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Quotacy Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Quotacy
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (844) 786-8229
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 91 %
Smooth process for obtaining life insurance. My questions were answered promptly. Very satisfied.
Smooth, informative process. Regular updates ensured I always knew the status of my application.
Decided to try this as I am in the business and everyone is fascinated with "platform" type sales. It worked fine, everyone was helpful. I didn't give it 5 starts because it wasn't any faster than a live agent sale. Because of the compliance load I presume, still had to do things like sign a paper app at the end. So a local agent who specializes in term might have been quicker. Pricing was good and had quality carriers. I do have some minor medical issues and coverage was issued as quoted.
Overall the process worked well. I received the insurance coverage I requested, at the original quoted price. The only reservations were around process and communication. There were two people from Quotacy that I interacted with, and I was never sure the unique role of either of them. There was also a hiccup with receipt of my paperwork that caused a few lost days. Overall, I would do business with them, and was happy with the services they provided.
Dealing with Tanya and Glenn made everything so simple. I highly recommend this company for your future planning
They did a great job with reviewing and consulting with me on my life insurance options on line. As a 'first time' buyer, this experince was detailed enough, delivered and consumed at my own pace while still providing guidance without pressure. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Very professional, great customer service, priced as quoted online. I definitely recommend.
Found Quotacy via Nerdwallet for my life insurance needs. Quote was very accurate with respect to the final charge. Was kept very informed throughout the process. Health evaluation was a breeze.
The entire staff was easy to work with, kept me in the loop with deadlines and time-frames and was flexible, based on the time-frame that worked for me. I would recommend!
Quotacy was so easy to work with in preparing my life insurance. Whenever I needed to call, they were always so polite and able to give clear and easy instructions. I think the best part was that they were always in communication with me about what was needed or what was coming up next.
It was very easy to get a quote and go through the application process with Quotacy. My wife and I were assigned an agent he helped make the process painless.
The team from quotacy worked really hard to get the life insurance my family needed at a great price. I highly recommend them.
I would recommend quotacy for anyone looking for life insurance. They simply collected the information needed, offered me great quotes, and kept me in the loop from application to enforcement.
Surprisingly easy and fast to go from quote shopping to getting a policy
I used Quotancy for my life insurance quote and appreciated the ability to shop for quotes and begin the application process. Jason Nash and his team were great to work with and helped move the process along as needed. While the entire life insurance process leaves a lot to be desired due to the antiquated use of paper forms, rather than e-forms, they did communicate with me on each step to make sure I eventually received my in-force policy.
Quotacy made my term life insurance purchase process as easy as counting from 1 through 10. They promptly answered all my questions in a clear and straightforward way. The 2-way communication was made very easy and I'd highly recommend them to anybody in need of life insurance products. Great customer service, well done Quotacy!
Cydney was great to work with!
Very intuitive process to get term life insurance. My agent was very responsive and helpful in guiding me through the process. Would highly recommend.
Great communication. Fast. Thank you!
My entire experience with Quotancy was extremely smooth. I felt like I was able to shop the entire market, and then once I chose a provider, they walked me through every step. I also liked that they paired me up with a broker in case I had any questions. Everything was just how I would want it to be.
Quick quote and a good rate, was able to complete the process in a few weeks
Very simple and straightforward process. Was kept updated on next steps and status. Overall great experience.
Great experience buying life insurance! Quotacy made it really simple to compare rates and did all the work for me.
Very Easy to work with. Would highly recommend!!!
Quotacy made it incredibly easy to find a life insurance policy that fit my needs and budget. They were quick to respond to any questions I had throughout the application process.
The guys at the Quotacy team were efficient, informative and professional...They made everything easy to understand and did what they said they would do...Thanks Quotacy for peace of mind
Brandon very efficiently guided me through the the process of obtaining a life insurance policy. I was very pleased with the policy, Quotacy's service, and Brandon's clear and concise communications. I will certainly recommend Brandon to friends and family in the future.
My wife and I used Quotacy to get term life insurance. The whole process, from getting price estimates and the phone interview to scheduling the medical exam and filling out the final paperwork was very easy. Brandon and Tanya provided exceptional and timely support throughout the process. Would recommend Quotacy to others.
I had a great experience and would definitely recommend Quatacy to everyone!
I had been putting off getting life insurance for a long time until one day stumbling upon Quotacy. They did almost all of the heavy lifting, keeping me informed of the process and only asking me to fill out a few forms, answer some questions on the phone, and go in for a quick health exam. That's it! If you've been thinking about getting life insurance, just go ahead and use Quotacy to do it.
This is my SECOND insurance policy through Quotacy. Both times have been extremely smooth and easy process. Would recommend to anyone.
no pressure tactics. easy to browse, easy to complete.
This was the easiest insurance process ever!!! Thank you so much for making this so easy! Now I can rest assured knowing that my obligation as a parent is met.
Quotacy was very helpful in getting my insurance policy set up. They were very thorough and available for any questions.
Made it a super easy experience.
Alex Kempf and his team were great in following up and keeping me informed at every step of the way. The entire process from start to finish was handled with great efficiency!
Was an easy experience.
Good customer service from start to finish , i received answers to my questions in a reasonable amount of time. I would recommend, and have done so with friends and colleagues.
Tanya at Quotacy was super helpful, not pushy at all, and kept us up to date with everything that was happening so we knew what to expect.
The process was very simple and easy to complete. I would recommend Quotacy to others.
I had the opportunity to engage the Quotacy team for a life insurance policy for my wife and I. The team provided the best quote I could find online and from there on was extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of setting up a policy. I have worked with another couple of companies in the past for other policies and Quotacy was by far the best experience among peer companies. I would highly recommend the Quotacy team for anyone seeking to set up an insurance policy to protect their families in the long term. Thank you Quotacy team for your awesome work and guidance!
I bought a term life policy. They handled everything quickly and professionally and then gave me a quote that was VERY price competitive. Needless to say, i bought the policy and am very happy with the result.
We were able to easily compare between 2 different companies for policies. After selecting a company, we were guided through the application process. It was quick and easy and would definitely recommend Quotacy for your life insurance needs.
The process was much more efficient than going to a traditional insurance broker. I was able to do almost everything in my spare time instead of taking time off work. All the support representatives were very helpful as well.
Had some trouble getting the promised rate from the first insurer, the Quotacy stepped up and found me the quoted rate from a different insurer. They are great!
Quick and easy experience with the best price provided - highly recommended for your needs!
The service was efficient and friendly through the entire process. Glad we chose Quotacy.
Our agent kept us completely informed throughout the process.
Very Responsive! They provided a great quote and were very responsive to questions I had without being pushy.
I came across Quotacy after not really wanting to share a ton of information that another online provider wanted. After the initial quote I had a 45 minute phone "interview" and based on my results I didn't need any further screening for my term policy. The documents were all signed electronically and required little if any real paperwork.
After trying other avenues, Quotacy surprised me! It was a seamless process, and straightforward without the usual purely sales driven approach you find on other platforms. Follow up was quick, with a single point of contact, transparency in communication, and consistency in delivery. Easy to understand, and even easier to navigate. I will recommend!
This company was easy to work with and was very responsive to all questions and concerns. Their rates and coverage were very comparable to other companies but the service was better.
From start to finish the process was very smooth. Got a quote, had a phone interview (
Quotacy made my experience quick and easy. Way easier to let Quotacy do the leg work for me.
This company is not a broker by the traditional definition. They probably spend most of their budget on inbound marketing, but their employees are not knowledgeable or helpful. We wound up getting a quote from them because they snapped my husband’s query for a quote from a particular company. I was accepted onto that insurance company and policy at the rate I wanted. My husband did not pass the health exam. He went back and took two followup exams at their request, which got different better results, but without explanation, he was denied and Quotacy dropped him like a hot potato. Brokers are supposed to find the best option for you, but this company cherry picks easy sales, does not have any insight or information, and does not work for customers. Don’t use them instead of a real broker. One last thing—even though I came through to Quotacy as a customer via my husband and we applied for the same policy and took the exam together, when I was questioning Quotacy about their very poor level of service toward my husband, they said they could not discuss it w me because I was not authorized to get details on his account. Obviously I already have the details—it was just a garbage excuse to not provide service.
The process of receiving and modifying quotes was fairly simple and the overall application process wasn't very cumbersome either for a life insurance application. I would definitely use them again as an online resource for this process.
Quick to answer questions!
Quotacy was quick and easy, and the quote was actually what I ended up paying for my life insurance. I was more than pleased.
Super easy, good customer service, great deal!
Honest, very professional, always responding in a timely manner. I worked with Cory and Erik, and they were both wonderful! I also really liked the guy that came to my house to do my “physical”. They all made this whole process very easy for me. Also, the whole thing was done when they said it would be done!
Great experience; very user friendly and did a great job communicating on status and any point at which something was required of me.
Very good communication, process was clear and transparent. Great customer service.
Quotacy helped guide me through the process of purchasing life insurance, providing me with the information I needed to choose a policy, and keeping me informed at every stage. I greatly appreciated knowing that the team at Quotacy was at hand if I needed guidance. They made finding the right plan and going through the application a breeze!
Quotacy was transparent, helpful, and professional in their interactions with me. When I had a concern, they addressed it head on and understood my point of view. I came away with what I wanted going in. If I could do it again, I wouldn't change anything.
Quotacy made the Life Insurance process very simple. They were VERY available for helping with questions and prompted me with plenty of reminders to complete each step of the process. I never had to wait on hold for a question!
Quick and an easy to use service. I was very pleased.
Tanya is great! Very knowledgeable, kind, and responsive!
I was sceptical about online application but tried it and loved it. What a great experience .I am insured with the best rate possible
They did a great job taking a confusing process and helping me along.
Sarah was well informed and very responsive to my questions. This was a quick and easy. Excellent experience.
I have a toddler and a newborn so time to do things can be few and far between. I was able to apply for and compare quotes on my phone with their very easy to use website. Their representative also kept me posted via email and never bugged me and answered all my questions in a speedy manner. My only negative was that It did take a while to actually get my final quote after applying with all of the process steps required by the actual policy company. Other than that, this site is perfect for someone who doesn't have a ton of free time and appreciates the ease of doing everything electronically.
Would recommend highly, quick response time, answered all questions.
Quotacy made finding and applying for life insurance as painless as it could be. They handled most of the details and kept me informed about what was required of me and what steps to follow to get my policy instated. Their staff was pleasant and friendly and responded quickly to my emails. I'm very happy with the service Quotacy provided.
Quick setup, responsive customer service, and overall great experience.
I've gone directly through a company in the past and having Quotacy there to answer questions helped a ton. I'd happily recommend them to friends if anyone is looking for life insurance. They were knowledgeable, prompt, and kept me updated throughout the whole process.
My experience with Quotacy was really great! The customer service was prompt, genuinely helpful, and pleasant. The agents were knowledgeable which meant a lot to me. I am very pleased with the service and help that I received from this company.
I found Quotacy on Google, looking for a life insurance. And I was really impressed with the service provide by the Quotacy Team. They were all very efficient, friendly and made the process of get my life insurance set up very easy and fast. I really do recommend Quotacy.
Had a very good experience with this company! Received emails constantly updating me through the whole process!! Thank you!
Great help from start to finish, kept me informed each step of the way
Quotacy was great. The process was very simple and fast. They answer any questions you might have along the way. Great service overall. Will recommend.
They enabled me to get the insurance I needed with a minimum of inconvenience.
We had a great experience. Very professional and thorough. Quick response times. Thoroughly answered all of our questions, including how to navigate regarding a precious experience being turned down for life insurance due to a false positive for nicotine.
I was kept up to date on the process every step along the way. Tanya, the agent that worked with me, was very courteous and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Quotacy.
Great quality of service!
Working with Quotacy over the past month, has really been a great experience. They provided me with all the information that I asked for and even went a step further, by following up to make sure my questions were answered. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a reliable company to help with all of their future insurance needs.
Excellent. Made life insurance shipping easy.
I had a great experience buying life insurance through Quotacy. They responded immediately to my inquiry, provided a step by step guide to my application, health exam and finalization. They were responsive to some changes I made through the process and very, very friendly to work with. highly recommend.
I was very impressed by the process of getting life insurance using Quotacy. They answered questions, helped, provided immediate feedback and were very responsive.
I was looking around for term life insurance and I got a tip from a radio show to check out Quotacy, among two others the show host recommended. I started and ended with Quotacy because Renee and everyone involved just kept moving things along so well there was no reason to do anything but complete the process with them. Thank you!
Would highly recommend Quotacy. They really helped me out with the process of the initial decision, but then also all the way through completion. Great work guys!!
I was always updated so i knew exactly where i was in the process. Cory was very helpful!
Since my employer doesn't offer a life insurance plan, I was forced to seek one out myself. I was hesitant to use a "broker", mainly because I typically like working directly with a company - but I am SO glad I found you guys. Renee, my rep, was so great at communication during the process. I was so relieved to have someone that I could quickly email with questions or issues, as opposed to sitting on hold waiting to speak to someone at a call center. While it took longer than I expected to get a plan in place, I know that had nothing to do with Quotacy. Thanks again!
The team at Quotacy is proactive, highly responsive, and easy to work with. I had a seamless experience obtaining life insurance through Quotacy.
Everything was coordinated with my rep who kept me informed throughout the whole process via personal email. It was a great personal experience and had someone with me the whole time. Made it super easy finding the right life insurance to protect my family.
Total process was fairly painless. Some confusion over timing after the medical test and it took longer to activate my policy than I expected. In my opinion, the timeline could have been made clearer.
I found Quotacy online after sorting through tons of confusing life insurance information. I landed on their website through a search trying to define some unclear insurance terminology. I found the information on "why get life insurance" and other great info helpful and contacted them. They were quick to respond, discussed options to address gray areas in my health record, and guided me to streamline my options; considering health acceptance and affordability. Throughout the process, they served as a middleman to answer questions, give me feedback on all steps of the process, and get me insured fastest. My agent Cory Anderson is very professional and had to answer many questions from me patiently throughput the process. I didn't pick him since I had sent a general contact form to Quotacy on their website. So it tells me folks at the company are pretty good, since he reflects the culture there. I would recommend everyone to use Quotacy to get a good rate on life insurance. If you've got questions, or any gray areas in your health etc, you want to be able to explain your unique circumstances beyond just an application form. You want confusing questions on an insurance form explained, and your own questions answered. That's the only way to get a good match for insurance in all areas including fair ratings and affordability. I highly recommend these guys.
Process to get insurance was quick and easy. Everyone was very professional. I would recommend this company.
Simple and quick to get a quote and get life insurance set up.
My experience with Quotacy was great and the process of getting life insurance was made easy. I was kept updated on the progress of my policy and any additional information that was needed. Everyone was nice and professional. I would highly recommend using Quotacy.
Quotacy made the process easy.
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