so nice when they call for us to come in to talk about my policy. They are very good about explaining things so we can understand them and no high pressure sales. They are very helpful, answer any and all our questions. They make you very comfy, you feel like you are sitting talking to your Aunt or other family member. It's really nice. They are really good about answering questions even about other companies, which is very nice and we really nice and helpful and they are understanding if we end up going to another company.
We received personal service to find the policies best for our family, stage of life, and future needs. No medical exam and everything was taken care of in just one visit to our local agent.
This insurance company is very customer oriented and the agents do what is right to make sure their customers are protected properly and are always there to satisfy its customers needs.
I have all my insurances with State Farm. By bundling we have found that we can get the best price. Customer service has been excellent. We review our policies at least once a year.
Convenient location, always available, and helpful. Sat down with me and my spouse to figure the best plan for each of us. I would recommend to family and friends.
State Farm has been there for me for years! Their policies are very reasonable and the staff is most helpful! Susan **, who is my agent, is very helpful in finding me the best price on my policies. She even went so far as to help me apply for my disability insurance!
So far so good. Great Customer Service is very important to me and with State Farm is been a good experience so far. Have nothing bad to say about the company. My agent is very professional. Competitive prices, good services.
I bought the policy 35 years ago and I pay my premiums. Over the years they have kept me updated about any important information, and taken my money. Beyond that we don't talk much.
They are very helpful in determining exactly how much coverage we need at every stage of our lives. Also they make it affordable to make payments when funds are available and not make us pay the entire yearly premium all at once.
State Farm gives me peace of mind and has always provided great service to me. I have been a customer for 12 years and have luckily only filed a few claims, but they make the process as easy as it can be. My agent also allows me to much of my day-to-day business with them via email, which is super convenient.
I have had no issues with my life insurance company. My premiums are low and if I ever need their service I hope it will be good. My insurance is through my employer and is a good company.
I have had life insurance products with State Farm for almost 15 years. My agents have always been very attentive, the rates are comparable to other companies, service has been excellent, and the life insurance products they offer fit our family's short term and long term needs. I depend on the guidance of my agents to ensure that we are adequately covered in the case of our untimely deaths as we have minor children and a mortgage, and they have always met that expectation fully. My State Farm agent is supportive of the community and over the years has become a part of our extended family.
State Farm is a very good company to have life insurance and others with. They take the time to get to know you and your family. They remember birthdays and special occasions.
I received my Life insurance through the Credit union I have accounts with. The cost is $15 a Quarter for $52000 coverage. I am not sure which company is the underwriter but for the price I couldn't refuse. I have a policy through my work that is for 2.5 times my yearly salary as well.
We recently had a death in the family. The agent was very helpful and had the insurance check to us in time to pay for the services. This was a huge relief since it was a untimely death.
They are rude and just want money. If I am a day late, they threaten to cancel my policy and they tried to raise my rates. Also they wanted to cancel my policy when I got it and not reimburse me for anything and deny coverage after 8 years.
We have had State Farm Insurance for almost 40 years and in that time we have had to file only 3 or 4 claims. We have not always had a very good experience with them in regards to car accidents. None of the accidents were our fault but State Farm has a hard time helping their customers especially if both parties have State Farm insurance. Fifteen years ago I was hit in the rear end of my car by an older woman (who also had State Farm) running a stop sign. I was hurt in many ways in this accident but she denied any wrongdoing and it took State Farm almost a year and a half to settle this claim. It should not take that long but they let the other woman tell them lie after lie about how this accident happened. We probably would have changed insurance after that incident except for the fact that every quote we got from other car insurance was way too expensive for us to manage.
I have had this company for 39 yrs. They are always eager to help out and when needed, they respond within a very short period of time. They are thorough and always ready to give suggestions as to how to save money yet continue high quality of service. I highly recommend State Farm.
My experience is rather limited. My wife set it up and pays the premiums. My participation was to merely be poked, prodded and give up blood for the physical. I do feel a sense of relief that my wife will be taken care of if something were to happen to me.
We got life insurance when we got married in 1989. We have never missed a payment. My husband's is for 100,000. Mine is for 50,000. We are being told that my husband's insurance will be gone by the time he reached 79 years old. He is 69 now. They want us to get different insurance for him which will be much more expensive than what we are paying. This is insurance was to be a guaranteed payout upon his death. There was no age limit on this. Wondering if there is any class action suits against them for this type of business. They say it's because of the stock market. But my policy is just fine... Very upset about this...
It has been good for me for and I've had it for a number of years. I first got it at the place where I was employed and have continued it after I've been retired. It seems like a good company, for me anyway.
They are always friendly and very knowledgeable. If I ever have any questions about my life insurance policy, I know an answer is just a call away. I am adequately covered and my monthly premium is low.
I have been with State Farm since I got my drivers license. They always remember my name and have been very helpful. Always gave advice with my best interest in mind regardless of whether they are going to make more money. I feel like I can trust them and I have never considered leaving.
Fantastic service and good relations. I haven't had any issues with Prudential at all and don't expect to ever have any. They have been very understanding and easy to communicate with.
Love my agent. He is great with any questions that I may have. It is a policy that I have had for over twenty years. Very affordable at the age I took it out.
I have a good relationship with this company. They pay claims without hesitation and their prices are very competitive. They also see to it that I have a yearly meeting with my agent which at times has actually saved me some money.
Honestly State Farm has been very good to me since I have been 16 years old. I have had their coverage since my first auto insurance policy to my life insurance policy I took out in 2008. Even though they might not be the cheapest policy on the market, they offer very flexible plans and give you proper information and clarification if you ever have any questions. If I ever have any questions or need help, I always get a callback on the same day which any paying customer absolutely loves. I will be a life long State Farm customer just because of the quality of service they provide!
I've had two vehicles totaled by other drivers. They covered me in both cases and did not raise my rates nor drop me. They have always kept me informed on any changes to my policies and reviews changes in my life to get me better coverage.
Seems to be a good company. I pay each month, automatically from my bank account, so do not have to think about it. They are responsive when you have a question. I have used State Farm for nearly 30 years. No problems with them.
We have no complaints with our insurance man. Yeah everything else so expensive but we have had State Farm for over 30 years. We have made several claims and they have been taken care of very quickly.
They are great. I had a clause in my policy for if I became disabled that the premium would be paid. And I have been disabled now going on 9 yrs and they have been paying the premium for me.
We have had claims but cannot be dropped due to claims as it is a member company. We have dealt with them for over 50 years and have a number of policies with them. I have had a term policy with them for a number of years. When our financial advisor suggested I drop State Farm and take out a regular life insurance policy. State Farm informed me it would be a mistake to to drop it as the dividend was paying for the policy. When I reached the end of the term policy they helped me change over to a policy that would increase and I have already added several thousand to the value of the policy. We have a total of 7 policies with State Farm and have never had any problem with claims.
My name is Peggy. I've had life insurance with State Farm for several years. It is a very affordable insurance and covers enough to make sure my loved ones will not have to worry about my final expenses and bills. I would highly recommend this insurance company. Just a couple of questions and as long as your premium is paid you're covered. Highly recommended 5 Star Company.
Have no problems with my insurance company. Just pay the bills for it, and that's just it. Don't really have anything else to say. It just there when needed.
My State Farm agent helped me pick the proper amount and type of coverage for both me and my family. I think the rates are affordable and the ability to take out loans or withdrawal against what I've paid had been helpful.
My life insurance company has paid dividends to policyholders every year through thick and thin. They put the financial interests of the client ahead of their own.
I see them once a year and that is it because I only see them once a year. I do like the company I use and will not change.
I am very pleased with State Farm. They offer many options and products to help with all my insurance needs. It's nice to pay one bill each month. State Farm is also a banking institution. Not only do I get insurance coverage I bank with them. Since I bank with them I get discounts and other benefits as well. I would highly recommend.
We have multiple coverage: umbrella, home, auto and life insurance policies which are all covered by same company: State Farm. We have had this coverage for 36 years and have had very good service throughout that time.
I have my life insurance through State Farm as well as other policies. My agent is very helpful to me and keeps me informed about all my insurance needs. My policy has been in effect a long time.
Very easy to deal with. Quick response when needed. Reasonable rates and discounts. Easy to access, whether in person, by phone or online. They keep me informed of new products and services with frequent updates as they become available.
I have no problem with this company and the insurance I have with it. It takes care of me in a very reasonable way. I would recommend it to everyone. It is quite affordable and has a lot of benefits also.
They are very helpful and very good people and company. And they provide very good information about themselves. And they have very reasonable prices on their insurance. I would promote them to anyone.
State Farm offers a wide variety products and my agent works hard to ensure that my policies match my life and financial needs. He has always been very responsive. The only drawback to my relationship with State Farm is from the corporate level. They often make mistakes on my billing that I have to have my agent investigate to get corrected.
They treat my wife & I as a valued customer. We have a good relation with them. We have never had any problem with them. I told my sons and daughter about them and now they all have life insurance with them.
I have excellent coverage with State Farm and would recommend them to anyone looking for great coverage and service. State farm has always had a good track record with providing great coverage over the years for me and will always be there for me and my family in time of need.
Well, I'm still alive, so, I haven't had much dealing with my life insurance company. I pay my premiums and, hopefully, they will pay off when I die.
Our agent was helpful in determining how much insurance we need and which plans were best for us. He helped us calculated exactly what we'd need in the event either or both of us were to die.
I like my life insurance company. Hope I never have to use it. I wish the rates were lower. I've had it for years. I know one day I will need it for my family.
Claims have been filed and taken care of. Takes quite a while to close a claim and get payment. Price of the policy keeps going up. Calling the claim center is a joke. We called and got three different people and three different answers to our question. Even asking for a supervisor did not settle the problem.
I was able to quickly and easily get insured. The coverage amounts and terms are exactly what I need to support my family should something happen to me, and the rates are easily affordable.
I have only had my life insurance company about 2 months and I have not had any issues with the company. It is Good Neighbor's insurance company. It is hard to say very much about this company since I have only had them a short time..
They came and did my evaluation at a time that fit into my schedule. The policy was written well and my agent was kind, courteous, and clear about what was happening. I know exactly what will happen to the policy if something should ever happen to me.
I've been with them over 10 years and have been satisfied. They have been flexible with my spending and how much coverage I can afford. I also have car, homeowners and IRA with them as they helped smooth the transition from my previous employer.
I have had this insurance for years. Can borrow money from it but never have. You need to buy insurance when you're young so you can purchase at a cheaper cost.
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