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SelectQuote Insurance Services Online Reviews

Company Name: SelectQuote Insurance Services
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-670-3213
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 66 %
While it took awhile to get the medical records, Select quote kept me informed every step of the way until I had my policy in hand. Great price too.
I thought the process was easy and simple.My med exam was scheduled promptly.The follow ups and updates on matters were communicated in a timely fashion.
One step to get the best rate, shopped locally and through my current insurance and they beat both.
The service was great and the quality of product is awesome
Extended process of paperwork. Long delays.
Very responsive and communicative through the entire process!
The agent did an outstanding job finding the best deal.
i called because i was p/o at the insurance company I was covered by. The rep took good care of me & set me up with Banner Insurance.
Communication was great to start, then dwindeled dramitacally. (this is why I wanted a local agent) Once I was approved there was zero communication with the agent who I started working with.
Excellent job!! Got me a great quote!! Thanks!!
Thanks again
The first rep, who called me back after the online application was very helpful, honest and listened.
The staff was professional and knowledgeable from start to finish. They were very friendly and made the process very easy for me to understand and complete. I highly recommend this company!
The access and comparisons were great.
My contact person at select quote kept me informed and up to date throughout the entire process. She made certain all my questions were answered and any concerns were addressed. In short, she made the process comfortable and stress free.
Select quote was very friendly and helpful. They also worked around my husband schedule as far as speaking with him. I would recommend Select quote. They also helped us find the best plan for my husband.
After completion of my labs, it was determined that my medical records were required. I was never told what the concern was although the results of my labs were all in the appropriate and healthy ranges. There were also difficulties with SelectQuote receiving my release of information paperwork both through fax and email however on my end I received conformation that the paperwork went through. From start to finish, the process took about five months to complete. I am happy with the health insurance coverage in comparison to the cost, it just took a long time to get approved.
The folks at select quote did an awesome job of finding me a policy that addressed my specific situation. At this point, both my wife and I have secured life insurance policies through Select Quote, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is looking for a term life policy.
Appreciate the follow-up and explanation of services all the way through completion.
The agent passed me to an assistant, i think. After many tries to contact the assistant to get things done i had to call the agent to get things done. The physical was a headache. The 1st company couldn't seem to keep a schedule, then cancelled on me the day of, and wouldn't reschedule. The 2nd company was a hassel as well, nurse called 5 minutes before my appointment then showed up 30 minutes late. Overall service was slow, only when i made mention of the fact i had another company competing with them did they magically get things done.
Getting new life insurance thru Select Quote was very easy & they actually saved us money ! It was a very good experience & I would recommend them to my friends
Any deviation from norm causes multiple lengthy delays. Must watch and call to move process along. SelectQuote usually does not act on delays unless prompted by calls...
The life insurance broker and his assistant seemed genuinely concerned about my customer experience. There were many delays caused by various factors more or less out of control of the agent. For instance I was asked to complete a scuba diving questionnaire 3 times. Also, some of my medical records required an administrative fee paid to the doctor's office and this did not get paid and the request went dormant. I had to be the policeman on many of these items which is the responsibility of the broker. The entire process took 3-4 months instead of the 4-6 weeks promised. In the end I did get the policy I wanted at the price initially quoted. My sense is the Select Qoute broKers are asked to work too many files and when things go off track they are not aware.
Both Ryan and Yashira were fantastic during the application process! They were very patient and made the whole process very smooth! However, I`ve been trying to reach them ever since my policy has been approved and they`ve started charging the monthly premiums, but my calls and emails have been unanswered. I
Great people and a very good deal on insurance. It did take a longer than I expected to get the final insurance policy set up. Almost 4 months start to finish. Plan ahead if you are going to use them. I would recommend them to a friend.
Thank you for the great experience.
I needed to change providers to save money. Not only did I get a good rate. I was able to do all of this with the help of an excellent agent. She was prompt with her follow up and efficient.
Took a little longer than I thought but everone was thorough. Good job by everyone.
I have had a wonderful experience by using Select Quote.
Over all good, but just took way too long
slow processing on health ins then i called asking about vehicles and house and 3 weeks later still have not gotten any one returns my calls
We were given an insurance price from our "low cost" insurance company and my wife wanted to go with that price. I decided to price shop via Selectquote Insurance services. Selectquote found us a provider who offered over double the coverage, and we saved over 20%! Process was as quick and easy as any insurance purchase.
I have already been asked to review which I did already.
The life insurance they offered met my needs at an affordable price. The process went very smoothly, with good communication and updates along the way. The complete process was done quickly and and the policy was delivered to me.
Once we had the best price quoted to us everyone involved made sure to walk us through the process and keep us updated.
The staff went above and beyond to assist me. Great customer service.
While my SelectQuote insurance agent was always prompt & courteous in responding to our inquiries, he often hedged his reassurances and seemed uninformed about the policy's true status. My application process began in late October of 2017 and I did not have confirmed coverage until mid-February 2018, due to apparent failures of his administrative assistant to properly pass along information. I felt badgered by automated emails threatening policy cancellation over missing information in spite of all the proper information & payment having been submitted by me in a timely fashion. And my efforts to communicate with the company resulted in my phone calls being channeled to random representatives in various parts of the country who also seemed unable to resolve internal hold-ups. The experience went beyond frustrating to ridiculous.
Fantastic help and great research to find the right solution for me.
I would receive by mail numerous times same paperwork and would fax in only to receive it again. Very hard to Understand the follow up staff with heavy accents. Time difference from California made it hard to reach live person.
there is a lot of confusing info andmy agent was helpful in sorting it out and saving me money.
Thanks for all your hard work over there at SelectQuote.
Jonathan was friendly and helpful.. I’m am happy to have pick Select , due my friend at work.. Thanks
They took the time to find term Insurance that would fit in my budget.
Better than what my employer offered.
They worked around my schedule and gave me a good plan on my life insurance and would recommend them to other people
The process was simple with limited red tape.
Nothing to say sorry
Scott Wilkes is the reason I would recommend this company. What a sharp and polite guy! He always addressed every concern quickly and with respect and in a thorough fashion. My husband and I are now both insured, thanks to Select Quote and Scott Wilkes.
Good customer service and the blood test was easy.
The process was fairly simple, fast, and saved me money.
A few phone calls. All completed. Nurse to house at my schedule.
Everyone was friendly and answered all my questions.
Great service that found the right policy at the right term at the right rate just for me.
non hassle, no complaints
I wouldn't recommend this mess to anyone!
Don't answer emails in a timely fashion or phone calls. Had the incorrect SS# and I did not know if for months. It has been 4 months and I still don't have my lab results after asking many times for it. Not helpful in explaining processes. This whole process has taken too long and not happy with this company.
Easy affordable price
Would recommend this to everyone. They give you the best and lowest rate. It's quick. Very friendly and helpful with any questions you may have no matter how many times you have to call.
Really quick and easy to get a quote. I am completely satisfied with the help that I received. Number 1.
These guys made it very simple for me to find the least expensive but stilll comprehensive policy that fit my needs. They helped setup all of the paper work and the physical and got everything done quickly.
I purchased a term policy 15 years ago and have been very pleased. I wanted to see what the cost would be for a new term policy and was pleasantly surprised. I was given several well priced options and quickly qualified. Select Quote makes the entire process painless and efficient. I can easily recommend them to anyone looking for a new term life insurance policy.
I had a great experience overall. My only complaint is that I had to fill out paper work after my application was done. This may have been Prudential which is the company I got insurance through. I am going to come back when I need auto and home.
Working with SelectQuote was straightforward, quick and easy. The were great about providing info,following up and answering my questions. Great experience!
Talk about a no pressure customer oriented operation. No pressure, gather the data, ran the numbers, came back with the offers. The rest was up to me. Once i made a decision, they took over, arranged all the necessary stuff, kept me informed, took care of all that tiresome paper work. Next thing i know i am saving 148 dollars a month on better coverage with a reputable company. Wooohoooo! Now to figure out how to keep the wife from spending the savings LOL.
Very knowledgeable. Be completely up front with them and they work hard to match you up to the best insurance company for your situation. Responsive and even got me qualified at a better rating and lower cost than they first said
Everything was explained well and it all happened the way I was told it would.
The only person that can look out after you is yourself, and any other company that claims to seek you in their best judgment is in their own interest. A word from the WISE, go with your gut feeling.
I recently purchased another life insurance policy through Select Quote. Their staff was very helpful and explained the process well. I would highly recommend their service.
Went very smoothly. My wife's policy came in a little higher than the original quote, however, my policy came in lower than original quote and overall it was a net savings. If you get regular check ups with your doctor be prepared to wait extra time on the application while they verify the outcome of each visit. You're almost better off not seeing a doctor at all if you're looking for a quick application decision. Peter and Cherrice were my contacts and were always helpful.
The only problem I had and I'm not sure who's at fault is when I mailed in a signed and witnessed form, the insurance company never received it causing my policy to be canceled. Selectquote was able to get the policy reinstated very quickly. I think the letter was lost by the US Postal Service.
Our agent was very infornative and friendly.
My husband and I recently contacted SelectQuote for term life insurance plans. Once we decided on what we wanted everything happened very smoothly and easily. We had our medical exams and within the week got those results and then within four weeks we were approved for our policies. I would recommend Select Quote because they give the best rates for term life insurance.
Highly recommend the agent, Eri Qefalia. Very professional, very friendly, very competent.
This company was honest, upfront, helpful and stayed in contact with me regarding any questions or concerns. Nurse examiner friendly, professional, knowledgeable and prompt. I couldn't have picked a better service and feel very reassured if something were to happen that my beneficiaries would receive the help they need
Try it! You'll get a quote in minutes. Mine went through without a hitch. The peace of mind is great and at a great price.
Have no complaints at all from the first person i spoke with ,call until the last person I spoke with. Again AWESOME! !
Over promised- under delivered.
Pretty much what the title says. The automated workflow engine is fairly decent, but I was still able to get a hold of my assigned agent fairly quickly when I did want to call and ask questions.
I thought this company and its representatives all had great points and we're good to work with. From start to finish I felt like I was valued.
SelectQuote service was very friendly and helped me find a good policy at a reasonable price.
Fantastic and responsive. It was easy.
When urinalysis lab results were not acceptable I was not informed of it for several weeks. This prolonged the process and resulted in my being without life insurance coverage for some time. Too much importance is placed on urinalysis readings being out of "acceptable" range while blood analysis numbers were all normal. The good part is that I got a relatively good premium even though I was lead to believe that it would be much higher due to urinalysis results. Maybe my complaining to the Select Quote agent about the delay in informing about the results earned me some consideration.
Good service, knowledgeable help from Ben. Best price I could find. Turned me on to Voya - a company I hadn't even heard of before. Completely satisfied with the whole deal. Now let's just hope they pay out if I croak. Haha!
Our Select Quote agent was there to help us every step of the way. Would recommend to anyone looking for life insurance.
Tiffany really took the time to break down the importance of coverage for our new adult daughter. She explained the coverage and answered all questions amazingly. She also advised how coverage may need to be changed in the future after college and when a family is started. We have recommend to several friends
Desiree was my Select Quote rep and she was amazing. Helped me step by step thru the selection process. Thanks for the outstanding experience.
Bought an additional policy with Select Quote, as my last term policy expired. Everything went smooth albeit, we had to wait for doctor office to send medical records. With all that taken care of, it is a good feeling to have security in place for loved ones.
It was such a great experience to work with SelectQuote! I had no issues at all and they were a lot of help!
Excellent customer service, I was told every step of the process; very responsive to my needs and questions.
Overall a good experience. Only issue I had was that it takes two days for them to respond to questions. This consistently happened several times while I had an application in process
I highly recommend using SelectQuote Insurance Services for your life insurance needs. I was impressed with their honest, fair, and unbiased approach to getting you the best price and coverage possible. When I first contacted them, I thought I wanted a specific type of insurance. After a few conversations, we determined a different type of life policy would better meet my needs. I then compared their rates with many others and SelectQuote came out on top. Very responsive and always returned my phone calls and emails. Great job SelectQuote
Excellent transaction...Easy process.
Excellent! Yes
The whole process was easy and fast and I got the best rate possible on term life insurance!
Great experience...from start to finish. Would definitely buy insurance again due to such a professional experience.
No one knows what they are talking about, my application was full of mistakes, and the "case management team" is impossible to talk to. Easier to get an audience with the pope! I'll use a local agent next time.
Great experience, knowledgeable staff, everything was on time. Thank you Select Quote! Very much appreciate all you did, I would recommend your company!
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