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SBLI Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: SBLI
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 781-938-3500
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 70 %
Search no further than SBLI for your insurance needs...they have affordable premiums, make the process for getting life insurance easier and less tedious, and their customer service is fantastic!
The process of getting life insurance to protect my family well being was easy. my representative respected my schedule and contacted me at convienent hours. Pricing was better than other quotes I had received.
Excellent service - outstanding representatives.
The agent, Susan, guided me through the entire process making it almost effortless for me!
I have had SBLI for about 25 years but then could not afford it for a while. so when i needed life insurance again I immediaetly thought of SBLI. Due to all the advertising i thought i should look at select quote comparison shop which I did and suprise not even close. I had read a book on Insurance years ago and the author had recomended SBLI ,but in most states you can t buy very much Thankfully I live in Ma. where you can buy a good amount for a very good price
Always a pleasure doing business with.
Uncompetitive rates for a minor health issue that has no morbidity impact.
Was easy process and straight forward
I have always had an SBLI policy however with my travel I didn't receive my annual renewal and the policy lapsed. One call and they had me right back where I wanted to be with clear explanations on options. For me and many others it is Peace of Mind to have a great policy
Your personels were great and very polite and respectful.
I started my application online, then was contacted by Maureen to see if I had questions or wanted to complete the process. She answered my questions and we quickly finished the app by phone. I was called later that day to set up an interview which was completed the next day. Within a couple of days I had been approved and my policy was issued. Great experience. Maureen was a pleasure to work with. I recommend SBLI.
Had to play middleman with my healthcare provider. SBLI could not get the information on their ow, even though i filled out the correct forms.
Very helpful and thorough , made the process easy,,
Easy process.Execellent customer interfacing
I’ve been putting off life insurance for awhile now. When I finally made the call to SBLI my concerns were immediately lifted. My rep Susan was knowledgeable, professional and responsive. We worked on a policy that worked for my family and I’m relieved knowing my affairs are now in order. I would recommend Susan and SBLI to family and friends.
Excellent, efficient process.
Very nice service SBLI staff very helpful .
I cannot say enough about the help I received from Susan Clark, She was there with me every step of the way with renewing my policy and with a glitch which she helped fix immediately. Also, very pleasant and kind, I would work with her anytime. Phyllis
Excellent company to deal with.
My experience with SBLI was good! I would recommend anyone wanting insurance to consider this company. James
There were snags getting my medical history and I felt I was the one who had to keep the process moving. Took a long time.
Professional, quick, and responsive.
Susan Clark was a delight to work with in obtaining my 10 year term insurance
Yes I will recommend this company to anybody that come across if I know them and I had the opportunity then I will recommended
Overall not impressed with my latest transaction with SBLI. I've had a policy since the 90's with no issues. Started the process of increasing my policy and thought it would be relatively easy being an existing customer. It took 4+ months, no one notified me when I finally was approved, I found out by SBLI doing and automatic withdrawal of my checking account which put me in the negative and caused me to be charged for 5 overdrawn transactions, rate ended up much higher than quoted and would have just went with a friend that sells insurance and was cheaper. Three days after the do an auto deduction I get a letter and all my paperwork. You think they would notify me ahead of time so I could of transferred funds to my billing account.
Susan Bjork was phenomenal to work with! thanks a million Susan!
Smooth experience, and the agent (Susan Clark) was super helpful and answered all of my questions!
Yes, It is am excellent company and great customer service.
I went looking several years ago for Life Insurance and was searching SBLI. I never pursued it further until I decided it was time to take it seriously and contact them, but again I never pursued it further. Then the following day I received a phone call from Susan Clark, a very nice and professional representative from SBLI that wanted to know if I was still looking into Life Insurance. I was looking for both myself and spouse, but with my spouse his health issues they did not cover both AFIB & Diabetes. After speaking with Susan she could tell I was looking for peace of mind for my family and so I took the leap and signed up with SBLI. I have to say that Susan Clark was very understanding and patient and very knowledgeable she answered all of my questions even after on email she responded promptly. If you are hesitating don't give yourself peace of mind and look into SBLI you will not regret it. Sincerely, a very peaceful customer. Lowell, MA
We've had our policies with SBLI for over 30 years. They have been a good value and when I had to turn my term over to whole life due to age they made it very easy.
I was pleased with all the correspondence I had with each representative
Best Deals Anywhere. Best People. I worked there and bought my Insurance there.
The review process was too slow and prolonged; I am healthy 50+yr old and felt the underwriter was too intrusive on my health back ground. I think if you an offer a policy like mine it should a more simplified and less complicated process
Jack was very prompt with answering my questions and getting my application doen
had a very easy time renewing my policy...had 2 wonderful people explaining & going thru step by step process
I am thankful for the great service and easy and quick approval process.
Took forever,Steve never answers his phone,never called back when you leave a message.They give you a price then for some dumb reason of course the price goes up on both my Husband and I policy.
Has been pretty solid company but when rewriting a new policy at 65 had to deal with a contractor for medical services which although accommodating was difficult to communicate with.
Very Easy!! Thanks for everything!
Purchasing insurance for the first time is a bit daunting. Sue Clark of SBLI really helped me through the process. She was patient and efficient, talked me through everything casually and confidently, and kept me informed each step of the way. I can't imagine a better representative!
Great company to do business. There seemed to be a lack of communication with me during the underwriting process.
Starting my life insurance policy was easy and affordable. There were no hassles with a medical exam, and the agents are helpful and informative.
Susan was particularly helpful during the process.
Very pleasant, smooth process. The rep was terrific.
I have been a client of SBLI for 20 years and recently had to change my policy because of the type of insurance I had and my age. I never would have been able to understand, select and start my new policy without Dianne’a help. Her patience and knowledge were unbelievable. She returned every phone call and answered every question with warmth and total professionalism.
A pleasure to deal with SBLI.... accurate, prompt, and honest. All is going smoothly so far. And not too much mail.
Experience was smooth and professional. However, was hoping for highest discounted rate and originally was working on that presumption.
Everyone I had the pleasure of working with through my journey to get life insurance with SBLI were wonderful! I highly recommend with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever!
Susan Bjork is amazing. She took time with me to make sure I understood the whole process and what the best options would be for my family and I. Answered all of my many many questions over many phone conversations and email. The whole process was very easy and completed quickly.
Sales rep was great good price and good people
My agent was the best - very helpful and personable. The entire procedure was very effortless.
My experience was very good Thank you Donna Reed
Some delay in getting underwriting completed but all ended well. A little confusing with secure communication methods and passwords but that could have been user error. Clara Best assisted nicely.
Great rates on 15 year term life insurance.
well executed application processes; professional staff
I had to be proactive to move things along otherwise I would hear from no one and things would sit. When I did check to move things along, there was no reason that it should have taken my inquiry to trigger action. Otherwise, no issues, good experience.
Simple process and nice people to work with.
Joanne was very professional responsive and very helpful I buy more products from her again
The life insurance buying was painless. SBLI employees were very professional and dealing with kind, honest and very knowledgable people was a very pleasant experience..
Some challenges with information incorrectly identified in the original policy. Difficult to get resolved and the agent was more defensive than interested in solving the problem.
Other than at the end where someone seemed to care, I thought the service was poor and the quality of the work performed was unacceptable. Had I not been down the road so far, I would have found another insurer.
I've had term policies in the past with SBLI and the premiums were the lowest I could find. I let them lapse due to changes in my needs but thought that I would get another term policy, smaller and more in line with current needs. I was shocked to find that the premiums had increased so much since my last quote. And then there was an additional rider put on the policy due to non-life threatening medical issues. I'm paying 50% more than the original quote. I'm continuing to shop for better rates.
Very professional Staff; great to do business with them!
Very helpful and easy also great rate
First of all ... I have been an SBLI customer for more than 20 years. This most-recent activity is a new policy only because the two previous policies have run their terms. (Kinda bugs me that SBLI doesn't acknowledge the fact.) Action on replacing my old policies began in December 2017 - finally completed in late April 2018; with almost zero communication along the way. Payment was due last week (and paid). However, I am paying for the four months it took for SBLI to do who-knows-what when I wasn't covered. Seems this first payment should be prorated. Guess the insurance business isn't that way.
application and underwriting process was fairly effortless
Over all great experience.
Honest company been in business many years. Smooth process very friendly people. Very competitive rates
When I paid for the policy, I asked the rep to email me both the EFT & Credit Card forms. I wasn't sure how I was gonna pay. I originally paid with EFT, but the account number was wrong and it didn't go thru. I was not notified by SBLI that my payment didn't got thru. I kept receiving reminders to pay by credit card. Thinking I'd already paid via EFT, I replied with email telling SBLI to stop sending the credit card emails. I got an email back saying "does not want". Which got me to thinking maybe SLBI thinks I don't want the life insurance. Maybe I should call them and find out. Sure enough SBLI thought I didn't want the life insurance. If I hadn't called I wouldn't have life insurance. Lastly, to make the payment I had to call SBLI's call center 5 times before I was able to complete the payment. I talked to 5 different agents and didn't not get all the information I needed to download the form (which was not found on the download document page - there is no "make the initial payment" document), enter initial premium amount & that it needed to be faxed back or scanned it (as a real signature was needed). It was very frustrating. Each call got me one piece of information. Thinking I was all set I hung up, but needed to call them back immediately to get next bit of info.
There were some duplicate documents I was asked to fill out as part of the process. Specifically mine was around traveling and where I planned to travel and where I had travelled internationally. I was asked to fill that out twice and I talked to the agent about it. Having someone come to the house for the physical portion and testing is very convienent. However, again I filled out paperwork with information then spent time being asked the same things by the nurse who filled them out on another form.
I was denied the 1st quote because of a sleeping disorder that I do not have, I happen to see a neurologist because of some concerns. At first SBLI said they could not find the Dr. because he moved. I provided exact dates of the 2 appts I had with him only to know SBLI did talk to him. This appointment was exactly 4 years ago, I guess I should have waited another month to call SBLI... I do no have a sleep disorder! anyways, I ended up taking the second option from SBLI. I understand my little kids need the stability in case something was to happen to me, but I'm not completely satisfied with the experience. They made me feel like a liar and I'm NOT. By the way, I told my agent my middle name was misspelled but he said there was nothing he could do about it until all the papers come thru. I then have to call again to make an official request to have the name changed... makes no sense.
Clara Best was great to work with, she answered all of my questions
A very helpful SBLI staff member helped me close out one life insurance policy and start a new one. The process when smoothly. The person sent to perform the physical exam was knowledgeable, personable, and efficient. I have had two SBLI posicies for many years and feel very comfortable to be covered by this company.
Quick easy efficient and affordable
Everyone I interacted with displayed excellent customer service. I felt that the process moved quickly, and created exactly zero distractions, concerns, or undue hardships.
The price changed during the process.
Very professional. We enjoyed our Experience. Thank you
All was good. Susan was great
GREAT service good prices. Very happy with overall term life insurance.
It would be helpful to include more detailed instructions for filling out the Policy Delivery Reciept with the paperwork. Otherwise, it was a very smooth process. Agents are very accommidating in working with your schedule during interviews.
Steve S was a pleasure to deal with
Overall the process was smooth, and my SBLI rep was amazing throughout. However, there were times I was waiting excessively for responses to simple questions.
Spot-on, top-level service.
Simple application process, variety of coverage levels, competitive pricing
What a great experience working with Susan Bjork. She is very responsive and customer oriented. Also a great asset to SBLI. SBLI is less costly than other insurers and less hassle. I'm glad I made that call!
First of all Katie Brush was very nice - I do not blame her. My problem was that my term life insurance for $200,000 was expiring on Aug. 27 and I was getting new term life insurance for $100,000. I contacted SBLI in mid-July to explore my options and to make a decision on the best insurance to get. So I decided on a policy for $100,000. SBLI emailed me to sign the cancellation paperwork for my current insurance so they could start my new insurance. I refused to sign the document without a cancellation date of Aug. 27. They kept telling me that it would happen but would not give my anything in writing - they had to get permission from someone higher up the chain. This process took over a month before I finally got confirmation that the date would be Aug. 27. Why would I want to cancel my current insurance worth $200k to start a policy worth $100k????? By the time everything was finally done I was not able to get my payment to SBLI by Aug. 27 to start the new policy. This should not have been a month & a half process with many emails stating my position. At the same time I continued to get emails requesting my signature to cancel the current policy. Very disappointing.
From the moment I contacted sbli to the day I received my documents, the process was smooth and effortless. The level of service I received was outstanding. I would definitely recommend sbli for all your insurance needs.
Medical records requested and sent by doc several times delaying approval.
The information I needed was explained thoroughly to me and sent to me in a timely manner.
Very professional and kind customer service
The agent we talked to was very pleasant and helpful. No one was pushy. Pleasant experience.
Staff very courteous and kind. they explain to you everything.
It was a straightforward process and I understood the underwriting.
I could not have asked for a better experience obtaining life insurance with SBLI. The representative I worked with was knowledgeable, thorough, did what she said she would, and told me exactly what to expect and when to expect it. It could not have been easier.
Great Customer service. Thank you.
Dianne was great. Very responsive!
Took over a month for the under writers to get their sh... together. If I hadn't been with SBLI in the past I would have gone elsewhere. Still trying to find out about information they claim they got but not from my Dr.
Susan B was excellent at explaining and the reasons behind information. The price was also excellent
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