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Proliability Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Proliability
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-503-9230
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 77 %
Easy to follow. super good customer service person
cancelling pilicy
glad there is coverage offered - at a reasonable rate
I feel more secure knowing I have this insurance. This company has been excellent to me for many years now.
Having never needed your services, I don't know how much I would love your handling of any insurance claim. I like that you remind me every year of the need to renew my insurance with you. Your website is easy to navigate without any electronic glitches.
It was good, except the complete your purchase screen locked up at the end so I wasn’t sure if the transaction went through
Not clear if I'm paying higher rate than last renewal because lapse date was yesterday (Sunday) & I was out of office! Think I paid $166 last time. And you show me as a Court Reporter when I am a Videographer. Please explain. Please call me: 310.559.4026
Always been happy with the ease of renewing coverage each year! Thank you.
Customer service was really good. The phone representative took time to walk me through the process of retrieving a lost username and password online then throug the renewal process over the phone. This really helped me as I am a very busy provider and time is very important.
I had great customer service, and I was able to update and renew my policy online.
Quick, easy, and hassle free. Applying for malpractice insurance is a breeze!
The renewal process could be streamlined and less confusing. Need to make it as simple as possible for the lay person
I actually did not have a good experience. The customer service was "horrible." While being asked questions in order to start my new policy, I felt like I was being harassed because of my answers to get a particular policy. I felt like there was actually no room for me to make a mistake in my answers to their questions. I ended up talking to 3 different people and it was obvious that the conversation was rehearsed with the next person that I would talk to before I was connected. One of the representatives even hung up on me at one time while I had asked her to hold on for just a bit. She admitted that she did because I was taking too long. I really don't know why I ended up going ahead with the policy, as I really did not have to do so, because I do have choices. Not sure if I would do so next time. I believe that there needs to be further training on customer service. I may be one client, but one bad experience from a client can also have a ripple effect. There was also an arrogance that "we have the best prices," which I believe propelled a very bad customer service. I know some individuals who would not mind paying higher knowing that they are a valued consumer. Just my experience!
It was very easy to renew. Representative was very helpful.
Carmela was very informative and I was able to obtain insurance right then with all my questions answered.
easy communication and the results of the communication led to an easy purchase of a much needed servide
Was not helpful. Could not help me. Had to figure it out on my own. If I did not have to use this company, I would not.
The site is quick and easy to use. Also, Proliability offered the exact amount of coverage I needed and I didn't have to buy multiple plans like on other sites.
They were very unhelpful regarding getting the insurance I needed for school. They requested documents that did not make sense. I had a letter from my director indicating this requirement and they still said that wouldn't suffice. Their online platform is terrible and I could only sign in on my phone, not on any computer I tried. There also needs to be a way to change coverage start and end date without letting it expire.
The agent was pleasant, but not responsive to my needs. He promised to make adjustments and respond that evening. He did not. I emailed the next day and he said “I’m actually working on it right now.” He new I needed the correct MOI on 1/2/18. It is now 1/6 and he has never followed up in any way. I will cancel this policy next week when I have time to find a different Cartier. It’s unfortunate because I’ve used pro liability in the past and been happy with it. But, when you spend $1000 on something you want it to meet your needs. I articulated my needs clearly and almost a week later no response at all.
It is easy to renew
I keep getting notices that my account is in arrears, though I have paid for the new policy. Makes me uneasy. though I do have confirmation.
Very easy renewal process.
I've had Pro-liability insurance for more than 10 years. It's quick and easy to renew, and I get my certificate right away. I recommend this company and their coverage for everyone!
After struggling to find the right insurance on line I finally called and a very helpful representative had my policy completed in minutes!
I am a family provider but NEVER care for pregnant women or children, yet my premium is enormously higher than adult providers without a family certification. Risk is the same, practice is the same but my premium is a rip off.
Easy online application and excellent customer service.
Would like option for pay by mail
great service as usual!
Easy to navigate website
Quick and easy to navigate process!
Very easy to manage and affordable coverage.
I was provided everything I needed to know to get a quote. The staff member was very helpful.
I was able to sign up online and have active coverage with no waiting period!
Great price, easy to apply online!
User friendly, and easy to use
New to the group
I had your insurance for a number of years and get many jobs because I have your insurance!
Great service and easy to use their online system.
Application was quick and easy and puts me at ease in my professional practice. Thanks for making this service easy and affordable!
I renewed my policy as self employee, but I tried to change it as a business owner and was not possible . I requested it and the system said that someone will contact me in 24 hours but it never happened, nobody called me or at least contacted me by email. I have a C-Company and I am the owner and the employee at the same time (no more employees). I need your help with that policy because I will do my taxes as a company.
Very easy to renew awith thorough descriptions of coverage
I found the online application to be very frustrating. I had to reach out to a representative three times before finally being able to complete it. Every time I needed to reach out, the system would time out and I had to start all over again. The password function has a glitch and won't allow any passwords I provided despite following the rules for what was required in a password. My representative was very prompt in his responses however. If you can get past the application, there service is probably good.
My phone experience with renewal was challenging because of the rigidity of the person representing Proliability. The phone representative did refer me to the on line procedure though, which was very clear and efficient, even for a person not highly skills with computers like myself.
great! very professional and helped me what I needed for insureance
User-friendly site with average coverage rates
The website was user friendly and I was able to secure my insurance rapidly.
Extremely professional, answered all my questions and then some! Thank you Gail!!
Very easy to renew! I have always had great service from this company!
Really knowledgeable and personable. Felt comfortable and confident Mercer Liability was a good decision for insurance.
I only needed 1 million individual incident/3 million aggregate and Proliability is only able to provide 1m/6 m. I also don't need the coverage until 11-27-18, but had to start it early due to not being able to prorate the premium. When the policy will expire, I will have to renew for another year. Not the best set up for a student. Should offer six month policies and multiple coverages.
fast, easy and complete
Had a terrible time logging in. I don't know whether it was the site's login/password widget or my password manager (or a combination of the two), but I had to use a legacy browser in order to access my account. Once I gained access to my account, the policy renewal process was easy.
customer friendly and helpful
Great staff and call partners Quick and easy to use web site Immediate confirmation Working with staff wonderful!
Website is very easy to navigate , form flows in logical sequence with self explanatory instructions. I like the fact that staff was available for an immediate response by phone and answered question's specific to my policy.
Excellent service. The agent reached out to me right away after I applied for an online quote and answered all of my questions. He set up my policy over the phone making the process quick and easy!!!
My experience was excellence and it was great to be served by a fellow Veteran! Keep hiring Veterans!
I needed a question clarified, could not get in touch with anyone for a response
The gentleman I dealt with was very i professional and patient when explaining the coverage and what was required for the coverage .
The application process was easy to complete and the price was reasonable for the coverage provided.
The rep was very friendly and courteous. My questions were addressed quickly and professionally. Was able to complete the process without incident.
Amazingly quick. The website was easy to use to get the preferred insurance I needed.
Very easy to renew with instant certificate print out after completion. Hassle free!
Dan is Helpful not sure with his name
The process was fast and easy and the representative was very knowledgeable and friendly. Was very happy with the whole process
I have enjoyed professional coverage from proliability for 3 years and have not had issue until now. The issue is not with service but with email notification and navigating their website. The courtesy email does not disclose the date due for renewal, merely "45 days". The email received when the unspecified date passed said "cancelled", still no date disclosed until selection for renewal wad made. It would have been helpful for me to have the specific date listed so as to know a definitive deadline without guesswork or extra time to look up the date myself. I understand it is a courtesy. When needing to create a password the directions clearly stated no special characters. My selection was denied because it did not contain special characters. The error response showed Conflicting number limits as well as the special character statement. I took a screen shot of the contradiction if it is needed. I was able to continue the process and have renewed coverage. These issues, however minimal, were frustrating and should be fixed for improved customer satisfaction. Despite these issues, I would definitely recommend Proliabilty to my colleagues and others seeking this type of coverage.
The lady that helped me on the phone was kind and patient. She stayed on the phone until my issue was resolved. Your customer service is great!
Great as always
Very good way to get Nurses Liability Insurance.
Excellent customer service, I was late on my renewal and was not charged extra. This is extremely appreciated due to my hectic schedule I forgot. Thanks Mercer
It is very easy to renew coverage on your website.
Michael M. Was very polite and upbeat! I was only calling for general information but due to the positive experience with Michael I decided to go ahead an purchase the insurance policy. To whom it may have an excellent employee in Michael! Sincerely Greg Young
I would like to have a more detailed and concise explaination of the coverage provided. HPSO for example mailed coverage details with real life examples of incidents and what was covered.
They make it easy to renew
It feels like I have been a policyholder with them forever. Always a smooth and easy renewal process. A truly well run customer friendly company!
Julie Kabrich was very helpful, from the beginning to the end of my application. She explained everything to me in detail and was very nice throughout our conversation. I will recommend proliability to my colleagues, the insurance prices are affordable for students and practicing clinicians.
Website was very easy to use. Price was affordable.
Very easy to work with and renew online.
I have been using this company for at least 4 years now, and would definitely recommend them to others!
Great attitude, answered my questions. Please with the communication.
Proliability was a fast and efficient service to gain access of clinical insurance. I will recommend them to all of my FNP colleagues.
I liked that it was easy to sign up for and the cost was reasonable!
Easy to enroll. Courteous representative who was able to provide assistance and answers to my questions.
I had experienced great customer service, the individual was knowledgeable, patient and helpful, thank you.
Very easy & efficient renewal process. Thanks!
Very easy to understand and use site. I like the services, various coverages, and affordable prices. I have been renewing for years now!
Renewal process was very simple.
I was shocked at the cost and efficiency of my coverage. I had my certificate of coverage in minutes after I enrolled and it was the most painless purchase I have had in many years. I highly recommend the company and their services to anyone. I also loved the fact that despite having an option for an increase in coverage there was no pressure for me to take it.
The representative who reinstated my policy was awesome Thank you
Always easy to do things in the website
The customer service representative was courteous and extremely helpful ensuring I had the most appropriate policy for my professional practice.
Excellent and professional treatment! Easy to get started. I will renew annually going forward! Thank you.
I'm impressed by the ease with which I was able to renew my personal liability insurance. The process gave me ample opportunity to review and update my coverage.
Easy to follow and no complicated response to any questions.
Simple process to verify personal information, answer the needed questions and submit the payment.
It was pretty easy to read about, then add an endorsement today on my existing policy.
I've had a positive experience with Proliability as a self-employed dietitian.
Simple and easy to use
Really easy to navigate and great prices!
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