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State Farm Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: State Farm
Overall average rating of 2.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 23 %
I live on a mountain, and in August of 2018 we had flash floods that caused a lot of damage to a lot of homes on the mountain. The way the water ran down the mountain was just incredible. Anyways, I have (2) French drain systems that run around my house and attempts to drain water away from the home. Unfortunately, the drains were installed poorly and was unable to drain the amount of water rushing down the mountain. The finished/carpeted basement received roughly 1/2" of water.I figured I would call State Farm and just see if any help would be available. I am not good at making claims, and stubborn about just fixing it myself. Anyways, the claim person came out to see the damage and determine cause. Mind you, the carpet and water was already removed (within 12 hours). I have a tractor and dug out the drainage so the water would track properly. All this prior to his arrival.State Farm denied the claim, which is fine. No big deal. I start putting my basement back together. Within a month of the request for assistance, I receive a letter from State Farm stating they need proof my basement has been repaired by a contractor by a certain date or they will drop my homeowner's insurance. I was amazed and called them immediately. "If you denied my claim, and do not wish to assist, all good, but you are going to drop me?"When you get insurance, you hope to think your insurance company is there to support you. You are supposed to feel confident in your insurance company. State Farm has proved to me they are not concerned with helping those that need it. They will not support you when you are down and need it. I have served my country, the great United States of America. Americans need to help support each other. Help each other when pushed down and need it. As Americans, we are pretty good about that. I DO NOT have any confidence in State Farm. Their statement of "It's Covered" is "TRASH"! They do not have the American mentality and WILL not be there when you need it. Take care of yourself, your family and everyone around you. As Americans, we should be. I am trying to help take care of you. STAY AWAY FROM STATE FARM!
Michelle Twitchell Insurance Agency in Bartlett, IL I've been with for 5 years for home and 2 car insurance got so obnoxious with her policy of canceling paid in full car insurance I couldn't believe. As I said I had two car insurance and one of my cars had insurance from Sept to March 2019. I cancel one of my car insurance in December 2018 and the payment was adjusted and due in January which I did not know about since I paid for 6 months in full. The idiots did not call me about my MB in Dec 2018 but about my BMW don't drive anymore and do not need insurance for.First of all, I think it should be against the law to back charge you if you pay in full for six months of insurance no matter what. (Another American legalized crime.) Second of all, I should be notified that my car insurance will be canceled, so I will not drive without valid insurance for over a month. This agency is filled with disgusting ignorant people and should be investigated so there are no people on the road without insurance and knowledge they do not have one. The one positive thing about the incident is, I found out that Michelle was overcharging me over $660 dollars on my home and car insurance. Very greedy and ignorant people people work in that State Farm agency. Stay alert.
I have been with State Farm for almost 20 year. In all that time I never had a claim until this spring. I had a tornado hit my property and take out a barn a deck and a ton of personal items on the property. I have to admit I was a bit worried about the whole claims process but holy smokes talk about amazing service. I was helped every step of the way and so pleased with how smooth it went. I love State Farm and plan to be with them for a long time.
I have been with State Farm Insurance for over 30 years. I was with them when I learned to drive, and have been with them ever since. I have had multiple cars, and then renters insurance, 2 homes, and never have I had a problem with them. I've had a total of 2 agents. I have lived in 2 different states which is the reason for the 2 agents, and both were/are the most helpful people. State Farm goes above and beyond to do a yearly review with you on your policy to see if you need more or less coverage based on your situation. Driving more/less, having more items/less. It's a wonderful service. It's nice calling a company and them actually knowing who you are. I've unfortunately had to file a few claims, and they actually want to know how you are. Great feeling. Great people. Great company!
I love State Farm. They offer good coverage at a reasonable rate along with good people and customer service. I like the rates that I get for the insurance also. I get a cheaper amount for having 2 cars covered.
I got into a car accident on 10/31/18. It was really scary and bad. I have been in two when I was really young and had State Farm for years now. But this experience was like no other. I had pain and suffering but the most was from dealing with State Farm. I had been giving the runaround from step one on proving it wasn’t my fault, to getting a rental now getting a completely repaired vehicle. It was almost impossible to speak with the adjuster Patty **, they say anyone can help but they can’t cause it always went back to me having to speak to her. I had to call so many times in one week I was singing my claims number. My car has been in repair shop for 3 months when I was told once parts are in about two weeks. After about three weeks State Farm put me in a rental after they had prove it wasn’t my fault. The repair shop had to wait weeks for adjuster from State Farm to come out then weeks to order parts. Then one time I had to call myself to see what was taking so long and found out that there were lack of communication between the two. There were a number of three time that a discover was made so that the repair shop can fix. Moving along I finally had to exchange numbers with the repair shop adjuster to stay loop more. She let me know when she contacted State Farm about damage that was discovered only to find out State Farm had no knowledge so I had to call the repair shop and link those two together. They said they only communicate through email but they discussed over phone. At that time I was told my rental was overextended then that’s when the repair shop offered a loaner. Long story short it is time for me to get my vehicle. I called every week to the repair shop to check status. It’s ready, do my walk through, the hood is still dented.She let me know then that State Farm didn’t put this in appraisal, quote this is second appraisal due to new findings over that time frame. But no one had record of the hood damage been missed. Upset, she told me to contact State Farm. I sent pics and let them know. I just wanted my car and wanted to leave. I was so upset. I asked if I have to pay. She said as long as the car is drivable. I did but made it clear that I am not agreeing the condition. I left to drive around corner then realized that my car was not complete and should not have paid. They refund me. Talked to State Farm. They said they have paid now for the hood to be repaired, and sometimes things are overlooked. The damage was clear as daylight. Then she said that I should have gone through one of the repair shops they chose. Ok maybe but I always choose my own. Never had this problem. She blamed the repair shop. Said they had to send in any new discoveries.I was told that State Farm did the initial appraisal or estimate, they missed it and then the repair shop did as well! Both companies did not communicate and do their jobs effectively. And now I’m trying to figure out their miscues. Both are blaming each other while my car is pushing now four months! Now I’m questioning did my appraisal have everything on there by my insurance company, was things missed on purpose to stay within a certain budget, now that being uncertainty to me. Overall this needs to be looked into to see how to prevent this. There needs to always be communication between the insurance company that’s there to help and ease the pain caused by an accident or whatever, the repair shop no matter who was chosen, if that’s any issue it should not be allowed to pick your own and the customer. My experience was not good at all. Out of the 30 people I spoken with over my time frame of 3 months I only had two women that brought some type of relief. It was like no one was on the same page. That mean a lot to people when they get in accidents and need to rely on their insurance company to ease that stress. My advice is State Farm listen to your customers and just talk with them on how the process works. And do whatever it takes to make sure that they're taking care of and do whatever it takes to look into any issues or concerns they might have.
I've been a customer of State Farm for over 27 years. I've only had two minor accidents during the entire time, however, the customer care service was fast and effective as far as processing my claim and assisting me. I find State Farm rates to be fair and will continue to use them in the future. Overall, I'm satisfied with my coverage.
After telling them NOT to take the automatic withdrawal out of my account, they took it out anyway only on a different day and for over $100 more than my normal monthly amount!!! By doing this, we couldn't pay our rent and now we are looking at being evicted!!! I cancelled my policy to try to get the money back because clearly a roof over your head is more important than car insurance (especially when there would have been a grace period originally). But, not only are they NOT giving us all our money back, but what they are giving us back is going to ultimately take almost two weeks to get back. By then the eviction process will be in full force... My husband has been unemployed for almost a year and we have been barely hanging on... Do you think Doug ** cares at all about any of this? Do you think he even communicated with me once regarding this matter??? NO WAY!!!! In fact, he left it to one of his employees to handle and actually reprimanded him for even trying to give us our money back at all!!! I have been a customer of Doug **'s for 2 years and 5 months and I have never once talked with him or had any communication with him!!!! He only cares about taking your money and nothing else!!! He is a fraud and a heartless human!!! Do not ever do business with him!!! He will swindle you every chance he can!!!!
I have been a customer of State Farm for several decades now and they've never given me a reason to switch. Sure, I see the ads on TV for the cheaper policies and what not, but what if they really aren't cheaper? I'm a very cautious person. I know that often there are subtle things that can be different and would end up costing in the long run. I'd rather have good customer service and know that I am going to be seen to when I need it.
Worst claim service imaginable. My wife was in an auto accident where a young driver was on their phone and not paying attention. He ended up hitting the stopped vehicle in front of him who was pushed into my wife’s vehicle. Liability was accepted by State Farm and they paid to get her vehicle fixed. She was injured and had over 30 visits with providers. We kept calling the bodily injury adjuster to find out what we should be doing with no response. She finished treatment in November and we called once a week after that to find out what we needed to do with no answer and no response.We made over 20 calls to them over the past few months with one single call back. They gave us a low ball offer to settle the bodily injury and we refused. They said this was the best they could do based on the damage to our vehicle. When I pushed more they raised the offer but it is still a low ball offer. They are now saying this is the best they can do based on the damage to our vehicle. I have left several messages for the adjusters boss with no return call. They are not willing to pay for what they owe. We have collections agency’s after us because they refused to properly review the documents submitted and evaluate the claim in a timely manner. We still have not settled the claim and we still have not heard from the adjuster's boss. The adjuster rarely answers our calls, even when we leave a message, and never returns calls when we do. DO NOT GET STATE FARM FOR YOUR INSURANCE. They are not responsive and don’t care about you or the people you may get in an accident with. This is the worst experience we have ever had with an insurance company and we have been around insurance companies for many years!
I've never had any problems with my State Farm insurance. I've never been in an accident, but have had my car vandalized a couple years ago. I called my local agent and they sent out a claims specialist within a week. The damage was pretty simple to assess. I received an approval for the claim and an amount within another week. The check was mailed out shortly thereafter. The entire process only took about 3 weeks total from when I called State Farm to when I received the reimbursement. Everything was pretty easy. Beyond that, I've never needed to call them for anything.
This company has the worst claims experience ever. Their customer turned out of a business and ended up on the wrong side of the street and nearly caused a head on collision with the driver of my vehicle. He filed the claim with State Farm and it has been downhill since. They have assisted their customer in avoiding responsibility for the damages to my vehicle and refuse to do what they should as an insurance company. Their claim agents are horrible and the adjusters are worse. Then again if they treat their customers like crap (as evidenced by the reviews) how can we expect them to treat the people their customers hit any better.
I've been a State Farm customer for over 30 years. I will be changing insurance companies due to State Farm's less than caring attitude and their slowness in getting a claims adjuster to check out my car (over a week for someone to do this) and their slowness in getting me a check so I can get my car. Today marks the 11 days without my car. The problem? Rodents ate my engine wire. Car dealer had the part in a day. State Farm is the culprit.
I have had the same insurance policy with State Farm over 3 cars, and 30 years. They've been consistent over time. I'll most likely stay with them, although I have noticed a few more competitive companies for fees. I'll most likely just stick with this policy.
All I wanted was a good quote for camper van liability Insurance. I think State Farm trying to rip me off because I am 77 years old and got a horrendous quote from a company appearing to try to do business as Todd Stewart State Farm Ins. I removed a large motorhome ($9.69) per month, purchased a camper van and now was Quoted $71.00 per month. Maria a clerk or maybe the floor sweeper, gave me that quote. I gave you one star because there in none lower.
State Farm is a lot better than other auto insurance companies. In the past, companies like The General and Safe Auto would jack up the rate every time I had to renew the policy, even though I never filed a claim or caused any trouble. State Farm keeps the rate steady and reasonable. I've been with them for a few years, and I'm glad I don't have to hop around between companies anymore.
Raised rate with no notice. Paid $253 a month with payment plan as quoted from beginning. After 3rd month switch to cheaper insurer. They withdrew $253 on Dec 17. I canceled policy effective Dec 23. Expected to be prorated for the 1 week. Should have gotten back $190 refund. Instead got $34. Was told my premium was raised so they adjusted my refund to $34. Charged me an increase dating back to when policy first opened. Also can't change or edit policy online. Must call local agent for everything. Inconvenient. Had I canceled policy before they withdrew from bank could have saved my $253. Will never use or recommend State Farm to anyone. Stick to Geico or Progressive. You can adjust things on policy online without have to constantly call someone.
I was with State Farm for two decades. Their prices for my area were always fair, and consistently improved as I became older and fit a different risk group. On the three occasions I ever needed to make a claim, the process was always simple and trouble-free. I couldn't have asked for things to go more smoothly.
I was in a no fault accident recently. I've been a State Farm customer for decades, & this is the first time I've had to rely on them. I phoned in the accident, & they handled everything on the spot in a reasonable time frame. I've always heard that they pay off, & they did. I had a rental car that afternoon, & when I learned later that my car was totaled, I received a check that exceeded my expectations. The accident was written off as a forgiveness, my rates didn't go up, & the rate adjustment to my new vehicle was barely noticeable. State Farm is convenient, honest and reliable.
We were involved in a automobile accident 11/14/2018. When a girl hit my wife at the passenger side back tire all of the way through the front door. The girl told my wife and the Police Officer she couldn’t see to drive because her windshield and driver side window was fogged up. (You can’t drive safely if you can’t see). After getting the police report it was ruled by the police officer as her fault. We called our agent and was told to file a claim on the other girl's insurance since it was her fault.We filed a claim with State Farm's claim department and provided them a copy of the police report. We were told since both of us were State Farm customers they needed to talk to her as well. As of today 12/03/2018 the girl will not answer her phone or call claims back. We called State Farm claims to see if they would go ahead and proceed with the claim and get us a rental car and start the repairs on our car. It isn’t our fault the irresponsible girl will not call State Farm back. Our so called State Farm's claim team told us it was their policy to at least give that girl another 45 days to call them back and we would have to wait. If you're considering buying State Farm I would first think if I could go 2 months without a rental car or getting your car repaired. I know after this I will never have State Farm again.
I was rear ended at a red light. State Farm doesn't want to pay for damage because I had previously damage to the side of my vehicle that is not related to the accident. They have literally gotten out of paying for anything. I have never filed an insurance claim in my life. I took the car to a certified auto shop on two occasions with pictures. The mechanic stated issues were related to accident. He even spoke directly to agent and advised. They have been nothing but rude and they do not return calls. A State Farm investigator who is bias to State Farm because he works there, said it's wear and tear. Of course he would say that he works there. Who regulates State Farm and has checks and balances. This is so one sided and bias. Of course a vehicle will have wear and tear but if I had never been hit I wouldn't have the issues. I have been treated like a criminal and they are so rude and condescending toward the consumer the people who in turn help pay their salaries. Everyone in the world is not a liar and it's just sad. This is how honest hardworking people are treated.
I am a big fan of State Farm insurance and have been a customer of State Farm for over ten years. They have always paid my claims and handled them in a professional manner.
I have been with State Farm for as long as I have been driving and have yet to have a bad experience with them. Anytime a question would arise or an issue would appear, my agent was always there to help me out.
Our insurance agent died this summer, which is awful. We received letters that we had nothing to worry about and it was all taken care of by a new agent. Fast forward to today and I’m notified that we have a lapse in auto coverage and they are dropping us until we are in good standing with a third party agent. Naturally our home insurance rate also goes up since we have a bundle. I have paperwork showing information from State Farm of confirmation of usual transactions, updated auto ID cards, home insurance statements, up to date premium information, auto draft of payments that we thought took place and budgeted as so, that I would love to upload with this post as proof, and yet because they dropped the ball somewhere, we are no longer covered, leaving us scrambling to find a new agent. It’s insane. I can’t believe this is acceptable to them. It absolutely makes no sense. We’ve been customers for over 20 years and are treated this way - just blows my mind. In fact, I’ve never written a complaint about any company or person before, that’s how bad this is!
They are so great. They have always been there when I needed them and have never given me any problems whatsoever. I can always get my guy on the phone and they don't raise my rates for stupid reasons.
I was rear-ended by a motorist that had either no or very bad insurance and had to use my policy to get my car repaired. State Farm called me promptly on Thanksgiving weekend to tell me what steps to take and assign a file number. The person I spoke to could not have been nicer or more helpful. The car was repaired but had to be taken back for further repair and State Farm provided me with a rent car so I could make Christmas in Dallas area with my family. I had no problems. I have been with State Farm for over 50 years - homeowners and automobile coverage and will never change. I have never had bad service or slow service. I had a home claim on water damage and was paid on the spot when agent came out to look at damage. I really do not understand the bad reviews as I have had claims from Texas to Arkansas over the years and not one complaint could I find. I feel very safe and well taken care of by the considerate and helpful agents I have dealt with.
State Farm has proven to be the worst insurance company around. You don't realize it until you actually have to deal with them for a claim. Their process was incredibly difficult. By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Undereducated to say the least. Gloria ** - the supervisor of the total loss department should be removed from her position. Her team is so unprofessional and not trained. They do not take the time to investigate your current claim status. They just give you some BS answer to get you off the phone. They sent my check and title that I have to sign over to them to another State Farm office 170 miles and expected me to go there and sign it. I requested that the car seat need to be added to the claim. The claims adjuster told me that it didn't because the child wasn't in the seat. I told him, it doesn't matter, the manual says if the car seat was in a high impact accident it must be not ever used again and rendered useless. He said that they just put that on there as a CYA thing that you don't actually have to follow it. Absolutely terrible! If you want to go through a nightmare, choose State Farm! Not sure where I'll go to now but I will NEVER EVER hold a policy when them again. I hope this review helps someone in the future!
As my daughter was driving through a parking lot alley, State Farm customer pulled out and hit my car on passenger front side, above front wheel well. I filed with State Farm, but they are telling me I’m 20% liable and would only pay 80% of the damages because their customer was a quarter way out and I could have taken evasive actions to avoid them. I’ve substantial pictures taken after the accident to support that their customer hit my car, yet they are refusing to fix my car. I’m planning to file complaints against them at State Insurance Corporation, but would appreciate any other inputs.
This company has always been around since I was a kid. They have insured many of my family members for decades. They offer a very personal touch and have a small hometown feel. Everyone who works there is very friendly and personable.
I really like State Farm because they are always very sweet when I am in need of help. They have always answered my questions and do it in a very respectful manner. I am thinking of staying with them for the next year.
We canceled our insurance early one month, we received a prorated amount $25 less than expected. As it turns out, they had deducted $25 from our prorated amount, claiming the reason behind it being that our "drive safe and save" discount fell off our account due to a failure on our part to register our car. We had registered our car multiple times through the Android app; however, we had found the app to be an absolute pain to use and a mess to register on. Often we would register the car, and the app would claim that we had successfully registered it. Other times, we were unable to register the car, and the app would throw a warning. We disagree with the company policy of back charging all the discount when a customer cancels their account, and we have found it very frustrating trying to get the correct amount back.
My wife was struck by a State Farm insured driver 10/31/18. As of 11/19 SF has not settled but made us return the rental on 11/17. Their first offer was riddled with inaccurate assumptions about our vehicle. When they made an offer on 11/13 they said to put any objections in writing. I did. Claim stated on 11/15 that they had not reviewed our comments and when I asked where our vehicle was taken the agent did not know, and if it could be brought back to my town - the agent hung up on me. I am convinced that they have no interest in settling. I have had to file a complaint with the SC insurance. Just because they have a big advertising budget does not mean they are ethical or reliable.
The State Farm claims adjuster told me that my BMW was considered a total loss. We went through the features of the car and what their source valued it at. She said that they said it was “good” across the board. Further, she said that the value of the car, when taxes are included, came to a certain amount. I was stunned. I disputed this, claiming that the car was worth AT LEAST $3000 more. She said that I would need to show this from comparables in my area, without specifying what my area encompassed. I mentioned to her that when I spoke to a State Farm claims agent previously, I was told that the value of the car if totaled would be negotiable. She said there was no negotiation unless I had comparables. I disputed that with the following points.First, I mentioned that a three-level comparison hardly takes into account a car that is in superb condition. If my car was on the upper end of above average or good, then it deserves to be valued higher. She said no. (I found out later that State Farm uses a four-level comparison, but that would only put my car in the top 25%. I mentioned that I was a professor and that there is a huge difference between a student who earns a 96 [an A] and one who earns a 76 [a D+]!). Second, I noted that since only four other cars were included in the comparison, this would hardly take into account a car such as mine. On a bell curve, the top 1% gets thrown in with the top 25%. That is not a fair comparison. Those who take immense pride in car ownership are penalized severely. Third, she specifically said that a car with paint chips no larger than a credit card would be considered in good condition. I was astonished. This underscores how broad a range “good” really is! Fourth, I mentioned that there are things that are unseen in a car that can enhance its value. I specifically mentioned that I get it detailed every year or every other year, that I change the oil every 5000 miles even though the owner’s manual says to change it every 15,000 miles, and that about 90% of the miles are highway miles. I keep it in essentially mint condition, with a few minor issues from time to time, but I don’t leave such things unfixed. She said that such things cannot be calculated into the value of a car. I mentioned that in that case I could have changed the oil every 30,000 miles, and she said that that WOULD be taken into consideration in terms of the wear and tear on the engine. This means that an irresponsible owner is penalized (and rightfully so), but a responsible owner is not rewarded. It’s obviously not a just comparison to only consider such negatives on a car and not positives. The fact that such a range in the personal care of a car is not considered in its value tells me that a truly outstanding car will be seriously undervalued. Fifth, I mentioned that only the BMW dealership has maintained the car. This, too, is not taken into consideration. Sixth, I mentioned that I was the sole owner, that the car was made to order, and that I had planned on keeping it the rest of my life. Obviously, with such a history I would be taking special care of the vehicle. "Nope, doesn’t count," she said.I have been a member of the BMW Car Club since 1988. The surest way to find the best comparables to my car would be in the Roundel, the club’s magazine. Yet even here it’s rare to find a car in the same condition as mine. I highlighted some cars for comparison, noting that although they were two years newer, they had far more miles or unfixed problems, were second - or third-owner vehicles, and STILL were selling for quite a bit more than mine. None of this mattered. Later I spoke with another agent. She told me that the state of Texas fixed how much the insurance company could pay. I asked, “So, when I mention this on social media I should say that you said it was state law?” She paused, then replied, “Well, um, no, not exactly.” “So, there is some flexibility in how much I can get for my car, right—because, after all, the state has not dictated what the value should be?” She answered, “No, there is no flexibility.” Folks, if you take excellent care of your car, don’t insure it with State Farm. You’ll never get what it’s worth if it gets totaled. On the other hand, if you don’t give a rip what condition your car is in, you’re in luck! State Farm will probably give you top dollar.
I have had State Farm insurance on my house and vehicles for 20 years. I have had the same agent the whole time. He has taken care of my family like his own. I know that we pay a premium for this service, but insurance isn't something that I really want to skimp on.
The value offered by State Farm seems good, at least reasonable and on par with other services. The coverage I receive with my policy is also pretty good. Their representatives and customer service are excellent. My experiences in dealing with them have always been positive. They make you feel like they care, and back it up with their actions. When I had a major claim, they were very helpful in guiding me through the process and I was well compensated. I have used State Farm for over a decade, and have always been satisfied.
State Farm's insurance programs are outstanding, but making a claim isn't really the best situation to land yourself in. They are such a large company that if you get an accident the other person more than likely has State Farm as well. They will basically go after themselves, which isn't profitable to themselves. They will often argue parts of your claim that are clear as day. They are a great company and their insurance is affordable as long as you don't need to use it.
I see all these negative claims against State Farm. So I thought I'd write a positive one. We've had a couple of claims in the past 5 years and both were handled to our complete satisfaction. Neither was our fault, but our state is a "no fault" status. The first incident was a young lady texting who ran a red light and broadsided my wife in our newest vehicle. Thank God, no injury to my wife but an expensive fix to the vehicle. And there was a witness. The second incident was unusual. We live in a condo and the snowplow driver never came so the slush built up and then froze. When my wife came home from work, she helplessly tried to stop in the driveway and slid right into the garage door. Both claims were handled very well. They have always been fair to us. The only reason I can't fully give 5 stars is because rates on older vehicles keep raising a bit every few months.
Fully covered. They paid the city of Grand Prairie TX - Real nice people but my wife of 35 years had a accident on a very raining night and they acted like, "Who are you?" 2006 Jeep Commander 17,500 was paid for. They said must have been the tires. NO! Brand new Goodyears 600. They just refuse to help. Ok. This was Oct of 2015. We still have not got a dime 3 1/2 years. My wife walks to Kroger. Me I am handicap. Only one leg. I call all the time. They now are just rude and now we are just out 18,100 and me on SSI can't get another car. When do we just give up?
State Farm has always been there to help me when I needed them most. A few times I have been involved in car accidents and it meant so much for the claims adjusters to help me get my car repaired, my medical bills paid, and just to have someone from State Farm to call and see how I was feeling and doing. Being involved in a car accident is stressful enough, but having people help you through it makes everything that much better.
82 yrs old had house fire. Agent offered me her friend number to buy house for 5k. Next day 10 k. We have requested her off the claim at least 10 xs still on. So we got an adjuster. State Farm put us in a 220.00 a hotel room. We started to negotiate our rental (Aug) as a place to stay. We were getting 1100 a month income. We had to furnish with our own money. State Farm did not agree to put us in our house til Nov. Post dated check to include last week in hotel so we were not reimbused. They paid 2 months rent and stopped. So out 1100 rent income. Inventory took 2 months to get paid. Asked about water damage caused by water dept. A question. Just asked. No claim made. State Farm canceled house insurance For asking. June 2 months before 1 yr anniversary State Farm closed claim on fire damage. No communication on either parties. Just found out by accident it was closed. They pay you your undisputed out and the 1 yr starts to tick away. They use the noncommunication to tick the clock away. They want you to use inside general contractors. State Farm paid 660. For nonemergency board up of 2 windows. I made the appt. Cleaned the stairs then came 3 days later. The plywood was noted as 13.00 each. When I had to board up 9 windows for security at 650. With my own contractor they said no. I had to go back to my emails and show the agent approved the sunroom board up with her guy. It was approved. Took 3 months to pay the poor guy. Do everything through an email everything. We have insurance A B C and extra electrical upgrade. They paid all undisputed amounts and has gone silent on any inventory proof, hotel paid out of pocket and rental payments. Has quit after 2 months and delayed electrical upgrade. We are at a standstill. I think it's lawyer time. Stay away. I heard repeated I wish I would have died in the fire than end up with this emotional mess. 82 yrs old what will they do to you.
Customer service at the 1-800 is extremely nice and helpful. My local agent is nice, but they really put on the pressure to add to your policy or purchase additional services. That's a real turn off. Other than that I'm overall satisfied. However, I feel like I pay more than others, but I do have the lowest deductibles on my policy.
State Farm really meets my needs. I got into a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and they not only covered the repair bill on my bike but also seemed genuinely concerned about my health and well being that is the mark of a great insurance company. They feel more like family and less like they are just after profit. 4 out of 5 stars!
I was in a minor car accident on Christmas Eve of last year. I was completely not at fault as another driver hit me trying to pass a semi truck on an interstate. We were both State Farm drives and everyone was fine so I figured the claim process would be simple. There was minor damage to my car, which is older so I took it to one of State Farm's select service auto body repair shops. The mechanic told me there was some pre-existing rust (which I did not know about) and State Farm would only pay some damage and I would have to pay out of pocket. He said it would be $3000 out of pocket, and advised me to cash out the claim and save the money for when I could afford the repairs. So, I did just that. Well, last night at 6:45 pm I received a voicemail stating State Farm had overpaid the claim and I had to write them a check for $1000 and had 30 days to pay. Note: they did not send anything in writing and when I called back 15 minutes after getting the voicemail, I was told there was no one available to discuss my issue. When I called back I spoke to an extremely rude woman who said I should have realized the claim was overpaid. I explained that I thought the difference had to do with the mechanic and what he told me. She said either I pay it in 30 days or it will be sent to collections. I still have not received anything in writing, which is extremely concerning to me. I have been a customer of State Farm since I first got my license (20 yrs). I left due to back customer service but decided to give them another chance. Well, not anymore. The way I have been treated is ridiculous. No apologies, no admittance they made a mistake. All they said was I have 30 days to pay them. I don't have money for a lawyer. The check from the claim I used to purchase a new laptop as mine was damaged in the accident but I was told that could not be proven so no luck there. I would recommend everyone should stay clear of State Farm and their select service repair shops.
I've been with State Farm for over 20 years. Lynn Bullard and his staff have no integrity & credibility. I filed 2 claims and when I spoke to Bullard's staff they stated they had nothing to with my claims, they just washed their hands & passed on the buck. My vehicle got flooded, water in engine, transmission, axles, brake system, water contamination in the fuel, water also flooded the inside of my truck causing electrical shortages & received body damage from Hurricane Florence. The blue book value is $8000.00 on my truck & the gentleman that assessed my truck wrote down that it was driveable & cut me a check for $1000.00.I asked him lets take it for a drive but he refused. I spoke Bullard & he stated to me he was going to send another assessor the next day, well it been 3 weeks & no one has shown up. I'm a retired federal officer & Bullard & his staff are no different than the convicts that are locked up. The same thing with my house, I got cheated on that too. Good thing I took pictures & I'm going public with this. I will contact everyone that got taken advantage of & file Tort lawsuit. My number is **.
I was hit by a drunken driver while on my way to work one night, State Farm insured. I was sitting at a red light and rear ended hard enough to total my car. The driver then proceeds to try and flee but didn't go far due to damages. Told state troopers she didn't know she hit anything...yet both airbags deployed. Turns out the biggest nightmare of the whole situation is State Farm's totally ineptness and just refusal to settle this incident. 2 years running now and the offer peanuts...less than Medical bills. They continually "Reassign adjusters" so they can drag stuff out and avoid acceptance of their legal financial responsibilities. They finally got me to accept one of their lowball offers just to try and be done with this whole charade and then...4 weeks later still being ignored. Worst Insurance Company EVER. No compassion, responsibility. I will live with pain the rest of my life...but the biggest pain is the Joke State Farm. Rating is ZERO.
I've been covered by several insurance companies over the years, and this company has given me the best service, by far. It is also the best coverage for the money. Their rates, for me, is the lowest I've had from any insurance company.
State Farm is overall a fairly good insurance company. They have been around a long time and are mostly trustworthy. The coverage packages could be better, but compared to some are passable. The customer service is attentive to one's needs and knowledgeable when you have a question.
I had a terrible experience with State Farm. Customer service was rude and unhelpful. The sales team calls and bugs me at all hours of the night. I was very unhappy with their service. I would advise against to them for anything.
State Farm has been really great overall. I feel that most insurance companies charge too much for coverage, though. I did have a wreck (that was not my fault) when I was a teenager. I talked to an agent on the phone who was very nice. I told my side of the story to the agent. My claim was handled well with no problems. I've gotten free roadside towing, too, and that's a really nice thing that I'm pleased with. State Farm has pretty good agents that seem pretty in the know.
I was recently rear ended by a person insured by State Farm. He even admitted guilt. However, when I submitted the claim, it took more than 3 days for a callback and there was minimal investigation into the accident. Even though I submitted several pieces of evidence, including pictures and diagrams of the occurrence (not to mention documentation showing safety features my car contains vs. the lack of features his large SUV contains) they stated there was no evidence their insured was at fault. Save yourself a headache and choose another company who will advocate for the consumer. If they treat an auto insurance claim with such indifference, how do you think they'll treat a home insurance claim?
NEVER GO WITH STATE FARM! All -- I wanted to switch insurance companies so left my loyal one and switched to State Farm for what I thought was better customer service. Day 2 of my policy I was notified that my rate actually is $50 more a month and I owe them money asap. My agent explained it's not his fault. Also because I had 2 vehicles break down on my last insurance, they decided to inform me on day 2 of my policy that they would not cover roadside assistance. I now had to call my insurance policy with USAA back and pay more since I left -- Thank you for charging me money State Farm. Wonder if it's called State Farm because they see people as farm animals.
My car was hit by a State Farm insured in April 2017. State Farm paid auto repairs promptly. I wish I could say the same about the medical side of the claim. I was unable to get out of bed - except to go to the doctor and physical therapy for 4 months. I notified State Farm in October 2017 that my claim was complete. I mailed them a log of my pain levels and medications so that they could see the level of my disability. I have called the claims office several time and have been told that the claim was transferred to someone else, they were reviewing it, etc. My new adjuster is Rachel and I have left her several messages and she has not returned my call. I was told by her that she had not received my pain/med report and I told her that she had and confirmed it to me that she had it. She found it and said that when State Farm received the data, it was not labeled correctly. That was in April 2018 and she told me that they were reviewing the claim. Again, she has not returned my calls. If you are thinking of buying State Farm Insurance - please review customer comments.
Terrible. They won't pay to have your car fixed. They will total it and not let you have it back. Total rip off scam. Now I don't have a car and the amount I will be getting back will not buy anywhere near as decent of a car.
Good insurance at a fair price. Good customer service, never had any issues with them. Always had a pleasant experience when talking to customer service. Been with them for many years. Can't go wrong with them.
I have had State Farm over 15 years until this week. My husband and I found out over the summer for almost a year we had been incorrectly charged because the way they input our information. When this was discovered out agency told us not to make a payment because we had so much in credit. After a few months of not needing to make a payment, and also being told our bill would be less, we received and outrageously expensive bill which included a $244 change of plan fee. When I called my agent to ask I was told the person I needed to speak with was on vacation but that I needed to pay the bill in order to not have a loss of insurance. I paid the bill and when the person came back I never got a call. I called her again, and she was unable to explain the fee to me and needed to call someone else. Another week goes by and no word. I call and email and no one called me back, so then I called again and she still had no answer with her excuse being that no one call her back. My next bill came due and still no word, so when I called her... can you guess what she said? No one has called her back therefore she couldn't speak to the issue... We decided to find another insurance agent and we have 2 cars and renters for more $100 less per month then what we were paying for 1 car and renters with State Farm. I asked several times to be credited for the change of plan fee that no one seems to be able to explain, and she told me she couldn't help me with that and gave me a 1-800 number. It's ridiculous that someone who is educated in insurance can't even speak to details of someone's policy. Why would I pay someone to be in charge of my insurance if I know more then them. No one seems willing to help me, and I feel like I'm being ignored and taken advantage of. The error started on State Farm's part and no one will take responsibility for it. I'm out a lot of much that I didn't have to begin with. I promise any other company you chose will be better and cheaper.
Overall I think that State Farm is a pretty good auto insurance provider. I have been with them for about ten years now and I have never had a problem with them. I think their rates are pretty fair. I think that their customer service is pretty good. I would recommend State Farm to whoever is looking for auto insurance. I've never been with a different auto insurance but I don't think any other company can really match up to them. I think they are top notch. I don't see myself changing auto insurance providers at all in the future.
There is a big problem with the system of State Farm. I think I have updated my living address but State Farm still sent the check for my claim to my old address. Also, their staff told me that I can changed the preference to directly deposit to my bank account to receive the money but after several days they still haven't issued it yet. I didn't know and I called to ask why I still haven't got it then they told me they still haven't issued it. Really terrible experience. Disappointed on the service!!
First off luckily this is not my insurance company. But I was hit by someone who has this piss-poor insurance. It has been almost 4 weeks now since my accident calling them every day my attorney calling them every day and their same excuse is that they have not heard from their clients yet. Well I don't know about anyone else but I think I would take a police report over what any client says anyway. My attorney has provided them with a police report. I have called. I don't know how many times he has called. I don't know how many times and my truck sits at the body shop waiting to get fixed as I get no way to work waiting on a rental car off on these ** again. I would not recommend this insurance to my worst enemy. I would run as far away from it as I could if someone was to recommend it to me. Please be aware they are Crooks and this is how they work. I am going to be forced to sue their client instead of them I suppose and take everything she owns even though she's paying for insurance.
Their insured motorist totaled my car and now State Farm won’t give me a fair market value. Stay clear of this insurance company. Run never insure with these thieves! They claim they're giving me a fair market value but their offer is well below fair market. I’ve yet to be able to find a car for the price they claim my totaled vehicle is worth. I’m out the car, my personal time researching cars and I didn’t do anything wrong. Their driver is at fault.
I have been a loyal customer with State Farm over these past years and have had multiple cars with them. Never had an issue until the day that I unfortunately crashed my car. This has been a nightmare dealing with this company. They do their absolute worst to take care of their clients. My car had a collision on both sides from the parking accident and they refused to acknowledge half of the damage taken. At the end of the day all they want to do is take away their customer's money and be the least helpful as possible. I will now be in the market for a new company and I truly hope they continue to lose loyal customers as myself. Unbelievable what happened. Extremely dissatisfied.
State Farm have been helpful when I needed them. I got into a wreck and they made everything go smoothly. I was able to submit my claim and everything was handled within only a few weeks. I don't think other agencies in my area would have got things done so quick.
I don't have State Farm but was recently rear ended by a customer of theirs. I was hit on Oct 12th and it's Jan 2nd and I'm still not back out on the road. They never return phone calls ever and lost my car for 2 weeks. LMAO. My credit is destroyed and my life ruined due to State Farm's handling of the claim. I just wanted to warn anyone that chooses State Farm. It's at your own risk. This is a true account of what happened to me. Hopefully this helps someone.
In 30 years never filed a claim. Roof leaking in two spots, coming in under baseboards behind drywall. Ceiling in room under is brown from water damage. Call 3 roofers and all say no way to tell what is actually causing leak without removing several shingles, need new roof. File claim with SF & adjuster says can't see where roof leaks. Adjuster can see Interior walls, ceiling and floor wet from leak. Adjuster says, "Call the roofers and see if they can spot where the damage is." I tell him again, called 3 roofers and all said need a new roof. Water leaking into house during rain, I can't see source, adjuster can't see source, 3 independent roofers can't see source but damage from water apparent and visible. Claim denied. State Farm is pretending to be an insurance company.
If you are with State Farm or thinking about getting insurance with them STOP and go with another company. Back in July I was backing out of a parking space in a private lot and the car beside me was parked way too close to my truck and I really didn't even see it and I turned the wheel a little too soon and scraped the car. When I got my next bill it went up $100 and I flipped out so I called them and they said, "If the claim is $1700 or more then your insurance goes up," so I had to decrease my tort to get my bill down. When I got my next bill it was $235 then the next month it went back up to $255 so I am cancelling this pathetic insurance and going with Liberty Mutual. DO not ever go with State Farm.
State Farm has been really helpful in the past with a lot of different things. When we previously had issues with our other insurance company not reporting our vehicles being reported, they went ahead and covered us anyway. The people at my office are super helpful too, and always receptive to a phone call. The coverage is fairly inexpensive, too.
Every month I have to change my password to pay my bill. I'm always getting locked out of my account. Every time I try to log in it automatically switches to my old password so it's saying invalid. All I want to do is pay my bill painlessly then when I call customer service I'm on hold for a half hour to an hour so that tells me their system has major problems. They lock me out faster than my bank. My bank log in id IS easier. FYI State Farm nobody ever hacked an account to pay someone's bill. I'm currently looking for an insurance company with low hassle. Life is stressful enough than to have to put up with such poor technical service. Change your name to headache insurance that's the only thing they give you.
My husband and I have a multi policy with State Farm. We have had their insurance since 2012. We have 5 full coverage car insurance policies, a homeowners policy with all the adds on and an umbrella policy just for extra protection. We have never had a claim. In Jan 2018 a semi truck driver from Canada carrying huge chunks of ice, flew off the top of his semi trailer and hit our 2012 Jeep as my family and I were driving on the interstate in KY. We flagged and followed the semi driver off of an exit to a truck stop. The semi driver admitted fault and apologized and gave us his information. He could clearly see the ice wedged in between our soft top moon roof along with huge dents in the front of our vehicle. It was 55 degrees outside and there was no snow or ice anywhere except the top of his trailer. We were on the way to a family member's funeral, it was terrible timing to have something like this happen. I called the truck driver's insurance company the following week and submitted 3 quotes for repairs. I had statements from 4 of the 5 body shops that said they wouldn’t work on our vehicle because of the high probability that the roof would leak or they didn’t have any experience working on the Skyglider. The only body shop I could find that had any experience working on the Skyglider system was a Jeep Dealership. From the very beginning the dealership told me I needed the entire roof replaced with a new skyglider. The truck driver's insurance company sent out an adjuster to review the damages. His Canadian insurance company refused to the fix the car before I signed off on the check and they wanted to take 20% off the repair quote for depreciation. I thought this was unfair and SLEAZY and I said no. I went back and forth with his insurance company for 2 months. All the while my roof was leaking and causing electrical damage like shorting out the window from the leak above. We had just purchased this vehicle at the end of October 2018, it was in perfect condition prior to this. I went to see our State Farm Agent, we know her very well. She lives in our community. She advised us to turn it into our policy, so we could get our car fixed without all this hassle and allow State Farm’s attorneys to subrogate the claim. So we followed her advice and submitted the claim. I went back to the same Jeep Dealer who luckily was also a State Farm Certified Body shop (One of the three original quotes that was submitted). They were confident they could work on the complex Skyglider roof system and wanted to replace it. Once State Farm got involved the State Farm adjuster actually worked against replacing the roof system. I later found out that it was because Chrysler stopped making the parts. The dealership kept our Jeep until 12/26/18, only a few days shy of a one year marker. Every time they called me and told me my Jeep was ready something else was damaged and the roof was still leaking upon arrival. State Farm was aware of these issues. The dealer wanted to put a skin on the roof and remove the moon roof completely which would devalue my car. I agreed to do this because I wanted the leaking roof repaired. State Farm refused to fix the roof and told me to call Chrysler. I called Chrysler and the customer service agent was just as rude as dealing with State Farm and neither would not put anything in writing to help me get my car fixed. My agent said she was so sorry and tried everything she could to help us, but I found out agents have no power so don’t rely on them being able to assist you in anyway. They are just a smiling face without power. So here I am with a car that I’m paying full coverage insurance on, can’t drive, still leaking and sitting at the Jeep Dealership for over a year. We wrote and asked State Farm to replace our roof with a skin and they wouldn’t do that because they said it would change the structure of the vehicle. I asked them to total the vehicle. They said no. My husband and I decided to contact an attorney because we felt what was happening to us was very wrong. We found out that if you’re not injured in an accident, which none of us were...attorneys won’t take your case because the pay out isn’t enough. So we have $19k in our Jeep and our measly $4000 claim for the roof to be repaired. We would have lost more money to trade or sell the vehicle, we looked into it. So we forked over the $4000 to have the skin put on and repairs made out of our own pocket. Let me recap, we have a multi policy with State Farm for over 7 years, high premiums, full coverage, no claims, the accident on record wasn’t our fault and the person who was at fault had full coverage insurance. But we had to pay to get our vehicle fixed out of our own pocket and we paid the bodyshop our State Farm $250 deductible. We are shopping for insurance now. These big insurance companies can do whatever they want because they know regular consumers like us can’t afford to sue them for $4000. It wouldn’t be financially viable for us to do so. State Farm also knows attorneys are only interested in the injury money maker cases. I cannot recommend State Farm. They are white collar criminals. We are a middle class family with extra coverage and I feel State Farm is a fraudulent company who broke the law by not upholding their end of our insurance contract. We pay big money every month on time for full coverage policies and they outright didn’t honor our insurance coverage agreement. They can do whatever they want because there is no one to hold them accountable. If there is a silver lining, We are just grateful that we found out about State Farm now. Thank goodness it wasn’t an expensive home claim from something like a natural disaster.
State Farm had great service from friendly people and they seem to actually care about you as a person, not just a policy number. Coverage is average compared to others but their customer service sets them far above their competition.
I was rear ended while at a dead stop in February 2018. I had to undergo physical therapy and multiple back and forths for my neck and back injury. I finished physical therapy in September and my demand was sent to the adjuster. He has been shooting lie after lie to my attorney! He said “I will have everything ready by the 15th of November...” On the 15th he called and yet again another lie! Obviously their driver is at fault so stop blaming the system and DO YOUR JOB!!
Steve and his staff are always very helpful. They have a great understanding of the diverse make up of families and support our needs. They have gone above and beyond to provide information and service. Steve also donates to our area school to support in our Love Awards Program. His donations are very much appreciated. Thank you, Steve and Staff. You are awesome.
This company misrepresented the initial quote by leaving out the fact that I would need to plug a device in my car to get their discount. I went through the process on the phone innocently and even decided to do renters insurance. The money was taken out of my checking account ASAP. I then found out about the device they were going to send me (but never mentioned) and promptly canceled. I had the chip arrive in my PO box about a week after canceling. I sent it back. Then I began the daily trips to the post office to get MY REFUND. I STILL DON'T HAVE IT 7 days after they say sent.And they say today, they sent it to my house address and it was returned. They needed my address to send me my money they took out instantly?? SO I am probably getting a check sometime. THEY DO NOT USE TRACKING. THEY DO NOT ANSWER PHONE CALLS. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE. Lies are never a good base for a sales platform. I hope you do not make the same frustrating mistake that I did by giving them an inch! DON'T DO IT!!!
A few weeks ago I was in an auto accident so I can tell you just how good State Farm is. All I had to do was call the number on my card and roadside assistance was with me within 15 minutes. Bafflingly, the tow truck beat both the cops and the ambulance to me despite me calling 911 before. I wasn't severely injured and only stayed in the hospital for about 3 days. The claims was handled with hardly any action or intervention on my end. My car came back to me good as new within just 1 week of leaving the hospital. There is no car insurance company on this earth that is more attentive than what I witnessed. State Farm is just an A++ experience all around.
State Farm gives you a wide selection of plans or the ability to customize what you need for your budget. It allows you to really get the items you think will benefit you most and leave behind the stuff you don't want. It fits anyone's unique situation and allows you to get the most for your investment. The company has good customer service with people who really know what they are doing and are polite and appear to mean well. There is little issue when you file a legitimate claim. Overall it's a good company who I am satisfied to do business with.
I have been with State Farm for 3 years. When I went to purchase a new vehicle I call my insurance company to get a quote and they stated that I did not have insurance for the last 6 months, which I was unaware of. I was supposed to have automatic payments coming out of my account which would ensure that I was covered on a monthly basis. I had no notice of cancellation. I had no phone call about the cancellation. This is terrible customer service. When I got a quote on my new car it ended up being $243 on a monthly basis. This is outrageous! I have a fantastic driving history, no accidents, no tickets and that is what they quoted me. Today I called to cancel my policy because I found a policy for $170 less for the same coverage and once I stated that I was going to cancel my policy the customer service rep changed his tone of voice and treated me very poorly. I also asked him to assure that my automatic payment would not be coming out as I had set up when I first started my policy for my brand new car, he put me on hold, came back and said I was not set up for automatic payments so that I should be okay. Once I informed him that this was another reason why I was canceling the policy because when a customer requests something it's never done correctly that I would like him to inform my State Farm agent this is why he's losing customers. I got backlash and the customer service rep said okay bye. Absolutely will never use State Farm again. In addition when State Farm hires these customer service reps while you're interviewing you should put emphasis on hiring good personalities, not just work experience. Terrible Service. I recommend finding another insurance company for this one surely will go out of business In the future based off of customer service alone.
I use State Farm because it is what my Mom and my Grandparents suggested. I really like my local agent and the service he has given to me and my family. It makes it feel more like a friend than a company. They really treat you like an individual vs. a number.
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