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Pronto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Pronto Insurance
Overall average rating of 3.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 49 %
Great company have never had any problems.
Well in the office that I go to is great the girls are great people they are always texting or calling me when my payments are do or when I have to renew. Until know thank God I haven't had a accident so I can't say anything on that but I hope that this 4 years that I have been with Pronto Insurance . That when I need it is there for my family and me. Thank you Adriana Ruiz
Good customer service
I feel very comfortable on my visit the prices are reasonable
Every month I pay my bill and receive calls for the rest of the month telling me I need to pay or be canceled. Then I received calls every day for 5 days after the due date telling me my policy has been cancelled and I need to pay to reinstate.
To be honest I've had many different cars and always had Pronto insurance company and I've never been in a accident or got a ticket yet my payment has gone up and up and I don't understand why. I would like to know if I even have roadside assistance.
My experience has that every 6 month of the renewal payment goes up .. it’s over priced and libility is too expensive
Pronto only cares about getting paid. Each time you renew they collect your money and never send out the insurance cards for the vehicles. I got a ticket once for no insurance, because I couldn't prove to them I had insurance.
Great service. Always helpful and knowledgeable
It's a great insurance and I will recommend it to any body
What I like the most about Pronto Insurance, is their fast ,polite ,friendly and reliable service.
Good insurance but raced my payment $40 more
Excellent service at all times. I specially like when give me a friendly call reminding me of my pay period.
The website has been down for about 2 months now and can’t log in to do absolutely anything!!!! Annoying!!!! Can’t pay in person because I created account online and not in store!!!!! No empathy when calling for all the issues going on... pricing went up way up!!!
This insurance might be slow in responding on claims. But did their job in my claim professional.
To long wait times for customer service, lack of concern from multiple customer service reps. Time on phone would always exceed 35-50+- min. That's each to long top get assistance and call backs on answers. Price is great!
So helpful and great customer service
Very easy and fast. Great customer service
they increase the insurance
I have been with printing insurance for a long time like 10 yearsAs you have put a zero stars matters nothing nor in their minds years when I’m without no reason from 60 to 90 do you want to say no reason no reason at all because I have not crash I have an accent the can Affect my insurance so we’re good reason can you give me for my insurance go up Oh By the way find me an insurance on 70 and my wife included and she does not drive. But once again she never drives
Y’all charging me 170 went up without call me not f cool
Great prices and I haven’t experienced anything beyond monthly payments so can’t say anymore
Always on time on payment calls, arrangements and options. Great customer service and always wiling to answer any questions. San Benito, Texas office is the best!
Pronto is the worst company I've ever had to deal with in my life. They hire people who seem like they have no clue what they are doing and are not interested in finding out how to do anything. When you speak to a manager or supervisor the picture becomes even clearer because they are just ad in inept as the lower end workers.
No hasseles very friendly&satisfied
Their customer service department suck.. Their hold Times are absolutely rediculios. I'd never use them again
Don't like the fact that the prices are up.
Nice people never had any problems with Pronto
Very good staff and always very helpful.
At the location I paid I got charged twice..the employee could not tell me when I was getting reimbursed for getting overcharged. She didn't seem sure about her answer
Every time my bill is due I get a Lester 2 week prior to my due date but every 6 months my payment has been going up and they never send me a letter explaining why my bill will increase and when I ask why I didn’t get a courtesy letter in the mail like I do when my bill is due they gave me attitude and said they send one out to everyone months before witch I never got but every month I do receive my payment reminders
Great rates!!
Very rapid service, no hassles, friendly welcoming environment. Nice views.
They offer great service
Rates could be lower
When all other insurance companies was trying to charge me $400 a month on my car insurance. Pronto made it affordable to be insured. Thank you Pronto!
They renewed my policy and took my money without my permission.
Had no problems at all with them
I am very happy having Pronto Insurance and i go to the one in Palmview close to La Homa road, and the staff there are super nice and friendly. I highly recommend Pronto Insurance and and going to this office.
The lady was really nice
I had to call 5 times. Stay on hold 39 mins each time just to change the name on my account. The last rep was the most helpful. I was thinking the first rep would call me back given my number IS on file but NO! I had to end up calling back 4 more times. Wish I could give you a 0! :-(
Even though My title is clean they raise my insurance by 12 dollars without any reason
Best customer service experience ever! Agents are very friendly and knowledgeable. Went in and found everything I needed at a great affordable rate.
The customer service is extremely friendly and helpful in every way. So happy with my rate and have no intentions of leaving them.... total satisfaction!!
i have had such a great experience with pronto and will continue to have car insurance with them
Great fast and friendly plus lots of freebies
I’ve just had one accident, rates blow up
I have had Pronto Insurance for about 5 years. I used to have insurance with Fred Loya before. But was not satisfied with their customer service. My point of contact has been Arlene at the McAllen, Texas location on 10th Street. I have been very pleased with the service Arlene has provided to me. She goes out of her way to help me. I think one of the reasons I have continued with Pronto Insurance is because of her customer service & knowledge of insurance. She is always willing to help me over the phone.
Fast & friendly
Y'all have good prices and good people that work there.
Prices change every 6 months even without tickets or accidents
Helped me process my payment in a fastly manner
Great company. Affordable. Friendly.
I pay the insurance every month. When something happens its Pronto to the rescue. I don't have to do anything. Very reasonable price.
Jackie was very help ful
I like the service I get every time i got to any of the locations. that Pronto Insurance have a locations every were, even in side HEB, that is an A+
The company is really professional and organized The staff has very great listening skills as to what your needs are Purchasing insurance can be a hassle but with the owner and staff at Pronto they release an assurance and comfort that you are in good hands I been a valued customer for years and plan to remain cause the treat you like family Therefore if your looking for reliable and affordable insurance call Pronto Insurance Welcome to the family Gracefully Bless Stephanie OConner
Worst customer service Ce. Tjey hang up on u and dont listen to wat u want
Fast easy online coverage
I haven't had any issues
I feel you should get a discount the longer you are with them instead my policy price goess up every time I renew even though nothing has changed. Also I hate that I can only have 4 cars on one policy. I have multiple cars and would like them all under one account instead of different accounts. When I call for help I do reach someone but they want to know where I got my policy (why) and as soon as I say online I'm transferred to a different operator and I wait online upwards of 15-20 mins. Seems like a double standard.
I have used Pronto Insurance as my carrier for the last year and I have been very satisfied with them! I always receive great customer service along with great easy payment options that don't leave me waiting!
I had auto-pay and they took out my payments and they also withdrew $50 that was not accounted for and they had no explanation. GREEDY.
Rep Samatha at the Pronto location at HEB in Harlingen, Tx. located on Commerce Street has always been Very Professional and Courteous to Me when I go to make my Monthly Payment and Renewal on my Policy. She deserves a Raise or Appreciation Gift Card from Company. Great Employee.
Absolutely fantastic!
Paying on lone is not always the most convenient.
I don’t feel happy with the increase of the policy.
One improper withdrawal from my Bank $139.00 2/13/19 Another improper withdrawal from my Bank $145.00 2/15/19 Had to cancel my Policy. Expecting reimbursement soon. ARTHUR PRIDA
Best insurance good customer service
They are constantly called you like 15 times to let you know that your payment is due
They change their system and they don’t know what they are doing... please train pronto employees ASAP.
Keep comments to myself
Easy to understand and I have recommended others to this daughter and I are very pleased
They can’t get my policy right I have to keep calling for it to be fixed.
This is the second year in a row that my premiums are increased and I am not notified prior to the increase, until I see it on my bank account. I would like to be given the choice of accepting or rejecting the higher rates. Juan H. Sustaita
Got a bill estimate in mail. But went to pay in person and estimate was higher. Pronto did not honor the mail in quote. That was not a nice thing to experience.
Poor customer service and rates are getting higher for liability only insurance even though i haven't had any tickets or accidents, its hard to get through to a representative over the phone long wait times over the phone.
I like pronto because it's affordable, very convenient online services, and staff is very friendly when you go in person. Luckily, I haven't been in an accident so I can't rate them in that way but I'm sure that's just as good.
They always have you on hold for a long time and they hung up in my face the guy was very rude after I ask him to send me link to the insurance cards
The website to make payments is the worst. Half of the links do not work. Also, when it comes time to renew your policy, youre quick to send a reminder and take money, but never send a copy of the insurance policy. It should automatically be sent. Why should I have to call and request a copy?
nothing but good service they provide all the time
The online policys are a joke
Your representatives are rude and have no idea about your ins company. Your company continues to go up and we have no tickets or accidents. I have been with pronto for about 7 yrs i am going to start looking for a different ins co. Its evident that u do not appreciate good customers!
Great customer service by employee!
I went to renew my policy and the lady kept my drivers licence and she said that she mailed it but I never got it. I had to pay for the reissue of the license.
Too many reminders calls
Prices soaring higher everytime. From paying $60 went up to $80. Prices unsatisfactory. I've been considering changing Insurance Company if this doesn't get any better.
Good and confiability insurance
I was on hold for 45 mins and was hung up on and I also hate the late fee.
Worst customer service....
Very fast, hassle free service!
Very good service. I just wish rates were cheaper.
Price went up without any notice....
Lack of information when renewing a policy and adding another driver. Overcharging too.
To pay online and navigate through your website is very difficult and frustrating. Im also unable to use my phone to navigate your site.
The employees are always helpful and nice.
We understand each other
Real good service affordable prices. I wish the monthly premiums stay the same or drop with good record
T increase was ridiculous!!
Prices keep going up
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