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Securranty Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Securranty
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8323042015
Overall average rating of 3.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 41 %
The UI is slow. Page submissions are slow. There is an option for adding another plan, but you can't actually add another plan. Attempting to do so forces you to start all over. You have to purchase each plan separately. You can't tab from one field to the next. If I already have an account I can't just add a new device, I have to go through the entire purchase process.
Worst website, I have 2 kids that need cromebook insurance. Put the first kid through after getting bumped off the registration several times, the next day I wanted to add kid 2 to the plan can’t find an add button or menu item that will let me do it. Figuring I missed it or something I called support, only to be told that I would have to use a different email address and set up a second account. Now I have to manage 2 different accounts for the next 4 years, I’ll bet my kids could build a better site.
The website wouldn't let me purchase the insurance, even though I clicked on it several times. I called the customer service number, and no one ever got back to me (over 48 hours, now). I finally was able to purchase the insurance, but heaven help us if we actually have to do a claim! This company's customer service and website stink!
it was great, fast, decent, easy
I've only just purchased this so I have nothing to review about it. I could do a review if I ever have to make a claim.
School provides computer so purchase date on form is irrelevant and causes some confusion with people signing up. The choices from drop down menu's is extensive which requires research on the student's computer which can be cumbersome. A specific listing for a specific school, highlighted etc. could provide much more clarity for parents.
Securranty was very easy to use and understand. I would not hesitate to use it again for other products that I own.
The process was quick and easy to navigate through.
Great site to deal with
Horrible all around. Charged me before processing my claim, then denied my claim and told me it would take 5-10 days to get my deductible back. Now I can't get anyone on the phone...
It was a easy buying experience and the price was great
very poor system I had to try SEVEN times to place the order. NO phone service-constantly put into message system-whether for customer service OR sales-THEN NO ONE CALLED BACK!!
Just when i try to doing purchase the insurance something happened in have to star again
It was easy with out any glitches
It took a little bit to set up a password.
I called because I wasn't able to pay. After 30 minutes on the phone with no suggestions he said he was going to call me back and he didn't
Very convenient and easy to use.
Tried to do it online--no go. Called the number. The first girl couldn't put my information in after 20 minutes. "Bear with me" for 20 minutes just doesn't cut it. She transferred me to Arrie. Who was excellent. Everything done in 2 minutes including confirmation emails.
Great service. Always answers any concern.
Too many emails, but not the complete information about my transaction
Easy to join and affordable!
Website was not very functional for me.
This is my first time working with your company. and hope to have a great expierence.
It was an easy transaction with no glitches
The website was malfunctioning and I got tired of having to keep trying to get in, I called them and shortly thereafter it worked. Hopefully I bought this insurance for no reason, but if I need them, that's where the rubber meets the road..... will my product get fixed properly and timely?..... I hope I don't have to find out. {
Made a payment error late at night,so I sent them an email. They responded promptly with clear directions the next morning. I was able to successfully & immediately fix my mistake. Helpful, prompt & simple!
I kept filling out the required information, but it each time I hit submit, my information kept getting deleted. Took me three times to complete the registration process.
Buying packages was easy but still don’t know about the important stuff like claims yet. 3 stars until experience causes otherwise.
It was easy and fast to purchase the insurance.
User friendly. I haven't the chance to use, devise, I'm insuring, however, thus far, no complaints, here!!!
The site was easy too use.
It is great policy to have for students and definitely worth the money!
I could not open the link I was given by my daughter's school. I emailed customer service and the problem was immediately fixed, but it was such a hassle getting to that point.
Application was a bit sensitive, but great price!
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