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Petplan Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Petplan
Year Founded: 1976
Address: 3805 West Chester Pike, Suite 240
City: Newtown Square
State/Province: PA
Postal Code: 19073
Country: United States
Phone: (866) 467-3875
Overall average rating of 2.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 37 %
Petplan are total thieves when it comes to making an insurance claim. After being with them for three years and paying a $300 premium a year, both my claims got denied. They use any tiny loophole they could find to deny you your claim. First, I took my pet for a urinary tract infection. I submitted the claim which was around $260. They denied it because they classified it as pre-existing condition. I asked them how is the urinary tract infection a pre-existing condition? When it can be triggered by anything! New environment, stress, new family member, change of food etc. They said because I told the Vet that he got it once last year (before signing up with them) and the vet wrote it down, then it is considered pre-existing.Second, I took my pet again this year because he could not walk. I submitted the claim, they told me they denied it AGAIN because on their Terms and Conditions, on their 12* page there is a small sentence (You might need your glasses for this) that after you sign up with them, the pet needs to have a complete check up and bloodwork 30 days before or after signing up with them. I told them yes, my pet did have a complete bloodwork and exam, and the guy tells me, “Sorry, that was 32 days ago, not 30, if you had read the terms and conditions then you would have known”. I was like, you have to be ** kidding me! For two days difference!!!And they said “Yes, it’s in the policy and it’s not our fault when customers do not read the Terms & Conditions, oh and by the way like your pet’s leg was in pain, we wrote it down as arthritis so if your pet ever again has arthritis or urinary tract infection it won’t be covered because they are now considered pre-existing conditions as the exam your pet took now, would be the exam that we take as the “1st exam” as proof as your pet’s condition when you signed him up." It’s 2018 and I signed up in 2016!!! These people are a joke!! And it’s not the first time I read or hear them denying claims for loopholes that they find on their terms and conditions. Here is the thing, if you DO sign up with Petplan, 1st, DO NOT tell any pre-existing conditions to your vet, or make comments like, “Yeah, this has happened before” or “I treated him before for this” as the Vet will write it down on the Medical Records and this will screw you over.Act like your pet has NEVER had the condition when you take him to the vet, or if you start the plan, go to a NEW vet so they don’t link him with the pre-existing condition. Do not tell ANYTHING to your vet that you think it’s going to hurt the insurance claim, as it’s going on the Medical Record. It kind of feels like the Vet and the Insurance Plans work together. Also, have the pet evaluated 30 days or less after getting the plan, don’t wait 32 days like me, as your insurance claim will be denied and that first illness automatically claimed as a pre-existing condition. Third advice, READ READ READ the Terms of Conditions over and over as they do have a couple of loopholes. Like if your vet says he needs this vaccine and you think he does not, and your pet does not get it, the Plan will call the vet’s office and if your pet’s illness months later have SOMEWAY of being part of not taking that vaccine that your vet recommended? DENIED DENIED DENIED!
I had some follow up documentation requested following a claim. I called and got Jake ** on the phone. He was terrific... He explained what I needed and how to submit it! He even emailed me a request for medical records for my vet. He also inquired about the health of my pet! I was totally satisfied by my call and Jake's professionalism and attention to detail.
I have 4 dogs insured for over 4 years and during this time insurance premiums continue to go up. I have 2 that are brothers so I called and they offered to switch to a annual deductible on one but not his brother! The reason was a previous claim. That makes no sense considering they changed to a annual deductible on my other 2 dogs who are sisters but one had previous claims. This was when they hiked up premium amounts before I've had this insurance for over 4 years on all 4 dogs and if they are going to change the way they pay and continue to increase amounts they should have at least offered to change coverage on all 4. Not pick and choose as they see to.
My dog was one year old when I’ve enrolled an insurance, 1 year and 10 months if to be exact. The insurance did not pay our claim because 'if your pet is age six (6) years or older, the first exam will be the first exam performed by a veterinarian after the effective date of the policy, but during the policy period.' But in other side policy said 'an injury coverage begins five (5) days after the policy becomes effective.’ My policy has been effective on Oct 12, 2018, my puppy had an accident on Oct 22nd. On Oct 31st he had a surgery! It is clear that the dog is healthy as we visited a VET only for vaccination. I cannot believe that the company which in the market of 35 years serves clients this. It is not called service, it is called DECEPTION!
I was fortunate enough to have Sarah ** take my call and she was AMAZING! She TRULY went above and beyond to help me with a situation that I had previously gotten the "run around" on! I only wish all customer service agents everywhere were as WONDERFUL as Sarah!!!
Phone reps were very swift to sign up new accounts over the phone and information provided was misleading and incomplete. Follow up inquiries were muddled and intended to divert actual information from being provided. Claims covered one month denied the next for the same illness. No feedback provided even if requested, and processing times are too long to make health decisions which may affect the life of your animal. In the end the goal is to take your money and deny claims. If you think health insurance for people is difficult, insurance for animals is just a feel-good money making scam for the insurance companies. They have no connection with the veterinarians and no follow up if they need more information. I spoke with Crystal, Mike, Heather and others over the phone, all of whom were quick with feigned concern for your pet and impossible to get a straight answer from. Don’t bother.
Petplan is a lifesaver! They are a great company to work with and I’m so glad I found them to protect my fur babies. They always respond to inquiries timely and are extremely friendly and helpful. All claims I’ve ever submitted have been reviewed when promised or faster. They’ve always paid what the policy says they will. They don’t try to overreach known conditions to get out of covering other ones. And although when I pay my vet bills the workers always grumble a little when I mention insurance, my vet and hospitals have never expressed any issue working with this company when documentation is needed. It’s very easy to see what will be covered – pick your limit, pick your deductible, pick your co-payment % and done. And their terms and conditions are very easy to read and follow. Anyone considering paying for pet insurance should be getting annual well visits for their pet anyway.Why pet insurance? Why Petplan? I’ve had two cats and both turned out to have undiagnosed genetic deformities in their internal organs that eventually turned into serious medical conditions. Once the trouble started, diagnosis and treatment cost thousands of dollars. Because of Petplan I never had to say no to any of the recommended treatment because I knew they had my (and my kitty’s) back. They cover hereditary conditions and chronic conditions as long as the condition had not manifested itself and was not detectable when the policy began. And they pay what the vet charges – no fee schedule and no different coverage for regular vets vs. hospitals. Those things distinguish Petplan from other companies offering similar products.Read the fine print when you compare companies. If you are looking for insurance to cover well visits, then this is not the company for you. However, if you’ve ever had your feline best friend act normal one day and be on death’s door the next, you know how stressful it can be worrying about your pet and how you are going to pay for his or her medical care. And medical care for pets is expensive! Petplan provides great coverage, excellent service and offers very reasonable premiums. If you are looking for an accident and illness policy to cover your cat or dog, I highly recommend Petplan.
I was nearing the end pretty tough overseas work trip when my friend who was dog-sitting my pet Barkley texted me saying he was at the Vet/ER because Barkley broke his leg. I called the vet immediately and was told it was a bad break, definitely required surgery and it had to happen ASAP. I honestly thought he might lose his leg. The doctor was upfront and told me this could cost as much as 6k. When I said I had pet insurance she was relieved for me and Barkley and said she tells everyone it's a must have for pet owners. She's right. Barkley is getting the care he needs to recover and Petplan is really coming through.This was the first claim I filed so I was a little overwhelmed with the process at first but they are very reachable, kind and understanding over the phone and they walked me through every step of the process. Having pet emergencies is undeniably stressful and this was no different but it's nice to know Petplan was there for me and Barkley to make this whole thing a little bit easier. I highly recommend Petplan to owners.
I have pets covered on Petplan, Trupanion, and Nationwide. Nationwide is better by far, and Trupanion is a close 2nd. My veterinarian is frustrated with Petplan because all claims require medical record documentation and vet’s Initials. He and his staff do not get paid for insurance paperwork time. Nationwide and Trupanion requires nothing from the vet. None of their time is wasted on insurance. Petplan changed my policy without my approval. Deductible is higher. I must pay a deductible per incident, not per year. Trupanion and Nationwide deductibles are $100 total PER YEAR. And a simple tooth extraction was excluded as preexisting periodontal disease by Petplan. Extractions have never been denied coverage by Nationwide.
It looks like their goal is collect claims and pay nothing. As I have read in other reviews, they consider a UTI at any time in a pet's life to be a pre existing condition. They are horrible to deal with, go somewhere else or budget money in an account. Petplan has been a waste of my money and my animal is healthy.
At first looked great and within my price range to help my 3 kitties. But you have to get a check up within 30 days of inception which I did. Now because the vet could schedule within a week from January 1st, 2019. I took them in and NOW because a issue of a mass found on my youngest, Petplan has in their divine arrogant wisdom HAS CONDEMNED MY kitty to DEATH, by denying a pre-authorization claim stating that the mass was pre-existing. My kitties get their annual shots and checkup every January and have not been ill to take to the vet for a year and now this shows up at the checkup, but Petplan will not cover. To me this company is treating my animals like a home warranty and uses any kind of tactic to get out of paying anything so they can keep our money. Whatever any of you do, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY WILL KILL YOUR ANIMAL... Please read all the other reviews that state almost the exact same thing with denials of claims... If more info is required I have kept the email from them stating all this extra fine print they are using to deny the claim, WHAT A CROCK OF CRAP. Also now they will not stop the auto pays after 30 days so have to cancel card to stop them...
Thousands of $$$ spent on my Boxer girl with a $200 deductible and 80% coverage, as my policy dictates. I called to open a claim while standing by my fax machine and was told I no longer had to fax the vet's invoice, that Petplan would contact the vet and obtain all records and invoices. That Petplan rep never logged my call... no record. I contacted them again in May and a woman told me exactly the same procedure and not to worry Petplan would take care of it ALL. It is now the end of August. I just put the phone down after being told a claim was never opened since I didn't fax them any invoices! Don't trust Petplan. I have 3 dogs and Petplan will now only insure my girl with pre-existing. I am looking for a new insurer for my others.
I am not typically one to leave negative reviews but here we go. I am very upset with our 30 day trial with Petplan and I will not be renewing our pet insurance through them. Petplan stated our dog's $500 pet bill was non reimbursable because it was a "preexisting illness". How is a dog eating his plastic cone at home and needing X-Rays done preexisting? We had to make sure there were no pieces of plastic in his stomach. They will not reimburse you a single penny and will be extremely difficult to get a response from. Petplan will leave you with many unanswered questions. After reading other reviews I see how common this is with other Petplan users so I highly recommend not using this company for your pet's insurance.
We had to take our 10 yr old dog to the vet for cancerous skin issues. Before we committed to the $2300 surgery I called Petplan to verify they said it all should be fine. I agreed to the surgery. Submitted the claim and they denied it due to the general care of pet policy which states that you have to have a vet visit within 30 days of policy inception. If you don't that may void your policy. Which they say they have never done. So basically what they are saying is that they are sticking me with the claim and the premium payments. It's so frustrating dealing with this. They will happily take your money, deny your claim if you miss one policy guideline, and not refund your premium payments because they bend the policy guidelines when it's best suits them.
I had insurance for Lucky since 2009. I compared many pet insurance companies. I liked other ones more than PetPlan but I couldn't afford them. PetPlan is a nightmare. Every time I submitted information, they wanted more. This isn't included, that isn't included is what I kept hearing. When your cat is sick or worse, the last thing I want to do is tons of paperwork and phone calls. In March, I needed to put my cat to sleep. I called to inform them and on a 985.00 invoice, I received a check for 81.00. The man I spoke with said he would cancel my insurance and reimburse me for the time left on the policy. I received my credit card statement. I wasn't reimbursed for anything plus I was charged for the next three months for a cat who is no longer alive! I keep getting emails from PetPlan that suggests my cat is still alive. I just got off the phone yet again with PetPlan and the representative asked me how Lucky was doing. Dead. That's how he is! I'm so upset about having to put him to sleep and a company who should be making it easier is making it worse! I would NEVER recommend a pet insurance policy from PetPlan. Never!
This insurance saved my dog's life. Without it I would not have been able to afford the 2 surgeries, a cancer surgery and foreign object removal surgery. Petplan was super fast with the claim and payment. No hassles and very compassionate during the whole process. I can't put into words how great this insurance is!!!
I had the exact same experience as Vanessa. I got a rescue kitten and the agency was wonderful she had her vaccinations, was microchipped etc. When she was about 10 months old she got an ear infection in one year. After 2 months of trying to submit a claim I finally gave up and realized that I was scammed and am paying for pet insurance that I will never be able to use. I would try and submit the claim and they would say I need something else, I would submit that and the cycle would continue and then they would start contradicting themselves. I do know that not all pet insurance companies are like this because my sister has insurance for her cat and has had no difficulties with claims etc. She (and my vet) can't believe what Petplan is putting me through. After over 2 months I'm no closer to even getting my claim looked at, and this is only for a minor ear infection. Can you imagine if it was something big and/or ongoing. Do NOT waste your money.
This company only exist to take your money. Each year your cost increase and benefits decrease. I know your pets get older, but instead of counting on the money you have paid all the years. Plan on the insurance costing you so much that it makes no sense. Save your money and find good coverage elsewhere. No matter what they quote when you start it is just to hook you. Do not waste your money.
I have been a Petplan insurance owner for my Jack Russell/Pug for 3 years. I have to say that the customer service is incredible. They are very kind and understanding and treat you like family. Secondly, they are very helpful when it comes to examining what your policy does and does not cover. I would not trust my dog's health plan coverage with any other provider.
I’ve been paying for my two dogs for the past 3+ years. The monthly fee went up significantly last year which was not ok. I just tried to make a claim, because my dog hasn’t been to the vet in the past two years. They won’t process the claim. We are expected to go to the vet every year even though the dogs have no reason to be at the vet. So in top of the $40 a month X 2. I am expected to also pay $100+ a year to see a vet that isn’t covered by the plan. So when I went to the vet. Got a checkup and found a lump that is being removed in two weeks. They won’t cover it. 'Cause they don’t know if it’s a pre existing condition.
Our 7-year old dog developed a serious medical problem in December. She was in and out of two Vet Hospitals as she needed special care. The bills were tremendous. Unfortunately, she didn't survive. The total bills were over $12,000. We started submitting the bills before she passed away, and then the final bills. I had collected all the medical records too and after contacting Pet Plan about why were things taking so long, I found out that they had called the various vets for the records instead of getting them from me. (I don't understand that as per my claim submission, I told them I had them and was waiting for them to contact me to fax all the many documents.) Anyway, after I learned that, I faxed all the medical records to them.Within a short time, Jan. 22nd, they issued the settlement checks to me for 80% of the bills, less the $600 deductible, and only did not pay for two minor things. Although we'd rather have our beloved dog back, having them pay almost all the bills, is a great relief as we maxed out a couple of credit cards for her. Great company, open 24-hrs for calls, and responsive when I contacted them. I definitely will use them when we get another dog, and am already recommending them to friends and family.
A few years ago I would have given it a 4. But, I have a new dog and they have on record that he is overweight (8.5 lbs). For 8 months I've been trying to get this corrected. I've sent in everything they've asked for, even documentation from my vet. Each time, after a few months, I get a response where they say it is not good enough. Then they say they need some else, which I send in. Again, it is not good enough. Don't buy.
Bunch of liars. I was a member of Petplan Insurance and wanted to cancel my membership. I called on December 13, 2016, to Petplan Customer Service and canceled. I was told I would receive a pro-rated amount back onto the payment method that Petplan was using to withdraw the money from my account. NEVER HAPPENED. A couple of weeks later, on December 27th, 2016, Petplan debited my checking account AGAIN, even though the plan had been canceled. This incurred an overdraft fee of $30.00. I called Petplan and spoke with Jenny, who apologized, and agreed the policy was indeed canceled on December 13th, 2016. She told me to attach proof of the overdraft fee and they would take care of that as well. I did so within a few minutes of our phone conversation. So, a couple of weeks go by, now it's approaching the one month mark. I called and spoke to a Petplan rep, and she said that 2 gift cards for $25.00 each were sent to me for the overdraft inconvenience, and I should be receiving the money in my bank account. A few days later, after nothing showing up in the mail or in my bank account, I emailed Jenny at Petplan, and told her perhaps the money didn't go into the account at the bank because my debit card expired 12/31/16, gave her the updated expiration code, and asked her to find out. She emailed me back, and said the accountant said it never went into my account, due to the card expiring, so they would send a check, for $58 and change, so I said, "Ok thanks." That was two weeks ago, still waiting on the check and gift cards. I emailed Jenny on Sunday, this past weekend, and never got a response. I called the Customer Service line yesterday and was told a supervisor would be calling me back, which, guess what? NEVER CALLED. I WANT MY MONEY AND THE TWO GIFT CARDS PROMISED TO ME DUE TO THE OVERDRAFT FEE.
Jake was super helpful, quick, and friendly with helping me with my account! I have had a few interactions with them since having them and every time I am more happy than the last with their level of customer service!
I have had a great experience with Petplan. My dog was diagnosed with an auto immune disease and I've had to take him down to Purdue University and constant testing with my vet here in Illinois. His medication and these tests are so expensive. Petplan has paid this last year 15,000 towards his care. I seriously don't think I could have kept my dog alive with the costs I have every month. His medicine alone is over 300 a month now, and he has to go for bladder testing because of infection that will not clear up. I have peace of mind that I can do anything for him as long as he's still wagging his tail and is happy. Please consider them if you are looking into getting pet insurance. If there was a rating for 10 stars they would get it.
My little Frenchie, Fiona was so sick twice in one month, and Petplan Pet Insurance - North America pulled through for us to help cover her medical expenses. We have had 3 dogs on Petplan and they have never let us down. It is a great investment for your dog and security for those unexpected incidents that can really hit your pocket when your pet is ill.
I obtain insurance for my dog Aug-2015. As most sales people do they answered all my questions and stated that everything but pre-ex conditions were covered. I said fine. Paid my bill. My dog had an onset new illness. The bill was 325.00. I submitted a claim and 2 years of Medical Records. I received a check for 44.00. I called and they said I have a 200.00 deductible per NEW condition so that means each time I go to the vet IF my dog needs services I have to pay 200.00. I never nor would I ever agree to that. When I first signed up I was supposed to receive a policy. I never did. I eventually did get a copy of the policy but it's so vague. I bought the highest plan they have. Why would I pay for insurance if each time I go I have to pay 200. The average onset illness is 250.00. My dog is very healthy and has his regular maintenance. He has been sick 2 times in 4 years. These people will say anything to get you to sign up. Buyer Beware!
I am so thankful for Petplan! My dog has gone to the ICU and has had 4 surgeries on her legs since 2015. Without Petplan, she may not have made it this far, and even if she did, her quality of life would be much lower. My cat also had to go to the ICU and had a bladder stone issue that needed diagnosis and care. Petplan's coverage is worth every penny! They've saved me many THOUSANDS of $$. Petplan has allowed me to provide the care for my pets that is best for them. And EVERY time I call with a question, their customer service representatives are patient, kind, and helpful - especially Jordyn **. I HIGHLY recommend Petplan!
Insurance refused to cover the vet bill under the allegation that vomit and diarrhea are pre-existing conditions, because my dog had the same symptoms eight months ago. It’s absurd to consider vomit and diarrhea as a condition, when they are symptoms of different diseases. In most of the cases when a dog becomes sick, it will present vomit and diarrhea as the first symptoms.
Best Pet Insurance on market. Ask for Stacy **. She take good care of you. I very happy with this insurance. You be too. They make sure they get your claims process fast. Stacy always answer my questions.
The Ashtons sell Pet Insurance. I thought it best for EVERYONE to know they are stealing from people. I met my deductible and moved then six weeks later I was told I "Un-Met" my deductible. This is not the only incident I've had with Petplan and I am not the only one. People like to report on just "How wonderful" business people they are but no one talks about the stealing and the "ripping off" of people that people like the Ashtons do and their uneducated staff who make about 8.00 an hour do not know how business works. Stay away from Petplan and find another reputable company.
Your article, "Pet Insurance: Is It Worth the Cost?" did not examine PetPlan Insurance (which, in my opinion, is the best of all and the largest worldwide) and glossed over the companies you did talk about. While the article is informative to a degree, it really lacks comparisons. If you're doing an article, you should really compare what you're talking about by using a chart showing what the plans offer and don't to the others with costs.
When I first enrolled in Petplan, they offered a "per condition" $200 deductible with 100% reimbursement. At first, that seemed appealing, as who wouldn't want to get 100% back on what was laid out. Once in the policy, a year after, their underwriter changed, and policies were put into a regular $250 deductible (on any condition) and policy holders could choose 80-90% reimbursement. I, was not one of those people who were offered this change in policy as my pet, unfortunately was diagnosed with a liver mass and now is considered a per-existing condition.I feel Petplan and their underwriters are now robbing me blind. Since I am in a new "policy" year, every time I submit a claim to pet plan, I am DENIED, why? Because although my vet bills are sometimes $200 plus, the underwriters break it down PER CONDITION. That means, I am spending HUNDREDS of dollars at the vet and getting NONE in return unless EACH CONDITION my dog is seen for reaches $200 EACH. Sounds crazy, right? The unfortunate part is, I am not able to cancel the policy and enroll her in a straight deductible policy because she has what is now per existing conditions and I was informed that because there are many claims on her policy, she won't ever go into a straight deductible policy.Shame on you Petplan, when you're supposed to be offering assistance, the shady policy practices are putting me in debt. I have 2 other pets enrolled and my other pet was put into the same PER CONDITION policy upon her renewal with a $350 PER CONDITION deductible that once I realized what had been done, you will not allow me to change. Instead, you want me to cancel my policies and start over. I am incredibly disgusted by this companies policies and feel others should know of this shady practice.
I have been with Petplan for many years now. I purchased insurance for my French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix. I knew the breed was prone to issues and I have always had pet insurance for all my animals. True to her breed, she has had many health issues. Eye infections, ear infections, knee dislocation, hip dysplasia and most recently diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome after thousands of dollars of tests. I have never had a claim denied. The claim process is simple and payments arrive quickly. The value in this policy is high.
Beware Petplan Insurance! This company changes underwriters in 2017 and now rejects ALL claims! They will find any fine print to reject your claim and make you fight tooth and nail to prove your claim all while your pet could be hanging onto life. They are now nothing more than a scam. Do your homework and read the Yelp reviews!
We've had PetPlan for over two years now. I chose them because they were the best-rated in my research at the time. Our dog is about four years old now. We've submitted several claims and have been reimbursed for all of them at the rates we expected. PetPlan has gone through two or three underwriters in the past five years. They have to have an underwriter for their insurance, and the underwriter to some extent dictates what they can do. They have to make more money than they put out. They have to or we won't be able to buy pet insurance.We've paid about $75/month for the past two years, but we've gotten over $2200 in reimbursements. If everyone did that all the time, there would be no money left. No one would operate a business that does that, unless it's a charity. I wish they would! But they won't. So if they get too many people like us, they have to raise rates, lower coverage, lower customer service or deny claims. It seems that PetPlan chooses to raise rates and also offer lower coverage if you prefer that.If you get pet insurance, you HAVE TO read your policy and DO WHAT THEY REQUIRE! If you don't, you are paying for nothing. You HAVE TO take your pet to the doctor each year, and you HAVE TO have your pet examined at the beginning of the insurance coverage, or PetPlan can say your pet had preexisting conditions. If you had an exam with no problems, it shows that there were no preexisting conditions. You HAVE TO keep your pet vaccinated and protected from fleas, ticks and heartworm, or they won't pay for treatment of any related conditions. There are waiting periods to ensure that people don't suddenly get pet insurance only when their pet gets sick, which would raise insurance costs for everyone, even though some people have been paying for years but never made any claims.All this is on the website, in the FAQs and in your policy. If you get the insurance as early as possible it will save you a lot of money and hassle (and maybe heartache) in the long run. I know that isn't possible for everyone (it wasn't for me when my cats got sick). But if it is for you, get it as early as possible. It seems like most of the bad reviews are for this kind of stuff which is the buyer's responsibility, versus the company being sneaky or dishonest, labeling everything as a preexisting condition, etc. They don't seem to do that.I really like PetPlan. We've had some hitches with them (like a delayed reimbursement when my vet's office didn't fax the entire chart) but it all worked out. If you look at PetPlan vs Trupanion, Trupanion's rating is higher, but the content of the reviews is kind of scary. PetPlan's bad reviews are about disclosed policies that anyone can go look at and plan for. Trupanion's bad reviews are mostly about them denying legitimate claims. Like, because a dog ate a sock as a puppy, that's a preexisting condition for when the dog ate a toy as an adult. That's crazy. My dog has eaten several things that she shouldn't have, and I think that's the only thing we've made claims on. PetPlan covered every incident.Negatives about PetPlan: *Cost goes up with your pet's age, inflation and local "market conditions" (Trupanion's goes up with inflation and market but not age). You can get a vague idea of the cost of PetPlan insurance in the future by requesting a quote for your dog at 13 years old. Ours would be $800/ month. :( *You have to pay the full amount upfront and then get a reimbursement (Trupanion pays directly at clinics they've made agreements with, if you can find one). We had to pay $1900 at the emergency hospital, and it could have been more than that. It was a total fluke that I had the money. If you don't have an emergency fund, a generous relative or a credit card, you may be unable to use the insurance at all.*The deductible is per illness/incident, per year. So if your pet has diabetes, you'll have to pay the deductible each year. If your diabetic pet hurts its paw, you'll pay the deductible for diabetes treatment, then pay it again for the paw. Trupanion has a per-condition deductible. You just pay it once. But again, they have ways of avoiding covering things (based on experiences I've read about), so I'm not sure what's actually cheaper. *You can't upgrade after you've made even one tiny claim, even if it was for something like a bump or scrape that won't continue in the future.Positives about PetPlan: *They're honest. *They seem to cover just about every claimed injury or illness as long as it isn't legitimately a preexisting condition. They have for us, and the reviews I've read seem to confirm it. Trupanion seems to try to weasel out of what they agreed to cover. Every company has to try to make more than they spend, and I think PetPlan does that by raising prices with age, but Trupanion does it by charging more at a younger age, then not paying for things they should. *Similar coverage for a younger dog is like 40% less than it is with Trupanion. *They cover exam fees (that is, the fees count toward the deductible; many other companies don't include them). *They have great 24/7 customer service. You can call them at any time and talk to someone in the US who's totally fluent in English.I don't know what I'm going to do when the insurance gets too expensive. I started looking around because I wanted to get something that would stay affordable as my dog ages. But I'm afraid to go to Trupanion because of the horror stories I've read. I live chatted with a PetPlan rep, and she said I could lower my coverage as needed to make the payments more affordable, but if my dog has a condition in the future, that may cost more. It's like a lottery. But for now I think it's best to stay with PetPlan.
I read the first two reviews before posting mine: Mark of Boston, MA (1 star) and Sue of Pittsburgh, PA (1 star). Both of these reviews are spot on and mirror my issues. 2015: Got my cats as kittens and had Insurance with Petplan from day one. Initial vet check-up complete. Cats healthy. 2016: Vet check-up complete. Cats healthy. Had a couple claims throughout year, all paid out in a relatively timely manner. 2017: Vet check-up complete. Cats healthy. No claims.2018: Take cats in to be seen by vet for general check-up. Very bad stomatitis in one cat, needs surgery as soon as possible. We agree and surgery is completed successfully. Put claim in with Petplan... Petplan was very vague regarding what documents they needed/were missing, took weeks to even have the case reviewed, and the entire time the online tracker was out-of-date. More than a month later, claim finally denied. Reason? Cat was seen to early in 2017, so as far as Petplan is concerned, they were never seen in 2017.Again, the two reviews I read and quoted above are extremely accurate to how Petplan works. Be warned, they WILL go out of their way to deny you your claim. They are your typical, run-of-the-mill soulless insurance company. They do NOT care about you or your pet. Does this mean other companies are better? No. Would I prefer at least one person read this and choose another company? Yes.
I have been policyholder since 2007 with two pets, now three. Premiums went up each year, but that was expected. However, this year the company changed underwriters, and premiums exploded with deductibles going up for the same premium price. I could almost put the money I spend on premiums in a pet medical savings account and come out ahead. The thing that has put me over the edge, however, is a major change in upgrades. Before, you could downgrade your coverage anytime, but only upgrade to higher coverage at contract renewal date, which was understandable. However, with the new underwriter, you can only upgrade at the initial new contract renewal date; basically, it's now or never. This was not communicated in any shape or form to current policyholders; I found out the hard way!New contract was not mailed to current policyholders and could only be found online, if you had a reason to look. Current policyholders were never told to check the policy for changes or given summary of changes; in fact, we were told if we were happy with what we had, do nothing (does this sound familiar?). I had always recommended Petplan to others before, but no more. There has got to be more affordable coverage out there, but I have older pets with health issues so pre-existing conditions are a big detriment to me. I will not insure any new pets in the future.
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