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Prudential Disability Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Prudential
Year Founded: 1875
City: Newark
State/Province: NJ
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 842-1718
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
I was diagnosed in Aug 2016 with breast cancer. I had every intention of returning to work after my mastectomy. After my mastectomy I developed chronic pain, Lymphedema and lost functionality on my left side. My employer fired me, they do not offer accommodations, and stated if I am not 100% unrestricted then I may not come back to work.The claims adjuster calls monthly threatening to cut off my claim. She has numerous doctor reports that state the damage is permanent. I can’t raise my left arm above chest level, I can’t lift more than 5lbs. I need help pulling clothes over my head, cooking, cleaning etc. I homeschool and have 4 kids, she states that if I can take care of them I can work. I explain that they actually take care of me... she stated since I see a counselor then it’s now a mental case and they don’t pay mental. I stated no the counselor is helping me learn to accept my new damaged life.I’ve been restricted from the website for 4 months and they have all kinds of excuses why they can’t fix my access. At the same time they place documents on the website I can’t access and I’ve requested they mail them. I feel these are deliberate tactics to say I’m not following thru. Luckily I keep a notebook of every phone call I ever made to them with names and numbers. I feel they are a highly suspect fraudulent company...
I fell ill at work in December of 2013 and it caused my doctor and I to both be concerned enough to take me out of work until we could figure out what was going on. So of course it took forever to get forms and everything going for the short term disability. It was well into April before I ever got a response approval for this which was just for one week and I did not receive that until around the first week of May 2014. Now the sad thing is I work at a hospital for 6 years and this was what I got in return, pushed out the door and never paid because I was still undergoing issues and if you don't have income, how can you possibly visit your doctor like you need to? It takes money to do anything including the meds I need to have and now I am trying to find health insurance since I am going after this company. The thing is I can't file unemployment and they let me go so it has not been easy at all. I am so disappointed at this company for being less than a consumer advocate in these unplanned situations.I tell you what, let one of them have to go through this and I assure you the rules would change, they would pay out everyone. Shame on you everyone that sits in case management at Prudential and have less than a heart. We are real people and nobody ask for medical situations to come but I know one thing: you will never be elected to be my insurance group again and if I knew what I knew now, but I will be like a whistle blower and use my story of how I was overlooked and the benefits I paid into were given as someone who worked into the company for commission.
I had purchased LTD and life Insurance under my employer and from Prudential. They mislead people with gracious benefits, and fight you when you have a claim. They will do anything to get out of paying a claim. I WILL never do business with Prudential again. I worked for the Commonwealth of PA and they dropped PRUDENTIAL! Prudential DOES NOT REPRESENT their services honestly. I rate them as the worse company for Insurance. They were sent all papers to continue my life Insurance and denied it. They had no problem collecting my premiums for years. They also have refused to honor my LTD paying 65% of my final salary. MY biggest complaint is their misrepresentation of their coverage!!!
They're in the business to take your money, not pay claims. Do not purchase from this company. As previously stated, they are in the business to take your money, not to pay fair and reasonable claims. Fraudulent business practices, lack of communication between departments and reviewers who do not, I repeat, do not have the claimants best interest in mind are common elements of this company. The reviewers will "forget" key medical documents existed, they will enlist outside sources to obtain information already received, they ignore claimants statements regarding their condition... Ultimately, they posture in hopes you will forget about your claim and not pursue it further. They are very quick to make a decision as their reviews have the company's best interest in mind. My claim was so disorganized and incorrect that I called numerous times to convey the correct information, only to have the wrong information pop up again. They automatically converted my STD claim to a LTD claim and began to demand (yes, demand) medical records and employer statements after I returned to work. All necessary information was previously provided, yet they postured to "run the clock." My claim was denied, twice, but that won't stop me from escalating this to the highest level of accountability to ensure Prudential does not continue their fraudulent SOP's.
I had short- and long-term disability through an employer. After an auto accident revealed I had severe back problems which required immediate surgery, I was placed on short-term disability. Almost 2 years later, after being told I couldn't return to work because my condition was still unstable, I watched in disbelief while Prudential approved my request for continuation and then, right before it would convert to long-term, they cancelled my approval, saying that the doctors were wrong and I could work. Subsequently, I appealed the decision and they once again overruled it. It created a fiasco and subsequently because of no income, I lost everything. Even though the doctors, specialists and Social Security agreed with me (I won SS disability the first time around), I couldn't find an attorney to take my case against Prudential. I'd recommend anyone to steer clear of Prudential.
Deceptive Practice Ltd denied with loophole in policy - In March 2009, I became disabled due to IBS, gastritis, hiatal hernia, and esophagitis. I was approved for LTD on September 1st, 2009. By November 2009, I was diagnosed with all above issues, fibromylagia, migraines, and chronic fatigue issues. Every 4 months throughout the next 2 years, I had to submit medical evidence to support my claims. By August of 2009, I had submitted 3 gastroenterologist, 2 rheumatologist, 2 neurologist, and 2 physical therapists' reports all showing and supporting that I had extreme limitations, was bedridden, had systemic symptoms all related to fibromylagia and had positive test results to show I had a positive ANA and positive anti Scl-70 results. Doctors reported numerous trigger points, muscle spasms and joint pain and fatigue. By August of 2011, I was told my policy only covered 2 years for mental illness (which by the way I was never treated for). I was told my condition was pyscho-symptomatic and would no longer be covered. I was denied 2 appeals. As my condition continued to deteriorate, Prudential refused to take any new medical evidence into account. By January of 2012, I was completely bedridden, housebound, in a wheel chair, running low grade fevers, sores all over mouth and body, polyarticular joint pain and inflammation, and unable to breathe with respiratory illness. I was told I had been misdiagnosed for the past 4 years and not only had a Fibromylagia component but had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus, Stage 2 COPD with a 49% lung function, IBS with constipation, Migraines, and polyarticular joint pain and inflammation with swollen hand joints. My MCP middle finger joint now has multiple cysts and a torn ligament due to arthritis in my hands. Prudential refused to look at numerous medical reports all supporting symptoms that are common to Fibromylagia, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Prudential refused to look at any new medical documentation in my 2 appeals that proved this was a physical disability and tried to loophole my condition into their 2-year mental illness policy. First off, fibromylagia is not a mental illness and had they looked at all symptoms and numerous reports, they would see how physically limiting my condition was. I am now on Social Security Disability and am permanently disabled and will never be able to work again. Prudential should be liable for the people whose lives they affect. They were the ones who told me I had to file for Social Security in the first place. I did not want to go on Social Security disability eventually. I had no choice and Social Security decided I had a physical disability and Prudential cut me off before I got my Social Security. It is wrong for these companies to give their employers bonuses for being able to terminate a policy. Using a doctor that works for them to determine disability and encouraging employees to find reasons that fit their loopholes for canceling policies is deceptive. They also know by the time the appeals are denied, people are either too sick to continue with their cases or are financially unable to fight these cases. They make the process impossible to fight.
Out of work to have hardware removed from ankle. Unable to drive or walk. Only 5 weeks post op... they cut me! Want more statements and such! I was out of work over a month before I started getting paid... got 3 checks for Nov and Dec... then they cut me off! Tried to tell them nothing changed! I still had stitches down both sides of my leg and ankle and they wouldn't approve my LTD! I've filed bankruptcy and now have no insurance. Can't pay my premiums! BROKE AND STUCK IN THIS POST-OP STATUS. Can't go to doctor to be released to work again...even if I could work right now!
This company has stop paying me and has done everything they can to delay and not pay. I was shot with a 357 mag and suffer a lot of damage. They haven't paid me in weeks. They send letters asking for paperwork I faxed to them over and over. I sent them the full packet along with the confirmation. The austere is nasty and rude and threatens to stop paying and that I should just go back to work.
Am getting the runaround now with them, have had lumbar fusion on my S1, L5 and L4 and 6 screws and 2 fusions, and also total right shoulder replacement, but they want separate paperwork for each surgery. They are just trying to bet people out of STD in my opinion. I will keep in touch to let you all know about my outcome.
As a social worker who deals with this stuff, I was ready for a lengthy, painful process. I was pleasantly surprised. They were helpful with my part of the process, Patient with delays by some Drs and very pleasant whenever I called in with questions or concerns. I have been on LTD for 5 years now, and regular recertification has been similarly reasonable to accomplish. I have had many different agents, but they have all been on top of things, and interested and willing to learn about my rare disease. I would recommend this company for any employee LTD provider.
I currently on short term disability. For over a week my case manager contacted me claiming they still needed information to extend my claim. After providing requested information to both her AND a customer service representative I was notified they still haven't received the information. I called today to give them the information for a 3rd time. I was then notified I would not receive my benefits for this period because they were waiting on information from me... which they had for a week now. I have 2 small children, house payment, car payment, and student loans to pay. Very rude, unprofessional, and uncaring. I almost feel like my case manager did this out of spite. Shameful.
I have been on LTD with Prudential since 2012. Each year they perform a review which includes a statement from the physician and the patient. The night before last I couldn't sleep so I went to the Prudential site to see when my next benefit check would be sent. Lo and behold... my benefits were suspended. Apparently in June and July they emailed me forms to completed for my annual review. I never received these forms. In addition, because I opted to receive communication via email it also includes text. I never received a text. Yesterday I phoned Laura ** Claims Representative who was absolutely no help at all. I asked her who in their right mind would jeopardize their benefits being suspended. She stated that I would be surprised. I asked her to prove that I received the paperwork. She stated that they have documentation as to when it was sent. BS BS BS. Her final comments was, "I don't know what to tell you." I asked to speak to her superior. She stated that she could not directly connect me to them but she could have someone call me back. STILL WAITING. Last night I faxed my portion of the paperwork to Prudential. I am waiting for my Doctor to do the same. This stress is exacerbating my illness and my blood pressure is through the roof. What a horrible way of communicating with people. NOT EVEN A PHONE CALL TO ASK me where my documentation was. This is my livelihood. THANK YOU LAURA ** for your lack of help and lack of compassion.
I can start by them not giving proper info. Paperwork taking 2-3 weeks to get to me. My claims on the website are never updated. They couldn't input the correct day I started std. My claims manager is never available. I am waiting for my appeals info for over a week. If everything is so time sensitive I don't understand why they take forever to get you the info you need. They set you up to fail. They received a statement from one of my doctors and told me they never received anything. Very unprofessional handling of claims. I am hiring a lawyer and going to contact my local news station to investigate. They need to be ousted for this. They are playing with people’s lives and financials. I am living with no food and heat as we speak because they won't approve my claim. I have been dealing with this issue for several years and finally broke down because I can't make it to work everyday and my medical problem is affecting every aspect of my life. Prudential is a joke and they should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring serious medical problems. Things like this make peoples lose it and do things that alter their life. I hope karma comes back to prudential.
I went out on disability due to severe short term memory loss caused by HIV encephalitis. I started with 6 months of short term disability without any problems (Prudential did not administer my short term disability). The insurance company required that I complete a major psychological test (8 hrs of psych testing) that showed that I had deficits and was eligible for going on Long Term Disability. Short Term Disability was a benefit for all employees, where Long Term Disability was an option where the employee paid the premium. I had opted to take this benefit at 60% of my salary.After being on Long Term Disability for around a year (Prudential Insurance administered this benefit), Prudential required me to take another psych test & the report came back that "I did not try hard enough". Which was **, how can YOU not try hard enough on this type of examination???? My psychiatrist arranged for me to take yet another psych test & it showed that I indeed had significant deficits. This test was administered at John Hopkins Medical center.Another benefit from the major pharmaceutical company I worked for was health care for life after 10 years of service if you were 55 or above. I was 56 when I reached the 10 year mark. 5 days before my 10th year anniversary, my case manager at Prudential called & told me my Long Term Disability was terminated the end of March . My 10 year anniversary was April 15. I was in essence fired from my job due to this psych test.To me & others who know this information strongly believe that it was set up by the insurance company & probably someone within the Pharmaceutical company. My only option was to file an appeal. I was unaware but found out that there were law firms that specialized in this. I interviewed several of these firms & sent each one a copy of the psych report for their review. One of the attorneys I talk to informed me that they were aware of the psychologist and "he was a ** for the insurance companies".Appealing this decision cost me $35,000, but in the long run was worth it. We won the appeal but it took about 10 months for Prudential to come to their decision. That was 10 months with my only receiving SS Disability benefits. That required me to deplete my saving & because of my memory issues & permanent disability made it impossible to seek other employment.Prudential was so unethical that I can't see why they are allowed to stay in business. I would also love to know who within my company was responsible for encouraging Prudential to act this way!!!!! I hope that this information makes the Insurance Company Federal oversight company either make them pay a hefty fine or better yet put them out business.
I WANT TO REACH OUT TO ALL OF DISABLED WHO HAVE BEEN DENIED YOUR LTDB'S! Let's stand together & make sure the rest of Americans know the truth!!! If they have insurance through Prudential disability!!!! Be aware now! Don't take any comfort in this benefit! They don't care about you! No promise that if you're covered you will get paid... If you end up unable to work they do not care! They will harass you, tell lies, make promises! They don't care!!! I'm mad! We all deserve to be treated with respect! To not have to worry every day is this the day I end up living in the street?? Will I have enough money to spread out to the next paycheck? We didn't chose to become disabled!!! We paid for our benefits all those years of working hard! I'm anger! Someone I don't even know is sitting comfortably at a desk stuffing their faces. Having the ability to decide the rest of my life. Without ever meeting me in person! Or the "clinical team" sitting around a table flipping coins on who has to review the next claim? Not even reading last first paragraph to deny benefits. Prudential doesn't practice their side of the rules. Fair & honest handling of our claims in good faith! I want to be heard & attention brought to their dishonest, horrible treatment. They have chosen my fate. I want to tell & warn people. I deserve to be paid for benefits! Being told you are disabled is the worse words to hear!!! I felt lucky Prudential has approved & covered all 22 surgeries starting 2008-2016.They have every claim file with doctor notes to show every surgery leading up to me becoming PERMANENTLY DISABLED. They sure did prove how lucky was!! At being a fool! They refused to go back to any other claims over 9 years!!! I was 100% Screwed over!! I had to prove to Prudential for years I'm DISABLED. Losing my great paying job, to receiving $850.00 a month after they denied & quit paying me. I had no voice in how this day ended with my doctor deemed me PERMANENTLY DISABLED never to return to any work environment. I feel like a criminal. I now have defend myself for becoming disabled. What has happened to our country? I'm sorry that this is what we all have to face. It is terrifying!
I have had Prudental short term and long term disability for over 20 yrs. I have worked for my company HCA for 31 years. I am an RN. I am turning 61 this month. I have many lifetime diseases such as diabetes and fibromyalgia and others. I cannot do my job any longer. I am falling and have tremors in both hands and am in constant pain. And my blood sugars are very labile...even with insulin and compliance with my diet, it can drop into the 40's or jump to 500 at any time. My fingers and toes are completely numb. Prudential has denied my short and long term disability saying there is no reason I can't do my job. I am a danger to myself and my patients. If I could work, making my 70,000 a yr, I would rather have that than the 24,000 Prudential would pay. I am now homeless and have no income. They said I could appeal again or sue them. I have paid 40-50,000 into this insurance and when I need it, they deny me. I am destitute and have no recourse.
My husband was on disability due to heart failure. None of us has ever been on disability before so when the forms came from his employer, we filled them out - Prudential Disability and State - EDD. There was a section on the Prudential form asking if we're receiving money from EDD, so we noted no, since we've never received anything and we’re not sure if we were going to. Two months later, we received money from Prudential, direct deposit, then weeks after that, got money from EDD. Another form came from Prudential for the Long Term Disability since it's been three months since the incident, so we filled that out, and honestly noted the money received from EDD. Now Prudential is saying they overpaid and wants the money back. My husband got sick in August 2012. So far, Prudential only paid September benefits. The direct deposit was $2,797.71. They want $2,683.42 back. They also sent a W2 for the full direct deposit amount. I called them twice since we got the letter, but no one has returned the call. Also, on the Prudential Disability App that you sign, it states that if you have direct deposit, they have the right to take the overpayment back from our account. It's unfair. Disability is loss of income. I would assume Prudential is a well-established company but why do they make these mistakes?Also, they sent my husband an award letter for long-term disability prior to us even submitting the application. Where do they come up with these award judgments without information from claimant? Are we just to suck up this issue and have no choice but pay up? Heck, they owe us money too, but insist they will not disburse any more money till they recover the overpayment. I would probably pay if I had the money, but even EDD is behind almost three months in payments. And I strongly believe it's your mistake too. I think Prudential overpays all the time. It's why they have that clause in their application. Is anyone here in the same boat? We're a family of 4 and money has been tough since my husband got sick. Please advise.
I worked at a large company for 20 years and became disabled due to encephalitis. When you become disabled from the government your children can collect disability also. That's when the trouble starts with Prudential. They count that as your income and I got an overpayment statement for 55,000.00. I did not know it counted for your whole family. I thought it was just for my salary. Now how can I pay back that much and only receiving ssd from the government? I have to live also. Prudential does not care. I BET THEIR WORKERS GET SOME KIND OF KICKBACK IF THEY SAVE PRUDENTIAL MONEY. WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE.
I am sorry to hear that I am not alone. Let me just say this, when you are disabled there is reason for that claim, you may not be well enough to run around to doctors and pay for reports every month. You may be shut in and unable to even comprehend the politics of getting payment for a claim. Getting paid on a claim should not be work. It is a form or replacing an income when you can not work. I was more stressed at home hunting down doctors notes than on the job that put me out in the first place. Prudential would not be an LTD insurance of choice if I knew when they visited my office what I know today. They waited way too long to pay on the claim and reviewed every month requesting additional doctor’s information. The hospitals and doctors sent them the information and the claimed they never received it. They held off paying me for two months because they needed additional information and then they sent me a letter saying it was my responsibility to ensure that they received this documentation. Yes they provide service with a smile, but they are the only ones smiling. The representative had me crying on the phone and all she could say was she was sorry but would not extend benefits till she had all she needed. I signed up for a program I believed would take me out to retirement if I became ill. Boy was I ever wrong, I could no longer work due to my condition and they dropped me like a hot potato. The representatives don't tell you these things when they come out to get your money. Maybe I just don't understand LTD law.
I have been battling with this company and their third party (Allsup) for an accurate assessment of monies they say I owe resulting in my Social Security Disability Claim approval. I was quoted 1/2 doz or more numbers from either party VERBALLY only. At my own initiative, I used their own pamphlet to create a spreadsheet and paid them less than 30 days. To date they continue to hound me for more money--each time advising they made errors and changing their $$ amount due in each correspondence to a higher number. I have not had the same person handle a response twice. This has been stressful to say the least. Further, they have issued a 1099 to me without a resolution to this matter (which was from 2014)! Poor, poor, poor.
Prudential has called my providers and discussed topics protected by confidentiality, knowing trying to prod information out them that is covered under the law to be between a provider and patient. When unable, they then introduced provocative suggestions that are not relevant to my claim and included statements of observance while under surveillance that are categorically false - absolutely never happened. They know it because they filmed it so they say. As a result it has created conflict between myself and my care providers - left me with belief that they have no interest in even obtaining the truth of my conditions and are simply on a witch hunt. They send out thinly accounts and observations - ones that they would never accept themselves not to affirm - but to manipulate you and your providers into dialogue and content in which they may derive additional egregious, unfounded, untruthful actions. I was shocked, shaken and angry when I was told they were surveillancing me. But I lived with this new violation and assumed that well they will see what they need to and this will be over. Except they failed to see the most obvious and unavoidable somehow. So they invaded my personal home, their outsourced surveillance company trespassed onto my property all the way to the backyard and to the bedroom windows - again violated. But again readily and easily should have seen what my condition has rendered, i.e. 2-3 weeks of bed ridden moments where I nearly never left one room. But they came to the conclusion despite 3 hospitalizations and providers stating a return to work would be "catastrophic". Now prudential has stated they have not conducted surveillance (so they either lied to my providers or they're lying to me). And they want me to go visit their "independent doctor". How can any human with a single brain cell trust this Doctor, This Company, This Process? THIS IS PURE HELL, IMMORAL, it has to be ILLEGAL. THEY ARE THE MOST VILE COMPANY I HAVE EVER COME IN CONTACT WITH AND THE PEOPLE WHO GO TO WORK THERE SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND SHOULD KNOW THERE IS REAL LIFE DAMAGE AND VIOLATION HAPPENING AT THEIR HANDS.
I obtained coverage for long term disability with work through Prudential. After 2 years I have a claim.. I have been off work for over 7 months due to Chronic High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Diabetic Neuropathy, Edema and Diastolic Heart Failure.. After filing my claim I realized how pathetic this company was. First off I filled out the book of paperwork that they want and submitted it 3 times because they stated they "never received it". Then my medical records. My responsibility to ensure that they received them. I provided the information 5 times to this company along with my employer and the insurance broker and Prudential stated that they haven't received it. I would call in to speak with someone. They would take down the information then a day or 2 later the case manager would call and say they haven't received anything from me. I was eligible for benefits on July 8th. They stated that they had not reached a decision to give them more time. Around the end of July I called in to see what was going on and my claims manager was on vacation!!! Then the next day I received a call from another case manager that stated that I would have an answer in 10 days. 14 days later nothing. So again we called. Prudential stated that my case was very complex due to my several diseases. To give them until the beginning of the following week. Well Wednesday arrived and nothing so the Broker called Prudential. And I received a call within minutes stating they had reached a decision... And it was that I was approved for a period of a week then denied because I was better. No it was stable.I am unstable that is why I was in the hospital... 1 good day, 3 horrible days, 1 good day, 2 weeks horrible. Stated that I had no proof of edema or neuropathy and that I had no limitations.... And they threw in there that I had no signs of other diseases that I never stated that I had... My claims manager admitted that he NEVER looked at my medical records that the staff MD made the decision. I asked if she had her eyes open when she was reading my file. I gained 40lbs of fluid in a matter of 14 days. If that isn't edema I don't know what is. Documented by the my MD. I went from 225 to 340 in the last 6 months. My endocrinologist states that I am "unable to walk" and I have Severe Diabetic Nerve Disorder. This is the same Doc that they state said I have no limitations... My limitations are do what you can!!! Because I am unable to do much.... I swell so bad during the day that I have to wear stretch clothing (sweat pants etc.) because I either rip the regular cloths or I am unable to get them off in the afternoon... Diastolic Heart failure is a form of congestive heart failure so I can only walk 75 feet without gasping for breath and speaking of walking I have neuropathy so severely in my feet and legs that I can barely walk.... My heart condition also causes Syncope (fainting) when I move too quickly or stand. And all of this is documented by my physicians. I have very little feeling in my hands making it sometimes impossible to grasp items. And to top all of it off I am on Prescription Narcotics to help with the chronic pain. All of this and they consider me able to do my prior work of da da da da "selling cars". I am not even supposed to drive!!!! Walk around with people... I would scare them to death. I look like a pregnant alien trying to catch something when I walk... I am not a lazy person.... I loved my job and was considered one of the best!!! I made great money. Why would I choose this... I am in my early 30's, married and now completely unable to do some of the most simple tasks... I can't even bend my legs to put my socks and shoes on... These people care less. They are so unorganized it's sickening. Obviously do not pay attention due to not reading any of the medical records sent to them and not knowing that the information had already been sent. Insurance is something you purchase "just in case." My just in case is here..... I have attained counsel and I will be taking them to court... Be forewarned!!! This company is AWFUL!!!! I wouldn't actually wish this on anyone but I wish they knew what it was like to be walking along then wham. All of this hit you at one time and unable to work. All of your belongings, car, bank accounts etc. start going away and the nest egg gone because of Dr bills and tests and the backup (disability insurance) DENIES them.... See how they would feel!!! Like I said if you have this insurance they are not reliable and I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere.
I qualified, through my employer, in Jan 2016 for Disability Insurance through Prudential. I filled out all necessary paperwork, continue to give them updates about my condition, and have gone as far as tracking down doctors I saw in 2014 and sent in records in order to prove my need for neck surgery is not related to any preexisting conditions.I continuously call and my "case manager" is NEVER available to speak... leaving me speak to customer service representatives who are nothing more than glorified message takers. I even once returned a call 30 seconds after I received it (while in the hospital) and was unable to get in touch with my "case manager." The representative I spoke to claimed the case manager was no longer in the office when I had literally just missed a call from her within the prior minute.I have gone above and beyond to provide every piece of invasive medical records Prudential has asked for and am either told it's not enough or that they did not receive it at all. It is now close to May and I have received continuous Extensions for "further investigation." Meanwhile, in the past 5 months, I have had to sell my car, sell my furniture, and move in with my mother because I cannot afford rent or food. I am baffled by how this is legal. I can't pay medical bills that need to be paid yet during my employment Prudential happily deducted money from my check for Long Term Disability insurance! I am at a loss of what to do. It is a shame this company is allowed to operate in such a soulless way!
After 25 years with a big company my husband was terminated after a rotator cuff surgery. Back at work, tore rotator cuff, another surgery. Eight months early Prudential stops paying him. Even Dr said he's not able to work.
I applied for disability two years ago when I was diagnosed with Lupus, migratory arthritis and Fibromyalgia. My doctor told me I was going to go downhill quickly and prepare for the worst. This is a benefit paid for 1/2 by me and the other 1/2 by my employer. I took comfort in the fact that I had this insurance, I would have one less worry...WRONG! They declined me immediately! They said I had a sedentary position, even though my body was swollen all over, my hands and feet were twice their size. I had an allover body rash, I was losing gobs of my hair and had dropped 15 lbs, yet I should still be able to work. I was told to appeal. They declined me again. The process took so long I lost all my savings, my home, my car and I became homeless. Still nothing, they claimed I should be able to work. I lost all credibility with my employer, they thought I was faking even though SEVERAL doctors agreed I could not perform my job. Out of desperation, which they count on, I had no choice but to try to work. I made it another 1 1/2 years until I had another breakdown. Here we go again...They paid me for 30 days and told me I should be happy I got that much, seriously? A team of doctors (specialists) agree I should not be working. My employer had their head of HR contact the rep for our company. He told her they would not want me at work this way. If I came to work they would send me home. Still nothing, declined and I must appeal.Then I had chest pains and went to the ER, I thought I was having a heart attack from the stress, not the case. I passed gallstone. When they did the scan to see this they found a tumor in my chest. Still nothing, I must appeal. I called my rep, Daniel ** asking "How sick do I have to be before my illness is taken seriously"? He said he would review and get back to me asap. Somehow he heard me say "I was terminal". They know from my medical records I am not! He put this in his notes on my case.I called in to check on the review and the operator said, "I'm so sorry to hear you are terminal," WHAT? These are the people who have ALL my medical records, do they know something I don't? I called my doctors immediately. I waited two very long hours for a call back, no nothing indicated I was terminal. I called back and requested Daniel's supervisor, they apologized that Daniel "misunderstood me". Are you kidding? I spent 2 hours of hell waiting, I am already very ill, this almost put me over the edge. In speaking to the supervisor's supervisor I indicated I was ready to be done, they decline people to the point of desperation, toy with people's lives. He took this as a threat to my life and called the police. They tracked me down to do a well check. Are you kidding me?How can they get away with this? I am going to appeal again, according to the law I can't sue them until I exhaust my appeals. This process is long and they count on you running out of money and becoming desperate, trying to go back to work. This is SO wrong, shameful they are allowed to do this to people. I am very ill! I have been to the Dr. 17 times, several specialists later they say I should not be working. Prudential's 'clinicient' someone who has NEVER examined me overrode my TEAM of Dr's stating there is not enough medical evidence to support my inability work.I would not simply give up a 6 figure salary to collect $1500.00 a month in disability and lose everything I have. This company is nothing but crooked! Don't trust them. Their slogan - you hear it over and over when you call them: "Prudential, where together we can turn challenges into opportunities". I add TO SCREW YOU OVER to the end of that sentence! Someone needs to do something about these people. Watch YouTube videos, there is a recent case where Social Security granted benefits and Prudential would not...that says quite a bit, they are RUTHLESS LYING CHEATERS!!!
I felt that I was alone on this journey. I was on LTD with Prudential for two years. I was recently denied. Well, I've been denied numerous times and have jumped through every hoop possible to have my denial overturned. They over turned them all except for the last, which is the big one... after two years! Their rationale for denying me was absolutely ridiculous. They claim that I am able to work, but I no longer have the use of my arm to do any job without causing further injury to myself or others. I have migraines weekly and can't take pain meds because they trigger depression.I've had all test to confirm the damage to my shoulder and arm (permanent nerve damage as well as stretched nerves). The damage causes chronic pain. I can't recall sleeping more than 4 hours any night over the past 2 years. I can't drive using my right arm, I can't raise my arm past my shoulder, I can't pick up anything with any amount of weight, I can't put a belt on and I can't wipe using my arm after I evacuate my bowels.Prudential came up with every reason to deny me, which I disputed with validation. They simply created more things to continue with the denial. It was laughable. I refuse to continue to play nice. They don't care about me (although they received their premium monthly with no problem) and I certainly refuse to care about them any longer. It is a travesty that these companies are allowed to do this to folks that truly need them. They are corporate crooks. They see only their bottom line and not the needs of the folks that have built their business into a formidable corporation.I, for one, am tired of being abused by big brother. Hopefully, my lawyer can make them feel as crappy as they have made me and my family feel. They don't care that we can lose everything we own. I don't care that they are going to be sued. Prudential, you should be ashamed to treat your customers this way, but sadly you are not. I will NEVER use Prudential as my insurance carrier again. EVER!
HORRIBLE. FILED in MAY. They have delayed and delayed with one excuse or another and finally have given me a disallowed status even though I have a clear documented case and I have filed a new case pending for social security disability. Do not use this company. Do not purchase this insurance. Why they are allowed to do this to people is beyond me. I have lost my vehicle, facing eviction, can't pay my bills and currently doing everything I can just to make ends meet.
I have had standard benefits through my employer with this company for 4 years. I was approved for 6 weeks maternity leave with 2 weeks antepartum benefits. Needless to say, I only received 5 weeks and 2 days of maternity leave and their explanation to me was that since I gave birth on a Wednesday, my benefits ended on a Wednesday. I was not paid for the 2 weeks antepartum and I still have 3 days that they refuse to pay. THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE!!!
Received phone call from Prudential congratulating me that I was able to return to work after 10 years on disability. A doc that only gave me a injunction in my thumb somehow made an error on paperwork they filled out which the doc contacted Prudential and resubmitted new paperwork. Well next Prudential informed me that they needed look into my case more. Well after 2 weeks I was contacted and told that their decision stands. They admitted I can't perform my normal job duties but they found me a nice sit down job.Get this I have no job experience for this job and besides that I can't work at any job I won't go into my health issues. I have doctors to prove them. Here's a question. Are there any attorneys out there that don't rob you worse than Prudential with their 5 to 7 year contracts stealing 33.333% of your disability money? That's right. They take 33.333% every month for the length of the contract.
After paying for Prudential's long-term disability insurance for a number of years through my employer, I received a letter in the mail today informing me that they are canceling my coverage due to "recurrent lower back pain and wrist fracture noted in the medical records obtained during our medical evaluation”. Really? The fractured wrist occurred 18 years ago and I haven't had a bit of trouble with it, and the "recurrent" lower back pain - I went to a doctor who diagnosed arthritis in my back. She prescribed pain pills which didn't do any good and made me sick to my stomach. I went back and she put me on steroids for 11 days and my pain went away. I am now controlling any discomfort I may have with exercise and an occasional aspirin. I have never filed a claim and am in great health. Prudential is the perfect example of why this country needs socialized medicine.
I had a stroke in January 2014 in which I lost my vision completely in my left eye. This was the last in a string of major medical issues which included heart attacks, strokes, TIA's, PTSD, lower back spasms and other problems I would rather not mention. I used up all my FMLA, then Short Term Disability. I had absolutely no problem with FMLA or my STD (which was with a different company other than Prudential), I filled out the paperwork for LTD well in advance of my STD running out so that the LTD would pick up where the STD left off. I filed my paperwork with Prudential along with Doctor statements and HIPPA forms that were needed for them to order my records. I was told that I would have a decision within four to six weeks. At the end of the six weeks, I called Prudential and asked what was going on. They said that they needed a few more days. The following day, I received a phone call from a manager at Prudential who basically said that my paperwork had been misfiled and therefore, no work had been done on it. They said they needed additional time to conduct the review. The review was conducted and I was awarded LTD benefits. They informed me that I had to submit for Social Security Disability, which I already knew and had submitted the paperwork to Social Security. Approximately ten weeks after the start of my LTD benefits, my Social Security Disability was approved. Then Prudential stated that they were reviewing my claim and asked for additional information. I followed up with everything they requested. I received my regular payment in January, 2015 and then in February I received a letter from Prudential stating that they felt that my disability was not severe enough to warrant continuation of benefits and therefore my LTD benefits were terminated. Even though my Social Security Disability was approved, they said that I did not meet their definition of disabled. They claim that there are still things that I am able to do. I have NOT been released by ANY physician to return to work in ANY capacity. Prudential said that I can file an appeal. Then they said that if the appeal is denied, I can sue them under ERISA. So, I am now stuck with only SSD to live on. I can't work. My condition has slowly been deteriorating and there is no hope in sight that I will EVER be able to return to the work force IN ANY CAPACITY. I paid into LTD benefits while I was employed at my last job specifically to cover myself and my family if anything happened to where I could not work. So I would not have to try to live just off of SSD. So they took my money, have said that even though I cannot return to work, I no longer meet the requirements of LTD. I believe this company should be investigated and their license suspended. Common sense should say that if I am not allowed to return to work in any capacity, I HAVE to meet their definition of LTD.
Prudential Disability denied my claim for disability in bad faith. The reasons given are frivolous and not required per the policy like no objective evidence (there was in fact but regardless it is not required), treatment regimen not congruent with severity of illness, etc. If you feel that Prudential Disability has also wrongfully denied your claim, please contact me. I am attempting to gather data in order to file complaints with the appropriate government agencies and also explore legal action for fraud. Thank you.
I never intended to write a review or share my experience; I just wanted to respond to one's story, which is EXACTLY my present situation. I'm so very troubled, I am shaking as I write this, because the denial to extend my coverage is ethically wrong, unjust, and more to the point, demoralizing because of their reason for denying the extension.First, I must be fair and give the whole truth. Before my recent, and totally shocking letter stating their decision to deny my LTD extension, after 2 years, Prudential had been the epitome of compassion, soothing communication, offering reassurance and immediate activation of my LTD claim approval and payments. They knew what had happened to me over a period of 6 months that resulted in doing what no other (and there have been so many) traumatic event in all my 45 years till March 11, 2011. On that day, my eldest son unexpectedly and suddenly passed away. He was 22, struggling with drugs, but it was only time before that extraordinary stubbornness, strength, tenacity, tender-hearted lost boy overcame his weaknesses. But his death cert states possible homicide, investigation pending. His life was taken from him.I had a total and complete mental, physical and nervous breakdown at the end of May 2011 following my baby's death, a lost job, my father's death, a wrongfully charged DUI, which cost me my license, and a sibling, closest in age to me, who I still cannot believe the evil behind his shocking accusation that I stole most of our father's inheritance. He knew I was incapable of even conceiving such a horrible thing. We have not spoken since.It's been two years and 4 months, and though I have come a long way, I am still incapable of functioning on my own, and if it were not for my husband, I would be in a home still. These are the events that led to the manifestation of physical deterioration to incapacitation, major depression, a horrendous relapse of my medically diagnosed CFS, panic-anxiety disorder, C-PTSD, involuntary loss of control over bodily public, no less. High-blood pressure, sleep apnea, diagnosed the year before (2010), ADHD, insomnia, agoraphobia, tachycardia (always frightened, waiting for the next terror), edema, fibromyalgia, Type II diabetes, migraines, hopelessness, despair. The mind and body are one.Yet Prudential, by denying my claim with the reasoning that the primary disability is mental-health related, and they cannot extend for mental disabilities. All my physical disabilities and limitations due to physiology were dismissed, and I am in shock now, a week later...still. It's cruelty. And it's wrong, unethical, unjust and a direct attack on an already broken, dependent, disabled woman who was getting better, only now to be thrown to the sharks.I AM appealing this, but I am scared, knowing my limitations and already suffering from the stress and frightful impact I have to find the strength to endure for the days ahead, fighting for the right to qualify for financial help (a plan I paid for) that is so evident and apparent and well-documented, that I fight not just for myself, but for all those barbarically dismissed as eligible, because their mental health isn't recognized as being a pathological (of the body) disability that wreaks havoc on the physical processes, and vice-versa.Any advice would be most helpful. I will keep an eye out. In the meantime, I believe The Mental Health Parity Act, passed as law in 1996, may be of help in my defense, and any others with similar circumstances. Thank you for this opportunity - to be acknowledged, understood and the chance to express my experience, amongst so many, that may my story be fruitful and multiply to gain enough awareness to make something good from what has not been good.
I had Short Term Disability with Prudential through my employer, and have received benefits, due to kidney failure. I was no longer able to work. I also have a separate policy for Long Term Disability, also with Prudential. After expiration of STD benefits, the LTD benefits were to take effect. The first month was a partial month, and I was to receive about 70%, but they only paid 47%. After several months of arguing, I finally got the missing 23% that Prudential wrongfully withheld. There was no apology for their ‘error’.I was concerned what other possible ‘errors’ Prudential might have made, and discovered that, although the STD had continued through November 14, 2017, Prudential started LTD on November 2, 2017. Because I had STD income until November 14, Prudential would not pay LTD for that period. However, because LTD started Nov 2 instead of Nov 14 (expiration of STD), Prudential claims that LTD ends Feb 1 instead of Feb 14, 2018 (15 months per contract). By starting earlier than required, they are terminating early, and ripping me off for about half a month of benefits. I have argued this ‘error’ with Brenda ** at Prudential for several months, but she will not change. I wonder if there are any attorneys who specialize in this type of issue. I wonder if there is potential for class action; I suspect that this is an isolated case. This is how Prudential Insurance treats the elderly and disabled.
I was approved for the minimum possible coverage for my maternity leave. I kept calling two months prior to my claim being active so as to make sure everything was in order. Not one rep called me nor did I receive a letter in the mail station by my coverage, dates of claim in place, nothing. I got an email about logging in into my online account but the site under my account was empty; they did not input anything. I spoke with a claims supervisor and she was completely useless. I have had this so called insurance for 5 years and have been paying per paycheck. Such a waste of my time and money. Complete joke!!!
It is a pattern to lie to claimants for continuation of their long or short term disability claim. Whenever the extension of benefit date is near, they claim to have faxed over requests to the Dr's office and have not received responses. When calling the Dr's office no such request was ever received. Their comments were that is standard procedure for Prudential that they lie. Then if you ask for proof that these requests were sent, they refer you to someone above their pay grade. The dance of deceit continues. The consumer needs to be aware of these tactics. In my case I can't walk spending time in the emergency room and providing all necessary documentation is still not enough. Their moral compass is off course.
I paid on one of Prudential's expensive "own occupation" policies for about 30 years. When I got sick I made a claim. I have a condition that causes many symptoms. Some of the most debilitating are cognitive difficulties, chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, itching, diarrhea. These symptoms come on without warning and can keep me in bed for days. They can not be effectively controlled with medications. I am a professional and not knowing how I will feel day to day or if I will be able to think clearly prevents me ethically from doing the work I was trained to do for the last 30 plus years.My doctors determined that I was disabled for my job and Prudential agreed to pay. I spoke to an attorney when I filed and he said that Prudential would do what they always do and pay me for two years and then quit paying me, finding any excuse they can to deny the claim at that time. That is in fact what they did. Now I am left with no income. Thanks Prudential. It should be against the law to do what you are doing. Insuring against disability and then not coming through in a person's time of need. I trusted that I was completely insured for any disaster but Prudential does not deal honestly with their insured.
Prudential denied my short term disability claim after exhausting me with constant "more medical documentation is needed". I provided my case worker with over 50 pages of medical records, charts, doctors notes from visits to four different doctors. All indicating I could not work due to my chronic pain and fatigue and insomnia. For five weeks, I went without pay, running all over town while in pain and sleep deprived to get Prudential "additional needed documentation". My doctor hand wrote "Cannot work" with a lengthy explanation why. The case worker still denied my claim. Reason – Not enough substantial proof to support my claim.Understand Prudential is not in business to approve valid claims. It is their job to find any possible reason to deny a claim no matter how valid. They override doctor's recommendations. How can a case worker be deemed to make a judgment call that supersedes a doctor? This is a horrible company with horrible business ethics. To my case worker – Enjoy your bonus for denying my claim while I default on my mortgage.
I have been out of work since June trying to find a resolution for Trochanteric bursitis (hip) and tendonitis. I walk door to door 40+hrs a week and surgeons have taken me out until 9/19 while we try to treat this. Activity modification is the first thing the dr. did - told me to avoid walking too much, standing, sitting for too long etc. Surgeon and myself provided all information as requested by Prudential and today, my claim is approved from 7/23-7/28. Before 7/23 and after 7/28, I am denied because my claim manager has decided that during those times, it would be ok for me to do my job (although walking affect bursitis and causes tremendous pain). My check for 5 days is $0.00 because my claim manager felt that was fair. No other explanation given. I had to call repeatedly to get a callback and email over and over. I plan on hiring an attorney to fight this. I've paid into this company for over 10 yrs and will never do business with them again.
On short term due to a motorcycle wreck I didn't cause, torn knee ligament... only been off 2 weeks. Had 1st follow up appointment on Wednesday and 8 am Friday Prudential calls telling me they are going to cut my payment off because they need record from last appointment... Dr already faxed it Thursday. Prudential admit that it takes 2 days or more to get them to right people when faxed, but they call and threatened me... with a torn up knee, can't drive, barely walk, from a wreck I didn't cause... make me feel like a criminal to get paid what's owed to me. What I don't get is they expect this every few weeks, like me PCL is going to have a miracle and heal in 2 weeks. Poor service to it customers... also, they refused to give me long term coverage period due to me having had back surgery in the past.
I have several complex medical problems and have long term disability insurance at Prudential through my work. Until 2015 my health problems fluctuated and I was able to return to my job part time, I have been unable to work for medical reasons since May 2015. In the last few years, I have had a succession of disability claim managers and have never been informed when they change. My latest one will not give me her email or direct phone extension insisting that I use the helpline. Prudential never contacts me by email or email when they want additional information or to tell me the benefit payment has been delayed. The helpline varies from quite helpful to totally useless.In the last year I have had several months where my benefit has not been paid promptly usually with the excuse that new manager is reviewing the case or sometimes that they need additional information from my doctors. Most recently, they wanted information on a traumatic brain injury which occurred nearly 2 years ago which has been stable since 6 months after it occurred. This probably the least of my medical problems. According to Prudential's own information, the claim has been approved for the next 18 months. I have always had to contact them or sometimes additionally have HR at my workplace contact them to obtain payment.Currently, it is now more than 2 weeks since the benefit payment should have been made. I am waiting for money to come through to my bank and was told 4 days ago that it should be in my bank in 3 days. It is now the 4th day and nothing is even pending in my bank account. The claim manager I talked to last week seemed quite unconcerned that I had a negative balance in my checking account. No attempt is ever made to reimburse me for the overdraft fees and late payment fees incurred. This is in marked contrast to what has happened on the (rare) occasions when I have been accidentally overpaid during times when I was back at my job part time. Then Prudential has phoned me to demand instant repayment! I am frustrated by the ongoing problems and would give Prudential zero stars if that was an option.
The worst experience of my life. A scam is the legal? Today is April 26 and I filed December 4th and got an answer approved and started getting payments for 1 month, then updates needed from my doctors. My case have remained in pending status since last of January. No update as to whether I have been approved or denied. Every time I call for updates it is the same things, we need this or that. They have my medical records from all doctors, and still insist on more records or I've had to call my doctors and have the re-fax medical records over and over. Then they said my pharmacy hasn't sent my records. When I call my pharmacy, they gave them a call to see what extra they needed but Prudential stated they needed nothing more, and went back to stating they needed records from my doctor, when I told them the time frame they are requested I did not go to the doctor, still my records states pending. They take sick people and play the runaround game with them. This company is a joke, pass on anything from them and save your money. Maybe it will help out in your time of need.Updated on 05/14/2015: After 4 months of run around, saying they needed additional doctor's information, needed more RX records nothing have me wait 10 days and then starting all over with the run around, they finally called and said they did not approve the short term. What a company. They are just a joke. When you are down, unable to help yourself due the health issues, they will not stand by what they promised when taken out the insurance. So people if your company is offering short or long term disability with Prudential, help yourself, and keep that money in your pocket because you will need it if you get sick. The President states we have to have insurance but companies like this are allowed to operate. Take your money and not give the service. What a world we live in. I would not even give Prudential a one rating. They are below standards.
Do NOT USE THIS company! I have had 2 surgeries and nothing but problems getting my short term disability. They do everything they can to not pay people. They still owe me money. They also changed my approval date! If you can avoid them please do so! I’ve had such a struggle while I’m trying to recover! Customer service are just messengers! My doctor literally had to call this company and demand to know why her physical assessment wasn’t credible to them! How can they try to override my primary physician! What a JOKE.
I had Prudential Disability Insurance through work. I paid in for 30 years. I had triple bypass surgery and after surgical failures and a staph infection which required four open chest surgeries where they removed most of my sternum and I developed a large hernia under my ribs which over time has split my sternum almost in two and I have lost the integrity of my rib cage which moves constantly which causes great pain frequently. I have also had several hernia surgeries in the past which are coming apart also. It is normal for my BP to go sky high 175/120 last time it was taken. I can barely function most of the time. Two doctors, a general medicine doctor (my primary care doctor originally) and the head of cardiovascular surgery at a very large and well known health system have supported my disability from the beginning and this was ignored by Prudential. I lost my job and benefits in 2014 and started receiving benefits from Prudential. Right from the beginning the threats of cutting off my benefits began. They actually did cut me off once without notice because they said my doctor didn't fill out a paper they wanted. I grieved the action through HR at work and they paid but only after ignoring my calls at least 10. They caused me nothing but stress and worry constantly. Ten different people must have called me over time about my case. I never knew who they were most of the time. I had a rep which I kept informed about all aspects of my case, usually I had to leave a message because there was no answer. Today I received a call from someone else I never heard of who tells me I will be cut off April 1st. They tell me I can work. They identified three jobs in my profession that they say I could do. Two of these jobs I have never heard of after 30 years in the field. If I cannot get my SSA disability benefits this will put me on the street. I guess I fall under the two year rule. They don't care how sick you are, they just want to end your claim. It has taken this long because of losing my benefits and health insurance I had to go to the VA and have to go through all my appointments with the services all over again. Do yourself a favor, don't get mixed up with this company. They don't care about you and will make your life even more miserable. I know, believe me.
I went on short term disability in February 2011 due to severe disabling symptoms. I had pre-existing conditions and my physician put me on disability. Prudential was the group insurance company that handled my claim. After two months on STD, they denied my claim after it had been approved. They said my benefits don't cover LTD for pre-existing condition and my condition was subjectively diagnosed. However, my symptoms were different, more severe and not indicative to my pre-existing condition. I was suffering from fevers that reoccurred almost every month and last 8 to 10 days per event. I had swelling that I did not have before. I also experienced severe abdominal pain reoccurring with my fevers. In addition, I had experienced infections throughout my body (sinus, stomach, bronchial, ears, skin sores, and throat). I had lost 50 pounds over the next year and visited the ER twice and urgent care or clinic about a dozen times. During my strange illness that had gone misdiagnosed, I lost my job and my benefits including my medical insurance. My employer and Prudential did not follow the benefit procedure to allow me 29 days after the insurance claim was denied to return to work so that I could get another doctor notice to continue my STD. I lost my job. Three days after claim was denied, my doctor provided a letter to continue my disability after four days of the denial. But it was too late at that point and my benefits were cancelled. My doctor also had tests and labs ordered that I was not able to get due to no insurance to help pay for it. So finally, after more than a dozen times seeking medical help and suffering for a year and a half, I went to the ER and was then admitted to the hospital for a week. They finally did a blood culture and CT scan and discovered I had a serious life threatening infectious blood disease. My kidney and bladder were infected and I had severe upper abdominal pain that still wasn't figured out what caused it. The infectious doctor said that my bloodstream was a conduit for the bacterial infection to go anywhere in my body and cause havoc. When I was in appeal process with Prudential, I told them my symptoms were different and I requested them to send me a doctor of their choice before they deny my appeal again and they did not offer me a doctor to see and denied my claim. Since my health declined and I was severely handicapped by the pain and fevers, I lost my job and my income resulting in losing my home. It also took a toll too great for my marriage to sustain and that ended as well. I was hospitalized in August and September 2012 and received strong IV antibiotic and pain medications for a week. I continued my recovery at home and I still had infections until Jan. 2013 that I received antibiotic treatment for as well.The past two years was horrific but I believe all could have been prevented if Prudential did their due diligence and allowed my STD to continue per my doctor's advice and allow me the time to continue seeking a diagnosis through further testing that was ordered. I didn't have to lose everything and it could have resulted in my life. I didn't have to suffer that long. I now have over $100,000 to pay as a result of the long duration of my illness. I was weak, frail and lost 50 pounds. I feared it was cancer that put me under a lot of stress not knowing why I was so ill for a year and a half. So now that I know and now that I am much better and not inflicted with debilitating symptoms, I would like to recover damages and pain and suffering because I do fault Prudential for dismissing my symptoms, my claim and my plea of appeals when they denied my claim in April 2011 and because I was still too ill to work.Three days later, I was terminated from my job because I was not able to return to work while being so sick. I'm trying to put my life back together and ready to go to work again. But this is not over until or Prudential will victimize other consumers like me who have paid for a benefit to protect many aspects of their livelihood and well-being.
I have been on LTD for almost 5 yrs now. Prudential has wrongfully cancelled my claim 2 times after having 3 major back surgeries and only able to do light duty part time work. They are going to cancel my claim because I can't find a job that will allow me to rest when needed due to my condition. The last time they cancelled me I lost my position with my company of 12 yrs. and they didn't care! I proved both times they cancelled my claim that it was wrongful and had 4 doctors behind me saying the same thing. They sent me to one of their doctors who said that I could work part time which I can but only if I'm allowed to lie down and rest as needed. Who will hire me like this? They just want me off LTD even though I am disabled through no fault of my own. I was making $120K a year before all this. Now I'm at poverty level!! Prudential has done nothing but harassed me from day one. I got buried in credit card debt the last time they cancelled me and I went through the whole appeals process a second time which took almost 6 months. Who can lose over 40% of their income when you're already in the poverty range? Erisa Laws were supposed to be there to help workers not let them get "hosed" by the insurance companies!! When they cancel my claim again I can't sue them. All I can do is pay an attorney $5000 or more to take them to Federal Court to get a judgement for them to cease their actions and reinstate my claim. These insurance companies like Prudential bank on that people like me will go get any sort of job while fighting them to support their families and then thus proving I go do gainful employment!! So then I out tens of thousands in the long run and still disabled! I have had countless claims managers since this began and I think they get a bonus each time they cancel a claim and get away with it. They have their "doctors" which are nurses look over your medical files and determine your claim on whether you can work, but when that doesn't work they send you to one of their doctors at a workers comp clinic to look at you, ask you some questions, and briefly review your medical records. Mine are like a 1000 pages long!! How can a doctor that's never treated you before or ever run any tests on you determine if you're even fit to return to gainful employment? They really can't!! I am beside myself in total disbelief they get away with this!!! I did find out that the US Department of Labor is supposed to be there to help you and can go after disability Insurance companies, though not many people know this. Attorneys and the Insurance companies are banking on you not knowing this little bit of information by the way!! This system was made for Attorneys by Attorneys and the insurance companies have a whole bunch of them working for them, where the little guy can maybe afford one. You best find a good one if the US Dept of Labor doesn't help you!! Good Luck if your company has Prudential disability claim management services as their LTD carrier!! See you in the poor house!!
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