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Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 71 %
I used this service to find the best quality Pet insurance, the service was quick and gave me a great overview of companies available with price quotes. I also allowed me to compare company by company with one click, thank you for a great service
Your company made accurate recommendations.I had to change policies because one of the highly rated companies had unreasonable restrictions against insuring older dogs for cancer.Required biopsies of all cutaneous lesions or they wouldn't insure dogs for ANY type of cancer.This means to me they don't want to mess with old dogs since there is a high risk of cancer.Why not just say no and not two step around the subject.
This was a great site to find what I needed to get my dogs covered. It gave me lots of choices and the best bang for my buck!
Thank you for your help. It made choosing a change in Veterinary Insurance choice much easier. The company I've been with for the past 20 years has been unsatisfactory. So I've made a change. Thanks again.
I have been researching pet insurance companies. I emailed questions and received answers promptly. The only wee bit problem was that in order to get each and every question answered i had to send each question individually. It was difficult to get the answer to all in one email. Other than that, excellent. Sincerely Mia's mom
IMHO, I can only hope this will be a great experience. Just took my kitty to the vet and hope the claims process is easy.
Quick easy and received multiple quotes at one time. Helpful in making my choice for pet insurance. Plus articles that provide safety tips for my furbabies.
First class service providing quotes for pet insurance and a really nice e-mail and follow up from Nick. Thanks for great service and assistance finding my pet insurance.
Would recommend this site to all wishing to cover their pets in the event of an unforseen accident or illness. Comparing providers and cost verses benefits is simple and easy. No searching the internet for hours searching on your own. Please give them a try.
This site gives pet owners real, substantial reassurance in choosing pet insurance. What a major benefit!!!!
lengthy and to expensive for me
Great experience with this company. Very quick to answer questions and help to make the process of selecting pet insurance so much easier.
Appreciated this website to obtain valuable information regarding pet insurance companies. Quickly got quotes from several posible companies with all the background information to make the correct decision for my golden.
I just purchased a pet insurance policy for my new puppy. I'm giving a 4 star rating due to price and availability. I will return with another review after a few months.
I was able to compare many pet insurances all in one place.
I was researching pet insurance for my Cavalier King Charles puppy that would be coming home in a couple of weeks and getting confused. Nick helped me research the insurance plans, options with each so I could make the final choice, and a good one it has been! Not only does PetsBest cover accident and illness but also Wellness checks when selected! I have already been reimbursed for my puppy's Wellness check, vaccination and nail clipping. I could not be more pleased, and Nick was such a great help!! Happy consumer, Kim Zimmerman
This pet insurance site is not only easy and affordable but also offers choices that best meet your requirements. They explain all they offer which makes choices easier to make. They are available to answer all questions.
I know you love your pet and if something were to happen to him pet insurance is the only way to ensure you can afford expensive veterinary treatment. I found a policy on this site with Healthy Paws and could not be happier. Stop being lazy and take 30 seconds to get quotes and learn about the benefits of pet health insurance.
This was such an easy site to navigate and to get the information that we needed to make a good decision about pet insurance. Thanks goodness we bought it because our lab needed to have a hip replaced and it ended up saving us a few thousand dollars!!! GREAT SITE! Highly recommend!
Shopping for health insurance can be overwhelming, even if it is for your pet. I'd run across a couple of other sites that carried the top 10 insurance companies, and actually thought one was published by Consumers' Union (of Consumer Reports fame), but now I'm not so sure. Having the field narrowed to five helped, though I'm not sure what criteria TrustPilot uses to make their comparisons. A gentleman named Nick sent me several emails and offered additional information that helped with my final decision. My choice wasn't the top choice, or even the second in line; but it fit my budget, and hopefully my dogs' needs. And I've already filed a claim with them, everything went smoothly, with no complaints!
Awsime with a capital A very nice and respectful people value your opinion.
Provided the information I was looking for and facilitated me being able to make a good decision.
good basic information, making comparing companies relatively easy.
Nick was great, answered all of my questions and even went above and beyond to find me a couple companies that offered what I was looking for so I could compare. When I asked about a different company I was thinking of using, he also gave a review and answered my questions about them. Good work Nick, you made this process a lot easier and I feel like I can now make an educated decision on what pet insurance company to choose!
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