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Progressive RV Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Progressive RV Insurance
Overall average rating of 2.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 14 %
My 2017 insurance rate for my RV was $1850.00. For 2019 they raised my premium to $2,800. No tickets, no crashes, no bad driving problems at all. What a company. They sucker you in and then hit you below the belt, for our second year.
I only contacted Progressive once in order to set up the new insurance policy. They were very pleasant and helpful and were able to get me a great price with the coverage I needed. I was happy to be able to get the coverage I wanted for my RV at a reasonable price. I had checked a couple other companies that had higher prices, but chose Progressive for both auto and RV insurance and got a great deal. I got ample coverage to cover current replacement costs for the RV and that I could afford at the time. Each year, the annual premium goes down automatically.
I have a RV and switched my insurance to Progressive. After 8 months of talking with there agents and finding problems with them, I started to look for other insurance companies. I found a insurance company with lower prices and better coverage. We canceled Progressive and went with another insurance carrier this was on August 14, 2018. We had made a payment to Progressive on July 20, 2018 to cover us until August 20, 2018. We were sent a bill from Progressive of $63.87. After making monthly payments of $141.34 the agent said we did not make payments for the month, but for the previous month. After asking if we were behind, she said no just that the company just bills that way. After asking if I had a claim with them in any month would I be covered. She said “yes!!” I stated but you said I was not paid for the month. My first month of the policy was paid with a credit card to start the policy over the phone. Each month after that it was automatically payed by the Bank. We will make the payment of $63.87. But I feel we were taken advantage of.
I haven't had to make a claim yet but my previous experience with Progressive has been great. I have renters and car insurance through them. I have been dealing with Progressive for over four years and I have not had any problems with their customer support. Every time I had a claim they were on top of things. I feel that their policies can be a little better but hey it's all about the demand and all of the insurance companies are in competition to take your money anyway. Like I said before the coverage is like the policy. You get what you pay for and if you're not needing a lot it's not as great when you have to consolidate a bunch of insurance on your products.
We bought a used RV in June and took it on vacation in July. We hit a really bad windstorm on the way (during the night), which caused the front part of our side to pull back from the wood siding. From what we have heard after, it was a very common area of road for things like this to occur. The wind was so bad, we had to drive really slowly until we got through the area and pull into a gas station to do temporary repairs. We contacted Progressive within the week and filed a claim. We took it in to have it looked at and pictures taken by a claims adjuster. There was also a written report done at that time. Our claim was then denied by Progressive because they said that the wood appeared rotten underneath according to the picture they saw, which then caused the siding to pull away. They also claimed that the roof wasn't properly sealed on the opposite side of the RV from the damage. My husband contacted them because what they were saying conflicted with what the adjuster had said. According to the adjuster, the wood was fine underneath and was not the cause. The cause was strong wind damage. Also, the seal on the other side would not impact wind damage to the other side of the RV. We have had quite a few emails back and forth, but they refused to look into this further and consult the adjuster. My husband has asked for them to provide the written report, which they still have not done to this day. We are now left to repair damage, which should be covered under our insurance plan. When we first got the insurance plan, I was happy to hear how much it would cost us for the year. Now, I understand why it was so cheap. They will find a way to get out of paying for things that should be covered under the plan.
We purchased a camper in March 2017 and got insurance on site thru Progressive. The Progressive agent collected all the required information to automatically debit the monthly premium from our checking account. One month later started receiving phone calls and e-mails stating there was an issue with our account. Had to resubmit EVERYTHING to include banking information and verify authorization to auto pay. Now it is May and again receiving e-mails and phone calls - problem with account - they want me to resubmit everything again. After contacting their customer service I told them I was finding another insurance company. Will never willingly do business with this company again.
Progressive doubled my RV rate when I moved to Texas then raised it by 100 dollars this year. They said it was because we had some storms. REALLY??? My RV sits in my backyard and doesn’t even move. I’m sure they’ll find a reason to raise it another hundred next year. Progressive sucks. Can’t wait to be rid of them.
Beware RV owners. I purchased a class A diesel pusher 6 yrs ago that had repairs done to the roof. I was satisfied with the work and had no problems. I just put in a claim for a windstorm that blew a tree branch onto the roof. It damaged some cover, ripped a hole in the outer rubber layer, wind got under and tore my roof apart. Then it rained and leaked onto my dash and caused more damage. Progressive had its adjuster conclude that because of past damage they weren’t going to do anything further. This was not caused by past damage. I haven’t had any problems with auto insurance with them, but for RV insurance I think they should get out of the business.
I insured through USAA/Progressive RV. Bought a 2016 Forest River Sunseeker in October 2017. Progressive wrote the policy for 12 months through Oct. 2018. On Dec. 19 I received a notice of cancellation effective January 9 with the reason being "2016 Forest River Sunseeker has an unacceptable body style. If questions, contact customer service." I contacted customer service and spoke to 6 representatives none of which were able to explain the meaning of 'unacceptable body style'. I spent one full hour on the phone with a supervisor who try as he might, was unable to get information to answer my question. Underwriting department was shut down for the day and he would not be able to provide any further info until January 8. However, he provided me with a list of other RV insurance companies I can call. Seriously??? DO NOT DEAL WITH PROGRESSIVE. EVEN IF THE RATE IS LOWER, YOU'LL REGRET IT.
A storm hit and a large tree fell on our RV causing a considerable amount of damage. Within a week we had the RV in the shop with a check from Progressive to pay for the damage. The people from Progressive were very helpful, professional, and kind. Anytime an issue would arise, especially during our RV experience, I was and am very satisfied with the way I am able to always get a straight answer. There are a large variety of policy options starting with the smallest bit of coverage, to keep others (and myself) protected, at an affordable price if. There are better policy offers, depending on what you're willing to pay. I was very happy with the coverage we had on the RV. It was enough to get our RV repaired and up on the road, but at a low monthly cost.
The customer service department took care of everything quickly. It was completely hassle-free. Minimal time on the phone and minimal time processing the claim. The customer service department was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They work quickly and efficiently. They were very nice and polite. They have several policy options and they were explained in terms I could understand. All my questions were answered and I felt like a valued customer.
If I were asked to rate the claims I would have to say that I am completely impressed and really satisfied. They are knowledgeable and helpful and very fast and quick about getting it done efficiently. Great help. If I were to be asked about the customer service of this company I would say they are experts and very knowledgeable and helpful and very fast and efficient at what they do. This company offers really great policy options. I had no problems at all finding the perfect policy that best suited me and my family. I am very satisfied with this. The coverage options of Progressive are great. They offer different wide varieties of policies that you can pick from.
My RV is over 10 years old and I live in it full time. Guess what?! I called my insurance agent and asked why my bill has such a huge increase and found out that Progressive did increase my insurance by $200.00. Why is it legal for insurance companies to rip off customers? I am very upset with the Wayne Riddle insurance in Deer Park.
This is by far the nastiest insurance company I've ever dealt with. They will fight your claims and do everything not to pay. We've been lied to by the adjusters, management will avoid you and never respond. Good guy takes the case over and lied to again and again. Our RV was damaged in a tropical storm and after the shop gave quotes for repairs Progressive did everything to try and disprove the shops estimate and knowledge of repairs. Guess progressive claims reps do repairs on the side, not. They will go out of their way to avoid paying a claim and make it always seem like it's all your fault. I wish it could go back 4 years and did my homework on them. I never would've made the switch for the lower rate. Worst mistake ever. Auto claim, well get ready to be more disgusted with that dealing. Was involved in a head on collision which resulted in 30k damages to our truck. They fixed it! 30k in repairs and they fix the truck. Now we are stuck with a truck that we can't ever trade in due to the severe damage it sustained. Went to 3 dealers to trade it in after the repairs and no one take this on trade. All 3 dealers couldn't believe this vehicle was fixed.Updated on 01/31/2018: As of today being 7 months from claim being filed there, the claim rep is doing his own parts searching. Our claim rep has been emailing the body shop trying to get them to buy parts from to save money. I guess I wasn't aware the claim reps went through so much trouble to find ways to drag these claims out. Twice now we've been told one thing and the shop told something different about what's being covered (we have the emails showing this). If you feel like being bullied during your claim process go with Progressive because that's what you'll get with them. In the end this has really ruined our experience with camping all together and never want to deal with another RV claim again.
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