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Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Progressive Motorcycle Insurance
Year Founded: 1937
Address: The Progressive Corporation 6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
City: Mayfield Village
State/Province: OH
Postal Code: 44143
Country: United States
Phone: (855) 347–3898
Overall average rating of 2.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 26 %
I have always had exceptional customer service from Progressive. They explained my whole policy and what I am covered for in a way that I could clearly understand. They have always been polite and answer all my questions clearly and promptly. You won't regret having Progressive on your side just in case. The claims process was amazing. It was easy to understand and do. Progressive is with you the whole way through. They will help you and ensure that you don't have any troubles. They answer all your questions promptly and make you feel great in the endI honestly believe that Progressive has the best policy options for motorcycle insurance. They have a variety for you to choose from and make sure to explain the all to you so you can make an informed decision. In the end you wont regret going with Progressive. Their policies are very easy to understand so it saves you the headache. I believe that Progressive has superb coverage. You could go on a cross-country road trip on your motorcycle and they would have your back. They cover a variety of things so you won't have to worry. They go above and beyond for you.
They are somewhat slow on answering your questions. But once they do, the answers are helpful. However, I do not like that I don't have an agent or representative assigned to me. Sometimes, I feel like just a number. They are always friendly and helpful when I call to make a claim. Other companies I have worked with in the past have been rude when making a claim. I wish they had more policy options suitable for my needs. I feel as though I am paying for coverage and options that I do not need. It seems like a waste of money at times. Although I believe I am paying for more coverage than I need, I have to agree that they have covered everything that I have ever had to put in a claim for.
I called to let Progressive know I sold my motorcycle on a particular day. I spoke to a young, not very knowledgeable girl by the name of Jessica. She told me I had to send proof via email to show date of sale and then she would refund my money back to the ACH account I paid for it with last year. I told her that I closed that account. She said it doesn't matter, their policy is to still try and send it back to the bank I paid on. That's more than crazy, if I tell them I closed that account with that bank.She said that's their policy and that's just the way it's going to be. I asked to speak to her manager about 10 times without success. I then listened to her rudely ramble about that it's Progressive's policy to just send the money to the bank account regardless if that account is open or not. I then finally, yes, finally got to speak to her supervisor Bethany. She said they will send it back to the closed account and that's just the way it is there at Progressive. I have the phone conversation recorded and am turning it over to the insurance commissioner of Florida. I did tell her I was recording the conversation just like they said I'm being recorded.
I highly recommend Progressive Motorcycle Insurance to anyone who needs assistance. Their customer service was excellent and very helpful in a timely manner. The operator was very professional and addressed and explained situations. I loved that they were very nice. I also liked that there were many different policy options to choose from. I was especially impressed with the knowledge of everything that they have to offer. Cover was great, excellent and a viable part to the company too.
Usually quick to answer my questions when I need them, and no real issues with my plan as of yet. I wish they had more options to account for different amounts of money one would be willing to put into their insurance. It's expensive no matter what, and I wish it was more affordable. It's one of the best in the market in terms of their coverage. It covers almost everything you could want covered from the average customer.
I just received my Progressive renewal policy on my motorcycle. I have been insured with them for over 3 years with no claims and no accidents. They increased my yearly premium by 27%. My jaw hit the floor! They did include a Notice of Underwriting and Rating, which stated that it had to do with my credit report. What? My credit score is near perfect. Everything says, up to date, no late payments. So I called Progressive. It seems my credit score revealed I purchased a car. Yes I sure did. They told me that their statistics indicate that when you have financed a car within the last 13 months, that it is more likely you will file a claim on your motorcycle. HUH? I had them repeat it. I am unable to wrap my mind around that.What does buying a car have to do with filing a claim on my motorcycle? Unbelievable. Maybe it's good I found out NOW. I will get insurance elsewhere. Oh, one more thing. I am a retired veteran. I have my auto insurance thru USAA, but they outsource motorcycle insurance. Yep, I sure did call USAA, which is an excellent insurance company. I let them know exactly how their "affiliate" was treating their veterans.
Very professional and nice. I really enjoyed my experience with them and would continue my services and the products are great. Very sufficient. I didnt have any problems filing my claim and found it very easy when I did have to call them when I got hit by another driver and they didnt have insurance and found it easy to have them. There are many services to choose from and we have multiple products from them and we like their services and they have good policies for everyone - auto, home. It's a coverage that makes me not have to worry when we travel because it covers me wherever we go and its very unique coverage. Has great rates and coverages.
I was a Progressive customer for 4 years entering into my 5th. The problems all started when I purchased a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Progressive added the new vehicle to my policy along with the one they had been insuring for 4 years. One day I was on their website looking at my account and noticed a policy declaration stating that I was not going to get Progressive's best rate. I called the company and asked then how they arrived at this decision, and the gentleman on the phone said it was because of my credit rating, and the fact that I had purchased a new vehicle and they did not like the way I was paying for my insurance (payments instead of a lump sum). Well, my average credit rating for all three bureaus was 780, then about the vehicle I purchased, it was the motorcycle they were insuring. When I questioned them as to what they were using to determine my rates, they said, "Well, that's just the way it is." So my policy went from $600 to $1,600. I went to GEICO.
Great customer service. I would definitely deal with this insurance. It has great prices for me. I would definitely recommend family to my insurance. Everything in the policy option is great for me to deal with. I love the way their policy rules are. I am very satisfied with the company's coverage. The coverage can and will totally cover me. I will continue to deal and love their coverage.
My son took my motorcycle one evening with my full permission. While he was riding, a car pulled out in front of him causing him to crash and was severely hurt. This motorcycle was not his, it was mine. I gave him permission to ride the motorcycle. He had moved in with us for probably 4-6 months. Progressive said, since he wasn't on my policy, they were not covering the claim! My son doesn't live with us full time like right now he hasn't lived with us in months. The driver that pulled out in front of him didn't have insurance! He has been off work since the accident and is more than likely needing additional surgery.
I was made to feel confident from the beginning. Progressive Motorcycle Insurance have given me the knowledge that if I had to make claims I would feel comfortable doing so. Their customer service understood my concerns and provided me with answers to my satisfaction. They are also courteous during the conversation. Their policy options were well explained and numerous. I found exactly what I needed no more no less. It was also easy to choose the option that best fit my needs. The coverage is perfect for me too. I feel comfortable paying for what I'm getting. It's nice to feel covered for what might happen.
I contacted them after having been insured with them for approximately 3 weeks. The motorcycle had been stored for a good 8 months and was in the shop getting ready to ride again. A personal policy was in place. I called to inquire if their personal policies would also cover business use, or vice versa. In the hypothetical event that we chose to utilize the bike as a gas saver when meeting with clients for business. The representative began to type (I could her keyboard) and then stated that she cancelled our policy because they are "now aware the motorcycle could be used for business". One hour and twenty minutes on the phone, to ask a simple question only to have my policy cancelled. They refused to reinstate or maintain the personal policy, even though it is currently being ridden for personal use. I will lose the 3 weeks of money I paid to them (no big deal, but annoying none the less).It was bizarre, I understand policies and procedures IF we chose to utilize the motorcycle for business, but to submit a cancellation for inquiring about what their different policies cover is weird. It was insane. I will never insure a vehicle through "Drive Insurance" aka Progressive again. I signed up for the policy through AAA, had I talked to Progressive directly from the get go, I would have ran.
Progressive doesn't even deserve 1 star, was paying $80/mo for a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R for a couple years, replaced it with a 2015 BMW S1000RR. I knew it would be more expensive because it's a super sportx but Progressive wanted to charge me $1200 for the first month, a $600/mo after that which is INSANE even for a super sport. I called around and Geico agreed with me that it was an absurd number and said theirs would get me x3 the coverages for half the deductible for $160/mo and they suggest I call them back and let them know that something must be wrong on their end.So I call Progressive back and explain the situation to them, the representative obviously doesn't care at all and is pretty much just spewing out memorized lines that rates differ from company to company, no duh sherlock, but not by that much! I ended up switching over to Geico and the Progressive rep got rude and I ended up getting charged $434 dollars for having 2 days of insurance. I wouldn't wish them upon my worst enemy, they can seem cool for years but they will bite long term customers in the ** and not even care then get offended when the customer wants to go elsewhere.
They are a great company with reasonable rates. Progressive insurance covered my used and new motorcycles. The insurance is required by my state, but companies were hard to find. Progressive had different coverage options. My agent assisted in figuring out the coverage that would fit my needs, riding style, and equipment. Progressive support was also excellent.
Customer service was rude - then when I was to have it suspended they never did so 4 months after the fact I got a bill that said I owed them money. I always park my bike for winter and when I confronted them about my bill they said they had record of me asking for it but they NEVER suspended it and I was not able to be reimbursed as I should have noticed it - even though I pay every 6 months. Fortunately I have never had to use claim services and am glad that I never had to use them. I have heard that they do process them in a timely manner. I was happy that I was able to choose my policy that fit my needs - they offer different policies to fit your needs. I was able to combine for multi discount. They offer good prices for coverage and depending on how much you want to pay for a deductible I choose the $500 deductible which is a great price for those that can't afford much more.
I never had any serious issues with the insurance company. They have always been willing to answer all my inquires when needed. I was always able to reach them in a timely manner so that time was never a factor. The claim process ran like clock work in which I never had a serious issues with getting my claim process in a timely manner. I didn't have to wait through too many reps to get my claim process. There were several policy options; however, I did feel that more options could be offered to better assist the customer to get more from the insurance company. There were standard options and extended options. Both of these options will provided great coverage. The reps were very helpful in getting me the right coverage and questions answered.
Needs were handled. I appreciate the efforts.
I have had great experiences with Progressive Motorcycle Insurance. When you call you are able to get a live person right away but you are able to do most of what you need directly on their website. Employees are helpful and friendly and will take the time to explain anything you have concerns about. Claims are also processed in a timely manner and they don't make you feel like "the bad guy" if you need to file a claim. Payout is fairly fast and they go above and beyond to try and get you in another vehicle quickly. They also have many different policy options for a wide variety of needs, anything from renters insurance to RV insurance. There really isn't much that they can't or won't insure. They offer a wide variety of coverage options, from the states minimum to full coverage at an affordable price. You know what you are paying for upfront without any hidden strings or surprises, I was pleasantly surprised.
They will add coverage to your policy without your approval and then cancel you. Even though I paid in full for a year motorcycle policy, I was cancelled 4 months in. They won't try to work with you or help you to set things right. Better off cutting your losses and finding an "honest" insurance company. Sad that USAA recommends this company.
For everyone ever considering using Progressive Insurance for their insurance choice, please beware. My husband and I were in a motorcycle accident, suffering major injuries, including a broken neck and a traumatic brain injury. We thought we had medical coverage with our policy. Ben was informed he did not have that coverage but his passenger was entitled to $15k for medical care, which would have helped but nowhere near covered the expense. When filing a claim for the passenger coverage, they denied us saying because we were married, I was not covered. In the insurance adjusters words, "We don't cover family and members of the household because we know that they won't sue the policy holder". Had I been a girlfriend, friend, etc., they would have covered me. They make their decision knowing that I cannot receive additional medical care from the neuro-surgeon without cash up front. We are canceling our policy and will never consider them again for insurance. I view their commercials hypocritical and a slap in the face as they profess to care about their policy holders. Once again corporate greed trumps what is right.
They are very helpful and caring. I couldn't ask for a better insurance service. I will be with them for years to come. The claim process is best. It's fast, great quality, great value. It's extremely good at what it does. I couldn't ask for anything better. Policy is best. I would recommend it to anyone that wants the best policy you can have. It really is among the best of the best. It's reliable and very trusting, very good coverage, not too many you would find better. It makes me happy.
There is not a long hold time when you call customer service. Timely response when trying to find out if certain this are covered under my plan. Luckily I have not had to make a claim thus far. Based on their regular customer service I would expect the claim process to be equally satisfactory. They seem to have a broad coverage plan at a competitive price compared to other agencies that I have compared to. I would recommend them to my friends or family. They cover almost everything from small ticket items all the way to large ticket items, and will customize a plan for you that will fit your budget and property.
As someone who lives in the NYC area, but keeps his motorcycle on LI for weekend recreational use, I had no problems on a good rate for the first year and a half on Progressive. Then I got in a small accident (elderly woman changed lanes into me without looking). No injury to me, minimal damage to bike - nothing that would even qualify for being a claim. But as part of this, my "garaging address" somehow got changed on their end and now out of the blue, they've tripled my annual premium and to change my garaging address back to what it was and is, they want to see proof that I live there! Apparently I have to pay a friend's utility bill in order to be able to keep my bike in his garage! With the winter fast approaching, I'd have to be insane to agree to pay tons of money as if the bike is in the city when it is sitting in a garage on Long Island. Worse, their customer service first tells you they will fix it then say they can't. Then they say they'll fix it again and then again, they'll say they can't. If I got a boat and kept it on LI, this means they'd charge me as if I kept it in the East River!
I bought twice as much Motorcycle insurance as I probably needed from Progressive. I live up to my obligations and figured I better everybody is protected in case something happens. Unfortunately Progressive does everything it can to avoid living up to it's obligations. My motorcycle somehow fell over in the garage and damaged my wife's $30,000 car. Not much, but it will cost about $1400 to repair. Progressive said they won't cover it because it hit my own property. So what? I buy insurance to cover me and other in case of any accident! I told them it's a good thing I don't have them for house insurance! If my kid set the place on fire by playing with matches, I'd be out of luck.Not only does this not make sense from a moral standpoint, it doesn't make economic sense either. I paid over $400 per year for Motorcycle Insurance. In three years or so they could have made up their losses and would still have me as a customer for many years. Not only that, I have three other motorcycles I was going to have them insure. Not now. I don't trust them. They are the type of business we should all avoid. I used Progressive only on the recommendation of USAA. They need to be more careful who to recommend. I serve in the military and take duty and obligations seriously. It's clear Progressive does not. Scoundrels of the highest order!
There were never any increases in their rates. The renewal process was very simple and easy to understand. The claims process was simple and easy to understand. I never had to make a claim, which I am happy about. I had their card with the 800 number, and I kept the card in my wallet. The policy options are similar to those in their automobile policy options; collision, a deductible, liability coverage, uninsured motorist, and medical. Their coverages were similar to those of their auto policies. I felt I was covered for just about everything that might happen to me. I never worried about not having enough coverage.
I called to cancel my policies today with Progressive. I moved and was looking to move my policy coverages too. Progressive quoted my new policy $70 higher a month, so I switched companies. Well, I called Progressive back up to tell them I was canceling. They cancel my auto and tell me I will be receiving a small refund. I am then told that by canceling my motorcycle policy that I owed them money! They just took out a substantial amount for the premium two days ago 9/17/2013. It is now 9/19/2013. They should be giving me back almost all of my premium. They come up with some bullcrap about how they get to keep 90% of the policy money paid into it and that I owed them $7.00. What is this crap? I feel that they stole my money.
Clean record for over 10 plus years and each year my rates keep going up. I have used Progressive since the day I bought my bike...3/2012. To this day have never used the insurance or any other insurance, except to pay them money. I think I figure it out somewhat. They have disappearing deductible. So that keeps going down but to make up for it, my rates keep going up. The lady that I talk to was rude. I gave her an example of what happen to a buddy of mine. To this day he is still getting screwed from a accident that happen on 11/20/14 and here it is 3/26/15. The question I ask was, "What will you do for me, to stay out of the same situation he is in?" She ask me question about my buddy but I did not know the answers. So I ask her, "What will you do for me though?" She could not answer me. She kept going back to my buddy. I said, "What will you do for me?" So due to higher rates and what she did I am looking for another insurance company. I lost my confidence in Progressive. Unless you can convince me why I should stay. After looking at a lot of reviews I do not have much confidence to any insurance out there. Now we are at the point of picking less of the evils of insurance companies out there. They all talk a good sell and stories by what is the bottom line -- How are you going to help me or are you going to screw me? Should have never pass that law to be required to have insurance on a vehicle. I feel it would of made better competition and done better in the claims dept.
When I first purchased my motorcycle I tried 5 insurance companies. I choose Progressive because their price was unbeatable and they were the kindest people I had spoken with. I had to file a claim because my uncle took off with my bike and wrecked it in a parking lot. They were very understanding and helped me get my insurance rate to stay the same. They also gave me a great discount option for insuring my motorcycle and vehicle. Although they are two separate policies they gave me a great deal for insuring both with them. I have great coverage with my motorcycle too. My policy protects me from damage done from theifs, accidents, weather and so much more. If someone stole it they would help me a ton.
My motorcycle insurance is great. I've been with Progressive for about 4 years going on 5 here in May and they always have my back when I need help. I'd recommend this insurance to all motorcycle drivers because they are also cheap and easy to use.
It is best for me. It took care of my family when I needed it. And it still takes care of me today. I would like to express that there are few companies anywhere like that. I appreciate the progression they give, it is better for me to know to go for me it is best. I like it very much to me. It is a good company for all options and it has taken care of my family to be in the way. It is better for me to find a company that will take care of me and my family, and Progressive is the company that cares for it and takes care of my family.
Great value and top notch when it comes to motorcycle insurance... Wouldn't want any other company to cover my gsxr. My husband was involved in a motorcycle accident about four years ago. He was severely hurt and his bike of course was in pieces. One of the first calls he made was to Progressive to let them know about the accident... By the time he was out of the hospital about a month later he was already shopping around for a new bike. Thanks again Pam. :)
The customer service with Progressive Insurance was great! They were very helpful with explaining everything to me about what they have to offer! I was also able to call and talk to a real person anytime I had any questions or concerns! They were extremely helpful throughout the whole process and explained how everything gets handled! It was a good experience dealing with them, and also a fast process! I was satisfied with the different policy options as I was able to pick one that best fit my specific needs! It was an overall great experience to have an insurance policy with them! The coverage was what you can expect from a typical insurance company, however it was an overall good experience and fit my needs at the time!
I switched to Progressive in January for two motorcycles, one I already owned, the second to be added within two months. The premium for the second bike was $137 and before accepting the offer, the sales representative guaranteed that this rate would not increase dramatically. Today, the premium for the second vehicle is $251, two folds, in few weeks...I discussed the issue on the phone with a first representative who could not justify the hike. I was then transferred to another service and ended up waiting 15 min without further answers. I then chatted online with a second person who concluded quote: "We do have a specialized team who can assist you further. The team was created to resolve issues elevated from our Customer Service department. They have the same authority as a supervisor, and I am confident that they can provide a solution for your situation. Please give us a call at 1-800-776-4737." This phone number is just the general phone # that every client has to use... Conclusion: Progressive locks you in their contract then uses computer assisted price gouging. The representatives have no respect for their clients and dodge the bullets by forwarding your requests in dead ends.
I took out a policy through Progressive on my new Polaris Slingshot. I needed insurance right away and did not have time to shop around. I had to pay 186.00 up front to start the insurance policy. No big deal as normally when you cancel a policy you would get a refund. Not only did they charge 1256.00 a year but within 3 weeks when I found better and cheaper insurance for 350.00 a year and canceled my policy they informed me that because I did not have the policy very long that it is prorated at 90% so my refund was only 11.00. None of this was disclosed ahead of time. I would not recommend Progressive Insurance to anyone.
Avoid this company. Simply Google search and read all of the negative reviews that far exceed the positive ones. Progressive is the absolute worst. I was hit by a vehicle while operating my motorcycle. The other driver was at fault, pled guilty to careless, etc. So of course following a good ol' smash up/road pizza incident, then comes the bills.I was covered under PIP - personal injury protection. After my trip to the E.R., I receive a letter from Progressive along with a MASSIVE packet to fill out, stating I will not be covered by anyone else. Of course I wouldn't. It was a motor vehicle accident. Being the upstanding customer I am, I fill out every last page and expedite the return of said documents. They received the documents, still would not pay. My health insurer - caring about my wellness and recovery - temporarily covered my claims. Once it exceeded $5k, they sought reimbursement from Progressive through a third party.Fast forward 6 months later: multiple doctor trips later, one MRI later, complete re-wiring of an ankle later, multiple sessions of physical therapy later (and more to go), and Progressive still has not covered anything. I email my claims rep about the simple fact: if my health insurer is now seeking reimbursement, what about the hundreds of dollars I paid out of pocket to cover multiple co-payments. Her exact response - "I don't understand your question. We have paid the claims. If you have any further questions, have your attorney contact me." Roger that.Of course this is only two days after receiving the reimbursement letter that this worthless trash bag states everything is covered. I will be contacting my lawyer bout my co-pays, and also the money I paid in full for the annual premium that I paid two months before my bike was totaled. My recommendation, go through any other insurance company. Progressive is straight garbage.
I called Progressive for a quote. I was referred to them by my insurance company USAA. USAA covers veterans and active military but does not offer motorcycle insurance. I answered all the questions accurately and honestly. I have no tickets or violations in the last 27 years. I was asked if I was a homeowner and I am. I own a beautiful 12 year old mobile home with all the modern goodies. I was quoted a price and prepaid a year in advance. A few weeks later, I receive a bill for an additional $149.00 because my mobile home is over 10 years old and doesn't qualify as a home under their guidelines. I explained the original quote and was told it was in error. I assume that their employees are poorly trained or they are trying to scam a new customer for more money. I called another company and was quoted far less. If this is how Progressive scams veterans, why are they allowed to remain in business? I was lied to. I suggest other veterans and active military avoid this company.
When I asked questions about my insurance the customer representative was very respectful. They explained the benefits of having their services and without having any at all. The service overall was way better than I expected it to be, because this was my first time getting insured. It wasn't too complicated or time consuming, everything was done in a decent time frame. Since it was my first time doing the claims processing the customer representative helped step by step on what it was about. All of my questions were answered with a kind tone. The policy options were pretty good. I chose the cheapest choice because that's what suits my family's needs. I liked the options overall because none of them were contradicting the contract of agreement and were all reasonable reasons. The coverage was a lot lo1nger than I th1ought it was which is awesome. As anyone else coverage is the only way you're protected and they made that very clear.
October 26, 2014 - Was attending Taste of Atlanta. I parked my motorcycle at pay parking lot, at 351 Moreland Ave NE. At 6pm, I return to my motorcycle and discovered both blinkers were broken. It was getting dark and I did not take any pictures and no one was around who witnessed the incident. The following day upon closer inspection, I discovered a dent in my rear fender about 1/8 deep and about 1" in diameter. Insurance was called and a claims adjuster came to my home. He looked at the damage and agreed it was vandalism. He took pictures and left. I was instructed to get a police incident report in which I complied with. I called my agent Mark **. He said he can not help with my claim unless my friend, whose motorcycle had a broken air box, talks to him first. I asked my agent what does my friend's motorcycle have to do with claim. We have different insurance agencies, and my friend Carter, said and feels he should not be involved with my claim.
They have, without a doubt some of the best customer service in the auto-insurance business. They are almost always very friendly and sound like they like their job, which is rare for that business. I have been fortunate enough to not have ever had to go through claims processing in my five year history with them but you can expect it would be very good. There are more policies than you think when it comes to motorcycles. The ones Progressive offer are various and can fit any of your needs. The coverage options are excellent. They have all the options you could think of and help you with a plan that fits your individual needs.
I was hit by a car, while waiting, at a stop light, on my motorcycle. The impact knocked me 95 feet, destroyed my motorcycle and me. The person who hit me was under-insured. I have under-insured coverage with Progressive insurance company. After 7 months, I have yet to be compensated by Progressive.They transfer me from one “litigator” to another. Still, I have not received compensation for my injuries. I am unable to work due to many injuries. Progressive just comes up with reason after reason to delay, and make absurd statements to me. I need a great deal of medical treatment and have extensively lost wages. Progressive just tells me to go back to work with the injury. I have even given them a narrative letter of disability by a board-certified physician. They have not even reviewed my claim with any physician. I have provided the documentation of many physicians in writing. Progressive also repeatedly suggests that I drive and work while they on a staggering amount of medication; used to survive the intense pain and cramps. Driving under the influence would be illegal, as well as dangerous to me and everyone else. I believe Progressive is acting in bad faith, delaying and possibly in breach of contract at this point. As a result, they are forcing me to sue my own insurance company to get compensation and medical care. They are not even providing me compensation covering any of my surgeries. To me, this is unbelievable behavior by my own insurance company! I suggest to anyone purchasing insurance to be very careful to read the complaints in this forum as these are likely true and you may waste your resources. When you’re injured the last thing you want is to have to deal with a heartless insurance company on top of the injuries. This country needs insurance reform in the worse way. Record all of “your” phone calls if legal in your state like it is in ours. This is America, Stand your ground!
Was rear ended and contacted Progressive to make a claim. They first wanted to know if we were all right, then was very fast and easy to help us with getting our bike repaired and contacting the other person's insurance company. They took their time in helping us with all the things that we needed to do to complete the claim. They took care of working with the other insurance company so it wasn't a hassle for us. Progressive has many different policies to choose from, many different options that you can get policies for. They help you find the best policy for you and your budget. The coverage is very good. You can have a lot or just enough that is legal. They help you figure out just how much coverage that is good for you.
The customer service experience was great. All of my questions were answered in a respectful, caring and timely manner. The reps are very knowledgeable and helpful when resolving any issues that are discussed. The claims process is very easy and quick. The steps that are taken to resolve a claim are easy to understand and easily done. The representatives are helpful and do kind when you speak with them. The policy option is great for any motorist. It has a lot of options to fit any one person's needs. Whether you're a hard motorcycle rider or just a novice rider you can find what's good for you. The coverage is great. From the minimum insurance needs to the highest you can find what you need with the coverage options.
My son bought a new car and he did an online quote, $244 a month (I was already paying $84 a month for full coverage on my car). Long story short, they wanted $298 after we did an online quote (and everything was included). If an attorney wants to contact us, we have 2 online quotes (saved) and they could not honor a quote from the day before. I cancelled my car policies and my motorcycle policy.
My 2011 vehicle was parked on the street in front of my home and was hit while parked. Progressive to Progressive. I was told would go smooth. No way. I am on about a month and a half with a rental. It isn't even my side of the insurance responsible. I feel like I have no representation. It would have been cheaper to authorize the new parts than to try and fix things knowing they would break or not be the same. Hello, my convertible top frame bent? Straighten? Then used? Uh, no. The top is the most sensitive part. It was fine when their client hit a parked car with his motorcycle on a residential street. And cheaper. They will be losing my policy with 4 cars. A boat, motorcycle, and 2 houses. So disgusted with their appraiser who refused to call me back. DONE!
I would not recommend using Progressive. I paid up front for one year of motorcycle insurance with coverage from July 2016 to July 2017. Around May of 2017 they canceled my coverage stating that the rates went up and they tried to contact me. They never did, they have my phone number and other ways to contact me as well. DO NOT PAY UP FRONT, THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY. So I got a notice from MVA stating that they were gonna fine me for every day I did not have insurance. I asked Progressive "What about my contract I signed? What about the money you owe me from May to July?" No answers, just "Sorry. We can give you a new policy." Lol!! What??? No thanks, I'll find somewhere else.
My spouse and I were on a ride and stopped in Coosbay Oregon to get gas. We had just pulled out onto the street and moved into the second lane when a car came across our lane and stopped. Unable to stop that suddenly we hit the side of her car. I was lucky because as a passenger I most likely would have been thrown off the bike and over her car but my spouse positioned the bike sliding it into the car rather than head on. We were traveling at 15 miles per hour. The driver was ticketed for failure to yield the right of way and found 100 percent at fault. Our bike was totaled and both my spouse and I were injured. He was taken by ambulance and I was taken by police vehicle to the ER.The very next day our phone rang and it was an adjuster for Progressive claiming complete fault and wanting to take our statements. We were on pain meds and unable to properly consent to this so we politely declined. The next time we heard from the adjuster he offered 1K nuisance payment. OK so we are still recovering from our injuries, me in a knee brace with an MCL tear and my spouse with a tear to his shoulder muscles let alone the bruises and mental issues from nearly being killed. I explained to the adjuster how I will most likely be in a brace for 6-8 weeks and my spouse is still recovering. He stated "the amount will not go up." I explained how horrible the accident had affected us and the adjuster hung up on me.Still not out of a brace accident occurred August 18 2015. Really hopeful that the adjuster will pay our insurance back for medical and motorcycle loss and our helmets. Not sure why they are offering money for a "nuisance". I am not a nuisance, their insured caused us harm. I just want to be made whole again. Not sure when that will happen.
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