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Shelter Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Shelter Auto Insurance
Year Founded: 1946
Address: 1817 West Broadway
City: Columbia
State/Province: MO
Postal Code: 65218
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 743-5837
Overall average rating of 4.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 69 %
I've had great experiences both in person and over the phone. Local agent that cares about the community. Friendly and helpful employees. Offers multiple choices to work with my budget. Quick response time. Good knowledge of process and very thorough explanations.
Today when I received a call back from my insurance and I under distress explained my insurance issue after seeing that double the payment was taken out of my bank account. Instead of trying to help and solve my dilemma. Jonathan ** told me to shut the ** up and that he was not renewing my policy. To make matters worse he hung up on me. I received some unpleasant text messages from him afterwards.
Great service. Great rates and fast response time. Our Agent is always helpful and easy to get a hold of anytime. She makes sure our policies are fair and competitive. Easy online access to view and print policies, cards, and information.
My insurance is very affordable and gives me very great service. Have them for my home and auto. Have had them for 15 years and very happy with them. Have never had a claim on my truck, had two on my house. One for the roof after hail damage and it was fixed with no out of pocket and the other one was a frozen pipe that flooded my finished basement. Same thing fixed very fast and no out of pocket.
Have only used it once after I hit a deer, but they were easy to work with and paid my claim quickly. My agent cares about my family and wants to make sure we are adequately covered. They also cover my home and two rental properties, and have many other financial products available.
They have insured my cars and pickups, home and horse trailers for 30+ years! Prompt service and always pleasant and helpful. They help cut premium costs when we asked. Also, I can call anytime with our agent's cell phone! On my way to the hospital to have a baby we hit a deer and the car was driveable but barely! I was in the hospital and they came to the house and picked up the car and took it in for repair for me! They follow up to make sure I am satisfied with whatever is going on! They were helpful and walked me through everything. They ended up paying for everything and going after the other insurance company for reimbursement so I didn't have to deal with the other company.
I am writing a review about my experience with Shelter Insurance. I have had Shelter Insurance since I was 16. They are always there to help and I enjoy their 24/7 help when you call the 1-800 number. I would recommend Shelter Insurance to others.
There was a time with my unemployment and they lowered my premium to accommodate my finances. Later on went back regular payment and coverage and added rental insurance... All for just under $50/mo.
When talking with my agent, it is always easy to converse with them and obtain a straight answer to my questions. They are reliable and helpful during my times of need. They also have a great rate for my family!
I had been with Shelter for 5+ years, and always knew the service I had received was mediocre. I just figured not to hassle with looking elsewhere. After I had an accident that I was not at fault. My rates went up. Service got worst, and then I had a month I needed 5 more day to pay my insurance, they told me it would have to be prorated and I was fine with that and we agreed my insurance date had been changed. Until it was time to pay, they then proceeded to withdrawing money from my past due date, which cause a return payment, which caused the cancellation of my insurance because of their mistake. I called up their and said it would be more than double of my current insurance rate just to have it started back up. They claimed the price was, a return payment fee... of more than my current rate completely?? One of the biggest scams I have ever been a part of... I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone!
I have had nothing but great experiences with Shelter. The prices are great and offer generous discounts. They are quick to offer assistance when I have had questions, and have helped me throughout the entire claim process. The claim process is quick, and easy. There is an office that is located locally in my town that has always allowed me to stop by the office to speak with someone in person. I have been with this company for approximately six years and I have had yet to experience a problem. I have had several different vehicles as well. I would definitely recommend to anyone.
When I was purchasing Shelter auto insurance I have been told that the road assistance is included as well as towing service. My wife had recently an accident and Shelter Insurance refused to provide tow service for free during this essential time and charged me again. I highly recommend staying away from Shelter Insurance if you want to save money.
My wife and I have been with Shelter since they were MFA. When we married we merged our accounts. I have often shopped around for alternate insurance companies (friends often tell me that Shelter has outrageous premiums - I have not found that to be true). I tell them that the primary reason that I carry insurance is to have a hassle free claim. In the past 30 years I have filed 3 claims. The first was for storm damage to my 15 year old roof and gutters. The estimator came out and bid the replacement of a 2 foot section of soffit (not the fault of Shelter). One quick phone call to my agent (not his job) and the situation was cleared up and I had a new roof and gutters installed within 48 hours (even waiving the deductible). The other two claims came within a week of each other when my 16 yo was involved in two fender benders. A single phone call for each was all it took to get the claims handled. There may be companies that charge you less for premiums, but remember why you are insured in the first place. Shelter rewards for loyalty as well, so even if you pay a bit more up front, in a few years that will even out especially if you bundle policies. My agent is extremely helpful as well and is not pushy. He quietly reviews my policies and if he sees something that may be lacking he calls, but just explains the options and doesn't give me a sales pitch. If I say no, he never brings it up again.
I went to Shelter's office which is very close to me and a representative sat down with me and helped me with everything I needed. Their representative is always there to help when I need them. I love how cheap and easy it is. They were the cheapest by far. I have tried getting quotes from many other insurance companies but was either denied or I just could not afford what they wanted me to pay and I have a perfect driving record. I will stay with them forever.
They have always been good to work with. Excellent customer service. Always very helpful. Great bundle prices and offer discounts especially to those who are loyal customers. The agent we use is close to our home and responds in a timely manner to both phone calls and emails. We use them for home auto and insurance on our pop up camper.
Our agent was right there with us. It was my son's 1st truck and a very bad wreck. Our agent made it a point to make sure our son knew these things happen, and his first concern was to ask if our son was okay. The truck got paid off quickly without a fight. Definitely a good company!! Very reasonable prices. Good rates and agents who truly care about you. They work hard to get you the best rates and work with you to make sure you get what you need.
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