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Prudential Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Prudential
Year Founded: 1875
City: Newark
State/Province: NJ
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 842-1718
Overall average rating of 1.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 11 %
I have had limited interaction with Prudential and I like it that way. Their website is easy to use to get done what you need to get done and otherwise, I do not really need to interact with the company. The options are exactly what I need and the policy suits me. What more is there to say?
PRUDENTIAL STOLE 33 YEARS. I'm a disabled, diabetic, heart patient who survives on Social Security and food stamps. Just after my first daughter was born I bought a modest life insurance policy from Prudential. From 1986 until now I never missed a monthly payment. Twice along the way I needed to take out small loans against the policy, about $3k total. Both times I was informed the loans need not ever be repaid. The loans plus interest would be deducted from settlement when I passed away. In fact they encouraged me not to pay them back. They advised me to enjoy the benefit for being a long time loyal client, but really they just wanted the interest to grow.After over twenty years of "no contact" from Prudential they sent a demand letter for immediate payment of interest. Within the week "Heather" from Prudential called me. She told me her records indicated no one from Prudential had reached out to me in, literally, decades and wanted to apologize and find out if there was anything she could do for me. I told her about the demand letter and my financial situation. She promised this was some sort of error and she would correct it as soon as she hung up. She did not. Three days later The notice of cancelation arrived. Subsequent calls to Prudential have been fruitless. I explain it to them only to be bounced to someone else to start all over, 5 times then disconnected.Can someone help me understand how this is acceptable. Why would they ignore me for decades then change their own rules, without notice, then backstab a loyal client? It seems to me they must have access to my medical records and know I'm getting closer every day to needing the death benefit. I'll bet they search for ways to terminate the older clients before settlement comes due.These people played me for 33 years and I hope to maybe protect someone else from this predatory business behavior. Please repost this everywhere you can. Any constructive advice or ideas will be greatly appreciated. I was hoping Prudential would find a corporate conscience and do the right thing. I would like my family to have enough money to dispose of my remains and maybe split a pizza.
A couple days ago, my wife and I tried calling Prudential Life Insurance department to cash in/withdraw this small life insurance policy my parents had for me growing up. My wife and I just got our own policies on each other and my parents no longer wanted to pay on mine and my siblings' policies so they told us to either take the same payments over or cash them in. Anyways, so my wife and I tried doing that a couple days ago and the lady we dealt with told us she was unable to help us because we needed to call this other department to get our banking information changed (why? but who knows). But of course it was past the time that department was there so we needed to call back tomorrow.Today, I tried calling that department this morning by myself and they kept calling me ma'am even though my wife has nothing to do with this policy and I kept telling them I was the insured but they kept calling me ma'am. After being put on hold a few times they lady got back on the line just to tell me it takes 12-48 hours to process and they would be calling me back and that was the only information she could give me.So, I called the first number my wife and I called a couple days ago (the customer service number) and again after being put on hold again several times, and being called ma'am several times they were unable to help me even though I answered all the questions correctly because I AM THE INSURED and told me they would call me back in 12-48 hours. Who knew this would be such a long drawn out process. I am thankful my wife and I didn't go with Prudential with our new life insurance policies. I will be thankful when I don't have to deal with Prudential again. #veryunsatisifiedcustomer
In 2004 my brother who was a NJ state employee passed. Prudential never contacted me to say I was the sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy worth over 100,000, instead allowed my sister-in-law to assume my identity and steal the money.
I paid premiums for about three years for a Homeowner's Policy. Reviewing the policy, I did not see the words 'manufactured home' anywhere. I contacted the agent and after exchanging a number of emails, his management advised that I should get a policy from another company because manufactured homes were not covered. I have requested to be reimbursed because I paid for something I NEVER had for all that time. I am still waiting for a response and I will update this information if/when I get one!
My son recently passed away at the age of 50years, 11months. I have held a life insurance policy of which I am the sole beneficiary since shortly after his birth. The policy was for the sum of $1000.00. Upon his death I attempted to file a claim. Because there had been an active child support levy placed upon said policy, I was informed that I would need to contact the Dept. Of Revenue to request this levy be removed before I would be able to collect the death benefit. I understand per their customer rep that this is Prudential policy in these situations and does not necessarily reflect how other life insurance companies deal with similar situations. I am extremely disappointed with their response especially after having been a customer for almost 51 years.
I signed up for a VUL policy 9 month ago for mine and my wife with the interest of life insurance protection and the investment. I had a series of meetings with this Sales agent from Prudential clearly stating my objective. I clearly told him I'm not interested in paying him outrageous fees and commissions for investment, I would rather have a simple term life insurance. He assured me repeatedly selling a VUL Insurance policy saying that the fee will be minimal for the investment after deducting the market driven insurance premium cost. I trusted him and signed up for it.I'm reviewed my second quarterly statement and found out that they are taking more than 30% of my monthly premium as fees and admin. charges. I've been trying to reach out to him to explain this outrageous scam. He's not responding to my calls and messages. I stopped my premium starting this month until I get more clear directions and answers. I guess my hard earned 9,000$ is gone. It's supposed to be for my children's college fund. Please be aware of these kind of Prudential Sales Agents. Am I allowed to list his name and number, so that others won't get trapped into his lies.
Just had the worst experience with Prudential! They sold my elderly mother a VUL life policy in 2001. She had no way of understanding it because she is native Japanese and has terrible understanding of the English language. She paid into it around 60,000 dollars, they gave no help in managing her portfolio so it basically was worthless. Because of the way the policy works as you reach the end of your life, they will increase the policy premiums so high that if you're living on SS or limited income it will be very difficult to pay. I had to cancel it and they screwed me out of my last 500.00 dollars that was left in her portfolio after 16 years. I would not recommend this company they will try to use every effort not to pay out.
Even though I did not have the best experience with JustFab, I would like to take the time to say thank you to the complaints team who handled my complaint efficiently. The items I received were amazing but I did not know I was signing up for a membership. When I expressed my anger I was relieved to find how helpful and understanding the staff were and they were amazing and supportive in dealing with my issues. Customer service aspect of this company and the products are Just FAB! However the terms and conditions do need to be more clear.
My brother passed away on Sept 13, 2017. My younger brother J is executor of his estate. He has started probate and received the Writ of Testimony that allows him the power to have access to my dead brother's assets. One of these is from Prudential Life Insurance. He has made multiple calls and so have I. We have provided all the documentation more than once. We are promised a letter with the amount that we could submit to probate. The letter never came. We called again and were told that they received none of the documentation even with the fax cover letter saying it was received at the number we were given. We had even called to make sure they received the fax and was told they had received it.Today I called again and was told that they had not received any of the documentation so we faxed it again to the number that they requested it be sent to. I was told by the case manager Tovanna that within 30 to 60 minutes she would call back with the information that we had requested. That did not happen. We were then told it had to go to some committee and we would get it in 24-48 business hours. That did not happen either. What is up? No one at that company seems to know what they are doing. I would not personally ever use Prudential for anything and will certainly tell everyone I know and on social media to avoid them. I wish there were negative stars. I cannot express to you how awful this company is!
My experience with Prudential Retirement with late payments has been a monthly currency since day one it seems. For someone who is on a medical disability and is relying on these funds monthly to compensate my creditors. I depend on these funds to be provided in a timely manner as promised. However when funds don't arrive as promised, it becomes a problem with my creditors. I was under the misunderstanding that it was my bank causing the funds not being in place when needed. After almost a year and still having issues, and as much as I kept giving Prudential the benefit of the doubt, enough is enough. According to Prudential my March payment was issued on the 23rd of Feb. so the postal service could have by the 26th of Feb. for delivery on or about the 1st. Well here we are on the 9th and still no funds, wait they say. Praise God my creditors have been understanding, but in the past it has cost me late fees, overdraft charges, and re-connection fees. Caught Between A Rock and A Hard Spot!!!
I have 2 life insurance policies with Prudential that I have had since the 70's. I received a cold call from my Prudential agent telling me that if I cashed in my policies I could buy paid up insurance that would provide a death benefit that would be greater than the value of the 2 policies that I have now. When I contacted him 2 weeks later and said I wanted to go ahead with the new policy he said the policy had gone up and I would have to pay $1600 extra. That sounded like bait and switch to me but it was still a good deal so I decided to continue with the process. Shortly after that, I got a letter from Prudential indicating that the policy had been rejected on "procedural" issues. In essence, blaming the agent. The letter stated that they would give me the reasons in writing if I would send a letter requesting the information. I did so. Hearing no response, I called. The man I talked to blamed my agent. I called my agent. He told me Prudential told him that I should call the same number that I had already called. I called again. This time the man I talked to told me that because the letter that I sent requested the "documents" that they used to deny the policy instead of "the specific information" that they used to deny the policy. They couldn't respond because the letter was "vague". In addition, since I am now older they can't write the policy anyway. I don't believe that in all my life I have been treated so poorly by any major corporation. Look elsewhere.
I have been making contributions to my company's 401K with Prudential for over 8 years. I recently was put in the position of having to move on short notice and wanted to use my 401 K monies as a hardship withdrawal to pay for my new principal residence, which my plan allows. Prudential told me initially that it would only take 48 hours to process this request. Two weeks later and now they are finally releasing the funds, but AFTER deducting 20% for taxes! I'm buying a principal residence with these funds, they should be exempt from taxes!! The woman handling my request kept asking for additional documentation to the point my realtor was having to make up forms not required in the state where I was buying and she even made the seller PROVE his identity (the purchase was partially owner financed)!! This was hugely embarrassing and the long delay blew our closing date, and now I'm out of thousands of dollars I had needed for the closing costs! I'm out of a house, total loss of 3 weeks time and the rude B.... had the nerve to tell me to "enjoy my new home"!! What NEW HOME?!! It's gone and she freaking blew the whole deal!! If I had put my money in savings bonds or Sharebuilder I would have had no problems getting it out to buy a home. I will never use Prudential again!! Buyer BEWARE!! This woman from Prudential several times inferred that I was not sufficiently sophisticated to manage my own finances, really annoying and insulting. Her requests for additional documentation took on the feel of harassment. My plan documentation clearly spells out what documents I needed to get a hardship withdrawal, but after submitting these, she was still not satisfied and kept asking for more information. Her demand that I get a letter from the seller with all his contact info, signature, etc seemed ridiculous and completely unnecessary. I wasn't asking her to approve the home sale, just pass over MY MONEY so I could get into housing. I'm SOL now.... I will be out thousands of dollars in hotel costs and will miss out on my opportunity to get my moving expenses covered by my new employer. Talk about being completely screwed.... Additionally, during the period they managed my funds, they twice sold all my holdings with NO warning or notice and completely reinvested all my money in noncomparable funds. If I had not been watching it, I would have lost hundreds of dollars as the new funds were not earning anywhere close to what my old selections earned. It was never explained to me why they changed the funds out. Watch out for their automatic rebalancing. All it does is move your money into funds that are not performing as well.
My mother died on 11/11/2012. I received a life insurance pay-out check from Prudential Life drawn on Wachovia of Delaware. The amount was just over $1300. I signed the back, deposited it into an ATM (not my bank) in the same town I live. It was returned to the bank as "Returned, Not Authorized." After a long exasperating conversation with a woman from Prudential, I learned(?) that Prudential cleared the check on December 27. That took over 2 hours. I took the check to my bank, Hills Bank of Coralville. The helpful bank manager phoned Prudential (and got the same claim that the money was either in Freedom Bank's ATM or in my account). She then spent another half hour with Wachovia/Wells Fargo. They said to put it through again. She did. The same thing happened. We were told that if the second time failed, Wells Fargo/Wachovia would wire the money directly into my account. It failed the second time, the same thing. I got a returned unauthorized check that again was charged back from my bank account. I phoned my banker who said she would not send it through a 3rd time nor phone for a wire transfer. I phoned Prudential who finally got me to a supervisor who then told me to fax the information (February 15). Today, I spent another hour dealing with this mess. I was told that it would be "reviewed." I love that Prudential offers condolences and then treats me so poorly. My siblings did not have this problem. I believe I am owed more than an apology as my time alone was over 6 hours and I got no interest, etc. I do not believe I am the only victim of this scam. I have sent this along to my late mom's estate attorney.
Prudential is refusing to accept information given to them from lawyers so they can stall paying out on my pension. This was supposed to be a simple 'go/no go' piece of information. They will not act on the information even though I have a copy of the exact same letter in front of me clearly stating what they need to know. I requested a copy from the lawyers. Prudential stated details of protected rights on a policy in a letter dated from 2002 but now suddenly they say that that is not the case. The lawyer has told me this over the phone with a copy of the original letter in his hand. So when did that change? I wasn't told that my policy had been altered. How convenient. Dodgy springs to mind.The other agencies involved in this case have been helpful keeping me informed and answering all my questions. Prudential however have been vague, guarded, slow to respond to any correspondence and generally unpleasant to deal with. The other agencies are in agreement with me and we are all on the same page, so to speak, they are now in the process of writing to Prudential to try to clarify the situation. I can understand the letters and information received from the agencies involved so what is up with Prudential, why do they need it spelling out, are they thick, are they awkward, are they greedy? I find it infuriating that a professional organisation of this size can act in this manner and treat badly the very people they rely on to keep them going as a business.It seems that they can sit on letters for as long as they like without doing anything and there is nothing we can do as consumers when it comes to this organisation. All I get from them is "we are looking into it" and "will let you know", but they can't give time frames. They have repeatedly sent the same junk letters of no help to me when requesting further information on the progress of my request. Their website is a joke, you cannot open two pages in one browser, making it impossible to cross reference any material, it's so slow it's like trying to work on dial up, are you serious, in this day and age. They will not send out emails to you, I have asked, because their server is not secure, their words not mine. This is not fake, I hope to release all correspondence to whoever can do something about this or is interested enough that it will shake companies like this so they improve their customer experience. I am currently referring this to the ombudsman.
I purchased many years ago for my two children who are now adults. The boy's policy automatically converted to his ownership when he became 21 years old!! I pay the insurance premiums and tried to get this cleared up but I'm still “communicating" with them... they insist on electronic contact as the most effective and efficient but I'm an "old dog" and prefer mail and paper!
I took out a whole life policy in 1983. In 2007, I lost my job. By 2009, I was in dire need of funds when I could not locate a job. As I had been paying on this policy for so many years, I wanted to see if it had cash value. I was told I could take a loan on the policy for $12,000. If I did not pay it back, the face value of policy would decrease by that amount. In 2013, I just received a letter from Prudential that my $1 k loan was now over $17k and if I did not pay $617.00, I would default and give me only 30 days to pay it. Plus, they were going to report the now $17k to the IRS for taxes. I asked for a review and they said "tough luck" and I would have to pay it. I don't have the money in such a short time. I asked if I could have two payments and the answer was NO. Pay it or default. I've been a customer for over 30 years and this is what I got. PLEASE, NO ONE EVER TAKE OUT A PRUDENTIAL POLICY. Insurance is supposed to help you when you are older, not destroy you.
I'm trying to get information on my Father's life insurance policy. I sent Prudential our Power of Attorney Agreement 5 times (4 by fax to two different numbers, and once by certified mail). After acknowledging receipt, they still won't provide information, saying my Father's account is not in their system. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here holding all of the documents and letters from Prudential, literally reading them over the phone to their service reps. This is just bad customer service. They are not trained to help. They're only trained to take information and pass you along to another person. Meanwhile, my Father can't apply for Medicaid because Prudential is not supplying the information he needs to complete the paperwork.
I have group life through my employer. I have riders which are my daughter and my husband. My husband and I were divorced. I kept the insurance because we have a minor child together. I didn't know that in divorce he was no longer covered. Prudential never notified me that the rider policy was no longer allowed due to divorce and they continued taking my premiums. My ex husband died unexpectedly on 3/12 and now Prudential doesn't want to pay because we were not still legally married.I was never notified from Prudential when I got divorced that he would no longer be covered. I signed papers making me responsible for his funeral because I had this policy and because he had a massive stroke at my daughter's birthday party. I feel grief all over again. We have life insurance to put our loved ones always respectfully. My daughter is 9 and has to deal with not having her father here. We were divorced but we were still each other's dependent. If a domestic partner can be covered on a rider why is my ex-husband not covered?
Prudential has always been responsive to the changes in my life. Whenever I have wanted to make a change to my life insurance policy the reps. at Prudential have been courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. The company has never been pushy or aggressive about trying to get me to buy more insurance.
I spoke to 9 people during the massive runaround they gave me but NONE of them could simply update the mailing address for future correspondence regarding my deceased mother's contract (1099's, etc). One guy asked if she could come to the phone! I will never be a Prudential customer.
I requested a financial hardship and sent in all the paperwork they told me to. A week later I received a phone call stating I needed to send in a notarized letter with my wife's information so I sent that information in as well. Today I received a phone call saying the paperwork was all expired and I needed to re-submit everything. I am in danger of being evicted and should have been told the first time that the paperwork would expire within a few days. I spoke with a manager as well and she was very uncooperative. I have changed my contribution rate to zero and will never invest with this company ever again.
My wife and I each bought $100,000 whole life policies in 1990. We were told false interest earnings and were told that the policies would pay for themselves (abbreviate) in 9 years. 9 years pass and we were still paying and would have to pay for at least 13 years. Then, Prudential loses their huge class action lawsuit. As part of the class, we opt for the ADR individual appeal. Prudential agrees to "abbreviate" the policies. Yea, right. The following year, we each receive a bill for the policies for $40, next year, $60, etc. My policy got up to $150/year and they claim this is what I agreed to. Never. I'm so angry that I cash in my policy but leave the wife's in effect. Finally, in 2010 or so, my wife's policy requires no payment from us. I'm convinced that Prudential, who admitted they were wrong, mind you, continued charging "term life" prices just to anger people to the point of cashing in their policies, even though they lost the lawsuit. Now, at this age, even $150/year for a $100,000 is a steal but at the time, when they said they would abbreviate the policy, annual increases were outrageous. Hate this company forever. I like the box below about the attorney! Can't afford one, but would LOVE to hurt Prudential.
My parents paid premiums their whole life. Incredibly extensive paperwork was required by PLI after their "normal" deaths. They requested again after they kept the originals. They won't pay out $1100.
I was paying for a supplemental Life policy on my Husband through my employer. Sadly he passed away in 2011. I was told by Prudential I had not sent in the proper paperwork yet it was coming out of my paycheck every 2 weeks. I did send in the forms asking about medical history a week after I received it. When my husband died I was given the insurance policy paid by my employer. I cant believe such a large well known company would take advantage of people going through such trauma. I paid for the funeral and was left with nothing. I have had to sell what little I had and relocate to live with my Son. I have sent letters and am being ignored. The more I think of it the more pissed off I become especially when I hear they have a habit of getting out of paying however they can. Its just sad.
I became hospitalized for 76 days. While I was in hospital boyfriend wrote checks out of account. I mailed, faxed, mailed and called called and called some more to have my account changed and new checks issued been over one month and they keep saying they will call me back. They have my money and refuse to offer me the new account number or close my account. They have hung up on me 2 times. Horrible people.
I had a pension plan with Prudential as I was laid off and I asked for a rollover my funds (service agent name Martisha) to Prudential Mutual Fund IRA Account. I filled out the form they requested and sent it out and waited for the fund to be deposited directly to IRA in March. However I received a check at my home mailing address In April, I called Prudential (service agent name: Carla), and explained the situation with Pruco Mutual Fund Address. They said they would voided the check and issued a new one to IRA.Waited a while and again in April, I received another check in my home address. I call them back (talked to Catherine, supervisor) and explained the situation and gave them Mutual Fund address. They said it would take 7-10 business days to process and issue a new check directly to Mutual Fund IRA. Waited a week and check my account, the fund was not there. Checked again in May (service agent name Skylar) on May 27, it still was not there. I called them again today (June 9, 2017) and talked to another supervisor (Ms. **) and she said as the mailing (according to her it was mailed on May 24, 2017) must has been delayed etc. Now in June, I still do not have fund in IRA account. What happened to my money?
Prudential is an innovative company and guided me through all the steps involved to set up my account 25 years ago. They provided me an in-depth look at the length of time it would take to pay and suggested I select a "whole life" account vs. a "term" account. I can even borrow and the funds.
This company has given me the runaround for months. For some reason or another, they will come up with reasons to try to cancel my policy or need large amounts of money to continue. Every time I call in, they have a different answer than the one before. They place you on hold for very large lengths of time. Have never dealt with a company this horrible.
My mom passed away 5 weeks ago and Prudential mailed me forms to fill out because I am the beneficiary of her life insurance policy. I requested to be paid in a lump sum. Instead, Prudential took it upon themselves to place the money into their own accounts calling it my "alliance account" and stated that they would send me checks to use to draw from the account. I received a letter the other day from them stating this, but have not received these checks yet. When I called to complain that I did not authorize them to hold my money, they told me that they could send me a check for the amount due me but this would incur additional processing charges to mail it to me. I believe this is fraud. They have some nerve and have no right to hold people's money at their will to do so. I am furious.
I signed up for a term life insurance policy in 1989 with my children as riders. My agent left Prudential shortly after the policy went into effect. Since then I have not had any representation since them. About a year ago a rep from Prudential called to tell me my son has aged out and if he wants his own policy. I said no. I come to find out he aged out at 25 and when the call was made to me he was 30 years old. I also stated that my younger son did was 28 and did not want his own policy. They did not reduce my premiums until last month. I also found out my policy has not been offered by Prudential for many years. My policy is considered an "orphan policy". I requested a refund of all my premiums since I have not been represented in all these years, I was not informed I could convert my policy to something else. I contacted the Ohio Department of Insurance with my concerns. They did not side with me or Prudential. I suspended my premiums until this matter is resolved. I have been told by both ODI and Prudential that if I pay up the last 2 months they will re-instate my policy. They have no problem asking for my money.
In 1997 I was offered a whole life policy through Prudential by my new employer. Assuming whole life meant there was some value accrued, I accepted the offer. When I turned 60, there was a substantial increase which was unexpected since I'd never received a copy of the actual policy. And I started noticing that the cash value was about $30 after 15 years of payments. Then I became extremely ill, cancer being part of it. This year my payments almost doubled and my cash value was $0. In the confusion over what exactly my bill was and finding a house and moving, somehow I guess I was late even with auto payments (can't have been by more than a couple of weeks) or they changed the due date. Now my policy is cancelled because I'd "let it lapse" and I received a refund check for my last payment. That doesn't make sense. Plus to reinstate, I have to prove insurability. Seems they were just waiting for the 1st chance to get rid of my policy. I don't even know who to contact to have them look into this.
Prudential provided an initial quote for the policy. After health exam was completed, Prudential said they would now rate the quote. I asked why and to send me the reason. They sent me a clock face test report that was not created by me. Prudential created a false test report to require me to pay a higher premium. Definitely a bait and switch situation. Not a trustworthy company to deal with. There are plenty of honest insurance companies to work with.
My mom passed away a couple of months ago. My family and I had to make changes to the current policy owners. I received the changes a past due notice that stated a policy amount for July was due. Payment was made when my mom was still living. I called and the rep said that one policy was a month behind. I told her when the payment was made and she claimed it was for a prior month. I find it strange that only one policy of the four was behind a month when my mom paid all of them at once. I asked for a breakdown of payments made because I needed to verify that what they were saying was correct. The rep said okay and then tried to sell me some Prudential products. I told her it was unprofessional and classless as I was dealing with the death of my mother and not looking for products. I never received the detailed information and we (my sister is owner of two policies now) never received any coupon booklets to make payments. My sister called and she was informed that the insurance has lapsed. We never received a booklet or invoice. My lawyer will review this.
I was told I do not need a financial adviser. When the tax free withdraw over 5 years seemed to be not enough cash, I took funds out in small amounts. Now I owe a huge amount to the IRS. They already took 20% and now they want more, Prudential just sat back and watched me make these horrible mistakes. Now I am screwed. Thank you so much. At 50, what am I supposed to do now? Start over again, I'm not doing that, criminals all of them.
My husband of 48 years died quite suddenly on 2/20/13. I was always the beneficiary but because he divorced me in 2005, I was denied. No one knew we needed to add ex-wife to the name by Ohio law. I have a funeral bill and other bills. I have been jacked around relentlessly. My attorney just received a check today for the estate. Of course, he gets a large chunk of it. I was only away from my husband 3 months and he begged me to come home.
I was trying to withdraw from my 401k for a month. It is a teamster 401k. Both my former employer and local teamsters rep has contacted Prudential and sent in all paperwork and I have called many times and they refuse to release funds due to me leaving the company. Every time I call, it is a different story; the last was a third party had to update status. Then I contacted the third party Gemgroup and my former employer did also. They said they updated the status to Prudential over a week ago and yet every time I have called this week, they act like nothing has happened on the account. Scranton, PA is the office of my former HR director, has talked to his rep and the Gemgroup. They both said it should take 2 days after the Gemgroup updates the status. My former employer said that I should be cut a check on Tuesday the 13th. This never happened and Prudential continues to say no withdrawal. What can I do? I have mounting bills, no unemployment at this time and I'm getting behind on credit card payments. Late fees are huge. I want them to give me my money or pay for all the late fees I have incurred on many different bills.
OSGLI Veteran's Life Insurance - I called to verify that my coverage had DOUBLED at my 50th birthday. I have paid for 18 years on time, since I left the military. The response that I received was "Yes, that is correct. You can cancel at any time, if you wish."
After 6 months of working with Prudential, they still are asking for more information - the same information I have multiple times over 6 months sent to them in writing by mail or filed on their website. They continually ask for the same documents that I have already submitted and I sent to where they have told me to send it - still not getting it. Luckily if you go high enough up the ladder of supervisors, you will get an American. I have communicated with American employees over the phone and email (sending the same documents already sent). Their main customer service is in the Philippines, while nice people, they do not understand how life policies work. Their hands are tied too. They do not have email - imagine anyone in today's world without email capacity. I have been a broker for 30 years selling life insurance policies, I will never put my client's heirs through this horrible mess by selling or referring them to Prudential again. If I could give a 0 rating I would due to the extreme stress and distress they have caused me - especially at such a sad and difficult time as my father's death 6 months ago.
My life insurance agent couldn’t add my beneficiaries on 3 attempts. Kept getting notices from Pru that it was incorrect. I just did it myself. The agent was too busy pushing a variable annuity down my throat and when I asked if he had one he never responded. Customer service is horrible and the variable life policy that I purchased 15 years ago was sold as an investment, which performed poorly. Life insurance agents need to stick to life insurance and not push high commission products. Ken ** should never recommend a variable annuity to someone who is dying and needs access to their money without any penalties or pay 3% a year in fees. Only reason why they push this product is because the insane commission of 6%. That’s 6k for selling a 100k annuity vs $180.00 commission doing the right thing for the customer. Dept of Insurance should investigate churning and illegal marketing.
For some unknown reason I am entitled to a minute amount money from Prudential Life Insurance listed under my deceased husband's name through my state. I have contacted Prudential headquarters, sent all requested information, including death certificate, and no one at Prudential can tell me what the money is for. Actually, they have "no record" of my husband. This has gone on for the past 5 years. As far as I know he may have had a life insurance policy. What to do?
On April 1, 2011 I received a letter from Prudential regarding my terminated 401K from SSL Americas Inc. The company was sold and I am still employed by the successor organization. I am 42 years of age and have two young children. I was told that if I did nothing by June 1, 2011, my account valued at well over $180,000.00 would be rolled over into a Prudential IRA. This was fine with me. For the next two years, I monitored the account on the internet website and was pleased that my mutual fund choices were still the same and the account was doing pretty well. There was no change in the title of the account and I assumed it was an IRA, and the calls I made to the company provided no further information.On May 8, 2013 I received a letter from Prudential advising that the plan administrator at Prudential had purchased an Annuity for me that was irrevocable and that plan payments had already begun. I received two checks for $685.22 each. I would never have agreed to this annuity purchase at my age. They created a terrible tax situation for me that will probably cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a professional fiduciary??? Now I face unknown tax events along with the loss of my life savings, which I had planned to use for my children's education. How can I get these incompetent plan administrators at Prudential to correct this travesty and put my money back into a rollover IRA where it should always have been? I believe that there may be criminal fraud here as the commissions on this annuity are substantial. Prudential told me that they have to research this and will call me in three business days. In the meantime, I am drafting complaints to the SEC and State Insurance Commissioner. Hope you can help.
My father passed away early this year. After spending time to mourn, my family proceeded to fill out all the required forms given to us by Prudential. The completed forms were mailed to the company and weeks go by with no response. Upon a call to Prudential, I learned the forms were placed on a desk of a worker and when they would get to it they would. Not satisfied, I was told I could fax the documents, which I did. Months would go by and every time I would call, I was told they need the same documents, again. After myself and my father's previous employer sent in all required documents for the 3rd time, we were told the checks were going to be overnighted for all the hassle. Days would go by and no checks. With each phone call came new excuses as to "why" the checks were never sent. Prudential claiming they needed additional information from my family or previous employer. Even though they verified every form with every phone call. To this day, we still have not received my father's policy. I've spoken to every manager and Prudential still promises that the "check is in the mail". Sadly, my family has given up on receiving any money that is rightfully ours. Shame on Prudential for not making this right!
I have had a sickness/disability policy for well over 20 years. And as far as I can remember, it has been over 20 since I last claimed for 4 weeks pay when I ripped my shoulder out. October 2013 I was involved in a non fault car accident, which put me out of work for just over 7 weeks. I could have claimed my loss of income from the third party, but as legal matters take time, I elected to use my prudential policy, after all, I have not claimed on it for years. ''What a mistake to make.''I have endured so much incompetence, from staff that are quite frankly ''appalling''. After continually complaining on the phone I started to write in and complain. Both Complaints were up held, and a check for 50.00 was sent each time. What started as a simple claim, has now taken over my life, as I battle to get the small amount that is owed to me. The stress of dealing with company has now taken its toll, and I have been diagnosed by my doctor, as suffering from depression. I recently contacted the person in the complaints department, who to be honest is on the ball and very efficient, unfortunately not being able to access the relevant paper work he is out on a limb when it comes to dealing direct with clients. A real shame, as his department seems to be run very efficiently. I have just received another letter, ignoring all my requests of how they should access the information they require. So the fight will go on and my health will deteriorate further. So I congratulate you prudential, on supplying a sickness policy that does just that. (makes you sick)P.S. I didn't go to my accountant for confirmation of my incapacity, (as you suggested). You see he's not really medically trained to the level of my physiotherapist, and his core skills are in the title of his profession.
For a $43,000 whole life plan converted from employer plan, the premiums are $333.51 per month payable until age 85. I am currently 70 and by the time I reach 85, I would have paid $56,363.19. To break even, I need to die before age 80. Even the conversion to a term plan that ends at age 80, the rate is $370.66. Now tell me that makes sense. A term plan with a rate bump at 5 years costs more than a whole life plan.
Prudential is an innovative company that provides great service and reasonable rates. They are a very approachable company that looks out for their clients. Representatives are easy to work with and provide the necessary information to their clients. They are low pressure and care about those they do business with.
I am a Beneficiary and I have been attempting to receive funds from an account for over 6 months. Prudential has gone out of its way to disallow me this right. Their customer service is not emphatic to my situation and they make up reasons to not pay me such as saying my paperwork has expired. It's expired because you didn't process it in time! Hello! So I have to do it again. I've called and asked to speak to a supervisor, don't worry about that they have bad training. Today I spoke to a customer service agent named BeBe who was rude and unsympathetic. She just repeated the same sentence to me over and over again like a robot instead of trying to explain why or what was happening. I am in customer service management myself and I have been horrified by this company. After jumping through their hoops and hopefully actually receiving funds from my late father's account I will never do business with Prudential again.
I work for a company with 5,000 employees and they offer a 403b (same thing as 401k) as the only company sponsored retirement plan. For years I contributed thousands of dollars into it, and so has my employer. I went to log in to my account to check the balance. It said the account was "deactivated". I have no idea why, all I ever do is check the balance. It has said this for 2 weeks. I've called twice. I said, "Are other people having this issue too?" "We don't know." "Are you able to fix it for me?" "We'll look into it." I can understand a technical glitch, but why is it taking so long to fix. I'm getting concerned with the vague responses. TELL YOUR HR DEPARTMENT AND EMPLOYER NOT TO USE PRUDENTIAL FOR RETIREMENT PLANS.
My mother had a policy with this company for years. She recently passed away and I filed a claim to receive her life insurance. They were very prompt. I was the slow one returning the paperwork but when they received it, they sent a check within two weeks. Great service.
I contacted Prudential about 4 days ago about how to go about cashing in a policy. My mother took out the policy when I was 6 months old so it is almost 70 years old. First I was told that they would email me the necessary form within 30 minutes. Well, it never came. So, I called back. Now I was told that because the policy was so old they would have to send the form by mail and I was told it would be overnight to my PO Box. Nothing came. So I called back again. I spoke to a csr who assured me that it had been sent. I also spoke to a "supervisor" who said just to be on the safe side she also would overnight me a form. Well neither form has ever arrived and I've gotten mail at this same PO Box address for the last 15 years without a problem. I called back again and asked the csr to check. He assured me that it would be delivered by 5:00PM on Friday, June 1 to my PO Box.No-show and I checked again on Saturday, June 2, again no form. Now tell me how difficult is it to send out a simple 1 page form. Why can't a customer be told what actually is happening and not have to call back 4+ times for something that is very simple? I was in customer service for over 40 years and this kind of service is unacceptable.
I got tangled up with this group, unfortunately. I should have seen the warning signs. They kept pushing whole life, whole life, whole life... even though I was 39. Their next big idea was for me to purchase an annuity. What a ripoff. Luckily, I got away without getting skinned too bad.
This is so nuts and the opposite of what every company does these days. You cannot set up an annual automatic payment for your term life insurance. Reasons. Well you can set up a monthly automatic payments which results in a "service fee" of $4-$5 a month which in turn equates to $50 a year extra. What a joke. So to avoid this charge I instead have to wait for my antiquated paper bill every year and send in a check or login online and make a payment. I know this seems easy but it is so frustrating BECAUSE guess what. If you let a long term life insurance policy LAPSE you have to get re-rated at your current age which results in a higher premium (advantage Prudential). It is just such a glaring un-customer friendly way to do business, it really irks me. Congrats MBA sitting in your office somewhere who made his/her numbers with these stupid service fee $s and more lapsed policies. You are an idiot genius.
My husband had non contributory group life insurance policy through Prudential. I was the beneficiary on the date he died. There was no change of beneficiary form on file after his death, on 11-08-2010. I was still listed as the 100% beneficiary on Jan 11th 2011. When I contacted Prudential I was told the policy was paid to a new beneficiary, a non relative even though the claim form stated she was a relative. Now Prudential says they can't communicate with me nor can they send me any paperwork. They can only send comments to the executor of his estate, who by the way was his private Nurse while he was in Hospice.
I have been permanently and totally disabled for over 10 years. I had here life policies with Prudential and cashed two in when I initially became disabled. After paying the premium for 2 years after my disability I realized that I had a waiver of premium rider and applied for the waiver. In April 2018 I was sent a letter from Prudential in which they wanted to review the waiver. In September 2018 I was told by a Prudential customer service rep that the waiver was approved and a letter of confirmation would be mailed. The letter never came and when I inquired I was told the waiver was still under review! When I told the CSR numerous times that I was informed the waiver was approved on the phone and all Prudential's call are recorded she would not even reply. My claims examiner _Lauren ** never returns a call and when I call Prudential the CSR says she is not available and does not even put me through her voicemail. What are they hiding? The denial letter arrived in February 2019 just 3 weeks before the six month premium was due! I was in a car accident in 2017 that further disabled me and had to undergo more surgery. The reason Prudential is denying my waiver is in 16 months I will be 65 and Prudential would have to forgo the premiums for 20 years -yes the policy term is for 51 years! Prudential made 8 BILLION dollars last year. For a company whose ad slogan is "Bring Your Challenges" some government agency needs to investigate the business practice of such a terrible corporation. Some Prudential employees should be held accountable as well as the CEO of this corporation.
It was very easy to get info on my life insurance policy. They also allow me to pay my yearly premiums with the dividends that accrue - very helpful when on a limited income. Then when my mother died, they processed the life insurance check within 7 days which was very much appreciated.
I have been waiting months for them to pay a claim on deceased spouse, they keep saying it's on the way, then a week passes and they didn't send it, then they say it's under review, and this has been going on and on and on -- no end in sight! It's not right, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! This stress is the last thing you need when your spouse dies.
Applied for this insurance and got denied right away, even got a letter that I got denied because of my pregnancy. 4 months later changed my status at work from full time to part time, got a letter from this company again saying that as a part time worker I was not eligible for insurance and my coverage would end the day I started part time. It appears that I was being charged for something I was never approved for in the first place... This company is nothing but a scam.
I am holding a letter from Prudential dated Jan 18, 2018 explaining her paid up policy, and interest accrued over the years. In addition is the policy number. Mind you this letter is from them. Well Mom passed away and I filed a claim. I sent an original Death Certificate to which they said they didn't receive it until I said, "Ok. Well then please send me 25.00 for another." Miraculously they found it. Now I received another letter stating they need copies of her canceled checks from 1969. Really? Does anyone keep canceled checks for 40 years? I sent a 15 pages of paperwork including the last will and testament. So here it is 2 months later and no contact. No more letters. Nothing. Seriously I wouldn't buy insurance from them if they were the last insurance company left standing. The last contact from me on June 26 was that they were investigating. I won't hold my breath on that one. I am 65 so I guess my children will have to fight this one too. OMG pathetic.
My daughter passed away and had a $10k life insurance, through her employer. The employer contacted me regarding her insurance (I didn't know she had life insurance and she had named no beneficiary). I filed a claim with her death certificate, listing my daughter's biological father (mistake).The insurance company cuts the payment in half stating that the other half will go to biological father (who was not part of her life, no contact over 40 years, no child support, etc). Yet, he is entitled to the half of her life insurance? I wish I would have left her father's name off, on her death certificate, since I was the one who supplied the information to the funeral home, and paid the full expenses. He doesn't deserve this and how does he proves that he's the father (only if the insurance company contacts him as he would have no idea that she passed away).
My father passed on Nov 1, 2016. He was a dedicated Prudential customer, with two life insurance policies (one was purchased in 1965) and an annuity. Once notified of my father's passing by the funeral home and burial service, Prudential paid the claim without hesitation. His funeral and burial were on Nov 12th. However, the same beneficiaries were to receive his annuity, but there are issues, concerns & delays. WHY? And why are the communications from Prudential so inconsistent? They are providing conflicting info and not one is seeking to resolve them and pay out this claim. It is apparent that my Dad was always taking care of his family, but Prudential is creating unnecessary delays with the payout of these funds. Just pay whoever you have listed as the beneficiaries and let us move on! Ugh!!!!
I have this life insurance free through my former employer. I like anything that is free! My employer handles this policy which means there is no work for me or my family. When the time comes that I am deceased, they will receive my life insurance total amount using one call.
I had the Whole Life Insurance with Hartford Insurance company since 1984. In 2015, this year, Prudential Insurance Company purchased the individual insurance portion and changed my Whole Life Insurance (Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Policy) to the universal life insurance. Now, they are requesting me to pay the premium of $145 a month (almost 500% increase) by saying if I do not pay that amount my insurance will be forfeited in 2016 (next year). In 1984, my insurance was calculated up to 2036 as the whole life - the premium of 34.50 a month. If I pay the requested premium every month for 20 more years, my payment will exceed the value of $50,000 policy. This is just immoral and unethical. If you, as the ConsumerAffairs services, can form a class action suit against the Prudential, I would like to be in it. In the meantime, I will be writing to the president of the Prudential Company and also filing the complaints against them with the GA State Insurance Fraud Investigation Team. Several friends of mine told me that all the LIFE insurance companies are a bunch of thieves. Now I believe it. My friends forfeited their policies when they became old. I do not want that. My life insurance is the only assets that I can leave for my sons. Please publish my review. If/when you form a class action suit, please let me know. Thank you for listening. Heartbroken mother with tears.
Wife passed away in May in 2014. Contacted by work, I was told my wife was covered by insurance policy thru work. Filled out three sets of paperwork and faxed to insurance co. Sent death certificates and everything else that they asked for. Finally receive a letter in the mail on Oct. 16 2014. It tells me that they are not paying because the autopsy stated that my wife had arteriosclerosis {hardening of the arteries for us normal folks} and that they have a sickness clause in the policy and as such they are denying the claim. How is this possible? My wife didn't ask to die or commit suicide. I have been left hanging because of the insanity of this company and its practices of ripping off the consumers of this country. Can anything be done.
My Dad and Mom had a life insurance policy through Prudential when we lived in Indiana. They were notified that all their records were burned in a fire and the policy was no longer in service. This was many years ago but I always wondered how they could get by with this.
In the process of requesting a loan on my life insurance policy I was informed I needed to fill out a change of ownership on the policy which they said would take 5 to 7 days. I did this and they lost the paperwork, so I went to an actual agent in an office. He submitted it for me and assured me that he would then request the loan as soon as the change was complete in 5 to 7 days. I contacted him approximately 14 days later and he was rude and hostile on the phone stating we were still waiting for the ownership change.That was almost 3 months ago. Every time I speak with someone in the offices or at their customer service number I am told a different story. The last straw was yesterday when I finally was told the check was processed and mailed out. I had requested it to be shipped overnight and they told me to call to see what the charge was as it ranged from $14-$30, and when it would arrive at my post office.The lady I spoke with last night got an attitude with me stating that it was a flat fee of $19.95 and I was wrong. I informed her that so far everything I have been told has been contradicted when I call back. She told me she didn't know where I got my information from but it was wrong. I told her I got it from their office. Well, the check that I was told would be here Tuesday, showed up today (Saturday) and was COD for $23.15. Well guess who gave out incorrect info - again. This company cannot get it right to save their lives. How have they even stayed in business?
My brother lives in another state. His mother passed away and left him as the beneficiary on her policy. Because he is incarcerated he made me power of attorney. For years we have had no problems withdrawing money from the account. Now that he wants to take out the last of it they do not want to pay out. For the past year I have been going back and forth with these people. The first time they sent the check, it had the wrong address on it. The second check I could not cash it because it had POA on it. I mailed it back. I spoke with a representative and told them the problem. They agreed to issue another check. I told them "POA has never been on any check before. If you can't mail a check without POA on it don't bother mailing the check because I cannot cash it." This year March I get a letter stating if the money is not claimed because the check was not cashed the money will be turned over to the state. I replied to the letter. In April they issued a check. Once again I mailed it back because I could not cash it. I went to my bank and retained a copy of a previous check they sent me to prove POA was never on any previous check. Last week I receive a check made out to me like it always had been. I deposit the check into my account. Go to the bank two days later to withdraw it to send it to my brother and they stopped payment on the check. I called them. I was told the account was closed last in June. I asked "Did my brother write and cancel the account?" I was then put on hold while in spoke with his supervisor. He gets back on the phone with an attitude and tells me "I can't release any information about this account to you." What I don't understand is if an account is closed how can you issue a check on a closed account? I then requested "If you can't tell me anything can you write him and let him know what's going on?" With an attitude he tells me "You have no say on this account so you can't tell us what to do." I checked my account yesterday and I was charged a $12.00 fee for them canceling the check. Not only was my brother done wrong and robbed by Prudential but I feel like I was also robbed by having to pay a fee for a problem they created.
Ins co. mailed out check for life ins proceeds to the beneficiary. After they accidentally sent the funds, electronically, to the deceased, State Escheated Dept. called me and told me not to cash the check as it was stopped, until this issue is resolved. They say it was their Error and they have notified the state that the transfer of funds was done in Error. Their Error. They assured me they are doing everything possible to get my money back, so they can re-issue me another check. Will this ins company be able to get my money back from the State and re-issue my check to me??
When my husband died there were so many details to deal with. We had thought we had everything set up so it would be easy, but there were things we had not thought about (like the truck title in his name only). Fortunately dealing with the life insurance was no hassle. A few phone calls, easy form to fill out, and I had the check in hand.
Agent works with you to determine your life needs and determine how much insurance is needed to take care of survivor in the case you die; makes sure that survivor can get the financial help needed to keep living the lifestyle they want and can take care of the essentials.
Life insurance benefit for my murdered daughter - I was sent 2 forms and was asked for a copy of the original death certificate. Ten days later, after Prudential found out that my daughter was murdered, they want the coroner’s report (not for the public use, including me), original death certificate to show she was murdered (no problem), attending physician (there was none) found by Broward County Sheriff's office in Pompano Beach and the police report (can't get for up to 1 year). I sent them the original death certificate, copies of the newspaper clipping showing she was murdered by ex-boyfriend, and a letter saying I can't get the other paperwork. It is hard enough for me to face the fact that my daughter was murdered. I will never see or hear from her again, but a little research on their part with the phone numbers of the detective and coroner would get this over with. I would have sent all this before, but was told by her employer, Kaplan University in Ft. Lauderdale, it wasn't necessary. I didn't even know she had a policy. I have no policy number or the amount she had while working there. I can't afford an attorney. She has 3 credit cards and student loans I may have to pay. Yet they seem to have no compassion in this terrible time for me and my family.All I have left are her ashes, a few pictures and wonderful memories, but nightmares as to what she must have felt when that man jumped in her car and shot her, leaving her in a parking lot of Walmart for someone to find, then went 7 miles and committed suicide. What can I do if they refuse to pay out?
The company I work for gets very good rates on all of our benefits. I don't normally elect the "extra" benefits other than medical, dental and vision due to the costs. I started a new position in November 2017 and elected the "AD&D" coverage on my family. My husband was in a dirt bike accident in May 2018, I verified my coverage through my Benefits Department at work, notified them of the accident which was the beginning of this nightmare. It took the Benefits Department 11 days to send the requested information to Prudential. I felt like a tennis ball between the two of them trying to verify if the information was sent over and received. Before Prudential received the claim information from my benefits department, they informed me that after it was received it would take 3-5 days for the claim to be approved once they received the claim form and death certificate (which was sent immediately). Well it's been 47 days ago and my file is still "pending review". First I was told they needed a copy of the accident report, which they received then I was told they needed a copy of the ME's report and toxicology report (which is going to take 3-6 months due to backlog). The claims adjuster keeps telling me reason why a determination cannot be made. Basically all this is, is a stall tactic to keep from paying out on a claim. This process should not take this long. You take policies out like this for financial reason in order to make it and pay out on expenses occurred from something like this.My advice is to make sure and read the entire policy before taking out any life insurance or AD&D. They don't intend to give good customer service, pay out on a claim and will make every excuse possible to keep from doing what they're in business to do. Make sure and do your homework beforehand, read all of the reviews on the company, etc before giving them your money. And get everything in writing. If you're not going to honor what you sell then you shouldn't be allowed to sell these kinds of policies and be in business. More people need to get together and stop sending their money to business like this and put them out of business. I'm still waiting on a determination, who knows when it will happen. Prudential doesn't care about their customers or their financial needs when a major life occurrence happens. All they care about is seeing how much more difficult they can make this on you in addition to everything else that's going on.
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