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Company Name: RBC
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
Still holding that rent cheque until the last day in hopes the customer goes over and they collect. Terrible service. No banking fees is a must now. 3 years now and I have not paid a banking fee. This trend will continue for the rest of my life. No need to pay bank fee when everyone needs a bank. It's criminal that they do it now. Please stop paying banking fees. Go to another bank and spend your money elsewhere. Why pay a bank $200 a year when you can spend that money in yourself. $2000 in ten years time you can spend that money elsewhere. Banks do not need this. They make money through loans and mortgages. Everyone, please close your banking fee account and open a no banking fee account today. This will stop these banks from taking advantage of you.
I've tried applying for loans several times through RBC. They told me each time that they would get back to me. Instead, they left me hanging for a few weeks to a month. They wouldn't answer my calls so I'd have to come in on the weekend to see the account manager just to hear them tell me they couldn't help. Have the decency to call the people back so that we can move on and look for other alternatives. I've been a customer of almost 3 decades.
RBC do not care about their customers plain and simple. This bank tells you in their advertising and on their websites that they are a caring bank that will help you. No, they won't because they don't give a damn. Their 'so called' Customer Service department are not only incompetent they are also useless. Any problem that a customer has is dealt with by numerous staff, none of whom actually have the faintest idea how to keep the customer happy and actually put things right let alone solve the issue at hand. I have never, ever dealt with a bank less caring than RBC. Even escalating issues to upper management doesn't work. Information given out is often wrong. I have no idea how these people keep their jobs because if they worked for me they'd be typing their resume's about now. Utterly useless bank and utterly useless Customer Service. Avoid or live to regret it.
RBC does not care about its bankers all it cares about is maximizing profits through NSF charges. RBC is refusing to reverse any more NSF charges for me, they did a total of 6, but I have put way more money into their bank via fees and other payments to use or move my own money that I feel like if I want an NSF charge reversed especially when there is MONEY on the account just in my savings account to prevent unapproved transactions( that they say they cant stop with any certainty) from being debited then I should be accommodated since I am bringing business to them and doing what is best for myself. I got charged NSF of $45 for something like 99 cents, although I did not approve this transaction they refuse to reverse any more NSF charges since they said I should contact PayPal. Some background, Paypal was removed from my bank account by me however they did not finalize the removal, instead they only did it for the two cards I had associated with the account and left the bank account attached which is strange considering the last time I used them which was about 2 weeks after I removed the link I had a balance on my paypal and no attempts were made to deduct money from my RBC account. Until I cleared the balance by inputting my card info for ONE time. This time they managed to debit directly from my bank account without my consent with a number of the charges being approved and then the following week they tried to push through a couple more totaling $40, this cost me almost $250 in NSF charges which is a lot of money. RBC does not care, said they already reversed a few for me before, and now they aren't doing anymore and that I should get my money from PayPal, everyone is passing the buck but I am disappointed with the way I am treated by my own bank. This is why alternatives to the big banks are on the rise, if I didn't have to use a bank and could use cash for everything I would close down this account and never look back. I'm going to switch banks though, DUCA protects your money and provides free and unlimited use of your account.
RBC's customer service is absolutely terrible. When you're trying to deal with an issue with RBC, their website can offer little more than endless links to 1-800, 1-866, 1-888, etc. numbers. To make it even better, those 1-8** offices all close at 5pm Eastern. Not very helpful if you live in, say, Alberta.
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