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Safe Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Safe Auto Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 7 %
Paid $78 Bill on 5th. Cancelled on the 12th because I got better insurance for a cheaper price. Asked for a refund, they charged me $25 to cancel and they are only giving me a $3.00 refund! Safe Auto is the worst insurance company out there! Overcharge people for minimum coverage, send cancellation notice 3 days after they mail you a bill. Then don't refund your money when you cancel just a week later! Safe Auto sucks... Use anyone else but these people! Oh and they charge you an extra $3.95 to pay your bill online or on the phone! That's addition to the $10 fee per month they charge you to even pay your bill monthly! They suck in so many ways. Read all reviews about Safe Auto before you even think about using these butt heads!!!
I opened an account with Safe Auto 9 years ago. I have never filed a claim until 5-11-2017 when my husband hit a pack of hogs during a hail storm in Texas. We met with the adjustor, but never heard back from Safe Auto. After calling 4 times a day to Ryan our claim rep and leaving numerous messages, I have lost hope. I am in the market for auto insurance and I am sure my husband's car will never be fixed. Thanks for all the years of taking my payments Safe Auto!
I've had Safe Auto for over 5 yrs now and never had any problems with them. Their customer service is excellent. Their claims dept is fast and efficient if you ever need to file a claim. I'm extremely happy with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good insurance company.
My vehicle was stolen and I placed a claim. The adjuster advised me I had to wait 30 day to allow time for my vehicle to be recovered. After 30 long days without my vehicle, it took almost 2 weeks for adjuster to finalize my claim with a payout of my vehicle. They mailed POA documents and my clean title. Also, when my claim was first placed and I mailed them back the theft affidavit, they received it in 2 days. Called adjuster around the same time-frame to ensure they received and confirmation of my check being processed. The adjuster said it's not in their system and to allow 7 to 10 days for processing and time in the mail!Allowed the time-frame, and he then told me that he would re-email the POA documents for me to send it back again! Meanwhile, the original paperwork didn't come back to me. The next day, the adjuster called me to state some further details have surfaced and the claim have to be investigated by a different department! What! This company is fraudulent and don't honor their policy. I'm seeking a lawyer currently.
I have only used this company since March of 2015, but have not had one issue with them. Wonderful customer service, prices are unbelieveable. I recommend them to anyone needing insurance.
Have been trying to reach adjuster for 5 days. When I call it places you on hold then voicemail. I’ve called at least a dozen times and left half a dozen voicemails. Even visited their social media sites and was told I would be “contacted shortly”, but that has not happened either. I have never experienced this with any of my other insurance providers. I would NOT recommend SA to ANYONE. I’d rather pay a higher premium than to get such poor service!
I never had Safe Auto, but I work in a car dealership for a Buy Here Pay Here and Safe Auto doesn't want to pay out to the bank if the car is totaled. We as the dealership would have to call many times thru the week to get any results. Do yourself a favor do not get Safe Auto. Pay a little more for someone else, we now let our customers know they cannot use Safe Auto for Full Coverage cause of their BS, when you're looking for Insurance view for the reviews and discounts that is the best way to shop for Auto Insurance.
I was rear ended at a stop light by a Safe Auto policyholder driving a Ford F-150 pickup on July 8, 2015. My car is a 2005 Ford Focus SL4. I have two estimates for the damage, one for $2,800 and one for $3,460. The low estimate does not include all of the damage because we are unable to open the trunk because of the accident. Safe Auto sent someone out to take pictures to send back to their home office. The adjuster then calls to tell me they are going to send a check out for $1,500. He says that is their supplemental policy. That this is the only damage the pictures show, but if the body shops have a problem or question they can call the appraiser. They won't know if there is a problem until they start working on the vehicle and they will not start repairs on a $3,000 estimate for a $1,500 check. So through no fault of my own I am getting screwed by Safe Auto. A car worth $4,000 before this accident is worth $500 to a salvage yard according to several auto dealers in the area. How can this be allowed to happen. These cut-rate insurance companies are nothing but a bunch of crooks ripping off people.
These guys took over 2 months to take responsibility for their client ramming me from behind at 30 miles an hour while I waited at a stoplight. Even though, their client signed a statement admitting guilt, claims adjuster Tanisha **, refuse to accept responsibility for 2 months. Which meant that I could not get my car fixed for 2 months, could not get my doctor's bills approved or paid and I could not get a rental car. Tanisha was rude, incompetent, refuse to return phone calls, and then when it finally came time to settle the claim, if you tried to lowball me because I didn't have an attorney. These people are not to be trusted. Beware, if you ever come into contact with Tanisha **, you are about to get ripped off! This is the most unprofessional, morally bankrupt insurance company I've ever dealt with.
My 2013 Silverado LTZ truck was hit by a Safe Auto insured driver as I was exiting a hospital parking lot. An SUV with blacked out rear windows backed out of a parking slot into my right front fender and door. Luckily I got a police report. It stated "contributing factors for accident" were "failure to yield" and "improper backing" on her part and the word "none" on my part. After several weeks trying to get a response from Safe Auto they requested an estimate of damages which I sent to them totaling $4600.00. They sent a lady to take pictures of my truck and then sent me an estimate of $2400.00 for the repairs. Then they sent an e-mail stating that they "had no liability" in the accident and that I was at fault for the incident. When I ask about the police report they replied, "The police officer did not see the accident". After over three months of B.S. I finally got my truck half ** repaired on their estimate and a "take it or leave it" offer. Cheap insurance means virtually no insurance for their customers and anyone who gets damaged by one of their customers.
Yes, I realized it could go up from the quote when you're pricing new insurance but DOUBLE!?!? And then when you cancel within 26 hours because you really can get better/cheaper insurance, you're charged $25 cancellation AND a $40 application fee... LOL... WTH!!! If I could give them zero stars I would... How this came to light. I paid them $135 to start the insurance at 7AM. The next morning at 7AM I received a bill due in 10 days for $213!! So I called them and cancelled at 9AM.
Safe Auto is the worst car insurance company ever. Don't even waste your time or money on them because all they will do is give you a hard time, give you a big headache and waste your time... Unless of course you have no life and you have all the time in the whole to devote your life to calling them and trying to fix your policy and your bill that would randomly go up for no reason. Not send you proof of insurance until you called 4 times asking for them to send it. Never sending you paperwork you're supposed to sign. OMG I can't believe how horrible the experience I've had with them. I'm so done with them and I would advise for no one to ever waste your time or money with them. They are really not that much cheaper than other insurance companies. Maybe $5 a month you would save for having them which is not worth the bs you will go through with them.
Beyond pissed off. They cancelled my son after 15 days and they are only refunding back 13 dollars. Stay away from these rip offs. They are the worst insurance ever. They will let you have insurance then cancel you after you pay out your ** then only refund back 13 dollars of 220 dollars and doesn't even have insurance for the month.
Safe Auto has very deceptive business practices... I've been with them for several years but not without challenges... I had to file a complaint because I'd rec'd my monthly billing statement 3 days before it was due, ensuring Safe Auto could charge me a late fee. Then I'd pay my premiums for the 6 month period and would have to contact customer service to have a supervisor deduct the $10.00 surcharge, i.e. ($241.00-$10.00=$231.00) but I couldn't pay just the $231.00 online though both options were clearly visible. I filed a complaint and argued the lower price was the incentive for paying 6 months only to be told the $10.00 was given as a courtesy and would no longer be given... Recently I contacted Safe Auto to close my account because I no longer have the car. Customer Service said there was a $25.00 cancellation fee but I'd only have to pay $5.00 because I had a 20.00 credit on my account and gave me the mailing address. Sent the check but rec'd a notice in the mail stating the $5.00 couldn't be credited to my account because the account was now closed and instructed to reinstate my policy for the amount to be credited or the amount would be sent back and fees would be assessed for Safe Auto having to mail it back to me... I had no knowledge of any $20.00 on my account nor did Safe Auto inform me of such... The accumulation of the undisclosed $10.00 could go on indefinitely not to mention how many consumers this is happening to...
In Sept 2011, I was involved in accident with a Safe Auto policyholder. Over $8000 in damages to my car. Their policyholder was given a ticket, went to court, pleaded guilty and paid the fine. Safe Auto said they were not responsible and refused to pay claim. Friend of mine who is an attorney contacted them to say he was representing me and that I would be suing in small claims court. Their attorneys sent him a letter saying they were representing Safe Auto and to contact them IF I could find their client to serve her. It took nearly 2 years to find her and have her served, another year to get a court date. Went to court in Nov 2014 and received a judgement of $8300. When leaving court, their attorney told me I would be receiving notice of appeal within 10 days, which I did. Now I have to wait 6 months for a new court date in State Court. Worst experience I have ever had with an insurance company. Their tactic is to try and wait you out, hoping you will either give up or get tired of fighting them and forget it. Insurance Commissioner will not do anything. Who do you think finances their campaign? RUN, DON'T WALK FROM THESE **.
Some drug dealer runs a yield sign and hits my car head on. 2 crackheads come and get the drugs and gun out of his car. Then another car shows up to get the drugs and gun out of there before the cops get there. The car ain't even registered to the gangbanger. He lives over 100 miles away from here. He has full coverage insurance through Scam Auto and they won't even pay any money for insuring somebody that's a hazard to the road and driving around dealing drugs. They just laugh and lie. Safe Auto is a bunch of thieves that pretend they are adjusters. They need to be rounded up like the Knights Templar and set on fire for ripping off Americans.
This is by far the worst auto insurance company I've ever come across and the adjusters and supervisors are just as dumb as they come!!! It's like no one in today's time realizes without your clients, you have nothing! I honestly don't see how they have any clients. The adjuster assigned to my case (nick) wasn't helpful at all. Didn't answer any of my questions. I left several messages for a supervisor (Beth **) over all of the adjusters complaining, but never once received a call back. I spoke with a regular supervisor (Carlos) and made a complaint with him and expressed how I no longer wanted that person handling my claim, but nothing was done and then I called back in to check the status of my claim because no one had contacted me. That same supervisor was of no help and suggested that I speak to the very same person that I complained to him about and when I asked for a number to someone who might be able to clarify somethings for me since they were no help I was told that they aren't allowed to give me that information, even though its pertaining to my claim and I'M not just some stranger calling in! I'M constantly being told one thing and then another. It's like everyone who works for this company is just full of it.
I have been calling Liz the claims adjuster since Monday to get the ball rolling on which seems to be a straightforward claim. My car was hit by one of your members while parked in front of my house. No one was in the car luckily and your member was very apologetic. I said not to worry and we will just have the insurance company deal with it. I have called the main line and selected the prompt customer service specialist and got Kayla on the line. First of all, she does not specialize in customer service. I asked Kayla when I would receive a call back from Liz on Wednesday. She stated Liz has up to 24 hours to return calls. I called on Monday and it is now Wednesday, that is more than 24 hours. I asked for Liz supervisor's name and phone number. Kayla became annoyed when I asked for the spelling of the supervisor's name. I left a message for the supervisor Beth ** with no response. Safe Auto prides itself on being fast and efficient and I have determined they use a third party adjuster for their claims DMA. DMA prides themselves to deliver high-quality claims services on time. Both companies are non-responsive. 12 days later and still no call. According to the California Dept. of Insurance, they should respond within 15 days.
All I have to say is Safe Auto is highly unprofessional. They do not take responsibility for their own errors and asking to speak to a Supervisor gets you absolutely nowhere. Simply said... find another insurance company that knows what is going on. So glad I did and am saving money now every month along with my sanity.
We bought our 2012 Ford Fiesta from a dealership so obviously we had to have full coverage insurance. The price difference was only ten bucks from our previous insurer, so we decided to go with Safe Auto. Fast forward five months and our car was hit by a runaway tire on the freeway. Don't know whose it was or where it came from. Called the insurance company right away and went through the runaround to find out how much they'd pay after us paying the deductible. They sent an estimate of around 3 grand in damages, a week later sent a check for a little over 1,700. Our deductible was 500, but the shop was one of those that pay your deductible if the damages exceed so much. Our insurance came to an end October 1st, so we switched to Geico because it was over a hundred dollars cheaper for full coverage.We finally were able to get the car into the shop Monday this week, it's now Wednesday and the shop discovered another 3 grand worth of damages, called the insurance company to keep them updated and presumably for the money to fix the parts. They called us an hour later saying they're now considering the car "totaled". Which is BS because the car still drives absolutely fine, it's just cosmetic damages, a tire replacement, and a few other things that would still relate to cosmetic issues. I should note that every time we called to talk to a representative, it was as if nobody on the other line even heard of a car before. It was almost like they had never done their job before in all honesty. Safe Auto workers are equivalent T Mobile workers. Definitely would not even recommend to my worst enemy.
Last Wednesday, a driver hit my car and ran. The back is needs repair but is still drivable. I did a claim and it took 48 hrs just to get an adjuster. They never answer the phone. Was told yesterday that this falls under Uninsured Motorist and to drop my car off for repair. Get a call later today that they gave the police report, located the driver, but have to confirm he has no insurance. Until they do so, it is under collision instead which is bull crap. He hit me and ran. Obviously he has no coverage. Why am I being penalized? Definitely not a happy customer.
I'm a victim of a private property accident. My minivan was smashed in on the side electronic door by a safe auto customer. They estimated $1100 to fix. Now all of the sudden the guy who backed into me like a race car driver says there was no accident at all. Now I'm being treated as if I'm trying to add insurance fraud to my resume. They immediately became rude every time I spoke to them. I've never had a return phone call yet, they indicated that they had taken pictures of the other guy's car and they would call me after their vacation of 7 days is up. I've waited a month already. They're trying to get out of their end of the bargain, and being very rude and unprofessional about it. I can not believe they operate within the law. If so, the laws need changed drastically.
I was involved in an accident over a month ago. I have Safe Auto. It took them one week to contact me about my claim, two weeks for the claims adjuster to call me, three weeks to tow my car to a shop and 4 weeks to fix my car! My policy covers up to $600 for the rental! I only had the rental 28 days at $20 a day, now ENTERPRISE is charging me $427!!! Now Safe Auto saying there's nothing they can do about it!
They told me a price and the following day increased it by $291! Do not trust any quotes they provide because they are not true. It will change the very next day after you've already committed. I could have easily gone with someone else and they were unwilling to refund my money. I was never told of any application fee and it was a terrible customer experience. It's not fair to people that are trying to shop around to get the best price possible. Scam auto insurance company if you ask me and I recommend you do business elsewhere, because it's not worth the hassle they will put you through.
I am not even a member of Safe Auto and will never be based on my experience with a claim. A Safe Auto insured driver rear ended me and I put in a claim. I had to do the job of the adjuster and take my own pictures and videos to send them through a Safe Auto app so they could do an "estimate". They did the estimate and sent me a check and promised me a rental car while my car was being repaired. I ended up having to pay 4 days for a rental car because they did not want to pay for a whole week that I was without my car. I go through Travelers insurance and also went through State Farm and Progressive before and I never had to deal with such crappy customer care with any of them as I had to with Safe Auto. This is the worst insurance company I ever had to deal with and the accident was their client's fault.
When I requested a quote from Safe Auto for auto insurance for my son, I listed an accident and a failure to yield citation on their form. The quote came back for $348 monthly premium. I signed up and paid the $348. The next day I received an e-mail stating that I owed $544 more. I called to cancel and was told to cancel it would cost me $348 plus $114 more just to cancel the policy I had for 2 days. When I asked why the premium had changed from the first quote, I was told because of the "failure to yield" citation came back from the DMV. I told her I listed it for the quote I was given. IT DID NOT MATTER!! She also stated that in Georgia, they are allowed to keep 90% of the premium to cancel a new policy which equals to $462. First, they quote $348, then bill for $544 more, and require $114 more to cancel. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN. They didn't do this to only me because there are 100s of bad reviews out there about them doing the same thing. DON'T EVER USE SAFE AUTO or you will be sorry.
My wife had been taking a class and driven a fairly curvy section of highway at the end of a mountain pass through the winter months in all kinds of bad conditions so was very familiar with the road. She had also taken an emergency driving course as part of her training and has a clean driving record. We'll call her WIFE. It had just finished raining hard and the roads were wet. She is driving her car with a passenger at a safe speed for the road condition and upcoming blind turn she's familiar with. A car careens by her in the passing lane. Let's call him DICK. WIFE enters blind turn to see that DICK lost control on the tighter right-hand turn, obviously crossed her lane, and when she saw him he was just exiting her lane on the right, sliding onto the shoulder then over-corrected and now was coming back across into her lane.WIFE hits brakes. Tires lock up. She pumps them to get traction again and does all she can to get stopped. DICK's car has already lost a lot of speed before she saw him but is still moving to the left across her lane and just into the passing lane. She couldn't go to the shoulder when she first saw him because he was there. She couldn't go into passing lane because a car was approaching there. And he was now sliding across her lane and made an absolutely unavoidable collision. Wife's passenger went up and talked to DICK. DICK admitted he lost control and was shaking scared. This is a highway, not a little, dinky back road...a US HIGHWAY. DICK contacts his insurance company, SAFE AUTO. DICK lies to them. DICK says his car stalled and he was rolling it off the road to the right shoulder and got rear-ended.WIFE is contacted by Safe Auto and they tell her she's liable for the accident because she hit him and tells her what DICK said. WIFE tells them what happened. They investigate. They contact her for all the info she has which was pictures of both vehicles, the marks on the roadway -- not hard, black marks but easily visible -- the skid marks on the shoulder, and her witness statement from her passenger who talked to DICK. That was considered "biased" because the passenger, a deputy sheriff, was in her car. The damage to DICK's car was left rear corner and broke the bumper clips and a little scratched bumper paint. Young DICK's car is remedied with duct tape. WIFE's car, smaller than DICK's, took the impact of the corner of his car about center of grill. Her bumper went under DICK's so she sustained damaged hood, grill, bumper cover, radiator support, etc...a lot of small front end stuff. HOWEVER, not a scratch to front fenders. SAFE AUTO send assessor out and he comes up with a TOTAL LOSS of the car. So...we're out a diesel TDI and 50 mpg. Thanks DICK.SAFE AUTO tells us that because they have conflicting stories they side with their person, DICK, and deny the payout on WIFE's car. I contact them to find out how it's possible with the pics of damage, the damage to DICK's car on the left rear, when he stated he was turned to the right pulling off the road when struck, and that he admitted to witness he lost control. They agree to investigate further.SAFE AUTO leaves voice mail stating upon further investigation and contact with DICK, he now admits to losing control of his car. They still deny the claim because there isn't evidence to support the claim (that's right, he now admits to losing control of his vehicle). I call back in and speak with **, the SA rep. He is a weasel. States that without a witness account the conflicting stories don't matter. So the deputy sheriff witness doesn't matter or his conversation with DICK, or his details on the incident. He also tells me that I'm annoyed because they won't side with WIFE. I tell him I'm annoyed because they're absolutely ignoring, for their own best interest, the damage pictures which obviously and easily prove WIFE's statement and don't line up with what DICK claimed. I also remind him DICK has changed his story now. He states about the damage again. I tell him to review the damage against what was told to him. He states that he and a supervisor have reviewed it. WIFE had to supply them with all kinds of pictures, written and recorded statement, and passenger statement who took initial info from DICK.SAFE AUTO DENIED CLAIM AFTER ADMITTING THEIR CUSTOMER LOST CONTROL OF HIS VEHICLE AND CHANGED HIS STORY (!!). THEN THEY DENY THAT HE WAS THE CAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT?!?! He lost control of his vehicle on a blind highway turn from excessive speed and created an unavoidable situation! He was still moving across lanes! Crossed wife's lane twice and they deny claim solely based on "conflicting statements." PACK OF THIEVES. It's actually really sad to see that they've ripped off so many of their good customers and withheld payment on claims they admitted in the wrong. HOPE you never have to deal with them on a claim or as an insurer. DICK's using duct tape. We're out a perfectly good car for absolutely no wrong on our behalf. VERY UNHAPPY.
I have had a pleasant working experience with Safe Auto. They have settled my claims expeditiously and I have had no problems with them or my coverage. My policy includes my car and my son-in-law's car. The premiums are affordable.
Was charged my first month then they more than doubled the premium and said if I didn't pay the increased premium I would not have coverage until I paid the higher premium. When I said I wanted to cancel and return my initial payment. They would not return my full amount, deducting fees, etc. The best though was that they would mail me a check! They instantly took my money but they want me to wait to give me my money back. Absolutely absurd! I would give them 0 stars but I was forced to leave at least one!!!
My car was run into by another vehicle causing an extreme amount of Damage. I owned the 26 year old Mercedes so I only carried Liability which was the minimum. The 1987 Mercedes 560SEL is very expensive to fix (1 hood hinge - $330) and I had a very good feeling that they would total the car. They approved my claim, took possession of my car and have given me the most horrid unprofessional customer service that I have ever dealt with. I called the Claims Department Adjuster an average of 12-14 times a day leaving only 2 messages, sent an average of 5 emails for 9 days straight only to get completely disrespected when 3 letters from the same person saying that they have not been able to get in touch with me?? Finally, the same day my 12 month policy renewed and they were paid, I got 4 phone calls concerning my car. That was 2 weeks ago and I’m steadily paying $160 a week for a rental waiting on my settlement to get here. They're supposedly sending paperwork that has to be notarized signed and sent back but who in the hell just sends stuff like this regular mail and expects it to returned regular mail so they can then cut a check?? My wife and I are now $800 (including deposit) down that we were planning on using towards the new car! Pathetic in my book, and I run restaurants for a living! PS - They took my car 3 weeks ago. I signed NOTHING NOR GAVE THEM PERMISSION TO TAKE MY VEHICLE SO I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE MY CAR IS OR WHAT SHAPE ITS IN! Crooks and scoundrels! It’s a cliche how insurance companies delay claims to see if you don’t make your premium payment they can drop you so they save a buck! Shame on you Safe Auto. Now give me what is owed, by law, to me!!
Safe Auto Insurance agent guaranteed me that my monthly bill would be $81 and so I agreed to have them as my car insurer. 9/2/2017 well my next bill was $133 Which I did not pay and they cut my car insurance days short of a month 10/27/2017 that I had paid for and which me and the car insurance agent agreed on. THEN I get a letter from Safe Auto Insurance saying that I owe $35. What nerve! Cons!
After I canceled my policy Safe Auto took 10% of 6 months' premium. I have never heard of anything like this before. My advice keep yourself away from these cheat people. The customer service is terrible.
I claimed a wreck on 3/2/17 and have just received a quote, a very unimpressive quote at that. Not only that but I am being charged for storage of the car because they do not pay for it after a quote is received. They stated this on the 9th and I got my quote the 15th. Claim was made on the 2nd. I have talked to so many different people that are handling my case, it is ridiculous. I would rather pay $100 a month insurance than this junk.
Very disappointed. When I called I was told I would only be paying $114. When I called to make my payment they were charging me $207. How can it go up so much in one month? I just decided to go back to my other insurance where they keep the price the same. They sure don't keep going up on their price.
I was hit by a Safe Auto insured driver. They were quick and courteous when I filed my claim. The next day Kelli ** calls me and explains that an appraisal person would call me the next day. Also I noted that her time was 4:57p.m. My time was 3:57p.m. when she called meaning she called 3 minutes before she was off work. SMH. I waited 2 days no response. So I calls her I'm getting her voicemail every time. I sent her an e-mail in regards to my claim and she responds back saying her computer is having an issue and she apologizes for the delay. Why didn't she call? Then she says could I send her a copy of the police report. Whoa!!! Isn't that her job? She says it would help to determine liability. So I ask her about a rental car. She says I have to wait and see if the other driver was at fault and to wait on the other driver’s statement. First of all my car isn't drivable since she hit the front of my car. Secondly I received no citations since she ran a red light. We also have a credible witness which is in the police report as well. Every time I call her no answer but she says she's always on her phone but she's magically available to e-mail me back and forth. WTH? Then she says she will call my witness to verify the information provided like I'm lying. My car has major damage and the whole front end is destroyed and I'm not getting anywhere with this company. Couldn't even see my family for the holidays due to no car not even a rental car. I'm very dissatisfied very unhappy and for me to sit around and wait for weeks is absurd. NO WAY!!!
August 2013 I had an accident. I had full coverage. I had expired card and new card same policy # in the truck. Accidentally gave officer expired card. Got a ticket for no insurance and at fault. Went to court showed proof of insurance. Ticket removed. Safe Auto took til July 2014 to settle claim. I was sued in June. Now my license is suspended and I have to have a SR22 to reinstate license and pay several thousands of dollars. I have called Safe Auto to see if I can get copies of the check and or paperwork. Claims adjuster will not return my call.
I was involved in an accident where a client insured with Safe Auto Insurance backed into me from her parking spot after I made a U-turn on a legal street and began driving. Even though I had the right of way on the street, Safe Auto Insurance believes I'm at fault 50%. Therefore, I've only received 50% of the estimate they wrote out for me for the damages on my vehicle and refuse to pay the other half. Because there was not a police report found, or bodily injuries, I'm unable to get the police or an attorney involved. All I'm left with to do unfortunately, is take this insurance company and their client to small claims court to try to recover the other half of my estimate to fix my vehicle. When speaking to their claims adjuster, he was rude and spoke to me in a manner as if he was trying to brush me off. Also, when I told him that I believe that I wasn't at fault, he simply asked me if I had any proof and mentioned that his client claimed that her car was at a halt after she backed out of her parking spot making it seem like I ran into her which is not the case. Either way the gentleman at the collision repair shop stated that she should be at fault because I had the right of way on the street. This whole situation has been stressful and even though I wish it would end, it is only the beginning. After reading the other reviews on this insurance company on this website, I'm not surprised at all.
My daughter was involved in an accident with someone insured through Safe Auto in September 2016 in a vehicle which belong to me. Both parties received tickets. My daughter's ticket was for driving in a center lane. The Safe Auto insured was cited for not having a driver's license and failure to yield. My vehicle was totaled. After many attempts to contact the Safe Auto insured, the claim representative Melanie ** concluded that both parties were at fault and would pay half the appraised amount even though the Safe Auto insured failed to yield. Melanie ** has been very difficult to make contact with and when I did, she was very rude, yell, and transferred me another person's voicemail. I told her I wanted to appeal the decision and she said basically there is no appeal process and we had no other options. My vehicle was illegally moved to a salvage yard and now we cannot find it. My daughter was told today that we had sold the vehicle to a salvage yard. This is not true as I still have the title in my possession. This company has the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Now I'm going to have to get an authority to settle this with this company and the insured.
My car was stolen on 4/10/2014 and I called as soon as I filed the police report that morning and reported to Safe Auto's Claims Department thus opening up a claim. I had full coverage insurance with Safe Auto with my premiums being paid and current at the time of theft. I turned in everything I was asked to in a timely manner and here it is DECEMBER 11, 8 FULL MONTHS LATER, and they STILL have not made an offer to me for this claim. All police reports show that the vehicle was stolen from my residence around midnight or so and found a few hours later on fire in a neighboring county (we live in a rural area of Oklahoma). The adjuster has been giving me the run around and WHEN I'm able to FINALLY get her on the phone (which seems to take an act of Congress!), she is condescending, rude, and asks me questions that the police officer I spoke with said she should be asking an investigator as I am neither an investigator nor a criminal psychologist (she keeps asking me "why would someone do" this and that "why would there not be many personal belongings in the vehicle"). Mind you it was found COMPLETELY BURNED. I don't live out of my vehicles and keep them pretty clean all the time plus I'm sure any criminal would probably steal any personal belongings worth anything before they ditched the car. Oh and the police found me due to ONLY a partial piece of mail found near the vehicle (so OBVIOUSLY there were some personal belongings in my car!), that was the only thing that wasn't completely incinerated to use for identification purposes! This is what the Sheriff's deputy who worked the incident told me! I do not have the money for a lawyer and I'm struggling to feed my growing family because I have been unable to use my vehicle or get it replaced since APRIL! Now it's Christmas time and my children will be doing without ANY GIFTS OR TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS DINNER due to this 8 months (and counting!) ordeal. Safe Auto should be held accountable for their actions and shady business tactics. I wonder how many other people living below the poverty line who cannot afford to fight a big company have been financially ruined due to lost wages because of Safe Auto's greediness? Very sad and upsetting to say the least. Safe Auto sure didn't hesitate to take my premium payments every 6 months and I'm willing to bet that if I had screwed them around for 8 months, I probably wouldn't have had coverage anymore. But as long as they keep filling their pockets with us poor folks' money then I guess that's all that matters! What a joke of a company!
I have always used Safe Auto. They have always been cheaper and met my needs for the most part. The people who work at Safe Auto are very kind and always respectful. If they didn't know the answer to my question they made sure they went ahead and asked someone else who would know the answer. They were always very helpful when I needed them to assist me. When I had gotten into an accident, I have received several calls to check on me over a few weeks of time after the accident. However, they only offer full coverage insurance on vehicles that are of newer age. I can't afford brand new vehicles and when I purchased my truck it was a 2001 and they didn't have full coverage available for me and my vehicle. Other than that I absolutely love the company. I would most definitely refer any family or friends even strangers to Safe Auto.
I always make my payments the second I get my paycheck, because of this I know I have no way to miss a payment. That being said, I went to go pay my bill for July, and instead of paying with my debit card and getting charged the $3.95 fee, I went ahead and paid using my checking account or so I thought. I put in my information correctly, and went along with my day. Sometime after, I got a letter saying my insurance was going to be cancelled if I did not pay by 8/13/18. I was confused because I paid a couple weeks prior.Now, I paid off my insurance for August BEFORE the due date. I even paid half of it for September. I've checked my account probably twice a week and I've had no updates about how much I owe for next month. But I just checked it a couple hours ago and I OWE FOR AUGUST 9th!!! I am JUST getting an update THREE WEEKS LATE! I am going to start looking for a new insurance company because this is crazy!
I can't believe this company is still in business. They completely prey on lower income drivers and those with less than stellar driving records. Why do I say that? One of the always rude agents outright told me so! They quoted me $70 a month and within two months it is somehow up to $190 - with NO explanation.Literally nobody there can explain why.Also the first few times I called I was given a different quote each time based on the same exact information. These people are unbelievably rude, and I am pretty good at tolerating that while remaining pleasant. But every conversation in the last two months has been a disaster, I hang up being polite then scream and vent to my spouse. We both work jobs that pay ok but after bills etc we're not left with much, this is the only company we can afford. Be warned that the low rates quoted are inconsistent at best, and nothing more than a ploy to lure you in. It's a shame because years ago I had a policy with them and they were wonderful. Not sure what happened. Note I am basing this on 5-6 interactions, not 1 or 2. Disappointing and extremely frustrating experience, issues not resolved but actually getting worse.
I was struck on the left rear side of my vehicle on May 29, 2015 by an insured Safe Auto driver. The driver left the scene before police arrived and I was not able to get her contact information. However, I did take a picture of her white Nissan Quest with tag number **. The following week my insurance company provided me with the police report and the driver's insurance company. I called Safe Auto Wednesday June 3, 2015 and the customer service rep said an adjuster will me on Thursday June 4, 2015 and if I don't get a return by Friday to call back.I called back on Friday - the customer service rep said the adjuster called with no response. I called the adjuster Kathy ** and her supervisor Justin ** several times and left messages. June 9, 2015 10:26 am. I'm really not pleased with this waiting service. The customer service rep seems to understand my frustration and put me on hold until she reached Kathy ** the adjuster. Kathy schedules an appointment for me to go to Wolfchase Chrysler Dodge and I get there and they do not service Pontiacs (June 10, 2015).Spoke with Kathy on the 11th and asked if she could reschedule to have an estimate of my vehicle at Abra Auto Body and Glass. June 19, 2015 @ 8:30am, the customer service manager Buddy did my estimate and told me he never got a claim from the Safe Auto adjuster for my claim (I thought, really). Kathy had me to speak with Brenna (with Abra) to schedule an appoint while she listened in. I called Buddy back and gave him Kathy's contact information.Today is Monday June 22, 2015 at 1:00 pm and according to Kathy's voice mail she will be out of the office starting June 17th through June 29th (WOW). I left a message with Angel ** at 1:09 pm and I left a message with Justin ** - Kathy's supervisor at 1:02pm. I would like to have my vehicle repaired and a rental car provided at no cost.Tuesday June 23, 2015 at 12:18 pm, Justin from Safe Auto left me a voice mail about my claim. I dialed his number several times until I reached him at 12:35 pm. Justin asked how he could help me today. I informed Justin that I went to Abra Auto Body on Friday June 19th and was waiting to hear from them. So I called and found out that Kathy has been out of the office since Wednesday the 17th of June and not returning until Monday the 29th of June. I asked Justin who's following up on my claim. Justin said Abra has not uploaded the estimate.. well I guess not because I gave Buddy at Abra Kathy's contact; and she's out of the office. Justin placed me on hold while he called Abra. He informed me that he will get the estimate today and someone else will call me once the estimate is approved. Tuesday, June 30, 2015 @ 2:47 pm, left a message with Kathy **. Thursday, July 2, 2015, I called and spoke with Kathy and she gave me the same run around about Abra Auto Body has not uploaded the estimate for repair. Kathy said once she gets the estimate she will call me back. Friday, July 10, 2015, I left a message with Kathy and Jennifer (Justin's manager). Today is July 13, 2015, 12:15 pm and no one at Safe Auto has returned my call from Friday the 10th. Your company truly lacks courtesy and prompt customer service. It has been seven weeks and my car has not been repaired.
I'm not insured with Safe Auto (thankfully); however, I do work in a provider's office and we have had numerous patients that have been in motor vehicle wrecks and, of all the insurance companies, Safe Auto is the worst to work with. They constantly employ delay tactics to withhold payment for treatments to their insured and because of that we have had to certify all claims to them to ensure receipt. And they still continue to deny receipt of claims. I strongly urge anyone looking for coverage not to buy a policy from them because if you get in an accident, you will have a difficult time getting help and more and more providers are getting tired of their antics. Beware!
It was basically an online insurance coverage... easy to get and fast. Didn't need to talk to anyone, was able to print cards out right away... Could do it any hours of the day. It's just the minimum someone needed.
Our first problem with SafeAuto was when we were involved in an accident that was not our fault. When we called to report the accident, we were told to call the other driver's insurance company as there was nothing they would do. Since then, it's been a never-ending string of screw-ups on their part. We have NEVER missed a payment and never had to file a claim. We live in Oklahoma and were told that a payment for June would not be due until July since we had experienced a natural disaster. The person that told us this initially was misinformed and when we called, they transferred us to a supervisor by the name of CANDACE who proceeded to tell us that since we were not directly in the affected area, that what we were told was wrong but that they would schedule the double payment for mid-July when our premium is always due. After over an hour on the phone, rather than apologize to us or make any attempt to fix what was their fault, she proceeded to call my husband a liar and was overall EXTREMELY RUDE AND UNWILLING TO HELP AT ALL despite this not being our fault in any way. After this, we were AGAIN told that they would set us up for the double payment in mid-July when our payment is always due and that there would be no cancellation or lapse in coverage. I called again on 6/29/13 to verify this as we did not want our policy affected in a negative way and was AGAIN told that they would "absolutely honor" what we were told and that person verified this with their supervisor as well. I was promised a return phone call but did not receive one until today when we got a recorded "courtesy call" to inform us that as of 6/30/13, our policy had been cancelled due to non-payment. So, I called them yet again to get this cleared up; I was again offered no help and was ultimately hung up on. At this point, we have spoken to FIVE different people, two of whom were "supervisors" and not ONE of them knew anything about the situation as they very obviously have a communication issue within the company. This is not surprising since each call center is in a DIFFERENT STATE! Needless to say, we are beyond furious and will be seeking another insurance company immediately. I cannot stress enough the LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM AND DECENCY we've received from each individual we've dealt with throughout the company despite being longtime customers.
I don't have the issues with Safe Auto like I did my last insurance company shelter. I don't get runarounds, it's affordable for my insurance needs, and they are quick to taking care of what is asked from them by me when needed. Also friendly customer service. So far I've had nothing but positive experience. As of now I highly recommend. Hopefully that doesn't change. I've been with them a year now as of today.
It was not very good. They told me I qualified for a better rate then 2 weeks later they said I owe them more money for a ticket almost 4 years ago. They are very disorganized and do not explain themselves in a manner that makes sense. I am not sure I will be doing business with them in the near future.
Some lady made a U turn in front of me. It was her fault. She admitted responsibility for the accident. She was insured with "Safe Auto" Insurance. Safe Auto approved payment to repair the vehicle. After I sent my car in for the repairs and the repairs were completed, "Safe Auto" "reversed" their decision and denied the claim. So I'm out $ 2000.00. DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM SAFE AUTO. You will be very sorry once you have to file a claim. These people are underhanded and very slippery. Buyer beware.
Worst service I have EVER experienced! I had a policy with them for 8 hours! I repeat, ONLY 8 HOURS before realizing my policy did not include full coverage (which I need for a financed car). I spoke to a representative by the name of Luis & he told me I COULDN'T CANCEL MY POLICY!!! Told me to wait 24 hrs for a confirmation or a call back! (Later found out, THEY DONT EVEN MAKE OUTBOUND CALLS) Wtf!!! So I took his word for it & called EXACTLY 24 hours later! 9 am the next morning I spoke with a lady that was VERY apologetic & was also very confused on why the guy didnt just cancel my policy the previous day! Soo now the $244 I paid I was told I wouldn’t get the full amount back because of “fees” AND because it was a day later even though I CALLED 8 HOURS AFTER AND SHE COULD SEE IN MY NOTES THAT I CALLED 8 HOURS AFTER MY ACTIVATION!!! So I would only receive $189 after “fees”... I didn't care anymore. I just wanted my money back!!! She said it would take about a week...Fast forward to today, August 16, 2018 (a week later) I call to check the status of my refund... well I was informed that they were sending me a check!!! I paid with a debit card & was NEVERRR informed that I would instead receive a check or confirmation that the address provided would be suitable to send a check to, my point is they sent the check WITHOUT an apartment number leaving me having to call them a FOURTH time.They tell me I can either wait 60 DAYS to get a new check or they can void the check for ANOTHER 26$ “fee” and send me a new check. I am now waiting to get a $163 check from $244 I paid for a 8 HOURS policy! I am MORE than disappointed in these people & HIGHLY upset with the first guy I talked to, I AM going to send this complaint to every single department I can! This could of all been avoided if he just canceled me when I called!!! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SERVICE, ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!
I switched from Progressive to Safe Auto on December 11, 2017. About Dec. 26 I received a threatening letter in the mail that my insurance would be cancelled if payment was not received by Jan. 11 2018. In two days I received a text about such payment, then another letter, another email, etc. By Jan. 11, 2018 I was a nervous wreck, from fifteen days of harassment, I called to pay my bill and was charged 3.95. Wow I thought, then here comes Feb. and the harassment starts again. I paid my bill on Feb. 9 2018 and set up auto payments. On Feb. 26, 2018 they charged me another 117 bucks. To make a long story short this company claims to generate your bill cost 10 bucks, yet they have no problem harassing their clients to death. This company not only charged a 10 installment fee but also 3.95 to process a payment. That is a yearly total of 147.40 to generate a bill and process a payment. Once again, they have no problem starting the harassment 15 days before your bill is due, but they charge 13.95 extra a month to pay it. What a joke.
I was applying online for a quote for auto insurance from Safe Auto Insurance. I went online to get the quote and I came to find out the company did not want any credit information. They did not ask me for my credit score. The only thing they were talking about was my age. The simple fact I was 45 years old, but I have 27 years of experience on the road... I asked the person on the phone about the quote. The customer service agent, the woman kept talking about my age and how old I am. Then she kept telling me my quote of $304 down and $284 a month has nothing to do with my credit has everything to do with my age. She said the same thing 10 times to me, because I asked her different questions about my car insurance for my 2003 Acura 3.2 TL. I even gave her my VIN number, so she could give me the correct quote. But she constantly barraged me with enormous amounts of quotes for my car.The other quotes she gave me or I got online for example: my second quote is for $119.00 with 5 payments of $99.00. Then they have third quote for car insurance $207.00 and 2 down payments of $187.00. The fourth quote for $296.00 and 1 payment of $275.00 and the last quote for car insurance I received was $536.00. These was quotes were from 1514913070.I hope you can tell customers to boycott this business, and not allow them to receive any other vulnerable customers that will not do their homework and waste all their money on this car insurance company. This company, discriminated against me, due to my age as well as violating my rights to get quality, good and equal as well as affordable car insurance for my 2003 Acura 3.2 TL. I did not spend any money for this insurance, since I knew the lady was definitely trying to scam me out of my money or trying to see how much money she could get out of me today on January 29, 2017. I do not have a receipt, because I did not spend any money. I told the lady that I needed her name, but she did not want to give me her name. I told her I would call the insurance commissioner and report her and she just hung up the telephone on me.
Purchased insurance in January 2015, paid the down payment, within a week received another bill, paid that one. Three weeks later received another one. My stepson was in a accident last month. I was told cause he was in another state at time of accident, they would not cover. Worst insurance company I have dealt with.
Safe Auto is a fraud. I did an online quote for an SR22 and after checking two other companies I decided to go with Safe Auto. When I called back less than 1 week later with the quote number they gave me the quote mysteriously went up. After complaining I was told that they didn't have my vin number to which I stated to then that I could not have proceeded without it. Then there was the excuse of my social security number, I don't have not have I had in almost 10 years any fines or tickets and I stated on the app that I didn't have good credit but I was working. Their next excuse was that I must've checked the box that says homeowner accidentally because when they checked it they came up with the exact same quote I told them that they quoted me. To which I then asked him "well how do you know I'm not"? Implying that his excuse was bogus because evidently they changed it to nonhomeowner themselves then without even knowing (I hadn't talked back to them to confirm this) if this was true then changed the quote on the fly. Then there's the fact that they never ever ever ever asked for any proof of homeownership to begin with, either online or on the phone. Bottom line is Safe Auto is not truthful, they are not to be trusted. Before wasting your time with this fraud of a company my advice is take your business elsewhere. Even though the quote they gave me after the fact was still amongst the lowest I'm taking my business elsewhere. I'd rather pay more to a company I trust than to go the cheaper route and deal with these liars!
I purchased insurance through this company several months ago. I removed one of my vehicles from my policy and my payment went up! I call and talked to a customer service rep. Real nice young man and he talked to his supervisor asking why the increase. First they said some paperwork I did not send in, but when I explained I sent it in back in with their envelope. Well guess what? He saw the paper work then. OK, so again I ask why did the premium increase? Well then no explanation just that it’s what the monthly payment is... I am canceling my premium and will never do business with them again and I would not recommend this company to anyone, and if you are searching the web for cheap insurance this is not the one. Please save your money and stay away from safe auto insurance!
Safe Auto Insurance company is an online insurance company. I do not think the company has any in person offices. They are cheaper than the alternatives, at least in my area. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I had an accident while I was with them that was handle promptly. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to save money.
They have always been ok with me. I have never had any problems with them. They are a fair price and treat me normal. I have no complaints whatsoever about them. They have resolved any issues I have had in the past in a timely and accurate manner.
Safe Auto Insurance is an insurance company that I pay money to for really no reason 99.9% of the time. I just pay my bill every month. I don't like how they will up my rate at times without letting me know why. Also, their website was recently changed and it is a pain to use now.
I was hit by another driver while I was parked. I called Safe Auto that same day, the other driver had already reported the accident. They told me the claim number and said that Aiden would be contacting me. I waited several days, unable to use my car, because the outside mirror was destroyed. The first couple of days I was not too concerned, as I was snowed in. I then called them back, because I never heard from Aiden. The woman who answered the phone told me Aiden would get back to me. I asked when, she didn't know. She then claimed that they hadn't called, because they had no contact information, which was not true. She tried to get me to take some responsibility for the accident, asking where I was driving to when it occurred. I told her several times that I was parked, not moving. So, Aiden finally called me, six days after the accident. I told him I needed it handled immediately, as I needed a rental. He told me they would do it as soon as they managed. He sent me an app to take pictures of the damage, which I did, immediately, and emailed back to them. I had to call again, because I did not have a rental to drive. The guy who finally called me is now trying to claim that most of the damage had to have been prior damage. I informed him that my car had just been in the body shop a month ago, because I hit a coyote and damaged the front end, and that the body shop would have knowledge of the fact that there was not prior damage, so he would have to be amending the estimate/payment as a result. I told him I did not want him to issue payment to me, because I would not be paying out of pocket for damage which was not my fault. Then he asked if I wanted him to MAIL me the estimate, without which I cannot get my claim handled. Why would I want to wait an additional week or more for my repairs? This is the absolute worst insurance company I have ever had to deal with. I would not recommend them to anyone.
I was hit by a Safe Auto insured driver who was cutting through a parking lot, came around a corner & slammed into my car which was driving straight on a side road. Safe Auto says they're not liable. So if you have Safe Auto you can make a left directly into oncoming traffic & don't worry. You're not liable. Guess everyone should be off the road when you're coming if you're insured with Safe Auto. Scam insurance company for sure!
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