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Progressive Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Progressive Auto Insurance
Overall average rating of 2.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 19 %
My Lexus was hail on so I reported to claim office and they say they will have somebody call me within 2 days but I waited for almost a week and no respond and so I have to personally call and schedule appt to bring my car to let adjuster see it but not after having to wait another week. But Thank God, I brought my vehicle to let some other professional look at it to give me a quote before the Progressive adjuster look at it because the Progressive adjuster quote me not even 1/3 of what the other place quote me and told me that's all they giving me to fix my SUV. I told them that I want my SUV fix and that it wasn't enough money to fix my SUV and they told me that I could get my SUV to a body shop and get them to call in with a quote and that they will come out and look at it again. Well, the place that I want my SUV to fix did call and they have not respond back and is now giving them the runaround. If I have known it is this difficult to file this claim, I would have never gotten my insurance with Progressive. Please don't make same mistake, there's so many better insurance company out there who will take care of you and appreciate your business. And also, when I requested to speak to somebody with authority at the station where they adjusted my vehicle, they told me that there's nobody else to talk to and they are in complete control. They also say that they are done with me and there's nothing else to talk about. They attempted to shut me up when I was having a conversation with another customer that agree with me and that was rude. Well, good luck to all that's having the same problem that I'm having. All I could say is switch to somebody else that care because this company want to take your money every month and when you file a claim, they don't want to pay you enough to take care of your damage.
Had an insurance claim from accident and it’s been nothing but aggravation trying to get in touch with this company. Emails never get responded to, car rental company is harassing me for payment because the claim is over 30 days old. Progressive does not call them back either. Supervisors are never available to talk to. It’s the worst insurance company i have ever had to deal with in my 30 years of driving.
Had this company for well over a year. On time with all payments. I have only liability for 235$ a month which I found absurd but I'm in a rut and can't find otherwise. Emergency came up and I couldn't make the payment. I've never been late. Not even a month late. Just 2 weeks and they told me they were canceling my insurance. (I just needed time to catch back up). I paid them immediately to receive a notice that my next payments were now 481$. Almost DOUBLE for only LIABILITY. Not even COLLISION because they're so ** expensive all because I was A LITTLE late. You're ** scum. Never had an accident. Never had a ticket. No points. Nothing.
Progressive truly does an excellent job at providing the best auto insurance for their customers, regardless of whether or not it is their services! They have your best interest in mind, treating you as a person, not just another number they expect a paycheck from.
I counted on Progressive to handle the claim fast. They received my claim and responded back in a timely manner after my accident. It made dealing with the stress of the incident a lot easier. Progressive usually covers any modern vehicle or form of transportation. Auto, boat, motorcycle, atv and more. The more mass market the vehicle is the lower the rate. Rare collectors vehicles often get higher rates. I enjoy doing business with progressive and always have. I value their services because they allow me to live my life rather than worry about it. The name your price tool is one of the perks of progressive. Exactly as it owns progressive's customer service wants to be the first pick among insurers and will do it all to keep customer interactions positive.
The process of purchasing insurance through Progressive was quick and painless. I went to the website and purchased it through there. Customer service is there right on the website if you need them. They also have many locations you can visit as well. I like their customer service and how they are always available when I need them. They really have your back and are there through it all. It is also a very easy app to get to and it has everything you need on there. But I would improve the commercials or the way they seem to be to others. It seems to be a younger people's insurance crowd and that's not true. They really are a insurance company for any and everybody.
Progressive seems like a good company - in the past I believe my family used them as their auto insurance provider. Everyone around me speaks well of them, so I went to them first. The policy was cheap and the website was easy to maneuver. I liked the rate search and many options given to me for the policy. The initial process was fine. It was the lack of responsibility taken in terms of payments that made me switch to Geico. I was treated like a child over the phone despite my clean driving record, perfect payment record, and willingness to cooperate. It was an all around bad experience. I sort of hate Progressive and I now have Geico because of it. I had to end my contract with Progressive for one huge reason. It really was unfortunate. Progressive constantly had trouble processing my payments. Then they penalized me financially for their internal errors. I ended the contract owing them over $100 for something that was out of my control. It was unfair and ridiculous. I talked to multiple representatives about the matter only to be talked down to as if this was all my fault. I provided the necessary debit card info and always had the sufficient funds. What was the problem???
Not only did Progressive reported my husband and I not having insurance to the NYS DMV after a ONE DAY late payment that resulted in me getting a civil penalty and $330 fine, we switched to State Farm and for the EXACT SAME COVERAGE, we are saving over $360 a month! Please, I beg everyone if you are thinking of using Progressive, DON'T! Not only are they ridiculously expensive for the worse customer support ever, but they seriously don't care about YOU. They just want money. Who just cancels car insurance for being a day late on the payment WITHOUT so much as a reminder? Progressive is nothing but false advertisement and seeing everyone else's comments, I am not alone in this feeling! Save your sanity and go elsewhere! I hate you, Progressive!
On 10-10-13 I was involved in a car accident. Someone was driving a budget rental truck. It crash in back of me. The driver didn't have license nor insurance and admitted fault and I was insured with progressive. The accident clearly wasn't my fault and the police said it too and progressive denied my claim which is very unfair. I was going to see my premature twins at the hospital before I was involved in the accident and to make matters worse they made me wait almost 200 days before they told me that they denied me. This is the worst insurance company and the customer service is the worst. I'm going to take them to court and they going to regret it I promise.
I've had my insurance with this company for over 10 yrs, haven't had to contact them except to pay them or change something. I do like that they don't pester with calls or emails.
I was quite shocked to discover my auto policy was dropped. I was in one accident in approximately 10 years of being with them. I did make use of their roadside assistance when I locked my keys in the car. And that did happen multiple times. What's the point of having roadside if you can't use it??? And I am shocked that is a reason to drop me. I will happily find other auto insurance. They can go to hell.
It seems like there is a whole lot of people here that have been "robbed", in my opinion, by the Progressive Auto Insurance company. But seriously... Who really cares??? Nothing will be done, and no person/company is ever held accountable. I hope that writing this gets to someone, and makes some kind of difference, but I seriously feel totally helpless, alone, and victimized by predatory charges.I just got off the phone from one of the most stressful conversations with numerous dead ends trying to understand how I'm now paying over $368/mo. for full coverage on a 2012 Ford Escape. Progressive has admitted to running a credit check, as well as add "points" to my driving record, in order to establish the new current rate. Mind you I've gone over 20 years without a citation, but within the last two years somehow managed to blast my good record to oblivion.In July 2016 I was pulling up to my house with my boat in tow. I guess I misjudged the distance and the trailer wheel fender caught the edge of my neighbor's vehicle and tore the plastic front bumper loose. I told them what happened and they encouraged me to NOT file a claim, that it was a small damage and we'd settle it ourselves. That was great advice let me tell you, but I wanted to handle it by the book so I called Progressive and it was taken care of. This minor mishap will end up costing way more than the $800 it costed to fix. (My neighbor voluntarily showed me all the quotes they got so I know this.) Progressive thought it should cost 4 points to my record, which is now showing up on my new policy renewal in August of 2018.Next, last December I was driving in Wisconsin on snowy roads and slipped off the road and hit a power pole. I was only traveling 20-25 mph but somehow totaled our 2009 Saab 97x, based on a quote from a local auto repair shop Progressive routinely works with. Progressive gave me 3 days to find a replacement vehicle. 3 days is all Progressive would pay for a rental car while I tried to find a replacement. It was Dec. 22, so Christmas would have been the day the rental coverage expired. After pleading for what felt like 25 minutes I got 5 days. I spent the next days leading up to Christmas frantically searching for a replacement based on the value they considered the Saab to be worth. I settled on a 2011 Ford Escape that I had to finance half of.Tonight I go to pay a credit card bill and my debit card is rejected. It turns out Progressive renewed my policy and ballooned my monthly charges to $368, which is up from $228/month (already stupid high in my book). Now I have a $35 NSF charge from my bank because the money wasn't there. Progressive blindsided me with the new charges last night.So I call them, and everyone knows how this goes I'm sure, I get transferred around to the wrong people, disconnected, and returned back to the automated main menu. After 4 attempts I'm directly asking for someone to answer questions regarding policy renewals. Lady tells me she can handle all questions. I ask her how they come up with the $368/mo and she keeps going on about 4 at fault accidents. It was like pulling teeth to get her to tell me enough information to even understand what they are, and honestly I still don't know. I clarified that the minor $800 incident with my neighbor's car cost 4 "Progressive points". Police were never involved. The other accident was charged 6 points for hitting the pole, and 4 points for leaving the scene. The 4th accident I have no idea?After asking over and over how we get to $368 she mentions something about a credit check. I said "wait a minute, you ran a credit check?" She says, "no that's not what I meant, we don't as far as I know," "as far as you know, or you don't?" She finally tells me they do in fact run a credit check and it's part of how they determine the rates. To be clear I asked "so if one has bad credit, you will charge more?" Yes! That's exactly how it works.On a side note, I was bitten by a cat and required rabies vaccinations, despite having health insurance I was charged around $6,000.00. Bills came from 7 different agencies/affiliates or whatever the hell they are, all somehow connected but not. I honestly did my best. I paid each $50/mo. for a few months all the while being harassed to agree to a payment plan, and told in fine print that even if I pay amounts less than the total that my credit would not remain in good standing. I called for help and they sent me a credit application to essentially take out a loan to repay them. The loan would of course be subject to interest. Within a month or two I was placed into collections. Each bill a separate entry, one for just $148!!! That's on my record for 7-10 years. But who cares? Anyway, back to Progressive. Since they do credit checks they no doubt found my recent misfortunes to be a perfect opportunity to pound me into submission further. They increase rates for those of us with less than perfect credit. What else could they raise rates for? They leave this out of their commercials on T.V.They should be telling you to drive like your life depends on it. A couple small mistakes (accidents) can change your whole life.So what does one do in this situation? Clearly I'm shopping for new insurance, but how can a company do this to people? It's so disgusting to beat a person while they're down. I can't afford an increase like this. I can barely afford things now. I'm a college graduate and a small business owner. I work very hard for a living. It wasn't a choice to have my credit affected, and I'm not a reckless driver. You wouldn't know that on paper. Not with Progressive. They talk to me like I'm a meaningless criminal, and they want to run me into the ground I swear. It's been a horrifying experience with them. I can't talk to anyone about it, my wife is fed up with me complaining about it. WTF!?! If I ran my small business anything like Progressive, treating customers like prey, how long would I last? God bless America.
Had accident couple weeks ago. A guy makes a turn on a do not turn lane. As I come up the ramp I'm slowing down and I stop. Then move up when he moves up noticing he is turning. He slams on his brake all a sudden causing a accident. Putting severe damage to my vehicle. Leaking fluid and damage hood and bumper. Omg Progressive was not helpful and didn't care about how I was or how they could help me get back on the road. I was treated poorly and the situation was handle unprofessionally. They paid for a scratch on his car instead of my severely damage car. I am their customer and Progressive just lost a customer. Poor customer service and morally unjust not paying attention to the police report instead listening to the guy. Single mom not a dime to fix the damage and they don't even help me - wow. Now we are faced with forcing a payment plan until car is repaired because we have no other means and no family to help us, basically on my own. Progressive is a nightmare to deal with. I'll never go back to them, they treat their customers like crud. Not cool.
I was satisfied, but sometimes they sent my payment in 2 days late and then tried to charge me late fee when it was their fault, but when it come to claims they were right there to help and settle in no time at all. Their rates are low and can direct withdrawal from bank or pay it online, so I am ok with mine but it just satisfactory.
My agent of 20 years changed my carrier to Progressive after losing or cancelling his contract to represent Acuity who had been my carrier. The transfer was supposed to be seamless as I had already paid all invoices to Acuity in advance with a large carry-over to advance to Progressive. Suddenly I received a rescission letter from Progressive with rude language voiding all coverage back to the start date of coverage, claiming my bank would not honor payment. My bank has nothing to do with this, as I have not yet received a single bill or invoice. They also stated I am not eligible for future coverage now. No warning, no grace period, no follow up with agent to see why funds didn't transfer from Acuity back through agent to Progressive successfully. I've never even received a bill and I'm paid up in advance already through my agent. They are going to attack me and penalize me for something I had no control over? STAY AWAY FROM PROGRESSIVE. THEY ARE GREEDY, SELFISH, RUDE, AND ARROGANT!
So far my experience with Progressive Auto Insurance has been alright and I have been completely satisfied with the company. Customer service is polite and helpful. My policy covers everything I need. I like the price for the amount of coverage I receive on both of my vehicles. However, I dislike that the prices are changing from what I was originally quoted and now going to cost me more than before. So I'm going to have to change insurance companies now.
This insurance is by far the worst insurance I had ever had to deal with. My car was involved in an accident and it just so happen my friend was driving the car. I file the claim and it is taking them a month and a half just to tell me if they are going to fix my car. I had one guy tell me he was my main claim rep. I told him everything, sent him everything he asked for. He kept asking me about the police report. I told him I didn't know what precinct arrived on scene because they just rushed my friend to the hospital. He kept saying he needed to talk to anyone else involved in the accident just in case they try to sue me. He was really focused on that. He said that at least 4 times or five times in one convo. I'm like why does he keep saying that and then he finally found what precinct was there and told me they told him it would take a couple of days to be finished. He called me the next day seeing if I picked it up and I said, "You told me they said two days," and he said, "Ok." And then all of a sudden somebody else is contacting me asking me for all types of things cause they want to investigate where I'm garaging my car. She sends me a list of things to send so I send her what I have. I send my pay stubs, I send my taxes and I send the receipt of where I serviced my car and she goes, "Oh that good but I need your bank statements also." She sends an investigator to the Bronx address which I felt was ridiculous and farfetched. I emailed her to ask her why she needs my bank statements and she explains because if I garage my car in Katonah I would use my card at places surrounding where I am staying and I told to google my address. There is nothing surrounding that area and I work in Mamaroneck.I end up sending my bank statements. And it took her a week to email me or even confirm that she has received them. And every time I email her it takes her 2 or 3 days to email me back and I email cause I can't constantly be on my phone at work. She emails me saying that it looks like I garage my car in the Bronx and she came to this conclusion without looking at my bank statements. She says she will look at them and give me an answer. In the beginning of the week I emailed her Tuesday. She answered me back Wednesday at 4:16 in the afternoon saying she will have an answer friday. This insurance company is unprofessional and they have made this experience a horrible one. There was too much back and forth.
I love Progressive. It's a great service. The monthly rates are great. I feel safe with them. They are helpful with questions. Whenever I call with a question they are always extremely helpful.
They offer a great rate on full coverage and the only time I have ever had to use insurance was when a 18 wheeler threw a rock and cracked my windshield. It was fixed, new windshield before I left work that day. They have great communication skills and treat you as a valued consumer.
They were really helpful in starting my policy and when it came to payments. I never had an accident, so I never had the chance to use their services. But for the most part, they were really good.
Progressive has been a great insurance company so far. I've never had to file a claim so I don't know what that process is like but their rates have been good up to this point. The snapshot discount thing is a bit of a nuisance but it's worth it in the end since it can't hurt your rate, only make it better. I highly recommend looking into this company for car insurance.
I had a vehicle shipped with a carrier covered under Progressive Mutual insurance. The vehicle was damaged beyond practical repairs. Since the car was a rare car and I wanted to keep and deal with the damages myself, I informed **, the claims adjuster for Progressive, I would accept a lower settlement and keep the car. My claim # was ** and should have been for the complete loss of $6,000. I was willing to accept $1,500 and the car but ** informed me they would not cover my claim because of a secret clause Progressive had written in their policy. (That's right, secret and she couldn't tell me what it was because of privacy reasons). I had another policy on other cars with J.C. Taylor (Foremost Insurance) who covered my loss and then went after the carrier who was insured with Progressive. I would never recommend Progressive insurance to anyone. Check their reviews, I think this is standard practice for them. Flo probably has a lot of hidden secrets (don't ask, don't tell).
It was easy to sign up with Progressive. I was able to sign up with them online without any hassles and was able to change my policy with just one phone call. The process took me less than 10 mins to make my policy and be activated. Progressive Auto is the cheapest and the one with a good quality customer support and easy to understand. I am able to modify it to my needs and be able to pick what I am looking for. It’s only been a while that I been under this insurance. And they should try to explain better how their safe driver program works and be more transparent with any hidden fees.
Progressive is easy to work with. Every time I have purchased a vehicle and had to add it to my policy I would call and speak with someone that was always friendly and helpful. Any questions I had they answered them. I like the price for full coverage on three vehicles. Progressive prices are cheap compared to other insurance companies. They also offer roadside assistance in case we need it. Thank you!!
My car was struck by an elderly women while my car was parked. She said she could not see the car and that she normally has a rider with her to tell her when she is getting to close to another car. I called the police and had a accident report made. I called Progressive within a couple of days and someone finally called me a few weeks later. I gave that person all of the details including the police report number and a number of a witness. Several weeks later a claims adjuster finally returned my call. He set up a appointment for me to meet him at a car dealer so he could do an estimate. In the meantime I went out and got 4 estimates. I met the adjuster and he wrote up a estimate for $200.00 less than any of my estimates. When I complained about the amount he said, "You can get 6 estimates and they will all be the different." I got the impression that was all they were going to pay. I accepted his offer and he said that I should receive a check in 7 to 10 days. Two weeks go by and no check. So I call him and he said 7 to 10 working days. Two more weeks go by and no check. I call him back and he says that the check was sent to a wrong address and he would send out another check. Two weeks later still no check. I called the adjuster again and he said he would call a supervisor and have a new check overnighted to me. Still no check. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with this company. If I don't receive this check by next week I will get my attorney involved and hopefully they will have to pay my bill and my attorney bill.
Great rates. I was hit and the process was fast and efficient. I also hit a car in a parking lot and this also was handled very well. Quick and easy, no problem. There is a discount for "paperless" billing, being married and other things.
They are easy to get rates from and easy to change, I always need to add and remove vehicles off my policy and it's never a problem. They are willing to help and are fast. All customer service representatives are always polite and helpful but they are hard to understand sometimes. It would be easier to speak with someone who speaks good English. I always tell people they need to at least check Progressive out and check rates. I have referred several people to use this insurance company and all have been pleased.
I have basic state minimum coverage. For me it was more expensive than other companies I have had in the past. I intend to change insurance providers as soon as I can. It has not added any value. Progressive insurance is the most expensive insurance I've ever had. The interactions I've had interactions with the customer service department, I have always been treated courteously and professionally.
I had an at fault accident on Thursday, 2/15/2018. I rear-ended van and I had full coverage meaning they took care of my car and the other car. Both cars had problems with the bumpers. The problem I have with Progressive is that when I dropped my car in Burnsville, MN at their office on Monday, 2/19/2018 it had no other problem having driven it the whole week-end but only the front bumper (not even the front lights were broken). After two and half weeks (imagine!) they called me to pick my car. I didn't even move the car because it showed engine light. I told them that my car had no check engine light when I dropped it and they agreed to fix it. It took another four to five days when I received a call that my car started overheating as they ABRA Auto Body was taking it back to Progressive. They informed me to call a Volkswagen dealer where they had taken it so I can discuss on how to fix the car. Can somebody from Progressive explain what happened with my car because they refused to pay for the overheating to be fixed! THIS IS THE WORST KIND OF INSURANCE THAT I HAVE HAD.
I switched to these guys a few months ago. They offered the same coverage as Allstate at a considerably lower premium, and I liked their e-commerce model a lot. They sent me a plug-in device to determine if I qualified for a discount. After a couple of months, they emailed to say I didn't qualify because of hard braking. I guess that meant coming to a complete stop in traffic because I'm a senior driver who stays with the traffic flow. I just received notification of a new payment schedule with an 18% increase in premiums. I'm getting back to where I was with Allstate. Bait and switch? My recommendation: stay where you're at and don't accept any plug-in from an insurance company. Are we surprised? Don't you love banks and insurance companies? If we didn't have to have them, no one would do business with these guys.
I have been contacting Progressive since late July in order to park my son in a non-driver status since he is far away at school with no access to a car. Progressive claims to have "lost" or have no record of the form which has been sent 3 times. Instead of the huge refund I should be receiving, Progressive's inept processing has resulted in a cancellation of my policy. On that front, Progressive claims to have sent out a notice of cancellation on February 2nd, which was not received. No email notices were received at all except on February 20th when I receive a notice that the policy is cancelled. Why not send an email notice prior to cancellation, not one day after. Clearly, they do not wish to give me the refund for my son and simply want to get rid of us as customers. I am supposedly a preferred customer, really? How many phone calls and form submissions should I need to make for Progressive to do the job on their end?
I purchased boat insurance from Progressive over a year ago. I hit an underwater rock pile in January of 2012 and destroyed the lower unit (transmission) and cause a hole in the power head (engine). Well, I filed a claim with Progressive. The adjuster stated that they would pay for the lower unit ($1,400) but not the power head ($7,000). The power head was only two years old.He stated that after the mechanic tore the engine apart, he could not feel any oil in the block. I explained to him that I ran the engine for over an hour in my yard with the water connected. It ran okay but the lower unit made a noise when I put it in gear. The engine (01 Mercury Optimax 200HP) is computer controlled and the computer stopped working when the collision occurred.The mechanic and I both stated in the recorded conversation that the engine had over revved and this could have caused the engine to stop oiling. The oil canister was nearly full. The boat ran perfect before the accident with no warnings of anything. As a matter of fact, the engine will crank and run now.The adjuster stated that it was really two claims requiring two $500 deductibles. That's ridiculous, how can one accident cause two claims? How can you pay for one part of the engine and not pay for the power head. The adjuster stated that he had never seen this happen before and that someone had to prove to him that the accident caused the engine blow up. It’s obvious the accident caused the computer to stop oiling if the lower-unit was hit hard enough to destroy it.I will never, ever purchase anything from these crooks again. I've filed a complaint with the State Insurance Commissioner. This company should be banned from selling insurance in all 50 states.
I hit a deer on Memorial Day last May 28th, 2012 at 3:30 am in Vinita, Oklahoma, which is 300 miles from home. I called my insurance after the accident and I gave them our location to send a tow truck. They said we were on a tollway and they couldn't send a tow truck. I then put the officer who helped us on the phone and he told them they could come get my car. My fiance and I were stranded all day due to the holiday. We had to stay in a hotel until Tuesday when Enterprise was open.I returned home Tuesday night. On Wednesday, I get a call from the Progressive insurance and they told me my car was totaled - about $4,300 in damage. I checked the value of my car via Kelley Blue Book and it was worth $4,700. Progressive then told me they went by some other form of valuing vehicles. Progressive told me my car was only worth $3,200 if I wanted to keep the car and they would give me $3,971 if they let me total the car. If I didn't let them total it, they would brand the title. I told them that is not right.I have been a member with them since 2007. I'm a diamond level member with them and I wanted them to treat me fairly and to do everything possible to save my car. I even asked if I could pay the difference out of my pocket and they said no. What kind of insurance company says "no" to their valued customers? I told them I wanted to think about what I'm going to do. On Thursday, I thought about what to do.Then, on Friday morning, at 8:30 am, my phone rings and it was the Progressive agent handling my claim. She told me, "We could have had you return the rental yesterday although we're going to only cover it until Monday." I asked, "What do I get around in after Monday?" The answer I got was appalling, "That's not our problem!"So I went to their office on Friday to talk to a supervisor. They told me I have to call the agent that was handling my case. I went into a meeting room and called her. I really didn't want to talk to her and I asked to talk to her supervisor. She then transferred me. I talked with the supervisor for 2 hours. I told her that I have been dealing with a very rude lady that is handling my claim and I have been a member with them since 2007. This is not the way they should treat customers. I told her what I wanted for my car. She said she couldn't do anything to help me.When I asked about my diamond level status, she told me that the diamond is one free accident that will not affect my driving record. I felt as though Progressive is doing so much wrong that I told her, "The right thing to do is to fix my car and assure me that everything is going to be okay--not to tell me that your car is totaled and be lucky we're letting you keep the rental car until Monday." She said, "I'm sorry. I can extend the rental only until Wednesday."I told her that the right thing for me to do right now is to take car of the rental as though it was my own car. The wrong thing to do is to get in the rental, pick a target and see how much damage I could do. Pay the $500 deductible, let Progressive insurance deal with a $20,000-plus accident. Then, the next day, cancel my policy with them - never touching my driving record due to my diamond level status.She then punches some numbers and gives a check for $4,417, which is more than what it would have cost to fix the car in the first place - $4,300. I wish I could put a picture up of my car for everyone to see. I asked the Progressive lady if she could have them gather all my belongings out of the car and send them to me - paperwork, shades, CD, seat covers, steering wheel cover, loss change, all keys, and everything that wasn't out of the factory. She said yes.It is now June 22. I got the package that is supposed to have all of my personal belongings from my car in it. All that was in it was my seat covers and a mechanics rag. Now, I'm having to try to locate my personal belongings again. I was going to add my fiance to my policy as soon as we got back from vacation. After the way she saw them treat me, she wanted nothing to do with Progressive.As soon as I got a new car, I canceled my insurance polices with them and switched to a better provider. I'm in the service industry and after the way your company treated me, I'll never have anything nice to say. Progressive will not only lose two customers for life, but many more. In my field of work, the customer is the most valuable asset. Without them, you can't pay your bills and put food on your dinning room table. If you took the time to read my story, I want to thank you.
If I could give a 0 or a 1/2 star I would. Pathetic company in regards to customer service when handling a claim. 45 minutes on hold, someone picks up and hangs up. Then, another 20 mins on next call. WTF? I guess you already have enough customers, eh? You obviously can't handle what you currently have, so there is no way in hell I would sign up for this insurance nor recommend your company. I would like to have that hour's time back in my life. I'd probably die before I was able to speak with anyone!! PATHETIC!
Progressive has been a very non-personal company. They are hard to contact. The website is very hard to figure out what policy that you made need. It was also difficult to see who in my house was covered under the insurance policy. No cards are sent in the mail so I have to print them if I want them. But on the plus side the policy is cheaply priced. From what I can tell it is also comparable to other policies around the same price for me.
After comparing prices and amount of coverage I received a much better deal with progressive. I have never had a problem nor have I ever filed a claim but so far so good. I got better than average coverage for a much better price. It pays to shop around.
Progressive insurance is a fantastic insurance company! They have always worked with me to ensure that I have the coverage I need or if I have any issues or questions regarding my policy. I also love their bill auto pay! It is wonderful to not have to worry about paying my insurance bill every month. And I love being able to bundle my car insurance with my renters insurance to save some money at the same time.
My experience with purchasing insurance with Progressive was a very easy and fast process. The best way in my opinion would be to go into the store and purchase your policy face to face. I like the fact that the company is very reliable, helpful, and cheap. The service representative are really nice, they're knowledgeable and listen and answer all of your questions clearly and consistently. However I dislike the fact that sometimes you're on the phone with them forever. I also hate the fact even when being a few days late on paying your policy they'll cancel your policy and you'll have to start all over again.
It's a good close insurance company. The rates are good and policy is great. We had it for almost 3 years now and we have never had a problem yet. The office is close to home and the hours are good. We were also looking into maybe getting homeowners insurance for our home.
You have no idea how horrible a company is until you must use it!! I asked for everything to be covered on my car, I pay 522 a month! I get in a accident because I hit ice on a bridge and wrecked into the concrete barrier! Not only did they not cover towing or rental they are also very rude while filing a claim! I have had so many rude calls, they're very crooked. Now a lawyer must handle everything because they're so horrible.
On or about May 15, 2015 my car got broke into while my wife was at work at Abuelo's. We called the cops and they got a report. I then called Progressive, which they told me it would be a week before the adjuster could make it out. During this week it rained for about 30 minutes once or twice a day. During the break in they broke the driver window. We kept a bag and tarp over the window but whether rain or shine my wife still has to drive to work and we have kids that have activities that need to be driven to. When the adjuster came out he said he didn't need me, he knew what he was looking for, so I let him be til he was done. He estimates around 1000 for the radio, headrest DVD players, window damage, and any other damages saying he could get used parts.I was then told to take it to a shop, which took a week to find one because no one wants to deal with Progressive. While my car was in the shop I got called by Justin from Knoxville telling me how things were going to be. Had an attitude the whole time like I was a felon when I have been paying insurance with them for years. Then informed me I was told 3 different times to duct tape my window. Why would anyone duct tape their window. Before Justin I talked to a lady Rosanna who never returned my phone calls and informed me she was done with me. Finally 3 weeks after my car was in the shop I talked to the estimator Greg who finally said he would write me a check for 1000. We never said that was the end of it during the call or anything. We go to pick up the check and it said final payment like this is all squared away. Went to pick my car up from the shop and the insurance company paid 500 and I was informed I still owed 200. Got in my car and they hadn't fixed anything. On top of that the adjuster that showed up to talk to the guy at the shop ordered a box of spray to clean carpets which was 60.00 and never showed back up to even pay the shop the money for the carpet cleaner. When the cops came out they estimated 2,500 worth of damage and stolen property. We got our window fixed for 200 which we paid out of pocket and they wrote us a check for 1000. Tell me how that adds up. They are the rudest company and not all about customer service. They are always right and the customer is always wrong. This is July 21, 2015 and I just got my car back today and still have no radio, my carpets still have rain damage and my driver door buttons still don't work right. Looking up a better insurance company now. Never again will I go through them.
My car was hit while I was parked at a Walgreens the driver had Progressive insurance. I filed a claim and everything seemed fine. I was told I could drop off car at Progressive office and I would get a 1-day rental. When I arrived a teenage-looking agent looked at car and informed me I would have to wait since no rental car would be provided. So I was forced to waste my entire day at Progressive. When he was done with estimate he said I would get a check for 30 dollars. I could not believe his arrogance. The repair for the rear bumpers was a few hundred dollars. He then informed me I could take car to one of their contracted repair shops. So I was forced to go to another location and wait 2 hours more. Disgraceful liars. Truly disgusting people. Stay away from Progressive!
I used to have a veteran discount policy with Geico but due to a banking oversight I didn't pay and lost it after having it for probably 10 years. So I got Progressive at a much higher rate. It has been a few years and the cost has gone down some. I have actually thinking of seeing when my policy is up and see if I can get back to Geico.
My wife has been with them since 2004 and I signed on with them in 2007 and her son got on the policy around 2010. It's 2018 and during that 14 year period there was only one claim and that was another car kicking up a big piece of rubber from a truck tire that landed on our hood and scratched the paint. Simple and cheap fix. Then a few days ago my step son was on his way home at night and a raccoon ran out in front of him. He swerved to miss the animal and when he did his right side tires fell off the pavement and since the dirt was so wet from all the rain he got sucked right off the road. He ended up in the field and totaled his car. My complaint is with their phony GAP insurance. He bought his car (2016 Juke) brand new 2 years ago. He put a couple thousand dollars down, traded in nothing, and used Nissan's financing. He then put full coverage along with their GAP insurance on the car. We were both under the impression that no matter what he owed the GAP insurance would make sure the loan was fully paid off. Wrong answer, unlike other insurance companies Progressive pays you 125% of cash value of the car. They claim based on facts from JD Powers and Associates that his car was worth around $15500. Then Progressive would give him another 25% or around $19375 for the car. I know it may seem petty to complain but he ends up $700 short of pay-off on the car. We can absorb the loss easy enough but it doesn't seem right when you have paid for coverage to take care of that. You also have to take into consideration that the cash value is not an exact science but someone's opinion and they would not allow me to dispute his findings. He used 5 cars that are for sale but...we live in East Tennessee and one car (with the highest value) was located in our area, the other 4 were from southwest Virginia and North Carolina. Not even from our state. We may have paid a few bucks more but State Farm would have paid it off and Liberty would have given him enough to buy a 2017 Juke. For all those years we have had 3-4 cars on the policy at any one time and paid close to if not over $2000 per year. Will we be staying? Only until this claim is settled...
I just find out my insurance rates went up while trying to renew my auto insurance. Imagine putting at fault and paying other driver without you knowing until the expiration date of your insurance. I got nervous and call Progressive Insurance right away but it was sad to see how many unprofessional people work at Progressive. An insurance claims representative put me at fault for an accident and raised my rates without my knowledge. Except for the claims representative's supervisor who seemed to be helpful though still defending Progressive, all I talk to are disrespectful and full of lies especially the claims representative who so many times lied to me for no reason. They are so ignorant that they don't respond to your request even after talking to them. I have a lot to post about Progressive in the coming weeks so that they will not fool others.
The two times I have been hit, progressive was quick to take care of claims processing and repairs. However, the second time, the at-fault party disputed her situation, and rather than handling it, Progressive just seemed to ignore the situation which led to my having to pay my own deductible. When I moved states, I found out that they had erroneously recorded that I was at fault for the accident, which was very difficult to remove from their personal records and would have made it very costly to change providers so I felt stuck. Take care to make sure your records with them are correct, and that they advocate for you when you're dealing with a jerk!So far, coverage has been satisfactory. I haven't been in a situation where my coverage has really been tested, though, because my accidents were pretty low-cost repairs for not-at-fault accidents, which were covered first by the at-fault party in the first case and by Progressive (minus deductible) in the second - I would imagine that any regular insurance coverage would be similar. I like dealing with progressive's website - the information of rates and coverage is transparent, there are lots of options, navigation is easy and so is payment. As long as I don't have any issues over which I need to call them, I am very impressed with them as compared to other insurance providers.It has admittedly been a long time since this problem has been resolved, but it was such a hassle and I felt hostage to progressive while it was being fixed so I still have negative opinions about my customer service experience with this company. The last time I had to speak with them over the phone was much more positive.
Always a smooth transaction, never any trouble and love the way I can file a claim with a simple text and a text picture of the accident. So far my husband and I have been with them for 3 years and not ever going to change. Every year our full coverage plan price just keep getting better and better. We use to thought that State Farm had the best package deal. But after moving over to Progressive, I think they are the best and most effective around. The 3 years that we have been with them, we have never had any problems for any claim we file, no long wait, no surprises.
I have been a Progressive customer for about four years. I have never had an accident nor tickets until this last week (ticketed). I was stopped by an officer that informed me that my insurance had expired. Due to my understanding of the last conversation with a Progressive rep, I was caught up until my renewal. Now, instead of me contacting Progressive and paying my past due amount and reinstating, Progressive wants me to pay the entire amount of my policy to reinstate!!! Unbelievable!!I have always kept my promises to this company, kept full coverage on my vehicles, never had a claim. Yet now when I need my company to help me (which is within their power), their company's greed and has outweighed their sense of customer service. I will switch companies as soon as I can!!!
So I reported to work on a Sunday evening, as I pulled into the parking lot I was told that my tire was going flat. I am a supervisor at a nuclear facility and did not want to get dirty so I used my AAA membership for the 1st time. Called AAA and they sent me their contractor Bill Tice Automotive to change my tire. The contractor arrived, jacked my jeep up and as I was standing there watching, the jeep fell off the jack, damaged to the passenger door, damage under the jeep which totaled 3,000 dollars. The contractor was notified immediately by his employee.I contacted Progressive and the adjuster told me to handle the onset of contacting the contractor to see what he would fix. Me I thought that's why I pay for insurance. Ok I did. He refused to fix the car so I then contacted my adjuster and told her he was not cooperating and so it's been almost 1 year and after I paid to have the vehicle fixed, I am still waiting on Progressive to recoup my loss. I have never filed a claim, I have 4 vehicles fully insured through Progressive, never late on my payment which in all totals a house payment! I am very disappointed in Progressive and the lack of attention or even respect to me and my claim is receiving. Every time I want information on my case I have to call or make the first contact for any kind of information. Just to say once this is all done I'm shopping for a new insurance company. Flo you suck!
It was very easy to purchase the insurance. I was able to do it online and it was very simple and if I had to call for any reason there was never a long wait time to speak to a representative. They offer extras such as roadside assistance, representatives are very helpful and any time I had an accident they were very easy to deal with and made sure my vehicle was fixed and ready to go. It was a higher price than others but well worth it. Never had a problem with their service.
I hit a snowbank in mid March with my car I had previously installed aftermarket light bulbs in the halo rings in my headlights. They were installed 4 months prior with no leaking issues. As soon as I hit the snowbank my adaptive headlight function immediately quit working and the halo as well. I processed a claim with progressive and set up an appointment to get the car fixed. The adjuster told me they would replace the entire headlight because of the damage. Note the light costs 2200 and is no easy expense to me. Upon tear down of my vehicle the tech noticed that the halo cover had a pinhole in it and was assumed that the problem was my fault and the adjuster called me and wanted to tell me that he wouldn't take care of the headlight upon noticing this. However, how is it possible for these lights to work with no moisture problems and no issues for four months and then literally the day I hit something it starts leaking but that all must be my fault. I was so frustrated I wasn't thinking. I should have come up to the shop and looked myself being a tech myself and verified the quote on quote issue. But regardless I told the shop to put the car back together and I would pick it up. When I went to pick the car up I asked for an estimate, there was none. I then started my car and the headlight that was lighting up when I took the car there was not working and underneath the splash guard for the headlight was missing and the headlight cover was broken and floating around in there. I was so very frustrated that I left and called claims and reported all that had happened. I was told this would be resolved and I would get a phone call in 24hrs. It has been a week now still no phone call. I am not asking for a million dollars and am not trying to get something for nothing. I am trying to go about the insurance claim the right way but I can't get any help. The fact of the matter is I got in an accident and the car needs to be fixed on progressive’s wallet not mine. I didn't purposely hit a snowbank and didn't want to buy a headlight for no reason.
They talked us into getting Progressive Snapshot. Many people said not to do it because they raise your rates based on how poorly you drive. We are good drivers, so we actually got a good score on Snapshot and our rates went down. One month later, there was a "price hike" and our rate went up the exact amount of the Snapshot discount, causing a wash. It was a scam.
I had an accident in my car due to hazardous road conditions. I was trying to drive home during a blizzard and slid off the road and into a patch of trees. The passenger's side of my car was scratched from the branches. The police were not involved in the incident. Progressive considered me to be at-fault and jacked my rates up by $200 a month. The original representative that I began the claim with transferred me to another person, who in turn, passed my claim along to someone else. I finally got to the bottom of who ultimately claimed me to be at fault. I called a number of times and left messages for this person. She did not call me back. This was extremely frustrating. Additionally, they kept my car for over a month and returned it to me on complete empty (the light was even on). I know I had a full tank when the car went into the shop. Terrible, terrible, terrible!!! I would never suggest this company to anyone!!!
My car got back into at the end of April of 2015 and cracked my bumper on the rear end of my car, so I called Progressive and let them know what happened. Everything started ok at first. I took my car to the shop and dropped it off at A&J collision repair and here goes Progressive with their normal bullcrap "being CHEAP". Progressive keep ordering the cheapest bumper they could find because they didn't want to go through the original dealer which was Chevy to get the exact bumper. My car ended up being in the shop for a month for a 5 day bumper job, then on top of that because I had the rental car for as long as my car was in the shop Hertz rental said I went over $200 on the rental and check this bullcrap out: Progressive insurance wouldn't pay the difference and it was their fault why my car was in the shop that long in the first place. If you have progressive insurance and you ever get in an accident Good Luck on the customer service cause they treat you like crap and they don't care about their customers.
Progressive is too expensive but I have no choice because of my driving record. Purchasing went well except when the insurance company made a mistake with my bank account. They do not take the money out for payment that caused me to have no insurance and a suspended license.
Progressive raised my insurance from 885.76 to 1078.86 after I removed my husband from the policy. I have not had any tickets or accidents in over 25 years and they were not able to justify this. RIP OFF!!!
When you call, you have to spend 20 minutes talking to a computer before you can speak to an actual person. Then, once you speak to an actual person you spend another 20 minutes giving them the exact same information you have to the computer so they can "verify it's you for your protection..." The reason for my call was that I received an email stating my payment would be $306 after adding a 2nd vehicle which is dramatically different than what I was initially quoted. I explain that I was unhappy about this and wanted an explanation of why there was an increase and the rep avoided my question entirely and tried to sell me additional insurances. The rep was not knowledgable and I still do not understand why there was an increase and will be cancelling my policy as soon as it is up and switching to State Farm where I can talk to an actual person.
Progressive is fantastic. Purchasing an auto insurance policy online with Progressive is a piece of cake. I went online and entered all of our information and received a quote right then and there. I receive an outstandingly low premium from Progressive with equally great coverage. I have checked with tons of other carriers and no one has been able to come close to the price. We have had one total loss vehicle and we were 100% satisfied with the conclusion of the claim.
Progressive Insurance is a very unethical company. Called to see what my comprehensive deductible was as I had a cracked windshield. It was $500 and the cost of a new windshield was less than $500 so I told them I would handle the replacement on my own. When working on another policy I had it came up that I had a recent insurance claim on my record. Come to find out Progressive had reported my call as a claim. I called to have them remove that as there was no claim but they refused and said "as long as you don't leave us for another company it won't affect your rate". False claims to hold you hostage. Is this who you want for insurance?
It's really easy to get in contact with claims agents and they are quick to help with whatever issue I'm having and if I need to be towed they are quick to send a tow truck out to my location. I love that you can get the amount of coverage you need and if you don't have any accidents and a safe driver they reward you for that and I feel they are very fair in their pricing. I feel like because of the type of coverage I have that the price is great and a lot cheaper than other auto insurance companies and I love that I'm rewarded on my driving habits. I love that I can either get help online or over the phone and whenever I've had to call I've only been put on hold for a short period of time and helped quickly.
4/02/18 I totaled my Ram truck and when I informed Progressive they said, "Ok. Everything is gonna be fine." Two days later I get a call from Progressive and since my policy was up for yearly "Renewal" I'M NOT COVERED!!! Is it just me that's not covered or is failure to NOT tell customers this common practice. My truck totaled, a friend SERIOUSLY hurt and they won't cover it BUT THEY SENT ME A BILL!!! WTF. SERIOUSLY??
This company is the worst I have ever had! After my car was repossessed and sold at an auction and transferred across the entire country I had to track my old car down myself because they reported me to Motor Vehicle Dept. for not having insurance and expired registration which was inside the car! And not returning my plates! The bank repossessed it and it was registered and insured by a completely different state but I was getting suspended because of them. They caused unnecessary problems for me financially for revenge for not going back to the same insurance company because I let the bank repossess my Gucci Fiat because the KBB value of the car was poor even though it was a limited edition. Instead I got a Maserati and went for the cheapest insurance which in NJ is Geico. Luckily I was able to use CarFax to find it because I had a old insurance card with the vin number but I still had to hire a private investigator for my registration card not to be suspended in my state. Ridiculous!
I was a customer with Progressive for approximately seven (7) years. I have never received a ticket or was involved in any traffic collisions. Over the years, I saw the price of insurance provided by Progressive was steadily increasing. At first, I believe it was the inflation that caused such increase. The continual increase caused me to look into other competitors. I contacted a Progressive insurance agent (my fault for not obtaining the name, location of such agent) via telephone. As I began to inquired about the steady increase, I was directed to obscured answers. Rather than directly answering my concerns, the agent was more interested in selling other services. Finally, I decided that it was time to cancel the service and informed him (the agent) that I was not going to renew my policy. The answer I received was that if I don't renew, I will not have coverage. This was the least of my concern and I told the agent I would not continue to pay for the service. After I got off the phone with the agent, I purchased insurance with another company. The price was not immensely different; however, the customer service was. Three months after I was insured with a new company, I received a letter from (a collection service). I thought I was a victim of an identity theft incident and called the company. I was informed by that "Progressive" had placed a collection on me. Moreover, Warningnotice informed me that they would have to report my credit status to the three Bureau which would greatly affect my credit score. I have a near 800 credit score and therefore did not want to get my credit ruin and had to pay the amount. After paying the collection account, I attempted to call "Progressive" to file a complaint. When I spoke to the operator and asked for the complaint Department, I was transferred to several different people. When I was able to explain the situation that I did not owe them any money, I was transferred again. Eventually I was placed on hold for approximately 20 minutes. I was upset and hung up. This is a waste of time trying to deal with this company to fight for 140 dollars. My hope in writing this review is that it will reach out to customers who search for review contents of this company. Please be aware of such practice and proceed at your own risk.
Progressive is a decently priced option. When I shopped around, I was surprised that it was the best option for me. Good discounts and easy to work with. Easy online access to information. Sure the commercials are annoying but the insurance is good. I've never had to make a claim, so I don't know how fast that works.
Recently had my first accident and had my car repaired. Progressive insurance sent a check for damages from a bank that there's none in the state of Texas to cash. FYI, please reconsider and send checks that can be cashed in your state of residence.
I purchased my insurance policy online, and eventually had to speak to a representative who then helped me complete my purchase because I wanted to get the full coverage. I like Progressive Insurance company because I am never on hold for more than 2 minutes when I call into customer service. I have road side assistance through Progressive and I have only used it once however that experience was nice and the assistance came really fast. I was on the NJ parkway when my vehicle started flashing some lights on the dashboard, I called the road side assistance and I had someone with me in about fifteen minutes. It felt nice to have someone come to my aide quickly because it can get super creepy super quickly being stuck.
This is a waste of money with Progressive. I had used Geico for 15 years. Always received very good service when I needed help. Progressive left me and my 71 year old mother sitting on the side of the road for over 5 hours. They wanted over 225.00 to tow my tow dolly 22 miles when I had a flat. They wanted over 650.00 to come change said flat and I pay for roadside service every month. It's the only thing I have ever used on my insurance policies. I have had Geico come tow me almost 100 miles to get me somewhere to change a tire and they have come towed my motorhome out of the ditch when I got stuck and never charged me a penny. Progressive is a joke and not a funny one at that. I went back to Geico this morning and my next flat I won't have to fix.
They are well priced and all claims are settled immediately. The customer service is excellent and the people are always friendly and helpful. They are simply amazing and take the time to make sure all my needs are met while staying in my personal budget range. Easy to understand all my policy information. The customer service team makes sure I fully understand what I'm paying for and listen to what I need for my own personal needs. It's not like most companies that one policy fits everyone. My policy is custom to me. Very well worth the money.
Don't even think of taking this insurance. Possibly, this is the worst choice to consider. Believe me; you will go mad with these people.
It’s ok. Coverage is good but the rest is just eh and it could be better. The plug-in discount thing for my car, I like how it gets me discounts based on my driving. However, no wiggle room for bill pay. Sometimes I need to change a bill date but cannot change it through the app or website as well.
I have never had to make a claim with the insurance company. I am generally a fairly safe driver however, I do have family that has made claims and they say that they are fabulous. It's a fairly comprehensive coverage. Important aspects of delivery are included in the plan and most of the time the coverage options are awesome. It is very important to the home life and it's pretty good that they have coverage for everyone even the people that don't have a full license yet. Every time I get on the phone with someone from the company they are super helpful and they know exactly what to offer to bring your bill down.
I had an accident July 2015, and damaged my car and the other car really bad. I turned my claim after filling out a few questions, and within 8 days Progressive had responded and taken care of everything. Their coverage varies, depending on what you want. I have full coverage and 500.00 deductible... They have access of any and all applications for any need. They are reliable and quick to respond. I travel a good bit, usually driving my vehicle. I feel confident knowing that Progressive has roadside services, weather endangerment etc.. They'll send someone for roadside assistance, day or night. If I have to put my car to be checked, they supply me with a nice vehicle. Customer Service is always there to help in any way. If you have billing questions or repair charges you question, even for a specific route you are needing to find.. they accommodate any way needed.
Wasn't happy with them. They were overpriced, hard to work with and they need better people working for them. If we speak English then they should let us talk to someone that understand us. I didn't understand. We shouldn't have this problem as paying customers. Customer service was terrible. Every time I've ever talked to didn't know much. They need better training for reps and some should not be working if they know nothing about insurance and procedures is. I would have had an accident. God knows if they would have helped. Had a windshield break and had coverage for it and they act like they don't know what you're saying. I was in phone for over an hour and just hung up. Got the runaround so I paid to fix it myself and went with State Farm.
I was hit yesterday by a Progressive customer. She stated fault at the scene by saying she was in a hurry and did not see me. I was in the street driving and she was pulling out of a parking lot and hit me. The adjuster said he is not ready to process the claim because he is not ready to say that their customer is liable. If she is not liable, then he is saying that I am liable. How can I be liable when she hit me and stated so at the scene?
I have been with Progressive for almost 5 years. I had an accident in July 2014 and totaled my car and I really had a hard time getting Progressive to pay me what my car was worth. Even though it was their fault the claim took so long to pay out, they would not cover my rental car during that period. I stayed with them anyway and purchased another vehicle. Progressive gave me a quote before leaving the car lot with the new vehicle. Told me what to expect and what my down payment and monthly payments would be. All this time I thought they were automatic debiting from my acct and lo and behold this week I found out they have never taken anything out of my acct. Called Progressive and due to THEIR ERROR once again I am getting screwed. They said they put in for the automatic debit BUT for some reason it did not pull from my acct. So guess what, I had to come up with over 600.00 to pay them right then and there (no problem right the money was still in my acct) but.......the problem is is that they say they had to rewrite the policy and now they are trying to charge me another 300.00 next month which now made my policy a $100.00 more than what they originally quoted me. Like really, this is so unfair that because of their mistake, that I caught by the way, I am having to pay an additional $100.00. I am so frustrated with Progressive right now I could scream.
The Progressive Insurance companies, also know was Progressive, the one with Flo, had a very easy to use onboarding process including quote, purchase, running of the department of motor vehicle reports for driving record, running of the claims loss underwriting experience report, acceptance of multiple forms of payment, online services, inexpensive, good customer service. The claims process was eventually satisfactory although a little protracted. It was an easy process, easy to get a quote, easy to make payment, good claims service although a little slow. Progressive was a little pushy with the upselling and not the most competitively priced, but I like everything else. However, I moved my business to a company with a more competitive price.
I got hit when my car was parked on a street while I was in work. I got sideswiped and the guy didn't have insurance. So I took it to Progressive service center. Well it got towed there as my suspension was screwed up when he hit me. My car got hit May 2nd and towed May 3rd. They finally looked at it May 7th... and the repairs would be done May 19. It's now the 19th and I get a call saying my windows and door locks and radio do not work... They worked fine when it was dropped off. Now Progressive is saying something was cut in my door and they wouldn't be covering that. Needless to say, I will get a car back that is in worse condition than it was when it was hit. And I'm also paying the 500 dollars deductible to pick up a worse car!Hopefully I can get my car fixed but I will be paying out of pocket for this on my own... and maybe contacting an attorney because this is not right. I pay $300 a month for our insurance policy for two cars and this was my first claim in 5 years of being with Progressive. I'm switching insurance companies as soon as I get back my broken car... If I were you, never get Progressive Insurance unless you plan on never having a claim with them.
On November 2, 2011, I purchased a 2012 Chrysler 200 limited. It is my first new car and also signed on to the worst insurance company known to mankind! At the dealership, the sales lady reassured me that my vehicle was fully equipped with the latest alarm system despite that Chrysler vehicles being the top stolen vehicles in Michigan. So I was under the impression that I had a good alarm system on it. Well, to my surprise the day before thanksgiving my vehicle was stolen from my boyfriend's driveway. They broke in the window and took my vehicle all w/o the alarm sounding off! Well, that was totally a surprise. However, I was in for a bigger surprise when I called Progressive to inform them about the incident. First off, they called me in for a recorded interview in which I complied with. At the interview, I was interrogated for 40 minutes. I was then interrogated another 3 more times after that along with a family member of mine! What Progressive failed to tell me when I signed my premium was that I had to verify my address and have a proof of my medical insurance which neither was an issue but I was informed a week after my first initial payment that my policy could go up if I didn't have those documents in ASAP! So, I called my agent and told him that I could fax my medical card information that day. However, by me just moving to a different address that they would have to wait a couple weeks for me to fax over my check stub with my current address. He said that it was okay and not a problem. Of course, until this happened! Even though I faxed in all my documents verifying my address, they are now saying that based from the interview of my boyfriend and neighbors that I falsified information and they are denying my claim! I keep my car in a garage at my apartment complex so of course, my neighbors wouldn't see it often! Besides, I just moved in along with I only had the car for 3 weeks! This company is fraudulent and needs to be out of business and employees who work for them ought to be ashamed. How can this company do this? I'm in the process of getting an attorney to help me with my good faith claim!
Linda was rude, condescending, and unhelpful! They have the highest rates out there. I signed up with Progressive with liability insurance, when I bought my new car I wanted full coverage and their quotes were higher than all the others. I decided to go with State Farm. When I canceled with Progressive they charged me $55 even though I paid for a full month and an opening fee, I had coverage for 15 days! In the end I ended up paying over $250 for insurance for just 15 days and the women on the phone mocked me. So disrespectful and unprofessional.
I have been with progressive insurance for 10 years, never once caused an accident or involved in one, until 2 weeks ago I hit a pot hole and my car broke down. I towed my car to Honda and notified progressive about it, at first they were very nice and promised to look into my case which they did. They send one of their experts to honda and was shown and told exactly what I said before, progressive said they needed more proof and Honda told them they couldn't tell or give any more information as to what was wrong with the car and had to tear down the car to see what really happened when I hit the hole. Progressive told me that I had to sign a form saying I will have to cover the tearing down cost which was 1100 and if Honda's diagnosis doesn't show any connection with hitting a pothole which to them need to be something specific, then they would not cover my car.Later on a Rep from progressive called Honda and said they were not going to cover any costs since they don't see any proof? Disappointed at the different information I called progressive and spoke to a supervisor who said it me then that there is a very high likelihood that they will not cover my damages since apparently there is no visible evidence like bent rims, busted tires or scratches at the bottom of my car which would be hard to get as my car is high anyway. I asked if they would at least rent me a car for the time being and his response was NO because they don't have proof again that I really hit a pothole. All this years I thought I was covered by progressive until I needed them and they weren't there. Very, very disappointing for a good, loyal customer. Worst experience ever.
In October of this year my son's unoccupied car was slammed into while parked in his driveway. He ran out of the house just as the driver was taking off and was able to get the license plate info. He called it into the police dept and they were able to apprehend the driver. She was arrested and by the following week we were able to obtain a police report. The driver had Progressive insurance. We contacted our insurance company to have them instruct us on what we needed to do. My son's car wasn't drivable so we had it towed to a collision center to get an estimate of damages and he had to get a rental car. My son contacted the claim rep from Progressive who was handling the case to let them know he had the rental and that the rental company needed to speak with the claim rep to get the police report info and also to get a timeline of when an adjuster would be at the collision center to look at the damages. Her reply to him was that she didn't know... and that she didn't even have a police report so he would be out of his own pocket for the rental. She also told him that it would be in his best interest to file a claim through his own insurance company. I'm furious at this point seeing as how my son is on my policy so I call and leave a message for her to return my call. It's been a week. Both my son and I have left about 6 voicemails concerning this claim and she has yet to return our calls. So we have no choice to file a claim with our insurance company. Which could possibly raise our rates and he now has to pay the deductible to get his own car fixed that was slammed into by Progressives negligent driver. Is this Progressive's policy? Is this how you guys handle your business? According to our run in we've had and the countless other reviews I just read it seems it is and it's quite pathetic!!! If you have Progressive for insurance my advice is to switch and pray you never get into an accident with someone who carries it!
Progressive is very easy to file claims with. The simple phone call and the processing is handled very quickly and efficiently. Haven't had a problem with Progressive paying for my kid's auto claims. Progressive is very competitive on the rates. Their coverages are very similar to most other auto insurance companies. All of it is outlined on their website. Easy to enroll, easy to pay. Progressive price match for price tool to show you the differences between the different insurance companies. Very efficient and easy to use. Progressive customer service is friendly, helpful, informative, and keeps me up-to-date with what's going on with my claims. Makes it easy to understand and I'm very hopeful.
Progressive offers compelling automobile insurance and coverage to customers. It is reliable and trusted company that I can rely on. Their employees are reliable and can get solve any issues or questions that want an answers.
First of all they were very courteous and very professional. They know their business and were not pushy as you would think insurance people would be. My car caught on fire and electrical problem. They got right to it. All had to do was just make one phone call. They took care of the rest. They didn't ask questions and accusatory way of speaking. They respected me as a female and acted like I was the most important thing at the time. I got my refund my insurance check within 10 days and they also followed up on and make sure everything was okay. I would go back to Progressive Insurance every time. I would never use anybody else.
They are easy to get along with. They work and listen to what you got to say. They are honest and friendly. Their work are guaranteed you will get your money. They have great coverage. It don't count against you when you have a wreck or if you get stop by an officer. And your car will be fix on time when your back is there. The value is important to me because they beat the price that everything have. The people are right to get a good price on your car or truck or van today. The customer service is great. They always answer the phone and talk to you. They make sure that you understand everything that you might have need.
Progressive has been a great insurance company for us. Purchasing the insurance was very quick and painless. I went through an insurance agency in my hometown that cross referenced many policies that suited our needs and met our criteria. Progressive was the best match for us with both premium and benefits. We pay through that agency and get mail from both them and Progressive regarding our benefits and bill. Then, we have had an incident where we needed to utilize all the features of our insurance and they made the process quick and painless without a huge increase in our policy. They made it really easy to find a great mechanic and to get the rental car while the work was being done. Anytime you have to get an extensive amount of work done is stressful, but it was made to be a very simple process with plenty of guidance. However, I would like a lower premium overall since my car payment and insurance are the largest bills I have and almost always are paid by stretching my budget and doing without in other places. But, compared to the quality of service, I am not disappointed by the premium.
I am a 56 yr. old female. I had Progressive for over 8 years (previous bundle pkg of homeowners and motorcycle). I've never been in ANY accidents in my life except on Oct. 30, 2017, I backed into my BF's truck in our driveway causing damage to my bumper and his. I was going to warm my car up, because I was taking my granddaughter to the doctor. There were so many fumes in the garage so backed up misjudging my BF's truck and caused some minor damage (fender bender). Progressive put me under investigation right away because I had changed my deductible 11 days prior to the accident. They requested my son & daughter-in-law's phone #, phone records of 2 weeks prior to accident, and an written excuse from my granddaughter's pediatrician proving I was there. Everything that Progressive was asking for was irrelevant, but I gave them my son and daughter in law's phone number and a note from the MD, stating I was there with my granddaughter. I did NOT have permission to submit the phone records, as my BF did not want to share his personal info with this company. They refused to honor my deductible stating that I was not cooperating with their 'investigation'. I submitted a letter to the state of Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance. He couldn't do anything, but it was put on record. I was angry when I read what Progressive wrote to them. They lied and I have proof of this. They also said that they 'called' the pediatricians office to verify the note and the MD's office said they didn't have the authority to verify this. Well, HELLO! It's called HIPPA! I was an RN for 32 years and I know if some stranger calls the office and says they want info, you can't say a word! Also, I gave them a written note signed by the MD stating I was there with her. The point of all of this, is, this company PURPOSELY leads you on a wild goose chase so they don't have to pay! Asking for phone records is their MO, so that they can claim they called this and that number and "didn't get a response", or question why did you call this # and can you prove this, and have that person/company write a note... etc. THAT's THEIR SCAM! I dropped Progressive after the first week of their games and signed up with State Farm (a local agent). I am taking them to small claims court and I also wrote a second letter to the State Commissioner of Ins. proving that they lied.
Due to their reputation, I thought I made a right move in choosing Progressive until I landed into trouble. My profile: I am 33 years and 10 months old now. I obtained my first license in India at the age of 31 years and 3 Months. I entered US a year ago with a valid International Driving License. Last month, I have got MA state (driving) learner permit. As I bought a car, I got an online quote from progressive by selecting Current US or Canadian license status as "Permit". The quote came to USD 810 for 6 months. With International Driving License earlier, as my quote used to be pretty high, I was a little excited and cautious at the same time. To ensure this was a valid quote and I was making no mistake, I called up the customer service desk to make sure "Permit" on site means "Learning Permit". She affirmed that and took some more details/double checked my data and processed the quote for USD 810. Note: At no point, there was a question on either website or from the customer support person on when I got my first license. Today, I got my insurance papers from Progressive that I was supposed to sign and send them back. I was surprised to see them quoting my driving experience as 17 while my wife (who doesn't even have learner permit/license anywhere) to possess 11 years. As I didn't want to sign something inaccurate, I called up Progressive customer support again. They did hear my concern and said that my insurance cost will be around ~2304 for 6 months with 2.5 years of driving experience (i.e. USD 1500 more than what I was initially quoted). I inquired if they would be willing to go down from USD 2300 to any better price - since I didn't provide them false information. It was something that happened at their end for which they should have taken the responsibility. I was definitely willing to pay some what more than $810 but they were rigid on $2300. The lady over phone mentioned that I would have 1 week after which I will have to continue at higher price or move to a different insurance provider. This has been really frustrating experience as this 1. Heavily impacts my financial planning (by almost USD 1600-1700) 2.Pain in going through multiple other insurance companies and check who all provide insurance on learners permit 3. Above all a lot of time wasted with mental stress.
I was given a great price and it was a simple process, I was able to do completely online. I am given updates on a regular basis and am saving a lot of money compared from my lady insurance company.
The customer service representatives are extremely friendly, helpful and polite. Have never had any problems in dealing with Progressive and have been real happy with their insurance services. I do however feel I may be able to get insurance at a little lower cost with another company but the ease in doing business with Progressive makes it worth the possible extra cost.
I found the Progressive plan through my bank when I moved into this state. I was previously using a local insurance company in my home state which would not continue coverage after I moved. I like Progressive's full coverage and that it's relatively inexpensive. The website is easy to maneuver and manage with no problems as of yet other than forgetting my password when logging in. But I would like a lower rate that is not based on my demographics, but instead my driving record. It does not make sense to estimate how I will drive based upon my sex, race, and age.
I had Progressive insurance for almost ten years. They had a price of insurance I could afford and as a driver with a clean recorded, it worked for me. Then in early 2017, My little car was damaged when it was blown off the road by high winds in an exposed area. I made the mistake of calling the insured company. As there was no damage to any property except the vehicle, my policy did not pay for any of the damages. Ok, that’s fine. I get that. The next thing I know, I got a threatening letter from the New York State Department of motor vehicles stating that my insurance company had reported I was in an accident that damaged my car and demanded that I provide all the information about it or I would lose my driving privileges .Needless to say, I called the company to complain and was told that reporting such things was state law and they were not required to tell me that they had. If I had known, I would have never called them and just mailed the needed form to the State department. By the way, it gets better. I decided to donate the car to “Wheels for Wishes” that takes vehicles like mine, repairs/sells them and the proceeds are donated to the “Make a Wish Foundation”. I called Progressive and let them know that I had made the arrangements to donate the car and as a result, I would no longer be needing their services. I was told that it was not a problem and that they would close my policy at the end of the term of coverage. Figuring all was settled, I donated the car.After the end of end of the coverage term with Progressive ended, I received another letter from the New York State Department which started Progressive had reported that I had allowed the coverage for my car to lapse and now I owed them a fine unless I could prove that I had insurance to cover the vehicle after the insurance. What followed was a series of notarized letters and documents proving that I had donated the car prior to the end of the insurance coverage to Wheels for Wishes. Needless to say, I am no longer a “ valued customer” of Progressive.
My name is Michael **. I had insurance with Progressive through an affiliate company called Farm Bureau for 6 months, and other cars before this one. I had changed my Insurance from a 1996 Ford F-150 to a 1996 Ford Ranger and after paying for nearly six months on this vehicle they sent me a letter saying they could not renew my policy because I was living in a different state than where my policy was taken out at, but they had been sending me my billing papers to the address that I was staying at for the past year. They said if I felt they was in error to give them a call, so I did. I gave them and my agent a call. I asked Progressive where they got their info and they said they had taken it from an old Experian background check. So I called my agent and my agent said that it would be ok. But when I had my wreck on the 4-25-2013 it was then that I found out that my agent had lied to me and they had cancelled my insurance based upon their fraudulent reasons. They then said that I didn't try to renew which I have witnesses against them. Since then my license have been suspended and I went to jail a month after the wreck. Sergeant Michael ** of the City Police of Chatsworth, GA said they told him that my insurance was canceled three days before my due date, and without any thought to their cancelling me so early he took it upon himself to take a state warrant out on me saying I gave him a fraudulent card, and he wasn't even at the accident. I tried to talk to my agent and he said that there wasn't anything that he could do. I will also being putting a complaint against Farm Bureau for their act of treason. I admitted that the wreck was my fault and I went and did everything that I could do to make it right, but Progressive got their opportunity to cancel on a client and so they did. Farm Bureau is just as guilty in this case. They were the ones that I had been paying on behalf of Progressive and they were suppose to let Progressive know, because I was their client. But according to Joshua ** of Progressive they couldn't take Eddie ** of Farm Bureau's word for it, but yet he was able to sale me the policy for them. This is "TRASH". Why can't someone stop this lying company that has defrauded so many people? Why hasn't the Insurance commissioner shut them down or at least put a heavy fine on them? Someone knows someone... For how else would 625 complaints not be dealt with? The Police have ruined my reputation as a Pastor of 24 years. They put my picture in the busted paper before my court date that was to appear in a superior court with a jury and now I owe a great debt of fines and possibly court cost. The first lawyer I hired couldn't handle the case because he had never heard of anything like it. The Chatsworth magistrate court judge Dale ** couldn't understand why they bypassed him. I am an innocent victim. It must have been because I had to use their grace period from time to time or maybe it was because I couldn't afford full coverage at the time. I pray that God has mercy on them because they have hurt so many people and caused so much unnecessary pain and hardship for so many. I am starting up a protesting group called "Christians United Activist Group.Org" and we will be protesting the insurance companies soon for reform across the nation be looking for our web site coming soon. I will pray for you all please pray for me.
Progressive is very easy to file a claim with. Their customer service is very promptly to respond and they are also very knowledgeable, caring, and helpful with any and all problems, issues, or concerns I contacted them with. They have a policy plan to meet all needs, from a basic liability policy to a full policy including glass and roadside. They offer it all and they tailor each policy to meet the needs of each customer. For me personally their policies are a little costly, but for the amount of coverage they offer, the great extras, discounts, and their customer service team it's definitely a great value. Their customer service team is amazing. They have one of the most knowledgeable staffs I've dealt with in an insurance company and are available 24/7 to assist all needs.
My son was in an accident with one of their insureds. He was on the freeway on HIS lane, to the left of his lane there was a merge lane, Progressive's customer came on the left and tried to get in front of my son before her lane ended and sideswept my son, she should have merge cautiously, it was clearly her fault, but Progressive is only taking 70% liability, and they are making my son 30% liable for driving on his lane. Now because of their lack of professionalism and knowledge their customer will be sued by us. She will not be happy, she has no need to go through all of that when she admitted it was her fault. Progressive is not only not fair to other people but to their own customers.
I have had them for years and always hoped when needed they would be fine. Recently we had an accident, where a driver went off the road and hit our car as we pulled out of the driveway. I had the smoothest experience, it was easy and painless. It firmly cemented that we would keep them for years to come, as they are incredible to work with even in the times of crises.
Just over a month ago I was in car accident. Guy hit me with his front right, to my rear left. It was a minor damage, however he left. I followed him. Took a photo of his license plate, and went back. Called the police, and my insurance. Officer came and took my information, including the pic. He found a guy. Guy said at first that he thought he hit a curb, but after that I hit him, so he didn't want to bother, since damage was minimal. He had Progressive, just as I do. Progressive called me and said that they cannot determine the fault, so it is a wash. They will not cover my $500 deductible. My car is 3 years old and fix will not be cheap. I think Progressive is just trying not to pay $500 for either of us. I know insurance companies are greedy, but this is disgusting!
My car was having problems and I was worried about the motor because it was expensive, but Progressive really ensured that I was able to use my insurance, which helped me pay. I am financially stable. I am relieved they do not have loopholes. When you are in need because of an accident or you need something covered, they got you. Their customer care service is magnificent. Kind and respectful. Never failed to helping out. But a lot of paperwork to go through! Worth it though. The only complaint is that I had to remain on the phone for several hours before receiving help from an employee. I was very agitated, but their hospitality canceled out the long waiting time. I wish they had a more faster process.
Sent balance due to claims without notifying me. I used Progressive Commercial on a commercial vehicle policy from approximately September 2015 until April 2017. I went with Progressive because it was the most reasonably priced for the coverage that I wanted. Whenever I needed to add or remove a driver from the policy there is someone who is always available. When the business was no longer profitable for me, I contacted Progressive again and asked them to cancel the policy. I was not told at the time that I still owed any additional money and thought that everything was squared away. That was until I received a phone call in May from a collection agency stating that I owed Progressive $290 for a remaining balance. I contacted Progressive to find out what was going on and they said they had sent me a bill (not sure if it got lost in the mail but I never received it) but that I would need to pay the amount with the collection agency. I immediately settled the unpaid balance with the collection agency. I was furious that I had no communication (phone call, email, letter) from Progressive or my local carrier that I still owed a balance, and the first communication I received was from a collection agency. I take my personal and business credit very seriously and this lack of communication could have been something that could have remained a bad mark on my record for at least 7 years.
I recently began using Progressive. I am much more happier with their pricing than my previous insurance company. I have not had to utilize my new auto insurance yet, but I'm glad that they offer discounted towing and car rentals.
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