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Progressive Boat Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Progressive Boat Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 7 %
This winter, snow & ice slid off a tree in the front yard at Wigwam at The Point - Big Bear Lake and landed on top of "The Knot-So-Fast", Duffy Electric 21-foot Classic, collapsing a STEEL FRAME over the entire boat, but with a bigger dent in one place, in exactly the wrong place, namely over the electrical hub of the boat. The frame suddenly went from being convex to being concave. Because of the concavity, the top became a "bathtub", OTHER than AS it was designed (to shed snow and water). Progressive covered the loss to the frame, though they have been vague about how they arrived at the amount, and have not offered to cover any of the transportation costs to and from the repair facility. Or the costs for diagnosis of the other problems.Despite all the news about this being a very snowy winter, that was not the case in Big Bear Lake, and, in fact, the lake is still down 13 feet. Unfortunately, the record show everywhere else in the state is working against me by making them think that this was an abnormally snowy winter and that I was perhaps remiss in checking the boat. I check the boat weekly, as does the handyman, and we never saw any big accumulation of snow on that boat. Nor could you see that the center of cover was collapsed because it sits up on a trailer and is out of view.Duffy Electric Boats stated in an email that in the event of such a concavity of the top frame, one that occurred suddenly, that the water would come through in "one hour to one day". Because of the location of the concavity over the helm, the electrical system shorted out and caused the bilge to fail, and the boat to fill with water. In turn, the motor was ruined. I believe that one hour to one day was all it took and I call that sudden. It is a completely reasonable explanation.Of note is that the boat was plugged into the electric grid the entire time, and there is no drain plug to remove that would've prevented water accumulation. The wood veneer over the fiberglass was destroyed, but that happened more gradually, and I believe that their determination is correct that the floor should not have been covered as an acute event. In any case, water did not pass through rotted wood and then through opaque fiberglass. The bid to repair all the electrical damage, motor, floor and related parts is about $15,000. The batteries were also damaged, and that is another $3000. The charger is ok.Steven **, the Progressive employee who determines the extent of coverage, is unable to define "sudden." The insurance comprehensive coverage pays for direct and accidental loss caused by a flood or storm. Even though they paid for a direct loss to a steel frame that then caused water intrusion, they are adamant that the two are unrelated. They say that water damage occurring over one hour to one day is "gradual deterioration". Yet, they cannot define "sudden". I believe that they are convoluting the language to avoid paying a valid claim and I was advised by Mr. ** that I would have to escalate this to the California Department of Insurance if I expected a different outcome.They do not seem to have a problem distinguishing between part of a claim that is covered and part of the claim that is not covered. I agree with that. I have four Vespa/Lambretta motorcycles, a travel trailer, and two boats insured with Progressive, and I am shopping for other insurance. Clearly, they do not value my continued business. I do plan to follow this up with USAA as well, since I was referred to Progressive as a partner.
While there are many choices for insurance these days it seems like there are few who actually care about their customers and want to help. It should be just about the money. I believe you don't find out how good a Company or business is until you have a problem. I recently had a boat policy with Progressive. Had Fraud on my account which caused the Automatic payment to stop due to account being closed. Progressive charged me for 2 following months. AAutomatically changed policy to a 6 month policy which made the minimum payment 1200.00 to keep current coverage. No letters and could really care less about the issue. Didn't try and resolve anything. Would not recommend to any customer, friend, family member and I will pay more with another company before I ever use Progressive ever again. They do not care about their customers!
Seriously considering starting a class action lawsuit against this company. They have repeated fraudulent claim denials. Case in point: I had insured my boat fully a month prior to it sinking. I was out of town at the time it sunk and did not even get a phone call from the marina where it was docked. I got two emails stating that it was sinking and then when it was on the bottom of the bay. At that time I immediately filed a claim with Progressive Insurance. 35 days later and an extreme invasion of my privacy (to the point of asking for permission to pull cell tower records from before coverage started) they have yet to officially overturn the original "denial" which was because of "seaworthiness". Not only was there nothing wrong with my boat to make it their definition of "un-seaworthy", but when I proved them wrong, they then tried to prove that the boat was my primary residence. I absolutely showed proof, WITH RECEIPTS for rent paid that it was not my primary residence and they continually harassed friends and family in an effort to disprove what was in clear black and white writing on not only my living situation but also the seaworthiness of my boat BY THEIR OWN REPRESENTATIVES. Not sure if this review will even be approved, however, if it does, by some miracle go through and you have been screwed over by this company as I have, please reach out to me as I am compiling a list of people who will attest to their complete and utter fraudulent boat coverage that they charge for but never intend to honor. Email ** to put your name on the list for this, pending this review even goes through. I hope us small guys can take down this complete ripoff so that no other unsuspecting people get hurt by them.
I have a marine service and repair shop, we've been in business over 40 years and have a sterling reputation in our community and the surrounding area. We do a fair amount of repair work for insurance claims and I can say that Progressive, without a doubt, is hands down the absolute worst insurance company to deal with. Most of the jobs we do are pretty straightforward, and we don't have consistent problems with any insurance company...except one. Every time a customer tells me that they are insured with Progressive, I prepare for a fight and they never let me down. Every single time I send a bid to Progressive, the adjuster sends it back with an estimate of his own that is generally about around 25% of my original bid. Now, I know for a fact that our labor rate is lower than any of our main competitors, and I know this because customers who are paying out of pocket for their repairs almost always end up back with us after shopping around, and it is extremely rare for any insurance company other than Progressive to give any push back on our estimates, and many of them recommend us to their customers. I understand requests to justify some of the line items on a bid, or attempts at good faith negotiation to try and shave off a little bit here and there, but what Progressive does is dishonest and disgusting. Every single time we've dealt with them, they make what should be a fairly simple process as miserable as possible, both for us, and for their customer. The people from Progressive that we usually have the pleasure of dealing with are nearly always smug, condescending jerks who talk down to everyone involved. They generally try to bully and manipulate their customer into taking their boat to some hack operation that they know will do a shoddy repair for cheap, and sometimes they flat out refuse to pay for what is obviously a legitimate claim. I have had multiple customers who have had to get their attorney involved in order to get anything done. As someone who deals with just about every insurance company you've ever heard of, I can honestly say that every boat owner should stay far away from Progressive. Boat insurance is generally pretty cheap to begin with, and I can guarantee that the few additional dollars you may save with Progressive are absolutely not worth it if you ever have to make a claim.
The Claims inspector from Progressive who came out to survey the damage to my boat, and started off by admitting that he knew very little about inboard shaft drive boats. He said his experience was primarily with outboards. I asked Progressive to send an inspector who had experience with my type of boat (2007 42’ Cruisers), and they refused saying their individual was very qualified.In my situation, I hit submerged floating debris that was in the channel at around 1-2 knots as I was motoring to the marina for a haul out and bottom cleaning. The torque from the collision knocked both engines forward 1-2 inches on their engine mounts, causing a severe vibration throughout the boat when in gear. The Progressive claims inspector told me after his visual inspection that there wasn’t enough significant damage to the props to justify the shifting of the engines on their motor mounts. He came to this conclusion without doing any work (e.g., pulling and inspecting the shafts, props, cutlass bearings, shaft seals, etc.).After several months of waiting because the Inspector said my claim was being reviewed by his management, Progressive sent me a letter denying my claim. Their letter said “If you believe anything contained in this letter is incorrect or inaccurate, please contact us immediately with the information necessary to continue our investigation to find coverage for this loss.”I’ve never been summarily dismissed and treated this poorly in my entire life. Especially by a company who I have been paying good money to each and every month to protect one of my most important assets. To make sure that those reading this review don’t think I’m some nut job with something against Progressive, I have had all of my boats insured with Progressive for almost ten years and have never filed a claim.
Here is a good one for you. 20% hike in boat insurance after 13 years of coverage with no claims. When I call to ask why... it is our credit score. Dropped from 850 to something closer to 800. What happened to cause a change in our credit score? We took out a loan for Hurricane Impact Windows and let the supplier float the money at zero % while in production instead of writing a check - then we paid the loan in full immediately after they were installed and the first installation payment was due. Zero interest on our part, but five-month float on the part of the supplier. We refinanced our house when the rates were @ 2.875% because, well who wouldn't take advantage of those rates! Also dropped the loan from 30 to 15 years! Both items were strategic and saved us a ton of money. For this our credit score dropped a little, and Progressive considers us riskier thereby jacking up our rate to the tune of 20%. When I try to explain the rationale behind these credit movements, they simply don't care. The credit score doesn't change, so they don't change. And, the "analyst" (Ann **) won't even give her full name. Progressive - you are not very Progressive. Any other insurance carriers out there need a customer? Progressive certainly doesn't seem to be in the market for customer retention.
Insurance was easy to set up and fairly priced. I had insurance for my boat for 6 years and never had a claim. One day I put the boat in the water to go fill the tank. I got just outside the marina and noticed it was taking on water fast. Looked in the bilge and saw my bait tank valve had cracked and water was rushing in. The bilge pump couldn't keep up and water flooded into the fuel tank overflow vent and killed the motor. I flagged a boat down and he towed me in while I used a bucket to bail. Made it back to the dock barely and onto the trailer. The motor had sucked up saltwater so I called Progressive to make a claim. The adjuster said this should be easy. It's obvious what happened, she could see the crack. Took it to their preferred service guy and they pumped out the water from the tank and serviced the motor. $3,200. Progressive took forever to get back to me and when they did they said, "Sorry, we will not cover this." Their only explanation was that they did not believe my story. If it would have sank they would have covered it. So because I was quick to act and limit the damage it was now my fault. I should inspect every inch of the boat before I go out. I have all service records and maintain the boat in perfect shape. How am I supposed to see a crack on a through hull valve? This was a sudden event and should be covered. Customer service was incredibly rude throughout this and they basically told me, "We dont believe you." There is nothing more frustrating than telling the truth and being told you were a liar. Since this I have heard a crazy amount of similar stories. Stay away!
I wish I read all of the bad reviews about Progressive before I bought insurance from them. So many complaints. In my case my boat floated off the boat lift during an extreme high tide. Unfortunately for me I usually tie an emergency line from the boat to the dock. When my boat floated off the lift the nose of the boat was still on the lift so I swam under the boat, put the plug in and bailed the boat until it floated enough to put it back on the lift, remove the plug and let it drain out. The (inboard) motor is now full of salt water. The closest boat ramp is 2 miles away. Progressive wants me to put the boat in the water, tow it to the boat ramp 2 miles away and trailer it to a boat mechanic to verify that it's full of salt water. If I didn't tie the boat to the dock it would be on the bottom of the canal now, so I spent 2 hours bailing a boat out with a bucket and then pulling it up on the lift to be called a liar. So much hassle, terrible customer service, hours on the phone explaining the same story over and over. If you buy Progressive Insurance you are sunk.
I own a 24' stern-drive powerboat. I hit a submerged rock with the cone of the outdrive. The boat sustained damage to the transom, hull, and other parts. I had Progressive boat insurance with "Glide 'N Ride" coverage, which covers towing. They paid the towing, they paid for the damage (around $8,500), they had an expert claims adjuster, who was very responsive and proactive, and settled it directly with the repair marina, so the claim and repair were basically painless. Given the other ratings, I was shocked... but, I would recommend them to anyone who owns a boat. No reservations.
My 19 foot Carolina Skiff developed a ix 1/2 inch hole on my first time out. I had cleaned the bottom before putting it in storage and there was no small hole. Claim was for $1,800 less my $500 deductible and they said it occurred before I had my insurance. USAA uses them and it amazes me why they chose Progressive. Anyway I will try to appeal and we will see where that goes.
The coverage is pretty basic. They told us the amount of coverage we had to have, which was way more than necessary, but they wouldn't have sold us the policy otherwise. We only purchased what was required. The boat was 10 years old at the time and paid for (no mortgage), yet they wanted to insure it for an amount like it was brand new. Absolutely ridiculous. We had to have insurance to store it at the marina, so we really had no choice. Price was ok, but not overly good or bad. We should have been able to purchase a policy for the amount we wanted, not what the company dictated. As it was, they had us extremely over insured. The representative would not listen to us. They kept insisting the dollar value for our boat was significantly more than it really was.
They have the best customer service. You will not be talking to no machines. You will always find someone to answer your call and always have an answer to your problem. They always have a great solution. Other than great customer service they have great coverage. They have several plans that will meet your budget. Deductibles are good because they are reasonable. They will not empty your pocket. They also have 24/7 emergency service. They have plenty of options to choose from. One of the options is the emergency to 911 and they will inform your loved ones if you are in trouble. They have a monthly insurance coverage, a six month and a year coverage. The more coverage you get the more you save. I usually take the six month coverage since we don't use our boat year round only during the spring and summer.
The 4737 phone number listed everywhere for boat is actually auto. When you eventually get a human, they say they need to pass you to a boat rep... and you stay on hold forever with no one picking up. Numerous attempts. 30+ minute waits with no one. I’m working with my credit card to dispute my prior insurance payment... because I need a boat rep to cancel my insurance... which I can’t contact... which is why I need to cancel. They had no problem getting on the phone last month to sign me up.
This is my current experience with "Progressive". The following is an emailed response following a conversation with a Progressive Claims Person. I am a business owner who was made aware of by my insurance company that Progressive was seeking assistance with paying a claim in which their customers boat burned up at our fuel dock. After I made her aware the Fish & Game report was incorrect and currently being reviewed by F&G at my request, I was informed that even if the report was revised to show the 15 year old occupant as the driver, Progressive still pays long as he had owners permission. Going to give Progressive a few days to digest this review before I take this information public as well as to the Insurance Commissioner for KY. Unbelievable... I'm hoping they will rethink this issue. Especially since no one's asked for the video footage of the kid driving."I would like to express my disappointment when you informed that Progressive Insurance pays a claim in spite of the fact the operator was 15 years old; long as he had owners permission. As I mentioned, it is against KY law for a minor to operate a motorized watercraft; this was a dual engine cabin yacht. I have to disagree with your policy and inform you this is a major cause in boating accidents. So, if it's you’re policy to allow minors to operate a vessel, while breaking KY law, then good luck. But you may want to replace your risk management team.In closing, if the occupants lied about who was operating the boat, perhaps they lied about other things? I’m quite sure on May 23, 2018, they didn’t know/think an insurance company would pay a claim with a minor operating a cabin yacht; or they would have admitted in their statement who the real driver was. I’m quite confident they did know minors aren’t allowed to operate a motorized vessel in KY…"
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