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Sagicor Life Insurance Company Online Reviews

Company Name: Sagicor Life Insurance Company
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 724-4267
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 70 %
Felt like the advertisement piece was misleading in that it stated that you could pull money out right away, which i found out wasn't the case. Other than that, I'll see how the product preforms.
Since the day I utilized the e-application system, my business with Sagicor Life Insurance Company became easier. The commissions paid faster too. Thanks
Well it was super easy to qualify for this life insurance and I'm on it automatic draft so they take it out the same day every month really simple and I don't have to remember to send them the payment.
Easy, professional and thorough. Great company to deal with.
Wonderful Company!
I just started with Sagicor and I think its cool
They charged me for (2) premiums when I specifically requested that my policy not began until May 28th, the time I get paid each month. The policy was not sent to me to sign until early May. For whatever reason, they made the policy effective April 28th, although I do not sign the policy until May so they could take an extra premium from me. I emailed them about my concerns and they blamed my writing agent and insinuated that we both authorized the April 28th effective date which I DID NOT personally, the consumer. This is very unethical and unacceptable. They took advantage of an opportunity to grab another premium from me and they took advantage of me as a consumer. I am looking into other policies right now as a result of all of this.
I'm happy I made the choice to choose Sagicor
Haven't had any problems, but also haven't had a need to call Sagicor
Sagicor was introduced to us by our Financial Advisor. We trust him completely and feel this is a good investment.
The ease we had to transfer our account was great, and quick. Your web sight is easy to navigate and very informative.
Quick and stress free way of protecting your family.
I would refer this company to my friends and family.
Yes I would recommend this company
The company is great an i founded This company had more to offer than other companies.for one yr Policy does not decreased afther u reached a certain age.the Agent will Work with you.very uou can call an ask questions anytime. .
Haven't heard from them since I signed up. No emails, no surveys, not even a reminder that my monthly payment will be auto deducted.
Great experience with professional help
Love Sagicor, great term and premium!
They have provided me with great service, I have no complaints or concerns. Highly recommend!
I don't know too much about your company. You have my money..we will see.
It's been fine. There's always room for improvement.
We’re very patient with me as understanding as life insurance policy was quite difficult for me to comprehend as they could additional caring steps with me ....the respect was definitely there ...
professional, efficient, trustworthy company
I will recommend this company the experience was easy
It’s hard to totally review when all I have done is taken a policy out. But I can say the cost was the best by far and I did a lot of checking. The agent I worked with was very helpful and pleasant. So far I am very pleased!
I think this a very good company.
Great company, agents always there to help you in a cordial and timely manner.
I've had no problems with Sagicor.
I like that the payments are auto deducted from my checking account. I have never had any real issues and when I had a question, they responded quickly. Very happy.
This is the worst company that I been trying to go on line never fine me on the system that I need to reset my password every time I visit the site can you explain it to me or resolve the problem fell free to call me on my cell # 352-797-1775
the whole process went smooth with great guideness. i am looking for more insurance.
they made it easy for me to get insured. With no hassle. Where is the easy button?
I need to change my account for this policy
Rating now days for senior are to high because they take medicine something to really check into
I needed insurance and Sagicor insurance for the bill across the board.
Our agent was very helpful . He explained things and we felt that he had our best interest at hand.
Great Execution in quickly delivering annuity
I am satisfied with the service and product and have confidence that my investment is secure.
The company was very cooperative and was transparent about costs. All my interaction with this company has been top notch. I would definitely recommend!!!!
Very simple and effective process! Highly recommend Sagicor Life.
So far I have no complaints and everyone has been handled exactly as the agent said it would be.
Very good service. Easy.
Affordable and reasonable coverage.
Application process was simpler than I expected. The representatives were all friendly, helpful, and very in depth in explaining the parts of the policy.
Was a pleasant experience
easy to purchase policy
I've only been with them for a little more than a month. Nothing to rate!
Excellent company to do business. The representatives are very knowledgeable and patient with senior citizens. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Good customer service and fastest policy implementation.
Sagicor Life Insurance Company is an awesome company not only to work for but to have insurance with. They are as the old folks say "johnnie on the spot".
I purchased a term life insurance policy in Dec 2016. It asked for my review of the policy and I noted there were a few minor changes to be made. I notified the agent and left it at that. A few months later I realized that I had not printed out a copy of my policy. I tried to access it again through the links in the email that was sent me but without success. I tried to contact my agent through previous email address she had sent me without success either. I next went on to the Sagicor website and sent an email to them through their "contact us" section of the site. I didn't receive a response from them either. So here I am 9 months later, faithfully paying someone at Sagicor for a policy I cannot access nor print a copy of nor get any response from the company itself. It makes me wonder if someone dies how difficult it must be for the relatives to receive a payout ion a policy.
I am very happy that I was referred to this company, very satisfied with all that it had to offer. Thanks again, Christina Leyva
Great company! My account manager was prompt and provided detail information about the policy. After I received the policy, he followed up with calls and emails.
The whole enrollment process was quick and easy. My agent, Jerry, was very knowledgeable and helped me with any questions I had.
The agent was easy to work with. You had a product that fit my needs. Things went very smooth.
I had a wonderful experience with Sagicor. My agent Dan Finn was attentive, kind, and considerate towards me and my situation. He took the time to walk me through and explain the process of the annuity and how it will work for me. I would highly recommend this company.
I like the online features to process. very convenient.
I have had very little direct experience with Sagicor. The company was recommended by my financial adviser.
Happy with Sagicor
Customer service was OK even though she wasn't able to help me. I don't have access to print out a form without going to library just to change which account my automatic payment comes from. It's an inconvenience
I would definitely recommend this company . Our agent Ruben Rodriguez was very informative & helpful in all the knowledge he provided for us . He guided us on the right path .
Great place to do business. Real easy and everything was signed online, so not a lot of time to get it done. Would highly recommend.
Love the fact of not having to have physical ~ they do the research on medical history.Easy and fast coverage.
My representative was very helpful to me.
I had plenty of help when I joined this company for my insurance.
New to the company my advisor was a great help will see how things go in the future.
Real fast on insurance approval
Good customer services. All questions were answered, and there was no waiting time. The Agents were friendly
The whole process of obtaining the life policy was very quick and easy Plus the agent was very knowledgeable and helpful to help me make a decision
Agent was awesome and explained clearly everything about the policy
Nothing but good about this company. Anytime I have had to call for a question personnel was professional and very courteous. Would recommend to anyone!
so far good company good service
policy costs went up two times without explanation.
From the beginning, every aspect was given AAA+++ service
I usually get by with no problems. It was a bit of a hassle to set up everything, but once your set up and get the payment plan started, you are good to go. A little hiccup along the way, but still a good company to deal with.
So far no problems with this company
She was very helpful, professional and I have been with this company for a year no problems at all.
Sagicor life insurance was the only company that took their time to help me find life insurance that meets my needs .Very friendly and right to the point .
With something as important as life insurance I feel that a hard copy should be mailed to the insured and not have to be printed out. And as for their only through the us postal service change of beneficiary WTHO. Everything else like payments and policy copies are handled online. Now I must download and print a form to mail. Talk about oxymorons.I promise you when I find another policy in my price range Sagicor will be history.
Agent so well informed and helpful, Courtney Hobbs made the whole process enjoyable, easy and personal.
Mr & Mrs Beasley are very knowledgeable. They were able to answer any questions I had. Very plesant experience.
great policy thanks
Great company great premiums
its my irst time to hear Sagicor insurance. I dont have any exerience yet.
Did not have actual input on the company as it was handled through our Financial Adviser. However, I am satisfied with the report he gave to us on Sagicor. Thank you.
So fare so good.
All has been well... Had no troubles. Great repersenative....Thanks
Good services. I recommend them.
The customer service is poor and hard to cancel service on top of their extremely high prices
My experience was exceptional. I often get very busy forgetting to address my personal business. As a result, my agents follow-up was impeccable! Tony is energetic, patient, smart, and truly caring of his clients. His assistant is astonishing as well!!!! Gena Cook
Monthly premiums are very reasonable, and no medical check is required.
I am still awaiting for my mother's insurance card for the past 2 months. She is in hospital and the person in which all the paper work completed with at pines sagicor insurance has not conceretly communicating has to when the insurance card will be delivered. I am so disappointed and has been disrespected. Should my unwell mother suffer like this? I need an answer asap from the managing director. As I am in distress knowing the fact that I am in England and cannot reach out to my mother caring needs.
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