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Progressive Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Progressive Life Insurance
Year Founded: 1937
Address: 6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
City: Mayfield Village
State/Province: OH
Postal Code: 44143
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 776-4737
Overall average rating of 3.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 10 %
I had have a great experience with my life insurance. They answer my questions the best they can. They don't treat me like another client. I'm not on hold for a long time.
I am very happy with my insurance company and will continue to use them. They offered me the lowest rate at a very reasonable price. They provide the insurance I need to protect me and my family with great customer service.
Rates are low, easy to work with client, and available for any questions regarding life insurance. Different options are available depending on your income and age. Other insurance policies can be purchased through them such as Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Term Life Insurance, and Supplemental Insurance if you need money within 24 hours if you been in an accident and unable to work but still need to pay the bills. Agents may go to your place of employment and thoroughly explain the different insurance plans and options available for each plan and custom "fit" your plan to match your needs at an affordable cost to give you peace of mind.
Pricing is reasonable. Customer service and policy access is wonderful. Internet login is user friendly. Website is easy to navigate and extremely secure. Policy is detailed and easy to follow.
My husband is a terminally ill veteran with service related illness. It is not easy caring for a man with Stage 4 asbestosis 24/7. With so little help from the VA I don't need Progressive Insurance to make it harder. I received a rude, demanding letter from them requesting ridiculous documentation with threat to cancel my policy. Why would I want to jump hoops in order to keep a policy with a company with so little customer respect. I will not elaborate but they requested 30 items unrelated to my car, my driving, or my spouse who is blind if not bedridden. I think the blood of a virgin was in there, in So Cal? Not happenin' honey. They should not be allowed to make sales to military families.
I had one claim and they paid but did not provide exceptional service or explain the steps involved in the estimate process very well. I describe myself as satisfied because they did pay in a timely way. But could have been more responsive and provided better customer service. Do provide me with a competitive premium.
How horrific this company is to make losing a loved even harder with excuses and delays. They were notified of death in early Feb and emailed all paperwork including death cert Feb 13. A week later I called to make sure they had all they needed only to find out no one had even opened the email. I was assured it would be processed within 12 days. After 14 days I call and am told it has not been touched again! I speak with a manager Michelle who assures me she will personally process it and send payment. I wait another two weeks and call again and ask for Michelle. She tells me she passed it to an analyst who never did it. She did nothing, absolutely nothing.She assures me she will do it now and overnight check next business day. I hang up and call back and ask for Michelle's supervisor to be told they have no idea how to request that Lenore call me back. WHAT???? I ask if I can be given an amount and breakdown of the check being sent and I am told only the amount and that they do not have a breakdown. OMG I am at my wit's end and am appalled at the complete and utter disgusting customer service they lack.
They have been very responsible and have been able to help us when we needed it. The cost is a little less than other companies. We haven't had any issues.
Typical life insurance experience. No medical test policy so pretty easy to get over the phone in about 10 minutes. Went through a quote website so for about 2 weeks after I selected my policy I kept receiving phone calls and emails from just about every insurance company out there.
I have never thought about getting it until my personal officer recommend it and I have family so thought it was a good idea if something should happen to me. I was very happy with it. She explained everything to me in detail and go all the right paperwork done fast and easy and she did most of the work.
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