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Policygenius Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Policygenius
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 855-695-2255
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 96 %
I was looking for a insurance with very high coverage and PolicyGenius made it so easier for me. All I had to do was to answer few questions and it came up with instant quotes with some of the best carriers and also provided me some direction/recommendation as to which one to choose. I answered few questions in 10 minutes and that is pretty much it. Rest everything was taken care of by them and kept me in the loop via emails/texts through out the process. Communication was great and at the same time not intrusive. They also worked with the carrier on multiple steps and I got teh policy in few weeks. Again wonderful experience, very efficient and most importantly i got great coverage for a very decent rate and I hardly had to do anything to get it done.
The people at Policygenius did a great job helping me re-evaluate my Life Insurance policy. The were in constant communication throughout the process and they were able to almost double my policy amount with the same annual payment. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an advocate in the insurance area.
The process was easy. The communication with PolicyGenius was timely and informational through out the process.
Amazing service
Great and easy process, everyone knew what they were doing from start to finish, provided me with updates to let me know what was going on. Exceeded my expectations. Glad I did it.
Actually heard about policy genius while listening a podcast and after reviewing a couple of options decided to test their website. The website is pretty slick and takes you through the process with questions relevant to assess how much insurance you need. You can still adjust if you want but all in all process was really smooth and they were in constant communication with me making sure I was aware of what to expect. I'm pretty happy with their service and recommend it hands down.
Great service, very easy to work with.
Great customer service and quick process. Very straightforward with the process and no hidden fees. Thank you for allowing me to get lots of peace of mind while I continue to live my everyday life.
Easy process, great customer support.
They were amazing. They kept me updated the whole way and were able to answer my questions. Highly recommended.
The team at Policy Genius was super helpful! They were extremely responsivene and their customer service was phenomenal. Made the process of getting life insurance much smoother than I thought it would be.
Policygenius found us the best deal on life insurance!
Went to several sources for additional life insurance. Policy Genius came up with the best solution.
Easy process for life insurance. If I needed to talk to someone at Policygenius they were very helpful. I would recommend using them for a life insurance policy.
Excellent experience getting an insurance policy. Customer service is amazing and their website is amazingly simple and awesome.
They did exactly what they claim to do.
Easy to schedule appointment. Friendly service and great communication.
Professional, patient and convenient service that was basically free to use as policy genius dealt with the insurance company without charging the consumer. Highly recommended!
A huge thanks to the team at Policy Genius. Learning about and acquiring the life insurance through the Policy Genius website was an exceptional experience. I was skeptical when I started looking into life insurance, feeling there are many "not so honest" agencies out there. In fact, one I "stumbled" into before finding PolicyGenius stalked me for months. The PolicyGenius model is ideal and works well in today's Internet based lifestyles. But not only can you choose the policy, I was able to use the site to learn, comparative shop and ultimately to consult with an expert. I never, NEVER, felt pressure or misled. I felt empowered, informed and very pleased with my outcome and the life insurance product I ended up with. It feels very good knowing my wife is protected if something were to happen to me.
Great experience with PolicyGenius. I had a ton of questions and they answered them all completely. They struck just the right match of giving me time to think about things and following up to keep the process moving. I ended up with a DI policy that I'm happy with.
Easy process and the home visit for lab work was quick, easy, and the nurse was super nice.
Responsive and attentive. Very good service. Highly recommended.
I got the rate I was quoted from the start. Be honest with your information and nothing will change after the process is done.
I fully recommend Policy Genius to anyone shopping for insurance coverage. I got just what I needed in a quick and friendly way. The coverage I got through Policy Genius was half the cost of what others were quoting me.
I was shopping around for a life insurance policy and the Policy Genius team made the process painless. From getting an initial quote, to their follow-up with the policy carrier - Policy Genius was helpful throughout the process. Timely updates on the status of my application were provided and my questions were always responded to quickly, usually within a few hours. Excellent customer service.
I had a great experience getting life insurance through Policy Genius! I was able to compare prices, complete my application over the phone, and process my payment electronically. I was also able to get a policy with $100, 000 more coverage than what was offered through my car insurance add on policy. I definitely recommend using Policy Genius when shopping for life insurance!
Love, love, love Policy Genius! Leveraging technology in the customer's favor is very helpful - the informative text messaging is especially good!
Kept constant contact. Very reponsive to questions. Every person I talked with was helpful and seemed like they wanted to be there to help! Impressed!
It took their disability team upwards of 2 months (mainly because of paperworks and back and forth with the provider) to get through the process but they patiently walked me through every step. I finally got a great rate and a great coverage. Very satisfied!
Excellent help and excellent communication. I was guided through the whole process and all my questions were answered quickly. I sent questions out to PolicyGenius, and they usually answered quicker than 1 day. Other companies I sent questions to at the same time. The other companies took over TWO WEEKS to respond! Don't waste time with anyone else!
Communication was excellent and what was promised was done. Every one I communicated with was professional and respectful of my time.
They made the process very smooth and easy. I was consistently updated at each step of the process with what was happening next and what I needed to do.
The folks at PolicyGenius found me a great deal on term life insurance and were very helpful in gathering the required information. In fact the rate I ended up with was less than the initial quote!
The customer service was always quick in the responses to emails
PolicyGenius made the process to buy life insurance easy and understandable. They helped me every step of the way from when I first applied to when I received confirmation of my policy. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for insurance.
PolicyGenius was great to work with and made the entire life insurance buying process easy, transparent, and relatively painless. Great communication and customer service throughout. Highly recommend.
I first heard about this company in a finance class I was taking at my university. When I went to check it out myself I never expected it to be so unbelievably easy to use! The process it takes you through is super clear and understandable. Would definitely recommend to a friend!
The process is as simple and straightforward as it could be with buying insurance. I was kept up to date along the way and the quote online was accurate. I had a life insurance policy within 3 weeks from my initial online quote. Very happy with the service and speed and would highly recommend to others.
Easy to navigate, clean UI, and good communication from their reps - they checked in throughout the process, but did not harass or pressure me. Found a good policy, and I'm happy with how it all unfolded.
Good experience. They were helpful in getting me through the process.
Straightforward and efficient. Got support when I needed and left alone when I didn't. As good an experience as shopping life insurance can be I imagine.
EASY, EASY, EASY process to get a policy. PolicyGenius was very responsive to my questions and the process was 99% electronic.
Great customer service and easy to work with, which made the underwriting process smooth and hassle-free.
I felt that every person I dealt with was professional and thorough and that every transaction that happened through PolicyGenius went smoothly. I really appreciated their help in finding the best policy for me.
Quick and easy experience and kept me informed what was going on with my life insurance policy
Very impressed so far with policygenius, the person (Kieran) I worked with on my initial application was very friendly, took his time with me, and couldn't have been any more professional. He explained everything in detail to me and made me feel comfortable. I'm 63 years old, so have to go through physical before my life insurance policy is written, but I wanted to commend and thank Kieren and the Policygenius group for truly being professional. If everything goes well from here on out I will definitely does business with again and highly recommend their services
The agents at this company are very helpful and follow up on any questions you may have. Quotes are very reasonable. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I am a new customer. I am sure they will earn 5 stars in the near future!
they answered all questions in a timely fashion. Very professional. love the ease of the website. Thanks :)
From start to finish the process was simple and convenient. There was regular communication throughout the application process.
I went online to try and muddle through different disability insurance options. I fortunately found Policy Genius, and they not only helped me evaluate my actual insurance needs, but also navigate the different options and application process. They are truly a delight to work with! I highly recommend Policy Genius to anyone who is even a little bit overwhelmed by the prospect of selecting a new insurance.
Policygenius were very professional and explained everything I needed to know in such a way that I knew what to expect at every stage, and I knew what was coming next. Thank you!
It was good. I would describe it as good.
I would recommend Policygenius to everyone who wants to find a good advisor for insurance, they are experienced, prompt to respond , and got you the best deals !!!
Very helpful and proactive. After answering the medical questions from the life insurance company, the insurance company wanted to charge a higher premium than the original quoted rate due to a minor medical condition. My agent contacted the insurer and was able to get the originally quoted rate.
I had a very good experience with the Policygenius portion of purchasing my life insurance policy. The actual pricing on insurance remains frustrating. The disconnect between the quoted rate and the actual premium the carrier wants to charge is bewildering. I thought Policygenius did an excellent job of facilitating the process. It seems the quoted rate should be close to the actual rate, but it appears the insurance providers use some gamesmanship in pricing these policies. I would offer a warning to the providers against these sort of aggravations. I passed on two different policies where the premium was significantly higher than quoted. Consumers are savvy and not everyone is just going to purchase at whatever inflated price comes along. A company that provides an accurate quote - and sticks by it - will garner more business in the long run. And for their part, Policygenius did an excellent job of facilitating.'s a secret....I used SelectQuote last time I needed a policy, but this go'round I found Policygenius to be superior to SelectQuote on the same policy I was shopping. Thank you.
Five stars for the service from Policy Genius.
Great experience working with Policygenius. They had the best rate among the three agencies I reached out to, and their follow up was stellar. They made it very easy, and they worked hard with the insurance carrier to get the the coverage I was looking for
I had a great experience with Policy Genius. Shopping for insurance can be daunting and I appreciate how they took the guesswork out of everything and made the process seamless for both my husband and I. Everyone we spoke with was incredibly helpful and there were no gimmicks or sales tactics. I would definitely recommend Policy Genius.
Great experience! I was kept informed during every step in the process. It was really painless. I would definitely recommend to my friends.
I wish I heard about Policygenius earlier, I've been trying to find affordable term life insurance in the last 6 months. After I declined from one of the big insurance companies I contacted Policygenius and they were able to find a insurer that would be willing to work with me and my husband. We both were trying to fine term insurance before the birth of our first child. Considering that I was approved the day I went into labor I would say Policygenius delivered on that.
PolicyGenius and it’s staff are the best, no matter the hour or questions that I had, their responses were quick and very thorough which is a plus. The process was easy and they walk you through from beginning to end and will also keep you updated frequently until the policy is issued. Thanks guys
Great and very responsive customer service. Online tool and forms very user friendly and easy to use.
Thorough, always made connections with answered questions.
I was very impressed with not just how easy and fast the process was, but the Customer Service team is also knowledgeable and efficient. The entire process could not have been easier.
Everyone at Policygenius was truthful, knowledgeable, and professional. I knew I needed to get life insurance after I lost my benefits package from my previous job, but I was dreading the process. Policygenius made everything...including the dreaded medical, a breeze.
PolicyGenius kept it real from the time of my initial quote on their website through getting the policy from Pacific Life, the numbers stayed the same. I got a great deal with Pacific Life too. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for PolicyGenius keeping their word.
Great, easy to use, found me a great price
PolicyGenius responded quickly with very competitive rates from reputable insurance companies that were 18% lower than the quotes provided by FastLife. The process through PolicyGenius was fast and convenient, and PolicyGenius routinely kept me informed on the status of my application via email. The application processing, in-home medical exam (I'm 63 years old), review and approval took about 3 weeks.
Loved working with Tyler and Metlife. Very professional and helpful.
I experienced a very prompt and communicative response each and every step of the process in getting an online quote that was the best value for the top 10 life insurance companies. From the quote to the third party medical exam and then the final online signature of the policy, it was quite easy and effortless. The whole process was simple and I would recommend this company to anyone needing life insurance. Thank goodness I do not have to worry about any of this for the next 30 years for my term insurance.
Easy to use and fast communication. Would recommend to a friend.
PolicyGenius is all business, NO BULLSHEET. This site made getting life insurance a cinch. Now, my future children won't be destitute in the event I keel over prematurely. That is pretty bitchin'. Here is hoping I live forever, but if I don't, thanks PolicyGenius.
I would definitely use Policygenius again. It was easy to choose a good deal on an insurance policy, their service was timely and efficient, small problems were easily remedied and I was kept up to date.
From the start the crew came up with solutions to make my policy happen. Above and beyond what most companies would have done. Thank you Dave fryman
Website is easy to use, with clear guidance at every step. Customer service on the phone is prompt, friendly, and, most importantly, helpful.
The process to obtain life insurance was fast and easy. The team at Policygenius kept me informed and updated throughout the process.
This company is excellent to work with, and they’re process was very smooth!
Thanks for covering my family
The agents were courteous and professional. They got all my questions answered. I was able to find the insurance I needed. Highly recommend!
Excellent experience. Great customer service. They kept me in the loop at all times, we’re prompt and professional. Would work with them again and would rcommend them to others!
The process was smooth and the experience was fantastic. The Policy Genius team was extremely responsive, timely, and professional. I would recommend Policy Genius wholeheartedly.
Outstanding service, ease of use, customer experience, and user interface. This is truly the new way, the modern way to shop for life insurance.
great all around
I had a great experience with Policygenius. The website was easy to navigate and made it simple to compare my options. The reps were friendly, helpful, and informative and helped me choose the best plan for my needs. I highly recommend them!
The entire process in getting my 30 year Term Life Insurance was Simple, Smooth, Easy and Hassle free from beginning to end. I would highly recommend PolicyGenius to anyone who wants a no-hassle, easy way to purchase insurance. Thank you PolicyGenius for helping and making my Term Life Insurance policy buying experience smooth!
Great service and super helpful staff!
I had a great experience with Policygenius! They were knowledgeable, communicated proactively, and got me a great deal on life insurance that was much less expensive than what my financial advisor was trying to sell me!
Wonderful service and support.
I don't usually write reviews, but I had a great experience with policy genius. I used them to buy my first life insurance policy. They made the process so "easy" that I had to do extra research to make sure I wasn't getting scammed. They provided an excellent marketplace where I could pick the best policy from top rated national insurers. Their friendly representatives then guided me through the whole process and took care of all the details. Essentially the only thing I had to do was review the contract and sign. I can't imagine doing it any other way.
The process was supposed to take 6-8 weeks to apply and obtain a life insurance policy. It took 12 weeks. Everyone seemed nice enough, but 12 weeks seems excessive.
Easy and no nonsense! Simple and pain free process that worked around my schedule
Very helpful, made the process easy!
Great service.
Fast and responsive. I found the price comparison integration useful. The team is proactive in addressing concerns.
Policy genius provided a great experience as I was shopping for my life insurance policy. After spending a fair amount of time getting quotes on my own, I requested a quote through policy genius. The prices they provided were lower than anywhere else for comparable coverage. Once I selected a provider, they handled everything else for me, setting up my physical and clearly communicating what the next steps in the process would be. They were very responsive every time I sent questions and were very helpful. I couldn't have had a better experience.
Busy and needed to get this done :) Made it easy to shop and complete! Thanks!
It was a perfect experience, I am licensed to sell insurance and I thought this was run like a fine oiled machine from the second the process started to signing the docs online. My friend quoted me rates through his business and policygenius saved me 50$ a month and I got higher coverage amounts.
Great website and great customer support. It was easy to find the life insurance I needed at the best price. I wouldn't have bought a life insurance policy without policy genious. Definitely recommend.
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