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Policygenius Life Insurance Online Reviews

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Company Name: Policygenius Life Insurance
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Overall average rating of 5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 95 %
From the beginning to the end, the people at PolicyGenius were awesome! I had been looking for a policy on my own and got sick and tired of having my phone "blow up". They took the stress away and walked me through it with ease. I now have the policy I want and I can't thank them enough for their diligence. You won't regret it should you decide to get some help from them. I would recommend them to anyone! I already have!!
Service was very good throughout the process and the agents were very proactive in communication. They made the entire process very easy. Sometimes they over-communicated, but I guess it would work for some people. Overall, I was very happy with their service and would recommend them to other people.
I'd been dragging my feet and meaning to get life insurance for some years, and PolicyGenius finally got me over the line. It was super helpful to see a bunch of quotes in one place without having to call around, and then they kept the ball rolling so I didn't let the final paperwork slide. The whole process was pretty painless and now it's one less thing to worry about.
They were very helpful and made buying life Insurance easy. I was wasting time shopping around without getting anywhere. It was nice to find one site to get multiple quotes and not give my personal information to 100 different sites. Very fast and helpful. I would definitely recommend.
The website was easy to navigate and got my quotes super fast. The folks at PolicyGenius were super responseful when I had questions (via phone, email, or chat) and kept me updated throughout the underwriting process. I never bought life insurance the old fashioned way, so it's hard to compare, but I have no complaints.
I was very pleased with the ease and accessibility of shopping for life insurance through PolicyGenius. They were very helpful and made sure to find the best product for me and my situation. I was very confident in the process and the people at PolicyGenius.
Easy to use. The website provided rate illustrations from dozens of insurers, so it was easy to pick the best rate. Follow-up from the brokers via phone and email was very helpful. It made the process of shopping and enrolling for life insurance, which can be a very user-unfriendly process, very simple. I'm happy with the insurer I ended up selecting, the coverage I'm getting, and the price I'm paying.
Everyone was very helpful during the process of acquiring life insurance and kept in touch during the entire process. Would highly recommend PolicyGenius for all the products that they handle. Was very happy overall... I really liked their follow up and I felt that they were on my side and working hard for me.
Great experience. Did a tremendous job of finding me life insurance at an reasonable rate and the amount I needed. I now have peace of mind for the next 20 years. They followed up with me every step of the way. From the initial application to the physical to the final quote, everything was a smooth process. Highly recommend.
We had been dragging our heels applying for life insurance because the process can be complex and require a lot of paperwork. PolicyGenius made comparing policies easy and did not restrict our options to just a few. They will try to upsell, but they are not pushy about it. When we decided which policies were best for us, PolicyGenius handled all the scheduling and logistics of paperwork so that nothing would be missed or listed incorrectly. Great experience.
From the moment I contacted PolicyGenius to the first payment for my life insurance I was extremely pleased. The first person I spoke with clearly explained the entire procedure. He even helped me choose the best insurance company for my needs. Along the way, I received emails explaining everything that was happening every step of the way. Anyone looking for life insurance needs to contact PolicyGenius! Don't go it alone!
They had great rates and were easy to use. In general the process of getting life insurance can be a little overwhelming, but they had great customer service and cared about making the experience as easy as possible. I would recommend them to others.
I have never been so well treated and informed when working with a life insurance agent. They were prompt, attentive and helped me when the first insurer couldn't offer me the anticipated preferred rate. I would absolutely recommend PolicyGenius!
PolicyGenius gave me the best quote and service than I have gotten from any insurance company! They got me insurance with the company I wanted at a lower rate than any other place I tried. I would highly recommend them.
PolicyGenius made it easy for me to shop for a low rate. It's like using Kayak for travel plans -- one stop to look for the right provider. The UI is really well done, with simplicity in mind (but with supplemental articles available for when I wanted more information). I didn't have to deal directly with the insurance company at all. After I applied online, PG called me to complete the application. After the physical exam, they kept me posted via email as to the status of my application, and when everything was ready to go, I digitally signed my document. I even got the rate I was initially quoted!
I am 62 years old and I applied for life insurance along with my wife a few months ago with Policy Genius. We had an amazing experience! The process was so simple and everyone was so nice! We got an amazing price which actually was about half of what anyone else was quoting us! I am very pleased with everything and would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in purchasing insurance. We could not be more satisfied!
PolicyGenius changes the way you buy insurance. For the first time ever, I felt like I knew what was happening with the insurance process and that my input mattered. Fast. Friendly. Responsive. Helpful. Game changing. Buying insurance was actually a pleasant experience.
My experience with PolicyGenius was very satisfying. I was looking for a term life insurance policy. Once I contacted them, they explained the process, took down only relevant information and helped move the process along very smoothly. They accommodated delays on my part very politely and helped me stay on course. A huge thumbs up from me for the ease with which I was able to have the medical tests completed, obtain the results and select the most appropriate policy from a reputed company.
Talking about efficiency, they call, text and email me for reminder and/or updates. Each and every representative that I’ve spoken with are nice and pleasant with good product knowledge. My husband and I are happy with PolicyGenius, keep up the good work????
I recently got married, so knew I needed to get life insurance. I used Policygenius to compare quotes from a number of top companies, and then purchased an AIG policy through them. I loved all the tools to help me not only compare policy prices, but to also compare the plan features. The agent I spoke to on the phone, Alex, was super helpful! He answered all my questions, and I never felt like I was getting sold. Throughout the process, I got updates as to what was happening with my application, which I appreciated. The whole process took less than 4 weeks, which was quicker than what was communicated. Thank you Policygenius!
PolicyGenius was very helpful during the process of purchasing life insurance. They were open and honest about the different life insurance providers and the benefits and drawbacks to each. It was nice to have their advice with so many different providers out there.
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